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  Marines At Northfield Aquatics

Description: Currently in stock at Northfield Aquatics...

Yellow Tang
Regal Tang
Powder Brown Tang
Green Chromis
Scopas Tang
Pyjama Tang
Coral Beauty
Spotted Mandarin
Yellow Watchman Goby
Arc-Eye Hawkfish
Red Fire Fish
Purple Fire Fish
Bicolour Angel
50/50 Gramma
Mimic Tang
Pyjama Wrasse
Zebra Dartfish
Heralds Angel
Saddleback Clowns
Tomato Clown
Emperor Angel
Lawnmower Blenny
Clown Goby
Cleaner Wrasse
Pyjama Cardinal
Okinawe Goby
White Tail Damsel
Picasso Trigger
Dog Faced Puffer
Porcupine Puffer
Pyramid Butterfly


Boxer Shrimp
Reef Lobster
Peppermint Shrimp
Green Brittle Star
Blood Shrimp
Mythrax Shrimp
Red Leg Hermit Crabs
Blue Leg Hermit Crabs
Turbo Snails
Sand Sifting Starfish
Serpent Starfish
Harlequin Starfish
Red Leg Starfish
Blue Linkia
Kuda Seahorses/Reidii

Our next delivery is due Tuesday 14th Dec

Skunk cleaner shrimp
Harlequin Sweetlips Juvenile
Silver-Banded Sweetlips Juvenile
Oriental Sweetlips Juvenile
Painted Sweetlips Juvenile
Surge Dottyback Male
Surge Dottyback Female
Dusky Dottyback
Royal Dottyback
Spotfin Dottyback Male
Ocellated Dragonet
Psychedelic Dragonet
Mandarin Dragonet
Decorated Firefish
Magnifica Firefish
Green & Pink Coralgoby
Golden head Sleeper Goby
Two Spot Goby
Orange-Spotted Prawngoby
Steinitz's Prawngoby
Gorgeous Prawngoby
Flagtail Prawngoby
Yellow Shrimpgoby
Pink-speckled Shrimpgoby
Valencienne'S Goby
Rainford'S Goby
Crosshatch Goby
Two-Colored Blenny
Jawelled Blenny
Longhorn Cowfish
Moorish Idol
Decorated Rabbitfish
Desjardin'S Sailfintang Adult
Brown Sailfintang Adult
Pacific Sailfintang Adult
Bluespoted Rabbitfish
Yellow-Blotch Rabbitfish
Two-spot Bristletooth
Gold-ring Bristletooth
Yellow Gold-ring Bristletooth Juven
Striped Bristletooth Adult
Unicornfish Juvenile
Unicornis Unicornfish
Lopezi Unicornfish
Orange-spine Unicornfish Adult
Orange-spine Unicornfish Adult
Spotted Unicornfish Juvenile
Indian Mimic Surgeonfish (stripe) J
Purple Surgeonfish
Chocolate Surgeonfish Adult
Dusky Surgeonfish
Orange-blotch Surgeonfish Adult
Yellow Surgeonfish Juvenile
W-cheek Surgeonfish
Lined Surgeonfish
Ring-tail Surgeonfish
Black-Spot Surgeonfish
Mentawai Fairywrasse Male
Blue-Sided Fairywrasse Male
Exquisite Fairywrasse Male
Yellow Filament Fairywrasse Male
Red Bar Fairywrasse Male
Lubbock'S Fairywrasse
Lyukyuensis Fairywrasse
Rubrimaginatus Fairywrasse
Solorensis Fairywrasse Male
Temminck's Fairywrasse
Dragon Wrasse Juvenile
Cleaner Wrasse Adult
Disapperaring Wrasse
Sixstripe Wrasse
Leopard Wrasse Adult
Checkerboard Wrasse Juvenile
Bluespotted Wrasse
Lined Wrasse
Yellow-Tail Wrasse
White Ribbon Eel
Volitan's Lionfish (Black)
Shortfin Lionfish
Zebra Lionfish
Spotfin Lionfish
Yellow-spotted Pipefish
Cleaner Pipefish
Pacific Blue-stripe Pipefish
Banded Pipefish
Anderson's Pipefish
Alligator Pipefish
Short-Body Ghostpipefish
Blue-Green Chromis
Gold Spine-Cheeked Clownfish
False Skunk-Striped Clownfish
Saddleback Clownfish
Orange Clownfish
Saddle Clownfish
Black Clownfish
Orbiculate Batfish
Long Finned Batfish
Round-Faced Batfish
Skunk-Striped Clownfish
Orange-Finned Clownfish
Clark's Clownfish
Humphead Bannerfish
Copperband Butterflyfish
Blue-Faced Angelfish Juvenile
Regal Angelfish Adult
Bicolor Angelfish
Bicolor Angelfish
Eibl's Angelfish
Midnight Angelfish
Keyhole Angelfish
Pearl-Scaled Angelfish
Whitetail Vermiculated Angelfish
Lamarck's Angelfish Male
Three-spot Angelfish Adult

All will be on sale after a quaranine period and when they're feeding well.

Contact Information
Advertiser: Mark Wake
Telephone: 01482 844168
Town: Hull
County: East Yorkshire
Web Link:

Advert stats: [Added or updated:10/12/10 Views: 2151]

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