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Aquarist Classifieds Fish Tank Backgrounds

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 Aquarist Classifieds Search Results:AddedPhoto
1.Kelberi bass pair, hybrid bass pair, L number plecos 22/10/17 No
2 x kelberi peacock bass. F1 Rio Doce imported from Jeff rapps at 1.5/2 inches now at 8 and 10 inches. Good deep gold colour and fins beginning to redden. £200 for the pair. 2 x hybrid bass. Believe them to be an orinoco/Kelberi hybrid. 8 and 10 inches. Beautiful coloration especially fins and he... ...
2.Cyphotilapia Zaire Blue Moba Group 22/10/17 Yes
I have 2 Established Groups of  Frontosa Zaire Blue Moba for Sale. They're all in Good Health and Feeding Well on Hikari Pellets, Prawns, Mussels and Frozen Treats. Sale includes  the Following Fishes: 1 × W Male @ 12+ Inches 2 × W Males @ 10-11 Inches 1 × W Male @ 9-10 Inches 9 × W Females @... ...
for sale yellow tang 4.1/2 '' to 5'' long brightly coloured no fading eating well good healthy fish ... ring for more info £60 ..07837306239
4.Show tanks and pump and filter 22/10/17 Yes
Hello, I have 9 neat show tanks of various sizes from 12cm to 18cm and some bits and pieces including an old fluval filter, heater, a battery pump for transporting fish and an air pump. I'm looking for £15 only as I'm keen someone gets them who will have as much pleasure as I have had from th... ...
5.Wild Caught Columbian Guppies, Guppy Pairs £6per pair 22/10/17 Yes
Colombian Wild Caught Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) Although similar looking, not to be confused with Endlers (Poecillia wingei) These tough little fish are great. These are how guppies are in the wild. They don't resemble their tank bred and inbred relatives much at all. They are smaller and ... ...
6.Wanted tiger shovel nose catfish 22/10/17 No
Big the better. Hopefully it can be local to pick up.
7.fish tank and stand 22/10/17 Yes
has a heater, filter, air pump a few ornament and plants. fish are a plec, block head cichlid, clown knife fish
I have 2 electric blue haps and aulonocara eureka red for sale. One of the haps and Eureka red will colour up beautifully in the future since my fish are bought from a reputable source. All of the fish are males. Selling to reduce amount of fish in my tank. Take all three fish for £25 whi... ...
9.Tropheus for sale.(NEW) 22/10/17 Yes
Hobbyist breeder. New fish room up and running. We have the following fry available now. F1 ikola fry 3 to 5cm £8 each 10 for 70, 20 for 130 Over 30 available F1 Kasanga fry 2 to 4cm £10 10 for 90, 19 for 180 19 available F1 chituta bay (rare) 2 to 4cm 10 for 90, 24 available ... ...
10.Puffer Fish 22/10/17 Yes
Has anyone got a fresh water puffer fish for sale?
11.Retail fish vats for sale 22/10/17 No
Water Garden Centre closing down we have some green fibreglass fish display units for sale with viewing windows, complete with pump and filter. Size to be confirmed later but aprox 1m cubes FOR COLLECTION ONLY Only £150 each CASH ONLY no offers ONLY 6 Available 07973 134 809
13.5 different tropical fish (Blyth Northumberland) £6 for all :) 22/10/17 No
5 inch Koi Angel, Rosbora, White Tetra, Black Widow tetra and Male Krib. I am thinning some fish out. £6 for all of them
14.1000 of discus fish , CHESHIRE OAKS DISCUS LICENSED PET SHOP 22/10/17 Yes
CHESHIRE OAKS DISCUS over 1000 fish to choose from. I am a fully licensed fish keeper.                            Video of stock on available to view on Youtube, just tap in 'Cheshire oaks discus'. You can also send me your number and I can send you videos via 'WHATSAP' of my current... ...
15.CHESHIRE OAKS DISCUS, 2.5 INCH, £15...3 INCH..£20 3.5 to 5 INCH,, £25. APC overnight service 22/10/17 Yes
Description: CHESHIRE OAKS DISCUS over 1000 fish to choose from. I am a from fully licensed fish keeper. Video of stock on available to view on Youtube, just tap in 'Cheshire oaks discus'. You can also send me your number and I can send you videos via 'WHATSAP' of my c... ...
16.Pondfish need new home 22/10/17 No
I have 60-70 fish, mainly goldfish and orfe 5 - 7" which need to be rehomed. All well established and. Very healthy. No fee, but must be collected from Coventry area. Tel: 07484312770 or [email protected]
17.Free Mbuna Malawi cichlids 22/10/17 Yes
Hello, I have approx 15 mixed Malawi cichlids worth about £75-£100 which need a new home. All good sizes as can be seen in the pictures. Some Lovely colours. These fish are FREE to whoever would Like to give them a home. These cichlids are from a community setup and been together for over a year.... ...
18.Eheim 1250 22/10/17 Yes
Eheim 1250 a great little pump that delivers 1200 LPH Used in fresh water setup only In good working order £40 Grill cover on pump has piece of plastic missing but cover still stays on and doesn’t effect the pump in any way see photo Only selling as I have reduced my fish tanks and it’s... ...
19.waveline Dc6000 22/10/17 Yes
this is not the cheapo Chinese knock off this a genuine quality Waveline pump Pump used for one day only on my fresh water system power supply and controller brand new and unused only selling as i have streamlined my tanks and no longer need it £100 Grab a bargain while you can RLSS ... ...
20.discus to the uk 22/10/17 Yes
just a sample of what cheshire oaks discus have, , only sell quality discus fish , from £15 to £30 , you are most welcome to come and visit our fish rooms, at ch66 2yw, cheshire, we only sell discus fish. over 1000 to chose from. or of course we can mail with our licensed over night fish couri... ...
21.free koi carp rescue and advice for free 22/10/17 Yes
koi carp rescue free of charge i cover 100 mile radius and i will take any unwanted or ill fish and place them in an fully equiped quarintine sytem treat them and restore them too full fittness call on 07594109545 and ask for lee
22.Scarletc plecos 22/10/17 No
For sale x 2 scarlet pleco 6 to 7 in feeding well £65 each or swap cat fish etc
23.Koi carp rescue service 22/10/17 No
Free koi carp rescue service based in the south any problem no matter how big or small I'm here to help problem with your pond or fish or simply want too rehome your fish don't hesitate to call day or night mobile number 07594109545 or email at [email protected]
24.Wanted: Adult L134s 22/10/17 Yes
Hi I am looking for 2 or 3 adult L134s to add to small breeding group. I am in Ayrshire Scotland but willing to travel for the right fish. mobile: 07825 367 282 email: [email protected] Thanks
25.Kent rift cichlids Rift Valley cichlids import from Germany 22/10/17 Yes
Description: Hi, We have a wide range of high grade, German import, rare malawi/tanganyikan cichlids for sale. They are all either WC,SNZ or F1.All our fish came from cichlidenstadl,Mal-ta-vi,Aquahaus and aquatreff. Delivery service available with apc. £24 per box, max 9 small fish or 6 large fis... ...
26.Peacock bass gold bahia and temensis 22/10/17 Yes
4 x 6-7 inch temensis £25.00 each 1 x 6-7 inch gold bahia NOT A KELBRI BUT A TRUE WILD CAUGHT BAHIA £90.00 2 x tiger shovelnose catfish approx 14 inch £40 each pics upon request as forgot to take them when posting
27.Freshwater Stocklist (19/10/17) 22/10/17 No
Stocklist for all freshwater fish. We can post by APC at a charge from £20.00 per box. Enquire for any more information or orders. Tropical- Yellow line rasbora £3.90 6~£21.00 Giant danio £2.50 6~£13.00 Scissortail £1.90 6~£10.00 Neon dwarf rainbows £3.90 6~£21.00 Mixed danios £1.90 ... ...
28.L-Number Plecos and Other Fish for Sale 22/10/17 No
New L-Number plecos!! below are the species and prices. Photos and sizes on request. **shipping available, APC overnight from £20 per box, enquire for more information** Flash Panaque L204 £39.90 Hypancistrus Inspector L102 £34.90 Mega Clown Pleco L015 £24.90 Imperial Tiger Pleco L134 £4... ...
29.Marine stocklist (19/10/17) 22/10/17 No
Marine stocklist Please note we can source most marine specimens. Feel free to contact us to enquire. Fish- Fiji damsels £12.00 Common clownfish £18.00 Yellow eye tang £55.00 Siamese blenny £25.00 Seafighter £29.00 Yellow tang £49.00 Blueface angel £69.00 Yellow gramma £25.00 Bicol... ...
30.12 inches Vulture Catfish for sale 22/10/17 Yes
Very healthy and in mint condition. Pellet trained as well as eating frozen foods. £55 only selling as I want to change the species of fish in my 7 footer. Collection from Southport
31.Motoro Species Stingray for sale 22/10/17 Yes
I have 4 male Stingrays for sale. 3 are hybrids at 5-6" disc size @ £135 ono each The other is a Motoro 7" Disc @ £140 ono All healthy feeding on Frozen Krill, Lance fish, even Tetra Prima and go nuts for earthworms. Collection from Southport preferred, but could send via APC at a cost ... ...
32.catfish, channa, cichlids, gg 22/10/17 No
Want to move a few fish inc apurensis cat £60 2 striped Dora cats 4"+8". £10 9" true midas £20 6-7" red tailed giant gourami £40 4-5" midevil £15 Blue crayfish £15 9" four lined picture £20 12"+ asian sun catfish £75 2" Trimac £10 5“ red tailed shark £5 6“Hemichromis faciatus £40 2 rai... ...
33.Wet Pets Solihull have yet again another fantastic offer of 20 Malawi Haps and Aulonacaras for sale. Please read post. 22/10/17 Yes
Hi I am a fully council licensed breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids. We are a home run breeder/shop with a separate building to our house where we have over 40 tanks with some fantastic fish for sale. Below is a new list of the Haps and Peacock in the great offer that I have r... ...
Hi all. I am a fully licensed breeder/seller and only sell good quality fish. We have a separate building from our house that houses over 50 tanks of amazing fish. All the fish you buy in my offer are just under 4/5 cm and not tiny fry that you can not see or identify. They are all pure breed as you... ...
35.Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for sale some rarer ones and a good size a must see list. 22/10/17 Yes
Hi all, I am a home breeder and this is a list of new fish I have ready for collection from Friday. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids and have a pet license. The fish have all been quarantined ready for your tank. There are not many of each so yo... ...
36.L144 (Ancistrus sp) Lemon Blue Eyed Pleco 22/10/17 No
Young trio of 1 male 2 females @ roughly 3" These are German bred. Stunning chunky examples in top condition. £65.00 Collection preferred though postage is available on a next day special delivery for £25. Includes polybox, heat pack(s). Fish will be double bagged with added oxygen. Pleas... ...
37.Pure Strain Guppies & Endlers 22/10/17 Yes
I have pairs of the following strains available for local collection or shipping within the UK. All fish are bred by myself. Red Grass HTD Guppy Blue Grass HTD Guppy Wild Guppy Black Lace Snakeskin Guppy Class N Wild Endler (Cumana 2013) Japan Blue Red Double Swordtail Guppy Blonde Lower Sw... ...
38.Uaru, electrics blue acara, Clarius catfish, oscars, jack Dempseys, peacock bass and loads of more fish for sale 22/10/17 No
Text me what I have on 07463683498 Thankyou
39.Electric blue acaras 21/10/17 Yes
£5.50 Each I have 2 inch electric blue acara\'s for sale pictures are of actual fish
40. 12 inch lenticulata pike cichlid & 13 inch vulture catfish 21/10/17 No
For sale is a stunning 12” lenticulata pike cichlid Unsure of sex £125 Up for sale or swaps is a pair of 13” vulture catfish stunning markings, unsure on sex but are showing some sort of breeding behaviour once the lights off I will accept £140 Ono for the pair Location Blackpool Will acce... ...
41.13” vulture catfish/ 12” lenticulata pike cichlid 21/10/17 Yes
Hello up for sale or swaps is a pair of 13” vulture catfish stunning markings, unsure on sex but are showing some sort of breeding behaviour once the lights off I will accept £140 Ono for the pair Also up for sale is a stunning 12” lenticulata pike cichlid Unsure of sex £125 Location Blackpoo... ...
Hello, I've finally decided to sell all my tropical community fish after keeping them in the best water conditions for ages. Selling fish only They are all mature fish and are all almost fully grown 7 Albino Rose-line barbs (3-4.5") 3 Angel fish (4"-5") 2 Geophagus sp. “ Red Cap” (6"-7"... ...
43.Blue Gene female Jack Dempsey wanted 07825350493 21/10/17 No
Blue Gene female Jack Dempsey wanted pay good money for a quality fish If you have one for sale Contact me 07825250493
fish including 3 gold zebra kwanga,14 red zebras, 7 yellow labs, 7 maingano,7 afra cobue,4 ob zebras,6 mcat/ob trawavasae thumbi west,2 firefish,2 mbanda, 6 synodontis lucipinnis. Selling my 4ft juwel vision 260 full setup. Tank setup includes tank,stand,t5 lighting,eheim jager 300w heater, odys... ...
Selling my 4ft juwel vision 260 full setup which includes over 50 fish including 3 gold zebra kwanga,14 red zebras, 7 yellow labs, 7 maingano,7 afra cobue,4 ob zebras,6 mcat/ob trawavasae thumbi west,2 firefish,2 mbanda, 6 synodontis lucipinnis. Tank setup includes tank,stand,t5 lighting,eheim jage... ...
46.FLORIDA GAR X2 21/10/17 No
I have 2X Florida Gars for sale Both are between 18-19" very big, deep and wide body Eats anything from pellets to frozen fish food. Super healthy fish. Selling them as a pair only £180
47.Boesmani Rainbow fish group- STRONG COLOUR - breeding pair + equiptment 21/10/17 Yes
I am selling a group of extremely high-quality Boesmani rainbows. I've kept these fish for a long time and these are definitely the strongest colors I've ever seen in males and females. The fishes colors also get stronger with age. The large male and female do breed and regularly lay eggs in batches... ...
Wanted - Koi Carp, 5" - 36"+. Must be free or reasonably priced. I am interested in all varieties and grades of koi. I Can collect within 50 miles of Bristol, although would consider further. Cash awaits. Would also be very interested in buying any pond equipment, Filters, pumps, uv's etc etc.... ...
49.Cash Paid for Pondfish / Koi / Filters / Pumps etc 21/10/17 Yes
Pond too much work? Always cleaning your filters? or Do you just need to re-home your pondfish or need to sell your pond equipment? Maybe i can help!, i will come and remove any unwanted fish or equipment and drain your pond if required. I will offer you a VERY good price, which will be paid in cash... ...
50.PONDFISH & EQUIPMENT WANTED - Cash awaits right Koi and equipment 21/10/17 Yes
Koi, pondfish, and equipment required Must be reasonably priced Can collect within around 50 miles of Bristol, although would consider further. Please make contact mobile phone and do not email, as I do not have access to email regularly - thanks.
VERY VERY Best prices paid - Cash Cash awaits. I'm looking to purchase around a large number of koi ranging from 5" - 30"+. I am also looking for pond equipment - filters, pumps, uv's etc. would also be interested in other pondfish i.e goldfish, orfe, sturgeon, sterlets etc I am located nea... ...
Wanted - Any type of pond equipment considered as long as it is in working order. Bay filter, Nexus filters, box filters, Bakki shower, trickle filter, sieve filter, vortex filter, water pond pumps, Air pumps, UV systems, holding vats, quarantine system etc etc. All types of equipment for sale w... ...
53.WANTED - BICHIR / Polypterus 21/10/17 Yes
Wanted - Bichir / Polypterus. Any size, qty of fihh and variety considered for a large 7ft x 2.5ft x 2ft display tank. Must be free or reasonably priced. Can collect within 50 miles of Cardiff, would consider further for right fish. ***search aid**** tropical fish, cichlid, catfish, Oscar, eel,... ...
54.Ornate Senegal bichir 12 to 14 inch for sale or swap for gar or silva arowana 21/10/17 No
Ornate Senegal bichir 12 to 14 inch also have 9inch Senegal bichire 9 inch and a Palmas polypteras 11 inch all for sale also a large talking catfish about 10inch all of them for £100 or would swap for gar or silva arowana or black arowana thanks for looking can't put pics up won't let me
55.2ft bare fish tank for sale 21/10/17 No
2ft by 12\" wide by 18\" tall tank for sale, water tight, in use now. £20 Collection Widnes, Cheshire or can drop off locally for petrol costs.
56.4 X Good Quality Koi for Sale Apx 15 inches 21/10/17 Yes
Apx 10 years old I think they are: 2 X Sanke 2 X Doitsu Tail and fins look in good condition See photos - Tape measure is 3.5" so the fish seems around 15" Sensible offers please. Martin
57.Jewel Lido 120 - full marine set up with rock/sand 21/10/17 Yes
I bought this tank locally as I needed a hospital tank quickly. I gave it a deep clean and spruced it up before transferring rock, substrate and water from my main tank ..... and then the small white spots I'd seen on my new Tang disappeared so I never actually put any fish or medication into thi... ...
58.Tanks & some equipment for sale.£250 21/10/17 No
5 Foot Rena aquarium and beech stand plus plant pro lights,Eheim air pump,two 300 watt heaters,approx 30 kgs rock,bogwood,live well rooted plants.There is an Eheim thermo filter,heating element DOES NOT WORK AND I THINK IT NEEDS A NEW SEAL.I have several other bits of equipment,Arcadia light control... ...
59.Maidenhead aquatics @ stockton Asian Arowana Shipment 21/10/17 Yes
We have on order several high grade Asian arowana due for arrival on the 14th of november. The shipment will consist of 3 Red Tailed Golds 15-18cm priced at £500 And 1 Chilli red 15-18cm Priced at £1500. These fish are seldom brought in to retail stores so if you wish to see the fish prior to purch... ...
60.Female Marble Motoro Stingray 10inch disc 21/10/17 Yes
For sale is a stunning female marble motoro stingray She has a 10 inch disc, stunning colours and is a really good feeder I'm feeding her on nt labs stingray pellets, mussels and frozen fish. Pick up only £275 Ono I have polybox and bags for transportation Clifton Aquatics 90 Sydenham r... ...
61.Maidenhead aquatics @ stockton Current Oddball Stocklist 21/10/17 Yes
If you're a fan of the unusual, come and check out our selection of Oddball tropical fish in stock! Currently in stock are- Rainbow snakehead (channa bleheri and channa andrao) £24.99 each or two for £40 Lima shovelnose catfish (sorubim lima) £24.99 Sturgeon catfish (PLATYSTOMATICHTHYS STURIO)... ...
62.Practical Fishkeeping mags (Re-advertsised due to timewaster) 21/10/17 No
Every copy (except March 2005) including bonus Xmas specials from January 2002 to December 2013 of this excellent magazine, hundreds of tips for keeping and breeding most types of fish. 150+ mags. Must be collected. Will accept £50
63.Fish Tank Juwel Vision 450 Aquarium with Cabinet 21/10/17 No
Juwel Vision 450 with Cabinet Want something a little different to a standard rectangular fish tank, why not get a Juwel Vision - a fish tank with a bow front looks Amazing in Beech effect in very good used condition £360
64.Fish sale/donation 21/10/17 No
We have a 150lt tropical aquarium that has come to the end of it's life (it's leaking!) and we have decided that we do not want to start up a new one. Therefore we have many fish that we would like to rehome. eg Mollies, tetras, danios, Loaches 1 or 2(they stay hidden!) If interested please contact... ...
65.Blue(electric) chilid for sale 21/10/17 Yes
Growing fast now 3", eats very well, healthy strong example of this fish. £5 on collection.
Frozen Discus Mussel mix now available. Vacuum packed to keep it fresh in the post, simply refreeze, made from 100% mussel, vitamins and minerals to create a complete balanced diet, no other food is required which ensures you dont feed junk food to your fish. Made by us under licence to provide t... ...
Discus Fish Sales is one of the TOP UK suppliers of discus, were the NO1 discus specialists with many years experience. We Have one of the biggest selections of discus in the UK with prices as low as £14.99 per discus. All our discus are ready wormed, PP treated for gill flukes and leave us in... ...
68.Discus World Fish Book: Now in Kindle E down loadable on Amazon. A must for discus fish keeping. 21/10/17 Yes
Discus World: 2nd edition, A complete manual for the discus keeper now as E down loadable on Kindle. A complete manual for the discus keeper NEW!! Discus World 2nd edition. The most complete up to date discus manual! Now in a revised and fully updated second edition, DISCUS WORLD is the compl... ...
69.Shipping heat packs and tropical fish bags. 21/10/17 Yes
Always in stock here at Plymouth discus. Also fish bags and heat packs. So check out shipping heat packs also found on this shop, and get those fish shipped out!! Now available, 24 x boxes of 12 in a breeder bulk pack deal. Ideal for overnight shipping of fish. Buy with confidence from Ply... ...
70.FLUKE-M OFFER 2 X 5,500 GALLON PACKS ONLY £39. 21/10/17 Yes
SUMMER OFFER!! FLUKE-M OFFER 2 X 5,500 GALLON PACKS ONLY £39. Fluke M is a Flubendazole based medication to eradicate gill flukes and body flukes. This medication can be used at any temperature. 65g treats 5500 gallons as a one-off treatment. For use with all cold water ornamental fish. This medicat... ...
MASSIVE NEW SHIPMENT OF ADULT FISH NOW IN STOCK.PRICES ARE UNBELIEVABLE!! BIGGER FISH AND BETTER VALUE!! ALL PICS ARE OF ACTUAL FISH IN STOCK. We have the following top quality discus now in stock from our exclusive Discus farm: Red alenquers 5-6cm £9.95 each 5 for £45 Red Alenquers 6-7c... ...
72.21/10/2017 Newport quality tropical fish 21/10/17 No
Silver tip tetra (Hasemania nana ) 8 for £10 Ornate tetra Hyphessobrycon bentosi 6 for £10 a must have Silver hatchet Fish Large £4 each Mixed 3” Discus £25 each NEW IN Flame tetra Hyphessobrycon 8 for £10 RummyNose tetra £2 each 6 for £10 Lemon tetra 8 for £10 neon tetra 1... ...
73.wanted...marine fish 20/10/17 No
cant get out and about since illness so looking for some help getting a few marine fish let me know what you have also on the look out for cuc, snails, crabs, shrimp etc many thanks:)
74.marine fish wanted 20/10/17 Yes
Wanted marine fish anything considered ...also marine set up with or without livestock ....
75.Marine fish 20/10/17 No
Wanted, complete marine set up,looking for livestock, marine fish, soft corals, anemone, inverts ,live rock etc or just tank set up ...anything considered ,willing to travel within reason..Thanks
76.Phantom Clown Fish 20/10/17 Yes
Pair of phantom clownfish for sale. around 2in. healthy and eating like pigs. = £120 Swaps considered, (I am after a nano tank with the sump in the back.... B44, Birmingham.
77.goldfish wanted for our pond 20/10/17 No
looking for a few goldfish for our pond. maybe you have some that are too big for your fishtank? would be happy to give them a new loving home. Thanks
78.3 x 3-4 inch Pike Cichlid (Crenicichla sveni), 1 x 4 inch Synodontis catfish, 2 x Angelfish-Leeds 20/10/17 Yes
Fish tank clearance. Fish to go. Great eaters. 3 x 3-4 inches Pike Cichlid(CRENICICHLA SVENI) £8 each for all 3 for £20 Synodontis sp. £10 2 x Zebra Angelfish(2.5 inch long/3.5 inches tall) £10 for both Must go asap. Will swap. Let me know what u have. Pick up only from LS16... ...
79.FISH TANK CLEAR OUT 20/10/17 Yes
Albino lutino oscar 7inch £10 tiger oscar 7inch £10 Azul peacock bass £30 Temensis peacock bass £70 Kelebri peacock bass £40 Flag tail £40 Prices are if collection over the weekend Collection Erith kent
ProAquatic are committed to supplying you with the best and healthiest products at industry leading prices. As part of the Progressive Group, ProAquatic has access to a major in house freight forwarding partner to facilitate the speedy import of shipments from all over the globe. Our network... ...
81.fish tank 20/10/17 No
4ft 240lt fish tank,external pump,led lights, heater,plus cabinet,in goog condition, price £150 tel..07763454164 Macclesfield..Cheshire..
82.Captive bred marble motoro pup £200 20/10/17 No
I have for sale a couple pairs of marble motoro a variety of the more commmonly fohnd motoro. these have been bred by myself using a pair that have very different characteristics. the male is a wild caught specemin he is the more typical type marble from Columbia most likely. the female is a so call... ...
83.Huge selection of Fancy Coldwater Fish 20/10/17 Yes
Fabulous coldwater fish including Panda Orandas, Bubble Eyes, Pom Poms, Ryukins, Butterfly Moors, Pearlscales etc. From 2cm-12cm and prices start from £2.45. Really beautiful Fancies! Felling NE10 9HH
84.Shoal of Tetras - £45 20/10/17 Yes
-9 x Cardinal Tetras (larger than the ones most shops selling, actual picture of the fish attached) - paid £3.50 each -5 x small rummy nose tetras -6 x Red Shoulder Bleeding Heart Tetras - paid £3.50 each Selling due to change of plans. Collection only from London Harrow - £50 for all
85.Tropical fish tyne and wear - WITH ADMIN 20/10/17 Yes
We have created this group to replace the original and their useless admin crew If everyone could leave the original and join this you won't regret it lets put the awful group that is tropical fish Tyne and wear to bed ! We will have competitions running regularly and Daniel of TSNE will be offeri... ...
86.Shoal of WILD Wide Bar Dollars for sale 20/10/17 Yes
I am selling my shoal of 11 Wide Bars. Imported from Peru. Very healthy and in great condition. 5-6" in size. £250 FOR THE GROUP. Collection from Southport Pictures are of the fish for sale, these are the best if many, the sods don't half swim fast.
87.Fish tank, jewel bow front 450 litres 20/10/17 Yes
450 litre bow front fish tank. Filter heater included, excellent condition. 2 lights Buyer needs to collect £380 ovno
88.SCREWCUMBER FEEDER- Two year warranty - Free delivery 20/10/17 Yes
TROPICAL FISH FEEDER. Buy online. Debit/Credit card and PayPal accepted. Only £5.39 and free Delivery in the UK! http://www.screwcumber.co.uk Opti-fish, based in the UK, brings you the Screwcumber Veggie feeder. Fantastic for your bottom feeders. Comes complete with the quality as... ...
89.12x yellow labs £25 malawi cichlids mbuna tropical fish juveniles fry 20/10/17 Yes
Hi For sale: 8 yellow lab young adults 4-6cm £39 30x yellow lab juveniles at 8-11 months old around 3-3.5cm £3 each 12 for £25 Also 20x fry 15 weeks old (1.5-2cm) 10 for £20 Cash and collection only from East Grinstead, RH19 1TB. I have fish bags etc. Please research fish... ...
90.18 inches Golden knife fish for sale 20/10/17 No
I have this beautiful fish for sale , it's around 18" big , had it for 2 years , gets along with all other fishes , only reason I'm selling as I'm changing to other fishes , £80. Ono, I also have other fishes for sale , Jd 9" £40.-ornate Bircher chunky 16" £135.ono, - leporadaii Bircher 12" £80. On... ...
91.16 inches big ornate Bircher 19/10/17 Yes
I have this big chunky 16" Bircher for sale, feeds on pellets / prawns / mussels , £135. Onohets slong with other Birchers and other fishes ,
92.10" banded leporini 19/10/17 Yes
10" beautiful marking , gets along with tank mates , £30. Ono. only reaso selling as changing to other fishes , I'm also selling other fishes too ,
93.ON SALE CZ Aqua Red Blaze Flowerhorn Fish Pellet Food - FREE 50g 19/10/17 Yes
***Price reduced plus 50g FREE!*** CZ Aqua's newest RED BLAZE Flowerhorn Pellet Food (100g) Special formula to enhance the vibrant Red in your flowerhorn FREE 50g with each order (silver packet) In total, you will receive 150g! £13.50 - Price includes 2nd TRACKED postage
94.Rainbow fish,danios and rasboras 19/10/17 No
8 x red rainbows 2/3 in, 6 x giant danios 1 in, 20 x harlequin rasboras 1 in, 1 x red tail shark 3 in, plants 3 x vallis 2 x red hydro, 4 x java fern, 3 x large Anubis, loads of root bog wood £30.00 the lot pick up only
95.reluctant clear out of all cichlids 19/10/17 Yes
due to work commitments i am having to sell up all of my cichlid stock after 23 years of keeping them....gutted, but i can no longer give them the care and attention they require. all fish will need to be collected from either norwich or lincoln depending on which fish you want. i will leave the pr... ...
96.Bristlenose Plecos (Longfin and Shortfin) - Brown / Albino / Super Red 19/10/17 Yes
The following Bristlenose I have available at 1 inch in size: Brown: Shortfin £1 / Longfin £5 Albino: Shortfin £2 / Longfin £5 Super Red: Shortfin £5 / Longfin £15 Any 5 x £5 fish for £20 Collection Bishops's Cleeve, GL52. I can provide bags for transport.
97.Wanted: WC Adult L134s 19/10/17 No
I have two wild caught females that want some friends. Prefer a few males but will consider groups potentially. Located Cheltenham, email prices, pictures and locations please :) Will travel for the right fish.
98.Ex shop Fish tank racking and coral tray available offers 19/10/17 Yes
I have got one large coral tray available, 6ft x 30 in x 18 in tall. With a 4ft sump and all plumbing. In good condition. Glass still good, not many scratches at all. Steel box section stand. I also have 3 banks of racking, tanks are 4ft x 15 in x 15 tall. Two bottom tanks are split into two and... ...
99.Aqua one 300 Marine Tank 19/10/17 Yes
300 Litre Marine tank: I have for sale a marine tank http://aquaone.co.uk/documents/Aquareef_28032011.pdf with a black cabinet and sump, complete with skimmer, power heads, media reactor. The fluorescent lights are working but need some replacement end caps or upgrading to LED’s. There’s a couple of... ...
100.Marine fish and coral tank breakdown - final pieces to sell 19/10/17 Yes
I have the final bits of tank to sell including some fish and corals. Can sell individually or as a whole lot discounted to £200 Scolly £50 Pink duncans coral £50 Zoas £15 Rock anemones x 3 £45 Bubble coral £30 Peacock Wrasse £15 Royal Gramma £15 Chalk Goby £15 Can send picture of bub... ...


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