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Message me your orders please: Be quick these do go fast. (while stocks last) 12 fish for 10 18 fish for 15 24 fish for 20 Red Silvertip tetra Serpae tetra Tiger barbs Zebra danio Harlequin rasbora Albino tiger barb Assorted platy Assorted swordtails Leopard danio Pearl danio Asso... ...
2.Updated Stock List Living World Tenterden 28/09/17 Yes
L number Plecos: L418 Panaque titan/Shampuma Royal 245 L147 Hypostominae Ancistomus 25 L128 Blue Phanton Pleco 4" 64.99 L204 Flash Pleco 2" 45.99 L056 Chubby Pleco 39.99 L400 Hypancistrus sp 34.99 L260 Hypancistrus Queen Arabesque 44.99 L129 Columbian Zebra Pleco 25. L200 Green... ...
3.Fish for sale, all for 110 if gone asap 01/09/17 No
I have some fish for sale 16inch African arowana 60 12-14inch pacu 20 14inch red tail catfish 25 14-16 inch tigershovelnose 35 2ft clown knife fish 50 110 for them all if gone asap
4.18 inch red tail catfish 22/08/17 No
I have an 18 inch red tail cat fish that has out grown her tank.if anyone out there can give her a good home in a bigger aquarium than mine then she if FREE of charge, my aquarium in 7 foot by 3 foot and 2.6 high. She is in good health and just needs a bigger home. My number is 07742 595983 P... ...
5.Predators for sale 30/07/17 Yes
Lovely coloured red tail catfish for sale approx. 22" long, feeds from hand lovely pet, just finishing with hobby is reason for sale 30, also have 12" alligator gar with slight humped deformed back, but lovely fish 30, red tiger Oscar about 9inch long, beautiful colours and temperament 10 tel Stu... ...
6.15 inch ted tail cat 11/07/17 No
15 inch red tail catfish great feeder best fish in my tank only selling because he's getting to big now for my tank and carnt aforde a new tank at the mo he's a very healthy fish eats prawn sprats and well anything you put in the tank
7.2 foot long Red Tail Catfish looking for a new home. 17/06/17 Yes
Looking to give him away for any price. Red Tail Catfish. Eats Well. Hand feeding. Nice colours. Any offers welcome. 07849840985
8.oddballs and tankbusters 01/06/17 Yes
Hi,I'm selling some of my fish as I'm closing down some of my tanks Here is the list of the fish below Which are available to collection Only,from hackney London e8 Semiprochilidus tanairius,(flagfish)10" approx True parrot fish 10"approx,cichla kelberi 12" Red giant goramy 14", red tail cat... ...
10.Tiger shovel nose,giant albino gourami,massive red tail catfish 06/05/17 No
24 inch tiger shovel nose In mint condition with no problems Selling tank reason for sale 26 inch redtail catfish in perfect condition Eating very well and very active Very large albino gourami eating and very active Whatts app or call me for pictures
11.Ten-Inch Red Tail Catfish 17/04/17 Yes
Stunning Red Tail Catfish for sale. Ten inches and growing big. Feeding well on prawns, squid and mussels. Will need a big aquarium. Collection from Twickenham. Buyer will need a big bucket to transport. 30.
12.Asian red tail catfish 06/04/17 No
Asian redtail catfish will stay silver around 4 inches collection from stoke on trent.20.00
13.Red tail catfish wanted ideally around 8-10" 28/03/17 No
I have a 6x2x2 tank ready set up and as been running for over 3 weeks all ph levels and nitrates are fine and can be seen on request. I realise how big these fish grow and i am looking into having a 10x5x5 heated pond built. The fish will be very well looked after and pictures can be sent as fish is... ...
14.2 foot long Red Tail Catfish for sale. 20/02/17 Yes
Red Tail Catfish. Eats Well. Hand feeding. Nice colours. 100 ONO. Any offers welcome. 07849840985
15.Red tailed catfish 7" or above 13/02/17 No
Hi I'm looking for a red tail catfish has to be 7" or above please contact me if anyone has one
16.Albino red tail catfish 15 11/02/17 No
Approx 3" eating well 15
17. Mambo Aquatics Darlington New List 1/12/16 01/12/16 Yes
*** Mambo,s Aquatics 1/12/16 New List *** - Jaguar Cichlid - Jack Dempsey Cichlid - Firemouth Cichlid - Green Terror Cichlid - Texas Cichlid - Indian Gourami - Opaline Gourami - Red Tail Catfish - Albino Clown Knife Fish - African Brown Knife Fish - Assorted Peacocks - Silver Arrowa... ...
18.Red tail catfish for sale or swap also Jardani arowana for sale 30/11/16 No
As above 19" and hand feeding on many foods Will swap for ghost carp or fancy goldfish Any offers welcomed 07951321461 Text only thanks
19. Mambo Aquatics Stock List 23/11/16 23/11/16 Yes
*** Mambo,s Aquatics Availablity List *** - Jaguar Cichlid - Jack Dempsey Cichlid - Firemouth Cichlid - Green Terror Cichlid - Texas Cichlid - Indian Gourami - Opaline Gourami - Red Tail Catfish - Albino Clown Knife Fish - African Brown Knife Fish - XL Piranha - Silver Arrowana - ... ...
20.Red Tail Catfish 17/09/16 Yes
RTC feeds on anything 15" - 20" 60 Ono
21.predator fish for sale 02/03/16 No
Range of predator fish for sale as shutting tank down to make cichlid tank... Florida gar Red tail catfish Shovel nose tiger Birch eel 2 Oscars Any interest ring or text 07951321461
22.REDTAIL CATFISH FOR SALE 100 29/02/16 Yes
Red tail catfish for sale. 14 inches long and 9 months old. loves being hand fed. 100 OR NEAREST OFFER. Contact 07713720378 or 07496960745 collection in BAYFORD, HERTFORDSHIRE
23.Red tail Catfish and shovel nose catfish 26/12/15 No
I have a youn red tail and tiger shovel nose for sale they are both just over 3 inches long and feeding well. The only reason for the sale is that I want to breed cichlids in the same tank they are housed in. 10 for them both. Collection only please. 07871 366813
24.baby red tail catfish 2 in will need a big tank 1 only Ferrybridge aquatics 10/12/15 No
one only red tail catfish 25 ferrybridge aquatics stocks 600 sp of fish wild and tank bred
25.Red tail catfish free to good home 20-30cm 07/09/15 No
a friend is looking for a home for his red tail catfish it has a few war wounds from living with a black piranha for the last week due to other tank cracking but nothing that wont heal up in time. FREE to a good home.
26.New stock list 25/08/15 Yes
Few awful pictures washington aquatics stock list community rainbow shiners 4 torpedo barbs 4 clown loach 2" 4 MEKONG RED FIN LAMPEYE KILLIS 2 sunset platys 2 saluwsi rock shrimp 4 medium Rock Shrimp xlarge 5.99 betta pugnax 3 cherry shrimp 1ea 10 for 8 ghost knife fish... ...
27.Red Tail Catfish and 5Ft tank with filters complete Eheim P3 25/08/15 Yes
28.Red tail catfish tinfoil barbs and plec 29/07/15 No
I have one 14-16 inch redtail catfish, 5 6-8 inch tinfoil barbs and a 6-8 inch plec for sale. also 12 inch mayan cichlid 15 6-7 inch sydontis multipunctatus 15 Would like 35 for the catfish, 25 for the barbs and 15 for the plec. Pickup from crawley.
29. wanted red tail catfish 23/07/15 No
Wanted asap red tail catfish to go in a large tropical pond
30.Red tail catfish 24/05/15 No
We have 8 x red tail catfish for sale. They are around 3" long and we are asking 20 per fish. Contact or call in at the shop for further details. 01422 836616 [email protected]
31.predator fish , oscars , sevs ,texas, catfish 24/02/15 No
Hi all im just setting up a new monster tank Anyone got for sale any :- Predator fish texas cichlids south and or central american cichlids red tail catfish jags peacock bass Please contact me via text or phone as email doesnt always work as close to bradford as possible but may... ...
32.Red tail catfish 2ft long quick sale 03/02/15 Yes
Red tail catfish 2ft long lovely markings quick sale ! Call 07749220172 will provide pictures If need be can't upload
33.Red tail catfish 4-5 inch 26/01/15 No
perfect condition, very active and eating well 25 any questions txt 07715 806 972 shane
34.South American Red Tail Catfish 04/01/15 No
As the title ,about 4 inches long 20
35.Hemibagrus Wyckiodes, Asian Red Tail catfish 03/01/15 No
I have a few of these for sale 3 to 4 inches . 7 each or 2 for 10 Please note these get large so some research is recommended.
36.Emsworth Aquatics Availability List 09/12/14 Yes
AVAILABLITY LIST LIVEBEARERS Assorted Mollies 2.60ea Balloon Mollies 2.85ea Assorted Male Guppies 2.25ea or 4 for 8.76 Female Guppies 1.80ea or 6 for 10.20 Male Endlers 2.25ea or 4 for 8.80 Assorted Platys 2.50ea Assorted Swordtails 3.00ea CICHLIDS Gold Severum 6.95ea Red ... ...
37.Super rare Albino & Platinum red tail catfish 1st ever in the uk 23/11/14 Yes
On my next stingray import in two weeks, I've got the chance to get some of these super rare beauty's... 7 golden albino and 1 pure platinum red tail catfish... 7/8" golden albino 1500 6" pure platinum 3500 Please be aware how big these guys grow... Any one seriously interested pm me 50%... ...
I am reluctantly having to move my beautiful red tail catfish as I need to make way for some new smaller tankmates. I've had him for a couple of years, he's approx 18" long and in perfect condition with some beautiful markings. Like a typical redtail he has a large appetite and will eat just abo... ...
39.predator fish for sale rtc, rtc x, spotted gar, pacus 18/11/14 No
6xRed tail catfish 4-6 inch 10xRed tail x 4-6 inch 4xPacus 6-8 inch 4xSpotted gar 4-5 inch Offers or swaps other preds
40.Red tail catfish for sale 25/10/14 Yes
Approx 30cm redtail catfish for sale. Good condition, reason for sale is I'm trying to focus on other fish in my tank so I need more room for them. Eats prawns, whitebait and pretty much everything really. Wanting 15!pick up this weekend preferable as im in work all week
41.Red tail catfish. And tiger shovelnose catfish 14/10/14 Yes
Red tails 3 inch. 20. Shovelnose are 5 inch 15 each
42.red tail catfish huge 10/10/14 Yes
I have for sale a huge red tail catfish. He is about 80 cm long and his weight is about 10 kg. I have to sell him 'cause I need more space in my fish tank and he is too big now. I have got him 2 years.....:(
43.tropical aquarium for sale 10/10/14 Yes
4ft tropical setup with 14" red tail catfish 6" rainbow shark approx 7" black ghost knife fish and a large red claw crayfish complete with internal filter, heating, lighting cabinet etc. Cabinet has some water damage but still looks ok all for 250 ono reluctant sale as having to give up hobby du... ...
44.New stock list. Malawi tangs community oddballs. Predators 07/10/14 No
Washington aquatics new stocklist red frontosa 2 8.99each haplochromis borleyi 3.5-4 8each haplochromis ahli hormone 3.5-4 8each albino yellow labs 4 8each super vc-10 haps 4 8each aulonocara nyassae ob 4 10each (10 available ) aulonocara nyassae pink peacocks 3 10 green ... ...
45.6x2x2 fish tank 21/09/14 No
6x2x2 fish tank has been repaired but is 100% water tight as I am currently still using it. Comes with 2 large oscars 2 red belly pacu mayan cichlid large red tail catfish and plenty american cichlids. Looking for 300 or swap for 4ft tank and stand and 150ono
46.WTD - Big cichlids+Catfish 03/09/14 No
Hi I have a big practically empty 7'x2'x30" tank and im looking for the following fish, as local to telford as possible All fish need to be 5"+ Jaguar Cichlid Red Festae Cichlid Green Terror Cichlid Peacock Bass Texas Cichlid Jack Dempsey Cichlid Midas Cichlid Aligator Gar ... ...
47.red tail catfish two half feet long 25/06/14 No
Our stock list and prices of what we have in at the moment are as followed.. Special orders can be made, as long as deposit is paid. Tropical Fish: JUST IN: 2 large Male Frontosa (Around 7inches and 9inches) - 60.00 each or 100.00 the pair. Topaz Puffer Fish (Around 5inches) - BACK IN ST... ...
49.RED TAIL CATFISH 18INCH 09/05/14 Yes
18inch RED TAIL CATFISH FOR SALE Feeding well on any frozen and sinking pellets. Very health and active catfish, will come up to feed off your hand. Amazing temperament, kept with flower horn, red devil, giant gourami, silver doller and tin foil barbs. Makes a perfect aquatic pet 3... ...
50.HEMIBAGRUS WYCKIOIDES (asian red tail catfish) 24/04/14 Yes
51.RED TAIL CATFISH 21/03/14 No
Red tail catfish 1ft in length 40 ono swaps considered
52.Lots of Large predator and aggressive fish need gone ASAP make me an offer. 20/03/14 Yes
Hi all Selling on behalf of a pal, who needs all of these fish gone immediately. They stand him at about 400 so time to grab a bargain..... All fish need to go together, pick up from Brantwood road, Salford, m7, may consider local delivery for petrol costs. Please note large tank will be ... ...
53.wanted red tail catfish 13/03/14 No
Red tail about 30 inches to go in my 8 ft tank will give good home Warrington Wigan Leigh St Helens area thanks
54.Now in at TWA Birmingham 07/03/14 Yes
We have in stock the following.. Cichlids Veija Argentea 12" 3" Aequidens . Chocolate cichlid H.temporalis. Apisto Inca. C.nicaraguense. V.Synspilum 3" 10" Rare Blue face severum 1 st ever! Green Severum. Red face severum. Dimidochromis compressiceps. Pseudocrenilabr... ...
55.wanted red tail catfish 15/02/14 No
Red tail catfish about 2 ft Northwest area Warrington Wigan St helens
56.S O L D 16 inches -17 inches Red tail Catfish swap anything considered 06/01/14 Yes
Hi I'm getting rid of my redtail catfish as he as outgrown my tank and he needs a larger tank. He only has one eye but warn born like this so is doesn't affect him any and he's got a brilliant character. He's feeding well on prawns, whitebait abd pellets so if you interested give me a txt and like I... ...
57.Large: Pacu, Red Tail Catfish, Red tiger Oscar & Pleco CHEAP 30/12/13 No
Selling all four for only 50 or will accept reasonable offers, reason for sale is that I need the tank emptied for ordered African chiclids. Also for sale are large pieces of bogwood and drift wood and some mixed gravel. Can send pictures/videos and size/dietry details of the fish on request. ... ...
58.Red tail catfish rtc Oddball odd ball Cichlid Essex sold sold sold sold 28/12/13 Yes
Hi i have for sale a stunning RTC catfish this fish is great and feeds from the hand nice example of the species Fish is up for sale as we are changing this tank over to Flowerhorn Price - 30 Size - 18" approx Location - Harlow Essex contact 07549613144
59.Need gone ASAP Cheap 26/12/13 No
I have one large 16" + pacu also a red tail catfish 19"+ and a red tiger oscar which I would like to sell or swap for malawis, fileration and/or light unit. If you want to buy the fish give me an offer. Email only please due to a change in phone number. Kai
60.Large oddballs for sale/swap , Sussex 25/12/13 No
I have one large 16" + pacu also a red tail catfish 19"+ and a red tiger oscar which I would like to sell or swap for smaller chichlids or malawis. If you want to buy the fish give me an offer. Email only please due to a change in phone number. Kai
61.Maple Aquatics Dereham Norfolk near Norwich 09/12/13 Yes
We stock tropical and coldwater fish We can special order in any fish you may want Frontosa 12 Cobalt turquoise blue discus 50 Orange discus 25-40 New and second hand tanks in stock Comer tank and stand with filter heater and lighting 60 2ft tank with filter 20 Rekord 600 with fi... ...
Hello there im selling my red tail catfish he is nearly 2ft long and he is half a foot wide head end. he is in perfect condition, and hand feeds. 200 ono
63.Red Tail cat +++ RTC X TSN big catfish 19/11/13 No
for sale need gone asap. 15inch red tail catfish 11 inch red tail catfish 18 inch red tail catfish x tiger shovelnose cat 13 inch pengasius 13 inch common pleco (full bodied) 50 for the lot they have been moved into my smaller 6ft x 2ft x 18 tank and they need 6x2x2 minimum.
64.Fish for sale . Swop 12/11/13 Yes
14" silver arowana 45 10" white and red Oscar 25 12" golden snake head 60 8" fresh toad fish 60 10" red tail catfish 30 All the fish are in good condition and perfect health Please check my other listing . Lot of things going to sale
65.Swords, discus, predators, catfish, convicts, plecs, mollies, guppies, rainbow fish, dIscus, barbs, tetras, cold water, equiipment, frozen foods 05/11/13 No
I have recently established a new fully licensed fish house. I stock about 120 varieties of tropical fish in approx 40 tanks, including, barbs, puffers, different types of Plecs, tetras, loaches, corys, danios, different cichlids, large angels, gouramies, Siamese fighters, mollies, platties, gupp... ...
Very healthy red tail catfish. Selling as it is growing to big for its tank. It is 25 to 27 inches. If interested, please get in contact. Thank you, Keith
67.Stock clean out 15/10/13 Yes
2 X silver arowana about 10" and 12" 45 each 8" red tail catfish 25 3x sun spot catfish about 6" 10 each 14" track eel 30 18" parnoon shark 45 2x tiger Bichir about 8" 25 each Yellow diamond piaranha about 5" 70 Please text me if you interested in any of them. Will swap for... ...
68.Maple Aquatics Dereham Norfolk 08/10/13 Yes
Red Tail Catfish about 20" in lengh 50 2ft silver tank and stand includes heater fluval u2 filter and light unit 70 Breeding pair tiger oscars 45 Breeding pair of large black angel fish 30 Open mon-sat 9-5 sun 10-1
69.Red tail catfish 07/10/13 No
Hi I'm looking for a red tail cat fish. No bigger than 12". I'm willing to travel up to an hour away from Wrexham. Thanks
70.2x 9 inch tiger oscars 07/10/13 Yes
2x 9 inch tiger oscars for sale. Or will swap for a red tail catfish.
71.Rare fish for sale in Leeds 05/10/13 Yes
Need tank space so going to sell the flowing . 14" MBU puffer 110 17"high fin Paroon shark 50 8" red tail catfish 25 5" sun spot catfish 10 each Male Flower horn 8" 120 Sliver arowana 12" no drop eyes 45 each 5" Yellow diamond piranha 70 16" super red violet fusion 1200 ... ...
72.Red tail catfish for sale in Leeds 20/09/13 Yes
It's about 8" at the moment. Very chunky and nice color fish. I owned it when it about 2". It's happy to watch it grow and it will still grow bigger and bigger . Looking for only 25 . Please text me if you have a tank big enough for him .
73.male flowerhorn 25/08/13 No
i have a male f/h around 6" imported from thailand he is a srd x kfml healthy fish eating and pooping well only reason for sale is i need the room he has never been in with other fish only looking for 40 grab a bargain or will trade for a red tail catfish
74.Red Tail Catfish 24/08/13 No
I am selling a 15 inch Redtail Catfish very active and is feeding well on anything that it can fit in its big mouth. I can send photos, please call for info I will take 25 pounds for it.
75.RED TAIL CATFISH 25/07/13 No
14 inch redtail catfish 50 ono will cinsider swaps. call ritz 07791388350
76.Rtc red tail catfish. 11 inch 11/06/13 Yes
For sale is my beautiful red tail catfish (RTC). Stunning markings as you can see. Selling as funds for making a bigger tank have fell through and this guy is sure growing. I'll be gutted to let her go. 30 Ono. Call or text on 07590263342 Or email [email protected] St5 area.
77.Relisted red tail catfish for sale 05/06/13 Yes
This is Garfield my lovely red tail cat. It is around 12 - 13 inches long and really chunky. I reluctantly have to get rid of it as it is growing too quickly for my tank. It feeds really well on prawns and white bait as is partial to a piece if ham. It has lovely markings on it head and fins are per... ...
78.red tail cat fish swap 21/05/13 Yes
Here is my red tail catfish,hes approx 1fr long had him since a baby, loves his food. any questions please call 07837 062212 40
79.AT AQUATICS 14/05/13 Yes
AT AQUATICS 133 Elmbridge Road Great Barr Birmingham B44 8AG 0121 356 8554 Stocking A good range of coldwater, Tropical and Large Tropical Fish. We have a good variety of all ranges of fish. Also stocking little and large unusual's from baby shrimp, frogs and lobsters to arowanas, piran... ...
80.true asian red tail catfish 08/05/13 No
stunning Asian red tail catfish for sale pick up only from Grimsby wanting 30 or swap for spotted gar thanks marc 07746497129
81.Maple Aquatics Dereham Norfolk 01/05/13 Yes
Tropical Coldwater Marine and Pond Fish We have everything you may need for your aquarium and pond Pond Plants in Stock 10kg Live Rock 80 Red Tail Catfish 75 Trigon 190 in White NEW Call for more details 01362 692532 Lido 120 in beech Rio 125 in beech New and second hand fish ... ...
82.18" Red Tail Catfish for sale or swap/px for alligator gar 28/04/13 No
18" Red tail cat fish for sale or swap for an alligator gar. Fish is very healthy and eating well. 40 or swap/px for an alligator gar. Buyer must bring own box for transportation. Tel: 07867124287
83.4 foot fish tank with red tail catfish 29/03/13 Yes
hi, i have my 4 foot fish tank and red tail catfish for sale, the tank is is good condition and has a hood with a light but doesnt cover the whole tank, comes with heater, filter etc.. and has a stand with 2 storage cupboards. the catfish is in great condition and eats well, he will get very big... ...
84.4 foot tank and red tail catfish 28/03/13 Yes
h, i have my 4 foot fish tank and red tail catfish for sale, the tank is is good condition and has a hood with a light but doesnt cover the whole tank, comes with heater, filter etc.. and has a stand with 2 storage cupboards. the catfish is in great condition and eats well, he will get very big ... ...
85.FREE. Red tail catfish 24/03/13 Yes
Red tail catfish healthy happy FREE 26" 30" must go into extremely large tank more like a indoor pond these fish like to swim and eat as I say free to a good home will make a great family pet
86.FREE TO GOOD HOME :) 16/03/13 No
I have a plec approx 10inches and a Red Tail Catfish approx 8inches, I rescued them but are getting a bit big for my tank. Welcome to view. Collection only from Burnham on sea, somerset. For any questions please contact me on [email protected]
87.Red tail catfish 13inch 15/03/13 Yes
Thinking of swapping my red tail catfish for something different, he's a good 13 inch, hand feeds fantastic character would like to swap for big cichlid, thanks for looking
88.4foot tank and red tail catfish 11/03/13 No
i have for sale a 4foot tank and stand with everything. comes with a 7-8 inch red tail catfish. collection from gl51 8ax cheltenham 100 ono
89.7x2x2 fish tank and odd balls 09/03/13 No
No scrathes to tank comes with lid light and stand needs cosmetic attention 2 pangasius catfish 11'+ 2 Plecos large Trio frontosas large Trio venustus cichlids adults Giraffe catfish 18'+ Tiger shovel nose catfish 10'+ Shovel nose x red tail catfish 10+ 2 Texas cichlids 3 ob blotch cichl... ...
90.Maple Aquatics Dereham Norfolk 05/03/13 Yes
Tropical Coldwater and Marine fish Red tail Catfish 100 Tiger Shovel nose Catfish 100 Open Mon-Sat 9-5 Sundays 10-1 www.mapleaquatics.co.uk
91.red tail catfish 19/01/13 Yes
8-9" red tail cat eating well good condition growing very fast, must have large tank or pond. 30 call or text 07568302451
92.red tail catfish for sale 16/01/13 No
i have a 4 inch red tail catfish in healthy condition, pick up from blackpool 20 or swap for other tropical fish please call or text on 07784315905 thankyou
93.red tail catfish 05/01/13 Yes
8inch red tail cat growing fast easily 1.5 inch a month eating well. Must have very ;arge tank as fish get big open to offers or trades on cichlids. call or text 07568302451.
94.rtc red tail catfish 05/12/12 Yes
hi i have for sale a rtc about 12-14inchs stunning fish very chunky feeding on prawns muscles ect only reason for sale as out grown tank open to offers do swop on the right fish for 4-8inches thanks joe
95.red tail catfish tiger shovelnose for sale both just over 2 foor long 15/11/12 Yes
2 foot long red tailed catfish and a 2 foor long tiger shovelnose catfish ,both in superb condition had these since they were an inch big ,i did plan on building an indoor pond for them but just havent got the time to do it ,currently in a 10 foot fish tank and this is 2 small for them now really so... ...
96.payara tetra sabertooth vampire tropical fish 7" aligator gar 8" indo dats 2 " 01/11/12 No
payara tetra sabertooth vampire tropical fish 7" aligator gar 8" indo dats 2 " also a Nile perch just testing the water on that see what offers a get it is 8" atm baby red tail catfish baby tilipia x2 baby salvini x2 baby peacock bass mono also huge 2000 lph canister filter with ... ...
97.Redtail catfish for sale (Falkirk area) 30/10/12 Yes
Redtail catfish for sale (Falkirk area) 25 ono. The fish is approx. 12" in length. For sale due to a change of stock in the tank. Beautiful fish in great condition, normally fed on fresh fish and prawns. Be aware Red Tail catfish are best kept away from smaller fish.
98.Red Tail Catfish 30 ono (Edinburgh) 08/10/12 Yes
Selling my 16" RTC as i have 2 and they have recently started fighting with each other. only looking for 30 as im not wanting to make money on him just wont him a good home. I would also consider swapping for other large fish or just make me a offer.
99.FREE red tail catfish x 2 plus lg bogwood FREE 06/10/12 Yes
1 x 36 inch red tail catfish and 1 x 20 inch red tail catfish , both FREE with a huge peice of bogwood to a good home , stunning condition, must go asAP my tropical pond has sprung a leak ,TAKER COLLECTS AND NO TRADERS call adam on 07920258848 or 01460929463 or 07908042142.. previous dreamers and ... ...
100.Red tail catfish 25/09/12 No
Red tail catfish for sale about 3 inch 30
101.Red Tail Catfish FOR SALE. Collection only, Swindon. 07590643864 23/09/12 No
10 Inch Red Tail Catfish for sale 30 Collection Only Swindon. She is in amazing health and condition. She also enjoys being hand fed and petted. If you are interested or would like some more info please call me on 07590643864 or email to [email protected] Thanks Todd
102.red tail catfish 20/07/12 No
large red tail catfish wanted! about 3ft or more.. will pay good money for right fish...
103.red tail catfish 14/07/12 Yes
i am looking for a new home for my red tail as he has got to big he is about 12 inches long at the moment i have happly kept him with fish that he can easely eat and he has never botherd with them i would be looking for about 50 for him or i would do a swop depending on what it was for please c... ...
104.red tail catfish 06/06/12 No
red tail catfish about 15 inch or bigger stunnin fish, 30 pounds, my new number 07544544393
105.red tail catfish 31/05/12 Yes
Red tail cat 15" 50 calltext only as email not working thanks
106.Red tailed catfish... needs to go asap 28/05/12 No
stunning red tail catfish, living with other large fish, but has outgrown his tank, he is approx. 10 inch long, open to offers as must go soon
107.Jewel vision 180 Tank for Sale. 27/05/12 Yes
3' bow fronted fish tank on beech cabinet,built in heater and filters, fully working, with lights in hood, available with or without fish, which are :- large upside down catfish large gibisep plec large male green severum large red tail catfish offers around 200 with fish... ...
108.red tail catfish 13 inches 30 23/05/12 Yes
great eater very active getting too big for tank 30
109.1 Foot Long Red Tail Catfish 100 17/05/12 No
I am selling my red tail catfishes they are very healthy and are fed frozen prawns and tuna Chunks for extra protein. Very Nice specimin.Buyers Collect. please bring polybox as fish is too large for normal size bags
weve got a stunning red tail catfish for sale this has been a shop display for just over a year now and is feeding on anything you offer an will feed from the hand its in with a shovel nose cross rtc (that is also for sale) so gets on well with other fish no problem, i will only let this go to someo... ...
111.2 feet red tail catfish for sale in Leeds only 40(sold) 06/05/12 Yes
Text me if you are interested. Also got a 14" Oscar for sale for 20. Or both for 50, May swap for some small fish. cheers.
112.Red Tail Catfish for sale 26/04/12 No
Red Tail for sale, around 5-6 inches currently... VERY healthy fish. fin perfect. feeding on prawns, muscles, pellets, etc 2 to choose from collection pref. but can deliver locally (ripon, york, harrogate etc) 30 o.n.o or would swap, email with what you have.
113.2 feet red tail catfish for sale in Leeds only 40 22/04/12 Yes
Text me if you are interested. Also got a 14" Oscar for sale for 20. Or both for 50, May swap for some small fish. cheers.
114.red tail catfish 17/04/12 No
2.5ft rtc,great colours,feeds on anything u put in tank:) eats from ur hand,big tank or tropical pond will needed.. 100
115.2 feet red tail catfish for sale in Leeds 10/04/12 Yes
Hi there is a very nice RTC for sale, in great health and have amazing color.Just because too big in my tank and still growing,collection only.looking for quick sale for 50.pleast contact me if you are interested. Thank you. May swap for what you got
116.predator tank close down 09/04/12 No
2 banded tiger oscars 6inch 1 albino tiger 4 inch 2 pure white albino oscars 2inch 1 climbing perch 5 inch 1 silver arowana 10 inch 3 jaguar cichlids 1x4inch 2 around 2inch red tail catfish 1o inch mint 1 peacock bass 2 fire eels 8 inch think 1 male and 1 female ( not sure) wantin... ...
117.4ft juwel rio with rtc 04/04/12 No
Hi for reluctant sale is my 4ft juwel rio full tropical setup includes external fluval filter air pump lights (needs looking at). Fluval heater black sand stones plants and other bits & bobs also includes 9" red tail catfish 9-10" tiger shovelnose xrtc both fish very tame will eat from... ...
118.2 feet red tail catfish for sale in Leeds 02/04/12 Yes
Hi there is a very nice RTC for sale, in great health and have amazing color.Just because too big in my tank and still growing,collection only.pleast contact me if you are interested. Thank you.
119.bargain 399 the lot plz read 29/03/12 No
hi i have a really nice 5ft tank with solid wood lid and lighting with 2x powerful internal filters, & 2x heaters also 4-5 nice pieces of bogwood all for 300 fish for sale as follows: 1x arowana around 19-20 inch real stunning fish 100 1x giant red tail gurami 50 1x large ghost nife fish ... ...
120.Catfish and oddballs 150ono for the lot 13/02/12 No
Hi im puting my muched love monsters up for sale asim converting me 10ft tank in to comunity fish. I have the following up for grabs red tail catfish 14in+ / clown knife 14in / african lung fish 18in / tiger oscar 10in / marbeld calaris 9in / two albino commen plecs 7in / 6in jag / fire eel 10in
121.10inch red tail catfish 07/02/12 No
10inch redtail catfish for sale,feeding on prawns,chicken,cod,cant take a pic as in a indoor pond at mo more than welcome to come and view.
122.Silver arowana, RTC, Giraffe catfish, Paku, oscer 28/01/12 Yes
Here i have my pride and joy up for sale. I am making the move to salt water. These are all large in size, but all are fantastic and fun to watch fresh water fish. fish for sale consist of- 2 x Osscer 10 - 12" 1 x Silver Arowana 18 - 20" 1 x Red... ...
123.red tail catfish for sale 26/01/12 Yes
catfish is 20 inchs long and still growing . big tank will be needed for this fish . 200 ono.plz contact 07505337840 for details.
124.fish for sale 15/11/11 No
3" midas cichlid, 3 3-4" tinfoil barbs, 3" rivulatus, 3" albino convict, 5" tiger oscar, 3" red tail catfish, 3" firemouth, any resonable offers taken
125.indo tiger fish, red tail. 02/11/11 Yes
Hello, I have now only 2 beautiful fish for sale a Indonesian tiger fish and a red tail catfish. 4 inch tiger- 25 8 inch red tail- 25 Those of you that know these fish will know how lovely they are. Please email. [email protected]
126.Red Tail Catfish 6" 24/10/11 No
Unfortunately this guys been a victim of the red terrors breeding, sex unknown, but such a beautiful fish. 40 phone or txt me anytime 07896678995
127.FISH COLLECTION with 4ft fish tank + equiptment 19/09/11 No
1x tiger shovelnose/red tail catfish aprox 1.4ft bought for 100 2xlemmon barbs bought for 40 medium large 1x asian redtail catfish arox 1ft bought for 100 red tail catfish just under a foot bought for 50. 4ft jewel fish tank 240 litres, + pond one extrenal filter 1000 litres per hour + tetra... ...
129.9 red tail catfish and 4 rocket gars offers 11/08/11 No
9 red tail catfish and 4 rocket gars offers goin cheap want 10each for the redtails and for the rocket gars but more you take offers :)
130.1 Foot Long Red Tail catfish 100 (fed Exclusively on Tiger Prawns. 02/08/11 No
For sale 1 feet long Red Tail Catfish, very active likes to eat from your hand currently in a four foot tank. with another redtail catfish. the tail is very red and body of the fish very round in girth.
131.Red tail catfish and tiger shNose 31/07/11 No
Red tail catfish 9 inch for sale for 50. Tiger shNose for 50. If interested please do contact me via telephone or email me and I will respond a.s.a.p Note: pick up only.
132.RED Tail Catfish almost 1 feet 50.00 each 23/06/11 No
I have for sale large and growing Redtail catfishes fed on fresh crayfish and frozen prawns, vivid white uderside and bright red tail. please contact me for directions, This is a catfish from the amazon basin grows very large buyers will need deep pockets to keep this fish will fed so please consid... ...
134.Red Tail Catfish 10 and half inch 40.00 each 11/06/11 No
Hello for sale in east london Full bodied 10 to 11 inch redtail catfishes, fed on frozen prawns. growing impresively buyers must have large tanks. Please call with enquiries pictures also include other fishes I have for sale,
135.Red tail cat 06/06/11 No
Red tail catfish 12 inch Open to sensebal offers please text or phone will conceder swop of most fish or equipment thanks jamie
136.wanted red tail catfish or arrowanna 04/06/11 No
hi there im lookingfor a red tail catfish or a arrowana to go in a 6 ft tank cheap as poss please and will be well looked after im in plymouth so not to far from there as well many thanks, sean
137.WANTED list of fish and equipment 28/05/11 No
list of fish im looking for; peacock bass red tail catfish oscars (any considered) tilapia flowerhorn jaquar red devil equipment wanted; external filters (amy considered) larger internal filters breeding tanks heaters driftwood cash waiting for correct fish or equipment. can c... ...
138.Red Tail Catfish (Tyne & Wear) 23/05/11 No
Red Tail Catfish for sale approx 13" to someone who has very large tank. great condition and good feeder. 30
140.Fish 4 Sussex (cheap fish) 17/04/11 Yes
Hi were Fish4Sussex we buy our Fish in bulk from supply cutting out the middle man to save you money!!!!!!! Stock currently is Tiger Shovelnose 3"-4" was 15 NOW 10 Gold Cats 2" (rare) was 15 NOW 10 Mbu Puffer 7" 70 Fire Eel 15" 40 Silver Arowana 7" 30 Red Tail Catfish ... ...
141.red tail catfish ABOUT 11 inches LONG APPROX 15/04/11 No
142.Scotland - Free to Good Home - Red Tailed Catfish - Kirkcaldy. 15/04/11 No
Free to good home. Red Tail Catfish, approx 14 inches, nice and healthy, just needs a bigger home, love his Prawns. Also looking to sell or swap other large fish, pair of Tiger Oscars, group of four Silver Dollars, Apollo Shark, Four Line Catfish plus a few others. Please call or email for mor... ...
143.Red tail catfish 07/04/11 No
Free to good home, 22in long 16in diameter, very large in very good condition
144.RED Tail Catfish 10 and half inch 30.00 each 03/04/11 No
I have for sale a very nice full bodied Redtail Catfish feeding on Shrimps and prawns to give it optimum colouration. I have a smaller one for sale which is 25,00. Please feel free to call me regarding, any buying or information queries.
145.MALAWI TO SWAP 28/02/11 Yes
looking for a red tail catfish , tiger shovelnose catfish, arowana, spotted gar, alligator gar OR any other quirky fish to swap for 10 malawi (5cm - 2 inch) 1 gold severum 2 blue acara 1 firemouth 1 female convict so let me know what you have. the smaller the better. contact by text... ...
146.RED Tail Catfish 5 and half inch 25.00 each 20/02/11 No
Hi I am selling red tail catfishes they are eating mussels frozen and will eat fresh aswell, very nice specimins. very nice pets to have buyers must have a large tank as these will grow to about 2 and a half feet long. kind Regards
147.Red Tail Catfish 06/02/11 Yes
148.Red Tail Catfish 04/02/11 Yes
I am selling my red tail catfish, he/she's about 8-9" long and very solid. nice colours. selling as we just had a baby and need the space. 40. call or txt me on 07725413960 collection from barnsley
149.red tail catfish 30/01/11 No
ihave a redtail catfish for sale hes about 12" open to offers need gonne asap as my large tank has crackt thanks sorry no pic can send a pic by fone just ring or text on 07857137634
150.Northfield Aquatics - Freshwater 20/01/11 Yes
All of the following fish are settled and eating well, on sale this coming Saturaday 22nd Jan. Albino Corydoras Albino Cuivers Bichir Apple Snails Black Neon Tetra **69p for 5.00** Blind Cave Characin Blue Clams Blue Emperor Tetra Blue Lobster Bristlenose Plecs **1.99 or 3 for 5.00** ... ...
151.Northfield Aquatics Hull 10/12/10 Yes
Currently in stock at Northfield Aquatics, multi buys available on most fish... White Cloud Mountain Minnows Zebra Danio Leopard Danio Neon Tetra Lemon Tetra Buenos Aries Tetra Penguin Tetra Head & Tail light Tetra Pristella Tetra Serpae Tetra Colombian Tetra Harlquin Rasbora Red ... ...
152.piranahs 28/11/10 No
i have 7 adult red bellied piranahs as anyone got a red tail catfish they would like to swap with them or sale 60quid
153.red tail catfish 23/11/10 No
free to good home is my red tail catfish.he is in perfect condition with perfect markings and is about18 ins long.i am changing to marine,thanks lee 07971760259.
154.14 inch Red Tail Catfish 02/11/10 No
I have a 14 inch Red Tail Catfish for sale In good health and looks great 40 ono Email for pics
155.red tail catfish free to good home 02/11/10 Yes
Hi due to a change in circumstances my red tail cat is for sale.i dont know the sex so i will call it him.he is about 8/10 months old great temprament not shy and very friendly.he has good colour the tail is a nice pink colour and has nice long barbels.size is approx 8-10 inches.very greedy hand fee... ...
156.Red tail catfish 4" 28/10/10 No
young healthy red taied catfish 35 Any questions please ring 07526533049
157.red tail catfish 25/09/10 Yes
here i am selling my 6-7inch red tail catfish as i only have the room for one.he is a good eater and feeds every time.currently feeding him on prawns bloodworm and cod fillets.open to reasonable offers.i live in Barnsley, south Yorkshire and will consider delivering locally for a small fee but would... ...
158.Red Tail Catfish For Swap 12/08/10 No
Hey.. I have a RTC at just over a ft long. I have it in a tank with a snakehead and they have been fighting badly, the RTC has some fin damage but nothing that wont repair itself. I am looking to swap it for a pond filter or pond heater. If anybody local has any offers please email or call me, thank... ...
159.Red tail catfish 05/08/10 No
Here for sale is my foot long rtc. Growing very nicely eating like a pig. Reason for sale is ive got 2 motoros on the way and cannot keep them together. Collection only or delivery in local area at a cost. 80. For pictures i can email as will not let me upload. Matt
160.4ft x16x19 aquarium for swap with all fish and equipment 11/07/10 No
hi everybody i am advertising a 4ftx16x19 fish tank with stand,hood,light,fishs and all the equipment you need to have set up. just fill water and you got your self a bargain. I have the following: 4ft fishtank,hood,stand and some LARGE fish 1x large external filter(2275) 2x internal fluva fi... ...
161.red tail catfish or shovel nose wanted 11/07/10 No
hi there im after either a red tail or shovel nose cat around the 8" size, im based in nottingham so the closer the better unless you are prepared to meet half way, if you have photos that would be great also. thanks
162.Red Tail Catfish Kent 09/07/10 No
Hello I have a large 30" catfish for sale i have decided to keep cichlids so if anyone would like to swap for any large cichlids please let me know I am also open to offers on him. I also live in dover and it would have to be collection only.
163.red tail catfish for sale or swap for ray 29/06/10 No
hello i have a redtail catfish (around 22") for sale it is in excellent condition and feeds very well. Im asking for 35 or would swop/part ex for sting ray. thanks tel:07894864022
164.Large Motoro Stingray About 15" Round Disc 155 15/06/10 No
About 5 Years Old Very Healthy And Well Looked After Feeds Well On Prawns, Mussles, And Frozen Fish. Selling My Fish Tank And All Fish And Equipment As Am Gonna Start Up A Marine Tank Now. Other Fish I Have For Sale Include (A Large 20" Silver Arowana 65) (15" Tiger Shovelnose 35) (20&qu... ...
165.red tail catfish 10/05/10 No
red tail cat fish about 20 inches long free to a good home if collected must need a big (home)in the coventry area 07787707357 ps other big an small fish aswall
166.2 year old red tail catfish for rehomeing 26/04/10 Yes
hi i have a stunning red tail cat fish that needs to be rehomed as he has out grown my tank. he is a very good looking fish an very healvy, he has been hand feed from a baby , he is very playfull im very sad that im going to have to rehome him but like i say he has outgrown my tank witch is a 5ft b... ...
167.for sale red tailcat fish 23/04/10 Yes
hi i have a 2 year old red tail catfish for sale . he is about 30" long maybe longer his about 7 to 8" wide his in very good order. the reason for sale is his going to out grow my tank preety soon and im always away at work so i carnt care for him propley i also fell that he is unhappy in my ta... ...
168.RED TAIL CATFISH 15/04/10 No
Looking for a red tail catfish, can collect. The smaller the better as I do rather see it grow. Cash waiting. West Midlands, Birmingham Let me know if you can help, thank you. Email: [email protected] If you want email me.
169.RED TAIL CATFISH - SOLD 02/04/10 Yes
Hi RTC for sale, lovely fish, hand feeds, very confident. Feeds on anything that fits in his mouth, including my silver arowna and albino oscar!! @40 very nice little guy 07540565400 http://www.youtube.com/user/sultainus1993?feature=mhw4
Hi have 2 hybrids for sale, both 4inches and feeding on bloodworm, and prawns. 20 each 07540565400 if interestred picture is not of actual fish but they are excatly the same
171.5/2/2010 red tail catfish babys 10cm Ferrybridge aquatics 05/02/10 No
red tail catfish in stock at ferry bridge aquatics limited no 01977678016 closed wednesday
172.red tail catfish and pacu for sale 05/12/09 No
i have an 18inch red tail and a 12inch red bellied pacu for sale both are about 18 months old ive had both since they were a couple of inches long both are stunning looking examples plenty of colour the reason im selling is my silver arowana dosent really like the pacu and the red tails getting huge... ...
173.I have a red tail catfish 15 inches and a tiger shovelnose/ 10 inches an upside down catfish 5 inches all for 120ono 30/11/09 No
I have a red tail catfish 15" and a tiger shovelnose/ 10" an upside down catfish 5"lack of space forces sale all feeding very well 120 welcome to offers please ring or txt 07852 775238 or email [email protected] thanks daniel I can send pics i cant upload my pics on this site leave me y... ...
174.catfish 16/11/09 No
i have a true red tail catfish 12" and a tiger shovelnose/redtail cross 9" lack of space forces sale ONLY 60 pound for pair please ring or txt 07791533540 thanks
175.LOOKING FOR 2 Baby Red Tail catfish willing to travel 20/10/09 No
4"to7" call for more info on 07533377627
176.red tail catfish for sale 28/07/09 No
i have a red tail catsh for sale his a year old and ive had him since he was about 4 inches his now about 14-15 inches eats very well and is very tame 30 phone anytime on 07947933603
177.Predatory Catfish 14/07/09 No
I have sadly come to the decision of selling some of my favourite catfish due to a lack of space. I have for sale; 1 x Tiger shovel nose (15") @ 40 1 x Tiger/Red Tail cross (15") @ 30 1 x Perruno Catfish (17") @ 50 1 x Red tail Catfish (15") @ 20 (Red tail catfish h... ...
178.red tail catfish wanted 30/04/09 No
i would like to give your red tail cat a good loving home. if its out grown your tank and could do with a bigger home. must be free or cheap thank you for reading my add
179.Asian red tail catfish albino 17/04/09 No
perfect specimen calm at present living with african cichlids, eating catfish pellets and frozen, growing fast. 30 Nile tilapia 3-4 inches 5 each 6 available. collect Weston-s-mare 07747 626402
180.6FT X 20 X 20 12/04/09 No
Hi for sale i have a 6 by 20 by 20 fish tank in 10mm glass has scratches on the front but you wont be able to see them when the tank is full to the top, the tank comes with a ehiem 2260 bucket filter biggest filter you can buy does a tank up to 1500L holds about 19L of media.I have 2 or 3 heates wit... ...
181.RED TAIL CATFISH 24/03/09 No
I am looking to rehome my red tail catfish. I was going to build a pond for him but due to other pressing financial commitments I cant proceed with my plans. He is about 18-20 inches. He feeds well one to two times a week on fish fillets, whole sardines and prawns. I would love him to go to a large ... ...
182.6ft tank wanted in north wales area cas waiting upto 150 04/09/08 No
big tank needed for my red tail catfish no stand required would be happy with just the tank
183.baby red tail catfish 20/08/08 No
baby red tail wanted good home given by sombody who knows about them
184.Large fish for sale 27/07/08 No
Red tail catfish 20 inches........70 pounds Tiger shovelnose catfish 20 inches.......60pounds Giant albino gourami 20 inches........80 pounds Pacu 10 inches x 2........20pounds each Clown knife fish 16 inches........50 pounds Common plecs from 12-18 inches.... 20 pounds each Red tail catfish 1... ...
185.Red tail Catfish.for sale. 28/04/08 Yes
I have a huge red tail cat fish for sale at 150.00 Buyer collects to big to ship.Tel 01202 720120.
186.free to good home 18/12/07 No
any unwanted tropical red tailed shark odd balls or any think else up to 6ich in size plus red tail catfish really wanted for my over tank
187.Red tail Catfish wanted 20/10/07 No
I am after a Red tail catfish, all sizes considered.
188.red tail catfish 03/09/07 No
18inch red tail catfish.feeding from the hand and very friendly. please tel for more information. 07989309752
189.LARGE red tail catfish + Large tiger shovel nose catfish for sale 06/08/07 No
im selling my 2 beautiful fish because i no longer have room for the tank (juwel 400 which im also selling, contact me for details) they live happily together, they are about 2 foot long each 50 each thanks
190.looking for large cichlids above 6-7" free or to buy 31/07/07 No
hi i am looking to stock my two tanks 8'x2'x2' and 4'x2'x18" i already have the following Cichlids: 1 Red Devil (Cich Citrinellum) 2 Wolf Cichs. (Parachromis Dovii) 1 Hornet Cich. (Tilapia Buttikoferi) 1 Oscar (Astronotus ocellatus) as well as a collection of catfish: Two Red Tai... ...
192.20" red tail catfish 19/03/07 No
great looking and healthy red tail catfish. for more info and photos please email [email protected]
193.20"red tail catfish 14/03/07 No
20" redtail catfish for sale 50 great fish please email me for photos [email protected]
194.20"red tail catfish (photos available) 25/02/07 No
great an healthy looking fish feeding well 50. also for sale complete setup 6 ft tank for more info and photos please email [email protected]
195.american red tail catfish 23/01/07 No
very healthy feeding very well 20 inches long will take food from hand house move forces sale also 5ft 2ft 2ft tank for sale open to offers contact ian 07983826883 tank 19/01/07 No
aquarium and equipment including 18inch red tail catfish contact ian 07983826883
197.rare or unusual fish 24/05/06 Yes
we are now able to get hold of all sorts of fish, and they would come in on tuesday, so if you are after any rare or unusual fish, then please email me before tuesday, and i will see if i can get hold of them. some of the fish i can get hold of include juv. tiger shovelnose red tail catfish imp... ...
198.red tail catfish 16/03/06 No
looking for a cheap red tail catfish i live in the south yorkshire area
199.red tail catfish hybrid 25/02/06 No
Approx 1 foot long red tail catfish hybrid(photos available on request)will consider swap for other tropical freshwater fish or make me a sensible cash offer. Buyer to collect helensburgh area.
200.For Sale 09/09/05 No
i have for sale or swap 1 4-5" male convict 7 pound 1 5"male salvini cichlid 10 pound 1 9" senegal bichir 20 pound 1 8" feather fin synondontis 15 pound 1 9" male mozambique mouthbrooder 15 pound or 50 pound the lot all the fish are feeding well and are still growing but the reason for ... ...
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