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Hi...I am selling some juvenile pairs of captive bred clownfish which will be collection only from Sutton Coldfield. Pairs include Wyoming Whites, Flurry Platinums, Black and Whites, Commons, Picassos and a fantastic pair of Misbar Maroons ( or singles). Message me for prices, viewing welcome by app... ...
2.L number plecos & Black Ghost Knifefish 24/02/20 Yes
Fish for sale/trade 9.5 inch chunky L014 sunshine pleco 125.00 Black ghost knife fish 9 inch+ 20.00 May consider trading for certain hypansistrus or rare types of bristlenose. Really like true l399 hypansistrus. May swap some of the less expensive fish for nice root/branched aquarium wood.... ...
3.Nannostomus mortenthaleri ( coral red pencilfish ) ALL SOLD 24/02/20 Yes
Hi I have a few coral red pencilfish fish for sales. SOLD Amazing quality SOLD 45 available. SOLD Best kept in groups. SOLD 7.50 each or 10 for 70.00 SOLD Pick up only. SOLD Thanks for looking
4.Discus fish for sale ONLY 13 each and over 3,000 top quality to choose from and the biggest selection in the U.K. Cheapest prices guaranteed. 24/02/20 Yes
**The February 13 SALE** & **NEW LOWER PRICES** On all 2-2.5 Discus & no minimum order. Our new 65 square meter hatchery is opening soon. Here at Just Discus we are the largest Discus breeder in the U.K. We only breed from the best quali... ...
5.Frontosa colony 23/02/20 Yes
Frontosa Mpimbwe colony all showing great colours.. 35 each 6/8 available - offer discount for all 8. Average size: 12 - 20 cm Images show the official fish for sale! Collection: BR33RW
6.X-Large Breeding Pair of Ancistrus sp. (Bristlenose Pleco, Catfish) 23/02/20 Yes
The Male is a massive 14cm with a full head of bristles. Female is 11cm. Pictures are of the fish for sale. (The fry have recently come out of the males cave, please note that they are not included in this listing) They have produced another brood since first advertising them... 100% B... ...
7.19 inch Rare Pterodoras Granulosus (Granulated Catfish) 23/02/20 Yes
I have my Granulated catfish for sale, nice healthy and chunky. Lovely fish in perfect condition 100
8.26 inch Oxydoras Niger (Ripsaw catfish) 23/02/20 Yes
I have my ripsaw catfish for sale, nice healthy and chunky. Lovely fish in perfect condition 100.
9.Urwini catfish. 23/02/20 Yes
9" megladorus uranoscopus (Urwini) Prehistoric looking gentle catfish for sale. Nice patterning n eats anything. 100, no offers or swaps. Northwest.
10.3 large predators for sale 23/02/20 No
Hey all I've got 3 large predator fish for sale 1 Oscar 1 Red devil 1 Golden Dorado All around 10 inches All eating everything and love muscles Call or msg me on 07429513338 with an offer
11.Will swap-let me know what you have-1.5 each---Last 20 for 25---BARGAIN---Geophagus steindechneri 30 x 1.5 inch(3-4cm) youngsters (1.5 each) in Leeds 23/02/20 Yes
Very placid shoaling fish. Will not touch even neon tetras. I also have videos of parents of the youngsters. They are currently kept in 28C Pictures are of parents of actual fish for sale 1.5 each---bargain---Youngsters 1.5 inch(3-4cm) If you required further inormation please DO NO... ...
12.NOW SOLD---Very rare---2.5 each or 20 for 9(3m/6f) to clear out---3 inch(PAIRS AVAILABLE)-Poecilia Mexicana Campeche(Mexican Molly)---in Leeds 23/02/20 Yes
Here is for sale is last 9 Shortfin Mexican Mollys. Kept in standard water Beautiful blue eyes and pearl/gold body. They don't eat their fry. Currently kept with Discus . Will tolerate various water conditions. 2.5 each or 2 for 4.5 or 9 for 20 to clear out 3 males/6 females Pick... ...
13.Goliath African tiger fish 23/02/20 Yes
Goliath African tiger fish for sale Roughly 6-7 inches 170 Collection only from Thornton Blackpool FY55hb
14.Large Male Malawi Peacock Cichlid 23/02/20 Yes
Beautiful and perfect Male marble peacock Cichlid, king of the tank, bright pink backing colour and gorgeous marbling. Fully grown and only ever fed on spectrum pellets. 25 I have transportation bags and other fish for sale too. (Cichids, catfish, pleco's)
15.Large L090 Pleco 23/02/20 Yes
Large L090 Pleco for sale, 8 inch approx, won't get any bigger now. Mint condition, happy fish. Offers over 40 please, must be going to the right home. I have bags for taking any purchased fish home in, see my other ads for other fish for sale. (Cichlids, catfish, Pleco's) Thanks, Jay. 07... ...
16.Closing tank down 22/02/20 Yes
Fish for sale Datanoid approximately 13 inch Wide head cat approximately 17 inch Fire eel approximately 19 inch Male wide bar dollar approximately 10 inch 2 female thin bar dollars, 1 at around 6 and 1 around 7+ inch All dollars have snub noses due to being chased by the dat. Royal plec arou... ...
17.Closing tank down 22/02/20 Yes
Fish for sale Datanoid approximately 13 inch Wide head cat approximately 17 inch Fire eel approximately 19 inch Male wide bar dollar approximately 10 inch 2 female thin bar dollars, 1 at around 6 and 1 around 7+ inch All dollars have snub noses due to being chased by the dat. Royal plec arou... ...
18.26 inch giraffe catfish 22/02/20 No
26 inch giraffe catfish for sale send a message if interested any offer considered. collection only - buyer to bring bucket and net
19.SALE - Predatory Fish - Datnoids, Catfish, Arowana, Bichir, Lungfish, Oscar, Geophagus, Turtles & more 22/02/20 No
!!! last UPDATED 22/02/2020 !!! - - - - - - - WELCOME - - - - - - - - some prices altered - - - - - - - FISH FOR SALE - - - - - - - LIMA shovelnose Catfish 8inch - 45 Granulosus Catfish 12inch - 60 Albino & Golden Clown Knife Fish 8-9" - 80 for both 2 Geophagus Surinamen... ...
20.Big koifish for sale 22/02/20 No
I am selling my house and there are 5 beautiful big koifish for a good home.
21.Baby Snow Flake clown fish for sale. Macclesfield area 21/02/20 Yes
Baby snow flake clown fish for sell. 6 months old over 40 to choose from. 40 for 1. 35 each for two or more. Collection only From Macclesfield SK11 8UJ
22.Tropical fish for sale 21/02/20 No
7 big dollar fish 1 albino Oscar. 1 gold serum 1 big red spotted sevrum. 1 Malawi cichlid. 1 fire mouth cichlid. 2 tin foil barbs. 1 rafiel catfish 3 spotted catfish. 1 giant gourami 1 plec all fit and healthy all eating well. Pics on request. Ask me anything. Make me an offer or will swop for marin... ...
23.Granulosus, Lima, Bichir/ Polypterus, Turtle, Geophagus, etc 20/02/20 No
Lot of fish for sale - WhatsApp 07523 218429 - Collection PR3 Preston, shipping can possibly be arranged & I can personally deliver if costs are covered. LIMA shovelnose Catfish 8inch - 45 Granulosus Catfish 12inch - 60 Albino & Golden Clown Knife Fish 8-9" - 80 for both 2 Ge... ...
24.Selection of tropical community fish for sale 20/02/20 No
Variety of community fish for sale as follows (all adult fish except where stated): 6 x 4" redline torpedo barbs 8 x neon rosy barbs 6 x sterbai cory 3 x bronze Cory (1 albino) - juvenile 5 large green cory 5 x 2" clown loach 8 x neon dwarf rainbow fish 1 x bristle nose plec Appr... ...
25.List of fish for sale 19/02/20 Yes
1x frontosa 3 1x chocolate cichlid 3 1x parrot 2 2x geophagus red heads ( pair 6) 1 breeding pair of kribs 1 pair or ellioti firemouths (breeding) 3 5 gold shellies breeding group 1x small hump head earth eater 2 2x normal firemouths 2 8x blue diamond discus 2/3 If interest... ...
26.Schoutendini Puffer Fish 18/02/20 No
Schoutendini Puffer fish for sale. In good health and eats most foods, snails, crab, bloodworms, shelled prawns, mussels etc 70
27.20 redtail catfish for sale 17/02/20 Yes
20 redtail catfish, phractocephalus hemioliopterus. I have had it for around a year now, eats like a monster and is perfectly healthy, no deformities or illnesses. He is still growing rapidly and needs a large spacious home to care for him long term as he will grow to 4 feet in length. 150, collec... ...
No longer required, I have massive selection of rocks as shown, they are in good condition as not been used in my tanks due to size and I prefer large fish..... Please let me know how much in weight or pieces you would like and I will send you a price, these are quite costly when bought by myself... ...
29.Hydrocynus Goliath for sale 14/02/20 Yes
Goliath African tiger fish for sale approx 4 inchs long theyve started fighting so one has to go, I know what I paid for it so serious offers only and its pick up in hastings txt me on 07740124771
30.Fish for sale 10/02/20 Yes
Pangasiussutchi 12inch plus 30 Sanegal Bircher 20 Saddle Bircher 70 Butterfly Plecoptera 45 May take offers but Im in no rush to sell and Ill only sell if you have big enough tank
31.Tropical fish for sale PREDS 10/02/20 Yes
Wallago leeri 80 18inch plus Goliath African tiger fish 170 Peacock bass 150 14inch Pangasiussutchi 12inch plus 30 Gars pair 350 Saddle Bircher 70 Butterfly Pleco 45 May take offers but Im in no rush to sell and Ill only sell if you have big enough tank collction only from Thornto... ...
32.Harlequin lancer catfish 08/02/20 No
I have a beautiful 7inch lancer catfish for sale. Ive had It for around 2 years. Selling due to tank being refurbished. 50 Pick up only. Message me if interested in 07988621468. Note: will need a suitable large bag or container for transporting.
33.Tropical fish for sale 06/02/20 Yes
: 7 big dollar fish 1 albino Oscar. 1 gold serum 1 big red spotted sevrum. 1 Malawi cichlid. 1 fire mouth cichlid. 2 tin foil barbs. 1 rafiel catfish 3 spotted catfish. 1 giant gourami 1 plec all fit and healthy all eating well. Pics on request. Ask me anything. Make me an offer txtme on WhatsApp fo... ...
34.Pangasius fish 06/02/20 No
Pangasius fish for sale about 25cm. collection only, im based in Rochester, Kent. Open to offers around 20.
35.Angel fish - small 03/02/20 No
I have a load of angel fish for sale. Message me on 07712294245
36.Synodontis petricola for sale 02/02/20 Yes
Hi I am selling two Synodontis catfish for sale. Bought them as a pair but cannot get them to breed so need tank for other project. Looking for 30 Pics are of actual strong n healthy fish. Many thanks Ranj
37.Jaguar Catfish WANTED please ? 02/02/20 No
Hi ~ Has anybody in the Midlands area got a Jaguar Catfish for sale ??? Would like ONE ~ or maybe more ! LIOSOMADORAS ONCINUS (The REAL Jaguar Catfish please) I will call & collect ! Phone or email via this site !
38.Goldflake angelfish for sale 300 ono 01/02/20 Yes
I have a 3 inch Goldflake angel fish that has started nipping corals. Sadly i am having to move it on. Obviously for a fish only tank unless your willing to risk it. Has not touched my lps zoas or rics, gonis or bubble coral. Looking for 300 ono
39.Tropical fish for sale 31/01/20 No
7 big dollar fish 1 albino Oscar. 1 gold serum 1 big red spotted sevrum. 1 Malawi cichlid. 1 fire mouth cichlid. 2 tin foil barbs. 1 rafiel catfish 3 spotted catfish. 1 giant gourami 1 plec all fit and healthy all eating well. Pics on request. Ask me anything. Make me an offer txtme on WhatsApp for ... ...
40.Platinum Longfin Senegal Bichir | 6inch | PLATINUM 30/01/20 Yes
' - Platinum Longfin Senegal Bichir purchased from Maidenhead Aquatics, you can call them up if you don't believe it came from there, as they don't often stock this stuff (Carlisle Maidenhead) - 150/ nearest offer - WhatsApp/Text - 07523 218429 - Collection from Preston/ Blackpool (PR3)... ...
' 13 XL Bichirs - 12-18" MIXED SPECIES 800 for the GROUP of 13 or individual prices listed below... I would prefer the Bichirs to go as a group so I can follow their growth & welfare progress as a group! Ornate Bichir x3 15-16 inch - 70 12inch - 50 11inch - 45 Endlicheri x3 18inc... ...
42.Small Angel fish 26/01/20 Yes
I have lots of angel fish for sale. Message me
43.protomellius phenochillis tanzania very rare fish 26/01/20 Yes
this is the photo of the actual dad taken about 3 months ago he is much bigger and brighter now and starting to get his white blotches (stunning show fish) here to see the quality of the fish you are getting the fish for sale are 1.5" and are silver and not sexable 5 each or 3 for 12 try and f... ...
44.Fish for sale 25/01/20 No
Red tail catfish free Pengasias catfish x2 free Pacu free Common plec free Oscar x2 20 for both Jardini arowana 70 Clown knife 20 Message me for more details and photos 07391441390
45.NOW SOLD---4 inch Loricaria similima(Royal Whiptail) x 3--25 each or 3 for 65 or make me an offer---pick up from Leeds 20/01/20 Yes
2 males 1 female Very rare 4 inch Royal Whiptail !!! 25 each or 3 for 65 or make me an offer !!! Pick up from LS16 Pictures are actual fish for sale. Text me if you're interested. Thanks for looking
46.Live Rock & Fish For Sale 20/01/20 Yes
I am closing my tank due to moving. I have a nice centre piece with lots of life on it.Lots of rock for sale to.1 Sailfin Tang, 1 Clown Fish, More to be advertised Call or message with sensible offers or want to have a look. Call Terry on: 07956.258 948
47.Giant Gourami, pangasius and pleco 18/01/20 No
Having a clear out. 3 fish for sale, prefer to sell all together. Will take offers.
48.Design Clown Fish X 2 16/01/20 Yes
I have a pair of Designer Clown Fish for sale or will exchange for nice Corals! Buyer must collect. 1 Designer Clown is Wyoming White 2 Designer Clown Fish is a Platinum Clown Fish This is a lovely pair of Clowns, healthy and eat well! If interested let me know or call me: 07405 187392
49.Marmoratus catfish 16/01/20 Yes
Marmoratus catfish for sale reluctant sale about 19 inches feeds from hand offers invited
50.fish for sale 13/01/20 No
I have some very nice fish for sale. I have the following yellow tang 60 potters angel 75 helfrichi firefish 100 goldflake angel 280 white tailed kole tang 120 flame angel 65 multi coloured angel 100 I have other firefish, chromis too. they were in my 5ft tank but I have building wor... ...
51.Full discus set up or individual fish for sale, 810 liter sumped system with 10 aquadecor standing l 05/01/20 No
I have 16 adult Asian discus for sale, would like to sell as a group if possible but will sell individually if necessary, 60-80 per fish depending on size and quality of the individual
52.15 inch redtailed catfish 02/01/20 Yes
15 inch redtailed catfish for sale, quite active and eats like a pig. For any info please message me Daniel 07939915673 30
53.Malawi Mbuna adult fish for sale 02/01/20 Yes
Pseudotropheus Elongatus Usisya 4inches long in excellent health and condition 6 each Labidochromis Hongi red top Male 4 inch 7 Lodotropheus Sperengae (Rusty) Male 6 Collection only from Portchester Please visit my Facebook page for video of the fish Southern Malawi
54.Clown fish - common clown / painted clown . 01/01/20 No
I have one clown fish for sale 10 He has been bullied by my bigger common clown fish. The clownfish is around 1.5 inches to 2 inches long. I live in Woodley, collection only !!!!! Mike
55.Silver Arowana fish 01/01/20 Yes
Silver Arowana fish for sale ,about 7-8 in length Open to Offers Collection only from Rg177dd
Hi has anyone got any Community fish for sale in Durham area if so get in touch thanks jon
57.Frontosa 28/12/19 Yes
6"+ kigoma and brundi for sale all must go moving house 15 each pick up only blackhill consett no time wasters All so have other fish for sale "cats" frontosa fry etc
58.GOONCH CATFISH 26" 23/12/19 Yes
beautiful goonch catfish for sale - perfect fish just over 2ft long 250 Carl 07476 578387
59.Extra Large and Large angel fish - x20 17/12/19 Yes
I have around 20 extra large and large angel fish for sale. 10 each
60.F1 Neolamprologus cylindricus 5 - London 16/12/19 Yes
Single Neolamprologus cylindricus F1, 5-6cm size, lovely fish great markings and colour on fins, not shy at all. Pictures of actual fish for sale. Behaviour and needs pretty much identical to Leleupi. Bargain 5 for quick sale. Collection from Tooting, South London SW17, or could arrange to me... ...
61.Parrot fish 14/12/19 Yes
I got a 12" inch parrot fish for sale 30.
62.Dragon puffer fish 08/12/19 Yes
I have a healthy dragon puffer fish for sale for 30 Located in west Sussex 07572077231
63.wanted fish 08/12/19 No
any marine fish for sale in sheffield smaller fish but anything considered thanks for looking please message on here
64.Malawi/Tanganyikans for sale 01/12/19 Yes
5 fish for sale (can be sold individually or together): 1x Neolamprologus tretocephalus (3") 1x Neolamprologus brichardi (3") 1x Yellow Lab (4") 1x Haplo moori (Dolphin cichlid (4") 1x Pseudotropheus Red Zebra (4") All very healthy and lived with eachother since juvenile (last 2 years). Re... ...
65.Dantum albino angelfish 01/12/19 No
Hi, Im looking for dantum albino angelfish for sale!
66.Black angel fish 24/11/19 Yes
Black angel fish for sale 10 Collection only.
67.Large number of marine fish for sale, Angels butterflies and tangs 23/11/19 Yes
I am having to pack in my tanks so my fish are for sale. They are all healthy and have been fully quarantined and treated so are free of disease. I really need them to go all at once if possible so will sell them for 500 if one person buys them all. I will consider splitting if I have to! The fi... ...
68.Various tropical fish for sale 22/11/19 Yes
3 off dwarf petricola catfish 3 off leopard bush fish 2 off zebra loach 1 off bristlenose pled 1 off golden algae eater Would rather sell them as a lot but will consider splitting them for offers Collection preferred but could deliver at a cost, located at DE55 Alfreton. Text 07883383343 i... ...
69.Predator fish for sale 21/11/19 Yes
I have for sale a 20inch ornate bichir 60 7inch ornate bichir 30 7inch grey bichir 30 9inch lung fish 60 22inch giant snakehead 50 9inch bumblebee catfish 10 Call me on 07387904276 if you are interested.
70.Tropical fish for sale 40 16/11/19 Yes
I have 18 cardinal tetra,3 platinum tetra, a 3 inch keyhole cichlid, large male albino bristlenose and 2 brown kuhli loach looking for a new home in a well established tank, there's also some bogwood and live plants included if wanted. Only selling as my tank has cracked, pics are old but theyre the... ...
71.Raphael catfish 13/11/19 Yes
Raphael catfish for sale about 5-6 inches 15
72.Blood red parrot fish 13/11/19 Yes
Male blood red parrot fish for sale about 5 inches 20
73.Datnoid tiger fish 13/11/19 Yes
Datnoid Tiger fish for sale about 2 2 1/2 inches 50,lovely fish
74.Pleco sucker Plecostomus Catfish for sale 13/11/19 Yes
Pleco sucker Plecostomus Catfish for sale 10 inches long and he has beautiful stunning pattern on him Pick up from my home address in Walthamstow East London please assure that you can bring own bucket bags for transportation 20
75.Jack Dempsey Cichlid fish for sale 13/11/19 Yes
Jack Dempsey Cichlid fish for sale 7 inchs And chunky Pictures do not do him no Justice He is very beautiful and active Pick up from my home address in Walthamstow East London please ensure you bring on buckets bags for transportation thank you 40
76.Discus Fish For Sale 10/11/19 Yes
Discus Fish for sale:- 1 White Butterfly 7" Plus 40.00 1 Pigeon Snakeskin 7" Approx 40.00 1 Pigeon Tiger 3.5/4" Approx 25.00 1 Golden Leopard 5" Approx 40.00 1 Marlborough 4.5" Approx 30.00 1 Rafflesia 4.5" Approx 40.00 1 Penang Eruption 5" Approx 20.00 1 Red S... ...
77.monster fish sale 09/11/19 No
i have the following tropical fish for sale all will need a hudge tank or pond they are ripsaw catfish 2.5ft 100 tiger shovelnose 28inch 80 check out the link to my youtube channel for other fish in my tropical pond and message me on my facebook page for prices
78.Various Tropical Fish for sale 07/11/19 No
The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Licensed to buy and sell fish: Alan Ball License number:LI/13/0656/PETS Nationwide Delivery Available 18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13.00 For Scotland please enquire. We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select the fish ... ...
79.Storm Clownfish 05/11/19 No
We have Storm clownfish for sale Orange and whites 250 a pr Black and whites 250 a pr Mochas 250 a pr pick up stoke on trent
80.4x parrot fish 04/11/19 No
4 x parrot fish for sale negotiable price, 15 each. whats app for pictures. 07985557772.
81.Beautiful pair of Clown Fish for sale 03/11/19 Yes
Beautiful pair of clowns for sale. Looking for 40 Collect only from Rochdale. No calls due to work - Text messages only pls
82.Catfish for sale 03/11/19 No
Large striped Raphael catfish and large hoplo catfish both approximately 6-8 inches in length. Looking for 25 for both or 15 each. Welcome to view first. Or will give a discounted rate if you have a tank larger than 100 gallons.
83.24 Red tailed Catfish For Sale 02/11/19 Yes
1 x 24 Red tailed Catfish 50 1 x 18 White Giant Gourami 50 2 x 15 Hi Fin Pangasius 50 each Call or whats app 07765254141
84.Goldfish for sale 01/11/19 Yes
Got hundreds of goldfish for sale starting at 1 upwards depending on size, also got fancy tail Got hundreds of koi as well starting from 8 each. Call 07946685936 if you want to come and view. Croydon/Surrey area.
85.Tropical fish for sale 31/10/19 No
I have for sale the following: 1x 4/5 inch royal pleco 40 1x 4/5 inch candy stripe pleco 20 1x 4/5 inch salvini cichlid 15 1x 2/3 inch Cuban cichlid 20 3x 3/4 inch red head Tapajos geophagus. 40 for all 3( not selling separately.) reason for sale is, I am closing my fish tank down becau... ...
86.Sell 30/10/19 Yes
9 inch round bodied green terror real solid fish for sale lovely colourful fish selling due to taking tank in a different direction. Contact me if intrested or have anymore questions
87.Large fish for sale 27/10/19 No
I have stunning large fish Im looking to sell please email if interested 2 x red tail catfish 1 x red tail hybrid 2 x Giant gouramis 1 x giraffe catfish 2 x sailfin plecos 2 x marbled clarius 2 x pangasius sharks Please note these fish are all large in size and need to be homed i... ...
88.WANTED. 27/10/19 No
Any marine fish for sale in the Lancashire area or Ayrshire area of Scotland? Many thanks
89.Large Koran Angel for sale 25/10/19 Yes
Magnificent Semi-adult Koran Angelfish for sale. Long term captive, feeding extremely well on frozen food and marine pellets.Full of character and healthy. Only 25 Collection from Verwood,Dorset or can deliver up to 20 mile radius of my home for 35 all in. Please e-mail me [email protected] ...
90.COMMUNITY FISH 24/10/19 No
Juvenile community fish for sale Pineapple swordtails 1 EACH or 10 for 8
91.Selling 22/10/19 Yes
Baby fish for sale mollies and a few guppy one pound each
92.550 Ono, 16 Inch Stable 3-BAR Indonesian Tiger fish (Datnoid) 19/10/19 Yes
Hi there, For sale is a 16 inch Indo Tigerfish (microlepis datnioides); He is a 3BAR and is fully stable. He's currently feeding on Massivores and Tilapia Fillets. 100% Stable fish. both side symmetrical. Fish for sale for 550 ONO. Will send video on request through whatsapp M... ...
93.Rare fish for sale 19/10/19 No
6 Barilius Bakeri 40 8 Filament barbs 30 2 Thorichthys passionis 7 each 10 for both 5 Firemouth cichlids 5 each 20 for all 7 red tail botia 30 1 Jack Dempsey 5 1 black spotted eel 20 Take all fish for 120 All fish are very healthy, contact me if you want photos, collection from ... ...
94.fish for sale 18/10/19 No
2x 3 inch frontosas.2 black alto.calvus.15.oo ono for all. urgent sale. sizes appox. collect only.
95.Fish for sale surry/London 15/10/19 No
Male Cuban cichlid 6-7 COTA Female red terror 6 WILD CAUGHT RAPPS 3 x media Luna labriden 1 x l114 leopard Scarlett pleco lovely markings 6 wild caught 9 rusty pleco and 3 clown pleco
96.Super red bristlenose catfish 05/10/19 Yes
Young super red bristlenose catfish for sale, from small youngsters up to almost adult size. From German stock. Price dependant on size, from 3.00. Collection only, from DH7 0EQ. Please send me a text, or ring me, or email [email protected] - it seems that some messages don't get to m... ...
97.Medium & Small Silver Angel Fish 01/10/19 Yes
I have lots of Angel Fish for sale. 3 each, can do deals on multiples Contact me on 07712294245
98.Silver Angel fish - small/medium 01/10/19 Yes
I have 200 small/medium angel fish for sale. 3 pounds each - can do deals on multiples
99.FINISHING ON EBAY TONIGHT---Proven breeding pair of Kribensis(Pelvicachromis pulcher) red Cichlid + 10 youngsters (1inch) in Leeds- 20 for a lot for quick sale 01/10/19 Yes
Proven breeding pair for sale(youngsters for sale as well) Youngsters to view. Must go asap as changing into new project. 10 for them. Easiest way to contact me is via mobile 07894712156 Pick up from LS16 Please see my other fish for sale Thanks for looking
100.Predator fish for sale 29/09/19 Yes
18 alligator gar 9 wild caught male festae 24 peruno catfish 19 vulture catfish 4x 10 paroon sharks 10 male piebald Red Devil 9 tsn catfish WhatsApp me for pictures 07783096414
101.Endlers 26/09/19 Yes
I have some Scarlet Endlers for sale. Great community fish. Healthy fish. I also have other fish for sale. 2.50 Each Collection is from Gronant Nr Prestatyn.
102.5x sturisoma WHIPTAIL catfish for sale in SOMERSET 25/09/19 Yes
5 sturisoma species catfish available from TA18. 20 for all five.
103.4 x hoplo catfish for sale in SOMERSET 24/09/19 Yes
All four for 10. From TA18.
104.Predator fish for sale 23/09/19 No
8 inch motoro Ray 110 14 inch clown knife fish 40 X2 10-12 inch giant snakeheads 25 each Any videos or pictures please text me as I dont get messages on here very often thanks
105.Mixture of fish for sale 22/09/19 Yes
Hi I have loads of haps peacock and OBs for sale starting from 2 onwards please contact me for More information
106.American CIchlid Fish for sale 21/09/19 Yes
1 x male Jack dempsey 4" 20 1 female red belly Salvini 3" 15
107.Garra flavatra Chippenham Wiltshire SN14 16/09/19 Yes
1 x adult Garra flavatra fish for sale. excellent algae eater 5 collection only
108.Wanted breeding angelfish 14/09/19 No
Anyone have a breeding pair of angelfish for sale in the Merseyside area cash waiting
109.Lungfish and fire eels 10/09/19 No
Looking for a lungfish for sale prefer no more than 1hrs drive from swindon wilts. Would prefer south American but could do african, also large fire eel must be 2ft+ if anyone has one for sale or knows of any for sale drop us an email or if any shops do with delivery cheers 👍
110.Fish for Sale 10/09/19 Yes
I have a number of marine fish for sale as Im planning for n moving and have a few hundred gallon tank to relocate. These include: Powder Blue Tang Yellow Tang Regal Tang Emperor Tang Coral beauty Magnificent Foxface Various Chromis - Blue and Yellow Tail Long nose wrasse All the fi... ...
111.Marbled African lungfish 20inch 09/09/19 Yes
Big predator fish for sale or swaps
112.Pond fish for sale, reasonable offers only 04/09/19 Yes
3x2ft grass carp, large goldfish including some fan tail, shabunkin and 2ft diamond back sturgeon. Make me a reasonable offer, phone Jeff on 07999443084. Collection only from Felixstowe.
113.Large perruno catfish for sale. 03/09/19 Yes
Large perruno catfish for sale. 16"+ in length with lovely patterns. Pictures do not do him justice.Message me for details.
114.Selection of fish for sale 26/08/19 Yes
4x large Angelfish 10 each 1x Xlarge Crayfish 20 1x large Crayfish 10 3x large Common pleco 10 each 1 electric blue acara medium 10 Pictures on request All eating well on prima bloodworm Pick up only Bucket required
115.Angelfish For Sale. Platinum Marbles and Blue Marbles 24/08/19 Yes
Lovely young Angelfish from Platinum Koi female and Platinum Blue Pearlscale male. This is a 50%/50% spawn and all fish show a beautiful electric blue irridescence on the sides. Young fish carry the blue, stripeless, pearlscale, GM/g gene and should produce outstanding young. Can send WhatsApp vi... ...
116.Fish for sale 24/08/19 Yes
3 torpedo barbs for sale. 4in long 20 each or 3 for 50. 1 silver shark about 6 to 7 long. 1 angle fish large 5
I have a 2+ft perruno catfish for sale in the brighton area. Hes a big fish so will need a large home hes currently housed in a large Indoor poolpond. He cannot be kept with anything that can fit in his mouth because he will eat it. He is extremely strong and should only be housed with other large ... ...
118.Red Rainbow Fish for sale x 6 / Boesmani x 3 / Clown Loaches x 5 20/08/19 Yes
Hi all, I have a school of 6 red rainbow fish, looking to sell all 6. They are around 3" to 4.5" long, bright red colouration, eat pretty much anything... live foods like bloodworms, daphnia and brine shrimp. Looking for 12.50 each or 6 for 60. I am able to deliver within 20 mile radius of Lake... ...
119.3 large Angelfish 10 each 18/08/19 Yes
3 large angelfish for sale. 1 male wild type, 1 female marble (high black with some orange), 1 female koi? (black and white, no colour). Theyre all very healthy and always been kept in good condition along side discus. Photos to come any questions just ask. 10 each collection only.
120.25 parrot fish for sale 17/08/19 Yes
25 parrot fish for sale 250 for lot collection batley wf17 area
121.Cortez Angelfish For Sale 15/08/19 Yes
Hi! I have a Cortez Angelfish for sale. I only bought it yesterday from Shepparton Aquatic Emporium as I wanted a pair of them. I bought another Cortez Angelfish last week and wanted a pair. When I bought the new one yesterday, I kept him a separator holding tank in the main tank to seer whether ... ...
122.Florida Gar, Polypterus, Pacman Catfish and South American Lungfish for sale 13/08/19 Yes
2 x Florida Gar approx 15/18" 100 each or 175 for the two. 1 x Pacman Catfish 100 1 x Polypterus ansorgii approx 15" 30 1 x Polypterus endlicheri approx 18" 40 1 x South American Lungfish approx 24" 50 Am open to offers and will do deals on multiple buys. I'm based in Stockton-on-Tees. ... ...
123.Fish for sale,marine 09/08/19 No
Koran Angel(5 inches) regal tang(4 inches) coral beauty(3 inches) scopas tang(3 inches) racoon butterfly(3 inches) antenna lionfish(4 inches) 3 yellow tailed damsels(1 inch) 2 blue green chromis(1 inch) 4 clown fish Moving so need gone 100 please message for pics 07757106877 Collecti... ...
124.Quality discus, flowerhorns, electric blue acara and more tropical fish for sale . 07/08/19 Yes
Lots of Quality discus ranging from 3.5 - over 9 inch. 3.5 inch blue scorpion snakeskin 35 3.5-4 inch Marlboro cross snakeskin 35 4inch white face red melon 40 4-4.5 inch blue diamond 45 4-4.5 inch San mereh 2 45 4.5-5 inch red checkerboard turquoise 55 4.5-5 inch white butterfly 55 6-6.5 in... ...
125.L Number Catfish 06/08/19 No
Several species of L-number catfish for sale - L002, L236, L288, L333, L387, L397, L400, L401 & H Contradens. Chatham Kent. All Tank Bred. Various Sizes & Prices Please contact for Photos & Details.
126.Various predator oddball and L number pleco for sale 02/08/19 Yes
I have some fish for sale.... Ripsaw Niger catfish 13 inches 80 channa pleurophthalma occelated/5 spot snakehead 5 inches - 35 Polypterus ornate bichir 12/13 inches 35 L203 panaque shaeferi 2 inches - 25 L065 Blizzard cactus pleco 4 inches - 35 Rhino pleco pterygoplichthy... ...
127.African Tiger Fish Hydrocynus Vittatus, Piranha, Peacock bass 23/07/19 No
Various fish for sale for collection or delivery. Too much to list. Please message me for what your after. Hydrocynus vittatus Lates Niloticus Armatus
128.Fish for sale 23/07/19 No
I have for sale 30 tropical fish for sale 60. For all Byer has to collect as I cann it deliver becouse of age so byer has to bring bags or some way of transporting them this is what is in the tank. Laze wing catfish Yo-yos. Clown loach. Angle fish. Golden barbel. Blue Gouramie pluss gold... ...
129.Baby Bristlenose Catfish 22/07/19 Yes
Many baby Bristlenose catfish for sale at different sizes. Great for keeping your tank clean and suitable for any size tank 2 each
130.Leopard Bush Fish for sale 19/07/19 Yes
About 3 inch leopard Bush Fish, selling as I have a pair and the larger one is starting to bully this one. In perfect health, takes pellets, looking for 10. (photo shows the larger fish as this one hides all day)
131.STAMPS Open Show & Auction Sunday 4th August 2019 18/07/19 Yes
One of the most popular North East aquatic show & auctions of the year is back again on Sunday 4th August 2019. We have some fantastic auction lots already reserved following the success of past events. We have private breeders/sellers coming from all over the country, and this normally means a grea... ...
We have 7 fish for sale as follows: Cleaner wrasse - 15 Large yellow tang - 40 Medium to large powder blue tang - 35 Medium sized tomini tang - 25 Clown pair - 80 Large blue tang - 35 Please text Steve in the first instant for further information and to arrange telephone discussion.
133.Fish For Sale 16/07/19 No
Lima Shovelnose Catfish - 6 Inch Large Clown Loach - 5 inch Musk Turtle - 2 Inch Pair Of Severums - 5 Inch Red Tail Shark - 3 Inch 2 Silver And 1 Gold Gourami 3 Inch 1 FeatherFin Synadontis - 5 Inch 1 Spotted Synadontis - 5 Inch Text Mw If Intrested - 07958917433
134.3ft aqua one 900 fishtank and extras 15/07/19 Yes
Selling my 3ft 20" x 15" tank.. reason for sale is i cant afford to run 4 tanks anymore.. Very nice tank.. great glass lovely and clear. Comes with a fluval U4 filter. Led lighting. Uni-part substrate sand. Air pump. 300w heater. And stone if required NO FISH FOR SALE IN THIS ADD 120 c... ...
135.giant gourami fish For sale (BIG) 13/07/19 Yes
I have 3 giant gourami fish for sale.A albino one,a red fin one..and your normal gray one ..sad to see them go But they have outgrown my tank now...so time for them to find new homes They are all nearly hitting the 2ft mark...so only contact me if you can take on such big fish .....I would consi... ...
136.angel fish for sale 11/07/19 No
i got 4 angelfish for sale 1 breeding pair north wales thanks
137.Young Adult Male Lemon Bristlenose Pleco 10/07/19 Yes
Young adult male lemon bristlenose. Tank bred from un related parents. Photo is off the actual fish for sale 2 1/2 inches already, still growing and a good colour lemon. 20 Kept in teated tap water at 25 degrees with a water change every day. Tds 125 Kh 4 Ph 6.4 Postage is by royal mail s... ...
138.Large angel fish 06/07/19 No
Large angel fish for sale About 5 long and 5 high 10
139.Larger Parrot fish for swap or sale 05/07/19 No
Big parrot fish for sale or swap for American cichlid or large pleco email me for number [email protected]
140.fish for sale 04/07/19 No
oscars birchers pictus catfish parrot fish red devil pleco plus others all 25 each
141.Large angel fish 03/07/19 Yes
Large angel fish for sale About 5 long and 5 high 10
142.BARGAIN-Open to offers-all must go-SALE--Geophagus,Angelfish South American Cichlids collection for sale in Leeds 28/06/19 Yes
Moving to new project. All below must go asap (please note that pictures and video clip are of actual fish for sale) Can send YouTube video link on request as can't upload for some strange reason. NOW RESERVED---4 x Geophagus Altiffrons Rio Tocantins (3 inches)---ono 30 for all 4 Angel fis... ...
143.2 large koi and 3 large goldfish for sale 27/06/19 Yes
I have an outdoor pond with 2 large koi I think one is a Sanke, about 1 and a half foot long and is brightly coloured white with red/orange and black. The other is larger, about 2 foot and a beautiful peach colour with blue/grey scales down the middle. The other 3 fish I think are goldfish, one ... ...
144.Fish for sale 27/06/19 Yes
I have: 1 Albino Pengasius 1 pengasius 1 Marble knife fish 2 Plecs 1 Catfish 2 Oscars about 9 possible breeding pair. 60 the lot. I also have Fluval FX4 Filter only 2 months old for sale 150.
145.8 wolf fish 25/06/19 Yes
8 wolf fish for sale good fish good feeder 40
146.Marine Fish for sale 24/06/19 Yes
Radiant Wrasse 30 2 x Juvenile Purcula Clown Fish 7.50 each 2 x Purcula Clowns (pair) 2 to 2.5 inches 30 2 x red fire fish 14 each Collection Whetstone Leicester
147.Predator fish for sale 24/06/19 Yes
Temensis bass trio [email protected] 1 @12 150 for the trio 11/12 clownknife 30 13 cobra snakehead 40 More pictures on request
148.Complete Tropical Aquarium inc fish for sale 17/06/19 Yes
Tropical fish complete set up. Healthy tank and fish. Overall size of cabinet and tank is 136cm tall x 80cm wide x 42cm front to back. Tank size is 64cm tall x 80cm x 42cm - 165lt. Aquaone make with Aquis 1050 external filter that sits in the cupboard underneath the tank. fish include 3 Pearl goura... ...
149.Tamasaba goldfish for sale 16/06/19 Yes
Japanese tamasaba sabao goldfish for sale. Uk bred from Matsunoske bloodline parents. Over wintered outside so fully pond hardy. Will mix with any pond fish and theses are 2 body size upwards. Selected 4 original parents may also be available. Hardy fish, collection only from Southport in the Nort... ...
150.Rare jigsaw trigger fish for sale XL 5 to 6 inch reduced to 70 13/06/19 No
Rare jigsaw trigger fish for sale, 6 inch stunning example eats will take 70 6"
151.Bristlenose plecostamus babies for sale 11/06/19 Yes
Young healthy bristlenose fish for sale, due to unintentional breeding. 1 each or 1.50 for two.
152.Shutting Down Community - FISH FOR SALE 11/06/19 No
I am shutting down a community tank to downsize for a move and general simplicity. The following fish are for sale. Please message for prices. 3x Adult Pearl Gourami 3x Lake Tebera Rainbows 6x Dwarf Neon Rainbows 2x Apisto Macmasteri 4x Kuhli Loach (large) 2x SAE
153.Rainbow fish/ cichlids/ gouramis for sale 10/06/19 No
I have for sale Madagascar rainbowfish 2-3 inches (1M and 3F) Red rainbowfish 2-3 inches (6 unsexed) Bosemani rainbowfish 2 inches (5M and 1F) Chilatherina Alleni 2-3 inches (1M and 3F) Opaline Gourami 3-4 inches (2 unsexed) Red robin gourami 1 inche (1 unsexed) Lamprologus multifasiatus... ...
154.22 stunning discus 09/06/19 Yes
I have a selection of discus for sale, some have paired up in the past and have had fry in breeder tanks but never got right into raising fry, so all discus are back in together and are for sale. Discus sizes from 4 inch to 7 inch. I have the following: 5 blue turquoise 4-7 inch 1 brilliant t... ...
155.Pundamilia Nyererei Fish for sale. 08/06/19 Yes
Lake Victoria Cichlids Pundamilia Nyererei around 1 to 3" long. Males are really colouring up now. I have around 25 of these. 3 each Collection only from Sheffield S35 Please bring your own bags or containers.
156.Ehiem 130 litre aquarium 05/06/19 Yes
Ehiem 130 litre aquarium with cabinet, spare accessories, spare filters, food, cleaning equipment, water filter/heater. Very good condition. Around 30 community fish for sale separately
157.Large fish for sale 04/06/19 Yes
For sale as I'm closing down my tank are a Redtail Catfish 11inches 20 Vulture Catfish 12inches 50 Asian Sun Catfish 13inches! 40 Ornate Bichir 11inches Datnoid Microlepsis 9inches 50 THESE PRICES ARE GUIDELINES, IF I'M OFFERED A REASONABLE NEAR OFFER ON THEM I WILL ACCEPT. I need them re... ...
158.Fish and Fluval Edge 46 litre tank for sale (together or separately) 23/05/19 Yes
Fish for sale: 1 Humpback puffer fish - 20 1 Pictus catfish - 15 1 Silver gar - 10 1 Rainbow snake head - 15 1 bristlenose pleco (female) - 5 1 Gold sailfin pleco - 10 Tank for sale: 1 Fluval edge 46 L tank (white) with filter and gravel, plants, substrate, food, filter med... ...
159.Closing tank down - various fish for sale 21/05/19 Yes
Sydonsis 10.00 Sailfin Plec 16"+ 15.00 Synpsillium 5" 15.00 Losselli 8"+ 30.00 Redneck sevs Rokteil 7" 25.00 Plecs 4" 10.00 Rtm 7" 20.00 Salvini 6" 20.00 Pictures within advert Pencoed - South Wales Collection only Contact Steve 07973 304939
160.For sale bargain prices 16/05/19 Yes
Marine fish for sale Marine fish for sale including corals and live rock please ask for prices all bargains-will need to be collected by Saturday. Bagshot Surrey. Email [email protected] leave phone number and I will calls not able to upload all fish photos lots of marine fish in perfect condition
161.Goldfish for sale 13/05/19 Yes
Goldfish for sale from as little as 3 inches to 10 inches in length. Collection from B36 Please contact 07713612178 Or 07713253359
162.NOW SOLD-5 x 2 inch-Heros sp Rotkeil(Red Shoulder Severum) in Leeds-ono 50 or make me an offer 09/05/19 Yes
Genuine sale: Here is for sale youngsters from my proven breeding pair of F1 Red Shoulder Severums. They currently 2 inches but growing fast. Moving to new project so looking good home for them. Pictures are of actual fish for sale and their parents. Text me if interested Pick up only ... ...
163.NOW SOLD---L002 Panaquolus sp(Tiger Peckoltia) 3 inch reverse trio(2 males/1 female) ono 40 or make me an offer in Leeds 09/05/19 Yes
Genuine sale: Trio of my L002 Tiger Peckoltia (2 males/1 female). Moving to different project now so want them to go asap. Pictures are of actual fish for sale. Looking 40 or make me an offer. Pick up only from LS16 or can deliver within 10 miles radius of my home address. 1-1 mile. ... ...
164.NOW SOLD---80 Litres(18 Gallons) Bow Fronted 63cm Aquarium with Hood--Leeds--ono 35 or make me an offer(must go anyway) 06/05/19 Yes
Here is for sale used(but in good condition) water tied 80 litres Bow Fronted Aquarium with hood(incl light which is in working condition). Aquarium spec: Approx 80 litres(18 UK gallons) Length: 63 cm(25 inches) Hight: 41cm(16.5 inches) without hood/48cm(19 inches) incl.hood Width: 30cm(12 ... ...
165.Pond fish 04/05/19 Yes
Various pond fish for sale. Ghost Carp, Mirror Carp, Common Carp, Golden Orfe, Roach, Shubunkins. Ranging in size from 8" to over 15" (approx) 15 - 35 each. Koi in pics are NOT for sale Text or email Also Established potted pond lillies and bucket full of oxygenating plants
166.silver arowana Reduced to 100 ( SOLD ) 02/05/19 No
Will be going to a fish shop on Thursday morning. Reduced due to constant time wasters If you don't have a large enough aquarium, please don't call Have to sell to rehome my girlfriends Mbu puffer fish Wild caught perfect specimen Approximately 21 inches A real belter of a fish wit... ...
167.Channa marulioides Reduced to 60 ( SOLD ) 02/05/19 No
Will be going to a fish shop on Thursday morning. Reduced due to constant time wasters If you don't have a large enough aquarium, please don't call Have to sell to rehome my girlfriends Mbu puffer fish Emperor Snakehead for sale Wild caught from well known fish shop near Nottingham ... ...
168.Hoplosternum Catfishes(1 male/2 females) 3.5 inch ono 25 Im Leeds 01/05/19 Yes
Genuine sale: Here is for sale trio of Hoplosternum Catfishes. 1 male and 2 females at 3.5 inch will be excellent breeding project. Looking ono 25 for them. Pick up from LS16 or can deliver within 10 miles radius of my home address (1-1 mile) Pictures are of actual fish for sale. Te... ...
169.Community Fish 29/04/19 Yes
Hi i have a few community fish for sale 3 x neon tetra 2 x male endler guppies 2 x young male guppies not coloured up yet. 1 x young plain female guppy. 2 x common pleco 3 - 4 " 3 x glow light tetra All for 25
170.Bichir ( birchir ) polypterus ( sold ) 27/04/19 No
Enlicheri Congicus Massive example, between 20 and 24 inches Wild caught from well known shop near Nottngham Perfect condition, a real show fish. Forced into selling due to family problems. Other fish for sale unfortunately. Please don't call if you don't have a large enough aqua... ...
171.For sale 26/04/19 Yes
2 X Haplo Catfish for sale both are approx 5 Inches. Feeding well on pellets and algae wafers. Also 1 X Siamese flying fox algae eater, eating well on flakes, pellets & algae wafers. 30.00 FOR ALL.
172.Pictus catfish 24/04/19 Yes
I have a pictus catfish for sale 3/4 inch Collection from le5 5
173.Malawi fish 24/04/19 Yes
FishFish for sale Breeding pairs/groups White tail acie Yellow tail acie(itungi) Black mask mjembi Mjembi Barlow Blue zebras Yellow labs Tropheops yellow cheek(female just spat) Kingsizei Memba deep Elongatus blue mbenji Perileucus likoma Black margin Jalo reef Pseudotropheus int... ...
174.Angel fish 24/04/19 Yes
I have 2 angel fish for sale/swap for some mollys or guppys collection only shildon County Durham dl4........07388648629
175.Albino clown knife fish for sale 24/04/19 Yes
Its about 5 and been pellet trained . 25 quick sale
176.Fish for sale 23/04/19 No
Banngi fish. 2inch coral beauty and 3inch regal for sale 40 pounds for all 3 WN88HT area
177.Tanks and fish for sale 22/04/19 Yes
I'm selling up items for sale Tanks for sale 10x 18x10x10 15 Each 7x 8x8x18 15 Each 3x 9x12x18 15 Each 6x 18x12x12 with racking one needs resealing 120 3x 24x12x12 with racking one needs resealing 60 fundulopanchax sjoestedti niger delta male 5 5x Krib 8 4x Anomalochromis thomasi ... ...
178.BLACK KNIFE GHOST FISH 25cm 10 inches 20/04/19 Yes
1 black knife ghost fish for sale 40 collection only. eats flakes and bloodworms, very active, getting too big for current tank, 25cm long collect from Southport,Merseyside
179.For sale 15/04/19 Yes
Following fish for sale Stars and Stripes puffer Niger Trigger Dogface puffer All sizeable fish so decent size tank required Make me an offer ? Photos on request
180.Tropical fish for sale (Halifax, Huddersfield, Leeds, West Yorkshire) 13/04/19 No
Possible pair of Crenicara Punctulatum (bought from pier aquatics) - 20 1 x Adult male Dicrossus Maculatus (bought from pier aquatics) - 10 2 x Adult Male Bristlenose - 5 each 4 x Adult Buenos Aires Tetra - 5 for them all 15 x Emperor Tetra (juveniles) - 1 each (would consider sel... ...
181.plecs 06/04/19 No
have young bristlenose plecs size 2.5 inches for sale 2 pounds each and young cat fish for sale 1 pound each
182.Volitons lionfish marine fish volitons young 4 38 reduced bargain 06/04/19 Yes
Young lionfish for sale stunning species, fed well grow quick 38 bought from aquatics to your door for 50 two weeks ago.. bargain
183.True Freshwater Clouded Archer Fish for sale 06/04/19 Yes
I have a lovely group of True Freshwater Clouded Archer Fish for sale! 34.90 each *no shipping* Feeding well on pellets and frozen, actively shooting frozen food from the glass!
184.goldfish for sale 03/04/19 Yes
goldfish for sale.you can whatsapp me at +447459180319
185.Tiger shovelnose catchfish for sale 17/03/19 Yes
Beautiful Tiger shovel nose catfish about 18 inch . Feeding well on frozen foods can be hand fed. 100 Message me if intrested
186.Albino Osteoglossum bicirrhosum - with video link ( SOLD ) 16/03/19 No
Albino silver arowana for sale Approx 21 inch in length and a very stocky build Amazing yellow colouring and pink tinge scales Unfortunately has drop eye right side only Not the usual multi coloured common x cross back only selling as having family problems "Can Not" upload picture... ...
I have 2 adult fish for sale both directly from the stendker facility. One male is around 9inches. The second I believe to be female and is around 6 inches. 100 for both
188.Red tailed catfish for sale 04/03/19 Yes
About 16 inch red tailed catfish .. feeding well on frozen foods and can be hand fed. 100 Message me if interested
189.Trigger fish 03/03/19 Yes
Marine trigger fish for sale. 4inches long eats any thing u put in the tank food wise. Lovely looking fish. 65.00. Call me on 07711831045, email [email protected]
190.NOW SOLD-Heros sp Rio Tapajos(red cheek Severums) breeding pair in Leeds--ono 45 or make me an offer 22/02/19 Yes
Genuine sale due to moving to new project Here is for sale breeding pair(youngsters to view) of Red cheek Severum(Heros Rio Tapajos) F1. Male 6 inches/Female 5 inches Laid eggs twice already, approximately 2 years old. Excellent breeding project. Pictures are of actual fish for sale. Text... ...
191.10 malawi tropical fish for sale 09/02/19 Yes
some are very young. They will need to be placed into an established tropical tank. C
192.Predator tank close down PRICES REDUCED 07/02/19 No
Due to unforseen circumstances I have been forced to sell up. Remaining Fish for sale Aaa Venezuelan motoro, male,seems it will be a smallish ray maturing nicely, bred by Richard Hardwick of wharf aquatics 150 no offers 20"+ tyre track eel 40 7" banded archer fish (living in fresh wate... ...
193.Biorb 60 with 2 Goldfish for Sale - Make an offer 03/02/19 Yes
Tank and fish 2.5 years old. In good condition, but I no longer have time to look after them properly. Lots of bits, media, test kits, etc, all to go with the fish and tank, Eheim pump (plus original biorb pump). Free to a school or day or care centre (proof required) otherwise please make an offer.... ...
194.Assorted fish for sale, Hemlington Middlesbrough 28/01/19 No
,betta belunga 1ea,Gardner killies 6pair collection only.
195.Fish for sale 19/01/19 No
Reducing the stock levels in my aquariums I have the following for sale X1 - Green Terror - 3 inch X2 - Pangasus - 3 inch - X2 - Angel Fish - 6 & 5 inch 1x Datnoid Polata - 5 inch X1 - red Jewel Cichlid 3 inch X1 - Argenta Vieja - 3 inch X1 Geopgaus Pellergrini x5inch And mo... ...
196.Fish for sale - Cichlids 19/01/19 No
Reducing the stock levels in my aquariums I have the following for sale X1 - Texas Cichlds - 6 inch X1 - Green Terror - 3 inch X2 - Pangasus - 3 inch - X2 - Angel Fish - 6 & 5 inch 1x Datnoid Polata - 5 inch X1 - red Jewel Cichlid - 2 inch X1 - large Geophagus - 6/7 inch X1 - Arge... ...
197.ALL SOLD--10 x Corydoras catfish breeding groups(arcuatus,sterbae-breeders,elegans) for sale-40 for a lot--Leeds 17/01/19 Yes
Currently for sale: 3 x Corydoras arcuatus 5 each or 3 for 12 4 x Corydoras elegans 5 each or 4 for 18 3 x Corydoras sterbae 10 each or 3 for 25(proven breeding trio) Or all 10 for 50 Pick up only from LS16 or can deliver within 10 miles radius from my home address 1 mile=1 ... ...
198.Wanted 17/01/19 No
Wanted Aberdeen area but can also travel looking for young discus for my new tank . Willing to travel and pay for right fish also after some nice plec not bristlenoses ect some Zebra plecs or l333 or king tigers if u have any off these fish for sale please get in touch
199.Large marine fish for sale 07/01/19 Yes
Call for details
200.Pictus Carfish approx 5- 6 02/01/19 Yes
Pictus Catfish for sale open to sensible offers. Need to make space in an overstocked tank. Fish is in good condition has one blemish to its flank approx 10mm long. Fish is collection only from Canvey Island, Essex. Fish is to go to a appropriate good home set up for this type of fis... ...
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