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1Jewel 125 fish tank with lights 150.00 :Jewel 125 fish tank with lights! Slight scratching to glass which I had not noticed until the tank was empty. It is unusual to see these ...05/07/20
2Ecotech vortech Mp40s and reeflink for sale :2 Vortech Mp40s with reeflink, excellent condition, a year old from new. Mobius ready. COLLECTION ONLY From Leeds 450ono.04/07/20
3WANTED LARGE PEACOCK BASS - WEST YORKSHIRE :wanted large peacock bass Halifax -04/07/20
4Corydoras and shrimps :Pics of what you have ordered can be sent to you. Albino bristlenose from 4 each One adult male sterbai 8 Sterbai corydoras youn ...04/07/20
5Reef Octopus Elite 200s skimmer for sale :Reef Octopus Elite 200s for sale excellent condition, brilliant skimmer, 475ono. Collection only. Thank you03/07/20
6Snowflake eel :Lovely snowflake eel, eats well from feeding stick, loves prawns and mussells. Around 24in. Has been in with other fish but is now seperated ...01/07/20
7Fish :Hi I have 2 tiger oscars about 6inch that are paired up and I have a small tiger Oscar about 4 inch and a snake head about 7 inch. Im looki ...01/07/20
8Wanted - Glass fish tanks please . :Hi thanks for reading .. we are in urgent need of a couple tanks if anyone has any Free or cheap ? . thankyou .,01/07/20
9Parrot fish about 6inch :Parrot fish for swaps ....or for sale call or text me on 0734066457101/07/20
105 PAIR FULL RED ALBINO GUPPY :I have 5 pair FULL RED ALBINO GUPPY Size3-4cm 1-Pair 10 More info jborowczyk@vp.pl01/07/20
11PAIR RED NOSE ALBINO GUPPY :I have 5 pair RED NOSE ALBINO GUPPY Size;2-3cm 1-Pair 20 More info jborowczyk@vp.pl01/07/20
12FULL RED ALBINO (MALE) :I have male guppy;Full Red Albino only 5 pieces Size;2-3cm Price per item 3.50 More info jborowczyk@vp.pl01/07/20
13Wanted true green terror /white saum :wanted true green terror /white saum male if possible28/06/20
14Wide bar dollars :This is probably the largest group of wide bars in the country & has took me ages to put together, unfortunately Ive got a job abroad & now ...28/06/20
15Red hook silver dollars :Large group of large red hook silver dollars 15 each or deals on groups28/06/20
16Barbs :1tinfoil barb 10+ 10 6 x silver barbs 8 to 10 10 each 5 x spanner barbs 3 to 5 10 each Large group of yellow fin barbs 20 each v ...28/06/20
17For Sale :Assortment of Tropical Community Fish, looked after and growing. Closing down so offers invited to take them all. 07832 66567326/06/20
18Dovii :Two dovii about 4inch want to swap for couple schooling fish or something not aggressive collection only huddersfield26/06/20
19Fish tank :Evolution aqua 249L fish tank condition is like new, full white gloss, comes with everything including fish, loads of corydoras including du ...25/06/20
20Pair of Ivanacara Adoketa :I have two juvenile Ivanacara Adoketa(rare dwarf cichlid) that no longer fit with my set up, and I am looking for a suitable home for them. ...24/06/20
212 x Discus(3 inch Pigeon Blood,5 inch Red Turquoise) & 3 x Angelfish(P.scalare) ... :Here is for sale 3 Angelfish(gold, marble, koi) Ono 10 each or 3 for 25 1 Pigeon Blood Discus 3 inch 25 1 Red Turquoise Discus female ...24/06/20
22Filter box :Kockney koi big black box 15 gallon with filter sponges uv spares or repair 45.. ono20/06/20
23WANTED 36L x 24D x 12H tanks x 4 :Looking for 4, 36L x 24D x 12H tanks as soon as possible. Happy to travel for them :) Please drop me a message if you have any for sa ...18/06/20
243 PAIR PLATINIUM MOSAIC DUMBO EAR :I have 3 pair guppy;Platinium Mosaic Dumbo Ear Size;2-3cm Price per pair 15 More info jborowczyk@vp.pl18/06/20
25Flag tail, blueberry & thin bar dollars :6 flag tail x1 Group of 7 blueberry dollars Group of 7 thin bar dollars Contact me for info & videos14/06/20
26WANTED LARGE PEACOCK BASS - WEST YORKSHIRE :I am after buying large Peacock bass to go into my 8ft aquarium - please email me or phone14/06/20
27Light unit :All ponds solution light unit 4 bulb on hanging kit 59 " 2 blue bulbs one white needs 1 bulb separate switches all working cost 199 new 3014/06/20
28Malawi cichlids for sale west yorkshire :Here we have juvenile yellow labs/firefish at 3 each also yellow benga/polystigma/calico ob peacocks/jacobs/firefish 7 each venustus/lemon ...10/06/20
29Aquarium background picture :Hi I am looking for a plastic picture of aquarium plants to use as a aquarium background 60" wide x 29" high tank. Do you have any ...10/06/20
30Common snapping turtle and full setup for sale ono :Hi I have a common snapping turtle and a full setup for sale. The external on the tank is a 2000lph pond solution filter. The turtle eats ...10/06/20
31Livestock & Liverock For Sale :Tank breakdown (house move) for sale: 300 worth of 2 year live rock with various mushroom/zoas/xenia -150 Regal Angel - 70 Dwarf Flame ...09/06/20
32L201 :F1 l201 male Message me 0782875470406/06/20
33Pond skimmer :Oase 25 pond skimmer brand new still in box 9005/06/20
34L095, Motoro Ray, Wild Altum Angels, Large Clown Loach and shoal of Fillament Ba ... :10 inch L095 very rare plec 240. 7 inch Female Motoro Ray 125 2 Wild Altums one 9 inch depth one 7 inch 100 for both. 2 Clown Loach 5 ...04/06/20
353 each F1 chromidotilapia guntheri :Hi I have lots of f1 guntheri young about 2 to 3 cm open to offers25/05/20
36Odd cichlids left offers :Hi I have a kribensis female and a Nigerian red wild Male and three young Geophagus red head cichlids just odd fish I have left over25/05/20
37Wild Apistogramma gephyra pair 25 :Hi I have a wild pair of Apistogramma gephyra for sale 2525/05/20
38Snakeheads for sale :I have 4 snakeheads for sale 2 ghana dwarf , really nice and growing fast around 4-5 2 very rare red and gold cobra snakeheads, i cant fi ...22/05/20
39Guinacara wanted in Leeds :I'm after Guinacara. I can travel within reasonable distance. Let me know what you have. Thanks for looking19/05/20
40Breeding pair of designer clownfish :Picasnows lay every 10 days 500+ eggs, investment for someone looking to make some extra money in their spare time as will produce some stun ...17/05/20
41Channa aurantimaculata :14-15" channa aurantimaculata feeding well on insects and occasionaly pellets. 6014/05/20
43Top Quality Goldfish for Ponds & Coldwater Aquariums :From Newlyn Aquatics: We have for sale some highest quality and healthy goldfish, Sarasa, koi and other coldwater fish. New Stock in store. ...12/05/20
44Nano tank complete setup (shrimp) :Fluval spec in white comes with light, built in filter and a heater. It has breeding group of flame red shrimp hard to guess the amount as t ...12/05/20
45Looking for Shrimp and Snails :I'm looking to buy some shrimp and snails. I will not be able to collect as I don't have a car so I would be willing to pay for delivery ev ...09/05/20
46Bristlenose Plecos (Common, Super Red, Lemon, Calico) :Bristlenose plecos available for collection All 2-4inch size wise Common - 5 Super Red - 15 Lemon - 15 Calico - 10 Collectio ...05/05/20
47Pacu :I have a pacu which is 14 inch and has outgrown tank and we need to get rid of it so pls if any enquire text me02/05/20
48WANTED - RED TAIL CATFISH :Hi all, Anyone selling or know where I can get a juvenile South American Red Tail Catfish. Needs to be around 3-5 inches. Please call ...02/05/20
50Wanted- Pevicachromis teaniatus male :I'm looking for a Pelvicachromis Teaniatus male if any one has one available to sell. If so just drop me a message.26/04/20
5125 Proven breeding pair of guntheri cichlids :Hi I have a proven breeding pair of guntheri cichlids for sale if anyone is interested22/04/20
52Wanted - Haps, Peacocks, yellow labs :Anyone got any young haps, peas or yellow labs Preferably around the Bradford area16/04/20
53breeding pair chocolate cichlids leeds :breeding pair chocolate cichlids male bout 7 inch female 5inch bred in my tank had bought 300 babies 60 stunning pair13/04/20
54Red lobo :Hi Im after a red lobo with turquoise centre03/04/20
55Convicts :Pair of convicts free to a good home must collect27/03/20
56Wanted starry night Cichlid :Looking for a starry night Cichlid.20/03/20
57Orchid dottyback :Orchid Dottyback for sale, currently sumped as was picking on my jawfish and I like the jawfish more. Eats well and is healthy and active. P ...19/03/20
58Severum sale :2 7inch red shoulder severums 1 male 1 female 25 each or 40 for pair 1 gold severums 7inch 25 1 jade cichlid 4 inch fully grown adult 8.50 c ...15/03/20
59To sell :1x Midas 8 inch 1x pacu 14 inch 1x gosht knifefish 12 inch 2x parrot 6 inch and 4 inch 1x silver shark 10 inch 1 female flowerhorn ...15/03/20
60Last 6 for 10--BARGAIN---Geophagus steindechneri 1.5 inch(3-4cm) youngsters in ... :Very placid shoaling fish. Will not touch even neon tetras. I also have videos of parents of the youngsters. They are currently kept in 2 ...13/03/20
61Dwarf cichlids :Looking for pairs of dwarf cichlids any will be considered cheers12/03/20
62Severum sale :2 7inch red shoulder severums 1 male 1 female 25 each or 40 for pair 1 gold severums 7inch 25 1 jade cichlid 4 inch fully grown adult 8.50 c ...10/03/20
63Acadian 2ft LED aquarium light 20 :Arcadian Aquarium 2ft LED light Actually about 23", so would fit inside a 2ft hood Hard to show lit, so check picture as lamp is a mix ...10/03/20
64Wanted Large Sunshine pleco L014 :Large Sunshine pleco wanted09/03/20
65Red Tail Tinfoil Barbs x2 :large tinfoil barbs about 5 inch male and female lovely health fish collection Leeds Ls14 2507/03/20
66Sell Severums :2 7inch red shoulder severums 1 male 1 female 25 each or 40 for pair 1 gold severums 7inch 25 1 jade cichlid 4 inch fully grown adult 8.50 c ...07/03/20
67Sell severum sale will swop for clown loach or certain geos :2 7inch red shoulder severums 1 male 1 female 25 each or 40 for pair 1 gold severums 7inch 25 1 jade cichlid 4 inch fully grown adult 8.50 c ...07/03/20
68Newts :Hi - does anyone have outdoor pond newts that are surplus to your requirements. I have been told that I cannot buy these but if you could le ...05/03/20
69Female electric blue rams :Does any one in the West Yorkshire region have any female electric blue rams for sale04/03/20
70Malawi Cichlids for sale :Male blue fryeri Male ob firefish Male Otopharynx Lithobates Zrock Pair Protomelas Taiwan reef Male super red top ndumbi04/03/20
71Magnifica Anenome :Magnifica Anenome the clown fishes prefered host. 6-8 in size 60 posted or pick up Wakefield02/03/20
72Purple Carpet Anenome :Purple Carpet Anenome 6-8 in size, rarely seen, 150 posted or pick up Wakefield02/03/20
73Green tip Bubble Anenome :Neon Green tip Anenome, approx 3-4" in size, 35 posted. Or pick up Wakefield02/03/20
74Snow White plecos :Im looking for some Snow White bristlenose adults or fry. near to Leeds cheers for looking.26/02/20
75TROPHEUS Duboisi Maswa s SOLD SOLD SOLD :F1 Duboisi Maswa 17+ 130 "REDUCED 100" All SOLD NOW!! Great Breeders I've had many fry from them. Please contac ...24/02/20
76South Americans for sale :2 7inch red shoulder severums 1 male 1 female 45 for pair 2 gold severums 30 for pair or 20 each 1 10 inch red spotted severum 50 quid. Or ...24/02/20
77NOW SOLD---Very rare---2.5 each or 20 for 9(3m/6f) to clear out---3 inch(PAIRS ... :Here is for sale is last 9 Shortfin Mexican Mollys. Kept in standard water Beautiful blue eyes and pearl/gold body. They don't eat the ...23/02/20
78Ecotech radion XR15w gen 4 Pro :For sale is my Ecotech Radion. Comes with ceiling hanging kit. Has been used but in full working order. Excellent light for marine/reef tank ...22/02/20
79Aqua Medic sump pump :For sale is my Qqua Medic return pump. Suitable for both salt and fresh water. Pumps up to 500 gallons an hour. Previously used in my marin ...20/02/20
80Placidochromis sp phenochilus tanzania :SOLD....SOLD....SOLD I have for sale a Very large group of Placidochromis sp phenochilus tanzania consisting of around 16 males 6"+ and 12 f ...17/02/20
81fish Malawi cichlids 1 inch x4 10. Haps an peacocks :Malawi cichlids 1 Inch x 4 10 2 inch 4 . Haps an peacocks Taiwan reef - Ob peacocks - ahli iceberg and mixed colours peacocks Collec ...17/02/20
82cichlid 4 inch coloured peacocks 18 Each :ob Peacock (2 Available) Red Peacock (1 Available) Albino Peacock (1 Available) Polystigma cichlid (1 Available) All are 18 Each Fish ...17/02/20
83Fish auction 19 February 2020 Castleford Aquarist Society :Starts 7.30pm Albion Street WMC Albion Street Castleford WF10 1EN See the Facebook page for details Plenty of lots! There will be p ...13/02/20
84Lots of South America for sale due to shutting down my large tank :8 Metynnis fasciatus Striped collers about 5 percent is nchs40 each 1 silver dollar 4 the much 10 4 liberifer 6 to 9 inches 25 each 5 ...12/02/20
85Geophagus Red Head Topajo Juveniles for sale :These juveniles are beTween inch and a half and Two and a half inches long. Prefer collecTion buT ma deliver local for perol12/02/20
86Sell Cichlids :2 7inch red shoulder severums 1 male 1 female 45 for pair 2 gold severums 30 for pair or 20 each 1 10 inch red spotted severum 50 quid. Or ...10/02/20
87Pond, Marine and Freshwater Maintenance :I offer a maintenance service for all aquariums and ponds in the West Yorkshire area. I can offer maintenance packages including tanks. ...10/02/20
88Various tanks and equipment ready for sale :Mp40 wave maker - 250 Ilumenair 900 just fitted with a brand new led set by tmc -200 225 litre aquarium with stand custom built by cle ...10/02/20
89300 litre (3ft 2ft 2ft) ClearSeal tank, cabinet & sump. Very good condition, Lee ... :For sale is my Clear Seal tank, cabinet & sump. Tank dimensions: 100cm (width) X 55cm (depth) X 60cm (height; approx 55cm to fill line). ...08/02/20
90Red line torpedo barb to rehome :I am looking to re home a single red line bard, currently he is alone as an adult in my 185 litre community tank, ii want a good size aquari ...05/02/20
91Sell cichlid :Changing my tank so getting rid of this stunning fish message for details05/02/20
928/10 inch Wolf Cichlid :Needs gone ASAP as tank sold Message for more info04/02/20
93High Quality Fancy Goldfish & Coldwater Fish :From Newlyn Aquatics: New stock available. Large Fancys available. We have a superb range of very high quality fancy goldfish on sale. pleas ...04/02/20
948/10 inch Wolf Cichlid :Needs gone ASAP as tank sold Message for more info04/02/20
95Bristlenose Catfish Large Sizes :Hi I am selling some Bristlenose catfish which grow alot slower than normal plecs. I have around 8 to sell varying from 4 to 5 inches. ...02/02/20
96Synodontis petricola for sale :Hi I am selling two Synodontis catfish for sale. Bought them as a pair but cannot get them to breed so need tank for other project. L ...02/02/20
97Bristlenose Plecos and Red Cherry Shrimp :Juvinile bristle nose Plecos 3 each or offers if you want a few.Red Cherry shrimp 50p each or offers.For more information call 07508383834.02/02/20
98Sell :8inch nice colourful fish02/02/20
99RO (reverse osmosis) machine - aquarium water filter, including new filters, TDS ... :For sale is a D-D RO (reverse osmosis) machine for filtering water for use in an aquarium. The machine uses a 3 stage filtering process to r ...26/01/20
1002 Tunze 6025 powerhead circulators :For sale are two Tunze 6025 powerheads for use in an aquarium in circulating water. They each enable a water flow of 4,500l/h, at an energy ...26/01/20
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