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1. Red sea reefer 525xl : Red sea reefer 525xl complete setup for sale , red sea 160 led lights , red sea wavemakers , all other equipment needed plus extras , live r ... 01/08/21
2. Complete set up for sale £150 : Fluval evo 13.5 52ltr Im selling my set up to not having enough time to look after it. Comes with fish, live rock,hermit crabs, turbo snai ... 01/08/21
3. Xenia for sale : I have 2x pieces of xenia colonies on live rock approx 3x3 inchs fOR sale. £30 each or £50 for both.Please note these are not frags. Would ... 01/08/21
4. gorgonia frags : I am looking for gorgonian frags has anyone got some for sale? 01/08/21
5. Addis bfly, Annularis Angel, Red coris and Maroon clownfish for sale : I am sadly having to sell some of my fish due to changing the tank from a fowlr to a reef and the clown is fighting with another. Addis Butt ... 01/08/21
6. Closing tank corals for sale : Weve decided to close our tank, I have a couple of corals for sale, Duncan 7 heads £65 Zoas orange 20+heads £25 Zoas rastas 20+ heads ... 01/08/21
7. 5FT COMPLETE REEF FOR SALE INC LIVE STOCK £2K O.N.O : Fish: 1x bristle tooth tang 1x purple tang 1x foxface rabbitfish 1x scarus qyoi parrot fish 2x clownfish 4x anthias 4x blue/green ch ... 01/08/21
8. Marine Fish and equipment : Im selling some of my marine set up due to not enjoying the hobby anymore 1 common clown £7 Lemon damsel £5 Royal Gramma £15 Pink spo ... 31/07/21
9. Various corals for sale from my tank : Rhodactis Indosinensis commonly known as Neon green hairy mushroom coral can grow/swell to around 4inch in diameter. These sell for £30 a h ... 30/07/21
10. Tiger Pistol Shrimp (marine) FREE Southampton : Approximately 2" long & eating well. Now residing in a small tank, so will be easy to catch. Will only be caught when someone actua ... 30/07/21
11. FREE coral - montipora capricornis : Need to create some space in my frag tank so am prepared to give away a large (8 inch across) orange / brown monti cap as shown in photo - p ... 30/07/21
12. Yellow tang sale …. Card payment welcome… : Yellow tang Hawaiian sale last stock last. Because Hawaii band no more yellow tang and other Hawaii fish hard to get. Lots of live stock for ... 30/07/21
13. Emperor angel others… : Selling marine live stock. All fish are nice and healthy. Emperor angel changing colour. Blue ring angel adult colour Cream angel 3 i ... 30/07/21
14. Chaeto : I have lots of Chaeto available for refugiums to help combat nitrates in your marine tank. £5 for a large tennis ball sized piece. Based ... 30/07/21
15. collare butterfly sale.. update : Hi Selling lovely nice and healthy stock.eat almost everything. Collection from east London. Very bright colour. Sohal tang 5" plus. ... 30/07/21
16. Marine Caribbean live rock : All types of shapes and sizes, cured live rock maybe 100 kg left need gone ASAP will take 300 pound if gone this week end 29/07/21
17. Marine fish / Matted Leather Jacket Filefish (apitasia eating) : This is a nice size Matted Leather Jacket Filefish (apitasia eating) great for pest anemones in your tank , feeds on all other foods as well ... 29/07/21
18. Marine fish / large full Zoa colonies : These are large full Zoa colonies great colours nice and healthy £39.99 each collection from Southampton please 29/07/21
19. Marine fish / xxxl 2ft Sinularia Flexibilis Leather Coral : This is a massive xxxl 2ft Sinularia Flexibilis Leather Coral, this is not something you see often for sale at this size stunning coral £24 ... 29/07/21
20. Yellow tang (£400) : He is big roughly 5 inches or more very healthy and eating well 28/07/21
21. Reef Livestock in Aqua 1 275l tank complete set up : Marine Fish tank for sale 250L+50L Sump Bubblemagus c5 skimmer TMC Reef tide wave maker TMC reef return pump (changed last month) Marine ... 28/07/21
22. Fish, inverts, coral and rock : Looking at selling all contents of reefer 170 in bulk. 2x clown 1 orange spot goby 1 blue chromis 1 Banggai cardinalfish 1 fang b ... 28/07/21
23. Cheato for sale. Good quality, Clean and super thick. £9.99 including first cla ... : Cheato for sale. Good quality, Clean and super thick only £9.99 including first class post. You will receive a fantastic portion of qual ... 27/07/21
24. Marine Fish and equipment : Im selling some of my marine set up due to not enjoying the hobby anymore 1 common clown £7 Lemon damsel £5 Royal Gramma £15 Pink spo ... 27/07/21
25. Freckle face tang : Freckle face tang 5i nches long £60 27/07/21
26. ARMAGEDDON zoas : Armageddon zoas these are a very nice bright red in colour and look great in the marine aquarium 1 polyp on plug £8 2 polyps on plug £ ... 27/07/21
27. Various marine fish : Coral beauty £25 Bicolour angel £25 Blue/yellow damsels x5 £5 each £20 all Orange spot goby big £sold Small common clown pair adul ... 26/07/21
28. Dwarf hawkfish : Looking to rehome my Dwarf Hawkfish London NW3. £25.00 24/07/21
29. 40 kg live rock marine £2.50 kilo : marine aquarium live rock. It’s in a tank with powerful flow and heat so kept alive there’s roughly 40 kgs or more! This is collection o ... 24/07/21
30. Marine eel FREE : eel livening with fish ok eating out hand i can sent video eating out of hand Free 21/07/21
31. Tmc 50 litre reef tank : I have empty and ready to go a 50 litre tank with filter section and skimmer and heater 100 pound.black stand and in very good condition 21/07/21
32. Reef Livestock in Full marine set up Manchester : Fish Two clowns 1 purple tang Leopard wrasse 1 royal gramma Corals unable to name all 2 bubble tips anemome 3 Alan's Purple ... 20/07/21
33. Aqua one 275 : Aqua One Aqua Reef 275 Cube Marine Tank.£100 Tank as supplied with addition of sump led , top up unit and two power heads . Unsure weigh ... 19/07/21
34. Complete Marine Aquarium : Oak framed aquarium approx 180l, comes with the following: 1. Tank, stand, Lid, glass has very minor scratches, not noticeable when filled ... 19/07/21
35. Complete Marine Aquarium : Redsea 250 Reefer aquarium for sale with sump, return pump, heater, circulation pumps x2, protein skimmer, all live rock, approx 40kg, fish, ... 19/07/21
36. Various clowns : Marine Clownfish Various Types Cheap!. Snow flakes £25 pair wyoming whites £30 pair Gladiator clowns £30 pair Common clowns i ... 18/07/21
37. Purple Tang & Blonde Naso : Thinning my stock in tank Purple Tang 4.5 inches £90 Blonde Naso going to be a male £60 sorry no offers both immaculate fish. 17/07/21
38. LIVESTOCK in 5FT RENA REEF AQUARIUM EVERYTHING INCLUDED £3k ONO : Fish: 1x bristle tooth tang 1x purple tang 1x foxface rabbitfish 1x scarus qyoi parrot fish 2x clownfish 4x anthias 4x blue/green ch ... 17/07/21
39. Zoas and sps frags derby £10 : Hi I have these available at the moment all £10 each collection only from Derby de56 17/07/21
40. Vampire tang/ Lipstick tang/ Updae… : Hi Selling beautiful tangs nice and healthy eat almost everything. Lovely colourful. # vampire tang 4" # lipstick tang blonde large. ... 16/07/21
41. Awua reef 300 tank and equipment for sale : Marine fish tank for sale comes with all pumps and lights skimmer etc. Battery back up on ecotech marine plus a mp40. 300 quid the lot. H ... 14/07/21
42. Gracillaria (red ogo) marine macro algae for sale £8.99 includes postage : For sale. marine macro algae gracillaria sp.(red ogo).It’s a Fantastic natural food source for herbivorous fish such as tangs and angel fi ... 12/07/21
43. Tank closing down : Small.regal.angel £120 4" yellow foxface £35 Anthias group ( lyretail) 1 male 10 females £280 6" Naso tang Black top £80 ... 11/07/21
44. Small regal angel : Small regal angel about 3 inches feeding very well on frozen, pellet and flake £120 Collection from li7 9af 11/07/21
45. Complete 400L Marine aquarium and contents : I am looking to sell as a complete set up my Aqua One 400 Reef tank. Includes: TMC V2 iLumenAir Lighting Reef Skim 500 (with new pump) ski ... 11/07/21
46. Fiji Live rock - Dry Rock - 25 Kg Plus - Ideal Reef Aquarium - £125.00 : Fiji Live rock - Dry Rock - 25 Kg Plus - Ideal Reef Aquarium. Condition is "Used". Only Selling due to change in plans and shut ... 07/07/21
47. Bi Colour Fiji Foxface Rabbit Fish 10-15cm - £70 : For sale is my beautiful Bi-Colour Foxface rabbitfish. He has now gotten a bit big for my tank. Very peaceful fish. Needs a tank 375L + idea ... 06/07/21
48. Sargassum trigger : Sargassum trigger 4 inches approx £130 06/07/21
49. Various Marine products : Various reef products as seen in photos all practically full £20 05/07/21
50. Tmc reef cam : Brand new in box 90 pound 04/07/21
51. Marine fish and equipment : Due to lots of time wasters, still have some lovely fish for sale. Pm me for more info, Kent based. Also have equipment for sale for anyone ... 04/07/21
52. Marine coral softies and SPS : Green furry mushrooms £10 a head GSP green star polyp £10 a frag Montipora hirsuta £10 to £20 depending on frag size. Mother colony pi ... 04/07/21
53. Hippocampus reidi seahorses. : We are pleased to say that we have a few H.reidi midnight (black with silver spots and saddles) ready right now @ £120.00 each !! Our ta ... 04/07/21
54. 2 maroon clowns, 1 sweet lips,1koran Angel, : Hi got two maroon clowns one is just an inch other one about 2 inch’s , one harlequin sweet lips less than 2 inches, 1 Koran angle two in ... 02/07/21
55. Red Dragon Pump 12 m3. £700. : Red dragon pumps are widely regarded as THE BEST aquarium pump due to reliability,silent,energy efficient,long lasting and they can be used ... 02/07/21
56. Shutting down 4x2x2 marine tank with sump and fish . : Shutting down my marine tank and selling everything that’s left.Fish = 1 Regal Tang ( 5” ) 1 Flame Angel ( 3” ) 1 Cleaner Wrasse. When ... 29/06/21
57. Marine fish for sale : Few marine fish for sale, open to offers or pm. BR8 Kent based - Porcupine puffer 6” - Raccoon butterfly 3” - Dog face puffer 8” ... 28/06/21
58. 2 clownfish & 1 red legged crab for sale : Sadly selling my 2 clownfish & red legged crab due to house move. All healthy & eating well. £45 ono. Collection from Sawtry, Cambs 28/06/21
59. Looking for Tang : Hey looking for a tang for my tank, ideally at least 3-4inch in length. Few different ones I am interested in if you let me know what you ha ... 27/06/21
60. Large Selection of Marine fish and corals for sale Rainham Kent : I have over 200 corals and over 100 various Marine fish up for grabs between £5 and £60 each. Come and have a look any evening. Rainham Ke ... 25/06/21
61. Green Kenya : Next batch now ready Large frags at £10 each frag photos are the actual ones most are multi stemmed collection only 25/06/21
62. Picasso Triggerfish Adult : I need to get rid of my Picasso Triggerfish ASAP is it is too large for my tank. FREE TO COLLECT. It is approximately 10-12cm in size, ea ... 24/06/21
63. Reef bio gro reacter medium : Used for 1 month , cost 200 still have box will take 110 23/06/21
64. Toadstool Leather coral : Leather coral @ 80 I have for sale this amazing soft coral - pickup only from Brighton. about 1 foot long by 6 inch wide 23/06/21
65. Adult sailfin tang : Adult sailfin tang for sale. 9 to 10 inches long. Outgrown my tank. £50 07934053886 21/06/21
66. Seahorses Reidi & Erectus for sale : Seahorses Reidi x Erectus From Captive bred European stock. Tank bred from my own stock. £90 each collection only. Males & Females avai ... 21/06/21
67. Tmc 500 calcium reacter : Brand new in box never used 100 pound grab bargain 20/06/21
68. Fluval Evo full set up AI PRIME D FLOW EXTRAS. : Live stock: 1 da Vinci clown 1 snail A few Zoas and a hammer coral. GSP Hermit crab Selling my fluval Evo due to simply not hav ... 20/06/21
69. Rffer Livestock in 250 litre Full Set-up : Established for 5 years, simple but very successful mixed soft coral and fish systems. Approximately 45 kilos of live rock (no nasties) and ... 20/06/21
70. Big Sailfin redsea tang : I have a lovely big chunky Sailfin tang I’m closing down the tank need him gone ASAP , he eats everything and is healthy , he has allways ... 17/06/21
71. Reef cam by tmc : Reef cam brand new in box for sale ,never opened .80 pound brand new 17/06/21
72. Marine fish for sale - URGENT shut down due to moving house : 2x blue and yellow damsels £free on any purchase 1x pair mocha clowns £20 1x pair clarkii clowns (hosting a xl green bubble tip anemone ... 15/06/21
73. Live rock 4£ per kg : Matured live rock covered in nice purple algae from pest and plag free tank still in aquarium. Grab a bargain!!! Redditch 075913717 ... 15/06/21
74. 100ltr tank, 2 clowns : 100 litre tank, complete with live rock and tmc evo reef rock, coral sand and Kessil A80 tuna blue light. 2 black clowns and small green bu ... 14/06/21
75. Full Marine set up and livestock : Full set up for marine.includes Live coral andlivestock. Foxface, mandarin, 2xtomato clown, 2x electric damsel, jewelled puffer, fuzzy dwarf ... 13/06/21
76. Soft corals and RBTA : Have some soft corals for sale or swap. Collection only form Welwyn Garden City Leather finger: Large frag £25 Small frag £10 (not ... 12/06/21
77. LPS Corals and Mushrooms and Macro Algae SWAP or SALE : Looking to clear out some of my tank Would be willing to swap for other corals I have 4 long toadstool around 6 inch across £15 each ... 12/06/21
78. DUE TO ILLHEATH I AM REDUCING MY MARINE STOCK AS ADVERTISED HEREWITH : One Large Mustard Guttatus Tang. One Large Emperor Angel One Large Blue lined Angel One Medium Koran angel One Lubbock wrasse One HARLE ... 11/06/21
79. Sea Hare for hair algae : Sea Hare for sale. My Sea Hare in gentle with corals, eats no macro algae, and just hunts down hair algae. Collection only £20 11/06/21
80. Chaeto algae pickup in West Berkshire : Hi there, I have a big chunk of Chaeto algae for sale, pickup between Reading and Newbury for now only. £5 10/06/21
81. Complete Jellyfish Set-up Very Unique and Special : For sale is my complete Jellyfish set-up I have had this set-up which consists of two separate tanks (they look great either side of the ... 09/06/21
82. Dead Live Rock : I’ve shut my tank down so selling this rock as dead. Will need cleaning etc before going in new tank but a bargain to be had especially if ... 09/06/21
83. Seahorses : Approx 4-5 of them. Not 100% sure if I want to sell unless they go to a good home coz highly sensitive fish but my ones are fairly hardy and ... 08/06/21
84. Yellow tang (£325) : Had the yellow tang around 6 months , he has regularly fed on pellets, mysis , brine and seaweed. Full asking Brice or best offer will be ac ... 07/06/21
85. 55KG Live Rock with some corals still attached. Bargain price, has to go : Hi, I have for sale 55kg of quality live rock with mini brittle stars, sponges etc. No pests that I'm aware of. This still has some co ... 07/06/21
86. Yellow tang x 6 and other marine fish : Selling my yellow tang around 6inch very nice coloured fish very bright very friendly will eat from hand also have other fish for sale FLAM ... 07/06/21
87. BUYERS BEWARE. Brian Amos/Glenn Amos/Helen Amos-Smith, Birkenhead BUYERS BEWARE : Has anyone else fallen foul of the ad placed on here by Brian Amos selling coral and equipment? I paid for some corals in December and de ... 04/06/21
88. marine frags : marine frags .soft corals. zoa .red mushrooms. yellow Polips . 3 for £10. colection from penistone s36 . thanks 04/06/21
89. 50kg Mature live rock from live system : 50kg excess mature live rock from live running system with no disease, aiptasia or nuisance algae, £4.00 per kg. collection only from Dave ... 03/06/21
90. 5x2x2 Marine aquarium for sale, with fish and equipment : Hii have a 5ft x 2ft x 2ft marine aquarium with stand,sump, quarantine tank, tank is very well made a a lovely tank sump comes complete with ... 03/06/21
91. 4 ft x 2 ft nd aquatic tank marine for sale needs to asap cheap to sell : II HAVE DECIDED TO REDUCE THE PRICE NEED GONE AFTER LOCK DOWN SEND EMAIL TO chef@tonypage.comSORRY IF I DIDNT CONTACT PEOPLE BUT I DIDNT KNO ... 03/06/21
92. Large corals for sale : Rock covered in large green mushrooms, some huge ones on there up to 3”, a good 15 heads Rock with large toad stall colony, 4 or 5 larg ... 02/06/21
93. XL Regal Tang (9inches) - £70- Sold : Large regal tang, stunning fish, eats everything. Will need a large setup (6ft+ only) and will only sell to a good home. Chang my setup ... 02/06/21
94. Total marine set up : Everything has now been sold other than the Abyzz 400 pump which retails for £2,399. and I'm happy to take offers around £700. and the Kam ... 31/05/21
95. Tank closing : I have for sale Yellow head moray Snowflake eel Honeycomb moray White eyed moray Narrow line puffer Panther grouper Miniatus grou ... 31/05/21
96. Live Rock in Jewl 350 litre : 40kg of live rock The lights are t5 Marine and white 1200 little uv filter and protein skimmer 300 watt heater With 40kg off live rock Je ... 31/05/21
97. Large marine fish : Regal tang Toby puffer orange spotted Gobby bi colour angel brown sail fin tang a common clown 3 humbugs a yellow breast damsel and a domino ... 31/05/21
98. Picasso Trigger (5.5inches) -£60 : Beautiful Picasso trigger. Eats everything and stunning markings with iridescent blue lines (good varied diet). Has been housed with Kora ... 28/05/21
99. Dusky Wrasse : I'm moving home and closing down my tank. Had the wrasse over 2 years. He/she eats pellets and brine shrimp. Dusky Wrasse between 5 and 6 ... 25/05/21
100. Very large Gorgonia : Very large gorgonia on live rock with mushrooms Great coral in perfect condition only selling as out grown my tank 14 inches high and has ... 23/05/21

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