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  UK BASED:Discus Importer - Malaysia-Thailand - Weelky imports direct

UK BASED:Discus Importer - Malaysia-Thailand - Weelky imports direct

UK BASED:Discus Importer - Malaysia-Thailand - Weelky imports direct

UK BASED:Discus Importer - Malaysia-Thailand - Weelky imports direct

Description: SPECIAL OFFER BOX OF x80 1.5 - 2 inch Mixed Discus - ONLY £310 ALL IN

price is approx. and can change from week to week depending on shipping and fuel taxes - Importers of - Tropical - Marine - Corals - Inverts - Plants

Plecoking offers an import and delivery service to - START UP companies & established trade!
Whether you are an online seller or a retail shop - Plecoking is able to supply you.

Clients repeatedly use plecoking as a first source of livestock for their business for many reasons -

- Very short turn around time on orders and stock delivered! (5 days)
Stock is ordered by clients on a Thursday and stock is delivered the following Tuesday!

- Competent Team offering the highest of customer care!

- Expertise in livestock information as plecoking has worked in the retail trade from the bottom up to management position!

- Extensive selling techniques & ideas - Classifieds, Online shops, Facebook, Ebay, Forums etc.
There is no place Plecoking has not had experience selling products in - All the tips ever learnt are happily passed on to the client.

- Plecoking is here to help you succeed & always puts your interests first.

- Plecoking understands that’s each logistical area of the uk has a potential max retail rate - Plecoking does not set people up on each others doorsteps hence the limited spaces for new clientele.
This way Plecoking helps you grow your business without unnecessary competition.
Plecoking offers you the chance to be the only client in your area - where other companies want as many clients as possible (which has an adverse effect on sales)
- plecoking wants a certain kind of client that can be worked with to achieve the highest chance of business success in low ergonomic times.

There are several delivery routes across the uk which Plecoking undertakes every Tuesday 50 weeks of the year! Please see photos for guide routes highlighted on maps!
All routes start from HEATHROW AIRPORT!

If you are not near Plecokings drop routes don’t worry -
Plecoking can arrange an overnight delivery direct to door on Corals and live rock so you wont need to meet at a drop point on the day!

This allows people to order even if they are not on a drop route!
Please ask for details if you want the overnight service!

(Plecoking advises against having any fish shipped over night courier )

Please only contact if you are a serious buyer! We do not bring in single one-off orders for people!
The service on offer here is for people who - Want & Will buy-in regular boxes!
The ideal client Plecoking is aiming for would be buying at lease one box per month!
We are NOT a fish retailer, But a specialist agent in supplying livestock and we choose to deal only - with retailers that have space to accommodate imported livestock etc!!!!

Plecoking suggests you have at least 10 average sized 2ft fish tanks at the very MINIMUM.

*Attention to all - You do NOT need an Import Licence or Pet Trade Licence to buy imported fish or Reptiles through an import company!

- However if you wish to sell commercially you will need to inquire about a pet trade license from your local council authority - Further more - under uk law if a client is selling only invertebrates - Corals & Critters etc - NO PET licence is required!

Licences are down to you the client to sort out, PlecoKing accepts no responsibility if you choose to ignore this notice.

Plecoking imports from a large variety of countries giving clients the maximum choice of stock
Fresh Water tropical, Coldwater & Marine available!

The Countries we offer for Fresh Water are:

Sunbeam (Singapore)
Aqua Tech (Singapore)
Liberty (Singapore)
Hong Kong
Peru freshwater
Czech republic
Sri Lanka



Israel - koi - Quarantined bio secure
British Grown
H fish farm
Thailand (Huge Fancy’s upto 10ich)
Singapore (Huge Fancy’s upto 10ich)
Hong Kong


Average freshwater Box Prices (All in Delivered Price) Range from £250 - £350 But can vary when ordering Rarer fish!

Plecoking is an official import company offering you the same discounts as the wholesalers get on fish!

Marine availability Lists are:

Sri lanka
Vietnam Corals
Hard coral - Indonesia - Bali - Australia lists available (seasonal)
(others available Weekly)

All boxes regardless of type come into the airport on a Tuesday no acceptations!
So if client opted for overnight delivery it would get to door on a Wednesday!

The prices on importing yourself - WILL save thousands of pounds off wholesale prices!

If using Plecokings service to sell livestock - There is one Strict rule you must abide by!

When selling imported livestock you must not destroy its retail value by offering it at such a price that makes retail in a retail shop impossible!
Plecoking urges its clients to sell just below the clients area retail prices selling at 20 -30% less! this will help stop high street retail trade from crashing as there are irresponsible re-sellers killing the price of fish and making certain livestock worthless! i.e (DISCUS).
This is because the fish you buy are such a low price its easy for people to work to a 50% mark up but realistically you should be working to a 300-500% mark-up! and this still lets you sell cheaper than most high street retail outlets! thats how cheap imported fish are! you should remember that the wholesalers buy imported fish and then sell to the shops!
Plecoking offers livestock at a pre-wholesale price! Super cheap!

New Lists are available weekly and are sent out on a Wednesday evening for you to Place your order Thursday BY 5pm!!

Payment is made by Bank transfer or cash deposit!

Freshwater orders pay a box estimate on the day you make the order and pay the Difference on Monday night prior delivery day!
(this is because the shipping is set prices and doesn’t change per box)

Marine orders are £300 deposit per box ordered on the day and pay the Difference on Monday night prior delivery day!
(this is because airfreights - customs - tax etc is calculated by airport mostly upon landing in UK )

You order a box and you get it!
(providing stock is available & no ash clouds, earthquakes or floods that can cause problems in the airlines)
Problems rarely occur ,but please be sure that if they do we are here to help!

Plecoking is very busy on a daily basis and there are a huge amount of enquiries, unfortunately the majority of new contact from people does not lead to any serious business.
Plecoking has also been subject to many hoax accounts being formed by competitors aiming to steal trade and clients away.

Unfortunately this has caused Plecoking to implement a strategy to fine tune and filter non serious clients out, as for a time the huge volume of calls and emails daily was taking up hrs out of the day!

Plecoking decided to Build in a sign up fee of £10 which is returnable as credit upon completion of the second order!

This fee is payable as an admin fee to add you to the Plecoking weekly mailing list and will ensure livestock lists sent to you via email each week! for 6 weeks!
If after that time you still have chosen not to order you will be taken off our mailing list! and the fee will be retained as an admin fee! Fee is payable via Pay pal.

If a client finds themselves questioning why they should deposit this small amount -
As previously stated this fee is a filter and will be returned to all authentic and serious clients!
This is not a payment for lists - this fee is returnable when client reaches the terms set!

But we still invite you to call us first to enquire about importing without placing the fee!
We only ask for the fee after we have had a chat and you wish to be placed on the mailing list!

Plecoking - is a supplier to some very well know names in the uk - references can be supplied.
Please be completely sure - that Plecoking is based in the UK and is English completely legit and no tricks or online scams anywhere to be seen!!!

Thx for your time reading the listing - please feel free to email or call for and further details

Contact Information
Telephone: 07397691999
Town: ....................
County: London

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