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1wild caught True Altum Angels, golden nuggets 25 ... ... : Discus The video is of some of this weeks stock ready to go- 2.5 to 3 inch inch are 15 each,.. 3.0+ inch are 20 3.5 to 4.0 inch a ... 22/09/19
2Stingray Black Diamond Female Pup 550 SOLD : For sale high quality black Diamond Female Size 5 inch . Eating prawns and whitebates Price 550 Part exchange for other predators avail ... 22/09/19
3Black Diamond Male Freshwater Stingray : For sale high quality black Diamond Male Size 6 inch . Eating prawns and whitebates Price 650 Part exchange for other predators availab ... 21/09/19
4Pair of P14 stingray (SORRY SOLD NOW) : Hi, I have a pair of P14 stingray. Female is bigger about 12"-13" disc, and male is about 12" disc. 500 ono for the pair. (SORRY SOLD N ... 18/09/19
5Fish Tank For Sale : Tank Size - L - 24 inch H - 20 inch W - 13 inch Stand Size - L - 24 inch H - 28.5 inch W - 16 inch A complete plante ... 18/09/19
6Various Discus for sale (last few remaining) : Kept in HMA water mix, ph 7.2. originally all came from chens discus/discusforthediscerning/northantsdiscus. Feeding on beef heart, S ... 16/09/19
7Aquarium Rocks for cichlids and tropical fish tank... ... : Aquarium Rocks are produced from poly-resin which is safe for all aquatic life. The rocks are empty inside and have holes. Your fish can ... 16/09/19
83D BACKGROUNDS for any aquarium size - NOT FOAM , ... ... : Aqua-maniac.com is specialising in aquarium 3d decorations like 3d Rocks and 3d Backgrounds... We sell also matching rock ornaments, roots, ... 16/09/19
9Aquarium Backgrounds REAL 3D FOR ANY AQUARIUM or V... ... : Aqua-maniac.com is specialising in aquarium 3d decorations like 3d Rocks and 3d Backgrounds, roots and other decor... We do any sizes o ... 16/09/19
10SCREWCUMBER VEGGIE FEEDER/WEIGHT - Two year warran... ... : TROPICAL FISH FEEDER/WEIGHT. Effective and simple solution for anchoring veggies for bottom feeders. http://www.screwcumber.com Fa ... 14/09/19
11GEOPAHGUS RIO TELES PIRES/PANTA RHEI,MIRABILLS YOU... ... : As above Geophagus Rio teles pires/panta rhei Young breeding group of 8. 35 each or 250 the group Geophagus mirabilis Young br ... 13/09/19
12Black Diamond Pair Of Pups 1300 : Hi . For sale high end black Diamond pups. Eating prawns and whitebates Female on the left . Price 1300 for a pair Please check my ... 08/09/19
13H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seah ... 08/09/19
14Stingrays Black Diamond Best quality best prices : Hi . On the vid i add you can see high end black Diamond pups . Sizes from 5 - 6 inch Prices from 550-950 To see more available stin ... 08/09/19
15Geophagus Red Head Topajo Juveniles for sale : Geophagus Red Head Topajo Juveniles for sale. About 10 weeks old. Inch inch and a half. Feeding well on bloodworm brineshrimp. Looking f ... 04/09/19
16AUTOMATED WATER CHANGER 2019 : introducing the AWC Whether its freshwater or marine your water change made easy and mess free PLEASE VISIT MY SITE FOR MORE INFORMATI ... 27/08/19
17ATU-Pro3 Auto top up : introducing the ATU-Pro3 from Reefloat arguably the best ATU available on the market the new version takes automation of your aquariums ... 27/08/19
18Mini Marble Motoro Stingray pups for sale : Hi I have 8 Mini Marble motoro pups for sale with several of each sex. They are around 4-6 inch disk diameter as they are from multiple litt ... 20/08/19
19Malawi cichlids : Hi, I have the following fishes available. 1. WC - Aulonocar Saulosi group (1M, 3F) - Breeding group 2. Aulonocara Stuartgranti Ngar ... 11/08/19
20Top Stingrays UK : Top Stingrays UK are a top supplier of freshwater stingrays Currently there are many highest quality black diamond stingrays for sale ... 11/08/19
21125 - Aqua One Horizon Aquarium Fish Tank & Cabin... ... : Item 1: Aqua One Horizon Aquarium Fish Tank & Cabinet 122cm 182L for 125 Capacity 182 litres SIZE: 1200W x 360D x 1210H mm Retails fo ... 09/08/19
22home bred discus raised from eggs : I raised these fish artificially from eggs both parents can be seen, looking for 20 per fish collection in Lanarkshire 08/08/19
23Discus for sale 20 each : Discus fish for sale 20 collection in Lanarkshire, these are home bred, raised artificially and doing very well, very health and parents ca ... 06/08/19
24Short tail yuan bao goldfish : Short tail yuan bao goldfish,ranchu and lionchu,Also on facebook at London ranchu and delivery available 31/07/19
25Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus) Tilapia Finge... ... : Live Tilapia for Aquaponics in the Uk We supply Nile Tilapia fingerlings (Oreochromis Niloticus) in the UK as part of our quest to spread ... 30/07/19
26live Nile tilapia fingerlings from London uk Aquar... ... : http://www.livetilapiasupplier.co.uk/home can post for next day on mutual agreement. 1.30 each for 1 Inch discounts on larger orders. P ... 30/07/19
27Live Nile tilapia/catfish Fingerlings, for uk Aqua... ... : Fish Farm Uk is in the heart of the City of London. Beware of buying inbreed tilapia for aquaponics. (read on inbreed) why buy inbreed w ... 30/07/19
28Juwel Rio 450 tank and cabinet only - only 2 years... ... : Regrettably selling our beloved Juwel Rio 400 (450L) fish tank due to relocation. This was bought from new in 2017. Open to reasonable offer ... 27/07/19
29Koi for sale : We have eight Koi in good condition which we would like to sell as they were left by the seller of our new home and we have other plans. Sm ... 26/07/19
3010x Pterophyllum scalare tank breed 4 months old : Group 10x Pterophyllum scalare tank breed 4 months old Please see video, collection only SO163JL 25 21/07/19
31Manaus Aquarium Products : Manaus Aquarium products available at Discus Studio 21/07/19
32Boesemani Stingrays Pair SOLD : Hi . For sale a pair of boesemani stingrays . Size 9-10 inch . Price 2000 for a pair Part swap available. Please have a look on my ot ... 21/07/19
33F1 Curumucuri from wild parents : We have available F1 Curumucuri 8cm, 40 each. These are very nice fish from fantastic parents. Shipping available via APC overnight. Fre ... 18/07/19
34TILAPIA OREOCHROMIS Niloticus (Fingerlings) live o... ... : Fish Farm Uk is in the heart of the City of London. Beware of buying inbreed tilapia for aquaponics. (read on inbreed) why buy inbreed whe ... 18/07/19
35Rena fish tank : Rena 4ft bow fronted fish tank and stand All fitted out rocks pump heater and 30. Fish from large angles to large catfish to many to ... 18/07/19
36Beautiful Discus for sale : 3 different strains of young Discus for sale. I have some stunning 3 Discus for sale. Blue Turks AA Standard Red Covers AA Standa ... 15/07/19
37GEOPHAGUS RIO TELES PIRES/PANTA RHEI. : Hi I have some geophagus Rio teles pires/pants rhei for sale. Home breed about 1"+ in size. 10 each or 6 for 50. Pick up Bridgen ... 14/07/19
38Complete 300L Malawi Cichlid Aquarium with extras,... ... : Full Aquatic Setup, all under a year old, some much newer: The price is a bargain without even factor the actual fish. 850 Please note t ... 08/07/19
40Geophagus red head tapajo breeding pair & G Abalio... ... : Red Head pair have breed and raised fry multiply times Male 6\" Female 5\" 50 Female red head 4\" (fertile has breed with male above 15 ... 05/07/19
41Leopard Pleco Sailfin Pleco, Clown Pleco, Leopard ... ... : Selling my Leopard Pleco, approx 25-30cm long, healthy happy fish sensible offers please Collection From Reading, Berkshire. 01/07/19
42African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) for Aquaponic... ... : For info:please contact on 07961095993 They can grow quickly to a large size upto 60cm. 15/06/19
43Juwel Rio 180 made to fit 3D Rock background for 8... ... : We do 3D aquarium backgrounds to fit all Juwel aquariums. You can get a full length background to fit your Juwel aquarium if you've removed ... 14/06/19
44Cyphotilapia frontosa, moba, F0 XL young adults x ... ... : Cyphotilapia frontosa, moba, F0 XL young adults x 6 3 pairs, biggest male 32cm measured, other 2- 30cm, smallest female 23cm, other 2- 25cm ... 10/06/19
45Atlantic Tarpon : Hi . For sale Atlantic Tarpon Size 11 inch Eating prawns and mussels Price 130 . 08/06/19
46Shop display tanks : 5 banks of shop display tanks formed in a u shape but could also form a straight line. Inc of all pipe work, lighting, and return pumps, eac ... 06/06/19
47Stingray Black Diamond Female Pup 420 : Hi . For sale black Diamond female Size of the disc 6 inch Price 420. Delivery can be arranged Please look at my other adverts or joi ... 05/06/19
482 x Red Bellie Piranhas - sadly need rehoming urge... ... : I've raised these 2 fish from babies and unfortunately they have outgrown their tank. Both over 4 inches and voracious feeders, eating froze ... 05/06/19
49Stingray Black Diamond Female 890 : Hi . For sale high quality black Diamond female . Size of the disc 9 inch . Eating prawns , mussels and whitebates . Price 890 . Deli ... 26/05/19
50Free to appropriate home (Dorchester area) : I have moved to a house near Dorchester which has a pond and a single Koi that I dont want to keep. Pond and Koi seem in very good conditio ... 26/05/19
52STUNNING DEEP AQUARIUM : STUNNING LARGE DEEP GLASS AQUARIUM APPROX 750 litres 40inch deep, 5 foot long, approx 20in wide custom made 3d background (cost 150) or ... 03/05/19
53Stingray Black Diamond Female 850 : Hi . For sale black Diamond female Nice white spots Perfect fish Size 8 inch Price 850. Delivery can be arranged Please have a ... 28/04/19
549 x altum angel : I have 9 altum angels for sale, they are approx 2 years old. These were imported directly from Columbia about 2 years ago, when the were sm ... 24/04/19
556 x Altum Angels : I have 6 altum angels for sale, they are approx 4 years old. These were imported directly from Columbia about 4 years ago, when the were sm ... 24/04/19
56Stingrays Albino Pearls Males : Hi . For sale 6 albino males pearls . Size 9-12 inch . Some ready for breeding . Price 1850 each Please have a look on my other advert ... 22/04/19
57High output pond pump 50 - see video : Large capacity external pond pump. 50. See video for pump working today. Can demonstrate working on collection. Collection only, or can del ... 19/04/19
58Fish wanted for 3000 litre Tropical Pond : Any Fish too big or small I will give a forever home so you dont have to take to a pet shop or if they refuse, you can come visit whenever ... 15/04/19
59WANTED Cigar sharks (barbs) Lemon fined sharks (ba... ... : Cigar sharks lemon fined sharks & Flag tail any size considered 31/03/19
60New Guinea Tiger Fish 12 inch : Hi . For sale 12inch size New Guinea Tiger Fish . Price 490 Please have a look on my other adverts or join my Facebook group Top S ... 29/03/19
61Jaguar Chiclid Juveniles : Amazing colourings coming through from batch of Jaguar Chiclid juveniles Ive grown on. Feeding like piranha 🐋! Swallowing bloodw ... 23/03/19
62Baby Jaguar Chiclids (2-3INCH) : Amazing colourings coming through from batch of Jaguar Chiclid juveniles Ive grown on. Feeding like piranha! Swallowing bloodworm, flake, ... 21/03/19
63Stingray Black Diamond Female High quality : Hi. For sale Black Diamond Female Size 8-9 inch Eating prawns and whitebates Price 950 Please contact me by WhatsApp or join my Faceboo ... 19/03/19
64ADULT STENKER DISCUS FOR SALE : I have two adult (possible pair) 6" and 8" scribbelt red stendker discus bought directly from devotedly discus. Offers or will consider t ... 08/03/19
6510 x STENDKER DISCUS & FULL SET UP FOR SALE : Fish: 10 healthy, happy and beautiful Stendkers! Feed from hand on Stenkers beef heart mix. All bought from Maiden Head Aquatics Below ... 01/03/19
66Juwel 400 in Walnut FULL SET UP FOR SALE : Below is the link to the video of the tank on YouTube. Specs: Juwel 400 in Walnut Condition. Cabinet, solid and excellent condition. Ta ... 28/02/19
6717x Bleeding Heart Tetra (Hyphessobrycon erythrost... ... : 17 x Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma (bleeding heart tetra), quite expensive to buy at this size, I am asking just 35.00 for all 17. There ar ... 24/02/19
68TROPHEUS DUBOISI MASWA F1-FOR SALE : I have some tropheus duboisi maswa juveniles that are about 2"-4" in size. All healthy and growing fast as they are fed on spirulina flake a ... 15/02/19
69ND custom built 42x30x30 ...620 litre tank and sta... ... : ND aquatics Custom 42x30x30 620 Litre Tank 2 Months Old Graphite cabinet Perfect shape tank for discus or similar type fish and some ... 10/02/19
70Australohero Red Ciebals : Young Breeding pair of Australohero Red Ciebals. 50. Spare Male 25 04/02/19

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