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  (TAKING NO MORE ORDERS TILL MAY-JUNE) South American Imports @ (Catfish Aquatics) £18 APC Next Day By 10.AM (FULL 24H DOA POLICY)

If your looking for high quality wild South American Fish at a good price then Catfish Aquatics is the place to buy.

£18.00 delivery for 1 to 1000 fish with 'FULL DOA COVER' will refund price of fish (Not the postage Cost) we require photo proof within 24 hours of arrival.(Please Don't Hesitate to ask if you require a certain fish specifically we can always try and get your fish in-stock) all fish below are AVALIBLE ask to check for in-stock quantity.

next shipment inbound very soon Peru !!!!

We are not a retail shop, but are South American fish breeders, fish are imported by my contact's then posted out to you via APC overnight before 12am, I have many large tanks which are maintained to the highest possible standards they as set and monitored to a PH. 6.5 / GH 50 / KH 30 / Temp 26.5 ideal for South American species.

Pick up is Available from CT3 4AF Canterbury, Kent. ''but will require notice to your arrival as I stated we are not a retailer at current and fish will be available to view in my show tanks, if collecting regards Dom

#:)#Breaking News#:)# Dedicated Members of KAS (Kent Aquarists Society) Who turn up to Meets whether its regular or at least once a year will now get HUGE SAVINGS !!!!! X) on all fish , i.e either @ prices I get them 4 or near that amount. This is a Good will gesture to show I really do care about this group and hope it grows larger with lot's more member's as every year goes on, Kent needs a revival in the Aquatics hobby


[SA Cichlids] !!!!

APPROX 25 ''WILD'' Angelfish, Pterophyllum scalare 3''-3.5''
£16.10 each

APPROX 30 'HIGH QUALITY GERMAN BRED'' Electric Blue Rams, Microgeophagus 3cm £7.45 each

APPROX 10 'F1' Peacock Bass, Cichla ocellaris 1.5" £6 each


APPROX 50 ''WILD'' Red-line Torpedo Barb Puntius dennisonii 1''-2'' £18.97 for 4

[TETRA] !!!! No min amount in these you can order as little as you want

APPROX 50 ''WILD'' Rummynose Tetra, Hemigrammus bleheri 1'' £1.15 each

APPROX 50 ''WILD'' Colombian Tetra, Hyphessobrycon colombianus 1''
£1.15 each

(starting from the 15/12/13


[SA Cichlids] !!!!

APPROX 20 ''WILD'' Geophagus neambi ''Rio Tocantins'' 3''-3.5'' £19.55 each

[African Cichlids] !!!!

''WILD'' Paratilapia pollen 2''-2.5'' price pending availability



APPROX 25 ''WILD'' L024 Red Fin Cactus/Flame Pleco , Pseudacanthicus sp. 6"-6.5'' £80 each

APPROX 30 ''WILD'' Parancistrus aurantiacus, Chubby Pleco 2.5''-3'' £16 each (RARE) (orange and black variety unusual)

APPROX 20 ''WILD'' L020 Oligancistrus sp. 3''-3.5'' £23.00 each (RARE)

APPROX 30 ''WILD'' L018 Baryancistrus xanthellus ,Gold Nugget 2''-2.5'' £23 each

APPROX 40 ''WILD'' L081 Baryancistrus xanthellus ,Gold Nugget 3''-3.5'' £28.75 each

APPROX 25 ''WILD'' L006 Peckoltia oligospila, Brown Dot Peckoltia 4''-4.2'' XL (RARE) £22 each

APPROX 40 ''WILD'' CORYDORAS arcuatus ,Skunk Cory 1.5'' £4.50 each


APPROX 40 ''WILD'' Laetacara araguaiae 1.5'' £12 each (SUPER RARE) first seen in UK exclusive





Wild black phantoms £80 for 100 = 80p each

Wild red phantoms £80 for 100 = 80p each

Wild rummy nose £100 for 100 = £1 each

Wild black neon tetra £80 for 100 = 80p each

Wild green neon tetra £80 for 100 = 80p each

Wild Colombian tetra £90 for 100 = 90p each

Wild Silver tip tetra £80 for 100 = 80p each

Wild Cardinal tetra £100 for 100 = £1 each

(min order of 50 individuals per species-exempt Cardinal tetra can be sold on individual basis)-(12% discount if ordering 500 of 1 species) BRILLIANT FOR ''AQUASCAPERS''


''Limited only 5 available '' ''WILD'' L340/LDA019 Mega Clown Pleco ,Hypancistrus sp. 2.5''/3'' £18 each or £85 for the whole group

APPROX 40 ''WILD'' LDA072 Ancistrus triradiatus 2.5''-3'' £10.50 each

APPROX 15 ''WILD'' Heteropneustes fossilis 'Fossil Catfish' 3''-3.5'' £7.50 each

APPROX 10 ''WILD'' Chrysichthys longipinnis 'African Big Eye Catfish' 3''-3.5'' £7.50 each


APPROX 40 ''WILD'' Aequidens patricki 2.5''-3'' £18.00 each

APPROX 10 LEFT ''WILD'' Aequidens SP. Jenaro Herrera 3''-3.5'' £13.50 each (RARE)

APPROX 50 ''CAPTIVE BRED'' Uaru amphiacanthoides 1.5''-2'' £5 each or 4 for £18

APPROX 50 ''WILD'' Cryptoheros sajica 1.5''-2'' £4.50 each or 4 for £16

''Very Limited only 6 LEFT'' ''WILD Caquetaia spectabilis 7.5'' £45 each or £80 pair very nice (RARE)

''Very Limited only 4 LEFT '' ''WILD'' Geophagus Satanoperca jurupari XXXL 6''-6.5'' £42 each or £80 pair (VERY RARE)

APPROX 20 ''WILD'' Crenicichla SP. ''Belly Crawler'' (PIKE CICHLID)3''-3.5'' £7.50 each or 4 for £26

APPROX 20 ''WILD'' Geophagus steindachneri 1.75cm to 1'' £2.50 each or 4 for £8

APPROX 40 ''WILD'' (Angelfish) Pterophyllum scalare 'Peru Altum' 1.5''-2'' £5.50 each or 4 for £20


APPROX 25 ''GERMAN TOP QUALITY CAPRTIVE BRED'' Mikrogeophagus ramirezi 'German Blue Rams' 1''-1.5'' SEXED PAIRS £10 each

[PIRANHA] !!!!!!

APPROX 10 LEFT ''WILD'' Serrasalmus nattereri 'Red Belly' 1''-1.5'' £5.50 each or 4 for £20

(SUPER RARE ONLY 2 LEFT) Serrasalmus elongatus 'Pike Piranha' 6''-6.5'' £90 each


APPROX 10 ''WILD'' Haplochromis aeneocolor 'Yellow Belly' 2''-2.5'' £12 each

APPROX 10 ''WILD'' Haplochromis sp. 'Thick Skins' 2''-2.5'' £10 each or SEXED PAIRS AVALIBLE

APPROX 15 ''WILD'' Haplochromis thereuterion 'Double Stripe' 2''-2.5'' £13 each (RARE)

APPROX 15 ''WILD'' Pundamilia nyererei 1.5'' £8 each



APPROX 42 ''WILD'' CORYDORAS metae 1.5''/2'' £3.50 each

APPROX 25 ''WILD'' CORYDORAS schwartzi 1.5''/2'' £3.50 each

APPROX 10 ''WILD'' CORYDORAS sychri luminose 2''/2.5'' XL £16.00 each ''RARE''

APPROX 25 ''WILD'' CORYDORAS virginiae 1.5''/2'' £3.50 each

APPROX 18 ''WILD'' CORYDORAS axelrodi 1''/1.5'' £3.50 each

APPROX 10 ''WILD'' CORYDORAS pastazensis 2'' £16.00 each ''RARE''

APPROX 25 ''WILD'' CORYDORAS CF. leopardus (C102) 2''/2.5'' XXL £8.00 each ''RARE''

APPROX 10 ''WILD'' CORYDORAS SP. (C052) 2" £16.00 each ''VERY RARE''


APPROX 30 ''WILD'' L125/L150 Ancistrus Cucutae 2.5'' £7 each

APPROX 8 ''WILD'' L190 Royal Pleco ,Panaque nigrolineatus 2" £20.00 each

APPROX 10 ''WILD'' L147 Peckoltia SP. 4'' Large £16.00 each (SOLD) to me ''hahaha im so lucky''

APPROX 10 ''WILD'' L018 Gold Nugget pleco ,Baryancistrus xanthellus 2.5''/3'' £22.00 each

APPROX 25 ''WILD'' L066 King Tiger pleco ,Hypancistrus sp. 4''/4.5'' £31.00 each

APPROX 10 ''WILD'' L049 Tocantins-Peckoltia ,Peckoltia multispinis 4'' £18.50 each

2 LEFT ''WILD'' Electric Catfish ,Malapterus electricus 3'' £17.50 each

3 LEFT ''WILD'' Common Whiptail Catfish ,Hemiloricaria parva/ Hemiloricaria magdalenae (could be either one) 4.5'' large £15 each or £35.00 for the TRIO saves £10 '' could be RARE''


(SOLD) ''WILD'' Laetacara dorsigera small 1.5''-2'' £6 each ''RARE''

APPROX 50 ''WILD'' Dicrossus maculatus small 2cm £4.50 each

(SOLD) ''WILD'' Dicrossus filamentosa SEXED £10 A PAIR

APPROX 25 ''WILD'' Apistogramma gephyra SEXED £15 A PAIR

If you want any high quality wild South American Fish imported for a gd price then I'm the man to come 2, me got my contacts mwahahaha £18.00 delivery for 1 to 1000 fish with 'FULL DOA COVER' will refund price of fish (Not the postage Cost) next shipment inbound in 2 weeks 12/11/13

L-075 Para pleco ‘rio Para brazil’ £19.00

L119/LDA038 Hypostomus sp./Hypostomus plecostomoides . rio yucao aflt rio meta. £15.00

L092/L194 Laciancistrus tentaculatus .flyer cat .rio metica aflte rio meta. £12.50

L092/L194 Laciancistrus tentaculatus .flyer cat .green -Lake Prado 12.50

L-103/L015 Candy Stripe/Peckoltia sp. vittata rio guerja aflt rio meta £10.00

L-106 Spotted Orange Seam. Pleco Hemiancistrus guahiborum -Guyanancistrus £28.00 ‘’adults’’

L-l46 Chaetostoma sovichthys schultz, rio tua, aflt rio meta £10.00

L-146 chaetostoma-Ancistrus gold- NEW. Rio guayabero aflt meta £9.50

OLD L-146 NEW chaetostoma-Ancistrus pearl £9.50

OLD L-148 NEW L445/L187A Spotted Rubber Pleco .Chaetostoma all puntatus milesi, rio ariari aflt rio meta £10.00

L-150 Ancistrus cucutae. rio meta £7.50

L-170 Peckoltia sp.(urubaxi butterfly) £23.00

L-183/Ancistrus hoplogenys ?- rio Atacauri NEW (Amazonas) £35.00

L-190 Panaque nigrolineatus Royal . 3-4 cmts £20.00

L-191 Panaque nigrolineatus Broken line, 2-3 cmts £20.00

LDA031 Mustard Spot Pleco. panaque albomaculatus 3-6 cmts £30.00

LDA072 Ancistrus triradiatus.xenocara. Rio guerja, aflt rio meta £12.00

Contact Information
Advertiser: Dom
Telephone: 07411355620
Town: Canterbury
County: Kent
Web Link: ...
Map Link: ...

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