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Aquarist Classifieds Peacock Cichlid

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 Aquarist Classifieds Search Results:AddedPhoto
1.Aulonocara Peacocks 23/04/18 Yes
I have for sale a good selection of several different types of peacocks Good size5-7 cms Excellent colours Feeding well Video available if interested
2.World of Water Bicester Tropical Fish Stocklist 23/04/18 Yes
Trop shop stock list We will aim to keep this list up to date, before travelling please contact the store to check availability. Please call the shop on 01869 322489 Tetras Neon Tetra Black Neon Tetra Black Phantom Tetra Red Phantom Tetra Cardinal Tetra Black Emperor Tetra Columbian Moo... ...
STOCK LIST 21TH APRIL JOIN US ON FACE BOOK StevesFishHousenewport https://www.facebook.com/groups/848977375277946/ TETRAS Splash Tetra £3 6 for £15 Glowlight Tetra £1 12 for £10 Neon Tetra 89P 12 for £10 Cardinal tetra £1.20 10 for £10 Lemon Tetra 8 for £10 Flame Tetra 8 fo... ...
4.Mixed mbuna 22/04/18 No
Mixed mbuna, yellow labs, red zebra, ob zebra blue zebra all sorts, need them gone asap as lots of fry just been born and juvies are growing up, busting at the seems , £5-£10 each will do offers on larger amounts Also willing to trade for peacocks and haps for other tank Thanks 07894025001
5.Mikes Rifts - Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlid importer and retailer 22/04/18 Yes
• NEW Tank Bred Malawi & Tanganyikan Stocks just come in. Current Stock List Tanganyika Cichlids • Altolamprologus sp.'sumbu' Shell Fish 3cm F1 £15.00ea T • Altolamprologus calvus Chisanse Yellow 3cm F1 £12.50ea T • Altolamprologus calvus Black Pectoral 3-4cm F1 £12.50ea T • Altolampro... ...
6.Cichla Azul juvenile. 2-3 inch. Azul peacock bass 22/04/18 Yes
X6 cichla azul. Blue Azul peacock bass. 5 remaining 2-3" feeding really well on granules/pellets/bloodworm £25 each. 2 for £45. 3 for £65 Collection from Birmingham Acocks green. Please bring own container Call/txt 07920030893
7.Wanted in Lincolnshire 21/04/18 No
I am looking to buy Malawi Peacocks or Haps.Please contact me if you have any for sale.
8.Marine Fish & Coral Stock List (20/04/18) 20/04/18 Yes
NEW! We currently have a good range of marine fish, inverts and corals. MARINE – fish & invert Green Chromis Algae Blenny Blue Leg Hermit Crab Red Legged Boxing Shrimp Cleaner Shrimp Clarkii clowns 2" and 3.5" Clown Fish, common, black ice pair, black clown pair. Yellow Tang ... ...
9.Livestock List Natural World, Syston, Leicestershire- Tropical fish, Cichlids, 20/04/18 20/04/18 Yes
NEW! We currently have a good range of marine fish, inverts and corals. MARINE – fish & invert Green Chromis Algae Blenny Blue Leg Hermit Crab Red Legged Boxing Shrimp Cleaner Shrimp Clarkii clowns 2" and 3.5" Clown Fish, common, black ice pair, black clown pair. Yellow Tang Hovens Wr... ...
10.Rare peacock bass for sale may px for other bass 20/04/18 Yes
wild imported fish came in with some kelberi, i hand picked this bass as it looked different from the others .This is a cichla pleiozona which i have never seen one for sale in the uk! selling it on has it don't fit in with my plans. price is £100. may px other bass or tigerfish. 5" in size ea... ...
11.Malawi and Victoria Cichlids 20/04/18 Yes
Crabro, Clown Labs, Demasoni, kenyi, Fuelleborni, Rusty, Yellow labs, Compressiceps 10 for £35, Blue Dolphin £4 and £6, Scolofi £4. Peacocks £6, Red Jacobs £8. Albino Electric blue Haps £5.50 and Flameback Haps £10 each Collection from DN6 07713 154 980
12.Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for sale some rarer ones and a good size a must see list. 19/04/18 Yes
Hi all, I am a home breeder and this is a list of new fish I have ready for collection from Friday. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids and have a pet license. The fish have all been quarantined ready for your tank. There are not many of each so yo... ...
13.Wet Pets Solihull have yet again another fantastic offer of 20 Malawi Haps and Aulonacaras for sale. Please read post. 19/04/18 Yes
Hi I am a fully council licensed breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids. We are a home run breeder/shop with a separate building to our house where we have over 40 tanks with some fantastic fish for sale. Below is a new list of the Haps and Peacock in the great offer that I have r... ...
Hi all. I am a fully licensed breeder/seller and only sell good quality fish. We have a separate building from our house that houses over 50 tanks of amazing fish. All the fish you buy in my offer are just under 4/5 cm and not tiny fry that you can not see or identify. They are all pure breed as you... ...
15.Orinoco peacock bass 18/04/18 Yes
Orinoco peacock bass 5cm £12 each Collection Rochester or delivery can be arranged
16.MALAWI PEACOCKS 17/04/18 Yes
malawi peacock cichlids for sale from 2" to 3"+. 2" £4 each 3"+ £7 each collection only from leicester LE4 area call or text 07955650811
17.Peacock bass and African pike 15/04/18 Yes
all between 9-10 inches 1 x piquiti blue azul 1 x oscellaris 1 x African pike all good healthy fish with stunning colours collection DN20
18.Ripples Waterlife, Shenstone. Malawi, Tanganyikan Cichlids. 14/04/18 Yes
West Midlands based aquatic retail centre. We have everything needed to keep freshwater fish happy and healthy, whether it be tropical or coldwater, aquarium or pond, we have all the necessary equipment needed to get you started, or keep you going. We have a great range of livestock and plants, and ... ...
19.Maidenhead aquatics @ stockton Current Stocklist 14/04 14/04/18 Yes
Here is our current stocklist. Availability may change daily so please call ahead before making any special trips. TETRAS: Neons cardinals x ray Rummynose Black Neon Diamond Black widow Red Phantom Flame Black Phantom Colombian Blue Silvertip Penguin Blue tetra Purple emperor embe... ...
20.different community fish 12/04/18 No
Blue dwarf gouramies £2.50 each Red dwarf gouramies £2.50 each Female dwarf gouramies £1.50 each Male and female guppys £1.25 each Congo tetras 4 for £5 Large malarbar danios £2each Assorted mollys £1.25 each Assorted swords £1.25 each Black harlequin rasbouras 4 for £5 Coral platys £1each ... ...
21.Kelberi peacock bass breeding group 11 inches to 12 inches fish 12/04/18 No
Up for sale are a group of kelberi spider peacock bass, group consists of 1 male and 3 females in very good health, 1 of the females has a bit of a funny lip due to injury when younger! Fish are a stunning gold and can whatsapp a pic of them £750 for the group
22.For sale (6x2x2) full set up and fish 08/04/18 Yes
Hi guys I\'m currently selling my 6x2x2 fish tank comes as a full setup including an fx5 filter and many other stuff. Also comes with fish. - 2x 12 inch oscars - 7 inch peacock bass - 2x large pleco 10/17 inch - 13 inch black shark - 15 inch upside down catfish - 2x large marble catfish -... ...
23.Arowana, Giant red fin gourami, kilberi bass, Giraffe catfish, Jaguar cichlid 08/04/18 Yes
Large silver Arowana around 2ft, has drop eye in right eye but doesn't effect him at all...eating prawns, mussels and pellets. Large Red fin giant gourami 18 inch plus, beautiful friendly fish eats everything 2 Kelberi bass 15 & 20 inch stunning fish, eating prawns, mussels, and pellets ... ...
24.🐟Current Livestock List🐟 01/03/2018 Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland 07/04/18 Yes
Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland current livestock list 01/03/2018 (We are located near Oakham, Melton Mowbray, Stamford, Corby, Leicester, and within 1 hours drive of Nottingham, Peterborough, Grantham, Kettering, Market Harborough, Bourne) We would advise customers to phone for prices, sizes of... ...
25.Aqua oak systemised turtle aquarium pics on request 02/04/18 No
All is approx 2 years old bought brand new from maidenhead aquatics. 4ft aqua oak aquarium Oak stand Sump Original pelmet Homemade turtle dock covers the entire tank top Jebao dct-8000 return pump 300w heater Filter sponge 60kg Dragon rock Led lights All pipework included Home made tu... ...
26.Haps and peacocks 31/03/18 No
F1 pair of protomelas similis £20 f1 .A large wild pair of breeding borleyi £30buyer to collect from sale Manchester m335lq pictures can be sent via whatsapp or email
27.6” bd female for sale 31/03/18 Yes
6” bd female for sale Feeding well on hikari carnivore Stunning female bread by myself Nice ringlets £550 May px swap for predators dats, peacock bass,vitatus tiger fish anything interesting For any more pics whatsapp or email
28.Free to good home: Malawi Peacock OB Cichlid 28/03/18 Yes
Beautiful male OB peacock cichlid - approx. 8cm in length. Free to good home. Collection only.
29.FISH DR. LOADS of tropical fish. Selling quick 28/03/18 No
Hi, I have loads of fish for sale - small, medium & large. All in excellent condition. 16" red tail catfish = £75. SOLD 11" leperinus x 4 = £15 - each 3 left. SOLD 10" giant blue gourami = £25 10" giant albino giant gourami = £25. Sold 9" pacu = £25 SOLD 15" Gibi plec x 2 = £20 each 5-... ...
30.15/16 inch wild caught kelberi bahia peacock bass male 27/03/18 Yes
It is with a heavy heart that one of my prize monsters has to move on. £350. I have a group of will caught bass and luckily for me breeding pairs have formed. This leaves me with an odd male and he started getting a kicking. He is now in a seperate tank and doing well feeding on smelt, prawn, mas... ...
31.Blue Dolphin Cyrocara Moori Lithabates Zimbabwe rock champsochromis caeruleus 27/03/18 Yes
Heya freeing up space 2 male Cyrocara moori blue dolphins Also have some baby's have Juveniles 2 inches Blue peacocks F1 Otop lithabates zimbabwe rock F1 champsochromis caeruleus Fry (very cute) Yellow Labs Blue mbuna
32.Selection of cichlids for sale 24/03/18 No
Got a selection of cichlids for sale around 20+ adults and 20+ fry adults £5 to £10 each and fry are £2 each Adults Bumblebee male Bumblebee female x 2 Golden cichlid male and female Peacock Red zebra ( 15 fry) White tail acaei Mpanga cichlids male and female And others I don’t know th... ...
33.2 malawi 21/03/18 Yes
2 malawi one orange one yellow blue they ar alounacara peacocks also 6 red coloumbian tetra and 5 dwarf tetra and a cave stone and root wood all for 30 pound ono
34.I have some really stunning big haps and peacocks for sale. 19/03/18 Yes
I am breaking down one of my show tanks and resulting from this I have some amazing haps and peacocks for sale. Some are breeding pairs and groups. You are welcome to come and see us to view before you buy. Get them while you can as Im sure theses stunning fish will not be for sale for long. This... ...
35.Fish malawi peacocks 1- 1.5 Inch - £2.50 19/03/18 Yes
Malawi peacocks cichlid african. 1 -1.5 Inch £2.50 Each Sunshine peacock- red shoulder peacock- Blue peacock cichlid -Taiwan Reef - Fish are colourless when they are small and get their colours as they grow. Selling as got too many fish an not enough space to keep them all. Collection only fr... ...
36.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Shirley Fresh Stocklist-Community Oddballs, Rainbowfish and Freshwater Gobies 17/03/18 No
Here as our current stock list over here at Maidenhead aquatics Shirley. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Emails may get overlooked as they get sent to our junk folder so please telephone or contact us via Facebook. 0121 733 1090 https://www.facebook.com/Maidenhead-... ...
37.FISH INC stock availability fish, inverts, plants updated 17.3.18 17/03/18 No
UPDATED STOCK LIST 16/03/2018 FISH, PLANTS, SHRIMP, FOODS, MEDICATIONS, TANKS, EQUIPMENT. ODDBALLS/RARE Peacock bass £17.95 feeding on pellets Blue/Azul Bass 24.99 Fire eel 15.95 Large banjo catfish £7.50 Dark Knight Rams (Black Rams) £15 each 2 for £25 Albino Hoplo catfish £12 L114 Scar... ...
38.FISH INC LTD STAVELEY CHESTERFIELD STOCK LIST L-numbers Dark Knight / Black Rams and more 16/03/18 Yes
UPDATED STOCK LIST 23.02.2018 ODDBALLS/RARE Blue/azul peacock bass £24.99 Mono peacock bass £17.95 African butterfly fish £4.50 Silver arowana £35.95 12cm Fire eels £14.95 Red Bay Snook £10 Large banjo catfish £7.50 Dwarf Giraffe Catfish Dark Knight Rams (Black Rams) £12.50 each 3 for £... ...
39.Free fish: OB Peacock Male 15/03/18 Yes
Stunning fish, free to good home. Approx 8cm. Change of setup necessitates clear out. Collection only.
40.WANTED ...job lot required malawis 15/03/18 No
41.Tropical fish stock list 11/03/18 Yes
***livestock list*** * FRIDAY 9th March 2018 * +++new arrivals+++ BLUE FRONTOSA £14.99 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ~~~ ANGELS blue angels £5.99 each Long fin angels £2.99 each ~~~ BARBS Gold barbs £1.20 EACH OR 10 FOR £9.99 Red line torpedo barb £7.50 each Tinfoil barbs £3.50 each or 3 f... ...
42.full set up of fish tanks for fish room fish house 09/03/18 Yes
fluval venezia corner tank immaculate fluval 306 external ocean free hydra 40 internal 40 or so adult peacocks and haps 16kg dragon stone marina 300 watt heater 25kg fine coral sand fluval vicenza 180 bow front 30 or so mbuna some very nice fish most F1 70 black granite rock marina 300wa... ...
43.Tropical aquarium fish 06/03/18 Yes
Mix of tropical fish for sale Contact via WhatsApp for pictures 07793000101 Large Arrowana: £90 Peacock bass 6/7 inch: £80 Large Clown loach X 4: £100 Large black shark: £30 Large angel Fish: £40 Large red tail Barbs X 2: £40 Cichlids (1 malawai) (1 African Large) £50 Jumbo eel: £90 ... ...
44.malawi mbuna adults now in stock at j2o cichlids 05/03/18 Yes
loads of malawi mbuna now in stock at j2o cichlids pseudotropheus elongatus chewere wild caught golden kawanga F1 pseudotropheus polit lions cove yellow labs greshakei yellow tail acei red zebra pseudotropheus elongatus pseudotropheus elongatus mphanga elongatus ornatus melanochromis aura... ...
45.Xingu Melanie peacock bass 6-7 inches 03/03/18 No
Hi up for sale is my xingu bass I have 3 for sale at £100 each or £250 the trio I paid this at 3" they are in perfect health with eat pellets or mussel or prawns! Never fed live only selling as change of plan with current stock in my aquarium
46.Lots of Malawi Cichlids 28/02/18 No
Stocklist: XL OB Malawi Cichlid - 6" - £25 Red Shoulder Peacock - 3" - £5 Sulphurhead Cichlid - 4" - £25 Jacobfreibergi Peacock - 4" - £25 Stuartgranti Cobue - 3" - £15 Taiwan Reef - 2.5" - £5 Firefish Peacock - 3" - £15 Bristlenose Pleco - £5 Pick up from Formby, Liverpool. No phone... ...
47.Peacock bass x2 27/02/18 Yes
19 inch very large fish so will need a big tank. I bought for £160 each but willing to let both go for £250 ones not getting on with my arowana.. willing to sell one on its own also. no offers you will be ignored. Only taking calls. Don't waste my time or ask if there's any other fish for sale.. 078... ...
48.Datnoids xxl may swap for Asian arrow with cash for right fish 25/02/18 No
Would sell for £225 each Would swap for Asian or would add cash for right Asian arrowana May swap for peacock bass if they the right type and good quality bass
49.Xingu peacock bass 25/02/18 No
Hi I have decided to let go 2 xingu peacock bass as I have 4 and want to buy 2 others to replace them! These are wild caught and I've had them since they was 3" they must be 6" now £120 each is what I paid at 3" and I just want my money back per fish They are in good condition an... ...
50.1 peacock cichlid and synodontis catfish 25/02/18 No
Electric blue peacock cichlid and synodontis petricola catfish, need gone asap £20 for both
51.j2o cichlids premium fish 23/02/18 Yes
we have loads of varieties of haps and peacocks in stock now prices from as low as £5 upto pairs for £25 a few rare species in stock that other retailers are struggling to get hold of, please look no further than j2o happy friendly service, the picture do the fish no justice whatsoever as they were ... ...
52.Oddball, Predator, South American Cichlids STOCK LIST @ The Aquatic Store Bristol 04.03.18 19/02/18 Yes
We offer a good selection of Oddball, Predator and South/ Central American Cichlids, always fully quarantined and greedily accepting food before going on sale. They are housed in our individually filtered fish house containing more than 140 aquariums. Please call ahead for availability as certain ... ...
53.Teminsis peacock bass 20 inches 15/02/18 Yes
Hi ! Have for sale nice teminsis peacock bass, very nice and healthy fish, eating everything, what you will put in tank, this moment live with my all fish, which can see on picture. £160, collection from east London, for more information please call 07428746200 Mick.
54.Malawi cichlids 14/02/18 Yes
Below is a rough list of fish currently available. This will be added to and more detail provided in due course. Please contact us for more information Malawi peacock Malawi peacock Aulunocara baenschi BENGA Aulunocara stuartgranti NGARA Aulunocara Marmalade Aulunocara New Blue Orchid ... ...
55.The Aquarium People, Preston- Current stocklist 08/02/18 Yes
The Aquarium People Aquatics Centre Located within Duxburys Garden Centre Aquarium and Watergarden maintenance avaliable Current stocklist: Zebra Danio Gold Danio White Cloud Mountain Minnow Rosy Barb Rainbow Shinner Rainbow Dace Paradise Fish (black, blue & red varieties) Weather ... ...
56.Stunning African Cichlids 07/02/18 Yes
High grade tropical fish available Call text or WhatsApp 07947606567 Blue zebra Red zebra Venustus Yellow labs Yellow aceI OB peacock Blood dragon peacock Strawberry peacock Super red top hong sweden Cynotilapia hara Labeaotropheus OB Thumbi west Pseudotropheus Ndumbi Red top Sc... ...
57.4x Azul peacock bass 05/02/18 No
2x8"males 2x6/7" females £150 a pair or £250 the 4 Ipswich suffolk 07772008324
59.Mantis 24/01/18 No
Wanted peacock mantis shrimp huddersfield area
60.Sedgley Road Aquarium, Current STOCKLIST 17/1/18 17/01/18 Yes
CURRENT STOCKLIST 17/1/18 Please enquiry if we have only a few of the livestock you are interested in. African Cichlids Mbuna Pseudotropheus Demasoni – 2 inch Pseudotropheus Williamsoni – 1.5 inch Pseudotropheus mixed tank – 1.5-2 inch / 3 inch Pseudotropheus yellow tail acei – 1.5 inch... ...
61.Peacock Bass(Cichla sp.) & Duckbill catfish(Sorubim lima) wanted in Leeds 17/01/18 No
Hi All I'm realy interested in above. Prefer younger fish. Let me know what you have or if you seen them anywhere. I'm based in Leeds West Yorkshire. My contact number 07894712156 Thanks for looking
62.Large Dorado silver arowana and azul 16/01/18 No
I have for sale a 1ft Dorado that lives with other predator fish £100ono. Most don't get along with others.... 2ft+ silver arowana unfortunately he does have drop eye. He also has a slight bend at end of his tail which he has had since I got him but does not affect him.£30 but needs big tank 10i... ...
63.MALAWI FOR SALE 16/01/18 No
Hiya I have for sale 10 large tropical malawi fish verious sizes many large mixture of Labs Bumble bees Greshkis Sunshine peacocks And many others buyer will.not be dissapointed please message if any interest happy to.help collection burnley
64.Mixed cichlids 06/01/18 No
Mixed cichlids 4 inch sulphur head, 2x morri 1 2inch 1 3inch, blue lips 1 female 4inch x2male both around 5inch, 12 or so yellow labs, blue peacock 4inch, 2 7-8inch plus male borleyi and 1 5inch female. Mixed peacocks and hybrids. Open to offers! Open to offers, will split
65.Preds 01/01/18 Yes
2ft arowanna no drop eye eatting pellets £120 3x azul peacock bass from 14-17inch £60 each Pinima peacock bass 10inch £70 Male bhia gold kelbri 13inch £90 Giraffe catfish 16inch £30 Black rhom piranha 8inch £50 All good healthy fish any questions feel free to ask Best call or text 0... ...
66.Mbu puffer - arowana - catfish - stingray - fire eel - peacock bass 19/12/17 Yes
Trying to clear out my current aquarium that consists of: Tiger shovelnose catfish Kilberi gold peacock bass x 3 Mbu puffer Silver arowana Fire eel Black calvus Synodontis granulosus Electric blue jack Dempsey All of them are between the ages of 8 to 10 months. Buy all for £400 ... ...
67.Azul peacock bass 16inch 04/12/17 Yes
Stunning fish eatting pellets and prawns very healthy fish only reason for selling is slimming down the stock in my tank £50 no offers Best to call or text
68.BURMESE PYTHONS - SWAP for Asian arowana female ray other oddballs... 04/12/17 Yes
Have unrelated pair of young burmese pythons male albino het green female granite het green/albino Both 4.5ft bith 100% tame and feeding on rats and chicks Looking to straight swap this pair for any of the following Asian arowana (1) straight swap Female ray pup or grown on (1) (no motoro)st... ...
69.Asian arowana female ray other oddballs swap burmese 04/12/17 Yes
Looking for swap for unrelated pair of young burmese pythons male albino het green female granite het green/albino. Both 4.5ft bith 100% tame and feeding on rats and chicks Looking to straight swap this pair for any of the following Asian arowana (1) straight swap Female ray pup or grown on (... ...
70.Rio Meta orino peacock bass 02/12/17 Yes
Hi up for sale is my peacock bass he's around 12-14" feeding on pellets 100 takes him.only selling as my arowana has decided she doesn't like him any more
71.African Peacocks 28/11/17 No
2.5-3.5" beauties. 4 types OB, OS, SP and Bree peacocks. Great colours showing excellent promise. 3 for £20 or £8 each. Collect Monmouth.
72.Peacock bass from 12 inches - 18 inches 26/11/17 Yes
Have for sale my group peacock bass size from 12"-18" , all fish healthy, eating anything what you put in your tank. Very like mussels, frozen pieces fish, prawns, pellets. Collection from East London, price for group £550Have 6 of them. For more information please call 07428746200 Nick.
73.12inch red oscar 22/11/17 No
We have a stunning full grown Oscar that is 18 month old In great condition but sadly needs to be rehomed due too the tank becoming overcrowded. Currently in a 10ft tank with silver arrowanas, peacock bass,cat fish etc eats virtual ly anything a very peaceful fish 25 pound to a good home
74.Private home sale of mixed Malawi Peacocks, Mbuna and Haps 20/11/17 Yes
Sadly selling my community of mixed Cichlids due to sale of my aquarium. Stock must go soon. Happy to sell job lot or separate groups. 2x large male bumblebee mbunas 1x female bumblebee with mouth full of fry many juvenile and small fry bumblebee 2 Tangerine Peacocks 2 Sulphur Crested Pe... ...
75.Mixed cichlid fry 18/11/17 Yes
Here we have a mixture fry . ob,s ,snowflakes ,orange peacocks,blues and some haps. All feeding well and colouring up nicely all around inch to inch and a half £1.50 each
76.large male peacock malawi tropical fish 17/11/17 Yes
stunning fish turning read 6/7 inch collection Burnley £25
Having to close down my large aquarium, reluctant decision but really need to find homes for the following fish; 1 x Gar (Lepisosteus sp.) 22" + £100 SOLD 1 x 'Super' Severum (Heros iniridae wild) 6"+ £20ono 4 x Spotted and SIlver Dollars (Metynnis sp.) 4-6" FREE TO A GOOD HOME Located ... ...
78.Peacock gudgeon tateurndina ocellicauda for sale somerset 05/11/17 No
I have 15-20 fry available they are 8-15 mm long feeding in micro worms and baby brine shrimp. These are lovely additions to peaceful community tanks. Please send me an offer for some or all of them if you are interested. I will also give you a micriworm culture. 07971790221
79.Arowana wanted 7-9", peacock bass wanted 6-8" 02/11/17 No
Located in Birmingham but can collect if necessary. Cash waiting
80.Predatory and big fish 30/10/17 Yes
2x orinocensis peacock bass 8-10” £70 each 1x l190 Royal Pleco nice solid bars 8” £60 3x 4-5” wide bar silver dollars £40 each 5x 3” channa bleheri £20 each 1x 5-6” myleus blackberry silver dollar £60 Will take swaps for other rare predatory fish Location Blackpool Collection only
82.Large giraffe catfish 24/10/17 No
Hi up for sale is a large giraffe catfish, the fish is really healthy and at least 13" long. May swap for peacock bass or preditor fish £70ono
I have 2 electric blue haps and aulonocara eureka red for sale. One of the haps and Eureka red will colour up beautifully in the future since my fish are bought from a reputable source. All of the fish are males. Selling to reduce amount of fish in my tank. Take all three fish for £25 whi... ...
84.Uaru, electrics blue acara, Clarius catfish, oscars, jack Dempseys, peacock bass and loads of more fish for sale 22/10/17 No
Text me what I have on 07463683498 Thankyou
85.Aulonocara peacock juvies 17/10/17 Yes
Various Aulonocara peacock juvies £1.00 each. Fish available are Aulonocara Stuartgranti Blue Neon Hai Reef Aulonocara Stuartgranti Aulonocara Red Rubin Aulonocara Eureka Parents are from Aquabeek Holland Collection from Northampton
86.6x2x2 Nd aquatic tank for sale plus over 50 malawi peacocks and haps 15/10/17 No
Reluctant sale due to move. Need gone asap Tank and cabinet in relatively good condition. Looking for 350 for tank and cabinet. Collection only. Also have over 50 malawipeacocks and haps looking to sell separately. Most from kent rift cichlids. Message me for pics.Dolphins, malawi hawk pair, r... ...
87.Mbuna + Haps + Peacocks + Catfish + Convicts 07/10/17 No
Malawi for sale Look at ads below for price and sizes Others will be going up soon. include: pics not showing so sp44 (1\") venustrus (2\") roughly Elongatus (.5\") roughly Blue Zebra (1\") roughly Convicts (1\") roughly Cynotilpia Sp Lions Cove Yellow labs (J) red zebras (Adults) ... ...
88.Randys tropical fish ( fully licenced pet shop ) 07463683498 07/10/17 No
We are a family run business in willenhall westmidlands we work on beating prices of all major aquatic shops by up to 60%. We send out a weekly list via text. If you would like to opt into this please text me on 07463683498. We are on face book (randys tropical fish) we also do free delivery. WE NOW... ...
89.All fish need to go 05/10/17 No
2 foot tiger shovel nose and 2 foot silver Arowana 4 realy big peacock bass and fly tail and perl blue flower horn and finger of 8 puffer cheers adam
90.SESGLEY ROAD AQUARIUM Stocklist 02/10/17 02/10/17 No
Central and South American Cichlids Gymnogeophagus gymnogenys ‘Maldonado’- 2.5 inch Assorted angels – 1.5inch Assorted angels – 2-3 inchh Assorted angels – 3-4 inch Koi angels – 3inch Electric blue Acara – 2-3 inch Apistogramma agasizzi double red – 3 inch Apistogramma hongsloi – 1.5 inch A... ...
91.Azul Peacock Bass 24/09/17 No
Azul Peacock Bass 13-14" Good condition £140 Pickup from South Wales NP13 Please text me on mobile number listed below with any interest
92.African Cichlid 20/09/17 Yes
I have the following for sale: 2 large Male Red Dragon peacocks (both about 14cm and hold good colour) £10.00 each 1 large male fryeri (about 15cm and again holds good colour) £10.00 1 male venustus (15 cm) £10.00 1 benga yellow peacock (13cm) £10.00 2 yellow labs (10cm) £4.00 each 1... ...
93.Robin Hood Aquarists (Nottingham) Autumn Auction Sunday 17th September 2017 17/09/17 Yes
The Robin Hood Aquarists Society will be holding an auction of fish, plants and equipment on Sunday 17th September 2017 at the Highbank Community Centre, Farnborough Road, Clifton, Nottingham, NG11 9DG. Doors open 10.30am and Auction starts 11am. Refreshments will be available throughout the ... ...
94.ALL MY FISH MUST GO 16/09/17 Yes
Changing over to marine so all fish have to go These are mainly African cichlids. Frontosa x 1 Nyrere x 1 OB peacock x 2 borellyi kandanga x 1 yellow lab x 1 yellow peacock x 1 elongatus chewere x 2 aceI yellow tail x 1 Johanni x 1 red sailfin pleco x 1 common pleco x 1 albino pleco x... ...
95.Randys tropical fish upto 50% off pet shop prices 07463683498 10/09/17 No
We are a fully licensed pet shop. We send out a weekly list of fish via text we also have pictures and videos of every single fish we stock. If you would like to recive our weekly list please text me on 07463683498 thankyou FISH LIST!!!!! NEW STOCK THIS WEEK strawberry peacock £7.50 Venustus... ...
96.Orrinoco peacock bass for sale 08/09/17 Yes
I have a beautiful 5-6 inch orrinoco peacock bass for sale, highly active and displaying true peacock bass behaviour of smashing any food that hits the surface and eats anything that fits in its mouth! As you can see from the picture the colouration is stunning, I am only selling as it's not compati... ...
Updated Stock list 15/09/2017 Corydoras/CW Numbers: CW028 Corydoras Super Schwartzi STUNNING XXL STORE FIRST Limited Corydoras Gold Lasers F1 XL NEW super condition C12 Corydoras Punctatus NICE CW009 Green lazer Corydoras SUPER CONDITION XL STORE FIRST Limited CW051 Corydoras sp VERY NICE... ...
98.Peacock copadichromis borleyi 22/08/17 Yes
Copadichromis borleyi Peacock Very large Copadichromis borleyi Around 8/9inches long. Biggest I have seen £15 or swap for other Cichlids what do u have Sorry about photo quality best I could get. Rugeley Staffordshire ws15
99.Blue azul 5inch and kelberi peacock bass 7inch stunning fish £80 the pair 03/08/17 No
Stunning kelberi and blue azul peacock bass call or text me for pics as they wont load up 07449985903 cheers jay
100.Adult chiclids for sale 30/07/17 Yes
I have a wide selection of Malawi chiclids for sale ranging from blotches, hybrids and peacocks as I am looking to change them for Central/South American chiclids


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