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11000 of discus fish , CHESHIRE OAKS DISCUS LICENCE... ... : CHESHIRE OAKS† DISCUS†††††††††over 1000 to choose from†, ††from fully licenced fish keeper†††† ... 18/08/17
2100 s of DISCUS @ CHESHIRE OAKS DISCUS PET SHOP, f... ... : OVER 1000 , OF THE BEST DISCUS TO CHOOSE FROM, from fully licenced fish keeper 2.5 to 5 inch 2.5 inch, £15 3.0 inch, £2 ... 18/08/17
3A FANTASTIC OFFER FROM A FULLY LICENSED BREEDER OF... ... : Hi all. I am a fully licensed breeder/seller and only sell good quality fish. We have a separate building from our house that houses over 50 ... 18/08/17
4Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for ... ... : Hi all, I am a home breeder and this is a list of new fish I have ready for collection from Friday. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder of ... 18/08/17
5Wet Pets Solihull have yet again another fantastic... ... : Hi I am a fully council licensed breeder of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids. We are a home run breeder/shop with a separate build ... 18/08/17
6CHESHIRE OAKS DISCUS, 2.5 INCH, £15...3 INCH..£20 ... ... : Description: OVER 1000 , OF THE BEST DISCUS TO CHOOSE FROM, from fully licenced fish keeper 2.5 to 5" discus, ... 18/08/17
7BD TI : For sale BD TI 2 male around 9inches and 1 female around 6 inches all quality BD 17/08/17
8High quality pure BD TI : I have 2 high quality BD TI female pups for sale lots of potential waiting 17/08/17
9True GREEN TERROR Andinocara Stalsbergi Fry 1- 1.5... ... : Have about 20 True GREEN TERROR fry available.... These are super rare and range between 1" - 1.5" long and £8 each. 17/08/17
10SCREWCUMBER FEEDER- Two year warranty - Free deliv... ... : TROPICAL FISH FEEDER. Buy online. Debit/Credit card and PayPal accepted. Only £5.39 and free Delivery in the UK! http://www.screwc ... 17/08/17
11Large Acrylic Aquariums UK company based : Looking for a LARGE acrylic aquarium ? We make the BIG stuff and are UK based. For more info see:- www.aquariummasters.co.uk WORLDWIDE D ... 17/08/17
12Livestock List Natural World, Syston, Leicestershi... ... : We will soon be stocking a good range of marine fish, inverts and corals. CICHLIDS- Cryptoheros cutteri Honduran Red Points Hypsop ... 17/08/17
13Silver Arowana about 18inch for sale or swap for o... ... : Hi, for sale my silver arowana, eating prawns , mussels, morio worms. For sale or swap for dat tiger or azul bass . Price 100£ 16/08/17
14L260 & L339 Plecos : L260 & L339 for sale - fish are a minimum of 1" and bigger ones are 1.5" 5 L260 for £60 or 5 L339 for £50 Only selling this cheap to clear ... 15/08/17
15pleco : i have 14-15 inches Hypostomus plecostomus. free to go!!! 15/08/17
16F2 Amphilophus Hogaboomarum : i have 3 hogas from the only breeding pair off f1 hogas in uk ,, there were imported to uk from rapps fem and cota male . both originanate f ... 14/08/17
17tropical community tank fish : I have a tank that I want to change aroung so have the following for sale 3.5" Pakistani loach £2.50 4x 2.5" bronze corys (breeding group ... 14/08/17
18Zebra gold kawanga fry for sale £3 each or 4 £10 : Hi all 😊 right then I'm going to be selling some zebra gold kawanga fry a little bit earlier than I would of liked to, I think I've ... 14/08/17
19Stingray Black Diamond Big Spots Male 8inch 750 : Great condition, eating blood worms and white beats .any questions please text me or WhatsApp. Price 750 14/08/17
20Rift Valley Cichlids Wild Caught & Tank Bred : ***Tanganyikan and Malawi Cichlids for sale*** Pictures on the left are of actual stocks we have imported and sold. Visit our website ... 13/08/17
21Mikes Rifts - Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlid impor... ... : ***NEW Tank Bred Tanganyika stocks*** See full list below for NEW stocks. Pics are of current stocks. Current Stock List Tanganyik ... 13/08/17
22Supplier of Live Nile tilapia Fingerlings, for uk ... ... : Fish Farm Uk is in the heart of the City of London. Beware of buying inbreed tilapia for aquaponics. (read on inbreed) why buy inbreed w ... 12/08/17
23TILAPIA OREOCHROMIS Niloticus (Fingerlings) live o... ... : Fish Farm Uk is in the heart of the City of London. Beware of buying inbreed tilapia for aquaponics. (read on inbreed) why buy inbreed whe ... 12/08/17
24live Nile tilapia fingerlings from London uk Aquar... ... : http://www.livetilapiasupplier.co.uk/home can post for next day on mutual agreement. £1 each for 1 Inch discounts on larger orders. Plea ... 12/08/17
25Eheim Incpiria 400 litre - Black : An exceptional German built aquarium purchased in 2014 with stunning looks. The aquarium is just as described on the Eheim website. The tank ... 11/08/17
26H KUDA YELLOW SEAHORSES IN STOCK NOW : We have 100s of h kuda seahorses in stock now bred by are selfs they are a stunning cream and yellow colour. These are an ideal starter seah ... 11/08/17
27AUTOMATED WATER CHANGER 2017 : introducing the AWC Whether its freshwater or marine your water change made easy and mess free PLEASE VISIT MY SITE FOR MORE INFORMATI ... 10/08/17
28new marine forum : drop of salt 10/08/17
29For Sale - Wholesale-aquatics.com : Hello, Due to personal circumstances I am selling my website wholesale-aquatics.com Website can be easily transferred to a new host. ... 10/08/17
3010 inch Bumblebee Oscar for sale. : 10 inch wild caught Bumblebee Oscar.(astronotus orbicularis). Imported from Jeff Rapp in the USA a few years ago. £30 10/08/17
31Super Red King Kong Parrot LARGE : I have 3 large super red kkp for sale £150 for 1 or all 3 for £400 If u are intrested call me on 07859293030 Many thanks 09/08/17
32Nicaraguan Cichlids [Last 10] : 4.5cm long CLICK ON YOUTUBE LINK FOR VIDEO OF THEM... Nice and active fish. £2.50 each/10 left. Growing well! Pic of parent ... 09/08/17
33Platinum angelfish : Here I have some beautiful, perfectly formed platinum angelfish for sale There are bred by myself which means they are disease free and in ... 09/08/17
34Electric Blue Acaras. South American Cichlid : approx 35mm - 40mm £3 each or 10 for £20. .. £10 for 4. Growing quickly. These make stunning fish which grow to about 4 inches. Electric B ... 09/08/17
35Apisto Aquatics : where quality comes above all else !!! ran by breeder peter clarke who has previously been featured in practical fish keeping magazine (s ... 06/08/17
36Red cherry shrimp (Neocaridina davidi) for sale 25... ... : Red cherry shrimp (Neocaridina davidi) for sale 25 shrimp for £30 Mixed males and females. Some of the juvenile female shrimp will be sa ... 03/08/17
37Koi Zone For All Your Koi & Pond Supplies : Koi Zone are retailers of Koi & Pond Supplies in Based In Romford, Essex Koi Zone\'s aim is to sell Healthy High Grade Japanese koi and a ... 03/08/17
38BD Stingray Female 7 inch : Pure bd female . Size about 7inch. Eating prawns .white bites.pellets . Price 890£ For more photos or vid please text me or WhatsApp.thank ... 03/08/17
39Stingray Black Diamond Big Spots Female Pup 7-8 in... ... : Rrally nice female.spots are pure white . Eating prawns, morio worms , pellets. Price 850£ . Thanks 01/08/17
41Fish City : Advertising spaces available in up and coming new fish store. 30/07/17
42CB Hatchling Hermans Tortoise £100 born CB Feb 17 : I have for sale hatchling Herman's tortoises captive bred by myself and will come with article 10 paperwork (required by law) These have ... 29/07/17
43Desktop Jellyfish Aquariums NEW to the UK ONLY £12... ... : This small but stunning jellyfish aquarium is ideal for anybody looking to get into jellyfish keeping, or even for those that have been alre ... 29/07/17
44Eel tail banjo catfish Platystacus cotylephorus : I have for sale 6 Eel-tail banjo catfish Platystacus cotylephorus They are approximate 8" long feed really well, they will eat frozen and ... 28/07/17
45Stingray Black Diamond Male 9 inch : Good size bd male. Eat white bites, Hikari pellets. Any questions please text me or WhatsApp. Price 1000£ . Thanks 28/07/17
46Seahorse hippocampus reidi - pair : A beautiful pair of these Seahorses for sale. Bargain price of £225 for the pair as we are looking to close the tank down and need to reh ... 24/07/17
47Tropheus kapembwe wild group (purple rainbow) : Hi i am selling my group of tropheus kapembwe purple rainbow wild. I think there is 36pc Ratio 1/3 Bargin price of £550 the gr ... 24/07/17
48African Cichlids free to good home due to forced h... ... : 4 Peacocks, 7 Labs (4 Yellow and 3 Hongi), M. auratus (2 pairs), 4 Pseudotropheus (most fully grown 8-12 cm) and 3 Synodontis (7cm) and a do ... 22/07/17
49Malawi Cichlids 2 inches - 3.5 inches Aulonocara p... ... : Over 300 beautiful stunning fish, I have videos whatsapp me and i can send you some... 07956 948 123 Fed on quality foods and no issues, ... 21/07/17
51Entire Shop, contents and equipment for sale : Hi, Bit O Blue aquarium store is closing down and as such we have stock, equipment and infrastructure to sell asap Please get in touch ... 20/07/17
52Paramecium Cultures - FREE P&P : Paramecium are small one celled (unicellular) living organisms that can move, digest food, and reproduce. They belong to the kingdom of Prot ... 19/07/17
53MASSIVE PRICE DROP: 3 tank breeding rack with HMF ... ... : Breeding rack with HMF system I built this rack as a breeding system for Mbuna. I no longer keep them so itís up for sale. The frame ... 16/07/17
5430 Hyalella Azteca - FREE P&P : Hyalella azteca is a freshwater amphipod which lives near the sediment surface, burrowing in sediment and also scavenging on the leaf litter ... 14/07/17
55New Oase Irrigation and Flood Pumps now available : New Oase pumps for Irrigation and flood use. Link to follow soon. or call or email. 11/07/17
56Live Springtail Culture - FREE P&P : Springtails are very easy to keep and can be cultured in a small plastic container without causing any inconvenience. Keep them moist and f ... 11/07/17
57FLUVAL Roma 90 designer aquarium with brown woodgr... ... : Dimensions 120cm x 60cm x 36cm. Mature fish tank with Fluval U2 underwater filter, Fluval E100 aquarium heater with electronic LCD temperatu ... 10/07/17
58Garden Pond Equipment, Fish and Plants. Pump, UV F... ... : I am selling on behalf of my parents, all pond equipment and about 50 fish mostly goldfish some big ones. If any interest they are in Stourb ... 10/07/17
59Koi Sanke Yamabuki Ogon A+++ high-grade (see VIDEO... ... : Serious buyers with the right pond only please. Originally purchased from Harrow Koi Centre Sanke = 60cm Yamabuki = 65cm Both males ... 07/07/17
60HIGH GRADE Red Cherry Shrimp : Red Cherry Shrimp (home reared) Excellent 'clean up crew' Fed high grade food and organic vegetables. Selected breeding pairs f ... 06/07/17
61Japanese Koi Collection 4 - High-grade A++ (see VI... ... : This is a collection of high-grade Koi Originally from Harrow Koi Centre Doitsu Orangi Ogon - Female (50cm) Red-eye gin-rin platin ... 05/07/17
62Beani pair : Beani pair, male around 8 inches female around 4-5 inches 04/07/17
63F1 Uaru fernandezyepezi ( The Panda Uaru ) 3 inch : Probably the the first time these have been bred in uk water, These pandas are as strong as the regular uaru with not a single loss out of o ... 04/07/17
64FESTAE (Red Terror) Fry available - ONLY 30 Availa... ... : Have about 30 Festae fry available end of May... These will go quick so please confirm yourself on the interest list before its to late. Th ... 04/07/17
65BREEDING pair of blue turquoise and rose red Discu... ... : We've got a really special pair of discuss In store now! A lovely BREEDING pair of blue turquoise and rose red! These 2 will only be sold t ... 03/07/17
66Tanganyikan Cichlids, Comps, Fronts, Julies : Selection of Tanganyikan cichlids including Altolamprologus Compressiceps, Altolamprologus Calvus black pearl, Altolamprologus Compressiceps ... 28/06/17
67AquaOne Eurostyle 80 185L : It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to sell my tank. I no longer have the time to dedicate to this wonderful hobby which means my t ... 28/06/17
68F1 & F2 Cichlid Fry - Trewavasae, Venustus & Saulo... ... : Hi, I have 3 batches of fry currently for sale. Parents can be seen. 30-50 fry in each batch. F1 Labeotropheus Trewavasae "lions cov ... 27/06/17
69Steve T, Tunze 9002 slim skimmer cup. : I have a Steve T slim cup designed for the Tunze 9002 nano skimmer. The cup enables the skimmer to fit into the back in tank filtration comp ... 27/06/17
70NEW IN 7 - 12 Japanese Koi : In addition to the fish we currently have listed for sale, we now have a new batch of 29 high quality koi sized from 7 - 12 inches. As alway ... 26/06/17

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