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1.Jewel Lido 120 - full marine set up with rock/sand 21/10/17 Yes
I bought this tank locally as I needed a hospital tank quickly. I gave it a deep clean and spruced it up before transferring rock, substrate and water from my main tank ..... and then the small white spots I'd seen on my new Tang disappeared so I never actually put any fish or medication into thi... ...
2.Marine fish 20/10/17 No
Wanted, complete marine set up,looking for livestock, marine fish, soft corals, anemone, inverts ,live rock etc or just tank set up ...anything considered ,willing to travel within reason..Thanks
3.Various LPS/SPS corals and two mushroom smothered rocks 20/10/17 Yes
I have Green/purple Euphyllia Hammerhead in various sizes from 2 heads to 5 heads @ £5 a head Erythrstrea pale green trumpet in sizes from 2 heads to 20 heads and most mounted on small pieces of live rock @ £5 a head Purple tipped Acropora frags, all about 2-3" in height/diameter and with at l... ...
4.Aqua one 300 Marine Tank 19/10/17 Yes
300 Litre Marine tank: I have for sale a marine tank http://aquaone.co.uk/documents/Aquareef_28032011.pdf with a black cabinet and sump, complete with skimmer, power heads, media reactor. The fluorescent lights are working but need some replacement end caps or upgrading to LED’s. There’s a couple of... ...
5.Marine tank 460L full set up, £1500.. 19/10/17 Yes
6.Juwel Vision 180 Marine set up. £299. 17/10/17 Yes
Aquarium black in colour with T5 lights, internal filter, internal skimmer, heater. In good condition. Have some new unused filter media.30kg of live rock with a few red mushroom, 3 large damsels (5 inches), 2 clown fish, 1 dwarf angel and 1 puffer fish. Grab this bargain quick before someone else b... ...
7.Marine Premium Fuji Live Rock & Sand 17/10/17 Yes
Breaking down tank so I am selling: - Premium Fuji live rock which has over 12 months of growth. I've never used copper in the water as it was in a reef display - £6.00 per kg - Live sand from same display - £2.50 per kg If anyone has any questions, please contact me. Collection from Bre... ...
8.Live rock for sale 16/10/17 No
I am closing down my marine tank and have approx 30 kg live rock for sale. Most of the pieces have polyps or mushrooms on which are for free. Looking for £5 / kg
9.About 80kg live rock & corals in full setup 16/10/17 Yes
About 80kg corals and live rocks 2 × jebao rw15 wawemaker Jebao 8000 dc pump 2 × 300w heather Automatic top up system Deltec protein skimmer Tmc v2 led lights Vecton 400 uw sterilizer Bio reactor £700 Led tile in sump. About 80kg corals and liverocks inclueded
10.Aqua one 275 set up 13/10/17 Yes
Complete aqua one 275 aquarium in white. Upgraded protein skimmer to deltec sc1351. Plus original skimmer Upgraded lighting to v2ilumen air, with remote control and thunder storm setting. Plus original light 5 water circulaters, on duel time controllers. Sump with return pump. Auto top up 2 ... ...
11.Nano Marine Aquarium shut down 11/10/17 Yes
Stock Available: Tank bred ocellarius clownfish Monaco cleaner shrimp Blue tuxedo urchin Turbo snail Nassarius snails x2 Large ricordia mushrooms x4 Finger soft coral Various small mushroom polyps 2-3kg approximately of live rock Nano marine aquarium (28 litre) with a selection of st... ...
12.5ft Marine Tank - Cleair Aquatics 150cm x 80cm x 60cm 11/10/17 Yes
Complete set-up including livestock and coral. Reluctant sale due to relocation. Immaculate condition - system only 2yrs old Cleair Aquatics White high gloss finish tank / cabinet 150cm x 80cm x 60cm (Length x Height x Width)Height including cabinet - 160cm 4ft LED lights Deltec SC1660 Skimme... ...
13.Constructed Live Rock 11/10/17 Yes
Live Rock For Sale I have 2 constructed peices of live rock for sale - removed from tank and cleaned so with need cycling. These towers are made from live rock with internal acrylic supports and Milliput and fitted into my Red Sea Max 250 c Large peice weight 14kg h. 46cm w. 55cm d.34 - ... ...
14.Not one but Two tanks for sale 10/10/17 Yes
Right folks. If you dream of owning a large tank then this is the one for you. I'm selling my 96" x 28" x 30" (around 1300 litres) As you can see by the picture it's a marine set up. Everything comes with it apart from the fish, snails, crabs and the few corals I have. So include... ...
15.Live rocks for marine fish £5 10/10/17 No
Hi I am selling my live fizi rocks. 4.5 pound kg.please bring your own bucket for collection. 07908950597
16.Marine equipment wanted 10/10/17 No
Hi all I'm looking for a few bits, mainly s light capable of soft and lps corals across my 4ft tank plus things like skimmers, filter socks and dry live rock
17.Live rock, Marine fish, Inverts in Fluval Marine fish tank set up 09/10/17 Yes
**Selling** Fluval Reef Aquarium. Includes, Tank, 2 drawer,2 door Oak cabinet with drainage system. Led light Protein skimmer, Fluval sea circulation pump ( wave maker), pump and heater. Included in price, Gobi and partner pistol shrimp. 2 Clowns (4cm) 1 orange, 1 black. 1 x scarlet Hawk ... ...
18.Mature Live Rock & Reef Bones £5/Kg, Live Sand £2/Kg Offers Accepted 09/10/17 No
Final stage of 1000Ltr tank being shut down. Lots of rock, sand and reef bones. Discount of bulk purchase >10Kg Collection only. Please bring container(s) Now on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mature-Marine-Aquarium-Live-Rock-5-per-Kilogram/332363814202
19.Marine fish, Live rock in Full set up 09/10/17 No
4ft fish tank lights skimmer filter pump fish live rock.£300
20.4ft Marine fish tank (Full set up ) 09/10/17 No
4ft fish tank lights skimmer filter pump fish live rock.£300
21.Live Rock £1 per kilo - 10kg available 08/10/17 No
Live Rock £1 per kilo - 10kg available
22.Marine Fish & Invert 06/10/17 Yes
23.MARINE-- live rocks // live rocks BARGAIN 04/10/17 No
MARINE 20kgs of live rock quick sale MUST GO THIS WEEK £ 40.00 collection from TW4....CALL 07769786917
24.Mature live Rock £2 per kilo 03/10/17 No
10kg of live rock available. Im getting rif of my mature tank £2 per kilo from Tonbridge for collection
25.Live rock 01/10/17 No
I have 25 Kg of dried out live rock for sale. Looking for £50 open to offers or would swap for some coral frags
26.Pulsing xenia (pink/purple/tan colour) 30/09/17 No
I have 3 live rocks weighing 1/2kg to 1 kg covered with pulsing Xenia, each rock has 15-25 large trunks or main stems and very well established, I simply have too much of it now and need the space for my sps corals so looking for £20-30 each dependent on size of rock and number of heads. Could swa... ...
27.Marine fish, Live rock, in Complete full set up marine tank £650 29/09/17 Yes
Fish are - Mimic tang Regal tang Boxer shrimp Yellow tail blue damsel Cleaner shrimp In full complete set up fish tank, comes with everything needed. 4ft x 2ft x2ft Aprox 50 kilo live rock with couple pieces of coal, live sand, skimmer, filters, auto doser for corals, sump, wifi wave maker... ...
28. Complete full set up marine tank £650 29/09/17 Yes
Full complete set up fish tank, comes with everything needed. 4ft x 2ft x2ft Aprox 50 kilo live rock with couple pieces of coal, live sand, skimmer, filters, auto doser for corals, sump, wifi wave makers, heaters, uv filter. Fish are - Mimic tang Regal tang Boxer shrimp Yellow tail blue damse... ...
29.Updated Stock List Living World Tenterden 28/09/17 Yes
L number Plecos: L418 Panaque titan/Shampuma Royal £245 L147 Hypostominae Ancistomus £25 L128 Blue Phanton Pleco 4" £64.99 L204 Flash Pleco 2" £ 45.99 L056 Chubby Pleco £39.99 L400 Hypancistrus sp £34.99 L260 Hypancistrus Queen Arabesque £44.99 L129 Columbian Zebra Pleco £25. L200 Green... ...
30.live rock for sale £5 a kilo 27/09/17 Yes
Mature live rock for sale lots of different shapes and sizes over 150 kilos to choose from £5 per kilo newhaven east sussex bn99dy . 07864048047
Marine Fish Inverts and Live rock at Great prices!! We also stock all the main brands of Marine Goods and supply Marine salt at the best price in the area. We are the areas only PLATINUM PLUS Dealers for SEACHEM and have a full range of their products including their additives, treatments and pre... ...
32.Full marine set up 19/09/17 Yes
Aquael marine fish tank and sump. 39" 18" 16" Hard piping for sump Bubble magus c3.5 protein skimmer Ehiem return pump Heater Jebao power head with wave maker Hydor power head 36" LED light strip Mature set up with great corals and live rock and fish Potters Angel Regal,tang Lipstick t... ...
33.MARINE LIVE ROCK AND MORE ... 18/09/17 No
34.Live rock 13/09/17 Yes
Live rock for marine tank. One with button polyps. At least thirteen pieces. £70 no offers as is less than half price. Collection from Uxbridge area only.
35.Clown Fish 10/09/17 Yes
One clown fish, 3 inches long, and live rock for sale. £10. Tank available separately.
36.Red Sea MAX S500 Marine Quarium 10/09/17 Yes
Red Sea MAX S500 for sale. The sump has been replaced with a specialised sump imported from the United states. Fish and all equipment is included. Spare equipment worth over £3000 could be sold separately by the new buyer. The aquarium includes Aquatronica computer and dosing pump. There is a TK500... ...
37.Live rock £5 kg - Haworth West Yorkshire 08/09/17 No
Live rock £5 kg - Haworth West Yorkshire 20 -30 kg live rock @ £5 kg 20kg dried live rock ready to seed @ £2.50 kg Tel 07983 547711
38.Red Sea Max C250 (white) 08/09/17 Yes
The above aquarium is up and running with fish, clean up crew, soft coral, LPS, SPS, star polyps, anemones, live rock, UV light unit and cooler. And all paraphernalia such as test kits and barrel pump etc. Worth 3k new, would hope for a reasonable offer. Buyer collect.
39.Live Rock + Maxspect Gyre needed 08/09/17 Yes
Need approx 25kg of Live Rock - please let me know if you are looking to sell any. Also looking for a Maxspect Gyre 130/150
40.Live Rock 06/09/17 No
We have a lot of Live Rock for sale, £5 per kilo or a deal on large amount there is a lot! Bournemouth area 01202892101
41.Phytoplankton.phyto.marine.frags.coral 02/09/17 Yes
My high quality clean Culture phytoplankton Green Water Live phytoplankton Live can be used as a starter culture Phytoplankton are the building blocks for life in the ocean,It is ideal for all filter feeders, soft corals, Clams, Sponges, Feather duster worms, Scallops, many inhabitants in live rock ... ...
42.Selling my full set-up tank, fish, corals, accessories etc all included 02/09/17 No
Selling my 250L Redsea Max set up. It includes the tank, stand, fish, invertebrates, corals, live rock, sand, Led lights, autofeeder and top up pump , etc
43.Live Rock 01/09/17 No
Just shut down my tank and have a bin full of live rock, with a heater and powerhead in to keep the rock live. Looking for £3.50 per kg. Or will do a deal on someone taking the lot. Based in between Portsmouth and Southampton.
44.Full marine setup inc live rock and cuc 31/08/17 No
With regret I am having to sell my full marine set up and all equipment. The tank is a 2ft cube made by ND aquatics with sump. Pipework is brand new. Included in this sale is the full spectrum dimmable and timer led light, the tank cabinet and sump with pipework, the return pump, power heads (wavema... ...
45.Small marine tank with fish and corals £90 Maidstone 29/08/17 No
Ideal tank for a beginner 2 clown fish live rock with blue green mushroom corals led lights retro fitted New heater. Skimmer Stand Has serious water damage to stand but you can place tank on a strong piece of furniture or cabinet can provide kegs to help transport water home safely
46.Marine fish, Inverts, in Marine aquarium 28/08/17 Yes
yellow Tang pair of clownfish bicolour dwarf angel five pyjama Cardinal one cleaner shrimp one boxer shrimp quite a few snails and crabs sand sifting goby. Excellent condition ND Aquatics marine aquarium 72"18"24 with sump 50" 12" 18" with three separate chambers vectra m1 return pump heater... ...
47.Marine aquarium 28/08/17 Yes
Excellent condition ND Aquatics marine aquarium 72"18"24 with sump 50" 12" 18" with three separate chambers vectra m1 return pump heater x2 radion xr15w pro x3 1 light to grow macroalgae uv steriliser skimz mini dc series protein skimmer x2 One has a faulty pump skimz media reactor jebao wave m... ...
48.Live rock and dead rock 27/08/17 Yes
I have lots of live and dead rock for sale £4 k Open to offers for the lot
49.RedSea Reefer 250 Live Rock full setup £600 26/08/17 Yes
Hi, I would like to sell Red Sea 250, full set up. It comes with : - live rocks about 15kg - Led light V2 iLumenAir - skimmer v2 skim pro 450 - reactor h2ocean - top up system size is : 90x50x50 cm (tank) 90x140x50 (with stand) If you have any question, or need more picture, please... ...
50.Modified Fluval Edge 46 Litre Marine Fish Tank with a Ultrabrite light system, Fluval Edge Black Stand, equipment and livestock 23/08/17 Yes
Fluval Edge 46 Litre Marine Fish Tank with a modified hood containing a Ultrabrite light system, Fluval Edge Black Stand, equipment and livestock. Comes with: Jebao SW2 Wave maker Approx 10 Corals: Bubble Coral, Candy Corals, Various Zoas and Keyna Trees. Approx 20 Kilos of Live Rock Appro... ...
LIVE ROCK TO GO FIRST - Live rock - £3 @ kg Dead rock - £2 @ kg To sell after ! Tank 1 - 1200mm x 400mm x 600mm in 10mm glass Tank 2 - 1200 x 300 x 300 in 6mm glass Tank 3 - 1200 x 400 x 400 in 8mm glass Sump - 1200 x 300 x 300 in 6mm glass PLUS - All equipment
52.Aiptasia wanted 22/08/17 No
Hi looking for large quantity of Aiptasia, for Berghia project, will pay for live rock covered in Aiptasia, please send pic of rock. Will either collect in Glasgow area, or will cover courier costs. Thanks David [email protected] 0141 556 5414 (Mon-Fri daytime)
53.Marine tank and stand 20/08/17 Yes
ONLY £200!!! NEEDS TO BE SOLD BY WED 23RD AUGUST Marine aquarium set, includes - White acrylic aquarium 25-30 litres - 2x Clown Fish and Anemone (Clown Fish living in Anemone) - Live Rock - Finger Coral - Mushroom Coral - Baby feather dusters - 20 plus starfish - Wave pump - Heater ... ...
54.48 x 30 x 24 marine tank complete set up for sale. Offers invited, 19/08/17 No
around about 40 kilos of absolutely pest free live rock. another 50 + kilos of bleached and dry dead live rock. Gauging interest in a complete marine tank set up. consists of a 48L X 30w x 24D tank with single central weir. stainless steel stand, the stand can easily be clad to suit your own ... ...
55.Large tank with ati dimmable lights and rock with corals 17/08/17 No
Large tank 69cm deep 150cm long and 60cm front to back on a sturdy base but not a cabinet, comes with a sump but will need some plumbing to connect. 50/70 kg of live rock all top grade with no aips or majanos 3 pieces of coral in the tank are sold the rest is included. 
 With 8x80w d... ...
56.WANTED - Live Rock and/or Live Sand 16/08/17 No
Hi we are setting up a small 60 litre tank and wondered if anyone was getting rid of some Live Rock (about 5/6 kg) and a couple of cups of Live Sand to seed ours. Thanks
57.Large Marine Aquarium & Livestock 16/08/17 Yes
Hi, Due to work commitment’s I’m reluctantly selling my marine aquarium and livestock. The tank has been established for nearly five years with no new livestock during the last 12 months. This is a very large heavy set up so please ensure you have suitable loading (we can help load) and transport ... ...
Hi Sadly for sale due to work commitments and lack of time due to my 8ft setup is my 4x2x2 marine setup. The tank and cabinet are in excellent condition. The tank has a left hand corner weir leading to a 36"x17"x17" 3 stage sump. Included in the sale is as listed below, 4X2X2 Tank and cabine... ...
59.Live Rock 13/08/17 Yes
£5 per kilo. 30kg for £120 Collection Only
60.Full marine tank set up for sale 13/08/17 Yes
Betta tank in excellent condition. Tank size 5foot X 2 foot X 2 foot. 5ft high with cabinet. Cabinet has 5 section sump. Total capacity 600 litres. Comes with Bubble Magus skimmer. vector 600 uv light. automatic top up system. sump light and heater. 4 power heads. led lighting strips plus twin T5'... ...
65-75 kg of live rock approx Loads of soft corals, mushrooms, Large torch, small hammer, Green bubbletip anemone, star polyps, 2 large fluorescent cabbages. Fish include, Yellow tang, Captive bed regal tang, flame angel, copperband butterfly, solon fairy wrasse, pyjama cardinal and a couple of lyr... ...
62.Marine Tank & Equipment 11/08/17 Yes
Coral corner marine fishtank in medium oak veneer and oak doors complete with sump. Tank 125 gallons size 40 x 42 x 24 inches complete with all equipment including bubble magnus skimmer c7 jebao dct 8000 return pump 2 wp25/10 jebao wave runners 2 aquaray led Fiji light strips 2 aquaray reef light ... ...
63.25kg of good live rock, including 4/5 big plates - £50 11/08/17 No
Bargain £2 a kilo for a quick sale ! Based in Leeds
64.Aquarium with cabinet plus Marine fish and live rocks 08/08/17 No
Juwel Rio 240 with light oak cabinet. The aquarium is set up and runing as a marine fish tank but it can be easlty converted into fersh water aquarium.It has T% lighting. The aquarium is running with an external Eheim professioanl 3 external frilter and also Juwel internal filter. It is supported wi... ...
65.Marine old 7 years matured 1000L aquarium 07/08/17 Yes
It is SAD to start packing up the complete 1000 L aquarium due to time factor. I need to move on to other priorities in life. Marine life beneath sea , I always admired the adventure and fascinating vibrant colours of fishes and corals, this lead me to pursuit as a hobby to have one. It has been... ...
66.Live rock, Marine fish, in matured 1000L aquarium with all inclusive for sale . 07/08/17 Yes
Marine life beneath sea , I always admired the adventure and fascinating vibrant colours of fishes and corals, this lead me to pursuit as a hobby to have one. It has been most amazing and challenging 7 years of having marine creatures at home. It is SAD to start packing up the complete 1000 L aq... ...
67.live rock 02/08/17 No
has any one some live rock, for sale in cambridge, or near surrounding area. im disabled so cant go far, to pick it up, im looking for around at least 20kgs reasonable price please for my 6ft tank. thank you, del 01223 262657
68.4ft aqua one marine aquarium and live stock for sale 01/08/17 No
Tank has been running for just over 2 years and is being stopped due to other commitments. Tank is in good condition and all equipment is in good looking and working order. Live stock includes large female blue throat triggerfish, large sailfin tang, large pair of australian barrier reef clownfish a... ...
69.UK BASED:Discus Importer - Malaysia-Thailand - Weelky imports direct 31/07/17 Yes
SPECIAL OFFER BOX OF x80 1.5 - 2 inch Mixed Discus - ONLY £310 ALL IN price is approx. and can change from week to week depending on shipping and fuel taxes Plecoking.co.uk - Importers of - Tropical - Marine - Corals - Inverts - Plants Plecoking offers an import and delivery service to - ... ...
70.UK BASED: Corals import - Trades prices direct from - Vietnam - Bali - Miami - Australia - Indonesia 31/07/17 Yes
Plecoking.co.uk - Importers of - Tropical - Marine - Corals - Inverts - Plants Plecoking offers an import and delivery service to - START UP companies & established trade! Whether you are an online seller or a retail shop - Plecoking is able to supply you. Clients repeatedly use plecoking a... ...
71.Do you want to Import Fish? Marine/Corals & Freshwater available Limited spaces 31/07/17 Yes
Plecoking.co.uk - Importers of - Tropical - Marine - Corals - Inverts - Plants Plecoking offers an import and delivery service to - START UP companies & established trade! Whether you are an online seller or a retail shop - Plecoking is able to supply you. Clients repeatedly use plecoking a... ...
72.Aqua one mini reef 31/07/17 No
Full set up, only 3 months old, I have decided to revert back to keep Malawi.. Aqua one mini reef 90 1x wave maker 1x heater, 1 x return pump,1 x protein skim, 1x Test kit .. £70 worth of live rock, and also natural ocean rock as base, 2 x common clowns, 15 corals, zoas, mushrooms,Torch. 2 x her... ...
73.Equipment and Supplies - For Sale 28/07/17 No
I have stripped the 300 Litre Boyu Tank and have the following for sale - As a job lot (make me an offer) - Or Priced individually. Tetra Tret tec Ex 12 Filter - £40 30 KG of Live Rock - Free - buyer must collect Red Sea Salt (22KG - Only Just Opened) - £25 - Buyer Must Collect EHEIM 300... ...
74.Red BTA, toodstools and Live Rock for sale 24/07/17 No
Shutting down my nano tank so have the following items for sale: 1 x 6 inch red bubble tip anemone - £20 2 x large toodstools soft corals - £15 each (will include some small frags with these too) Approximately 20kg of Live Rock - £5/kg Collection from YO30 2BN - Newton on Ouse near York.
75.marine fish and live rock in 4ft bow front marine fish tank 23/07/17 No
marine fish and live rock in 4ft bow front fish tank. Any reasonable offer considered. Doncaster area
76.Marine fish, Live rock, in 4ft bow front fish tank 22/07/17 No
marine fish and live rock in 4ft bow front fish tank. Any reasonable offer considered. Doncaster area
77.4ft bow front marine fish tank 22/07/17 No
4ft bow front fish tank with marine fish and live rock Any reasonable offer considered. Doncaster area
78.Marine livestock in 4ft aqua one marine aquarium 20/07/17 No
Live stock includes large female blue throat triggerfish, large sailfin tang, large pair of australian barrier reef clownfish and blue streak cleaner wrasse which are all compatible and eat well which can be seen upon a visit. Comes also with a variety of good sized soft corals with plenty of live r... ...
79.Contents of red sea max 19/07/17 No
I have 16kg live rock , tail spot blennie, blood shrimp. Candy cane,torch,toadstool and mushroom corals. A few crabs and snails and coral sand.water parameters all good , weekly water changes have been done religiously.the live rock cost me £160 so I think it's fair to ask £150 for all contents? Any... ...
80.pulsating xenia coral 15/07/17 No
I have various size pulsating xenia corals for sale,small frags on live rock £10,medium frags £15,large frag £20,xtra large frag £25,i have some very large colonies pending on size £70-£150,all xenia is well established in large tank as in picture. small=1 stalk medium=2 stalks large=3 stalks xl... ...
81.Fluval m90 tank - full marine setup for sale 15/07/17 Yes
WILL SPLIT. All less than a year old still have boxes for most a well upgraded fluval m90 tank complete with hydra 52 hds and bracket, tunze5017 atu with 10l ro drum, seneye reef with wifi box and web sever, bubble magus skimmer, tmc reef reactor, phosban 250 reactor with own pump, upgraded eheim 20... ...
82.Live rock, Marine fish, Inverts in Full marine setup for sale 14/07/17 Yes
approx 21kg if live rock, various different corals, pair of clowns, orchid dottyback, purple firefish, 2 chromis, 2 gold bar cardinals, 1 bangaii cardinal, algae blenny, several hermits and emerald crabs. All less than a year old still have boxes for most a well upgraded fluval m90 tank complete ... ...
83.Complete Optiwhite Marine Reef Aquarium Fish Tank 5 x 2.5 x 2 foot 08/07/17 Yes
The tank has been well looked after. You get everything to run a marine tank. All high quality equipment. Tank is still running - if youre serious please arrange a viewing with me. Looking for around £3100 Main items are: All livestock - Orange Shoulder Tang, Yellow Tang, Magnificent Fox... ...
84.Biorb Marine Tank - bargain at £100 05/07/17 Yes
- Biorb Life 60L tank - LED intelligent light - Heater - 4kg live rock - Koralia wave pump - Fish mate 14 day feeder - Hydrometer / Testing kits - Hermit crab, 2 clowns, Azure damsel and blue velvet damsel. - Includes Interpet Kent Marine stand Some scratches near bottom of tank. I've used... ...
85.Corals, live rock, fish for sale Derbyshire 05/07/17 No
I have all my corals, fish for sale. Collection chapel en le frith near buxton Anemone - approx 10" when fully open £40 Ricordea Yuma £10 Yellow watchman £10 Royal gramma £15 Lemon Damsel £5 tuxedo urchin £15 1 - large rock covered in green mushys, some of which are 3-4 " in size £35 2 - x ... ...
86.6-2-2 full sumped set up 03/07/17 No
For sale full marine set up In the tank 70-80kg of live rock A lot of the rock is coverd in various corals Plus various places corals anenomies 30 hermit crabs 10 snails 2x fire shrimp Sea hair Tank is a 6-2-2 nd aquatics tank Sumped with pipe work and return pump Reef gr... ...
87.Live Rock 02/07/17 Yes
Roughly 60kg available. £5 per kg.
88.Full cleair tank and setup 28/06/17 Yes
For a regrettable sale I have my 450 litre cleair aquarium , This is a full setup with led lights and tubes , tmc media reactor ,tmc skimmed,live rock water and fish if wanted but would take them to my fish shop if not wanted ,there is also a 12000 lph return pump everything would cost a fortune to... ...
89.Marine shut down 26/06/17 Yes
Live rock £4 a kilo Live rock covered in blue mushrooms £8 a kilo Pair of mature clowns £40 ono Frogspawn coral and blue mushrooms £30 Blue chromis open to offers Kole tang (5") £25 Horsham Text me on 07523136322
90.Fluval 125 Edge Roma 26/06/17 Yes
Used fish tank, in excellent condition, kept marine fish and corals for many years, never had an issue, selling due to a new job. Comes with storage cabinet Made my own perspex top for LED lighting. £115 ONO!!! Live rock and filter can be bought separately. For more pictures and info get... ...
91.Mature live rock £3.00/kg 24/06/17 No
If interested, please contact on 07866 504165 to arrange collection.
92.Aqua One 3 foot established tank, sump & livestock for sale 24/06/17 Yes
Happy healthy fish and corals for a bargain price! Fully established with coraline covering most of the back wall, sump with live rock and lighting. Tank is covered in mushrooms, small corals, yellow sponge up the back wall and various polyps. Unique archway of live rock created by using clear a... ...
93.Live corals, Live rock in 3x2x2 21/06/17 No
Lots of corals Live rock Fish 3x2x2 aquarium with stand, drilled and sumped. Bubble magnus skimmer Power heads LED light unit Heater Return pump Full set up. Contact for more information £650 ONO
94.Large aquarium full set up .... First with £600 secures. 21/06/17 No
My friend is giving up his aquarium due to health issues. The aquarium is very large so please only consider if you are able to house it. The display is 6.5 feet long, 32" High and 34" deep it sits on a metal 2"x2" box section stand which has a 6.5 foot sump sat on it. Ther... ...
95.Live Rock 19/06/17 Yes
We have stripped down an aquarium and have approx 150-200kg of live rock currently sitting in vats in our office. The live rock has been in a clients aquarium since June 2011. Price per kilo (wet weight) £3.00. We are in Bletchingley, Surrey, approx 10 minutes from both junction 6 and 8 of the M25... ...
96.Aqua One 400 - Black + liverock 18/06/17 Yes
I am selling my Aqua One 400 Marine tank. Complete with Tank Cabinet Sump Skimmer Reactor and media Return pump Auto top up Range of salifert test kits 32kg of live rock 500 ovno
97.Fluval Sea 140L 17/06/17 Yes
Fluval Sea 140 litre Tank Skimmer Heater LED lights with Day/Night switch Live Rock Bucket of Red Sea salt worth £50 2 clown fish 1 blue tang 1 yellow tang 3 blue damsels Paid £1,900 for originally, looking for £600
98.3x2x2 full marine setup with stand including fish, rock and corals 16/06/17 No
3x2x2 aquarium with stand, drilled and sumped. Bubble magnus skimmer Power heads LED light unit Lots of corals Live rock Corals Heater Return pump Full set up. Contact for more information £650 ONO
99.full marine setup £600 ono 14/06/17 Yes
im selling my full marine setup the whole lot needs to go. It is a well established aquareef 275 cube tank that has been setup for about 4 years. It has lots of live rock covered in all sorts of soft corals there are also 4 green chromis 2 black clown fish and a royal gramma and then loads of inv... ...
100.Aquareef 275 cube tank full marine setup £600 ono 14/06/17 Yes
Well established Aquareef 275 cube tank that has been setup for about 4 years. Selling my full marine setup the whole lot needs to go. it also has an led light that has its own timer on it so you never need to turn it on or off it gets brighter or darker every 30 mins depending on the time of day... ...
101.Full marine set up for sale reduced for quick sale £600 14/06/17 Yes
For sale is a dark oak clear seal 3 foot by 2foot by 2foot deep tank with sump with it2080 led light 2x power heads approx 20 to 25 kilos off live rock also the heater and return pump and also the skimmer which is a bubble magus curve 5 got 1 female nemo and 2 shrimp with it would see pics if int... ...
102.Aqua One Mini Reef 120 (black, weeks old) - Full Setup 13/06/17 Yes
Selling my Minireef 120. I have had it set up and running for a month (explains browning on rocks) following the shut down of my previous tank. I am now selling due to realising I have no time for the hobby anymore. The tank is basically brand new!!, including live rock and sand (search produ... ...
103.Complete marine setup 12/06/17 Yes
Reason for sale: Short notice work relocation and staying in short term temp accommodation – not able to take tank with me…meh! Equipment: Main tank: 100cm (39”) X 55cm (21”) X 55cm (21”) Sump: 80cm (32”) X 37cm (14”) X 40cm (16”) 30 - 35 kg live rock - approximately 30 – 35kg Marco rock – a... ...
104.Hard and Soft corals, Marine fish, in Complete marine setup 12/06/17 Yes
Livestock: Maroon clown (Hosting a bubble tip anemone) Metallic foxface Mandarin Pyjama cardinal Pink spot goby Cross hatch goby Arrow goby (Semi adult) Firecracker goby Zebra goby Gold neon goby 5 x Chromis Bubble tip anemone Flower anemone Scallop Cleaner shrimp Peppermint shrimp ... ...
105.200kgs of Live rock + 30-40 Damsels for sale 12/06/17 No
Hi i am closing down my marine tank due to moving home i have 200kgs of 20 year old mature Live rock as well as 30-40 Assorted damsels Please make an offer Buyer must collect I will let the rock and fish go Separately
106.10kg Well Seeded Live rock. £25 11/06/17 Yes
This has been in my tank for 11 months and was originally a freshly imported batch. My tank has been closed down and have only this running In a black bin with heat and flow so need gone asap.
107.SPS frags/softies 10/06/17 No
I have an assortment of SPS frags for sale. Orange plating monti Green/beige guttatus Green button polyps Red/brown mushrooms All mounted on live rock Only £5 per frag for sps Collection only Thanks
108.Live corals, Marine fish, Inverts, in Complete marine tank 190lt 10/06/17 Yes
3 marine fish a couple of hermits and 3 snails. The corals are fury green mushrooms, orange mushroom, rainbow mushrooms, there is a 3 inch clam, tree coral, lilac torch, 2 green candy canes, 4 different types of zoas, a good sized meat coral and 3 different ricordea 1 orange 1 green 1 brown. I ha... ...
109.Complete marnie tank 190lt 10/06/17 Yes
I have a complete Marnie tank for sale it is an aqua one setup including sump with a bubble magus skimmer there is also zoo med led light in the sump as well as a razor led light for the main tank I still have the box for this light.plenty of live rock must be at least 30kg. There are 3 fish a co... ...
110.Nano tank 09/06/17 Yes
Complete setup Marine nano tank from aquael at about 35 to 40 litres with hang in Refugium filtration on back and heater . Comes with live rock and sand plus some fake corals and a pair of percula clown fish . A nice stand out tank £125
111.Marine livestock in Aqua One 3 foot established tank, sump for sale 08/06/17 Yes
Livestock: Approx 10-20kgs of live rock regal tang yellow tang 6 line wrasse percula clown 2 x ocellaris clowns sand sifting goby blue legged hermit crab Corals: 3 x bush tree corals 2 x toadstools various polyps various mushrooms pulse coral Aqua One black 3x2x2 marine fish tank ... ...
112.Complete marine setup including livestock- must go £200 07/06/17 No
Jewel vision 260 marine setup,including livestock,live rock,filter,skimmers,lighting etc- not the most expensive setup but adequate and has run without issue for 2 years.Unable to maintain due to illness Livestock-- large purple tang Porcupine puffer Snowflake clown Black and white clown Maroo... ...
113.Livestock in Complete marine setup must go £200 07/06/17 No
Large purple tang Porcupine puffer Snowflake clown Black and white clown Maroon clown Fox face Pink skunk clown A few soft corals Jewel vision 260 marine setup including all live rock,livestock,internal filter,lighting etc not the most expensive equipmement must go due to illness and inab... ...
114.Complete nano marine tank 06/06/17 Yes
Duncan coral pulsing Xenia zoanthids three variations a really good torch coral toad stool.colony of mushroom African Capella tree Fish are two clown fish One blue damson Full cleanup crew One large shrimp Two internal filters and a wave maker 100 watt heater to keep a constant temper... ...
115.50 kilos live rock Portsmouth 05/06/17 Yes
There is 50kgs of live rock here for sale. This has been in a tub of saltwater for 21 weeks so far cycling with multiple pumps heater protein skimmer and light. This is good quality live rock with no pests. There is however no coralline on it due to it being cycled in a water butt. The c... ...
116.Live Rock 03/06/17 Yes
I am selling 13kg of mature live rock as closing down a tank. I am happy to take £40 quick sale for the lot Buyer collect please COC. Thanks for looking.
117.Evolution Aqua 1200s marine Tank 29/05/17 Yes
The tank is nearly a year old it does have some small scratches from normal use but hardly seen when full and price reflects this. It will come with 2 ocean life overflows but with the Ea return fitting as these have a smaller impact on the tank I know I have 1 ocean life return and should have t... ...
118.marine fish & live rock etc in 2 complete marine aquariums, led light, sumps 29/05/17 No
100kgs live rock, loads of fish: Blue throat trigger, Picasso Trigger, large snowflake moray, sailfin angel, 2ft engineering goby, blue cheek gobies, bi color angels, and a lot more. I am selling my custom built 4ftx26"x26" that has a sump fitted on back, 4ft fluval led, aprx and a Betta 30... ...
119.2 complete marine aquariums, led light, sumps, fish & live rock etc 29/05/17 No
Hi I am selling my custom built 4ftx26"x26" that has a sump fitted on back, 4ft fluval led, aprx 100gs live rock, loads of fish, and a Betta 30"x26" and sump also 25k liverock and many marine fish , Tanks need a clean up, due to illness I cannot physically look after them properly, both tanks have... ...
120.branching live rock reef bones 29/05/17 Yes
30kg of branching rock, combination of real reef rock, real tonga rock and reef bones. £5 per kg, will reduce price depending on amount bought, collection from Faversham Is currently being kept alive in tub of 1.024 salinity salt and pump.
121.Live rock 28/05/17 No
Closing my tank down, I have loads of live rock it's run my 675 litre tank without a filter for 9 years Looking for £3 per kilo
122.Leeds Marine 27/05/17 No
At Leeds marine we have fish coral live rock clean up crews go to our Facebook page and have a look here is the link https://m.facebook.com/leedsmarine/?ref=bookmarks Thanks
123.Marine fish, Inverts, Corals, in Aqua One 270litre marine tank 25/05/17 Yes
One clarkii clown, one percola clown, one emporer Cardinal, pistol shrimp, peppermint shrimp, pink urchin, elephant ear coral, pulsing Xenia, button polyps and mushrooms. Aqua One marine tank with all equipment, live rock included. 12 months old. Excellent condition. Wave machine, skimmer, le... ...
I have desided to close down my reef aquarium because of immininent building work in the house. This is my pride and joy. All corals and fish are thriving. Most corals are hardy and relatively easy to keep but I also have a couple of aussie acros. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your wa... ...
125.A Few Kg Of Live Rock WANTED 21/05/17 No
Hi guys. i am setting up a small tank for inverts and wanted to see if i could save a few pennies along the way. I wont need too much. Its a small tank so a few kilos will be fine. Let me know if you can help in anyway please. I can pick up in south Suffolk & North Essex. Maybe some live san... ...
126.AI sol led,TMC pump,Live rock ect Barnsley. 20/05/17 Yes
TMC Return pump £20 TMC Aquaray led strip £15 AI Sol super blue LED with mk 2 controller £150
127.Live Rock 19/05/17 Yes
Live Rock £5 Per Kilo Tel Derek on 07713327550
128.Full 55L Nano Reef setup, 2 clowns, Cleaner shrimp and corals + accesories £160 Burton on Trent 19/05/17 No
I had started this tank up hoping to upgrade to a larger 30 gallon but Unfortunately having to sell my setup due to starting a new job away from home. Aqua One Aqua Aspire 55 + Stand Seachem tidal hob filter 2 Hydor Koralia Nano 900 Circulation and Wave Pumps Live rock about 5kg Hugo Kamishi ... ...
129.UK SHIPPING Marine Corals based in NW LONDON 17/05/17 Yes
Hi we have a variety of corals for sale. UK NEXT DAY Shipping is also available from ONLY £10.99 we can combine coral shipping into 1 4kg box depending on the size of corals. All pics are from my tanks not off the internet we have many many more in stock. We have lots more than captured in ... ...
130.Marine Live Rock NW LONDON UK 16/05/17 Yes
A GRADE Live Rock. Collection price below £6.50 for 1 kilo £5 per kilo for 2kg - 99kg £4 per kilo for 100kg in 1 purchase £3 per kilo for 200kg in 1 purchase From a well established tank. I have videos of the corals and much more pics please feel free to whatsapp me and I can send y... ...
131.Stunning grade a zoas and Ricordea and LPS Barnsley. 16/05/17 Yes
Hi all, I am selling up and here is the list of the stock. 2x Blue rics three/four heads on live rock. 7/8 blue Ricordea on live rock. Orange ric & 8 polyps of red people eater on rock Red God of war about 30 plus heads Green ric three headed Blue/green ric Blue steel frag ... ...
132.LIVE ROCK. 15/05/17 No
133.Leeds Marine 15/05/17 Yes
We have fish coral live rock go to our shop on Facebook here is our link thanks https://m.facebook.com/leedsmarine/?ref=bookmarks
134.Marine stock for sale 14/05/17 Yes
I have around 18kg of lovely live rock for sale, lots of coralline algae growing, various mushys growing along with a colony of encrusting gorgonian. Also 3 good sized colonies of various zoas, opening daily and look amazing under the night lights (around 2kg) Also 8 turbo snails and 8 electri... ...
135.Live rock 10/05/17 No
Live rock been in tank for about 8 months now just got a smaller tank so got this left over in bucket with heater 40 ono ‭‭+44 7954 702404‬‬
136.Marine set up/break down 10/05/17 No
Sadly I am breaking down my tank as we are moving. I have available 100+ kg live rock, pair of common clowns, dog face puffer, lemon peel angel, yellow tail damsel, strawberry basslet , valentini puffer, six line wrasse and a cleaner shrimp. (Also some over clean up crew in there somewhere). Ju... ...
137.AquaReef 300 Black Complete set up - £300 05/05/17 Yes
Tank is currently stocked with mated pair of black ocellaris clowns, yellow tang (about four inches), green chromis x3, cleaner shrimp, blue tuxedo urchin, about 20 torch coral heads and a large pulsing xenia. Also usual clean up crew i.e. hermits, snails etc. Probably about 50kg of live rock wit... ...
138.4x2x2 Betta life space complete 04/05/17 Yes
Pretty sure its a betta life space, (had it a long time) full running marine aquarium, (silver) tank, stand, sump (had repair), return pump, fluorescent lights, (got 150w halide, and tmc led strip surplus) heaters, uv , 2x skimmers ( deltec mce600 and tmc v2. Ozone unit, 3x reactors, auto top up, s... ...
139.Innovative Marine 30L 130liter tank with everything you need 04/05/17 No
Hi all, I am selling my innovative marine 30L tank with everything I have including, 2 LED tile lights with hanging bracket,APL canister filter with UV light, innovative marine maxi Ghost protein skimmer, return pump, test kits, cleaning equipment, food, dosing additives ECT.. list goes on.. bef... ...
140.Selling all marine livestock before I sell my whole setup 04/05/17 No
Hi all, I'm selling all my live rock and livestock before o sell off my whole setup. The list is as follows FISH Maroon clown x1 =£25 Scopas Tang x1 =25 Blue Cheek Toby x1 =20 Dragon wrasse x1 =25 CORAL XXL xenia coral with 2kg live rock ×1 =£60 Small purple tipped anemone x1 =£15... ...
141.WANTED. Live rock and sand 04/05/17 No
Hi all. Im after some small pieces of live rock and a cup of live sand. Just to seed my tank and add some diversity. Close to chorley/preston. Cash waiting 07414611662
142.6ft Sumped Tank for sale with or without contents 03/05/17 No
I've decided to sell my marine tank as I no longer have time to maintain it any more. It's 6 x 2 x 2 in a lidded pine cabinet and is 800L with the sump.The rock is mainly large arka reef columns but a bit of live rock too. Arka cost over £1000 and has been in 2 yrs so is mature and covered in duster... ...
143.MP Eheim 100x40x60 Marine set up 03/05/17 Yes
Reluctantly selling my 13 year old marine set up as I downsize. The set up includes a 100x40x60 MP Eheim tank, 2 heaters, fluval internal pump, seaclone skimmer, fluval 206 canister, fluval2 plus internal, Glo t5 lighting unit and T5 tubes 1 each acintic blue and white. Live rock, sand/ crushed cora... ...
144.Marine Fish/Corals/Live Rock 02/05/17 No
Various Stock - All Must Go As Selling System. £325 For All Stock Including 7kg Live Rock - Paid Over £500. STOCK - Regal Tang Pair of Clowns Cardinal Chalk Goby Cleaner Shrimp Large Blue/Black Hermit Crab Red Starfish CORALS - Blue Polyps Sps x 2 Poci... ...
145.Live rock WANTED 01/05/17 No
wanting live rock please contact Lee 07445229800 text message best thanks burnopfield area
146.4ftx1.5ftx2ft marine setup 27/04/17 No
4ftx1.5ftx2ft marine fish tank with overflow box to sump,return pump ,bubble magus nac7 skimmer,1x200 watt heater,1x300 watt heater,3 wave makers,tmc v2 ilumenair 1200, vector 400 uv steriliser, Live stock consists of a large sailfin tang(7-8inch),naso tang(6inch),regal tang(6inch),yellow tang (... ...
147.Live rock 24/04/17 No
I've recently downsized my tank and have too much live rock in my small tank. I don't want to put it in dry storage so would rather sell it for cheap. It's 4kg of live rock with some green star polyps and orange zoas attached to it. I'm selling it for £15. Please call or message me on 07... ...
148.River reef 94 tank full set up with lighting. Reduced £80 24/04/17 Yes
River reef 94 tank full set up, aquabeam 1000hd lighting 10kg live rock small clam, sps corals acropora montipora lps duncan blastomusa hermit crabs, no fish but you can add what you like, a bit algae infested due to lack of time but a good set up with extra 2 x 900lph wave makers £80 collect from D... ...
149.Live rock, SPS Corals, Inverts, Clam, in River reef 94 reduced £80 24/04/17 Yes
River reef 94 tank full set up, aquabeam 1000hd lighting 10kg live rock small clam, sps corals acropora montipora lps duncan blastomusa hermit crabs, no fish but you can add what you like, a bit algae infested due to lack of time but a good set up with extra 2 x 900lph wave makers plus additives and... ...
150.35kg Dry live rocks 23/04/17 No
Due to the shut down of our 5'marine tank we have about 35kg of dry 'Live'rock for sale. Loads of shapes, plate, branch and other interesting sizes and shapes. £3 per kilo or would sell the lot for £60 Collection only, from Hailsham, East Sussex Contact Sue 07896200894
151.Red Sea Max C-250 23/04/17 No
Hi fellow enthusiasts. Reluctantly selling my Max C-250 in black. Loads ( and I mean loads ) of accessories all included in the price which I think is a fair one. Live Rock. There must be about 60-80 kg's give or take a few KG. Coral sand.( not sure how much will check & update). UV Filt... ...
152.Red Sea Reefer 350, Radions, Vortech MP40 QD, NYOS skimmer 21/04/17 Yes
Equipment : Red Sea Reefer 350 in black, upgraded return outlet Netted tank cover to fit around bracketed Radions £650 Radion XR30 gen 3 Pro (boxed) £325 Radion XR30 gen 3 £300 XR30 arms x2 £50 each (1 boxed) Vortech MP40 QD X 2 (both boxed) £235 each Reeflink £50 Nyos 120 skimme... ...
153.Corner Unit for sale - full marine setup 19/04/17 Yes
I will be dismantling my current marine setup shortly, would prefer to sell as one lot, but if you interested in separate items then let me know. 190ltr Jewel Trigon 190 with cabinet (some slight marks on glass, but not when it has water in it)cabinet is solid. lid has been cut to accommodate an ov... ...
154.Marine fish, Anemone, Live rock, in Corner unit full marine setup 19/04/17 Yes
Huge Anemone hosting x2 clowns (cinnamon clowns) banner fish x2 blue damsels x2 shrimps x1 emerald crab (if I can find him) some clean up crew I will be dismantling my current marine setup shortly, would prefer to sell as one lot, but if you interested in separate items then let me know. 19... ...
155.ND aquatics full marine set.up with extras. Skimmer sump wavemakers jebao TMC 18/04/17 Yes
Up for sale is my full marine set up. Details as follows; Sumped ND aquatics 3ft x 18 x 18 10mm glass optiwhite front tank on white stand. 2ft sump Perspex lid. Solid plastic drain Flexi return pipe It2060 led lighting with remote control. Imitates full sunrise and dims accordingly J... ...
156.ToadStool 18/04/17 No
I have 3 Toadstools, each size of a dinner plates that are taking over my tank. If anyone has some live rock they'd like to trade please drop me an email.
157.Live rock, Inverts, Marine fish in mature marine Aquarium - all to go 11/04/17 Yes
Regal and purple tang, clown fish, shrimps, crabs, tube anaemia, corals, Mature Marine Aquarium with live stock. White, Aqua One, 300 litres with skimmer, pump etc as in full working order is looking for a new home. Price £650. Buy as seen. New owner will need to collect and dismantle to take aw... ...
158.Live rock 10kg 09/04/17 No
Well established live rock had for years downsize forces sale There is 9kg of display Rock and 1kg of smaller pieces I used in sump £35 07946230864
159.AquaNano 40 + Jebao Rw4 full setup 03/04/17 Yes
All bought brand new 3 months ago. No scratches on the tank - comes in original box. I have made shelfs out of eggcrate that slides into one of the back chambers. Tank + glass lid LED Light Jebao Rw4 wavemaker Aquaone pump Heater Thermometer Aquaroche Jawfish home Small bit of liv... ...
160.Cheap Tank closure - all purchased wharf aquatics live rock and fish 02/04/17 No
Breaking down my friends tank, last few bits left. Pair of wild Indian Ocean clowns, stunning £35 large 5 inch marine beta £20. There is also over 200kg of live rock, £6 a kg, paid £11 per kg, or could do a decent deal if you wanted the job lot (£1000). Also, if you buy over 20kg can do at £5 per kg... ...
161.Complete Marine 200ltr set up for sale 01/04/17 Yes
Complete marine tank including approx 45 kg live rock a few corals deltec skimmer a surface skimmer a fuval 405 filter and a uv filter steriliser also a led lights and a 3 cuboard cabinet all in good order and have got 2 clowns a lemonpeel also a tang and a copperband all healthy and feeding well se... ...
162.Live Rock 30/03/17 No
approximately 75kg of Live Rock for sale. Decent size pieces. Collection Scotter. £150 job lot or £3.50 per piece.
163.Cheap 200+kg live rock wharf aquatics £6 per KG 27/03/17 No
Breaking my friends tank, all rock purchased from wharf aquatics for £11 per kg. A mixture of lovely flat pieces and building pieces. Lots of corals available too, see my other advert. Contact max on 07738708788 - based in chilwell Nottingham.
164.Stars strips 24/03/17 Yes
Had him or her for 2 half years but selling as now got new hobby £150 ono allso live rock £70 for 10 10 10KILOS
165.Red sea reefer 450 22/03/17 No
Red sea reefer 450 in white for sale due to house move. £1600 Includes everything: Cabinet great condition no marks and no scratches on glass. Maxspect razor lights with 2 120 degree reflectors. 1 x Gyre powerhead 1 x mp10 powerhead Deltec skimmer 2 x heaters Dosing containers with 3... ...
166.live rock 21/03/17 No
Hi I have for sale about 30kg of live rock. good colour unfortunately breaking tank down. also abot 20kg of ocean rock looking for about £200 for the lot thanks
167.Live marine rock, coral sand, marine rock rubble 17/03/17 Yes
I have for sale approximately 50 kilos of marine live rock. I have had this stored for a few months. There are lots of different size pieces some large, it will need to be set up and matured, also included is some coral sand This lot will be ideal for anyone setting up a new Tank. I would like i... ...
168.Marine Aquarium with Sump Refurbished 13/03/17 Yes
169.live rock 06/03/17 No
25-30 kgs of live rock for quick sale £ 75.00 collection from TW4....CALL 07769786917
170.24kg Quality Marine Live Rock 02/03/17 Yes
24kg of quality marine live rock, for sale after tank downsize. Has been in tank for 3 years so lots of life and no pests or nasties. The rock has a few corals attached mainly finger coral, xenia (pink and metallic green) and star ployps but alos a few random zoas and mushrooms. Rock is currently... ...
171.Corals and Live Rock Wanted Stafford/Stoke Area 28/02/17 No
Hi I am after corals and some more live rock I am from Stafford. Looking forward to hearing what people have on offer :)
172.Marine Aquarium - Full Setup - With corals and invertebrates 28/02/17 No
Marine Aquarium Setup. 50 litres. I am selling this after accepting a new job and being away for the next month and therefore no one being at home to provide the needed continued care for the aquarium. What is included: Fluval Edge tank (Cost £145 Six months ago and converted for marin... ...
173.Marine Aquarium And Lots of Extras £175 ono 27/02/17 Yes
60 ltr marime tank. Shrimp and goby pair. Anthirus, hermits snails, sexy shrimp, live rock and corals. 2 x arcadia stretch led lights, protein skimmer, heater, filters, refractometer, ph reader, phosphate test kit coral supplementslots of extras. Worth double but moving house so a reluctant sale.
174.live rock £2 per kilo & equipment for sale. 22/02/17 No
50 kilo of mature live rock. Just closed down my 600lt marine tank. Items for sale. Deltec APH525 skimmer with DCS 600...PLUS Eheim pump...£60 Deltec FR509 reactor....plus Rio 2500 pump... £30 H2Ocean FMR 75 Reactor...plus DD Solutions pump... £25 sold Sera Precision UV-C WATER clarifer 2... ...
175.25kg of base rock dead live rock 20/02/17 No
Approx 25kg of dead live rock fills a 40litre flexi tub £100 collection ash vale
176.Marine Fish Tank and stand, power heads etc offers 19/02/17 No
Hello I have for sale a aqua 1 fish tank and stand 2ft x 2ft cube with approx. 30 kg of Fiji live rock & branching rock just removed from tank pluse power heads, heater marine fish food etc. Offers & pics to follow. please contact me if interested contact me on 07921 527341
177.Fish Tank live approx 30 kg of fiji live rock and tonga branch rock, power heads etc offers 19/02/17 No
Hello I have for sale approx. 30 kg of Fiji live rock & branching rock just removed from tank pluse power heads, heater marine fish food etc. In a aqua 1 fish tank and stand 2ft x 2ft cube, Offers & pics to follow. please contact me if interested contact me on 07921 527341
178.Nano marine setup and fish 19/02/17 Yes
Full nano marine tank and setup. Fully mature system with Live sand . XL Live rock. Heater. filter .LED light system. Includes 1 clown fish (NEMO) and 2 regal damsels. NO TIME WASTERS . NO OFFERS. GENUINE INTEREST ONLY. £190.00 07803925220
179.Marine tank breakdown 18/02/17 Yes
Haven't had it long selling due to upgrading to a bigger tank... tank is still running now. Tank is a jewel lido 125 litre with stand comes with original filter with loads of different media for keeping nitrates and phosphate out of the water spent a fortune on the media alone it has rowa plus p... ...
180.Live Rock 14/02/17 No
Closing tank down 30 klgof live rock a few Kenya tres a toadstool offers around £ 4 .00 per kg or the right price for the lot
181.Full marine tank and livestock for sale 12/02/17 No
Full marine setup and livestock for sale. List as follows! •5x2x2 tank and 4ft sump filter £350 •Led light unit £120 •Jebao adjustable wavemaker £40(very powerfull) •Tunze care magnet £10 •X amount of live rock Cabbage coral on large piece or live rock Gsp on large piece of live rock ... ...
182.Live rock and some corals 12/02/17 No
Everything in this pic bar fish. Include live rock some lovely pieces plate and others. Zoas mushrooms chalice trachy favia red monti plate green monti digi. Live sand if wanted. £225 all to go as one. Bristol 07894865500
183.15kg of Mature Live Rock £50 12/02/17 Yes
For Sale 15kg of live rock. 10 years old mature live rock from my tank. It's going to be kept in the marine water until the sale. Plus 15 kg of used live pink Red Sea sand as a bonus if the winner would like it. Based in Westcliff on sea, Essex
184.Live rock £5.50 per kg 11/02/17 No
I have around 80kg of live rock for sale at £5.50 per kg
185.Best live rock on the market- Biorock shop 11/02/17 Yes
Biorock shop Live rock specialists: Buy the best liverock on the market for the professional look in your home and commercial aquariums. Our live rock is the highest quality rock on the market and can transform your marine aquarium into a natural biotope. With our engineered natural rock, on... ...
186.Marine fish, Live rock in 4x2x2 10/02/17 No
Picasso trigger Koran Angel Caribbean blue tang ( pretty much mature colours) Sailfin tang, Wimplefish, Clown. Pretty sure its a betta life space, (had it a long time) full running marine aquarium, (silver) tank, stand, sump (had repair), return pump, fluorescent lights, (got 150w halide, a... ...
187.Full Marine tank set up 07/02/17 Yes
Full marine set up for sale. This is a lovely little tank that has the added benefit of being fitted with a sump, this not only gives more water volume but also houses equipment giving you an undisturbed view inside the display tank. The sump is brand new and is not baffled it's just used ... ...
188.Live rock 04/02/17 No
I have lots of live rock all shapes and sizes. Clean and ready to go. Bargain. £100. Was in a 300 litre tank.
189.Yellow Tang 04/02/17 Yes
Yellow Tang for sale. Approximately 5-6" in length. Owned for 3 years without any issues. Quite territorial so better to be only tang in the tank (although we introduced two together, in a large tank). Plenty of live rock. Fed a mixture of flake, pellet and live food - eats well. £65.00
190.LIVE ROCK for sale All SOLD 03/02/17 No
Well matured, £5 a kilo or £4.50 a kilo for 10+kilo bought, holywell! Just off the a55
191.Fluval Internal Skimmer 02/02/17 Yes
Unfortunately I am shutting down my Marine Aquarium due to a lack of time since starting my own business. Skimmer is in good working order worked great on my 150l. Always pulling out really dark gunk. Only used for approx 6 months. Looking for £30 I also have available approx 10kg of l... ...
192.Fluval CP3 Powerhead 02/02/17 Yes
I'm shutting my marine tank down and got this powerhead for sale. Its the Fluval Sea CP3. Suitable for 200l tanks with a 2800lph. Works perfectly and only been used for about 6 months. New these go for around £40 so Ill take £20. Ive also got a skimmer, live rock, LED lighting system an... ...
Matured live rock for sale, at £5 per kilo. I am in the process of dismantling my marine tank. I have got in excess of 60-70KG.
194.V2 Auto Top-up Unit (Still in box) 01/02/17 Yes
I'm shutting down my tank and I've got a few pieces of kit to sell. There is a V2 Auto top-up unit that has never been used. Its still in the box. Brand new they are £45 so asking for £35 since its never been used. I also have live rock, marine books, LED lighting unit, powerhead and Skim... ...
195.Marine Fish Tank £750ono 30/01/17 Yes
Below is a list of what I'm selling and the price I originally paid for them. I will be selling the tank as a complete set. 1 x tank and stand 1 x set of Hydor Koralia smart wave power heads to create waves £200 1 x marine dc return pump DCS-4000 Jacob £80 1 x led light for sump tank 1 ... ...
196.Looking for live rock Northumberland 28/01/17 No
Looking for approx 8 kg of live rock Northumberland area.(or other if willing to courier) If you are thinking of breaking down a tank please let me know.Thanks
197.Marine rock 30 kilos 27/01/17 No
30 kilos of live rock for sale in bulk £100 Call or text 07470138193
198.Marine Tank Clearance fish coral live rock 25/01/17 No
See ebay link Everything must go unfortunately due to house renovation. The following is what is left and included: 25kg of high quality live rock 4x Yellow Tail Blue Damsel Royal Gramma 2x Common Clown Fish Spot Tail Wrasse Boxing Shrimp Blood Shrimp Long Spine Urchin Leather Coral... ...
199.marine setup £350 25/01/17 No
Closing down my marine tank as I do not have the time. £350 for the complete set up. 30 kilos live rock £120 Large powder blue tang , cleaner wrasse, pair of common clowns, pair of fire fish, large cleaner shrimp, large algae Blenheim, four green chromis, blue leg crab ,large turbo snails, £180 . ... ...
200.Live rock 20/01/17 No
I'm shutting down my marine tank due to lack of time. So I have approx 10kg of live rock for sale. Its full of copepods since its been running in a active tank with fish until yesterday when the fish went. It does have hair algae on but this a plainly because I have been unable to maintain th... ...
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