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  Magnavore - Polyfilters- Extended Reach Algae Magnets

Description: Buy 2 get one FREE on Polyfilters.

The Pura Filtration Pad is available in 7.5" x 10.5 & 15" x 30". A full Spectrum Chemical Filtration Pad.

In addition to heavy-duty chemical filtration, PÛRA Filtration Pads offer the finest mechanical filtration of any pad.

Made from a carefully selected thermally bonded blend of polyester fibers, these pads offer very fine filtration while resisting clogging.

The most frequent comment we hear from our customers is that their tank has never looked so crystal clear.

In tanks with high levels of pollutants the granular media should be used to bring down the pollutant concentrations and then the pads can be used to permanently maintain low pollution levels.

These pads are ideal for wet/dry drip trays, canister filters, power filters, and as supplemental chemical filtration in Eclipse systems.

There is no finer filtration for a Nano-Reef!

PÛRA Pads can be cut with scissors to fit any application. These pads are made from ultra pure ingredients and do not contain any glues, binders, adhesives, or ash slurries.

PÛRA Pads last longer and remove more pollutants than any other filtration pad.


The Magnavore Extended Reach Algae Magnets.

The Magnavore Extended Reach Algae Magnet range. The inside magnet projects 1/2 inch beyond the outer magnet. This extended reach allows cleaning beyond the visible edge of trims and canopies, silicon lines etc.

Other advanced features such as ergonomic grip, replaceable pads for glass and acrylic, large 2.5 x 3.75 inch cleaning surface and one year warranty set this product apart from all others. A definite best buy!

These magnets are up to four times more powerfull than present UK magnets. They do not fall off when cleaning! Keep away from children.

Available for most glass thickness.

Algae magnet acrylic pads are available; a must have when using Magnavore Cleaners on acrylic aquariums.


Pura Amazon

Pura Amazon is a 100% natural forest product that produces "black-water" - a rich assortment of health promoting natural protective substances and slowly but constantly leaches them right into the aquarium. The result is a rich golden colored water filled with natural organic compounds that sooth, revitalize, stimulate and protect the health of both tropical fish and plants. PURA Amazon releases enzymes that stimulate and promote root development in aquarium plants and cutin monomers that boost plants' immune response. With stronger roots, plants grow better and assimilate nutrients more efficiently. Produce perfect conditions for breeding Amazonian tropical fish such as Discus fish. Convenient to implement, comes with a 6" x 12" 300-micron media bag.


PÛRA Carbon is a Professional Grade is a virgin activated carbon made from the highest select grades of bituminous coal and specifically designed for liquid phase applications. PÛRA Carbon has high adsorption capacity, the lowest ash content of any carbon on the market and maintains high resistancy to mechanical degradation. Convenient to implement, comes with a 6" x 12" 300-micron media bag and is available in two sizes:


Pura Complete is a Professional Strength Full Spectrum Chemical Filtration Media.

PÛRA Complete is a blended media that provides the most complete aquarium pollutant control at low cost. Blended with 25% PhosLock for total phosphate and silicate control, virgin bituminous acid washed carbon,and cation exchangers for the control of ammonia and heavy metals, PÛRA Complete offers a truly impressive spectrum of activity.

This product removes a broad range of organics like urine, phenols, coloring agents, odors, and proteins; a broad range of heavy metals like copper, lead, and mercury that accumulates over time from trace quantities found in all fish foods; a broad range of toxins like ammonia, formaldehyde and arsenic; and a broad range of aquarium scum promoters like phosphates, and silicates. PÛRA Complete is fast acting, long lasting, and very effective in reef, marine, planted, and delicate freshwater aquaria. The 8 oz will treat a 50-gallon tank up to 6 months, the 16 oz will treat a 100-gallon aquarium, and the 32 oz will treat a 200-gallon aquarium. PÛRA

Complete should be used in a fine meshed bag instead of plain carbon, and no additional "specialty media" are necessary to provide total, complete, and cost effective aquarium waste management.

Convenient to implement, comes with a 6" x 12" 300-micron media bag.


PÛRA NitrateLock is a Selective Ion Exchange Resin For Nitrate Removal PÛRA NitrateLock rapidly removes and maintains extremely low to non-measurable levels of nitrates in fresh and salt-water aquariums.

Long lasting, can be regenerated 100's of times. Drastically reduces number of necessary water changes.

Regeneration is accomplished with plain table salt, quick and completely safe. Convenient to implement, comes with a 6" x 12" 300-micron media bag and is available in two sizes: 500 ml - treats 50 Gal tank for up to 24 months 1 L - treats 100 Gal tank for up to 24 months


PÛRA PhosLock is a Professional Strength Phosphate Remover. P

hosLock is the benchmark ferric hydroxide media for total phosphate removal in all aquaria. Used all over the world, it is the product of choice for many critical water purity applications.

PhosLock permanently binds phosphates. With regular use of PhosLock any aquarium fresh or salt, reef or planted, will stay much cleaner and less maintenance labor intensive!

Media bag with PhosLock can be placed inside of: canister filters, power filters, pond filters, sumps, refugiums, corner filters, next to uplift tube on UG filter plate.

PhosLock can be placed directly into Bio-Bags or other fine floss bags. PhosLock is 5 to 10 times more effective than white activated alumina media and it is completely safe for fish and invertebrate, fresh and salt-water aquariums. GET YOUR PHOSLOCK NOW! YOU'LL LOVE IT! Convenient to implement, comes with a 6" x 12" 300-


Pura Media Bag 300 micron. PÛRA Media Bags 300-micron 6" x 12" Self-Fastening PÛRA Media Bags are the safest and quickest way of implementing bulk media filtration in all fresh and salt-water aquarium applications.

300-micron mesh size ensures the ultimate media control. Self-fastening closure provides safe usage and easy servicing. 6" x 12" size makes the bags flexible to fit many applications.


Stretchable Media Sock. PÛRA Media Sock Professional Grade Media Enclosure PÛRA Media Sock is designed to work in sumps and drip trays of wet-dry and pond filters.

300-micron mesh size, 7.75" DIA and 36" long with closed bottom it can be stratched to over 10" DIA size and hold safely a very large amount of any filtration media.

PÛRA Media Sock is washable and reusable and is completely safe for fresh and saltwater applications.

Trade inquiries welcome.

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