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  Ripples Waterlife, Shenstone. Plecs, Corys, and unusual species

Description: We are based in South Staffs, just south of the city of Lichfield. We have about 170 stock tanks covering all types of tropical, temperate, and coldwater fish, shrimps, fighting fish, African cichlids, and discus. We pride ourselves on the quality and range of our fish, the cleanliness of our tanks, our fantastic display tanks of which you will probably never see the like anywhere. All our staff are fishkeepers, and have amassed years of knowledge. We also carry a huge range of aquariums and pond equipment, loads of decor options, a fantastic range of dry goods, foods, and plants etc.

Ripples Waterlife has a total of 4 shops, all based in the Midlands area….Shenstone (near Lichfield), Tamworth, Telford, and our biggest store is at Bridgemere, Cheshire.

Find us on Facebook at or on Instagram @RipplesWaterlife for up to date information on new products, special offers, free giveaways, and recent fish deliveries.

Alternatively, you can email us at, or call on 01543 480886.


All sizes are approximate, and it is advised to contact us to ensure stock is still available.

L code plecs:

L200 Green Phantom 10-12cm*SPECIAL* £60
L200 Green Phantom 8-10cm *SPECIAL* £40
L106 Orange Seam 6-8cm *SPECIAL* £20
L201 Inspector 5-6cm *SPECIAL* £25
L091 Three Beacon 6-8cm *SPECIAL* £50
L160 Spotted Cactus plec 6-8cm £65
L333 Wavy Line plec 6-8cm £75
L257 Pseudolithoxus tigris 5-6cm £35
L114 Leopard acanthicus 6-8cm £60
L114 Leopard acanthicus 12cm £95
L006 Black Spot plec 6-8cm £30
L128 Blue Phantom plec 10-12cm £99
L187a Spotted Bulldog plec 5-6cm £9.95
L187b Bulldog plec 5-6cm £9.95
L104 Clown plec 4-5cm £9.95

Other suckermouth species:

Ancistrus (S) £4.95
Ancistrus (M) £9.95
Ancistrus (L) £19.95
Gold ancistrus (S) £9.95
Red ancistrus (M) £19.95
Twig catfish (Farlowella Sp) (ML) £9.95
Whiptails (Rineloricaria Sp) (ML) £14.95
Red whiptails (ML) £14.95
Otocinclus (SM) £4.95

Corydoras species:

Metae (Bandit) (ML) £5.95
Sterbai (Sterba's) (ML) £9.95
Pulcher (White fin) (L) £14.95
Duplicareus (Duplicate) (L) £14.95
Burgessi (Burgess') (ML) £24.95
Nijsseni (Nijssen's) (ML) £24.95
Sodalis (Netted) (M) £4.95
Melini (Diagonal stripe) (ML) £5.95
Polystictus (Many spotted) (M3) £9.95
Aeneus 'Metallic green' (ML) £14.95
Elegans (Elegant) (M) £4.95
CW010 Gold laser (M) £14.95
CW009 Green laser (SM) £19.95
Adolfoi (Adolfo's) (M) £12.95
Panda (Panda) (M) £7.95
Nanus (Nanus) (M) £7.95
Robinae (Flagtail) (M) £12.95
Aeneus 'albino' (Albino) (M) £2.95
Aeneus 'albino' (Albino) (XL) £7.95
Paleatus (Peppered) (M) £2.95
Aeneus (Bronze) (M) £2.95
Hastatus (Dwarf) (S) £3.95
Pygmaeus (Pygmy) (S) £2.95
Kronei (M) £14.95

Some of our more unusual species:

XL Kribensis pairs £19.95 per pair
Sentani Rainbowfish £29.95 per pair
Super Red Rainbowfish £29.95 per pair
Red Lined Rainbowfish (rubrostriata) £9.95
Large Boeseman's Rainbowfish £14.95
Neon Red Blue Eyes (luminatus) £9.95
African Red Eye Characins £9.95
Long Finned Characins £9.95
African Moon Characins £9.95
Thread Finned Cichlids (Heckeli) £14.95
Horse Faced Loach £4.95
Neon Blue Acara £14.95
Purple Tetra (Rio Meta) £4.95
'Black' Rams £14.95
Albino Hoplo Cats £9.95
Blue Red Tetra (Margitae) £4.95
Longfin Neon Tetra £5.95
Gold Cardinal Tetra £4.95
Garnet Tetra £3.95
One Lined Pencilfish £3.95
Three Stripe Dwarf Cichlids £24.95 per pair
Macmaster's Dwarf Cichlids £19.95 per pair
Fire Red Agassiz's Dwarf Cichlids £19.95 per pair
Panda Dwarf Cichlids (Nijsseni) £24.95 per pair
Large Golden Dwarf Cichlids £19.95 per pair
Super Dragon Male Fighters £15
Tricolour Super Delta Male Fighters £15
Platinum Crowntail Male Fighters £15
Giant Male Fighters £15
Assorted 3" Discus £30
Assorted 3 1/2" Discus £50
Assorted 4" Discus £75

On all our fish (except coldwater fancies) we offer prices on multiple purchases, for example £4.95 each or 5 for £20. These vary depending on the individual price of each fish.

Contact Information
Advertiser: Ripples Waterlife (Shenstone)
Telephone: 01543 480 886
Town: Lichfield
County: West Midlands

Advert stats: [Added or updated:11/07/18 Views: 8874]

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