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1. 4x2x2 Marine Tank Stand And Hood : 4x2x2 marine tank with solid pine stand ,matching hood complete with metal halide and twin blues and external filter.Protein skimmer also a ... 01/12/06
2. Ramora free to a good home : Marine, Ramora free to anyone who can pickup from Dundee Scotland. Please contact pwalke@scri.ac.uk 30/11/06
3. Ransford Goby + Rock (complete set up) : a change in family circumstances forces regretful sale. Buyer must collect from south East London. £1,500 pounds worth will sell for £35 ... 29/11/06
4. Large Queen Angel : I have a large queen for sale ( about 10 inch long ) feeds well, wonderful colouration. Doesn't eat corals either. Please make me an offe ... 28/11/06
5. Yellow tang for sale in Devon : I have a lovely yellow tang for sale looking for a quick sale so he is up for sale at £16 need to sell due to getting rid of my tank so wou ... 26/11/06
6. LIve Sand for Sale in Devon : I have tonnes of live sand for sale im looking for £2 a kg of it its crawling with copepods cerith snails etc it has been in my tank 3 year ... 25/11/06
7. 1000ml of Plankton + 500ml of Live Marine Rotifers £23.00 inc Special Delivery ... : Order and receive 1000ml of Plankton plus 500ml of Live Marine Rotifers. OR if you specify 1000ml of Rotifers and 500ml of Plankton. Or 1500 ... 23/11/06
8. reef stage : brand new reef staging for sale 2 feet in length £25 21/11/06
9. regal tang : my friend gave me this fish as he moved abroad 4 weeks ago and didnt have the time to take to fish shop which is far from where he lived i c ... 14/11/06
10. 8ft marine tank : stunning tank in beech with sump,double skinned bottom with cabinet,2ft glasswier built in £1799 new.. this tank is ayear old!call for more ... 06/11/06
11. 22g Marine setup +mantis shrimp for sale : Sadly I regret to say i am selling my Mantis shrimp, and his tank. I have 5 tanks set up at the moment, and that's too many for me to have t ... 02/11/06
12. New Marine Fish Magazine : Hi, Just so you all knoe there is a new marine fish magazine set for launch on Dec 15th; there will be a classified section on the back pag ... 31/10/06
13. Bargain Marine Fish for Quick Sale : I have the following fish for sale - need a quick sale so bargain prices: 1 x Large Pacific Fire Clown £14.00 1 x Medium Lemon Peel Ang ... 30/10/06
15. marine tank and all equipment for sale!! : i have a beech rio 240 for sale with stand, with 2 external filters, eheim 2215 and the other is aqua one, a red sea prism deluxe skimmer, v ... 25/10/06
16. Carabean Green morray eel 4 sale : approx 3ft long feeds great i have owned this eel for over 3 years £150... 22/10/06
17. banded shark : I have a 10inch banded shark for sale. he is eating well and is very healthy. He is to big for my tank now so i have to rehome him.£40ono ... 19/10/06
18. marine fish system for sale : Whole system, plus fish,corals,rocks etc as seen in images offers in region of £1000 for the whole system, offers welcome. or w ... 19/10/06
19. Odonus niger - Large : Hi I have a large 5-6" very very healthy Niger Trigger for sale. Genuine reason for re-homing! If your interested pm me and i'll sen ... 16/10/06
20. Pair of Maroon Clownfish : Lovley pair of Maroons. have bred befor 10/10/06
22. Large DECORATIVE CORAL for sale - would look good in Marine tank or for display ... : I have a large decorative piece of coral - [not sure exactly the correct term for this species of coral, but see picture]. I have had this c ... 17/09/06
23. Large DECORATIVE CORAL for sale - would look good in Marine tank or for display ... : I have a large decorative piece of coral - [not sure exactly the correct term for this species of coral, but see picture]. I have had this c ... 13/09/06
24. regal tang : hi im selling a regal he`s 3 inches big eating frozen brineshrimp and swimming well he`s available for viewing i can ship by couriour ... 11/09/06
25. Mature Reef Tank Complete : 6’x2’x2’ (183cmx60cmx60cm) Show tank with drilled overflows-NOW SOLD, Weir Sump Tank 42” x 16” x14” -NOW SOLD, 2 x Arcadia (2 ... 05/09/06
26. Marine world : I have 14 issues for sale, some very rare. i have issues 1 to 7 11 12 15 18 22 23 24. open to offers. 02/09/06
27. LARGE TANGS : I Have a Large Sailfin Tang 8"+ and a Large Lipstick/Naso Tang 10/12"+ Looking for £70 for the sailfin and £140 for the Naso. ... 31/08/06
28. yellow coral goby : Description Seller assumes all responsibility for listing this item. You are bidding on 5 yellow coral gobies The Citrinis Cl ... 30/08/06
29. Fish and inverts : 1 yellow tang(quite large), 1 regal tang, 2 orange clown fish, 1 sand sifting star fish, 1 cleaner shrimp, 2 red legged hermit crabs and abo ... 25/08/06
30. Marine Books : The complete guide to starting a marine aquarium - £7.50 Interpet guide to marine fish - £5.00 The successful reef aquarium - £30.0 ... 24/08/06
31. LIVE ROCK!!! AND MARINE FISH FOR SALE : EXCELLENT QUALITY LIVE ROCK!! £5 PER KILO. This rock conisits of various sizes and fiji plate rock,i have had it my tank for 3 years so ... 22/08/06
32. majestic angel and more : hi i have for sale the following fish...... i have a juenile majestic angle for sale my wife calls her a she, so she about 3 inches a ... 22/08/06
33. Living rock, filter unit, power heads and 7 fish : We're switching over to tropical fish - so selling tank content: Set up is 1 year old, filter (skimmer) is 3 months old. Total invested in ... 21/08/06
34. Full marine setup : This marine tank has been setup for just over 12 months. The tank measures 48" x 18" x 12" and comes with stand and hood. Equipment includ ... 16/08/06
35. domino/clown fish/blue damsels : im selling a domino damsel/clown fish/blue damsels all in good health feeding well can be seen £30.iv put all my marine fish on to be sold ... 15/08/06
36. trigger fish : im selling a trigger fish in good health feeding well can be seen £50 15/08/06
37. bird mouth wrasse : im selling a female bird mouth wrasse iv only ever seen one in 12 months and thats the one i got, in good health and feeding well can be see ... 15/08/06
38. puffer fish : im selling a porcupine puffer fish he is about 6in long in good health feeding well can be seen,£80 15/08/06
39. marine shark : im selling a marine shake, its a grey bamboo shark feeding well and in good health can be seen £180. 15/08/06
40. marine set up with marine fish and a shark. : the tank is 6ft/2ft/2ft,we have a puffer fish,grey dandit bamboo shark,bird mouth rass, donimo fish,clown fish,trigger fish, all are feeding ... 09/08/06
41. Various Marine Fish For Sale : Hi. Due to work commitments I am having to sell my tank and contents so have the following fish for sale: Flagfin, 3-4" (eats like a ... 06/08/06
42. Live Rock and Fish : Ok So here we go Im selloing of the Rock and Fish from the System, there is between 350-400kilo of Live Rock @ £7.50per Kilo and Fish for S ... 03/08/06
43. Whole system! : Due to time constraints and money problems i am going to have to sell up! im gutted and someone is going to get on hell of a deal! The pr ... 27/07/06
44. complete marine system only six months old : one juwel vison 260 tank. tmc skimmer and uv. 2x power heads. fluval 304 external filter. 50-60kg of grade a liveing rock. turbo snails ... 22/07/06
45. reef aquarium vol 1+2 : for sale the reef aquarium vol 1+2 by delbeek,sprung cost new £140 both in very good condition. sell for £50 collected from liverpool o ... 05/07/06
46. Large 150 g bags of Marine Dried Sea Weed for marine fish eg tangs etc. : 150g (100 sheets) of marine dried nori (Normal packs in the aquatic stores are 28g) Suitable for all marine fish and algae grazing inverts ... 22/06/06
47. full marine set up : 3ft fish tank built in beech cabinet includes eheim external filter, it also includes live rock,heater,lights, protein skimmer a selection o ... 21/06/06
48. Maroon Clown Fish : Adult Maroon Clown Fish for Sale due to selling up - £10.00 Great Temprament , superb fish Collection - Redhill - Surrey Jeff 19/06/06
49. PLYMOUTH MARINE OUTLET : New marine only outlet now open in Plymouth, a wide range of fish and coral always available. Live rock and dry goods stocked, we are very ... 11/06/06
50. corrals clean up crew : Needed Clean up crew and soft corals I dont mess about and let you down like some do and i dont haggle (The price will be set before i leav ... 06/06/06
51. 2 Large Humbug Damsels £6 for both : Pick up only, I live in the Greater Manchester area 27/05/06
52. Regal tang and Blue Trigger : I have a 4" regal tang £15 and a blue (niger) trigger £7.50 , BOTH IN GOOD HEALTH , COLLECTION FROM IPSWICH/SUFFOLK. 21/05/06
53. Yellow Tang : Yellow Tang for sale approx 5" phone or email for details. eating well. Other marine fish ,corals and live rock for sale 21/05/06
54. Purple Tang 5-6" : I have for sale 1 purple tang approx 5-6" . Eating well. I have been told by my aquatic shop that he is worth around £120.00. So i am ... 21/05/06
55. Marine tank for sale : Hi have a marine tank for sale 4ft over-head luminare 4x54wats 2xactinics 2xwhites starfish shrimps 2 fire fish /regal tang /scopas tang /sc ... 21/05/06
56. 4ft complete marine setup with everything needed : I am selling my Juwel RIO 240 (4ft) tank with beech cupboard/stand, with Arcadia Overtank luminaire (4x54w (2 White & 2 Actinic)). Comes ... 19/05/06
57. bargain marine tank content's for sale in scotland : trigon 350 tank corner tank 2 years old £250 sold aquamedic turbo flotor 1 year old although pump is six months old £95 sold eheim p ... 18/05/06
58. White banded maroon clowns (breeding pair) : A lovely, really deep, maroon pair of clowns that need a good home. The female is about 3" in length and the male is about 1 1/2". ... 12/05/06
59. Snowflake eel. : Snowflake eel for sale near Cambridge. About 2 foot long with good temperment. Overs around £25. 12/05/06
60. Selling a Complete Marine Aquarium : I am selling the following setup: 1 x Rena Aqualife Calvados Classic Fish Tank (Total volume 440 liters - 121 x 51 x 70.5 cm) 1 x Cabine ... 08/05/06
61. Mangroves for your sump! : 4 Red Mangroves + delivery to the UK only £10 28/04/06
62. Marine Fish for Sale - St Helens : Semi Adult Emperor Angel £65 - approx 4" head to tail, Clarkii Clown £15 - approx 4" head to tail and Cowrie Snail £35 - approx 4". All ... 21/04/06
63. marine system + fish : 4 foot interpet bow fronted tank with T5 luminaire light and stand, tmc 400 skimmer, 3 powerheads,heater, plenty of live rock, soft corals i ... 30/03/06
64. Aqua one fishtank for sale : I have an Aqua one fishtank for sale external tank dimantions are 100x70x40 Cabinet dimentions are 102x80x42 Black 2x 1" diamete ... 28/03/06
65. easy- to- keep marine fish - and the tank if you want it!!! FOR FREE! : tank,stand and inhabitants all included. established 8 years. 4 humbugs,and 5 long snake looking fish- can't remember the name they look l ... 21/03/06
66. Yellow Morph Dogface Puffer : very nice puffer aprrox 10" feeding well on cockle and crab 19/03/06
67. CLEARANCE MARINE FISH + INVERTS : I am stripping down my tank and ahve the following to get rid of asap: 1 x White Tail Angel 1 x Boxing Shrimp 2 x Urchins ( 1 long spin ... 02/03/06
68. White tailed Angelfish : i have a white tailed angelfish - ( very rare ) for sale.. Lovely fish Click link below to see a pic of it - not a good pic but only one ... 27/02/06
69. Breaking down my 4ft setup - FISH AND LIVE ROCK etc : I am breaking down my 4ft Tank...... contents are: 1 x Chevron Tang SOLD 1 x yellow Tang SOLD 1 x Flame Angel SOLD 1 x Potters Angel 2 ... 27/02/06
70. Various Fish For Sale : Porcupine Puffer 6" Dogface Puffer 5" Giant Squirrelfish 8" Domino Damsel 4" Masked Rabbitfish 6" Vlamingi Tang 10" - male, starting to ... 26/02/06
71. Purple Tang For Sale : 5" Purple Tang for sale Stunning condition. £40.00 ono Collection from Redhill in surrey. *Could also be interested in a swap - L ... 25/02/06
72. Regal Tang for sale : I have a 4.5 inch regal Tang for sale , nice and fat and healthy,feeds anything offered.£15 collection only please. 25/02/06
73. Nano Reef tank 11 gallon Bow Front : i have a approx 11 gallon tank which is semi circle shaper.. it has a small powerhead filter, heater and lights and at the moment has live s ... 21/02/06
74. Breaking down my 4ft Tank : I am breaking down my 4ft Tank...... contents are: 1 x Chevron Tang SOLD 1 x yellow Tang SOLD 1 x Flame Angel SOLD 1 x Potters Angel 2 ... 21/02/06
75. passer angel : have a passer angel fish availible this is a really nice looking angel and im sure you wont be able to find a nicer looking one. they eas ... 05/02/06
76. trigger : i have for sale a niggre trigger contact for more details 21/01/06
77. Super deal this weekend on Red sea Fish : RED SEA BANNERFISH £17.00 ( Medium) NASO LITERATUS £37.50 NASO UNICORNIS £37.50 AMAMPSES TWISTI £25.00 OLIVACEOUS DOTTYBACK ... 20/01/06
78. Chevron Tang and Pom Pom Xenia frags : Beautiful juvenile Chevron Tang for sale with very healthy apetite. £30 ono. I also have lots of pink pom pom xenia frags for sale - £10 e ... 16/01/06
79. Aqua Medic Tank : Aqua Medic Anthias tank. complete set up to include: Anthias tank and stand in beech with twin metal halide lighting up grade Built under ... 14/01/06
80. Aquarium on EBAY ITEM - 7737106099 : I am selling a complete set up marine aquarium, with custom made stand and lid. The tank is drilled to accomodate and overflow pipe down to ... 13/01/06
81. sad day sell up birmingham : Hi i've just been told by my land lady that i have to move out in 6 months because she wants to sell the house that i am living in so i am s ... 20/12/05
82. Lunare Wrasse, Maroon Clown, tangs : I am selling up my fish and some rock on ebay - please check out items: 7731471664, 7731473672 and my other items. There is NO reserve set, ... 11/12/05
84. jewel puffer : hi i have a dwarf jewel puffer for sale £10, its a nice easy fish to keep will feed on almost anything, brine shrimp, mysis shrimp, prawns, ... 29/11/05
85. Arcadia 3 MH lights 4 sale : Twin 150w with actinics and anolog timers in silver comes with hanging wires and "L" brackets, new BVL bulbs fitted 3 months ago a ... 27/11/05
86. pyjama tang niger trigger bluelined grouper : can anyone give these three fish a good home please phone me for details, need to go this weekend really, please make sure you have some un ... 18/11/05
87. Wanted Seahorses : Seahorses Wanted any species and will even take full setups and Im willing to travel. Please email Byron_Middleton@hotmail.com 17/11/05
88. Hippocampus Sea Horses and all equipment : 4 Hippocampus Sea Horses, and all equipment (tank etc) £20 for all, can’t be separated. Easy to look after, must go, BARGAIN! Call Dan ... 07/11/05
89. marine set up with hawkfish £75 : jewel aquarium with sump and home made cabinet(see advert 27/10/05}colchester,07738156385. 30/10/05
90. Full Marine Set Up - Mature and running : Had this tank setup and running for 2 years, very mature. Tank size - 4ft * 2ft * 2ft ( yes it is both wide and deep ) Eheim external fil ... 26/10/05
91. Complete Marine Set Up For Sale : Tank is a Rio 240, beech stand, purchased new in May. Included is a ViaAqua Deluxe skimmer with carbon filter and uv sterilser. Tank still h ... 18/10/05
92. S> Great marine setup : Had this tank setup and running for 2 years, very mature. Tank size - 4ft * 2ft * 2ft ( yes it is both wide and deep ) Eheim external fil ... 17/10/05
93. Live Brine Shrimp : October & November offer: Live adult Brine Shrimp direct from the breeder. We will package your order fresh on a Monday or Wednesday & ... 16/10/05
94. Marine Aquarium, living reef, bargain : Marine Aquarium I started to build up a living reef aquarium, but when i had everything ready to go, i simply found just didd't have the ... 12/10/05
95. COMPLETE MARINE SET UP - BEAUTIFUL SET UP : Due to a change in circumstances, I am having to sell my pride and joy. The following items are included within the Sale: Mature Marine ... 28/09/05
96. AMAZING COMPLETE MARINE SETUP FOR SALE : Hi there i am currently seeling a marine setup id give you all the details but if you look at the link you will see it there offers welcome ... 13/09/05
97. leopard eel 4 sale : appfox 2 feetlong excellent feeder on frozen foods £50 . pics avaliable on request 07/09/05
98. Saltwater Aquarium Fishes of the World Book : Only £14.00!!! Grab yourself a bargain, visit www.aquaticbid.co.uk the new Bid site for all things Aquatic! 30/08/05
99. 4.ft tank and cabinet and equipment : 4.5ft by 18 inch by 24 inch glass tank with painted blue back. drilled with a weir in the back right hand corner , included is an amiracle t ... 11/08/05
100. dwarf seahorses wanted : please contact me if you have any dwarf seahorses for sale i am in the kent area and am willing to travel 07/08/05

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