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  malawi cichlids -food and general aquarium accesories

Description: we re based in Lincoln but offer a courier service in the uk for 17.00 overnight pre 12 via apc.

if there is something not on the list you are looking for please don't hesitate to ask

Genus species size (cm) wc/f1/tb price

astotilapia aeneocolour 5-6cm tb 6.50 each
melanochromis perileucos likoma 7-10cm f1 sold
aulonocara kandeense kande 7-8cm tb 23.00 pair
protomelas steveni taiwan reef 10cm tb 12.00 female
aulonocara marmelade cat ob 10-12cm tb 32.00 pair
labidichromis hongi german red 5-6.5cm lb 8.50 each
metriaclima esthera blue 8-10cm tb 7.00 each
cynotilapia lions sanga 4-5.5cm f1 8.00 each
pseudotropheus tropheops macrophthalmus 8-10cm f1 20.00 pair
melanochromis lepidophagus 8-10cm tb 20.00 pair
metriaclima aurora likoma 6-8cm tb 7.50 each
metriaclima hajomaylandi 5-7cm tb 5.50 each
metriaclima estherea minos reef 6-8cm f1 14.00 pair
metriaclima estherea super red 5-7cm lb 7.50 each
metriaclima fainzilberi puulu 4-5cm tb 7.50 each
placidichromis jalo reef 7-8cm tb 22.00 pair
pseudotropheus acei luwala reef 7-10cm tb 16.00 pair
pseudotropheus tropheops mazinzi reef 6-8cm f1 22.00 pair
metriaclima chilumba luwino reef 6-10cm f1 18.00 pair
metriaclima pulpican maingano island 8-10cm f1 10.00 male
metriaclima lombardoi mbenji 8-10cm tb 16.00 pair
metriaclima lanisticola 7-10cm tb 18.00 pair
pseudotropheus zebra long pelvic chesese 6-8cm f1 18.00 pair
pseudotropheus elongatus chewere 8-9cm tb 18.00 pair
pseudotropheus elongatus mpanga 6-7cm tb 7.50 each
pseudotropheus tropheops red fin londo 7-9cm f1 20.00 pair
haplochromis flameback 8-10cm tb 18.00 pair
cynotilapia lions cove 3-4cm tb 5.50 each
labeotropheus trewavasae black dorsal 4-6cm tb 6.00 each
labeotropheus trewavasae lions cove 4-6cm tb 6.00 each
labeotropheus trewavasae albino orange 3-4.5cm tb 6.00 each
labidichromis hongi kimpuma 8-11cm tb sold each
pseudotropheus demasoni 4-5cm tb 6.50 each
labidichromis chizmulae 3-4cm tb 3.50 each
metriaclima pulpican maingano island 3-4cm f1 3.50 each
pseudotropheus tropheops red cheek 3-4cm tb 3.50 each
pseudotropheus daktari chiwindi 3-4cm f1 3.50 each
copadichromis melas midnight mara point 3.5-4cm f1 6.00 each
protomelas green face nkanda 3.5-4cm f1 6.00 each
tyrannochromis macrostoma 4-6cm f1 7.00 each
cynotilapia afra jalo reef 3-4cm f1 3.00 each
copadichromis borleyi mdoka 10-12cm f1 sold sold
pseudotropheus greshakei albino 6-8cm tb 15.00 pair
pseudotropheus polit lions cove 4-6cm f1 7.00 each
pseudotropheus saulosi 4-6cm tb 5.50 each
cynotilapia afra minos reef 6-8cm f1 20.00 pair
cynotilapia afra cobue mozambique 5-7cm tb 15.00 reserved
pseudotropheus msobo magunga 7-10cm tb sold sold
cynotilapia hara gallireya reef 6-8cm tb 15.00 reserved
metriaclima zebra maisoni reef 3-3.5cm f1 sold sold

************************* ******************************* ******************************* ********** ********** *************
l018 plec 10-12cm tb 21.00 each

150w heaters 9.35
300w heaters 9.50
50w heaters 9.25
double sponge filters 3.50
4 inch net 1.50
5 inch net 1.50
6 inch net 1.75
8 inch net 1.75
10 inch net 2.00
marina hang on breeding box 0.7l 5.00
waterlife octozin 60ml 5.00
nutrafin nitrite test 9.00
frozen malawi mix food 1.50

green malawi pellet 100g 3.50 **
red malawi pellet 100g 3.50 **
new era rift lake red 100g 4.50 ****
new era rift lake green 100g 4.50 ****
flake with spirulina 100g 3.50 **
spirulina granulat 100g 3.50 **
** = 3 for 10.00 food offer
**** = 3 for 12.00 food offer
single sponge filter 2.50 each
digital thermometers 2.50 each
300 gauge fish bags rounded 0.10 each
nutrafin cycle 5.50
various rock from 50p per kg

sera flora spirulina flake 2kg tub 40.00
sera granured 1000ml 14.00
sera granugreen 1000ml 14.00
jmc high growth pellet 300g 6.50
cichlid optimum pellets 100g 3.50
200lph airpump 200l 9.00
marina hang on box 2.0l 4 way 2litre 15.00
3-way valves -airline valves x1 0.25
3 way airline valves x10 2.00
airline per m 0.50
various interpet treaatments 0.99 to .. 4.50
tropical srirutabin 36.00% 5.50
various lighting tubes t8/t5 5 to 15

Contact Information
Advertiser: Ben
Telephone: 07414781310
Town: Lincoln
County: Lincolnshire

Advert stats: [Added or updated:16/09/13 Views: 1757]

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