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  East Midlands Aquatics..........TOTAL STOCK LIST

Description: neon tetra 1.20 each 10x7.00 30x18.00
black neon tetra 1.20 each 10x7.00 30x18.00
white cloud mountain minno 1.20 each 10x7.00 30x18.00
cherry barb 1.20 each 10x7.00 30x18.00
glowlight tetra 1.20 each 10x7.00 30x18.00
lemon tetra 1.20 each 10x7.00 30x18.00
pearl danio 1.20 each 10x7.00 30x18.00
flame tetra 1.20 each 10x7.00 30x18.00
penguin tetra 1.20 each 10x7.00
harlequin 1.20 each 10x7.00 30x18.00
pristella tetra 1.99 each 6x10.00
glass blood fin 1.99 each 6x10.00
black ruby barb 2.99 each 4 x 10.00
rosy tetra 1.99 each 6x10.00
ember tetra 1.99 each 6x10.00
xl platy 2.50 each 5x10.00
xxl rummy nose tetra 3.80 each 5x15.00
female guppy 1.20 each 5x5.00
xl male guppy 2.50 each 5x10.00
red tail black shark 2.50 each
rainbow shark 2.50 each
male fighter fish 4.50 each
crown tail male fighter 6.00 each
xl wild cardinal tetra 2.50 each 10x20.00
bleeding heart tetra xxl 6.00 each
angel fish 3.50 each
red male dwarf gourami 4.50 each
colbolt blue male dwarf gourami 4.50
natural blue tiger barbs 3.50 each
rosy barbs 3.00 each
neon red male longfin rosy barb 4.00 each
banded silver dolla 11.99 each 5x50
black ancistrus 3.00 each
golden ancistrus 3.00 each
thai giant kuhli loach 2.99 each 4x10.00
mixed aulonocara 3inch 10.00 each 5x40.00
red spotted golden sevrum 3-4 inch 28.00 each 2x50
synodontis decorus 8.00 each
corydoras wild xl leopard 6.99 each
corydoras sterbai large 8.99 each 3x25.00
corydoras albino sterbai large 8.99 each 3x25.00
corydoras metae 4.00 each
corydoras mellini 4.00 each 3x10.00
corydoras punctatus 4.00 each
corydoras san juan 6.99 each
corydoras habrosus 1.50 each
corydoras peppered 2.00 each
corydoras albino 2.00 each
corydoras bronze 2.00 each
corydoras adolfoi 11.99 each 5x50.00
bolivian rams xl 11.99 each 2x22.00 4x40.00
german rams xl 11.99 each 2x22.00 4x40.00
holland rams xl 11.99 each 2x22.00 4x40.00
discus 12cm 50.00 each
yamatoa shrimp xl 3.50 each
bamboo shrimp 3.50 each
L240 39.00 each
L014 sun shine plec 3-4 inch 65.00
L067 25.00 each 5-6 inch
L134 34.00 each 3-4 inch
L066 36.00 each 5-6 inch
L260 35.00 each 3-4 inch
potted plants 3.00 each 4x10.00
xxl potted anubias mother plants 18.00 each
frozen bloodworm 100g slab 1.99 each
lobster eggs 500g slab 14.00 each
beef heart with garlic 500g slab 14.00 each.

Contact Information
Advertiser: East Midlands Aquatics
Telephone: 01159300921
Town: Trowell
County: Nottinghamshire

Advert stats: [Added or updated:02/08/13 Views: 4397]

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