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  Emsworth Aquatics Availability List


Assorted Mollies 2.60ea
Balloon Mollies 2.85ea
Assorted Male Guppies 2.25ea or 4 for 8.76
Female Guppies 1.80ea or 6 for 10.20
Male Endlers 2.25ea or 4 for 8.80
Assorted Platys 2.50ea
Assorted Swordtails 3.00ea

Gold Severum 6.95ea
Red Headed Severum 12.50ea
Blood Parrot Fish 19.95
Kribensis 4.50ea
Keyhole Cichlids 5.50ea
Platinum Angelfish 10.00ea (Sold Out)
Assorted Angelfish 4.70ea Locally Bred
Firemouth Cichlids 6.10ea
Red Spot Severum 17.50ea (Sold out)
Apistrogramma cacatouides "double red" 9.50ea
Neolamprologus tretocephalus 9.95ea (Sold Out)
Neolamprologus brichardi 6.50ea (Sold Out)
Neolamprologus leleupi 9.50 (Sold Out)
Tropheus moori "bemba" 10.95ea
Tropheus duboisi 9.50ea
Ice Blue Zebras 7.50ea
Red and Blue Zebras 9.50ea
Cynotilapia Afra "white top" 9.00ea (Sold Out)
Psuedotropheus zebra "snow" 4.50ea (Sold Out)
Psuedotropheus auratus 5.20ea
Pseudotropheus socolofi 4.50ea
Labidochromis caeruleus 5.50ea
Melanochromis johanni 5.50ea
Strawberry Aulonocara 6.50ea
Haplochromis borleyi 10.95ea
Placidochromis Milomo 6.50 (Sold Out)
Pseudotrophues greshaki Albino 6.50ea
Calico Peacock Cichlid 6.50ea
Protomelas "Taiwan Reef" 7.50
Tiger Oscars 8.50ea
Sm Frontosa 9.50ea
Red Marlboro Discus 35.00 (Sold Out)
Red Turquoise Discus 35.00 (Sold Out)
Bolivian Rams 4.95ea
Ramerizi 6.00ea
Large Electric Blue Rams 15.00ea

Paradise Fish 4.50ea
Pearl Gourami 3.50ea
Kissing Gourami 4.50ea
Moonlight Gourami 4.50ea
Gold Gourami 3.00ea
Two Spot Gourami 3.00ea
Opaline Gourami 3.00ea
Colbalt Blue Dwarf Gourami 6.50ea
Siamese Fighters 4.50ea
Tricolour Fighters 5.50ea (Sold Out)
Crowntail Fighter 7.50ea
Halfmoon Fighters 7.50ea
Dumbo Ear Male Fighter 15.00
Black and White Plakat 15.00
Black Crowntail Male Fighter 10.00ea
Male Plakats 4.50ea
Female Fighters 3.00ea
Leopard Bush Fish 9.95ea
Male King Betta 18.00
Female King Betta 9.00ea
Platinum Crowntail Fighters 15.00ea
High Grade Half Moon Fighters 8.50ea

Neon Tetra 1.15ea or 6 6.60
Beacons 1.45ea or 6 for 8.40
Silvertip Tetra 1.60ea or 6 for 9.00
Cardinal Tetra 1.60ea or 6 for 9.00
Ember Tetra 1.85ea or 6 for 10.80
Gold Tetra 2.15ea
Bleeding Heart Tetra 3.50ea
Penguin Tetra 2.20ea or 6 for 12.60
Black Phantom Tetra 1.95 or 6 for 11.40
Red Tail Yellow Phantoms 1.80ea or 6 for 10.50
X-Ray Tetra 1.80ea or 6 for 10.50
Black Widow Tetra 1.50ea or 6 for 8.40
Silver Dollars 6.75ea
Serpe Tetra 1.75ea or 6 for 10.20
Buenos Aires Tetra 2.00ea or 6 11.40
Glowlight Tetra 1.50ea or 6 for 8.40
Albino Goldlight Tetra 1.70ea or 6 for 9.60
Piranha 9.95es
Pencil Fish 2.20ea
Black Neons 1.40ea or 6 for 7.95
Rummynose Tetra 2.50ea or 6 for 14.70
Silver Hatchets 4.50ea
Congo Tetra 5.00ea
Lampeyes 1.50ea
Green Neons 1.35 or 6 for 7.50

Cherry Barbs 1.40ea
Sm Tiger Barbs 2.00ea
Lg Green Tiger Barbs 4.50ea
Sm Green Tiger Barbs 2.10ea
Albino Tiger Barbs 2.00ea
Neon Gold Barbs 2.20ea
Odessa Barbs 3.45ea
Rosy Barbs 4.50ea
Black Ruby Barbs 3.90ea
Puntius denisonii 6.95ea
Red Tail Tinfoil Barbs 4.50ea
Golden Tinfoil Barbs 5.50ea

Harlequins 1.80ea
Mosquito Rasbora 1.05ea or 6 for 6.00 (sold out)
Scissortails 1.40ea or 4 for 5.40
Red Scissortails 3.00ea (sold out)
Purple Harlequin 2.25 or 6 for 12.60
Assorted Neon Rasbora 3.25ea or 6 for 18.90

Zebra Danios 1.80ea or 6 for 10.50
White Clouds 1.40ea or 6 for 7.80
Golden White Clouds 1.85ea or 6 10.80
Pearl Danios 1.55ea
Kyathit Danios 2.15ea

Dwarf Neon Rainbows 4.50ea
Celebes Rainbows 3.50ea
Forktail Rainbows 3.75ea
Pacific Blue Eye Rainbows 2.75ea
Boesmani Rainbows 6.90ea
New Guinea Rainbows 6.90ea

Red Lizard Whiptail 10.50ea
Pictus Catfish 10.50ea
Shark Catfish 9.95ea
Ghost Catfish 5.25ea (Sold Out)
Flag Tail Port Hole Catfish 15.85 (Sold out)
Farlowella 5.50ea (Sold Out)
True Upside Down Catfish 4.50ea
Synodontis petricola 15.00
Peppered Corys 3.50ea
Albino Corys 3.00ea
Panda Corys 5.50ea
Corydoras Napoensis 4.50ea
Corydoras sterbai 6.95ea
Corydoras elegans 6.00ea
Corydoras habrosus 2.10ea (sold out)
LG Corydoras metae 7.50ea
Spotted Doras 5.90ea
Hoplo Catfish 6.95ea
Pygmy Corys 2.90ea
Red Tail Catfish 18.75ea
Panda Corys 5.00ea
Sterbai Corys 5.50ea
Brochis multiradiatus (8-10cm long) 25.00ea
Cory Leapardus 5.50ea
Cory Julii 5.00ea
Striped Talking Cats 4.50ea
Synodontis multipunctatus 12.00ea
Giant Ottocinclus (5cm long) 12.00ea (sold out)

Zoniancistrus L168 19.50
Golden Nugget Pleco 35.00
Whitetail Pleco (L141) 25.00 (Sold out)
Blue Phantom Plecos (L128) 35.50ea
Green Phantom Plecos (L200) 49.95ea (sold out)
Royal Plecos 25.00ea
Lg Leporacanthicus cf. galaxias (L241) 39.50
Small Clown Plecos 8.50ea
Sm Ancistrus 5.00ea (Sold Out)
Orange Spot Plecos 5.50ea
Hong Kong Plecos 4.50ea (sold out)
Ottocinlus 3.00ea
Zebra Ottocinclus 15.00ea (sold out)
Tiger Hillstream Loach 6.95ea

Khulli Loach 2.50ea
Clown Loach 8.00ea
Botia histronica 5.50ea (Sold Out)
Sucking Loach 2.00ea
Botha Lohachata 3.50

1.0 Potamotrygon reticulata Pups 105.00ea
Rainbow Snakehead 35.00
Black Ghost Knife Fish 10.50ea

Butterfly Fish 7.50ea (sold out)
Elephant Nose Fish 11.00ea
Spotted Puffers 6.50ea
Amazonian Puffers 9.50ea (sold out)
Aquatic Frogs 3.50ea
Xenopus Frogs 5.50ea
Blue Claw Lobster 7.50
Silver Sharks 4.45ea
Albino Sharks 3.25ea
Ruby Sharks 4.00ea
Red Tail Black Sharks 3.50ea

Red Crystal Shrimp (High Grade) 5.50ea or 4 for 21.00 (sold out)
Amano Shrimp 3.00ea
Red Cherry Shrimp 2.50ea
Sakura Shrimp 2.40ea
Sm Armoured Shrimp 9.00ea
Bamboo Shrimp 3.50ea
Blue Shrimp 3.25ea or 4 for 12.60 (Sold out)
Rili Shrimp 3.75ea or 4 for 14.00 (sold out)
Tracked Nerite Snails 2.50ea
Golden Rabbit Snails 3.50ea
White Spotted Rabbit Snails 6.00
Assassin Snails 1.50ea
Red Crabs 3.95ea
Neon Gobys 6.50ea
Knight Gobies 4.50ea
Peacock Gobies 9.00ea

Red Fantails 4.65ea
Calico Fantails 4.95ea
Chocolate Oranda 3.95ea (sold out)
Red and White Oranda 4.50ea
Black Moors 6.50ea
Medium Ryukin 5.50ea
Pearlscales 4.50ea
Black Ranchu 9.50ea
Lionheads 6.00ea

Sm Goldfish 2.00ea
Lg Goldfish 3.00ea
Lg Sarasa Comets 3.00ea
Yellow Goldfish 2.50ea (sold out)
Shubunkins 2.50ea
Black Comets 3.00ea

Butterfly Plecos 7.50ea (Sold Out)
Coldwater Sucking Loach 2.25ea
Coldwater Corys 3.00ea
Assorted Coldwater Platys 1.80ea
Assorted Male Guppies 2.25ea or 4 for 8.76
Female Guppies 1.60ea or 4 for 6.20
Golden White Clouds 1.85ea or 6 10.80
Zebra Danios 1.80ea or 6 for 10.50

Blue Orfe 2.50ea
Golden Orfe 2.50ea (sold out)
Ghost Koi 4.50ea
Ogon Koi 4.50ea

Gold Axolotyl 30.00
Black Axolotyl 30.00

Contact Information
Advertiser: Emsworth Aquaria
Telephone: 023 92200990
Town: Portsmouth
County: Hampshire
Web Link:

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