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1Khuli loach :I am looking for some khuli loach at least 5, we have lost ours due to a faulty thermostat frying them and several other fish.Please get in ...13/04/08
2Tank required :Hi i am after a tank for my tropical fish, i can pick up in the staffordshire area.12/04/08
3Stylish Coffee Table Aquariums :We sell a wide of tanks including coffee table aquariums. These will not only add instant impact to your home and are also a very easy to m ...06/04/08
4Red Lined Torpedo Barb - NOW SOLD :I have a 4 inch Red Lined Torpedo Barb for sale. He is healthy and eats well. 15 ono.28/03/08
5wanted electric blue jack dempseys :hi looking for electric blue jack dempseys can collect within 30 mile radius21/03/08
6wanted large male oscar :hi there looking for a large proven male tiger oscar or albino male about 8 to 10 inches must be a male and can collect with in 30 mile radi ...21/03/08
7young kribensis :I have young kribensis for sale 1nch long 1.00 each buyer collects from stoke on trent please call me or give me an email cheers21/03/08
8Live rock & nano streams , Leek, Staffs. ST13 5BL :20 kilos live rock @100 2 Tunze nano streams 6045 once rock has sold - 30 each19/03/08
9Quality Breeding Betta Splendans :Suburb quality siamese fighting fish, 5 females & 3 males that will produce some lovely babies, 4-5 months old, IDEAL BREEDING STARTERS ...13/03/08
10Fish at ridiculously low prices!!! :We are currently trialling importing fish direct rather than using wholesalers. This lowers the stress levels on the fish and also lowers th ...05/03/08
11LARGE KOI CARP 'sFOR SALE :I have a number of Large KOI CARP's for sale due to moving house. I also have a number of medium sized KOI CARP for sale. Once all the K ...03/03/08
122x POLYPTERUS ORNATIPINNIS :Description: 2 Polypterus ornatipinnis one 6in and one 7.5in....feeding on anything including unfortunatly small fish that fit in their mout ...16/01/08
13Polypterus ornatipinnis :2 Polypterus ornatipinnis one 6in and one 7.5in....feeding on anything including unfortunatly small fish that fit in their mouth....25 the ...11/01/08
14Live Rock Wanted - upto 40 kgs :Hi I need 40 kgs of live rock - cash waiting preferably in the staffordshire area - will collect,20/12/07
15Looking for a Golden nugget pleco :Hi, im looking for a golden nugget pleco for a reasonable price and could it get delivered and i will pay for the delivery charge. Ple ...23/10/07
16malawi :wanted young malawi's mixed fish, in the staffordshire area. new set up so after quite a few. ring but if no answer leave a message, thanks16/09/07
17Percula 90 : Wanted :As title, fair price paid for the right setup. Midlands based but willing to travel to collect. Gary13/09/07
18red terror :hey this sale is for a red terror 6-8 inches long in lengh the sale also includes my 2ft tank with pump,heater and food also need quik sale ...01/09/07
19red terror :hey this sale is for a red terror 6-8 inches long in lengh the sale also includes my 2ft tank with pump,heater and food also need quik sale ...01/09/07
20Juwel Delta 100 Corner tank + 7 Discus, Full Set-up :Juwel Delta 100 finished in Beech, Comes with usual Juwel equipment plus 2 Sera air pumps, A huey Hung air driven sponge filter, 50gpd RO-Ma ...20/08/07
21Juwel Delta 100 Corner Tank,Full Set-up :Juwel Delta 100 finished in Beech, Comes with usual Juwel equipment plus 2 Sera air pumps, A huey Hung air driven sponge filter, 50gpd RO-Ma ...20/08/07
22Hailea HC-300a Aquarium Chiller 250 Collection Only (Tamworth or Coventry) :250 Collection Only , retails at around 395, this was used for around 3 months last summer and probably saved my marine tank from melting ...07/08/07
23WANTED 8ft x 6ft x 3.5 or 4ft free stand pond :Im looking for a 8ft x 6ft x 3.5 or 4ft free standing fibreglass pond new or used(if in good condition) im based in the wolverhampton area a ...30/07/07
24WANTED fiberglass multibay filter for 2000 gal koi pond :does anyone have a good secondhand multibay filter (pump fed type) forsale. My pond is 1000gal but i want to double up on filtration. Tha ...30/07/07
25Aqua1 AR850 As new :Aqua1 AR850 165ltr immaculate condition was used for 6mths decided to upgrade tank.Complete with filter built in hood, heater, lights and be ...29/07/07
26marine fish wonted :i have 3 marine tanks so i am looking for live stock free/small price paid anything i mean any thing28/07/07
27COMPLETE MARINE SET UP :This is a complete marine setup, includes a clearseal 48" x 18" x 15" tank (212 ltrs) 6mm glass , 2 heaters (1 50w 1 150w) fl ...17/07/07
28BETTA NEW IMPORT COMING SOON :Coming July new shipment from thailand...will be added to website when ready for sale www.kgbettas.co.uk04/07/07
29Large Lemon Fin Barb for Sale :Big Dave has become too big for our tank. He is at least 8" long, a beautiful specimen with fabulous silver scales and a golden underbelly a ...27/06/07
30MORE UK TANK BRED BETTAS :Quality bettas bred in the uk from imported stock from thailand dont misss out limited..number.. www.kgbettas.co.uk24/06/07
31Malawi cichlids :I have for sale some malawi cichlids, due to converting back to Tanganyikans. I have the following for sale 5 Kingseizi 2" 12 3 Large r ...26/05/07
32Koi (Show quality) for sale :I have the following for sale here we go 26'' fish Tancho sanke gingrin (Not known - had from small) 4 years chagoi -Not known - h ...22/05/07
33A Grade Koi (not pretend A grade) Seriuos Koi keepers only please :Raeson for selling - My lease on 3 mud ponds has expired and have been forced to keep 45 Koi ranging from 12-26 inch with my baby koi from r ...20/05/07
34tin foil barbs :i have 6 tinfoil barbs for sale they are 6 inches long 10 each or all 6 for 5020/05/07
35Bettas.. more tank bred added :A few more have become of age added and will go fast more will be added as and when they are of saleable size...13/05/07
36Tank Bred Bettas :Just a few on at the moment going fast...will keep replacing as they become ready for sale...Dont for get your food as well...06/05/07
37Wanted Bubblebead or Nexus Filter :Wanted Bubblebead or Nexus Filter for new pond project. Can collect most areas. Please contact me with type and prices.19/04/07
38wanted tunze osmolator 3155 :wanted tunze osmolator 3155 please email me with price10/02/07
395ft Marine Fish Tank :I am selling this fish tank for repair. It has a slight leak which I unsuccessfully tried to fix. It just needs re-silicon sealing inside by ...12/01/07
40Platy/swordtails/endlers :Im after the above I live in staffordshire but would be willing for people to send me fish through courier/post Im after unusual coloured fi ...13/12/06
41Platy/swordtails :Looking for the above colour doesnt matter. must be willing to ship via post of be local to the staffordshire area. Im willing to pay a good ...11/12/06
42Profesional Fish Tank Cleaning Service - Dudley :I supply a cleaning service to all enthusiasts that are fed up with the time consuming hassle of cleaning out Cold/Tropical Fresh Water Fish ...08/12/06
43Attisons Betta products.. :Back in stock selling fast...07/10/06
44Tank Bred Bettas :A Few Tank Bred males for sale..Clearing stock WWW.KGBETTAS.CO.UK24/09/06
45fish tank for sale :4ft 6ins long, 2ft height, 2ft depth, holds 550 litres, built-in internal glass filtration system, 2x powerhead 802 pumps,fluval external ca ...06/09/06
46Siamese Fighting Fish :A few tank bred fish left for sale more will be added shortly, Betta's spa and Betta pro food back in stock the best products for a successf ...20/08/06
47marine set up for sale :i have a 6'x 2'x2' marine aquarium for sale which includes a nearly new Aqua one triple 150watt Metal Halide luminare with intigrated Attini ...25/06/06
48unwanted large cat fish :if you nolonger have the room for large cat fish and you are willing to give them free two avery good home then call me on 07915295001 I ...23/06/06
49BETTAS DIRECT :Now you can order a betta on line direct from a breeder in singapore and then it will be shipped to you via k.g.bettas have a look here for ...07/06/06
50Complete Tropical Fish set up :Tropiquarium 68 - 3ft tank - complete with 42 assorted tropical fish + babies. Set up to include Fluval 304 filter, air pump and all in-tan ...06/06/06
51Complete Tropical set up :3ft tank in 4ft tall mahogany cabinet. Set up includes 26 assorted tropical fish, two Fluval 304 filters, air pump and all accessories. 6 ...06/06/06
52Pangasius Catfish needs a home - fast! :I have a Pangasius Catfish (named Bruce) who I need to rehome asap due to a house move. Bruce is on the large side, roughly 11" and has tan ...24/05/06
53helicopter catfish :i am selling this fish because he is getting to big for his aquarium he is 2 foot and still growing and so is his appatite buyer must colect ...21/05/06
54Homeless Goldfish! :I have room in my pond for around 20 goldfish if there is anyone with goldfish that are surplus to requirements. Happy to collect within a 2 ...14/05/06
55snow flake ele :snow flake ele wanted in stoke.on.trent area or within 40 miles will pay up to 25.00 pound call mark on 07915295001 will collect02/05/06
56ELECTRIC EEL WANTED :Electric eel wanted; approx 100cm long. Can part-exchange for a smaller 45cm specimen if required. Guaranteed good home in a 3 metre long 'A ...11/03/06
57SHOVELNOSE CATFISH WANTED :Two large (30cm plus)Sorubim lima wanted. Guaranteed good home in a huge 'Amazon' exhibit.05/03/06
58ELECTRIC EEL WANTED :Electric eel wanted; approx 100cm long. Can part-exchange for a smaller 45cm specimen if required. Guaranteed good home in a 3 metre long 'A ...05/03/06
59sea horses :wanted seahorses will travel to collect.would like breeding pair04/03/06
60Metal Halide :two 150w units complete with aqua medic bulbs , fully encased and splash proof case, black , excellent condition only 3 months old, can be s ...28/01/06
61FLOWERHORNS :Flowerhorns wanted;super red dragon, red dragon, blues and greens in particular.If anyone has details of any UK sources of these fish i woul ...24/01/06
62Sturgeon :wanted large sturgeon all species.Will collect ring now ask for clive on 01902 84242102/01/06
64Flowerhorns wanted :I am looking for red dragon/super red dragon and blue dragon flowerhorn cichlids, ideally six inches plus.However any big flowerhorns, in th ...27/08/05
65juwel panorama 200 fish tank +extras 150 :juwel panorama 200 fish tank and cabinet in black ash, with heater juwel filter a couple of large flat back castle sculptures, rear picture ...16/08/05
66brand spanking new 40"x18"x24" tropical marine/reef aquarium made ... :For sale brand spanking new 40"x18"x24" tropical marine/reef aquarium made with 10mm glass drilled with corner weir the tank ...12/07/05
67Brand new 40x18x24 in 10mm glass drilled with sump :For sale brand spanking new 40"x18"x24" tropical marine/reef aquarium made with 10mm glass drilled with corner weir the tank comes complete ...12/07/05
68tropical fish :5ftx2ftx2ft tank in mahogany cabinet with lid.3 different lighting systems,all equipment including heaters filters plants and decor.fish inc ...05/07/05
69high grade koi 8"-20" prices from 45 :high grade fully quarantined imported koi for pictures please click on my link04/07/05
70WANTED START UP TROPICAL FISH SMALL! :WANTED PLEASE Small Plecs, Guppies, Mollies, Neon Tetras, Zebra Danios, Red tail sharks etc. have to be small as i only have a 55 litre tank ...01/06/05
71wanted yorkshire canaries :wanted yorkshire canary hens,will collect from midlands, please email me with price.30/05/05
72Bitterling :BITTERLING wanted urgently, not european will collect, distance no object good price paid.08/05/05
73clown loach/ angel fish :nice clown loach 3/4" ,5.00, angel fish x 4 2.00 each07/05/05
74featherfin synodontis :2 nice fish, 4/5", 5.00 each, buyer collects07/05/05
75marine tank for sale :4ft marine tank for sale, in beech cabinet. includes fish, crabs, clown shrimp and snails. tank running for three and a half years. 400 em ...03/04/05
76Breeding Pair of Red Eagle Discus for trade. :A love an healthy pair that feeds agressively on anything and has spawned twice this month. I might be mistaken on the discus variant t ...30/03/05
77Trio Melanochromis auratus :Very Agressive Fish, species tank or other very agressive fish. 15 buyer to collect. Have bred. 1 male 4 " 2 Females 3" and 2.5 " Pi ...29/03/05
78fish for sale :clown loach 4 3" silver angels 2 collection only stafford.19/02/05
79catfish for sale :2x featherfin synodontis 8.00 each,2x white bristlenose 3.00 each,1x bumblebee cat 3.00,bronze corys 1 each,brislenose small 2 each. co ...19/02/05
80koi angels :breeding pair of koi angels 15 collection only. stafford.19/02/05
81Geophagus for sale 10 :Superb 4" Geophagus for sale due to having to sell tank. Collection only from Stoke-on-Trent. Its the smaller fish in front of the Jag ( ...19/02/05
82Large Silver Dollars for sale 25 ono :I am selling my 4 different Metynnis (Silver Dollars) due to new job and having to sell tank :-( I have 1 of each of the following:- L ...19/02/05
83Jag Cichlid for sale 35 ono :Jaguar Cichlid for sale. Superb condition and about 8"-9" long. Selling due to new job and can't keep tank! :-( Collection only from St ...19/02/05
84Rio 400 Aquarium and Cabinet in black - BARGAIN :I am selling my Rio 400 Aquarium complete with stand, hood, twin lights, filter, heater and additional powerhead. It is in very good condit ...15/02/05
85fish for sale :clown loach 5.00,(3-4") silver angels 2.00 (2") koi angels breeding pair 15.00 bristlenose cats pair 8.00 white bristlenos ...07/02/05
86feather fin cats :2 synodontis featherfin 8.00 each about 4" long.18/12/04
87breeding pair of koi angels :genuine breeding pair of koi angels, very nice fish 15.00 the pair18/12/04
88bristle nose cat fish young :hi there, i am selling about 50 bristle nose catfish young.make me an offer on the lot. or 90p each pick up only.19/11/04
89marine set ups and tanks :hi i am after a marine tank not to big that holds around 60 gallons, complete set up preferred or partial set up accepted, will pick up if l ...18/11/04
90need a fish Tank :is any one geting rid of a 6ft fish tank or bigger free or cash waiting thanx barry06/09/04
91unwanted koi & pondfish to be rehomed :any unwanted koi and pondfish to be rehomed in the midlands area.We are willing to take them off you.06/09/04
92wanted external filter ehiem or fluval :ehiem or fluval external filter for 4ft tank must be able to post or i will collect in stoke on trent area16/08/04
93ehiem filter :wanted ehiem 2227 wet and dry filter must be able to post to me but if its stoke-on-trent area i will collect08/08/04
94quarantine pond/pool :Aquosis Flipper3 PLus holding/quarantine pool,holds 2800 plus gallons.only used for 2 weeks while new pool was being built.can be weiwed at ...04/08/04
95ehiem :ehiem 2227 wet and dry wanted and must be able to post unless you are in the stoke on trent area then i can collect19/07/04
96ehiem filter :wanted ehiem 2227 wet and dry filter must be able to post to me or i can collect stoke on trent area11/07/04
97wanted male maylandia estherae :must be at least 4" and in the staffordshire area or not much further,04/07/04
98ehiem wanted :wanted ehiem wet and dry 2227 filter my location is stoke-on-trent so unless seller is close to me they must be prepared to post to me thank ...28/06/04
99wanted 5ft Tank :Wanted 5ft Tank, 18-24 inches wide20/06/04
100tank but no hood hense the price :Jewel aquarium 48x24x18 bow front with stand it has no hood as it had t5 lights over it 175 vision 260 cheapest I've seen these new is 404 ...19/05/04
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