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Aquarist Classifieds Puffer Fish

Check out our Fishkeeping Directory pages about puffer fish:

 Aquarist Classifieds Search Results:AddedPhoto
1.Valentini puffer. 10 28/03/17 Yes
Around 2inch. Seams reef safe. Never bothered any of my corals. Only selling because I have a smaller puffer and this one is bullying it. It doesn't bother any other fish, including cuc. Collection only from kingstanding b44
2.Livestock List Natural World, Syston, Leicestershire- tropical fish, cichlids, 28/03/17 28/03/17 Yes
CICHLIDS- Cryptoheros cutteri Honduran red points Hypsophrys Nicaraguensis Chocolate Cichlid (H. Temporalis) Black Line Pike Cichlids Pearl Spot Chromide (Etroplus canarensis) Tropheus duboisi Tropheus Red Moorii Moliro Julidochromis dickfeldi Lamprologus brichardi DISCUS- Mix... ...
3.Porcupine puffer 26/03/17 No
Hi for sale is a lovely porcupine puffer. Very nice fish very play full especially when hands are in the tank will let you rub his belly. I have some soft corals in my tank and he has not touch them. He is about 5 inches and fat. He eats everything i put in. Any questions please ask. 40. Collection... ...
4.Fish Finatics Aquatic Centre, W Lancs - Current Fish Stock available 26/03/17 Yes
Hi everyone, This weeks available livestock list is as follows: Royal red dwarf gourami Neon dwarf gourami Thick lipped gourami Dwarf panda cichlids (Apistogramma nijsseni) Kribensis West African dwarf cichlids German blue rams Electric blue rams Celebes halfbeaks Killifish - Sulawes... ...
5.Wanted Large Marine Fish 25/03/17 No
My tank is 10ft x 2.5ft x 2.5ft I currently have a 11inch starry puffer & 6 large fish / tangs between 6 & 8 inches 2 large eels 2 ft & 3ft. Looking to purchase some more large fish no smaller than 6 inches. I'm located in Bolton willing to travel no more than 30 miles for the right sp... ...
6.Live rock, marine fish, inverts, in Juwel trigon 190 21/03/17 Yes
About 18kg of live rock there\'s a 11 fish 3 tangs 4 chromes 1 fox face 1 puffer 1 snowflake Eel and 1 clown there\'s a fire shrimp and a large Emerald crab and a few corals. Full marine set up this tanks comes with one power head one kessil 160we light. Has a built in skimmer and filter. 550
7.Juwel trigon 190 marine set up 21/03/17 Yes
Full marine set up this tanks comes with one power head one kessil 160we light about 18kg of live rock there\'s a 11 fish 3 tangs 4 chromes 1 fox face 1 puffer 1 snowflake Eel and 1 clown there\'s a fire shrimp and a large Emerald crab and a few corals. Has a built in skimmer and filter. 550
8.Dog faced puffer 17/03/17 No
White spotted dog faced puffer lovely peaceful temperament as this species are. Had him from 3" he's a good fat solid 6-7" and eats everything from prawns mussels etc the usual. Genuine reason for sale my sohal tang won't leave him alone and keeps nipping his fins and it's not fair to k... ...
9.Porcupine Puffer (Diodon holocanthus) 30 17/03/17 Yes
Porcupine Puffer for sale. Its about 5 inches, Very healthy fish, I have had it for around 2 years now. Selling due to not getting along with my Emperor Angel. May swap for other marine fish, let me what you got. 30 Pick up only from B20 1EA
We are a new state-of-the-art store based in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE1 5QA. Please call us on 01733 689503 with any questions! Our Aim is to provide everyone with fully quarantined stock at affordable prices. All of our fish have been medicated for a minimum of 10 days to ensure there i... ...
11.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland current livestock list 24/02/2017 15/03/17 Yes
Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland current livestock list 24/02/2017 (We are located near Oakham, Melton Mowbray, Stamford, Corby, Leicester, and within 1 hours drive of Nottingham, Peterborough, Grantham, Kettering, Market Harborough, Bourne) Here at Maidenhead Aquatics @ Rutland we currently have... ...
12.Mbu puffer wanted any size considered 14/03/17 No
Looking for a mbu puffer 6-8" idealy but any size considered !
13.The Aquatic Store Bristol - Specialist Freshwater Retailer - Full stock list - 24.03.17 12/03/17 Yes
JOIN US ON FACEBOOK FOR PHOTOS VIDEOS AND FREQUENT STOCK UPDATES Voted top 10 Retailer in the UK 5 years Running by Practical Fish Keeping Readers. We pride ourselves on quality. We currently have 160 aquariums of Tropical Fish from all over the World. Specializing in Tropical Freshwater Flo... ...
14.Large dog face puffer 09/03/17 Yes
7-8 inch large dog face puffer. Lovely character and eats pretty much everything. Collection from Milton Keynes 75
I am looking for a Mbu puffer at about the 8-9" mark. Can collect in Scotland or if further afield I'm willing to accept via courier. Cheers, Chris
16.Puffer Fish For Sale 08/03/17 No
I have 2 of my puffer fish for sale. I have a small Cutcutia puffer (sometimes called Emerald or Oscillated puffer), asking 15. The other is a Abei puffer, Monotrete Abei, and asking 30 for that one. These puffers are eating good and are in great health. I will only sell to someone with puff... ...
Looking for a Congo puffer If anyone has one for sale, or know of a shop that is selling them, please let me know. I am in the South Yorkshire area, but would travel within a reasonable distance. Thank you.
18.Current stock at pH Aquatics- Folkestone. 05/03/17 No
L No Plecs L029 Galaxy plec 5\" 35.00 L066 King Tiger (Wild) 38.00 L104 Clown Peckolita 8.00 L264 Sultan pleco 40.00 L128 Blue Phantom plec 40.00 L200 Green Phantom 3\" 35.00 L134 Leopard Frog Plec 2-3 45.00- 1 left LDA72 Bristlenose 3 10.00 L201 Inspector Plec 3\" 25.00 L129... ...
19.Mbu puffer 12inch 100 beautyful fish 04/03/17 No
Stunning mbu puffer fish lovely colouration any pics required message or call jay on 07449985903
20.various x large Tropicals 01/03/17 No
21.Fahaka Puffer 3-4 inches 27/02/17 Yes
Hi I have one Fahaka Puffer for sale he is 3-4" and will ultimately reqiure a large tank. He has killed some other smaller fish so you need to be aware he should be kept alone. 25 collection from Lightwater surrey
22.Porcupine puffer 19/02/17 No
HI I am selling my porcupine puffer.it's 4 to 5 inch. Nice fish and healthy. Very interesting when he knows come for food. Sorry to sell this fish. Tel. 07908950597 Price. 45.00
23.Looking for freshwater puffers, amano shrimp and paradise fish (willing to pay good price) 18/02/17 No
Hi I'm looking for some small freshwater puffers, I have a 55 gallon tank and will be willing to pay good money for some of the less common species. I will only buy puffers that can live in a 55 gallon tank. I am also looking for cheap amano shrimp, white cloud minnows or paradise fish. Please text ... ...
24.Marine Fish 14/02/17 No
2 x 2.5inch normal clowns - 25 1 x 3.5inch bursa trigger -20 1 x 3inch Valentini puffer 20 1 x 2.5inch lemon peel - on hold 1 x 5.5inch foxface - 30 1 x 5.5 inch porcupine puffer - on hold 1 x 4 inch powder blue tang - on hold
25.220L aqua one regency - full set up - 400ono 09/02/17 Yes
220L aqua one regency marine tank for sale. Comes with the following: Tank Stand Sump All pipework Slimmer Wave maker Return pump UV light Enough live rock for a tank bigger than this one At least a couple of months of frozen food 3 barrels 2 x 2.5inch normal clowns 1 x 3.5inch black be... ...
26.Snowflake Moray Eel 04/02/17 Yes
Snowflake Moray Eel for sale. Approximately 12" long. Owned for 2 years without any issues. Large, established tank with plenty of rock is required. Best tank mates: fast moving, aggressive fish (puffer, lion fish, damsels, blennies, some wrasse etc). Fed muscles, prawns, squid - eats well... ...
27.Porcupine Puffer Fish 04/02/17 Yes
Porcupine Puffer Fish for sale. Approximately 5" in length. Owned for 1 year with no issues. Fed muscles, prawns, squid - eats very well. Large, well cycled, established tank required. Not suitable for a tank with invertebrates - the puffer will eat them! Nor is the fish suitable in a tank... ...
28.Mbu puffer wanted 28/01/17 No
Wanted mbu puffer ideally located near Peterborough or willing to meet up if possible Matty
29.Large stars and stripes puffer 25/01/17 No
Large stars and stripes lovely colourful puffer with yellow fins and tail about 8 to 10 inch 35.00
30.19/20 inch Mbu puffer fish 175 22/01/17 Yes
Gorgeous girl with lovely temperament. Superb pet like a puppy in a tank. Very good feeder and gets on with others. Local pickup only very cheap for fish of this size. Buyer must have large tank
31.Urban exotics full fish list Nottinghamshire 16/01/17 Yes
URBAN EXOTICS full up to date fish list 11/1/17 Over 150 tanks filled with good quality, affordable fish. Huge choice for beginners to seasoned hobbyists Follow us on Facebook by searching for 'urbanpetcentre- Live bearers- we always have a good choice of colours in all our live bear... ...
32.aquarium fish tank frontosas and mbu puffer fish 14/01/17 No
mbu puffer fish are the big 53 cm long eat alot and is powerfull frontosas are 6 of then very big zizes and beatifull colors
34.Few oddballs for sale 21/12/16 No
Polypterus Endilicheri 6.5" unsexed, has a nipped tail but is currently being treated with Melafix and healing well, 20 Palambang puffer, 3/4" unsexed, eats very well for such a secretive species. 20 (cost me 28 2 weeks back) Datnoid (Microlepis) around 3", again feeding we... ...
35.MBU Puffer and other unusual fish now in stock. 21/12/16 No
We have got a Young Mbu puffer in stock at 5" for 115.00 Tiger Shovelnose Catfish @ 25.00 each .8" Fire EEL @ 18.00 .Young Banded eels @ 12.00 ea. Tyre Tracks 9.95. Large Tyre Track Ell 8" Just 20.00.Ornate Birchers 29.00 Common Birchers 18.00. Red Tail Cats 25.00. Adult 10" Oscars @ 25.... ...
36.Parkers Aquatic Centre - Tropical Fish in Bristol, Full Stocklist 17/12/16 Yes
Latest Fish List - Updated 17/12/16 Current stock List: Inverts: Bamboo shrimp : few Yamoto shrimp: cherry shrimp: yellow fire shrimp: Assorted Crystal Shrimp: Large blue lobster Vampire crabs Tetra/ Characins: Black widow tetra Cardinal tetra Congo tetra Neon tetra Serpae tet... ...
37.Leopard Puffer (Tetradon Schoutedeni) 15/12/16 Yes
Leopard Puffer (Tetradon Schoutedeni) 2\" Max size 4\" 129.99 each
38.Queen Angel 09/12/16 No
Loads stock in at marine world (Bradford). Torch corals 15 head double 25 Gonipora pink/green Dwarf Gorgonia orange/red Gorgonian yellow/Red/Purple Pumping Xenia Bubble Pearl Green Bubble Pearl Cultured GSP Ricordea yuma bright orange Trachy Coral Gds Violet Velvet Mushrooms Gorgo... ...
39. Mambo Aquatics Darlington New List 1/12/16 01/12/16 Yes
*** Mambo,s Aquatics 1/12/16 New List *** - Jaguar Cichlid - Jack Dempsey Cichlid - Firemouth Cichlid - Green Terror Cichlid - Texas Cichlid - Indian Gourami - Opaline Gourami - Red Tail Catfish - Albino Clown Knife Fish - African Brown Knife Fish - Assorted Peacocks - Silver Arrowa... ...
40.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Marine Stock List 27/11/16 28/11/16 Yes
Hello from Maidenhead Aquatics Ashtead (5 mins off of Junction 9 M25). This is an update to our Marine Fish Livestock list: Tangs: Kole Tang Goldrush tang Yellow Tang Paific Sailfin tang Jewel tang Yellow tail purple tangs Naso tang Mimic tang Convict tang Goldrim tang Blown tang Bu... ...
41. Mambo Aquatics Stock List 23/11/16 23/11/16 Yes
*** Mambo,s Aquatics Availablity List *** - Jaguar Cichlid - Jack Dempsey Cichlid - Firemouth Cichlid - Green Terror Cichlid - Texas Cichlid - Indian Gourami - Opaline Gourami - Red Tail Catfish - Albino Clown Knife Fish - African Brown Knife Fish - XL Piranha - Silver Arrowana - ... ...
42.Maidenhead Aquatics Osterley - African Cichlids for just 3 17/11/16 Yes
We have some new arrivals. Including: Golden Dorado Gold Clown Knife Large Black Ghost Knife Large Fahaka Puffer Large Datnoides. Come quickly as they are selling fast! For any questions, prices and advice; Don't hesitate to contact us here on 0208 568 0030 You can also check us out on... ...
43. New Fish Delivery Paddock Farm 9/11/2016 09/11/16 Yes
*** NEW FISH DELIVERY 9/11/2016 *** - Blue Diamond Angel 3.5cm - Cherry Barb - Sterbai Cory - Assorted Cory - Pangasius 10cm - Jajuar cichlid - Flag cichlid - Texas Cichlid - Deep water harp - 9 Sot Peacock Bass - Eye Bitter - Betta Falx - Glass Fish (not the catfish) - Red Dwar... ...
44.18 inch Mbu puffer for sale 05/11/16 Yes
I have an 18 inch Mbu puffer for sale (150).he has a great character and is housed with other fish. He is healthy and eating well. I am having to move him on due to space for other fish and for him. If interested please contact me on my mobile.
45.4 Foot Marine Fish Tank - complete setup. Only 450. MUST GO 05/11/16 Yes
EMIGRATING SOON!! Must go Hi, For sale is my marine fish tank complete with everything you need to startup. Selling due to emigration - must go!! Equipment: 312 Litre Tank with stand Arcadia LED Bar light, with separate LCD control unit for setting up moon phase, cloud and intensity Vector... ...
Hi all after a baby mbu puffer Willing to trade with a number of my stock including peacock bass and pike cichlid and other various fish let me no if your intrested in a deal txt me on 07887498324 located in Birmingham will travel if deal can be made
Hi guys, I'm currently looking for one MBU pufferfish, preferably a young fish, so smaller the better really. Located in Essex but willing to travel to London to collect. Thanks. Contact me via email : [email protected] Or by TEXT : 07981783040
48.Tank breakdowns 22/10/16 Yes
I currently have 2 marine tanks which I m selling can be full set up or tank breaks. 1 tank 90 litre cube with lights and stand, 2 nd tank 3 ft with light. Lots of live rock coral and fish including. Regal tang, pair normal clowns, or his dottyback, yellow tailed blue damsel. Yellow tang pair b... ...
49.2 gsp puffers 20/10/16 Yes
2 3 inch gsp puffers about 20 months old all healthy fed on mainly snails and i have a 45L snail tank remshorn it has a aps 1000 external filter on hundreds of snails 20 for the 2 puffers 100 for the snail tank and filter
50.Marine Fish 16/10/16 Yes
Vlamangi tang 12inch big and fat 120 Star stripped puffer 13inch big 80 Regal tang 4-5inch 40 All fish are Healthy 07855399926
51.Various marine fish 15/10/16 No
Beautiful stars and stripes dog faced puffer 3 to 4 inches. Hand feeds. Very tame. 35.00 Cannot upload photos. Call for details.
APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE THIS WEEKEND TO COLLECT. ----------- CURRENT STOCK 115 Mbu Puffer 3-4\" SOLD 150 Gulper Catfish 6.5\" LAST 2* 30 Azul Peacock Bass 3\" FEW LEFT 30 Royal Knife fish 5\" **SOLD** 50 African Arowana 6\" LAST ONE AT THIS SIZE IN THE UK! ---> ALL SOLD 50 Red tail Bar... ...
53.Various predator and oddballs for sale 10/10/16 No
30" fire eel 100 ono 14" mbu puffer 130 14" odoe pike 40 8 inch fire eel 35 10" ornate bichir 60 10-12" saddled bichirs x2 45 each 12-14" florida gars x3 50 each
54.Fish tank 20/09/16 Yes
250 litre juwel fish tank comes with external filter (fluval fx6) heater all decorations,plants,frozen food,dry food & fish 1x mbu puffer 1x extremely rare leopard puffer 5x colmesus puffers 1x candy pleck 5x tiger barbs 450 Ono 3x dwarf loach 5x neon tetras 1x red tip shark
55.Carinotetraodon travancoricus, pea, dwarf puffers wanted. 06/09/16 No
I am looking to buy Carinotetraodon travancoricus, also known as the Pea Puffer or Dwarf Puffer. Please let me know if you have any to sell. I am in Sussex. If further away I am happy to pay courier.
56.Emporer aquatics Puffer fish 31/08/16 No
Maekong puffer (4-5cm) Palembang puffer (6-8cm) Peacock fugu puffer 6-8cm) Spotted puffer (Small) Figure of eight puffer (small) Fahaka/lined puffer (2-3cm) Emerald puffer (3-4cm) FRESH WATER PUFFERS Fresh water dwarf puffer (1cm) South American puffer (Medium) tetraodon mbu puffer (... ...
57.Ea Reef 900s complete set up 28/08/16 Yes
I'm selling my ea reef due to lack of interest. It is in perfect condition and comes on a black stand, the stand has a small screw hole in the side where the previous owner screwed straight through from the inside. With the set up there is a bubble Magus skimmer c3.5 chaulk stirrer return pump live ... ...
Pair of XL pink Parrots 65. Texas Cichlid 15. Bosemani Rainbows (2.5\") 7.50 Dwarf Neon/Red Honey Gouramis (2\") 4, 3 For 10 Geophagus (3.5\") 15 Large Plecs (10-15\") 25-35 L Tin Foils (4\") 15 XL Lionheads (5\") 25 Mini Silver Dollars (2\") 5 L264 Plec (4\") -POA L66 Plec (... ...
59.Fish livestock list updated 11/08/16 World of Water Crawley, West Sussex (APC delivery available) 11/08/16 Yes
Please see below our non-exhaustive list of current livestock at World of Water Crawley. List updated on 11/08/16 but if you copy and paste the link below you will find a more regularly updated .PDF list! WE ARE NOW ABLE TO SHIP LIVESTOCK OVERNIGHT VIA APC, PLEASE RING THE SHOP TO ORGANISE DELIVE... ...
60.fish tank for sale SOLD 21/07/16 No
12 month old aquarium for sale built by ND Aquatics in June 2015 for 112.53, still have the paperwork. Tank was used as a grow on tank for an mbu puffer fish who has now moved into his new tank because the said tank was becoming too small It is 35 inches left to right 18 inches tall ... ...
61.Evolution Aqua marine 900 fish tank with cabinet 11/07/16 Yes
Evolution Aqua marine 900 fish tank with cabinet for sale 425. Tank is in good condition with few minor scratches. Selling due to not having enough time to look after. 10mm glass with sump at the back of tank. Included: Jewel pufferfish Maroon clownfish Domino damsel 1kg of micro media ... ...
Large mbu puffer wanted in or near london area. ideally 18-20 inch or more. would like it to be fish friendly and at reasonable cost. must be in good condition. 07886347745 ibby
63.Guppies, Platys, Plecs, Angels etc please see our full stock list 11/06/16 Yes
STOCK LIST UP DATE 10/6/16 PLEASE TAKE A LOOK at some of the cheapest fish in and a good selection of L NUMBERS Male Guppies............................5 for 3.00 Female Guppies.......................5 for 3.00 or 12 for 6.00 Swordtails.................................6 for 5.00 Mollies....... ...
64.30ltr aqua one cube with superfish 30 led overtank light 7 12 03/06/16 No
I have a 30ltr aqua one cube with superfish 30 led light. I want 30 for the 2. Would be great for pygmy puffers, rasboras or other small fish. Also 7 1/2 ltr, overhead built-in light, heater, under gravel filter. 25 for the lot. Great shrimp setup. Everything is in very good shape and work... ...
65.Stock list @ Maidenhead Aquatics Trowell 29/05/16 No
Please call the shop on 0115 9327537 or come see us for more details (we will not respond on here due to time constraints) NEW FISH ADDED!! L047 - Large 95 each (2 available) L200 -50 each L239 - 40 each Silver arowana (12inch)- 85 Fire eel - 10 2/17 Reedfish - 20 each Topaz puffe... ...
I have two small Clearseal tanks with two external filters and air pump for sale. All in all tanks are in good constion, could just do with a good clean up. There are some small catfish and a fahaka puffer fish in the tanks which can also go if wanted. The tanks and stand are 3ft wide and o... ...
67.Marine Fish For Sale 20/05/16 No
Large Breeding Pair of Wild Tomato Clowns: 50 7inch Volitan Lionfish - 20 6inch Porcupine Puffer - 20 6inch Foxface - 40 5 inch H. leucoxanthus Wrasse - 40 6 inch Regal Tang - 20
68.A real Jewel for Sale - a 1000 LTR fully stocked reef with the best money can buy 15/05/16 Yes
hi, Reluctantly selling my reef which have had for the 3 years as i will be leaving the country in a few months and want to find a new and loving home for this absolutely amazing system. i have invested a lot of time, energy and money on this 1000 ltd system which has the best of everything fro... ...
69.Full marine set up 07/05/16 No
Complete marine set up. 5ft by 2.5 by 2.5 tank and cabinet in black.1100 litres in tank. Comes with sump,skimmer,2 heaters, 3 wave makers, uv steriliser,fully programmable led lighting system,digital thermometers,over 150 kg of live rock,live sand,loads of artificial corals and some fish including y... ...
70.Updated stock list Fengshuidragonfish 05/05/16 Yes
Koi male fighting fish ( stunning is the only word for this fish!) I have two coming in to stock and doing these at special prices! They normally sell anywhere for 20 pounds to 30 upwards!! Price on these are 18.99 per fish! Archer fish ( amazing fish to keep can shoot water from there mouths to hi... ...
71.Wanted GOLDEN Puffer Angel 05/05/16 No
72.EA Reef 1200 full set up - Nottingham 1000 this weekend only 23/04/16 No
Full set up available this weekend only for just 1000 Includes Bubble magus c6 skimmer Maxspect razor 160w lighting (4 months old) 4 X pumps Phosphate reactor Filter sock 30kg Rock 3 X anemones (1 X rbta 1 X gbta 1 X sabae) Elegance coral (6 inches) Power heads X 2 Seneye reef Porc... ...
73.Live corals, mzarine fish, live rock, in EA Reef 1200 full set up - Nottingham 1000 this weekend only 23/04/16 Yes
Porcy puffer Yellow tang 5 X chromis 1 X blenny 1 X mandarin 1 X longnose hawkish 4 X clownfish 1 X coral beauty 2 X sandsifting starfish 1 X fire shrimp Plus crabs and snails Full set up available this weekend only for just 1000 Includes Bubble magus c6 skimmer Maxspect razor 1... ...
74.New Stock 16/04/16 No
Butterfly Catfish Asian Bumblebee Catfish Hopolo Catfish Spotted Talking Catfish Walking Catfish ...................................... Candy Plec Snowball Plec Blue Phantom Plec Green Phantom Plec ...................................... Filament Barb Green Spot Puffer Royal Discus Ass... ...
75.Marine Fish in Full 1000 ltr Marine Set Up 19/03/16 No
Hi & welcome to my pride & joy marine fish tank. Marine Fish as follows : 1 X Approx 6in dog faced puffer, which I hand feed 1 X Yellow sailfin tang 1 X Picasso trigger 1 X Clown 1 X Flame Angel 1 X Strawberry fish 5 X Green chromis Caulerpa Porifera algae plant (reduces nitrates) Appr... ...
76.Full 1000 ltr Marine Set Up 19/03/16 Yes
Hi & welcome to my pride & joy marine fish tank. The tank is acrylic (1" thick) & measures 5ft long X 2ft wide X 3ft high (approx 1000lts including sump) It's a real show tank & comes with everything you will need. Full list as follows : 1 X 1200mm V2 luminaire led light, amazing light r... ...
77.APPROX 40KG LIVE ROCK with fish and corals 13/03/16 Yes
Absoluteky stunning live rock full of colour and teaming with life and corals attatched. Looking for 175 Will also throw in a yellow tang, porcupine puffer and a volitan lionfish
78.boddington koi,tropical and coldwater fish.oddballs,plecs,channa,aquatic shop 10/03/16 Yes
Available stock list updated 10-3-16,fish orders done weekly can order pretty much anythink,great prices were based just outside worcester,so local to droitwich,malvern,bromsgrove,kidderminster,stourport,birmingham. Tropical fish stock.collection only Email for more information on Matthew.o... ...
79.complete setup for sale 06/03/16 Yes
Hi everybody, With much much consideration I have decided to sell my outstanding aquarium, reason been I just don't have the time anymore. The cabinet was custom built by acs its extremely well built and looks stunning pictures don't do it justice. The tank is a fit filtration and peop... ...
80.Baensch atlas volume 1 and 3 Aqualog puffer fish 29/02/16 No
All 3 books are in very good condition hardly used. There is volume 1 and 3 of Baensch atlas and Aqualog puffer fish fresh water and brackish.
81.4-5 inch fahaka puffer 26/02/16 No
4-5 inch fahaka puffer for sale, awesome little character, collection only yapton
82.Brackist Spotted Pufferfish 24/02/16 No
Great size pufferfish (3-4") Great colour and shape, no nipping to the fin etc. Currently 10 avalible- ONLY 10.99 Delivery avalible-please ask
83.Rare Tetraodon schoutedeni Freshwater Congo Leopard Puffer @ Maidenhead Aquatics Guildford ONLY A FEW LEFT 19/01/16 Yes
Here at Maidenhead Aquatics Guildford we now have some extremely rare Congo Leopard Puffers (Tetraodon schoutedeni) in stock! *ONLY A FEW LEFT* Originally from the Congo basin, this puffer is a fantastic aquarium inhabitant and only gets to around 9cm in size. Come down and visit us or giv... ...
84.Maidenhead Aquatics at Worthing Stock List UPDATED 16/01/16 16/01/16 Yes
As a store that specialises in tropical, rift lake and odd ball fish we have a large range of stock. We do also have a huge range of community fish including tetra, rasbora and livebearers. Below is a list of fish we also like to have available for those interested in something a little bit diffe... ...
Checkout the video from our recent sale lots of fish still left over at drop down prices please enquire for wibsey marines in bradford: AFRICAN CLOWN- Brown Amphiprion clarkii AURIGA BUTTERFLY Chaetodon auriga BLUE EYE TANG Ctenochaetus binotatus BLUE FACE ANGEL (ADULT) Euxiphipops xantho... ...
86.juwel fish tank +puffer fish 18/11/15 Yes
2ft x2ft juwel fish tank, like new codition , built in light, heater , filter, back picture and all rocks and plastic plants inc. Water and filter cycled, with 2 green spotted puffer fish, (they eat garden worms and snails ,great novelty value for kids) Small tank great hobby starter easy to maintai... ...
87.4ft marine tank full setup with new led lights 17/11/15 No
4ft marine tank full setup with new led lights right-hand weir full of live rock on oak side-board with sump marinefish plus 4 large shrimps hhermii-crabs shore-crab eel maroon-clowns 2 wrasse large regal-tang puffer-fish fooxface some corals running for 6 yrs £400 tel 07801568484
88.marine fish, live rock, in marine tank full setup 17/11/15 No
marine fish plus 4 large shrimps hermit-crabs shore-crab eel maroon-clowns 2 wrasse large regal-tang puffer-fish foxface and some corals. 4ft marine tank full setup with new led lights right-hand weir full of live rock on oak side-board with sump. running for 6 yrs 400 tel 07801568484
89.Puffer fish 17/11/15 No
For sale is my 4 1/2" Fahaka puffer fish. Needs a bigger tank so has to go. Eating well. Lovely looking puffer. 20
90.Golden Puffer - Arothron Meleagris 05/11/15 No
Sadly, my Golden Puffer has well outgrown his system and as a result, has fallen unwell. I have no idea what the issue is, he is not eating. I am certain it is not Ich. Never had it in my system before. He's not a happy bunny though. Either way, I have to re-home him. So, for those of you... ...
91.marine fish house 31/10/15 No
92.Tropical fish for sale 26/10/15 Yes
I have 1) 5 cory fishes 2) 1 male guppy 3) 6 dwarf yellow puffers Selling all for �35 with: Cory fish food normal fish food plant buffer 10 packs of frozen bloodwarm If wanted, could sell individually. Contact 07946217446 Collection only
93.Tropical Fish For Sale 26/10/15 Yes
5 Yellow Dwarf Puffer 5 Cory Fish 1 Male Guppy All for 40. - Could be bought individually. If bought all together, these are given for free: Free Cory Food Free Normal Fish Food Free Frozen Bloodwarms 10 packs Free Plant Buffer Contact 07946217446
8,,9inchs fahaka pufferfish,great condition ,feeds well,..90 pounds, knutsford,Cheshire.
96.Romsey World Of Water New Marine Livestock 03/10/15 03/10/15 Yes
Hey Guys! New Marine livestock list below if you would like to reserve anything or have any queries please call us on 01794515923 Blue Gudgeon 19.99 Creole Wrasse 19.99 Puddings Wife Wrasse 19.99 Volitans Lionfish 39.99 Fuzzy Dwarf Lion Fish 24.99 Common Pufferfish 19.99 Powde... ...
97.20 inches MBU Puffer 23/09/15 No
Hi Due to changing tank set up. I have to sell my lovely 20" Mbu Puffer. Very active. Love to swimming around the tank all day. Feed well on mussel, cockles and prawns. Get alone with all fishes. 150. Must have a large tank. Text me on 07786801591 if interested. Thanks
98.Marine fish aquarium and equipment for sale inc livestock 08/09/15 No
Hi everyone,im selling my tank due to no time to look after it anymore!Will try to list everything it comes with,if any more question please ask! !Genuine Buyers ONLY!Viewings are welcome! 3200 ono or near offer! Ok this is the list Equipment!!! Tank: AQUA ONE 400 Light:3x Ecotech Radeon Ge... ...
99.Marine fish aquarium,livestock and equipment for sale 08/09/15 No
Hi everyone,im selling my tank due to no time to look after it anymore!Will try to list everything it comes with,if any more question please ask! !Genuine Buyers ONLY!Viewings are welcome! 3200 ono or near offer! Ok this is the list Live stock! Live rocks:Aprox 80 kg corals;most of the cora... ...
100.South American Puffers WANTED 31/08/15 No
Has anybody got any south american puffers please


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