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Description: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS ALSO FOR SALE ELSEWHERE AND THUS MAY BE REMOVED AT ANY TIME. I realise that this is irritating but I do not want to lose too much money on this....sorry!


I get bored when reading long listings but making this short but it will be tough....sorry!

This sale is for my Jewel 180 and all contents apart from the heater. I am selling as I want to upsize my marine tank and don't really have space for 2 180/200 litre tanks and neither is it sensible to convert tropical to marine, hence the sale. All fish appear healthy and happily swim about with swim bladders and fins in tact. All skins and scales seem healthy too. Tank very well matured and balanced by a seasoned aquarist with advice from my friend who is known simply as 'the fish man' and is sage in all things fish.

This sale includes the following:

FISH (approximate - there are so many that I cannot see them or remember what I have!)

* Large Ancistrus (about 8cm long) - comes out at night and has an 'Old Man' personality. Lives in the boat.
* Large Ram (he is a totally peaceful cichlid). Lives underneath the resin tree stump.
* 4/5 Albino Phantom Tetras
* 4/5 Black Phantom Tetras
* 4/5 Congo Tetras
* 3 T-Barbs (very big for T-Barbs - one is about 7 cm long!)
* 2 large silver sharks.
* app. 2 Cuckoo Loaches. Seemingly breeding behaviour on the boat bow.
* app. 4 upside-down Catfish - live behind and around the bogwood.
* 1 Zebra Loach
* 3 quite large Clown Loaches
* 4/5 Scissortails
* 1 Danio
* 2 Blue Botias - live in the tiny hole in the tree stump!
* 2 Rosey Barbs
* 4/5 Lemon Tetras
* 2 pinspot plecs (I think that that's what they are anyway - I can't exactly remember!)


* Jewel 180 tank (no scratches that I can see) - rough measurements are L2.5ft, D1ft, H1.3ft.
* Jewel 180 tank stand (actual stand that came with the tank)
* Jewel pump and internal sump with sponges (possibly need replacing but work fine for me)
* Powerhead
* Blue 4-LED light
* double over-head tube light (one coral white, one actinic) - neither need replacing
* Red/black/blue gravel
* Various rocks and pebbles
* 3 very tall plastic plants (£45 worth a few months back)
* Resin helicopter (about 40cm long and 10cm wide)
* Resin boat (about 40cm long and 15cm wide)
* Resin tree stump (about 20cm wide and 15 deep - allows fish to swim through)
* 2 medium-sized pieces of bogwood (the catfish live in this)
* One established live plant
* CO2 ladder (currently not being used as got irritated with replenishing the yeast!)
* Various foods including dry daphnia, lots of flake, catfish pellets, algae tablets, etc
* Sundry bits and bobs

Buyer to pay in cash and remove the water and the fish from the tank themselves and ensure that they have a big enough car/van to take some water (not all - 60 litres should do it) otherwise the tank would not be ready as it must have mature water. Buyer to bring water containers and suitable containers for fish. Buyer to remove fish because, being catfish, some of them may get caught in nets (as oft happens), thus what happens in that eventuality must be the responsibility of the owner. I hope you appreciate why I am saying this, not to be difficult but to not upset any buyer.

Buyer will probably be glad to know that there are NO visible malaysian trumpet snails in this tank. The only treatments that have been used in this tank were a water balancer when I set this up about 3 years ago and fin rot treatment - the most recent time that I used any treatments in this tank was about 2 or 3 months ago for one of the silver sharks and it cleared up after one treatment.

Please do ask any questions if you have any,


*Please note that this is a complete setup apart from the heater, which I am keeping for my marine tank. Everything else is ready to rock and roll.

Contact Information
Advertiser: Richard A
Telephone: 07816381733
Town: Lowestoft
County: Suffolk

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