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1Long Tail Ryukin For Sale : I have some really nice long tail Ryukin goldfish for sale. They are £25 each and 5-6". Collection only. Call 07711 253205 or 01278 793736. 26/05/17
2FREE mbuna Malawi Cichlids : Got some free Mbuna Malawi Cichlids FREE to good home, need to thin out constantly breeding stock. Mainly pink zebras and yellow labs and ... 24/05/17
3AUTOMATED WATER CHANGER 2017 : introducing the AWC Whether its freshwater or marine your water change made easy and mess free PLEASE VISIT MY SITE FOR MORE INFORMATI ... 23/05/17
4Bloody Mary Cherry Shrimp with Complete planted na... ... : Colony of approximately 20 Bloody Mary shrimp (good deep red variant of Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina)of various ages in a planted Superfish Ho ... 16/05/17
5Kribensis breeding pair for sale : Kribensis breeding pair for sale £16. Proven breeding pair of Kribensis cichlid, also known as Pelvicachromis Pulcher. These fish are ad ... 14/05/17
6RAIN2 Algae Scrubber : SOLD SOLD SOLD For sake a used Santa Monica RAIN2 algae scrubber. Easy to mount and run. Full high spec with 4 GEM red lights of perfect ... 14/05/17
7Neolamprologus Brichardi and Leleupi : Brichardi and Brichardi Fairy 1-2 inch, Yellow and Orange Leleupi 2 inch. Starting from £5. Please contact 07935 60118/07713 154 980 14/05/17
8Japanese koi in Bristol - Parkers Aquatics Bristol : We have some Fantastic Japanese Koi from Named breeders. Aoki, Chogoro, Shinoda, Sakasume, Hikari. Prices From £24.95 Parkers Aquat ... 09/05/17
9Zebra tilapia (Tilapia buttikoferi) : Zebra tilapia fryers the fish are around 1" Great looking fish this are the original bread and very desirable fish looks great in any tan ... 07/05/17
10Channa stewartii special X6 Rare dwarf snakehead : Here we have 6 young Channa stewartii, Special variation at 3-4cm+ (growing nicely). stunning dwarf snakehead Very Rare in the trade. max g ... 01/05/17
11YOUNG ADULT DISCUS (SCOTLAND) : A selection of home bred Discus all app 18 mths old,and showing signs of wanting to breed app 5+"- 7" pick up only no postage and no tyre ki ... 24/04/17
12Baby copper Axolotl for sale : I have a large number of very beautiful axolotls for sale. They are 9 weeks old, I'll be selling them at around 12 weeks once their back leg ... 23/04/17
134 Tinfoil barbs - see ebay : I have a shoal of 4 tinfoil barbs about 4 inches long. Clean and healthy. Absolutely, COLLECTION ONLY. For sale from 0.01 on Ebay (lin ... 19/04/17
14True GREEN TERROR Fry (ready for end of May 2017) : Have about 150 True GREEN TERROR fry that will be ready to sell at the end of May 2017.... These are super rare and will be 1" long and £5 e ... 14/04/17
15Pygocentrus caribe piranha for sale : I have a 4" caribe piranha for sale...this is a wild caught import from columbia for sale...not a tank bred pygocentrus nattereri (red belly ... 12/04/17
16Juwel Rio 180 Tropical Aquarium Mature Full Setup ... ... : £180.00 0N0 FANTASTIC FULL SETUP Juwel Aquarium - 101 x 41 x 50 cm. Cichlids include Zebra Obliquidens, Yellow Labs, Peacock AND a beautif ... 12/04/17
17WhichFishTank.Com - Your fish aquarium buying guid... ... : Which Fish Tank.com offers impartial advice and knowledge for anyone who is buying their first marine or freshwater fish tank /aquarium. ... 06/04/17
19Leopard Puffer (Tetradon Schoutedeni) : Leopard Puffer (Tetradon Schoutedeni) 2\" Max size 4\" £129.99 each 04/04/17
20Robin Hood Aquarists Nottingham Guest Speaker Even... ... : As part of the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Robin Hood Aquarists Society in Nottingham, we will have the pleasure of the company of ... 02/04/17
21Stunning rare lime anenome : Incredibly beautiful lime green carpet anemone - as you can see from the pictures it's absolutely beautiful, will host a variety of clowns t ... 30/03/17
22Juwel Rio 300 EX- display marine aquarium with equ... ... : Price includes: Tank and stand Aquamanta EFX300 external filter, heater, flow pump, 2 white and two blue t5 bulbs, V2 400 steriliser ... 28/03/17
23the NANO REEF DROP aquarium : NEW from Fistafiltration is the Nano Drop aquarium, as you can see by the picture it is a drop tank, this holds aprox 70ltrs and is designed ... 25/03/17
25Macro Algae for the Marine Tank, Seahorse Aquarium... ... : Livealgae UK Premium Marine Macro Algae for Your Marine Tank Passionately collected over the last 14 years we are happy to offer you a ... 13/03/17
26Black ghost knife fish 10 Inches : I am baised in epsom surrey and I am shutting down my tank will unfortunately have to sell of my fish. I am also selling a 15 inch ornate bi ... 06/03/17
27various x large Tropicals : MBU PUFFER £300 GIRAFFE CAT X 2 £225 each FEMALE HYBRID STINGRAY £300 (SOLD) MALE HYRID STINGRAY £320 (SOLD) FLAG TALE £200 EARTH EATER ... 01/03/17
28Malawi for sale : Collection from Beckton East London Albino socolofi 4-5cm £5 Protemelas Steveni Taiwan reef 3-4 cm £5 Red top hongi 3-4 cm £4 Red zebras ... 28/02/17
29Adult Breeding pairs of Kribensis Cichlids : Very colourful breeding pairs of Kribensis. Normal tropical tank, not hard water Cichlids. Juveniles also available. Very easy to breed. Nie ... 27/02/17
30Pygocentrus Ternetzi 11 inches : very very rare pygocentrus ternetzi 11\" £250 having to shut down my mixed pygocentrus piranha tank so regrettabley all are for sale 0755 ... 26/02/17
31108x33x26 tank and sump : 9 feet tank for sale Mp40 x2 Mp10 x2 Skimmer x2 Calcium reactor Reactors x4 All marine fish and rock and coral £2500 25/02/17
32marine fish and rock and coral in 108x33x26 tank a... ... : all fish and rock and coral in a 9 feet tank for sale Mp40 x2 Mp10 x2 Skimmer x2 Calcium reactor Reactors x4 £2500 25/02/17
336 x 5 month old Astronotus Ocelatus / Tiger Oscars... ... : Hi I have 6 tiger oscars for sale, they are about 5 months old and between 4 to 7 inches in size. You will also get all food i have been fee ... 25/02/17
34Tropheus murago Tanzania f1 : I have for sale the last of the tropheus murago Tanzania f1. 15 pcs £25 each or £325 the group. Pick up Bridgend south Wales Ca ... 23/02/17
35Nile tilapia supplier ( Oreochoromis Nileoticus) s... ... : Original Broodstock from Africa I can deliver next day Mon/Friday Call Kawthar on 07961 095 993 for more Info: very well known in the uk f ... 16/02/17
36Award Winning Corban Discus : Martin Ng TOP QUALITY DISCUS AVAILABLE AT CORBAN DISCUS. We are over the moon to announce that we are now able to bring top quality Discus ... 14/02/17
37Haps and Aulonocara for sale : Selling my group of all male haps and aulonocara all sourced from European breeders and around 2 years old.This is a nice settled group and ... 12/02/17
38Pearl Kamfa Flowerhorn - SMALL : Description Price: £25 Contact: 07400060511 Delivery all over the UK When you spend over £200 its FREE delivery or if you spend £ ... 04/02/17
39Devil Parrot : Description the reason they are called DEVIL PARROT is because Dad was a Red Devil and mum was a Parrot Fish Price: £25 - £45 Contact: ... 04/02/17
40Thai Silk Flowerhorn SMALL : Description one thing you can not deny how amazing the baby blue looks on the fish. Deals: 3 for £60 Price: £30 Contact: 07400060511 ... 04/02/17
42Tropheus Tanzania murago,kapembwe,chituta f1 for s... ... : Hi some tropheus i have available. Tropheus Tanzania murago f1 £25 each Tropheus kapembwe f1 £12 each Tropheus chituta bay f1 £12 ... 02/02/17
43fromfry.co.uk. Supplier of quality, tank raised, f... ... : We are a family run business, proud to supply good, healthy fish to our customers. Although we mainly breed and grow on our own fish, we do ... 28/01/17
44Pearl Rose Queen SMALL : Description I seen pictures of these beauty fully peeled and are on fire and at cheap price's Deals: 3 for £65 Price: £25 Contact: 074 ... 23/01/17
45Medium Parrot Fish : Description Nice and Healthy Parrot Fish with bundle of energy Deals: 4 for £40 Price: £12 Contact: 07400060511 Delivery all over the ... 23/01/17
46Rose Queens SMALL : Description they are 3 inch pre faded Rose Queen that will look like the pictures once fully ful grown Deals: 3 for £50 Price: £20 Con ... 23/01/17
47Standard King Kong Parrot Large : Description There not the red a grade kkp but the orange is strong followed along with the beautiful shape Deals: 3 for £120 Price: £50 ... 23/01/17
48Super Red King Kong Parrot LARGE : Description Deals: Price: Contact: 07400060511 Delivery all over the UK If you spend over £200 its FREE delivery if you spend £150 ... 23/01/17
49Small Parrot Fish : Description We have some very cute baby parrot fish half have peeled and are starting to colour up. and if you want more then 4 we can othe ... 23/01/17
50Red Texas KKP : Description The bright spots with the deep red make these have to be the best looking RT i have seen in a while. Price: £150 - £220 Co ... 23/01/17
51Red Texas Orange Kamfa : Description these guys have the face of a flowerhorn but are covered in spots like a RT Price: £150 - £220 Contact: 07400060511 Deliv ... 23/01/17
52Medium Blood Parrot : Description Now these guys are super red Deals: 4 for £52 Price: £15 Contact: 07400060511 Delivery all over the UK If you spend o ... 23/01/17
53Siaenochromis Ahli chimwalani (REAL AHLI NOT FRYER... ... : As far as I know I have the ONLY wild caught group of Real Ahli in the United Kingdom. I don't know of anyone that has F1 or TB either. I ha ... 16/01/17
54Copadichromis virginalis (fire-crest) see video : Copadichromis virginalis firecrest!!!!! X5 for £80 X10 for £150 Collection from Colchester Essex CO2 **TEXT** 07963479755 new number 16/01/17
55Pair mated Percula Clowns & Rose Bubble Tip Anenom... ... : Reluctantly selling my pair of mated Percula Clownfish due to shutting down my tank. I have had them for around 2 years, and they are mated ... 15/01/17
56ai hydra 52 hd wifi smartphone controlled led ligh... ... : Al Hydra 52 HD White The Al Hydra 52 HD in white is part of the HD series Ė the newest innovation in the Al Hydra line. The extraordinary ... 14/01/17
57Synodontis petricola True F1 juveniles (not lucipi... ... : Hi There, As stated I have some Genuine Syno Petricola available. These are F1's from my wild adults. Serious keepers may be aware of ... 12/01/17
58Stainless Steel Water Blades Waterfalls Cascades : UK Manufacturer of Stainless Steel Waterfalls, water blades cascades. Supplying Trade and Public www.waterbladesrus.co.uk 12/01/17
59FREE WEEKDAY DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £100 from Ton... ... : FREE WEEKDAY DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £100... excluding N.Ireland and Scottish Highlands. If you live here then contact us for a delivery pri ... 11/01/17
60ALL FISH FOR SALE : Please click on the link below to see all available fish,prices and sizes. Delivery service available @ £15.00 per order. Thanks for l ... 11/01/17
61live Nile tilapia fingerlings for Aquaponics syste... ... : Call Kawthar on 07961095993 email [email protected] http://www.livetilapiasupplier.co.uk I do have a few large 10-12Inch male for sal ... 11/01/17
62juwel vision 450 : Complete set up fish tank juwel vision 450.price £2000 10/01/17
632 x All pond solutions 2000EF external filters : For sale in good condition 2 x 2000EF external aquarium filters. £25 each or £40 for both. Located in Copthorne, West Sussex. Ph 07479706115 08/01/17
64TROPHEUSLAND - WC & F1-Golden Kalambo,Ilangi,Murag... ... : I have the following Tropheus for sale: WILD CAUGHT (WC) WC Tropheus Chikonde WC Tropheus Kalambo WC Tropheus katoto WC Tropheus ... 06/01/17
65Frogmoth Plec Lincolnshire L134 £ 55 : We have three of these chaps Agood size about 3" 22/12/16
66TOP QUALITY-MALAWI CICHLIDS - NORTH LONDON N22 , : *** SPECIAL DEAL :- YOU CAN HAVE 30 Various Young Cichlids ( Between 2- 3 cm each ) for Only £80 *** STUNNING 5 Inch COBUE MALES ... 17/12/16
67Any offer on medium size koi shown below... : Koi carp kept in outdoor pond offers on all mid sized koi .... https://youtu.be/xTknGVB9ruA 15/12/16
68Tonys African Cichlids - Most diverse range of qua... ... : Disclaimer - All photos are OUR photos of OUR fish taken by US. :) The most diverse range of Malawi Cichlids in the UK which have been br ... 12/12/16
69Synodontis granulosus £ 50.00 each Lincolnshire : We have three of these unusual synodontis granulosus for sale at our aquatic centre at Sutterton Boston Lincolnshire 01205 460213 12/12/16
70selling off my collection of large fish, £150 : Due to having a baby Iíve decided to shut down my 8x2.5x2 tank and selling off all my fish, Iím after £150 for my collection of fish includi ... 11/12/16

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