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1Mikes Rifts - Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlid impor... ... : ***New tank bred Malawi cichlids added to stock list*** UPDATED Current Stock List Mbuna Cynotilapia afra Jalo Reef "Red Top" 24.0 ... 24/07/16
2Rift Valley Cichlids Wild Caught & Tank Bred : ***Tanganyikan and Malawi Cichlids for sale*** Pictures on the left are of actual stocks we have imported and sold. Visit our website ... 24/07/16
3NEW STOCK 23-07-16 - UK BRED DISCUS - NO IMPORTS -... ... : ORDER NOW FOR LICENCED OVERNIGHT UK DELIVERY DISCUS FISH SALES are one of the leading uk discus suppliers with many years experience. Our s ... 24/07/16
4Wet Pets Solihull have yet again another fantastic... ... : Hi I am a fully council licensed breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids. We are a home run breeder/shop with a separate build ... 24/07/16
5Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for ... ... : Hi all, I am a home breeder and this is a list of new fish I have ready for collection from Friday. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder of ... 24/07/16
6A FANTASTIC OFFER FROM A FULLY LICENSED BREEDER OF... ... : Hi all. I am a fully licensed breeder/seller and only sell good quality fish. We have a separate building from our house that houses over 50 ... 24/07/16
7Large Acrylic Aquariums UK company based : Looking for a LARGE acrylic aquarium ? We make the BIG stuff 5000 litres is the SMALLEST WE DO and are UK based! For more info see:- www. ... 24/07/16
8Texas Cichlid : Hey, I got male of Texas Cichlids (Herichthys carpintis) 2yers old.(6 inches-15cm).30. 23/07/16
9astronotus ocellatus (peru) oscar : Hey, I got pair of astronotus ocellatus (peru) oscar 3 yers old.(11 inches-35cm).99. 23/07/16
10TILAPIA OREOCHROMIS Niloticus (Fingerlings) live o... ... : Fish Farm Uk is in the heart of the City of London. Beware of buying inbreed tilapia for aquaponics. (read on inbreed) why buy inbreed whe ... 23/07/16
11L46 Zebra Plecos fry : Hi there, I am raising some funds for another project. Available for sale are some of my zebra fry ranging from the smallest at an inc ... 23/07/16
12Stunning Albino Yellow Tiffany Discus 200, Pairs ... ... : matched Albino Tiffany yellow (not proven or confirmed) These fish are absolutely stunning and are not your average fish. I paid 35 ... 23/07/16
13Stunning Albino Yellow Tiffany Discus 200 : Will load accurate picture and video asap matched Albino Tiffany yellow (not proven or confirmed) These fish are absolutely stunning ... 23/07/16
14SCREWCUMBER- MALAWI CICHLID/CLOWN LOACH/PLECO FEED... ... : TROPICAL FISH FEEDER. Buy online. Debit/Credit card and PayPal accepted. Only 5.39 and free Delivery in the UK! http://www.screwc ... 22/07/16
15H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seah ... 22/07/16
16Large breeding group Tropheus Ilangi [aprox 50 fis... ... : Due to my work commitments I'm forced to put on sale my large group of Tropheus Ilangi: 12x adults F1 from Mike at riftvalleycichlids.com an ... 21/07/16
17Southampton - F1 Metriaclima sp. Msobo magunga, F1... ... : F1 Metriaclima sp. \"Msobo\" magunga 4 to 5cm 10 each. 2 likely males and 5 likely females available. F1 Metriaclima zebra Luwino Reef 4 ... 21/07/16
18Livestock List Natural World, Syston, Leicestershi... ... : See our current updated stock list below- CICHLIDS- Chilasoma Festivum Nigerian red kribensis T-Bar Cichlid Cryptoheros sajica Crenic ... 21/07/16
19TRINITY CRAFT Bespoke Handmade Cabinets & Tanks To... ... : WHERE CAN YOU FIND.....MADE TO MEASURE SOLID WOOD CABINETS AND CUSTOM BUILT PILKINGTON GLASS TANKS??? RIGHT HERE AT www.trinitycraft.org.uk ... 20/07/16
20Juwel Trigon 350 Black, full aquascape set-up : Juwel Trigon 350 Black, aquarium and cabinet; with large manzanita wood, stone, sand and gravel. Recently replaced light units, entire u ... 18/07/16
21Red top Hongi Breeding pair + 20-25 fry of differe... ... : Have a breeding pair of stunning Red Top Hongi. They produce a new batch every few weeks. For sale is the breeding pair and the last few bat ... 16/07/16
22Guinacara jatapu South american cichlids very rare... ... : Guianacara jatapu RARE IN THE UK (young ready in a few weeks) , I have some of these ready in the next couple of weeks, I know there\'s ... 16/07/16
23Snakeheads channa ornatipinnis : I need to down size my collection of fish so I'm selling my group of ornatipinnis snakeheads there is 5 adults all around 6-7" I have h ... 14/07/16
24SOLD VIEJA BREEDING PAIR & JACK DEMPSEY BREEDING ... ... : Hi there I am selling my 6ft Aqua One Tank with cabinet stand in Beech Effect. As closing down the tank will sell fish separate if needed. A ... 13/07/16
25SOLD 6ft 600ltrs AQUA ONE FISH TANK WITH CABINET... ... : Hi there I am selling my 6ft Aqua One Tank and cabinet stand in Beech Effect. As closing down (Please see photos) as I am no longer keeping ... 13/07/16
26Lots of new corals in @ Coxwell Aquatics : Please check our video for a quick tour around our coral bay, lots of choice and some stunning pieces in stock, we have some really unusual ... 12/07/16
27Japanese Koi for Sale 60 - bargain offers : High Quality Japanese Koi. and Soragoi 60 Please bring appropriate boxes/transportation and bags 07576833002 07480685147 12/07/16
28Shop racking for aquariums : I have a full racking and tanks for sale There are 4 x 4ft tank with sump and racking All tanks are decided there are 20 compartment ... 10/07/16
29young kribensis : lots of young kribs for sale 10/07/16
30Supplier of Live Nile tilapia Fingerlings, for uk ... ... : Very well known in the uk. we have over 40,000 fish at any one time in our site. for large order anything over 5,000 will need advance noti ... 10/07/16
31Catfish fingerlings for sale (Clarias Gariepinus) : I have some Catfish for sale 6-7cm 8 each or 3 for 20 Call Kawthar on 07961095993 I can post anywhere in the mainland UK. Next day deli ... 09/07/16
32Coxwell Aquatics Stock List....Updated 09 July 201... ... : At Coxwell Aquatics we offer a courier service for all our livestock throughout the warmer months. UK Mainland delivery at 26 includes po ... 09/07/16
33Maidenhead Aquatics Osterley F1 BAENSCHI BENGA : NEW: BREEDING GROUP OF BAENSCHI BENGA F1!!!!! Malawi Cichlids: VC10 Hap - 10cm Red + Yellow Aulonocara(Baenschi) 10cm Red-Top Lab (Hon ... 08/07/16
34Koi carp and water lilies for sale : I want to sell all the fish in my pond. Different types of Koi carps in varying sizes, from 14 inches to 27 inches Difficult to say how ma ... 04/07/16
35AUTOMATED WATER CHANGER 2016 : introducing the AWC Whether its freshwater or marine your water change made easy and mess free PLEASE VISIT MY SITE FOR MORE INFORMATI ... 04/07/16
36RO auto shut off with 30 litre container : Reverse Osmosis add-on* 30 litre reservoir with Auto shut off solenoid fill it and forget it! - reduce the risk of floods *reverse os ... 04/07/16
37Carpet Plants for Planted Aquariums - Buy Online : Top quality carpet plants for your aquarium from Aquarium Gardens! Shrimp safe, algae free and sourced from European suppliers! We ha ... 03/07/16
38Malawi cichlids : Malawi cichlids for sale: Pseudotropheus perspicax super red top ndumbi male 4inches 15. Labeotropheus Trewavasae mpanga adult male 5 ... 29/06/16
39Fluval Profile 1200 aquarium with cabinet : Scratch free complete Fluval Profile 1200 aquarium with cabinet in mint condition (first owner, all instruction manuals available) with two ... 28/06/16
40Koi pond closure : Here we have a 4500 gallon complete koi pond for sale due to house move next summer fingers crossed. We have 17 very good quality koi with ... 27/06/16
41REDUCED Aqua Medic Anthias 160 Marine Aquarium Fis... ... : *****Tank now needs to go - will take sensible offers around 600.****** Aqua Medic Anthias 160 in walnut - for sale due to emigrating an ... 26/06/16
42REDUCED WILD Petrotilapia sp Retrognathus Chizumul... ... : I have 5 males and 3 females in the group. 130 for group Absolute stunners and good temperaments.. All fish were quarantined for 12 wee ... 26/06/16
43REDUCED WILD Labeotropheus Fuelleborni Katale grou... ... : 3 males 1 OB females and 1 normal female 80 for group Please watch the video attached. some of the best specimens you will see.. All fi ... 26/06/16
44Vieja bifasciatus, : Reluctantly selling my female biffa, she is about 9 inch long and a stunning looking fish, she's spawned a few times before, but the pair bo ... 26/06/16
45LARGE SPS CORALS FOR SALE- NEW LOWER PRICES : I have to make a bit of space in my reef tank so I have a few corals for sale. 2 large Red Montipora plates. beautiful shape, about 20cm ... 25/06/16
46IP Discus Scotland, UK supplier of World Famous To... ... : Have a look at our facebook page and click like to stay in touch. 17/06/16
47PRICE REDUCTION ON ALL FISH FOR FATHERS DAY : ALL PRICES REDUCED FOR FATHERS DAY LIVESTOCK LIST 16/06/16 updated We highly recommend researching fish before buying, NEW ... 16/06/16
48Stunning Selection of Discus. : We have the largest Selection of top quality Discus in Scotland, with over 25 tanks in our purpose built Fish Houses in Coatbridge & Drumc ... 12/06/16
49Stainless Steel Waterfalls : UK Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Waterfalls. Supplying Trade and Public www.waterbladesrus.co.uk 11/06/16
5010ft long 4ft Hight 2.5ft Width Approx. Fibreglass... ... : It is very good working order with some scratch painted blue inside Welcome to see with appointment. Aprox: 2,000ltr of water. It holds wat ... 10/06/16
51Nile tilapia supplier ( Oreochoromis Nileoticus) s... ... : Original Broodstock from Africa I can deliver next day Mon/Friday Call Kawthar on 07961 095 993 for more Info: very well known in the uk f ... 10/06/16
52Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus) Tilapia Finge... ... : Live Tilapia for Aquaponics in the Uk We supply Nile Tilapia fingerlings (Oreochromis Niloticus) in the UK as part of our quest to spread ... 10/06/16
53seahorses : true captive bred Hippocampus Erectus seahorses for sale. strong and healthy and eating frozen mysis shrimp. 65.00 each or 2 for 120.00 als ... 09/06/16
54Cichlids for sale : hi i have Cichlids Bules with yellow top fin and tail r 10.00. Pinks Albino r 5.00. brown pink ones r 2.00. have meany will do a deal on ... 09/06/16
55Congo Blue Cyphotilapia frontosa for sale : We have for sale wild caught Cyphotilapia frontosa Congo Blue's. All our wild Congo Blue C. frontosa are imported direct from Lake Tangan ... 04/06/16
56Aquaculture Supplies from Seahorse Breeders online... ... : Our on-line shop houses a comprehensive and extensive range of Mariculture products that support and enhance the feeding and breeding of mar ... 04/06/16
57New Oase Irrigation and Flood Pumps now available : New Oase pumps for Irrigation and flood use. Link to follow soon. or call or email. 01/06/16
58TOP QUALITY-MALAWI CICHLIDS - NORTH LONDON N22 , : *** SPECIAL DEAL :- YOU CAN CHOOSE 35 Various Young Cichlids (about 5 from each group ) for Only 80 *** I AM A EXPERIENCED BREE ... 31/05/16
59Zebra Pleco L46 : Hypancistrus Zebra 'The most high-profile aquarium catfish of our time.' The Zebra Plecostomus is a spectacular catfish that is wanted ... 30/05/16
60Sicce XStream-E wavemaker : near silent, compact,fully programmable for flow, time and pulse duration wavemaker.... 3000 to 8500 l/ph ... looking for 60 ... these reta ... 29/05/16
61Wild Caught Columbian Guppies, Guppy Pairs 6per p... ... : Colombian Wild Caught Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) Although similar looking, not to be confused with Endlers (Poecillia wingei) These ... 28/05/16
62stingray henlei female 10-11 inch for sale 350 : For sale henlei stingray eat frozen food and pellets. Great condition. Only seriously offer please. Please whatsapp if any questions 22/05/16
63Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water - 5 Stage filtered. : 5 Stage filtered and digitally measured ensuring zero TDS. 25 liters (5 Gallon), bring your own container. 3 Ready mixed with Tropic ... 21/05/16
6411 X angelfish F1 from wild parents- 300 pounds : Selling 11 of F1 angelfish from wild Peru Altum male and Rio Belem female 6 months old and large size already started to pair up and lay eg ... 18/05/16
66New Australia Coral order now in : New Australia coral order now in stock and ready for sale, all with fantastic prices! You Tube video is a quick tour around our coral bay ... 16/05/16
67A real Jewel for Sale - a 1000 LTR fully stocked r... ... : hi, Reluctantly selling my reef which have had for the 3 years as i will be leaving the country in a few months and want to find a new and ... 15/05/16
68guppies : hi have guppies males and females do not have any red looking girls left but have some orange ish ones you can see them in one of my vids ... 12/05/16
696 X STUNNING GENUINE F1 FRONTOSA MOBA : Stunning group of Six GENUINE F1 frontosa Moba, which were purchased from "Jeff Tucker"'so you know your getting quality fish breed from wil ... 09/05/16
70The ultimate Malawi, Copadichromis virginalis fire... ... : Lots of juvies available at half the going rate. 15 each at 2"+ Video of my breeding group. Collection only from Colchester Esse ... 07/05/16

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