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16 discus fish : NOW SOLD ..SOLD ...SOLD hi, i have forsale 6 perfectly healthy discus fish ,they eat anything u feed them , i currently feed them garlic bi ... 19/11/10
2Tropical Paradise Aquatics : We are a family run business which has been trading for over 7 years in our Boyatt Wood Store. You will always be made welcome by our ver ... 13/11/10
3coralcraftuk.com latest stock 27tth oct : 12 nov 2010 stock high colour zoas 15 large frag's pics to follow blue throat trigger 35 fox face large with black spot 19.50 coral ... 12/11/10
4Superman and rainbow Monti + SPS delivery : Tropical paraddise aquatics of eastleigh has taken delivery of 20 stunning encrusing montipora maricultures. We have the superman version ... 05/11/10
5Betta Lifespace 680 COMPLETE with equipment : Betta Lifespace 680 set-up comprising of the following: - Tank with pelmet, stand and sump - High grade pipework from CoralCulture, upg ... 23/10/10
6Malawi Cichlids : Hi, I am selling 6 Malawi Cichlids due get different type of malawi cichlids..I would like to sell them asap so any good offers can be accep ... 21/10/10
7fish for quick sale - : i am closing down my tank because i am converting my tropical tank into a marine tank. i have approx 15 fish for sale and am open for off ... 20/10/10
8Glow in the Dark Pebbles, Glow Pebbles : Glow in the Dark photoluminescent non-toxic resin stones and pebbles which glow to optimum brightness under black light conditions. Excellen ... 18/10/10
9OCEAN ROCK FOR SALE REALLY CHEAP : i have over 200kg's of ocean rock... spent around for hundred pounds on them about 2 months ago.. i have a HUGE tank and it looks amazing.. ... 04/10/10
10For Sale: Blue Emperor Tetra (Inpaichthys kerri) M... ... : Some still available. My Blue Emperor Tetra (Inpaichthys kerri) have successfully spawned in my community tank and I am now looking to fi ... 03/10/10
11tank fish sawp for marnie tank : malawi tanganyikan cichlids25 and cat fish 2 clown 1 01/10/10
12Marine Juwel Lido 120Ltr + Live stock Equipment 1... ... : Juwel Lido 120ltr with black stand Ok condition left front has a deep scratch shown in picture. Ehiem 2227 wet and dry filter working b ... 26/09/10
13COMPLETE TANK SET UP. cost over 2100 open to offe... ... : i have a very large tank set up for sale which is a gorgous tank for any home. everything you need.the video does not do this tank justice. ... 25/09/10
14BLACK GHOST KNIFE FISH LARGE : It is with great reluctance that I have to sell my beautiful Black Ghost Knife fish. Please be wary of adverts for large fish as most men mi ... 25/09/10
15guppies for sale : 20+ lovely colourful guppies for sale, very friendly easy to care for 50p each. They are now 10 weeks old and have been released into big aq ... 07/09/10
16GIANT GOURAMIE JUVENILE - 6inch : lovely fish with his own character, feeds on everything from flake, bloodworm, pellets etc. @ 15 Ring on 07540565400 for more details ... 06/09/10
17Aguaronichthys Torosus (Bolt Catfish) For Sale : Aguaronichthys Torosus 5-6" for sale, im changing tank over and is not suitable for new tank mates, feeds on anything, is in superb con ... 25/08/10
18Aquavista 500 Wall Mounted Aquarium : Aquavista 500 is the canvas, with your fish, it becomes your living art! Aquavista 500Bring any room to life with the AquaVista 500, a pa ... 19/08/10
19Aquavista PANORAMIC - Wall-mounted Aquariums : The Aquavista Panoramic Welcome the all new Aquavista Panoramic wall mounted aquariums, yet the most advanced aquariums the aquatic ind ... 19/08/10
20Aquavista 100 - Customisable Desktop aquarium : The AquaVista 100: Compact And Easy To Set Up! Bring life to any table top with patented Aquavista 100, a low maintenance picture frame a ... 19/08/10
21Blue Discuss Stalybridge Area : Here is my blue discuss i dont know much about them as this came with my tank and i have been advised to take it out as they require slightl ... 19/08/10
22piranha large rhoms black piranhas piranhawarehous... ... : just in 5" purple spilos 38 9" diamond rhoms 150 2" wild peru reds 10.00 9" tacantos rhoms 9" 150.00 these ... 16/08/10
23CLARIUS CATFISH WANTED 15INCH OR MORE : looking for BIG clarius catfish to home with my other one, it is about 15 inch long and is eating my smaller fish. i need to home it with a ... 27/07/10
24Neon Jewel Cichlids 12 Months Old WEST LANCS nr M5... ... : Great Jewel Cichlids - Hemichromis bimaculatus - Approximately 12 months old. Fantastic specimens of the breed. Open to offers, got around 2 ... 24/07/10
25tang damsel clownfish invers angelfish marine blue... ... : for sale is a velvet blue damsel fish i want 10 but open to offers? try me 16/07/10
26BUCKTOOTH TETRAS : Hi have 18 of these guys up for sale, would like them to go as a group, due them being aggressive shoaling fish. Please research these fi ... 13/07/10
2733 Psuedotropheus Elongatus For Sale : Hello i have 33 Psuedotropheus Elongatus for sale i will accept offers if you want to take the lot, They range from 4 cm to 1 inch, They are ... 12/07/10
28Nannacara Taenia groups of 5 : Nannacara Taenia groups of 5 for 10. They are a relatively rare fish that is not seen very often. These are juvenille fish that are aro ... 02/07/10
29Apistogramma Agassizii Fire Red : For sale are groups of 5 Apistogramma Agassizii "Fire Red". They are around the 1" mark and are just starting to become sexable. 18 f ... 02/07/10
30Pelvicachromis Subocellatus Matadi : Groups of 5 juvenille Pelvicachromis Subocellatus "Matadi" for 12. These are not generally seen in the shops and if they are they are pr ... 02/07/10
31Apistogramma Baenschi "breeding pair" : I am selling my wild breeding pair of Apistogramma Baenschi to make way for other breeding projects. This pair is very prolific and raise f ... 02/07/10
32Pelvicachromis Taeniatus "Moliwe" Pairs : PELVICACHROMIS TAENIATUS "MOLIWE" 10 PER PAIR These are F1 (first generation from wild) fish that have been bred and raised by ... 02/07/10
33SEE VIDEO ,,SCIANOCHROMIS AHLI : new website www.uk-aquatic-supplies.co.uk please click on link 1 to see video PLEASE CLICK ON LINK 2 FOR PRICES AND SIZES thanks ... 30/06/10
34approx 60 tropical fish including 5 FEATURE fish : Hi im selling my tropical COMMUNITY fish as i now want to setup a malawi chichlid setup. The main centre of attraction is the approx 12&qu ... 27/06/10
35Large Syspilum/Fenstatum cross : I am selling my Large Syspilum possible Fenstatum cross. when settled he shows a bright purple face unlike the rose colour of a typical syns ... 21/06/10
37[SOLD] Female Red Turquoise 6 Inches TL [SOLD] : This healthy female red turquoise discus was purchased at ChensDiscus on September 2008 when it was 3 and a half months old and it was about ... 15/06/10
38Selling all my South and Central American Cichlids : Hi there, i have decided to cross over to an African Tank so now have lots of cichlids for sale! Please call or text with offers.... M ... 14/06/10
39Cherry shrimp for sale : I have lots of beautiful cherry shrimp ready for your tanks 5 for five or 10 for 8.50 great clean-up crew and breed well in your t ... 14/06/10
40Guppies for sale : hello i have a mixed tank of fry and young guppies very beautiful colours but i cant guarantee which species you will receive,2 each stoke ... 07/06/10
411 Huge Pleco and 2 catfish : All i now have left are two catfish and one large pleco that i need to sell as i need to break down the tank. Pleco is about 13 inches long ... 06/06/10
42Discus Fish pairs for sale : Regaldiscusfish.co.uk currently have 3 proven pairs of Snakeskin red Discus Fish, 1 pair of Pigeon Blood reds and 1 pair of Cobolts for sale ... 04/06/10
44Red Blood Parrots and Malawi for sale : I have 7 Red Blood Parrots for sale. Been living together since small and all have lovely deep red colours. 5-7inch x5 9-10inch x2 A B ... 27/05/10
45Live Rotifers & Copepods 150ml starter culture : Hello, I am selling 150 ml Live rotifer&Copepod starter culture for 4.99 + 2.99p&p Live phyto 500ml 2.99 + 2.99 p&p If you need regu ... 06/05/10
47large aquarium : I have a 10'x3'x2'high aquarium for sale. It comes with breeze block stand and 3 reinforced steel joists. I am after a very reasonable 25 ... 06/04/10
48Red Bellied Piranhas for sale. : I am selling my four red bellys. They are 7 or 8 inches long, healthy and all feed well. To be collected from Stamford on the Lincolnshire ... 02/04/10
49Seabray 48" x 15" Tank & Cabinet 15... ... : 2.5 year old Seabray tank and matching stand. Currently empty. Good condition with some expected minor wear and tear. Also including a Eh ... 27/03/10
50full marine tank setup skimmer filter : aqualantis evasion 50 tank and stand. 33 GAL /150L HEIGHT 60cm WIDTH 50cm DEPTH 50cm ...the tank glass does have some scratches but only not ... 26/03/10
51Discus fishes pair for sale : I have 10 adult fish . at least two pair . selling in northern ireland. conatct me 00353 861733343 . i am selling all my breeding aqurium ... 10/03/10
52young guppies male and female available : i have lots of young male and female guppies for sale 80p each also enders same price 21/02/10
53Great Predators African Tiger fish(hydrocynus vitt... ... : I have two left African tiger fish 100 each(3-4 inch) I have 3 left spotted Gar fish 15 each(3-4 inch) No offer No time wasters pls! Co ... 08/02/10
54Juvenile Koi Angelfish For Sale Pterophyllum Scal... ... : Juvenile Koi Angelfish For Sale ! Pterophyllum Scalare 1x fish 2 6x fish 10 50x fish 50 RRP 1x fish 5 - 7.50 Local pick up onl ... 25/01/10
55Angel fish (BLACK) Whole Sale : hi For Sale, high quality Black velvet angels. body size approx 50p. These beautiful fish have been reared by their parents, and have been ... 17/01/10
56Black Angel Fish for sale : hi For Sale, high quality Black velvet angels. body size approx 50p. These beautiful fish have been reared by their parents, and have been ... 06/01/10
57Tetra Art 60l Full Set Up 50 (excluding Fish) vid... ... : I have recently upgraded my tank therefore i have a Tetra Art 60 litre aquarium which has all the equipment. Light, Filter, Heater, Air pump ... 18/12/09
58MONSTER PACUS FS (youtube vids) : I have for sale 2x red bellied pacu's, both are 10-12" each, very good eaters and not skiddish at all. I am wanting 20 for both of these fi ... 01/11/09
594 LARGE BLOOD PARROTS - NORWICH 40 : 4 blood parrot cichlids for sale - around 6.5 to 7 inches long. very friendly and in good condition. You can see a video of them eat ... 29/09/09
606 x Koi Carp for a Nice Pond for Sale - TW Heathro... ... : Hi there I have 6 koi carps for sale. I'm not sure what type they are. Open to offers they must go this weekend! I can send you better ... 24/09/09
61150 only Bargain RENA 4 FOOT TANK BEECH COLOUR. G... ... : Rena 4 foot tank in beech, 260 litres, in a good condition, The Tank Comes with: Stand Background Air pump Original t8 lighting unit inc ... 07/09/09
62Huge Rena 600 Aquarium with Cabinet and 2x Fluval ... ... : Hi, I need to get rid of my aquarium as my education gets to serious, I be doing GCSE now and soon I be going to college and I might not hav ... 26/08/09
63Eheim 55Gallon Tank Hood Stand (VGC) 225 : My Tank for sale in Medway (Kent) United Kingdom. (225) All equipments, filters lights hood stand etc... Message me if interested, also l ... 03/01/09

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