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Aquarist Classifieds Parrot Fish

Check out our Fishkeeping Directory pages about parrot fish:

 Aquarist Classifieds Search Results:AddedPhoto
1.Parrot cichlid 16/04/18 No
Hello has anyone got a parrot cichlid fish please. I can collect up to approximately 15 miles from Guildford
2.X4 large parrot fish 6 inch x4 £80 OR £25 EACH 16/04/18 No
Selling as getting to big for tank nice chunky fish pick up ne166eq or can deliver for fuel costs
3.True parot chichlids £40 Portsmouth or px geophyagus 15/04/18 Yes
Have 1 7 inch true Parrott very healthy feeds on jmc pellet 7 inch size
4.Many Large Tropical Fish - Wirral / Merseyside area 14/04/18 Yes
For collection only, £5 each, bring your own bag(s)....! Many large fish, not all pictured, including - V large Oscar - 2x Parrotfish - 1x blue cichlid-type - 2x tinfoil barbs - 1 large (8" ish) catfish - 3x synodontis - 3x chocolate catfish/cave-dwelling catfish - 1x bichir - 1x Firemou... ...
5.X4 large parrot fish and x2 silver sharks 13/04/18 No
Nice chunky fish 65 pounds the lot
6.Texas pearl parrots 10/04/18 Yes
Very rare Texas pearl parrots imported from Thailand 7 available
7.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Tropical List 09/04/2018 09/04/18 Yes
A warm tropical welcome from Maidenhead Aquatics at Ashtead, Surrey, just off of Junction 9 the M25. Here is a current extensive Freshwater Tropical stock list as of Monday 9th April 2018. Please see lists below. LIVEBEARERS: Male Guppy - various varieties Silver Molly Golden Molly Blue M... ...
8.Parrot fish 7 inches £30 08/04/18 Yes
Hi have for sale parrot fishes 8 of group, all 7\"-8\", all healthy, eating sinking pellets, nice colour. Collect from east London. 07428746200 Nick
9.World of Water Bicester Tropical Fish Stocklist 06/04/18 Yes
Trop shop stock list We will aim to keep this list up to date, before travelling please contact the store to check availability. Please call the shop on 01869 322489 Tetras Neon Tetra Black Neon Tetra Black Phantom Tetra Red Phantom Tetra Cardinal Tetra Black Emperor Tetra Columbian Moo... ...
10.need gone asap 03/04/18 No
Pure Trimacs Juvies ..most sexable £15 each Irwini catfish 6" £40 10" True Parrot ( not the silly hybrid ) £70 4" female jag - £10 5" TRUE red devil ( not midevil ) - £50 group of 6 Festae rangin from 5-10" £200 wont split groups but offers considered all priced fo... ...
11.Aquatic Finatic – Stock List & Offers - 30/03/18 Yes
Open as usual over the Easter period. Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm Sunday 10am-4pm Want to know more about setting up a planted aquarium? Join us and Steve from JBL for a tutorial on January 24th at 10.30 am We are delighted to announce Aquatic Finatic has won Practical Fish Keeping Top Shops Y... ...
12.Oddball available for sale in Leeds 29/03/18 Yes
Current Fish list Wild caught Polypterus Endlicheri 4"-5" at ‘κ25 each or 2 for ‘κ45 Wild caught polypterus Senegalus 5"-6" 2 for ‘κ15 Marble Knife Papyrocranus Afer 9"-10" ‘κ40 ( last 1 left ) Loach-Botia Tiger Syncrossus helodes 4"-5"... ...
13.FISH INC stock availability fish, inverts, plants updated 17.3.18 17/03/18 No
UPDATED STOCK LIST 16/03/2018 FISH, PLANTS, SHRIMP, FOODS, MEDICATIONS, TANKS, EQUIPMENT. ODDBALLS/RARE Peacock bass £17.95 feeding on pellets Blue/Azul Bass 24.99 Fire eel 15.95 Large banjo catfish £7.50 Dark Knight Rams (Black Rams) £15 each 2 for £25 Albino Hoplo catfish £12 L114 Scar... ...
14.FISH INC LTD STAVELEY CHESTERFIELD STOCK LIST L-numbers Dark Knight / Black Rams and more 16/03/18 Yes
UPDATED STOCK LIST 23.02.2018 ODDBALLS/RARE Blue/azul peacock bass £24.99 Mono peacock bass £17.95 African butterfly fish £4.50 Silver arowana £35.95 12cm Fire eels £14.95 Red Bay Snook £10 Large banjo catfish £7.50 Dwarf Giraffe Catfish Dark Knight Rams (Black Rams) £12.50 each 3 for £... ...
15.Tropical fish stock list 11/03/18 Yes
***livestock list*** * FRIDAY 9th March 2018 * +++new arrivals+++ BLUE FRONTOSA £14.99 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ~~~ ANGELS blue angels £5.99 each Long fin angels £2.99 each ~~~ BARBS Gold barbs £1.20 EACH OR 10 FOR £9.99 Red line torpedo barb £7.50 each Tinfoil barbs £3.50 each or 3 f... ...
16.Tank and fish for sale 05/03/18 Yes
Fluval 39" x 22" x 16" cristalprofi e700 external filter complete set up pair of frontosa pair of silver dollar pair of parrot fish also sun spot catfish and spotted catfish £150 no offers
17.Silver arowana and other tank mates 03/03/18 No
Silver arowana (2ft drop eye in one eye) Two green Terrors Two breeding parrot fish 1 pleco Open two offers Was let down on a tropical pond and now arowana getting upset needs to go asap
18.True Parrot for sale 01/03/18 No
Hoplarchus psittacus for sale £10 roughly 6 inches in length collection only from WF156LX pics can be sent through whatsapp 07931564408
19.KKP Red Parrot Cichlids 28/02/18 Yes
I have some healthy chunky red parrot cichlids, various sizes up to 6 inches. Beauties, stunning specimen fish, but need tank space so looking for new homes. For sale at £10 each (cost me a lot more to buy). Collection only from Somerset, TA5 2HG.
20.King Kong Parrots 26/02/18 Yes
Final price reduction for a quick sale £250 ono. Must be collected from Lewisham by today or tomorrow! Last opportunity to grab some amazing fish! Beautiful set of seven King Kong parrots variety on offer. Ingots, Mammon (9+ inches). Currently in a six foot tank. Truly spectacular, imported high... ...
21.King Kong Parrots (Ingots and Mammon) on Offer Collection only from Lewisham 24/02/18 Yes
I have seven beautiful Super King Kong Parrots of various types on offer including an 10 inch male mammom. Ingots also. They should be sold together £350 ono. No reasonable offer refused. These are very high quality fish that can be resold for double this amount. Four gorgeous widebars (about 7-... ...
22.Very rare specimen white Flowerhorn 16/02/18 Yes
Have a gorgeous and eye catching pearl white flowerhorn for sale. Almost platinum colouration. Really rare to see one like this. Gorgeous cherry red eyes. Currently around 6 - 7 inches. See video. £99. Collection only. Experienced hobbyist oonly. Also have some XXL realy nice superb coloured KK... ...
23.2 adult parrots fish 06/02/18 No
2 adult parrots fish about 7-8 inches £40 for the pair
24.parrot cichlids for sale 06/02/18 Yes
Hi. I have two parrot Cichlids for sale 5inch size. Great health and shape 30 pounds or swap for malawi cichlids or african catfish
25.2 adult parrots fish 05/02/18 Yes
2 adult parrots fish about 7-8 inches £40 for the pair
26.Parrot fish 7 inches 02/02/18 Yes
Hi! Have group of KKP parrots fish 6"-7", all healthy fish, eating sinking pellets, mussels £30 each, collection from east London, for more information please call 07428746200 Mick
27.2x big RED SPOTTED SEVERUMS and 4 big x red parrot for sell 02/02/18 No
2x big lovely Red Spot Severums 7in £35 each .and 4 big x red parrot chichlid .1x 8in 3x 7in £30 each . Tell.07491432777 KEN . collection from Kidderminster .
28.current availability list 26/01/18 No
Stock @ pH Aquatics/Folkestone, Kent:26/01/2018 Lots of New Arrivals New arrivals including : Fancy Goldfish ( Chinese)- Stunning.... Umbriferum cichlids, Lg Ruby Sharks, Red Cherry Shrimps, Dwarf Pea Puffers, L128 Blue Phantoms , Cardinals, Neons, Gold Tetra, Discus, Horseface Loach and lots lots ... ...
30.Sedgley Road Aquarium, Current STOCKLIST 17/1/18 17/01/18 Yes
CURRENT STOCKLIST 17/1/18 Please enquiry if we have only a few of the livestock you are interested in. African Cichlids Mbuna Pseudotropheus Demasoni – 2 inch Pseudotropheus Williamsoni – 1.5 inch Pseudotropheus mixed tank – 1.5-2 inch / 3 inch Pseudotropheus yellow tail acei – 1.5 inch... ...
31.American cichlids and others 15/01/18 No
American cichlids and others For sale. 4 angels 2.5", 2 gold severum 2" and 3", 1 green severum 2.5", 2 red line torpedo barbs 2", 1 spot cheek elliotti cichlid 2.5", Rainbow shark 3.5", Featherfin syno catfish 5", Syno decorus catfish 2", Mystus... ...
32.First generation UK bred blood parrots 09/01/18 Yes
I have approx 20 available averaging 2-3 inches in size showing lovely colouring (Jan 2018)
33.Jewel 190 corner fish tank complete set up 06/01/18 Yes
Jewel 190 corner fish tank complete set up. Comes with rock, sand fall, ornaments artificial plants, 2 parrot fish, African cichlid, 2 pleck sucker fish. Has lights, filter and heater. All complete ready. Looking at around £200 open to offers
34.KKP Parrot cichlids Large 27/12/17 No
Need to make room. I have a shoal of LARGE king kong parrot cichlids for sale. Great deep orange colour, stunning, friendly and full of charactere. They are 5 inches plus. Collection only. Somerset. Also one midas hybrid type, beatiful pink colour with hump. A FOOT LONG, BIG CHUNKY.
35.True Parrot (Psittacus), Severum, Pike Cichlid - South American Cichlids 03/12/17 No
Breeding Pair of Severum (Heros serverus) - 3-4 inch female, 5-6 inch male breeding pair of black Severum £25 - these fish are constantly breeding and we have new babies in the tank every few weeks. They are generally quite dark in colour, almost black, with an pale/orange underside - but do fluctua... ...
36.American Cichlids for sale (Tank Clearance) 24/11/17 Yes
I have a nice selection of American cichlids in a large RENA tank (412 litres), 7 altogether. Moving house and want to make sure they go to a good home: 2x large Plec 1x Red-tailed Black Shark (friendly but camera shy) 1x Red Parrot cichlid 1x Cichlid (hybrid convict) 1x Orange Severum 1x El... ...
37.Parrot x Red Devil 21/11/17 Yes
Parrot x Red Devil for sale,All are £25 each. Very limited numbers: email;[email protected]
38.Parrot x Red Devil 21/11/17 Yes
Red Devil blood parrot nice little fish
39.High grade KKP parrot cichlids 21/11/17 Yes
High grade imports good sizes grab yourself a AAA+ KKP reduced to £50 for medium 1 and £80 for large one or £100 for both BARGAIN
40.Parrot x Red Devil hybrid 21/11/17 No
Red Devil blood parrot hybrid nice little fish
41.Maidenhead Aquatics Cardiff - TMC/Marine Fish and Coral Stock delivered this week 18/11/17 No
**To the north of Cardiff near the picturesque Castle Coch, this branch is situated a few minutes from junction 32 of the M4 just off the A470. As one of our biggest shops, this branch is truly an aquatic superstore and has something for every fishkeeper** -'Top 20 Store' in the UK, 2009 (PFK Magaz... ...
Closing down two large fish tanks - Strictly no offers selling fish for price I purchased them, fish were half the size when purchased - will ignore offers via text, please be aware..... 3 Red Blood Parrot - approx 6, 5 and 4 inches ( stunning - breeding group) - £50 Jewel Eyed Cichlid ( T... ...
43.Rare Red Mammon cichlids 04/11/17 Yes
Hi I have a pair of Super kkp parrot cichlids (Red Mammon) imported from Singapore to one stop tropicals. The female is a proven egg layer. You will not find these fish for sale anywhere selling as for £150 eachIf you look up one stop tropicals you will see these fish on there site
44.High grade KKP parrot cichlids 04/11/17 No
High grade imports good sizes grave yourself a AAA+ KKP
45.Large red finned giant gourami 30cm ACCEPT £25 PAID £100 FOR HIM 14/10/17 Yes
Selling cheap as getting bullied. Paid good money as he has blue in his scales. Shy fish gets on with my parrots and severums. Realised dont keep two giant gouramis. Will let him go for £40 if this week Mel M 07940 518841 Bedford Bedfordshire
Lovely friendly fish, selling due to size, again would need 5ft and good filtration,oxygen. Nice green reddish fins. REDUCED AS NEED SPACE, PEACEFUL FISH NO PROBLEMS WITH OTHER PARROTS, OSCARS,SEVERUMS £30 REDUCED IF BOUGHT BY 27 AUG EVENINGS, AFTERNOONS NO PROBLEM OR WEEKEND, JUST TEXT OR E... ...
Lovely large 18 cm shy severum, mixes well with other parrots, oscars, severums. He has been bullied by my Gourami. I Bought him as a baby and not seen one like him. I will sell him cheap for £25 providing he goes to a good home. In some shops i have seen severums this size for £75. Mr Sing... ...
48.SESGLEY ROAD AQUARIUM Stocklist 02/10/17 02/10/17 No
Central and South American Cichlids Gymnogeophagus gymnogenys ‘Maldonado’- 2.5 inch Assorted angels – 1.5inch Assorted angels – 2-3 inchh Assorted angels – 3-4 inch Koi angels – 3inch Electric blue Acara – 2-3 inch Apistogramma agasizzi double red – 3 inch Apistogramma hongsloi – 1.5 inch A... ...
49.Group of large parrot fish 29/09/17 Yes
Group of 4 large parrot fish £100 for the group. Also have a group of 5 silver dollars £100
50.ALL MY FISH MUST GO 16/09/17 Yes
Changing over to marine so all fish have to go These are mainly African cichlids. Frontosa x 1 Nyrere x 1 OB peacock x 2 borellyi kandanga x 1 yellow lab x 1 yellow peacock x 1 elongatus chewere x 2 aceI yellow tail x 1 Johanni x 1 red sailfin pleco x 1 common pleco x 1 albino pleco x... ...
51.Baby Orange Parrot Cichlids £2.50 each (2-3cms) 14/09/17 Yes
Baby parrot cichlids. 2-3cms in size. Still showing their juvenile colouration. freshwateraquatics.co.uk [email protected]
52.Tropical Tank - Full Set Up £100ovno 12/09/17 Yes
Hi, I have for sale in excellent condition the following items: Juwel RIO 125 in Beech - RRP £325 Eheim ECCO PRO - RRP £98.60 (includes all PRO Media) Heater Delta Therm 300w - RRP £21.94 7 Decorations including ship, bridge & Plants all good quality. Spent over £50 on these alone. ... ...
53.fish tank full settup for sale 26/08/17 No
fluval 90 including 2 parrot fish 4 to5 inches one small plec tank lie new £90 tel 01926812779
10 inch plus large hardy central american cichlids wanted in the london area. not looking for for oscars, jaguars, sevrans or parrot fish. i am in the london area. ibby call. 07886347745 anytime
55.Full set up fish tank with fish 17/08/17 Yes
4ft large tank with 3 adult parrot 2 baby parrots 1 large blue fish large pleco and clown loach..comes fully set up filter lights fish. Ornaments heater £350 COLLECTION only kinmel bay
56.Various fish for rehoming. 15/08/17 No
Closing down my tank so the following fish need to go to permanent homes in suitable sized aquarium. This has not been a easy decision as many of the fish I've had a long time. They are: 2 x large parrot fish 3 x Angel Fish 1 x Striped Headstander Breeding pair of Kribensis ( not to be homed in... ...
57.Super Red King Kong Parrot LARGE 09/08/17 Yes
I have 3 large super red kkp for sale £150 for 1 or all 3 for £400 If u are intrested call me on 07859293030 Many thanks
58.Parrot Fish 26/07/17 Yes
Good size parrot fish. The large one is orange and the smaller one is pink. The keep laying eggs but nothing happens, this may be due to being in a community tank. Any questions please ask. Collection in Barnsley.
59.Large fish for sale - Leicester 25/07/17 Yes
LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and healthy. All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15....... All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15....... All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15....... Parrots Silver Dollar Jack Dems Large Mal... ...
60.All fish for sale large and small. 22/07/17 No
LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15......All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15.....All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15.....All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15.....All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15 ... ...
61.Parrot fish 6 inch 21/07/17 Yes
For sale my parrot fish . About 6inch . Pricec 25£
62.BLOOD RED PARROTS 19/07/17 No
Hello, I would like to sell my Parrots. Fishes are helthly and looking great in the tank. Both fishes are in similar sizes approx 13cm. The fishes were keept in ordinary tap water. I'm selling them because I would like to go in to discius. The price is £25 per fish. I can deliver fish... ...
63.Large fish for sale 13/07/17 No
LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15......All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15.....All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15.....All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15.....All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15 ... ...
64.Large KKP King Kong Parrot Cichlid Wanted 27/06/17 Yes
I am looking for large King Kong Parrot Cichlid to Buy or trade for. I would like or prefer males if possible.
65.Clearing tank for new start 19/06/17 No
Hi. I have four parrot ciclids 6" one jack Dempsey 7" and one synspillum 10" all great looking fish and feeding well ..I'm moving to a discus tank so am looking to move my stock on .sensible offers for all fish welcome ..buyer must collect ...thanks for looking
66.LARGE FISH FOR SALE - All Fish £10 each 16/06/17 Yes
LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and healthy. All Fish £10 each....... All Fish £10 each....... All Fish £10 each....... XXL Parrot x 1 XXXL Parrot x 1 XXL Green Terrors x 2 Army Loach x 2 XL Silver Doll... ...
67.LARGE FISH FOR SALE - Leicester 16/06/17 Yes
LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and healthy. All Fish £10 each....... All Fish £10 each....... All Fish £10 each....... XXL Parrot x 1 XXXL Parrot x 1 XXL Green Terrors x 2 Army Loach x 2 XL Silver Doll... ...
68.Full marine set up 04/06/17 Yes
Custom built 5\'x2\'x2\' brace less marine tank and lid with Phoenix style white gloss cabinet and sump (42\"x15\"x18\") Bubble Magnus curve 7 skimmer New jet 4500 ltr/ hourreturn pump Tunze x 2 power heads and controller Cooling fans Hydro auto top up Bubble Magnus dosing pump Uv steriliser ... ...
69.Marine fish in Full marine set up 04/06/17 No
Snowflake moray, 2x wrasse, 2x file fish, 1x Betta, 1x coral beauty, 1x porcupine puffer, 1x Parrot fish, 2x yellow tangs, 3x clowns, 2 x sandsifter star fish, 1x large serpent starfish, loads of star polyp Custom built 5\'x2\'x2\' brace less marine tank and lid with Phoenix style white gloss cab... ...
70.oddballs and tankbusters 01/06/17 Yes
Hi,I'm selling some of my fish as I'm closing down some of my tanks Here is the list of the fish below Which are available to collection Only,from hackney London e8 Semiprochilidus tanairius,(flagfish)10" approx True parrot fish 10"approx,cichla kelberi 12" Red giant goramy 14", red tail cat... ...
71.Purple,pink and blue jellybean parrot fish wanted 28/05/17 No
I live in Darlington in the North East of England and I\'m trying to get my mum a purple or pink jellybean parrot fish and I would like a blue one. Can anyone help me out? Does anyone know if there\'s anywhere close to me that has them in? I\'ve beef hunting for months now and I still can\'t find no... ...
72.true parrot fish for sale (rear, wild cought) 24/05/17 No
hi i bought a true parrot wild cought and put him in with my peacock and he's getting battered, i was informed that they would be ok as both are around same temprement, but this is not the case. so i need to rehome him/her. i bought for £35 and i am open to offers, need a little something for hi... ...
73.Fish livestock list updated 19/05/17 World of Water Crawley, West Sussex (APC delivery available) 19/05/17 Yes
XL Amazon Lungfish 'Lepidosiren paradoxa' £200.00 e LOVELY AND ACTIVE. EATS ANYTHING! L Red Hook 'Myleus rubripinnis ' £50.00 e LOVELY SHOALING CHARACIN L Blue Hook 'Metynnis schomburgki ' £50.00 e VERY RARE SHOALNIG DISC CHARACIN. M Golden Dorado ' Salminus brasiliensis £... ...
74.CICHLIDS FOR SALE - Leicester 15/05/17 Yes
CICHLIDS FOR SALE. XXL Parrot x 1 XXXL Parrot x 1 XXL Green Terrors x 2 Large Salvini x 2 Jack Dems x 2 Large Malawi selection Yellow Labs Aulonocara cichlids Tropheus cichlids Army Loach x 2 XL Silver Dollar x 1 XXL Silver Dollar x 1 XXXL Silver Dollar x 1 Wide selecti... ...
75.American Chiclids. 14/05/17 No
6 x Convicts 2 females and five males 2 breeding pairs £20. 2 x Large Orange Parrot Fish £20. 2 x Small Red Parrot Fish £15. 1 x Yellow Severum £12.sold
77.Cichlids and Tank for Sale 30/04/17 No
1 Large Oscar, 3 Large Parrot Fish. Tank 47\"X 20\" 16\". £350 extxa`s Cabiney. Offers to 07704350519
78.Tank and Big Fish for Sale 30/04/17 No
Tank 47\"X 20\" 16\". £350 extxa`s Cabiney. 1 Large Oscar, 3 Large Parrot Fish. Offers to 07704350519
79.Various plecs, cichlids, cory, fish for sale 25/04/17 No
For sale Hartlepool 3 inch L271 Plecs £25 each m and f left £45 the 2 2 inch Common Plecs £2.50 each 3 inch Blood red parrots £10 each 3 inch Jack Dempsey £10 each 1 left 2 inch Various Oscars £5 each 2 inch Blue Gourami £2.50 each Small sparkling Gourami £1 each 5 inch Torpedo Ba... ...
80.parrots swap for geophagus 20/04/17 No
looking to swap my parrots for geophagus i have 5 parrots
81.FREE Mbuna tank fillers 17/04/17 No
I will soon be stripping down my Malawis tank and will have some free mixed mbunas (zebra, afra, auratus, etc), plus a few parrot cichlids. So if you want some, please let me know. Good homes only please.
82.Parrot Fish 14/04/17 Yes
Parrot fish for sale, 6" long. £15. Collection only.
83.Current stock at pH Aquatics in Hawkinge nr Folkestone 08/04/17 No
Current Stock List 07/04/2017. NEW ARRIVALS!! L177, L104, L106,L129, L147, Rasbora Espei, Golden Puffer(Auriglobus modestus) , Dwarf Anchor Catfish, Clown Loach, Kohaku & Sanke Swordtails, PHKM Black Dragon Male Betta and lots more.... L No’ Plecs L330 10-12" Watermelon Panaque WIL... ...
84.Hoplarchus psitticus / South American parrot cichlid 24/03/17 Yes
We have two young H.Psitticus around 4-5" now in store. A gorgeous South American cichlid known by the locals in Brazil as the parrot fish due to it's amazing colours. "This species is very rarely imported" £45 each or £80 for the pair Please contact us for further details;01344 8... ...
85.parrot fish 20 £ 24/03/17 Yes
For sale 4 inch parrot fish. Price 20£. For more info phone me or whatsapp
86.Juwel vision 260 12/03/17 No
Selling my Jewell vision setup, complete with new t5 light unit, 3 yellow lab cichlids, 3 frontosa one of which is very large, 1 parrot fish, 1 rusty cichlids and 3 plec. Selling as complete set up including external filter, heater, coral gravel and rock. 3D juwel background.Sad to see this go but s... ...
87.Current stock at pH Aquatics- Folkestone. 05/03/17 No
L No’ Plecs L029 Galaxy plec 5\" £35.00 L066 King Tiger (Wild) £38.00 L104 Clown Peckolita £8.00 L264 Sultan pleco £40.00 L128 Blue Phantom plec £40.00 L200 Green Phantom 3\" £35.00 L134 Leopard Frog Plec 2”-3” £45.00- 1 left LDA72 Bristlenose 3” £10.00 L201 Inspector Plec 3\" £25.00 L129... ...
88.various x large Tropicals 01/03/17 No
89.Parrot fish babies 20/02/17 No
These are actual offsprings of my parrot fish breeding pair. It's said that 99% of male parrot fish are infertile buy I seem to have hit the jackpot. Prices from £3..
90.2 parrot fish 13/02/17 No
2 parrot fish £25 THE PAIR
91.Custom built fish tank 500l 11/02/17 Yes
Selling our stunning fish tank.. Comes with fluval 406 filter, Aqumanta 400 filter, 2x 55watt heaters, 2x t5 light set up, Light colour changing kit, Jewel air pump, Testing kit, Chemicals, Dried and frozen food, Lots of spares, 2x live ferns that have grown on drift wood, Artificial pla... ...
92.Devil Parrot 04/02/17 No
Description the reason they are called DEVIL PARROT is because Dad was a Red Devil and mum was a Parrot Fish Price: £25 - £45 Contact: 07400060511 Delivery all over the UK When you spend over £200 its FREE delivery or if you spend £150 then its only £12 delivery if you spend above £80 its... ...
I I am after some parrot fish could possibly deliver burnley please get in touch if you have some for sale £10
94.Medium Parrot Fish 23/01/17 Yes
Description Nice and Healthy Parrot Fish with bundle of energy Deals: 4 for £40 Price: £12 Contact: 07400060511 Delivery all over the UK If you spend over £200 its FREE delivery if you spend £150 its £12 delivery if you spend above £80 its £20 delivery and if its below £80 its £35 deliv... ...
95.Standard King Kong Parrot Large 23/01/17 Yes
Description There not the red a grade kkp but the orange is strong followed along with the beautiful shape Deals: 3 for £120 Price: £50 Contact: 07400060511 Delivery all over the UK If you spend over £200 its FREE delivery if you spend £150 its £12 delivery if you spenjavascript:history... ...
96.Small Parrot Fish 23/01/17 Yes
Description We have some very cute baby parrot fish half have peeled and are starting to colour up. and if you want more then 4 we can other deals for more. Deals:4 for £10 Price:£4 Contact: 07400060511 Delivery all over the UK If you spend over £200 its FREE delivery if you spend £150 it... ...
97.Medium Blood Parrot 23/01/17 Yes
Description Now these guys are super red Deals: 4 for £52 Price: £15 Contact: 07400060511 Delivery all over the UK If you spend over £200 its FREE delivery if you spend £150 its £12 delivery if you spend above £80 its £20 delivery and if its below £80 its £35 delivery Email: onestop... ...
98.4 parrot fish 19/01/17 No
1 big one 1 middle size one and 2 smallish ones one is yellow
99.Urban exotics full fish list Nottinghamshire 16/01/17 Yes
URBAN EXOTICS full up to date fish list 11/1/17 Over 150 tanks filled with good quality, affordable fish. Huge choice for beginners to seasoned hobbyists Follow us on Facebook by searching for 'urbanpetcentre- Live bearers- we always have a good choice of colours in all our live bear... ...
100.1 king king parrot and 1 blood red parrot cichlid 15/01/17 Yes
Kingkong parrot (35£) 7-8 inch approx Blood red parrot (30£) 4-5 inches approx I can meet half way If you are driving from far (10 miles max) If you buy both I can give you some money off


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