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1.Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for sale some rarer ones and a good size a must see list. 17/08/17 Yes
Hi all, I am a home breeder and this is a list of new fish I have ready for collection from Friday. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids and have a pet license. The fish have all been quarantined ready for your tank. There are not many of each so yo... ...
2.Wet Pets Solihull have yet again another fantastic offer of 20 Malawi Haps and Aulonacaras for sale. Please read post. 17/08/17 Yes
Hi I am a fully council licensed breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids. We are a home run breeder/shop with a separate building to our house where we have over 40 tanks with some fantastic fish for sale. Below is a new list of the Haps and Peacock in the great offer that I have r... ...
3.Cypho Zaire Blue Moba 17/08/17 Yes
Have available 4 more Moba Frys for Sale. Bred from Wild Parents! Deep Colours and clean Stripes. Feeding very well on Flakes, Pellet's and Frozen Treats. Coming up to 10 weeks! Size: 1"+ Price: 25.00 each or all for 80.00 (No postage! Collection from E3) Pictures of Actual Fish for S... ...
4.L46 - Zebra (hypancistrus sp.) Pleco 17/08/17 Yes
F1 Zebra plecs available. Stunning chunky fish bred from my wild caughts. Raised in parents tank. Pics are of some of the actual fish for sale! 1.5" (some a bit bigger) @ 75 each Or 5 for 325 Collection preferred though postage is available for 20 on a next day special delivery. Includes p... ...
5.Aquarium breakdown - Fish for sale 16/08/17 Yes
Due to move and change of circumstances I must temporarily breakdown my 450 Litre therefor I am selling off my fishes 6 clown loaches (4-6)- 50 2 Algae eaters (4) - 15 Black ghost knife fish (13-14) - 15 Albino pleco (13-14) - 15 1 Discus with some peppering, I have had fo... ...
6.Medium to large tropical fish for sale 15/08/17 No
Hey all I have some fish for sale. 1x Six-banded distichodus 12-14" 1x Red Hook 5-7" 1x Black Synodontis 8" 1x High fin shark 14" 1x Pearsei cichlid 7-8" 1x Razorback Musk Turtle 5" All the fish are in perfect health and all very active. All will eat anything that goes in the tank. I... ...
7.Tropical Fish For Sale Uaru Cichlids 14/08/17 Yes
Hi And Welcome To The Sale Of My Pair Of Uaru Cichlids. Male = 7 Inches. Female = 6 Inches. Both Are In Excellent Health And Feed Very Well On Hikari Gold - Bloodworm - Etc. Collection From Rowley Regis - West Midlands - B65 Area - Local Delivery May Be Possible Within Or Around Th... ...
8.Wild Green Discus 14/08/17 Yes
Wild Green Discus for sale - around 6/7 inch in size. Eats everything including Prima and frozen stuff. Only one for sale and collection only from Harrow/London. Picture is of the actual fish for sale. Looking for 75.
9.Marine Fish For Sale 14/08/17 Yes
Marine fish for sale Bicolour Angle 23 Lipstick Tang Large 55 Orange Tang S 10 Copper banded Butterfly 24 Sailfin Tang M 15 Sailfin Tang L 23 Scoppas Tang L 23 Common Clown 11 Black Clo... ...
11.Assorted Fancy Goldfish 14/08/17 Yes
Fancy Goldfish For Sale 3 each or 6 for 15 call or txt only please, with held numbers will be ignored.
12.Malawi Cichlids for sale 13/08/17 Yes
Fish for sale: Otopharanyx Lithobates (size 1.5") 2 each (5 females available ) Fire Fish Peacocks (size 1.5/2") 2 each Pair of Tropheops Makokola (ob female) size 2 inch 5 Yellow Labs size 1 to 2 inch 2 Copidichromis Red Fin Borleyi (females) 3 juvenile (2 inch) 2 each La... ...
13.Large 26 inches Tiger Shovel Nose Catfish For Sale 12/08/17 Yes
26" Tiger Shovel Nose Excellent condition eating very well 45 Only selling due to moving house. You will need to bring your own equipment to take the fish out of the tank.
14.Koi fish for sale 12/08/17 No
Varied types of koi fish available. Sizes range from 4" to 15" All need to go ASAP due to moving house. Make an offer on price via email. Willing to sell cheap.
15.Various Tropical Fish for sale 12/08/17 No
The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Nationwide Delivery Available 16.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13.00 For Scotland please enquire. We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select the fish of your choice. Licensed to buy and sell fish. Opening Hours: Monday ... ...
16.bristlenose plec 12/08/17 Yes
I have some black eyed albino albino bristlenose ready for sale they are at least an inch in body size I have around ten for sale four pounds each.the first picture is the mum second picture is the dad third picture young fish for sale then dad again and then one more young for sale
17.Blue Thai Silk flowerhorn fish for sale 11/08/17 Yes
Blue Thai Silk flowerhorn fish for sale about 4-5 inch very healthy His colour is amazing and big kok any questions contact me, please.
18.New Guinea tiger fish for sale 14 inches 11/08/17 Yes
Very big and fully stable had him since 2". Eats pellets and prawns. 250 no offers or swaps please. Thanks
19.Fish for sale in Hemlington. Middlesbrough 10/08/17 Yes
Few pairs of Apistogramma Hongsloi beautiful fish 10 a pair.Also a few pairs of Killie fish Epiplaty Singa 5 a pair. COLLECTION ONLY
20.Platinum angelfish 09/08/17 Yes
Here I have some beautiful, perfectly formed platinum angelfish for sale There are bred by myself which means they are disease free and in top health 1 inch body size Parents are in the first picture They will readily accept de-capsulated brine shrimp, crushed flake and red crumb They love mi... ...
21.STAMPS Auction Sunday 15th October 2017 08/08/17 Yes
One of the most popular North East aquatic auctions of the year is back again on Sunday 15th October 2017. We have lots of auction lots already reserved following the success of past events. We have private breeders/sellers coming from all over the country, and this normally means a great variety of... ...
22.Large pair of australian clownfish for sale 08/08/17 No
They are comlatible with most other species. Eat very well, almost anything which can be seen upon a visit. If interested text 07881098638. Having trouble uploading pics so can be done through whatsapp. 200
23.Tropical Fish Job Lots 08/08/17 No
I have a few job lots of tropical fish for sale, collection Fenham NE5 area, call or txt please.. 25 lot 5 Angelfish 2 Albino Sharks 15 Pristella Tetra 30 lot (all livebearers) 6 Assorted Mollys 6 Assorted Swordtails 8 Assorted Platy 30 lot 15 Neon Tetra 15 Harlequin Rasbora 3 Cor... ...
24.Tropical and cold water fish for sale. UK delivery 07/08/17 No
Some fish for sale, collection from widnes, or local drop off or postage to any UK post code available: Cichlids: Assorted African cichlids 2-2.5 2ea or 10 for 15 Neolamprologus brichardi aka fairy cichlid 2 3ea or 6for 15 Aequidens metae aka yellow acara wild caught 2 4ea Crenicic... ...
25.Punchards Discus for sale 03/08/17 Yes
My fish for sale. All well established, well fed and healthy Turq 60. 5 inch Pearled red melon 40. 5 inch All sizes approx Bromborough, Wirral I can email or text lots more pics
26.Clarias/walking catfish 03/08/17 Yes
Large Clarias catfish for sale. Large marble 14'-40 Smaller marble 10'-30 Albino 11'-30 I'm willing to negotiate price a bit. Collection only. Call 075389372 if interested.
27.For Sale: Cupid Cichlids Biotodoma Cupido ## Price Reduced ## 02/08/17 Yes
I've got some juvenile F1 Cupid cichlids for sale. These are a beautiful medium-sized South American eartheater, about 4" long adult size so half way between a Ram and a Geophagus. They're peaceful, don't eat small fish, and are a gorgeous yellow colour with red and turquoise on the fins and fac... ...
28.Pair of australian barrier reef clownfish for sale 01/08/17 No
They are a pair, almost fully grown and full of colour. There compatibility is similar to thise of common clownfish and eat well, almost anything which can be seen upon a visit. If interested text 07881098638. 200. I am having trouble adding pics so can be done through whatsapp.
29.wolffish 30/07/17 No
world of water Manchester have 2 wolfish for sale contact store for details 0161 903 9944
31.shovelnose catfish 30/07/17 No
I have 2 lage shovelnose catfish for sale they're about 20 inch plus. looking for sensible offer. Both are eating well and healthy. for information please text or call. 07961095993 sorry I can't upload picture at the momen, but will do that as soon as I can.
32.Clown knife fish 30/07/17 No
Very large clown knife fish for sale Collection only from peterborough
33.Predators for sale 30/07/17 Yes
Lovely coloured red tail catfish for sale approx. 22" long, feeds from hand lovely pet, just finishing with hobby is reason for sale 30, also have 12" alligator gar with slight humped deformed back, but lovely fish 30, red tiger Oscar about 9inch long, beautiful colours and temperament 10 tel Stu... ...
34.Synodontis Clarias - SUPER RARE FISH 29/07/17 No
Synodontis Clarias Approx 8" Feeding very well on pellets Super rare fish for sale only a handful of people have these in the U.K Shutting down one of my tanks hence sale 60
35.Cichlids Plecs coris angel fish for sale Devon 29/07/17 No
8 X L066 olecos for sale 2 inch 15/each, they from different sources. 5 X delphin Cichlids 10 Pounds each, 4 inch size. 3 X yellow labs for 20pounds, a breeding pair of angel fish for 30 quid(orange head koi), 6 X Fairy cory catfish, 5 each. CALL: 07949977102
36.koi carp and other 28/07/17 Yes
i have 2 codlwater fish for sale. 1 is a koi carp . im not sure what the other is. both were bought as tiddlers but now are at least 12 inches or more. they have outgrown my 4ft tank and i need genuine offers to sell to a good home.
37.Large Fish For Sale - Leicester 27/07/17 Yes
LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and healthy. All Fish 10 each or 2 for 15....... All Fish 10 each or 2 for 15....... All Fish 10 each or 2 for 15....... Silver Dollar Jack Dems Large Malawi sele... ...
38.Several ghost and mirror carp 26/07/17 Yes
Hi, I so have the following fish for sale. PRICES REDUCED FOR REMAINING FISH: 3 mirror carp - 8-9" long - NOW 10ea or 3 for 25 1 mirror carp - 15" long - 30 1 mirror carp - 18-20" long - NOW 35 2 dark ghost koi - 10+" - 25ea Open to offers. all perfectly healthy, happy to come view b... ...
39.Marine Fish for sale 25/07/17 No
I have a Flame Angel and a Majestic Angel 3 inches each. Both in perfect health and feeding well. Price 130 for both or 75 each a bargain! Woodford London Text or call 07951739965
40.Large fish for sale - Leicester 25/07/17 Yes
LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and healthy. All Fish 10 each or 2 for 15....... All Fish 10 each or 2 for 15....... All Fish 10 each or 2 for 15....... Parrots Silver Dollar Jack Dems Large Mal... ...
41.Guppies for sale 23/07/17 Yes
I have a large number of fry and juvenile fish for sale as the tank is extremely full. Both sexes, fan tails. Red/black & blue/silver tuxedos & "leopard" mosaics, also snake skin colouration. Sorry for the potato quality photo. Fry 0.50 each, juveniles 1 each, 6 for 5. Reasona... ...
42.ALL SOLD---PICK & MIX--- 5 each or 10 for 40---NEW PICTURES---2 Altolamprologus/1 N.brichardi/2 Placidochromis electra,Alunocara(1m/4f)-WILL SWAP FOR SOUTH AMERICANS---Leeds--MUST GO ASAP 23/07/17 Yes
Great fish for sale.Excellent eaters.Bloat/disease free.12 months old. -1 x Altolamprologus calvus 3.5 inches 5 -1 x Altolamprologus compresiceps Gold head Kantalamba 2 inches 5(F1) -2 x Placidochromis electra 3 inches 10 for both -Neolamprologus brichardi M'toto male ono 5 (F1) Alunocara j... ...
43.1 x 8" Asian Sun Catfish (Eclipse Catfish) - 15 (Sutton Coldfield - West Midlands) 23/07/17 No
We have one Sun Catfish for sale, around 15 - we're only asking for money to ensure he goes somewhere with serious fish keepers. We are selling him because he has outgrown our tank and our current financial situation means we can't afford to buy a larger tank at the moment. His name is Percy... ...
44.All fish for sale large and small. 22/07/17 No
LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and All Fish 10 each or 2 for 15......All Fish 10 each or 2 for 15.....All Fish 10 each or 2 for 15.....All Fish 10 each or 2 for 15.....All Fish 10 each or 2 for 15 ... ...
45.Fish for sale 22/07/17 Yes
Home bred fish for sale Sm Albino Bn plecs 1.50 sm Bn Plecs 1.50 Daisey's rice fish 1.00 Red Salmon Rainbows 2.00 Cherry Barbs 0.75p Five Banded Barbs 1.00 Odessa Barbs 1.50 A Australe (Lyre tail Killi ) 4.00pr Black marbled Med Angels 4.00 Beckfordi Pencils1.25 Marginatus Penci... ...
46.Wanted 22/07/17 No
Hi does any one have any coral or marine fish for sale pair clowns gobies yellow tang etc I am in the Torquay area but travel to Wiltshire daily so can collect if your within these areas please get in touch with what you have and price please many thanks for looking
47.Angel fish Silver Marble 20/07/17 No
Beautiful Silver marble young healthy angel fish 5 months old, stunning colouring, choose your own or will deliver within 5 miles of eastwood notts for small fuel fee 2 Each similar fish for sale locally at around 7.50 Also breeding pair of zebra angel fish proven pair, young fish from this pai... ...
48.I am looking for ghost knifes fish for sale 19/07/17 No
Hi I am looking for ghost knife fish for sale please mush be able to deliver to chadderton oldham thanks text me on 07957081311 david
49.Clown Knife Fish 10 inches For Sale (ESSEX) 19/07/17 Yes
Hi I have a 10" Clown Knife Fish for sale 40 Collection Only Basildon!
50.Tropical fish for sale - community 18/07/17 No
I am changing my current set up to a discus set up and selling all my current fish. I have tiger barbs, neon tetras, rummy nose tetras, black neons, mollies, platys,pearl danios, leopard danios, sword tails,minnows,and quite a few others. Please message or call for details. 07738800055
51.Super Red Female Long fin Bristlenose Pleco 17/07/17 Yes
This female is bred from un related parents.The photo is of the actual fish for sale, she is a young fish and still growing. Kept in treated water at 25 degrees with a water change every day. Fed on courgette, mushrooms, hikari algae wafers and tetra prima. Water parameters are as follows K.H 4... ...
52.FISH FOR SALE 15/07/17 No
Indo tiger fish 4-5" x1 - 40 (eats dry) Rainbow snakeheads 5" 1x normal, 2x blue - 15 each 3-35 Fire eel 8" - 25 Bumblebee catfish 7-8" - 10 Marbled headstander - 15 Collection only, bags etc will be provided.
53.Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids at In-expensive Prices. 14/07/17 Yes
I am a hobbyist breeder with over 40 years experience in breeding Malawi and Tanganyikan Cichlids. Currently undergoing fish house re-vamp. hence low numbers of fish for sale. I have the following fish available for sale. Delivery only via APC @ 25 per box, a second box delivered at the s... ...
54.Large fish for sale 13/07/17 No
LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and All Fish 10 each or 2 for 15......All Fish 10 each or 2 for 15.....All Fish 10 each or 2 for 15.....All Fish 10 each or 2 for 15.....All Fish 10 each or 2 for 15 ... ...
55.Clown knifefish For sale x2 11/07/17 Yes
Hi got 2x Clown knifefish for sale, 1 is at 20cm and the other at 30cm. Both for 35. Or may swap what you got ??
56.PREDATORY FISH FOR SALE.... 06/07/17 No
57.Corals, live rock, fish for sale Derbyshire 05/07/17 No
I have all my corals, fish for sale. Collection chapel en le frith near buxton Anemone - approx 10" when fully open 40 Ricordea Yuma 10 Yellow watchman 10 Royal gramma 15 Lemon Damsel 5 tuxedo urchin 15 1 - large rock covered in green mushys, some of which are 3-4 " in size 35 2 - x ... ...
58.Fish for sale 02/07/17 Yes
Blue snakeskins 4"@ 30 each.tiger pigeon 45 all feeding on beefheart and healthy.
59.Sciaenochromis Fryeri adult males and adult Bristlenose plecs Price reduced 01/07/17 Yes
Few Fryeri adult males full grown. Parents from Mike s Rifts so top quality. Thinning out as their appetite for territory grows. Best you will ever see. Show fish for your Malawi aquarium. Collection only. Photo's of actual fish for sale. 10 each Bristlenose plec adults 3 each or two for 5. Buy ... ...
60.Haps and peacocks 30/06/17 No
Hi all I have some top quality fish for sale f1 pair of protomelas similis 30 f1 breeding trio of dimidiochromis strigatus both females have had fry 25 Buyer to collect from sale Manchester m335lq pictures can be sent via whatsapp or email
61.Fish for sale 26/06/17 Yes
10 each (to go together) Buyer collects, in Bracknell. 54cm Koi - white with blue and gold patched. 47cm Gold fish has had only one eye for over ten years.
62.Pond Goldfish for sale. 26/06/17 No
We have for sale some stunning Extra Large Goldfish. Prices --8"-10" Commons and Comets 10.00 each or 6 for 50.00.Medium Goldfish 6.00 each or 10 for 50 small Goldfish 3.00 each or 12 for 20.00.Diamon back Sturgeon @ 25.00 ea. Koi Carp Grade A 4"-6" @ 8.00 each 8" - 10" Ghost Koi @ 18.00... ...
63.Fish for sale L number plecs livebearers and more 24/06/17 No
10 pairs of blue Moscow guppys 6 a pair 6 pairs of blue sapphire guppys 5 per pair 10 pairs of gold cobra guppys 2.50 per pair 8 pairs of red cobra guppys 2.50 per pair 9 pairs of red scarlet guppys 2.50 per pair 4 pairs of XL scarlet red platys 3.50 per pair 8 blue Mickey Mo... ...
64.Koi fish for sale 8" number to choose from. 10 each 22/06/17 No
Thinning out my pond. I have a number of 8" koi for sale, black and yellow ghost koi, yellow and white koi. Pick up from Poulton le Fylde.
DISCUS FISH SALES are one of the leading discus suppliers with many years experience. Our service is second to none. We pride ourselves on going that extra mile in service to our customers. All discus reduced in price PLUS 10% OFF orders over 100 or FREE delivery on orders over 150 We have... ...
66.Rare blue whale catfish for sale in Leeds 20/06/17 Yes
This is the fish will keep swimming in your tank and never stop. They will only growing up to 12" but not suitable keeping with small fish as they will kill and eat them , so I will recommend keeping with large fish or on their own. they are very cool looking fish . 3" at the moment and ... ...
67.Fish for sale or swap 19/06/17 Yes
4 stripe pim catfish 5 each x2 4-5" in size eating anything Thanks for looking Will swap Please no time wasters more pictures on request Pick up only Ashton under lyne bucket required.
68.3 very large goldfish 11 inch+ 18/06/17 No
3 large goldfish for sale in good health must sell due to dowsized pond asking price 15 each
69.LARGE FISH FOR SALE - All Fish 10 each 16/06/17 Yes
LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and healthy. All Fish 10 each....... All Fish 10 each....... All Fish 10 each....... XXL Parrot x 1 XXXL Parrot x 1 XXL Green Terrors x 2 Army Loach x 2 XL Silver Doll... ...
70.LARGE FISH FOR SALE - Leicester 16/06/17 Yes
LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and healthy. All Fish 10 each....... All Fish 10 each....... All Fish 10 each....... XXL Parrot x 1 XXXL Parrot x 1 XXL Green Terrors x 2 Army Loach x 2 XL Silver Doll... ...
71.Tropical fish sales 16/06/17 Yes
PETERLEE AQUATICS wide range of tropical fish for sale, fully licensed working from home in large shed/fish house, always plenty of stock available, tetras, livebearers, rainbow fish, catfish/corys, south american cichlids and west african, if i dont have the fish you want in stock i can order for ... ...
72.Fox face fish 14/06/17 Yes
I have a fox face fish for sale,very healthy and eating well,reason for selling is that he is eating my zoas, Only had it 3 weeks cost me 45 I'm willing to sell for 30 if interested plz text me,would be handy if could go to new home asap,thanks
73.Asian sun catfish 14/06/17 Yes
2 X Asian sun catfish for sale around 8" 15 each or 25 for the pair
74.2 catfish for sale 07/06/17 Yes
2 beautiful catfish for sale currently in Malawi cichlid tank. Sale due to trying to reduce fish loading on my tank. Approx 15cm long. 10 each.
75.Malawi mbuna ranging from 1 to 2+half inch 07/06/17 No
Here are a few Malawi ive bread and grown myself. The pictures are of all my adults.. apart from the chewere, that's a Google photo.. The fish for sale are ranging from 1" to 2" Bumblebee Chewere Blue Socolofi Mpanga Blotchy Lab Perlmutt I have transport bags.. All fish are 3 ea... ...
76.lots of goldfish 04/06/17 Yes
I have loads of goldfish for sale, various colours and sizes from 1 each. If interested call me on 07946685936, collection only
Hello, i'm selling my giant hi fin shark due to a change of aquarium type and he's outgrown my aquarium. I'm asking 50 and is by far much cheaper than what you would be paying in a retail fish store. He eats meaty foods very well, has great fins and a thick body he looks much better in p... ...
We are a recent importer of Red Sea Marine fishes and we directly source these fishes ourselves. We have been over the last few year been exporting to the likes of Sri Lanka and other Asian markets due to it being a wholesale broker. But we are not exporting to European markets.We export around 2000... ...
79.Fish tank and fish 31/05/17 Yes
Fish tank and fish for sale Beautiful large tank And lovely healthy fish inside Selling due to moving
80.Long Tail Ryukin For Sale 26/05/17 Yes
I have some really nice long tail Ryukin goldfish for sale. They are 25 each and 5-6". Collection only. Call 07711 253205 or 01278 793736.
81.true parrot fish for sale (rear, wild cought) 24/05/17 No
hi i bought a true parrot wild cought and put him in with my peacock and he's getting battered, i was informed that they would be ok as both are around same temprement, but this is not the case. so i need to rehome him/her. i bought for 35 and i am open to offers, need a little something for hi... ...
82.Two Ghost Koi fish for sale 24/05/17 No
One ghost Koi is a silvery colour and the other is a sort of golden and black colour.Both fish are about 14 inches in long. Price is 50 each to be given to charity
83.Angelfish for sale Kenn Kennedy Blue and High coverage koi pairs 19/05/17 Yes
I have a variety of angelfish for sale due to me giving up due to lack of time. 2 pairs of ken kennedy blues 1 pair of koi female is high coverage 1pair Blue and marble And about 20 small juveniles all the best from the above pairs spawns Pairs are 25 each Baby angels are 3 I also hav... ...
84.Snowflake clownfish 19/05/17 No
One Snowflake clownfish for sale. Unfortunately it seems I have 2 female clownfish which are fighting so I need to sell this one. Lovely markings just a bit beat up from the other clownfish. Paid alot for these clowns but obviously not meant to be a pair. Just over a year old. 40 Buyer ... ...
85.Various Koi and fish for sale 16/05/17 No
Large silver ghost koi also other large koi for sale various different fish looking for very sensibke offers
86.Wolf fish for sale 15/05/17 Yes
Hoplias malabaricus 8 inches Taken a dislike to my shovelnose and has had to be isolated. Collection DN20 50
87.very large Koi for sale 14/05/17 No
hi have some very large Koi fish for sale and need to sell due to size of pond. approx. sizes are 22-24" and bigger need to go to a good home prices range from 600 - 900 per fish depend on size all well been looked after call me 07889168880
88.2 x Odessa Barb & 3 Tiger Barb for sale. 12/05/17 No
5 community fish for sale 5 the lot,fish are ok had them over a year, want to put different fish in tank,can deliver 10 mile radius of Sunderland
89.Tropical fish tank with stand and fish 09/05/17 Yes
complete juwel rio 125 tank and fish for sale, comes with 8 rocks 5 plants and some bogwood filter heater, thermometer etc and L.e.d light upgrade No leaks or cracks anywhere to the tank . I have a mixed variety of community fish, they are as follows; guppys(various colours) mollys (variou... ...
90.Red tail tiger shovelnose catfish 11 inches 03/05/17 Yes
Red tail tiger shovelnose catfish for sale around 11 inches long n growing fast! Gonna need a extra large tank or tropical pond to house this bad boy as gonna exceed 2 foot easy. Feeding well on anything going prawns mussels smelt. Lovely markings and fins Contact for pictures 100 or swap for othe... ...
91.Mbuna juveniles for sale, excellent choice, 6 different species. Socolifi, Acei, Saulosi, Jalos, Mgunga. 03/05/17 Yes
Pseudotropheus Socolofi Albino 2cm 4 each P. Elongatus Neon Spot 3cm 4 each Pseudotropheus Acei 4cm 4 each Pseudotropheus Saulosi 3cm 4.00 each Cynotalapia Afra Jalo Reef 3cm 4.00 each Metriaclima Msobo Mgunga 4cm 4.00 each Labidochromis Hongi red top 3cm 4.00 each Discounts offer... ...
92.Tank and Big Fish for Sale 30/04/17 No
Tank 47"X 20" 16". 350 extxa`s Cabiney. 1 Large Oscar, 3 Large Parrot Fish. Offers to 07704350519
93.Fish for sale 29/04/17 Yes
4 xl blue tiger barbs (not often seen) 1 male half moon plakat black dragon betta 1 large female black lace angelfish 1 small blue zebra Anglefish 1 small wild oscar 2 dwarf golden puffer fish 5 Kuhli loach Closing down another tank as going into koi. All really healthy and eating well. Also ... ...
94.Tropical Fish For Sale 26/04/17 No
I have for sale the following tropical fish, collection D Wood Aquatics Fenham NE5 Mix and Match fish of the same value if you want, also available Heaters, filters, Nets ect along with tropical food & Malawi food Bumblebee Catfish 4 each ( stunning little fish) Discus 10 each or 5 for 45 XL ... ...
95.Various plecs, cichlids, cory, fish for sale 25/04/17 No
For sale Hartlepool 3 inch L271 Plecs 25 each m and f left 45 the 2 2 inch Common Plecs 2.50 each 3 inch Blood red parrots 10 each 3 inch Jack Dempsey 10 each 1 left 2 inch Various Oscars 5 each 2 inch Blue Gourami 2.50 each Small sparkling Gourami 1 each 5 inch Torpedo Ba... ...
96.Young Angel Fish for sale 25/04/17 Yes
Angel Fish for sale 2.50 each or 5 for 10. Ring / text 07882275745 for details. Camborne area.
97.Marine fish for sale 22/04/17 No
Pair of clowns 20 Royal Gramma 15 Spotted Cardinal 10 Hi Fin Spangle Goby 20 Black brittle star has white stripes on legs 10 Collection only Salisbury
98.Red tailed catfish for sale 20/04/17 No
R T C for sale 10 inches grows nicely big fat head on him just starting to get his red tail lovely personality but quite greedy lol what's app me for for more details 80. 07922689275
I have the following marine fish to sell: One adult Majestic Angel,Two raccoon Butterfly,One copperband Butterfly,One Powder blue Tang,One Mandarin Dragonet,One psychedelic dragonet,two Royal Dottyback,One chocolate chip starfish. Collection only at Ilford.Essex. Tel: Abdul 07957142730.
100.Various fish for sale 19/04/17 Yes
8" Lima Shovelnose Catfish 25....4.5" Albino Tiger Oscar 10.....7" Whiptail Catfish 12....3.5" Jade Eyed Cixhlid 6....2.5" Brochis Splendens 10.... 2 x Filament Barbs 10pair...... collection from Goole East Yorkshire...
101.Breeding pair of Pelvicachromis subocellatus. 25 19/04/17 Yes
For sale is a very productive pair of Pelvicachromis subocellatus, a beautiful west African dwarf cichlid related to the common 'Krib' This pair are currently guarding their third successful spawn and have produced over 250 fry over the last few months! the fry are due to be removed from the pa... ...
102.Maroon clownfish 18/04/17 No
Pair of maroon clownfish for sale or swap for coral in crosby area, need gone by friday, can send pics
103.Ten-Inch Red Tail Catfish 17/04/17 Yes
Stunning Red Tail Catfish for sale. Ten inches and growing big. Feeding well on prawns, squid and mussels. Will need a big aquarium. Collection from Twickenham. Buyer will need a big bucket to transport. 30.
104.Golden platys for sale 14/04/17 Yes
Up to 25 mainly juvenile, healthy, happy fish for sale. Average 50p each.
105.Parrot Fish 14/04/17 Yes
Parrot fish for sale, 6" long. 15. Collection only.
106.Undulatus triggerfish for sale 11/04/17 No
I've got an undulatus trigger for sale about 3 inches at the moment 15 really nice looking fish.
107.A few fish for sale 11/04/17 Yes
3" Aligator gar 18 each or 2 for 30 3" CHANNA PLEUROPHTALMA snakehead 15 each or 2 for 25 2" CICHLA ORINOCONENSIS peacock bass 12 each or 2 for 20 3" albino pacu 20 each or 2 for 35 (Rare )
108.Orandas and trypod fish for sale 08/04/17 Yes
Selling 3 large oranda's and 2 telescopic fish and 3 smaller oranda's.. Buyerto collect from cleethorpes area.. 40.00 no offers
109.2 full Tang set ups with fish for sale 08/04/17 Yes
I have 2 different set ups for sale. Both tanks are the same with the same stand. They come set up with heaters and filters One tank Is full of breeding perspicax , and the other is full of f1 calvus. There are a couple of cat fish , couple of Caudopunks , and a Julie dotted amongst ... ...
110.Koi and goldfish for sale 02/04/17 No
Hello...my husband and I inherited a large pond full of various koi and gold Fish. Unfortunately the pond must go so are happy to sell the fish for a reasonable price. There are roughly 30 Fish. Price wise looking around 275.
111.Aquarium and Fish for Sales COLLECTION ONLY 28/03/17 Yes
Well established 200 litre tropical tank with fish included integral stand. Black tail silver shark x 2 Plec 3 x kissing gourami's 4 x orange BUYER COLLECTS AND SAFELY REMOVES AND TRANSPORTS FISH AND ENTIRE SET UP. Tank is set up on 1st floor lounge. SENSIBLE OFFERS PLEASE
112.Angel Fish 27/03/17 No
I have a large male black angel fish for sale. He has bred several times but has lost his mate. Price 10.
113.Fish Tanks, Fish & Accessories for Sale 22/03/17 Yes
Fish Tanks, Fish & Accessories for Sale! Due to unforeseen circumstances we are selling the following Items.. 190 Litre Trigon Corner Tank 1 Year old, 100% Watertight, Stand, Fluval 306 Filter, Working Lights all included! In immaculate condition 250 ONO 70 Litre Tank with Internal Fil... ...
114.for sale malawis tanganyikans 16/03/17 No
i have following fish for sale 20 pseodotropheos chewere @ 4.00 each 7 frontoza burundi 5'' to 6'' fish at &120.00 for 7 fish 12 tropheus dubosi large @ 100.00 a group iam not it expert at putting pictures on ac data sorry for that my contact number is 07565971978
115.Angelfish 10/03/17 No
Hi I'm looking for angelfish for sale in the Birmingham area email me thanks
116.Black & White Clown Fish 10/03/17 No
I have a Black and white clown fish for sale unfortunately lost the other 20.00
117.Tigrinus catfish 05/03/17 Yes
I have a tigrinus catfish for sale. Around 7 inch in size. Lovely tail extensions already. 150!!! Postage is available
118.Corals and pair of clown fish for sale 01/03/17 No
All the corals in the pictures you can see are currently in my sump as I can't put them in my main tank these are all for sale 5/30 each. There's also a pair of clown fish for sale 20 for the pair.
119.Fish for sale 2 pounds each 28/02/17 No
Lake Malawi cichlids young for sale 2 pound each 07487788937 fish are on average 3cm growing fast collection from beckton East London parents can be seen
120.Red blond guppies / guppy fish 3 months old 27/02/17 Yes
Hi. For sale tank bred Red Blonde guppies. The fish are 3 months old. Almost fully coloured. Pictures show the fish for sale. More pictures of my fish on fb webstite Martins Guppies (link below). Please text me if interested. 5 fish for 5. Collection from East Kilbride, Glasgow. Thank you. Martin.
121.Rare Aba knife fish for sale in Leeds 26/02/17 Yes
They are about 2" size and growing fast . Very rare fish to owned , will grow to a monster. Please do your research before buying this fish as they can be aggressive and growing huge
122.Gold Angelfish 22/02/17 Yes
I have 2 adult gold angelfish for sale both of them female. Local pick up only. 10 each or trade intresting for heater or sponge filter air machine combo
123.Tropical fish for sale or swap 40 21/02/17 No
I have the following fish for sale or swap for malawi's. 3x flying foxes. 3x black neons. 6x zebra danio. 1x firemouth. 3x coridoras. 2x golden algae water. 4x kribensis (includes 1 breading pair) 4x ram (2electric blue) 1x tiger barb. Plus 3-4 other fish. I'm asking 40 the lot or swaps,... ...
124.16x Cyathopharynx furcifer Kigoma F1 and F2 cichlids breeding adults 21/02/17 Yes
Cyathopharynx furcifer Kigoma cichlids for sale. 9 fish in total 6 are F1, 3 are F2 (also 7x F2 fry included). Vary from 4" up to 6" plus. Had just started breeding prior to a tank move around (have fry growing on). Two males 7 females - the ideal ratio) Great breeding project and look stunni... ...
125.2 foot long Red Tail Catfish for sale. 20/02/17 Yes
Red Tail Catfish. Eats Well. Hand feeding. Nice colours. 100 ONO. Any offers welcome. 07849840985
126.5ft juwel Aquarium tanganyikan cichlids 19/02/17 No
Jewel vision 450 and fish for sale. The tank was originally beach but I chose to wrap the stand in black matt vinyl, this can easily be removed. the tank itself has some scratches on the glass but it's never bothered me. Comes with 2 heaters, 2 external filters, food, test equipment etc. Fis... ...
127.angelfish 18/02/17 Yes
koi and marble koi angelfish for sale 3 months old eating all flake and live foods. i have around 300 for sale. 2.00 each bulk buying considered.feel free to contact for any questions 07921804137
128.Big Marlboro red discus fish for sale x2 14/02/17 Yes
Big malrabo red discus for sale x2 Kept im tap water My ph is 7 to 7.2 Beautiful fish Pick up from my home in east london walthamstow 25 each or both for 40 Please no offers or time wasters Kind regards
129.Cichlids for sale 14/02/17 No
Tropical Fish for sale Location Ely Cardiff Satanoperca jurapari Cichlid x4 (yellow finned variant ) 20 Biotodoma cupido Cichlid x5 25 L075 Para Plecs x2 about 6inches in size and can grow to around 10 inches 15 each
130.Tropical Fish for sale 14/02/17 Yes
Tropical Fish for sale Location Ely Cardiff Satanoperca jurapari Cichlid x4 (yellow finned variant ) 20 Biotodoma cupido Cichlid x5 25 L075 Para Plecs x2 about 6inches in size and can grow to around 10 inches 15 each
131.RED TAILED CATFISH 14/02/17 Yes
132.Corals and pair of clown fish for sale 12/02/17 Yes
All the corals in the pictures you can see are currently in my sump as I can't put them in my main tank these are all for sale 5/30 each. There's also a pair of clown fish for sale 20 for the pair.
133.Tank shutdown - fish for sale. Stunning Naso Tang 12/02/17 No
Unfortunately having to shutdown my tank. All fish fat/healthy and never had disease. Naso Tang 5" 45 (must go to a minimum 4ft tank) Magnificent foxface 5" 45 McCosker flasher wrasse 25 Yellow wrasse 15 Red Head Solon Fairy Wrasse 30 Red Velvet Fairy Wrasse 30 Yellow fin f... ...
134.Discus fish 10/02/17 Yes
Discus fish for sale we have about 20 from 2 1/2 " up to 6"
135.3 inch pigeon blood discus 08/02/17 Yes
Hi, For sale I got pigeon blood discus bred her in the UK. The fish are kept in normal, treated tap water with pH 7.5 and TDS 300. They are very hardy. Eating pellet and beefheart mix. Size 3'' (7cm), starting to show nice colours. PLEASE NOTE: COLLECTION ONLY!!!!!!!!!!! Pictures... ...
136.South American fish for sale 08/02/17 No
4x guinacara jatapu 3-4 inch 10 each 2x geo. Altifons wild pair 5-6 inch 2x geo.deamoni 3 inch 2x geo.jurapari 3 inch 2x geo.megasema 2-3 inch 3x Peru scalare large Price drop need these gone 50 for the lot
137.Bristol Shubunkins 06/02/17 No
Due to ill health I am removing my garden pond and have the fish for sale. These are Bristol Shubunkins (about a dozen) 3-5 inches approx, all from well known stock. Also four golden orfe 7 to 10 inches. Must go together to a good size pond and be transported in suitable containers. Buyer collects.S... ...
138.Porcupine Puffer Fish 04/02/17 Yes
Porcupine Puffer Fish for sale. Approximately 5" in length. Owned for 1 year with no issues. Fed muscles, prawns, squid - eats very well. Large, well cycled, established tank required. Not suitable for a tank with invertebrates - the puffer will eat them! Nor is the fish suitable in a tank... ...
139.Malawi cichlids breeding pairs 200 job lot 03/02/17 Yes
Up for sale is my breeding groups pairs of Malawi cichlids all grade a Red empress trio finidge is perfect stunning example female is holding now Fossochromis rostratus pair male is stunning 8" Phone is broke at the min so can't get all pics but the pics that are shown are the fish for... ...
140.Fish for sale(or swap for other predatory fish) 01/02/17 Yes
Oscars,silver dollars some spotted,2 gold severems,jaguar cichlid,jd,catfish 45 the lot or would think about swapping for other predatory fish
141.guppy fish for sale 01/02/17 Yes
I have over 30 guppy fry and have some adult guppies for sale. 10 guppy fry for 5 or 70p each (14 weeks old) Adult guppy for 1.50 each
142.2x angel fish for sale or swap 28/01/17 No
2 x angel fish for sale or swap, no longer want them as im going for more guppies and tetras in my tank, looking for 10 ONO for the pair or willing to swap for tetra, guppies or other smaller fish thanks
143.WANTED breeding pair of clownfish - cash waiting 28/01/17 No
Searching for a breeding pair of clownfish for sale. Any species, but fish must be captive bred. Will require proof that the pair are breeding (photo with eggs). Cash waiting!
144.Large Tropical Fish for sale 27/01/17 Yes
A selection of large fish. pair of clown loach X Large Discus. Synodontis Angelica. Plecostomus Gold Nugget. Plecostomus unknown type.
145.Vc10s 25/01/17 Yes
Pair of 3inch Vc10's, closing down my tank so other fish for sale. Buyer to bring transport
146.Silver shark, paradise fish, madagascar rainbow 23/01/17 No
Hi, i have a silver shark, paradise fish and madagascar rainbow fish for sale. All healthy and swimming around happily. Any questions please ask. 10 for all 3. Pics availble but unable to load for some reason. Can send on request. Thank you
147.Goldfish fantail and blackmoor for sale. 23/01/17 No
It is with a heavy heart that I'm offering these fish for sale. We've had them since they were small and did not expect them to become so large. (Amateur fish keepers at the time). The orange is roughly 8inches including tail and blackmoor an inch or so shorter. They get on great together but we fee... ...
148.LARGE FISH FOR SALE 20/01/17 No
19" AROWANA 45 10" Snakehead 30 Text 07807931709 for more info/pictures. Need gone asap.
149.Tropical red tailed catfish 17/01/17 Yes
I have a tropical red tailed catfish for sale, 35 he is 16-18inches, very active and friendly. Collection only. For any questions please text 07518962469 for Danni,thank you.
150.tropical fish for sale 16/01/17 Yes
I have various tropical fish for sale 6x young pear danios 8 the group 7x xl 5"silver dollars from different sauces 40 the group 2x tatia intermedia 2" 4 each 5x pareutropius debauwi 2.5" 4 each 1x l104 clown plec 2" 10 juvenile red belly piranha 2.5" 5 xl synodontis featherfin 6" 1... ...
151.Discus fish for sale pigeon, red melon , blue,red torquoise 16/01/17 Yes
Hello for sale my discus fish 3.5 -4 inch Red melon 3.5-4inch 22pounds Pigeon 3.5-4 inch 25 ponds Blue and red tourqoise 3inch 20pounds Nice fish ph7 50%ro water . It. Beef hearts . More inf. Martin 07503882228
152.Various tropical fish, West Midlands 16/01/17 No
Various tropical fish for sale, willenhall area West Midlands contact 07456277181 for a list
153.Various tropical fish willenhall area West Midlands 15/01/17 No
Various tropical fish for sale willenhall area West Midlands, advertising on behalf of these lovely 2 couple I have had many fish from them all healthy and at good price. Please contact them on 07456277181 ask for ash/Julie ask for a list of fish. Thanks for looking Jay
154.FREE WEEKDAY DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER 100 from Tonys African Cichlids 11/01/17 Yes
FREE WEEKDAY DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER 100... excluding N.Ireland and Scottish Highlands. If you live here then contact us for a delivery price. Sat delivery price of 26 for UK and 15 for orders over 50. Photos are our fish, taken by us. You are also always welcome to come and collect. ... ...
155.ALL FISH FOR SALE 11/01/17 Yes
Please click on the link below to see all available fish,prices and sizes. Delivery service available @ 15.00 per order. Thanks for looking
156.live rock with corals, ricordea mushrooms leathers hystix 09/01/17 No
I have several pieces of live rock with varying corals on 6 pieces in total, listed below 3 small ricordea heads 7 ric heads with a hystix sps on it 1 ricordea head large trumpet shaped leather and a mussel 4 ricordea heads, small to large, and 2 mushrooms on these rocks vary from 5 to 25, b... ...
157.live rock invertbrates amd fish for sale 07/01/17 No
i have 35kg of live rock. clown fish cleaner shrimp snails crabs coral yelloqw eyed tang yellow wrasse. for sale as a job lot offers please cash on collection
158.pangasius large fish for sale. 04/01/17 No
Needs a big tank not sure of size see pics, it is very BIG, pick up or local delivery ASAP 6
159.dalmation molly fish (babies) 03/01/17 Yes
I have 20 baby dalmation molly fish for sale. They are in great health. They are nearly three weeks old. Collection only as they are livebearers. So please bring a small portable tank with you. Mummy dalmation fish is also healthy but she is not for sale. 20 O.N.O.
160.Uaru x6 large for sale 01/01/17 No
6 uaru cichlids in good condition 4 to 10 inches make a good offer as they are quite rare all so have other fish for sale 01243920048 Bognor Regis.
161.Koi carp for sale 20/12/16 Yes
Approximately 17 Koi Carp pond fish for sale. Only selling due to moving, unable to take them with me. Viewing welcome. Open to reasonable offers. Any questions please ask.
162.12-16 inch giraffe catfish for sale 15/12/16 No
im thinking of selling my giraffe catfish as I'm changing my stock , hes about 12 to 16 inches feeds really well on pretty much anything. I'm looking for 50 ono I may be able to deliver for fuel. I'm located near blandford forum dorset
163.Fish for Sale 12/12/16 Yes
We at Magic Malwai's aim to buy and sell the best fish in 2017. At Magic malawi's we sell to you the public before we sell to the pet shops that will charge an inflated price at 4-5.99 from us you cant go wrong our stock list is as follows Metriclima msobo Yellow fin Acei Afra Jalo reef Albino... ...
164.Tropical fish for sale 11/12/16 Yes
Healthy growing fish for sale. 2 x Silver sharks 4" 4.00 each sold 1 x strawberry Chilid 4" 4.00 2 x Tiger Oscar 6" 10each 1 x Red Oscar 5" 8 1 x Fire Eel 10" 15 so;d Phone 07850469020 Essex Area for any Info
165.Super Red Standard Fin Bristlenose SOLD OUT 05/12/16 Yes
We have 4 standard fin for sale. Minimum of 1.5 inch total length Fish for sale are same as the ones in the photos. 5 each, no offers. These are selling quickly, so don't delay. Please email direct as messages not always getting through, email me at worm-culture@tiscali.co.uk Co... ...
166.Red tail catfish for sale or swap also Jardani arowana for sale 30/11/16 No
As above 19" and hand feeding on many foods Will swap for ghost carp or fancy goldfish Any offers welcomed 07951321461 Text only thanks
167.Guiancara Dacrya Rio Cumina F1 30/11/16 Yes
I have Guinacara Dacrya young fish for sale @3 per fish,these will be ready for sale in New Year.Please get in touch if interested
168.Various large fish 28/11/16 Yes
Various large fish for sale taking my tank in a new direction there is 1 12 inch tinfoil barb one smaller at about 6 which got sold to me as a black tinfoil it is darker but not 100% sure on validity 3large silver dollars a red hook silver dollar currently at about 11inches 2talking catfish one stri... ...
169.Rare fish for sale, clearing my fish house.... 26/11/16 No
Hey guys, I'm changing my fish house round so have the following are available for sale.... Psuedohemiodon apithanos (chameleon whiptails) X 2 @ 50ea Super red ancistrus juvies X 2 @10ea Corydoras Gossei X 4 - 20 for the group L102 (True inspector) X 4 (poss 5) Aphyosemion Australe pairs X... ...
170.Big Red Tail Cat And other oddballs for sale. 26/11/16 Yes
I have an 18" South American Red Tailed Catfish for sale Its in near Perfect condition with Creamy body and very red tail @ 50.00.Buyer Currently in a 5 ft x 2 ft x 20" 80 gallon tank with hood stand filter lights and heater going for 275.00 Buy must collect. Also in stock is a BREEDING GROUP OF... ...
171.Breeding Bristlenose catfish 15/11/16 Yes
I have a breeding trio of Bristlenose catfish for sale. The trio are 2m/1f and breed regularly. There are still a few young with them, some being sub adults. I can add one two females to the group if required. 25. A few young available still, 1.50 each. Collection only. Please bring your own co... ...
172.Wanted young clownfish 14/11/16 No
Any young clownfish for sale near holywell??
173.Plecos and Fish tanks for sale 14/11/16 Yes
Hi all I have a load of tanks and fish for sale 1. 48 /18/15" 2. 32/15/19" 3. 48/18/15" 4. 60/ 18/ 23" I also have some fish for sale: Group of 6x adult Brochis splendens 50 Golden Gourami and Snakeskin gourami 10 for both 6x L399 group f1 2-4" 100 Trio of L400, previously bred 12... ...
174.Stunning Harlequin Tuskfish - 4" 12/11/16 No
Stunning Harlequin Tuskfish for sale, reluctantly selling as having to break down my marine tank due to house move. The fish as come from a disease free tank that has never been affected by Marine Ich/Velvet, and has been stable with no new additions for 6 months. Viewing is welcome, NG2 postcode i... ...
175.Neolamprologus Pulcher F1 (Daffodil) Breeding trio SOLD 10/11/16 Yes
Trio of adult Neolamprologus Pulcher for sale. Stunning markings, colouration and long finnage, lovely fish. They live happily in current 4ft community setup and only claim a very small area when breeding, male has produced young with both females, but as it's a community tank they all eventually... ...
176.F1 Julidochromis transcriptus kiwani trio SOLD 04/11/16 Yes
Adult trio of F1 julidochromis transcriptus for sale, lovely strong black and white colouration, and nice temperament, live happily with other community fish and shelldwellers. Only selling due to changing fish groups. 5 per fish. Video below is of actual fish for sale. Collection only fro... ...
Due to new project moving some my fish to new homes 12inch peacock bass 70 16inch silver arowana 140 10inch tiger oscar 25 3 inch green terror 10 3 inch chocolate cichlid 10 2x synodontis catfish 6 inches 10 each Breeding pair vjeia synspillium male 6 inch female 4 inch 50 7 inch ... ...
178.Tigrinus catfish for sale 30/10/16 Yes
I have a 7-8 inch tigrinus catfish for sale . Feeding well. Developing stunning long tail extensions already. Bargain at 175! Need the space. Postage available
179.Some beautiful fish for sale 26/10/16 Yes
Breeding group of otopharynyx lithobates Zimbabwe rocks, alunocara fire fish, large male dolphin 07889209515
180.koran angel 24/10/16 Yes
koran angel 6 or 7 inch 40 no other fish for sale ,oldham
181.Selling Up. 23/10/16 No
Tropical Fish For Sale, 1 Breeding Pair Bolivian Rams (PROVEN).20. 2 Males + 1 Female Pepper Cory`s.3 for 12. 4 Harlequin Rasboras. 4 for 12. 3 Ottocinclus Affinis 3 for 10. 5 Neon Tetras 5 for 4. 2 Adult Bamboo Shrimp( Filter Feeders)2for 10.
182.For Sale tropical fish 21/10/16 No
Due to me having to get rid of my tank I have the following fish for sale. All are in good health and only acquired last month. 1 pair Pearl Gourami's 5.50 1 Blue/Opaline Gourami 2 1 pair Ram Cichlids ( very friendly with other fish in the tank ) 6 1 red Rainbow fish 2 1 blue Rainbow fis... ...
183.Tiger Shovelnose Catfish for sale 21/10/16 No
Tiger Shovelnose Catfish (Doug) for sale to good home. Very healthy fish requires a big tank as approximately 1ft long. 100 ono any questions please dont hesitate to ask. Tel: 07936639993 stefan.b@live.co.uk
184.WC for sale 17/10/16 No
Due to moving house in a few weeks I am having to shut down my tank! Fish for sale Pair of psuedotropheus long pelvic mdoka WC 25 Pair of fullerborni manda WC 30 Pair of tropheops boadzula WC 30 Everything available now Ben
185.Fish for sale South American Cychlids fish fry ( Spectabilis ) 50p Each 13/10/16 Yes
I have loads of fry 6 weeks old, just starting to show their lines and colours. The picture shows one of the parents with their fry. The parents are around 5 inches long, so a larger tank and an experienced keeper would be preferred. These normally sell for 8 to 10 each when fully grown. If intere... ...
186.bristlenose catfish 10/10/16 No
Hi I have around 50plus bristlenose catfish for sale (ranging from 4inches to 1 inch TL) . These guys are excellent algae eaters, they even cleared my 5ft tank full of brown hair algae!! I am in the process of shutting a number of my tanks down. i am looking for 70 for 50plus catfish. I can de... ...
187.Large pond fish for sale 07/10/16 No
I have 4 large koi fish and around 10 med to small mix fish for sale,the large koi are for pond only due to being big.all in good condition and eat well,only reason for sale is because garden is having a make over and pond is not in new plans.price for all fish is 275,which is my best price.
188.F1 Neolamprologus leleupi yellow female SOLD 06/10/16 Yes
Single F1 N.leleupi female for sale, lovely strong yellow colouration and nice temperament, lives happily even with small shelldwellers. Only selling due to changing fish groups. 3 inches in size - 5. Collection only from Tooting SW17, south London. Contact Leon by text on 07876235118 o... ...
189.Tropical Fish For Sale 01/10/16 Yes
Catfish: humbug catfish x3 about 5 inch 10 each young brown bristlenoses 1.50 each young gold bristlenoses 2.50 each Cichlids: red spotted sevs 10 each x2 threadfin acaras pair 30 firemouths 5 each x 3 jack dempseys large 10 jack dempsey smaller x2 8 each
190.2 L114 Plecs for sale 28/09/16 Yes
2 Beautiful fish for sale,one around 5in and one around 6.Very rare fish to find.Asking 150 ono
191.Angel fish 27/09/16 No
Large angel fish for sale 5.00 each 10 to choose from pls text as dont always get e mails
192.Rare F1 Masoni Reef cichlids 4 each 25/09/16 Yes
I have for sale F1 Masoni Reef Cichlids They are 2cm pick up from w3 0pn area loads of other fish for sale as too much stock. Will do deals on bulk buy No time wasters Many thanks for looking Raz 07808544418
193.Fish for sale 20/09/16 No
We have 3 koi 2 x yellow and 1 brown and appox 200 goldfish [various colours] and shubunkins for sale. Lump sum 200 collection only. All fish in good condition.
194.Tigrinus catfish 10/09/16 Yes
Tigrinus catfish for sale Species name: Merodontotus tigrinus Synonym: None Common Names: Zebra Shovelnose, Tigrinus cat/catfish, Tiger striped catfish Family: Pimelodidae (Long-whiskered catfishes) Order: Siluriformes (catfish) Class: Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes) Max. si... ...
195.Assorted for sale 09/09/16 No
Various tropical fish for sale Foods accessories based in Derby find me on Facebook (Deans fishroom Derby)for more pictures Price lists ect Or on 07977 976601 Cheers Dean
196.Assorted for sale 09/09/16 No
Various tropical fish for sale Foods accessories based in Derby find me on Facebook (Deans fishroom Derby)for more pictures Price lists ect Or on 07977 976601 Cheers Dean
197.Marine Fish for sale 08/09/16 No
I have for sale a medium standard clown fish. Regal tang . One chromis Any reasonable offer will be be accepted. Closing tank Down so other items will be available once tank shut down
198.Catfish fingerlings for sale (Clarias Gariepinus) 27/08/16 No
I have some Catfish for sale 6-7cm 8 each or 3 for 20 Call Kawthar on 07961095993 I can post anywhere in the mainland UK. Next day delivery service.
199.Aquarium and tropical fish for sale 27/08/16 Yes
Fluval 300litre corner tank and tropical fish. All accessories included. One light unit not working but easily repairable. One or two small scratches on glass. Does not detract from display. Will accept 150 for everything but buyer must collect.
200.Domino damsel Free to good home 25/08/16 Yes
Hello all! i have a 2-3yr old Domino Damsel Fish for sale, free to a good home! unfortunately he has become way too aggressive for his other tank mates to deal with so you will need a large tank and fish. He is in the middlesbrough area if anyone is interested please message me! Thanks!
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