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  MIDLANDS MALAWIS,Mbuna & Haps in Nottingham

Description: We are fully council licenced breeders/importers with a selection of high quality Malawi Cichlids available that we have bred or imported.
Most of our fish are bred from wild caught or F1 parents and a handful of tank bred fish.
We are Eastwood Nottingham, M1 j26/j27 just up from Ikea.
Delivery available £20 box £10 extra to Northern Ireland and some parts of Scotland.

For more info please look on our website Midlandsmalawis or join our Facebook group.

All the pictures you see are of our actual adults of the young fish i have for sale.

Upto date list
Wild caught,F1 and tank bred fish available

F1 Cynotilapia Aurifrons Mpanga Mphanga Rock 3-4cm £7 each
F1 Cynotilapia Mbenji 3-5cm £9 each
Cynotilapia Zebroides cobue 3-4cm £6 each
F1 Cynotilapia Zebroides Likoma red top 4-5cm £6 each
Gephyrochromis Lawasi 4-6cm £6 each
Iodotropheus spengerae(rusty)3-5cm @ £6 each
F1Labeotropheus Trawavassae Katale 4-5cm £7 each
Labeotropheus fuellibourni ob 3-4cm £6 each
Labidochromis hongi Sweden 4-5cm. £7 each
Labidochromis Hongi kipuma 3-4cm £5 each
Labidochromis Pearlmut 3-4cm £6 each
Labidichromis Mbamba 3-4cm £6 each
Labidochromis joanjohnsonae 3-4cm £7 each
Labidochromis Caeruleus 3-4cm @ £5 each
Melanochromis Chipokae 4-5cm £5 each
Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos/Maingano 3-4cm £6 each
Melanochromis Auratus 3-4cm £5 each
Melanochromis auratus albino 4-6cm. £6 each
F1 Metriaclima Aurora Likoma 3-5cm £6 each
F1 Metriaclima emiltos Mphanga rocks 3-5cm. £6 each
F1 Metriaclima zebra gold Kawanga ob female 3-5cm £8 each
F1 Metriaclima zebra gold lion cove 3-4cm £8 each
F1 Metriaclima hajomaylandi 4cm £6 each
F1 Metriaclima mbenji 3-5cm £12 pair
F1 Metriaclima zebra Gallerya reef 4-5cm £6 each
Metriaclima Zebra Estherae OB 4cm £6 each
Metriaclima zebra red/red 3-4cm £6each
Metriaclima Estherae Minos reef 4cm £12 pair
F1 Metriaclima Greshakei Makakola 4-6cm £6 each
F1 Metriaclima Greshakei Makacola 10cm £22 pair
F1 Metriaclima Patricki Chidunga 4-6cm £6 each
F1 Metriaclima Membe deep 3-4cm £12 each
Petrotilapia microgalana Nkhata bay 3-4cm £6each
F1 Petrotilapia mbenji 5-6cm £6 each
Pseudtropheus Perileucos 4-5cm £7 each
Pseudotropheus flavus chinyankwazi 3-5cm £6 each
Pseudotropheus Elongatus Masimbwe 3-4cm £7 each
F1 Pseudotropheus Elongatus Ornatus 3-4cm £5 each
Pseudotropheus interuptus 4-5cm £12 pair
Pseudotropheus elongatus chewerre 3-4cm £8each
pseudotropheus kingsizei/pulpican Likoma 3-4cm £5 each
Pseudotropheus Elongatus Mpanga 3-4cm @ £5 each
Pseudotropheus acei luwala reef 3-5cm @ £5 each
Pseudotropheus Acei Ngara 5-6cm £6each
Pseudotropheus crabro 4cm @ £5 each
Pseudtropheus Saulousi 3-4cm £6each
Pseudotropheus Socolofi 3-5cm £5 each
Pseudotropheus socolofi albino 4-6cm £6 each
Pseudotropheus Demasoni 3-4cm £6each
Tropheops Chilumba 3-4cm £6 each
F1 Tropheops red fin Puulu 3-4cm £6 each
Tropheops Minos reef 5-6cm £7 each
F1 Tropheops Makacola 4-5cm £6 each
F1 Tropheops aurora Mbamba bay 3-4cm £6 each

Haps and Aulonocara

Aulonacara Maylandi Kandeensis 7-9cm £16 each
Aulonacara Firefish 4-5cm £7 each
Aulonacara Firefish 7-9cm (male) £16
Aulonacara benga 4-6cm £7 each
F1 Aulonacara stuartgranti Chilumba 4-6cm £7 each
Cytrocara moori. 4-5cm. £6 each
Copadochromis Borleyi Kandango 7-10cm £16 each
Copadochromis Borleyi Kadango 3-4cm £6 each
Haplochromis sp44 3-4cm £5 each
Nimbochromis Venustus 7-9cm £7 each
Placidochromis jalo reef 4-5cm £7 each
Protemeleas Taeniolatus namalenje boadzulu (red empress)4-5cm £7 each
F1 Protomeleas Steveni Tiawan reef. 5-6cm £8 each
Protomeleas fire blue. 7-9cm £32 pair
Otopharynx tetrastigma 3-4cm £7 each

Synodontis Lucipinnis 4-5cm £12 each

Postage is £20 for 1-40 fish extra £10 for Northern Scotland and Northern Ireland
Midlandsmalawis Dry goods

Malawi fish flake £5 per 100gram(sold in multiples of 100gram)
Malawi fish granular £6per 200 gram (sold in multiples of 200 gram)
Malawi fish tablets(stick on glass) £2per 50gram(aprox 100 tablets)

Sponge filters
Double sponge filter £4each
200litre snorkel sponge filter £6 each
380litre sponge filter £10
200litre sponge filter £7
100litre sponge filter £4

Wavemaker/circulation pump
3000litres per hour/6watt £16
4in1 glass cleaning tool £5
Heater 300watt £10
Heater 200watt £12
Fish net 10inch £4
Fish net 5 inch £3
Glass Thermometer £2
Digital Thermometer £5
Ball air stones £1
500 lph Internal filter £9
300 lph internal filter £8
Silicon airline £1 per 1meter
40mm ball airstones £1
Large fry/breeder/hospital net 15x15x15cm £5
Egg tumblers £12
200lph airpump £10

Waterlife treatments
Haloex 500ml £14
Myxazin 500ml £14
Protozin 500ml £14
Octazin 200 tablets £20
Octazin 80 tablets £12
Esha test kit £12

LED lighting
30cm( fits 35-50cm)light unit £20
40cm( fits 45-60cm)light unit £30
60cm( fits 65-80cm) light unit £40
90cm( fits 95-110cm)light unit £60
120cm( fits 125-145cm) light unit £80

Unipac sands(other sands available to order)
In stock
Nyassa sand 25kg £24
Nyassa sand 12.5kg £13
Crushed Cockle shells £3 per kilo

Postage for fish is £20 a box, £30 for Northern Ireland and Scotland.
All dry goods can be posted please see our website.

Visit our website for futher info on the link at the bottom.

We have lots of different young growing on so new fish are added regular.

postal prices.

Wednesday to Friday Delivery (Via Special Courier Service) 1-50 fish next day before 12 = £20
Extra £10 for northern Scotland
Extra £10 for Northern Ireland

Collection is from Nottingham please phone if you have any questions.Carl or Gemma 07948564386
If you email via Aquarist classified and dont get a reply within 2 days please ring as some emails dont seem to get to us thanks Carl & Gemma.

Contact Information
Advertiser: carl
Town: eastwood
County: Nottinghamshire
Web Link:
Web Link: ...

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