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  Marine Reef Aquarium 500l

Description: Hello and welcome to our listing.
This tank will look grate in your home or office it will make your family, friends or customers to literary drop on the knees... that's how people who been visiting our home been reacting on first sight ;-)
This is not hobby for everyone a specially because of the money it's costs... but when you seating on sofa in your living room in the evening with your wife or husband and look at all of live inside behind the thin glass - it's worth any money ;-)
I will be more than happy to help you with moving, setting up your aquarium in your home or office as well as introducing you to wonderful and magical world of marine reef/fish keeping as long as you will require my help and advice...

For sale 500L, custom build sump set-up marine reef tank with dozens of leaving animals: LPS's, SPS's, Soft Corals, Mushrooms, Anemones, Fishes, Starfishes, Snails, Shrimps and much, much more...
This is about 3 years old well balanced and complete set-up which cost me and my wife more than £12.000 to build... if anyone tells you that once you buy your tank that's biggest spend out the way don't believe him/her - it's only beginning ;-)
I will try to list most of the things included in this sale, most because to list them all is literally impossible, we have added so much equipment and animals over the time it's impossible to remember...
- Tank is 500L custom build with black glossy finish and cabinet with cost on its own £1500
- Lights are Aqua Illumination White Hydra's 52 x 2 plus Wireless Ai Director Controller plus EXT Hanging Kit all for £1550, using wireless controller you can change light conditions in your tank using your iPhone or Android device from anywhere in the world!!! You can even set it up so it will copy light conditions from any reef in the world in to your tank literally simulating everything from clouds on the sky to thunderstorm - which is pretty dam cool ;-)
- 250 kg of foundation live rock with cost whooping £3500!!! All the rock is genuine live rock not ocean dry rock or reef ceramic rock with are much much cheaper easier to get but don't look this same
- Main return pump is Aqua Medic Ocean Runner 6500 plus spare one in case of main pump failure Aqua One Moray 3600 which both cost just above £200
- Protein skimmer is nicely oversized Bubble Magus Curve 7 which cost at the time £250
- Calcium reactor is Schuran Pico German made and best calcium reactor money can buy it cost us £450, comes together with full and unopened box of ARM reactor media for about £30, and spare maxi jet pump for another £30
- Brand new not rented 5 kg bottle for CO2 with precision prestige Professional Aquarium CO2 Dual Stage Regulator with German Solenoid and Japanese SMC Valve for £200
- Dosing pump is 3 head Bubble Magus BM-T01 Dosing Pump which cost us £280 and is being used to dose NO3PO4-X as well as Magnesium and Strontium
- pH controller and monitor is TMC V2 cost us £165
- Inside the aquarium there are 4 Hydor Koralia 5600 wave makers controlled by Hydor Smartwave Controller all together £220. This controllers together with main return pump and UV steriliser with I will describe in the next line are ensuring whooping 30.000 litres of water movement per hour!!!
- UV steriliser is Eheim Reeflex UV 800 powered by little maxi jet pump with is pushing 1200L per hour through steriliser to keep water crystal clear which cost us together £170
- Included is TMC V2 Pure Advanced 75 Reverse Osmosis RO unit for £120 to produce crystal clean water for your aquarium
- 10, 25 litres jerry cans to store your RO water £70
- Eheim Twin Automatic Fish Feeder for £60
- Hospital Grade Stainless Steel Coral Propagation Kit for £150, not some DIY cheap s**t from eBay
- Eheim 400 air pump for £30
- Self build using industrial grade components and parts auto top up system cost me about £220
- And many other things that are essential to keep your water in pristine condition and your animals well and happy like: refractometer, 6 automatic and manual on/off electric switches, Aqua Medic fish trap, full set x 2 (one set is opened and being used another is unopened) Salifert water tests to check your alkalinity, nitrate, magnesium, calcium, strontium, potassium - this test aren't cheap either probably for this set we are talking good £100 each, water cooling system for hot days in summer, tools to keep clean all your pipe work, fish nets, number of different size syringes to measure different additives, glass cleaners/scrapers, all different medicines for treating fish diseases, full set of water additives like strontium, potassium, iron, iodine, hard elements, calcium, KH+pH buffer, different dry and frozen fish and coral foods, 4 filter socks, all spare food grade tubing, books, reef safe aiptasia X treatment kit 500ml, and much much more...

Water parameters on the present day are:
- temperature: 26 celsius degree
- gravity: 1.026
- pH: 8.3
- alkalinity: 11.0 dKH
- calcium: 450 ppm
- magnesium: 1440 ppm
- phosphate: 0.03 ppm
- ammonia: 0.1 ppm
- strontium: 11 ppm

Some of the leaving animals are (some because lots of them are keep hiding in the rocking and I can't remember all different spices we have added to our tank over the time):

- Zebrasoma flavescens
- Petroscirtes temmincki
- 4x Common Clown
- 4x Black & White Clown
- 4 x Chromis caerulea
- 2 x Chromis xanthurus
- Gramma loreto
- 4 x cardinalfish
- Yellow blenny fish
- Black Leopard Wrasse

- Sea Urchin
- 4 x Cleaner Shrimps
- 4 x Fire Srimps
- Boxer Shrimp
- Lots of Tubeworms
- Lots of Star Fishes brittle starfish, sand shifting starfishes, Ophiarachna Incerassata
- Lots of Red Leg Crabs and Blue Leg Crabs
- Snails

- Colonies of Xenias
- Nephthea
- Sarcophyton
- Colonies of Zoanthid
- Colonies of Trachyphyllia Radiata Red and Green
- Colonies of Discosoma
- Colonies of Zoanthus
- Colonies of Protopalythoa
- Euphyllia
- Elegance Coral
- Shunshine Coral
- Lots more I can name any more ;-)

To understand or appreciate beauty of this tank you must see it yourself, no picture can show you how beautiful this hobby is...
I am more than happy to give you as much information as you require, if you want to see more photos just let me know if you want to come and see tank - again just let me know and I will be more then happy to show you everything and talk you through all the questions you might have.

I am available most evenings in the week and whole day Saturday and Sunday.

Please contact me on: 07974407902 or on my email on, my name is Sylwester and I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have...
Please remember price is negotiable, due to a starting price I hope that will not have to deal with too many time wasters ;-)

Contact Information
Advertiser: sylwester84
Telephone: 07974407902
Town: Wrexham
County: Shropshire

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