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Malawi Cichlids & Tanganyikan Cichlids
 Rift Lake Cichlids : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Licensed to buy and sell fish: Alan Ball License number:LI/13/0656/PETS Nationwide Delivery Available £1 ...30/11/20
 Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids, North London : Hi I’m a keeper and breeder of top quality Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids, based in WoodGreen N22.. I have some new haps and peacocks insto ...30/11/20
 Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for sale some rarer ones and a good size a must see li : Hi all. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder/seller of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids. I have a pet license and I have been kee ...30/11/20

1. Wanted synodontis petricola : Wanted synodontis petricola : Anyone know best place for synodontis petricola looking for a group 6/10,preferably close to S/E London N/W Kent 29/10/20
2. FRONTOSAS BURUNDI,MPIMBWE ,KIGOMA 7 STRIPE & BLACK WIDOWS IN DORSET : I have the following Frontosa\'s in stock and ready for sale, Burundi 4cm £9.00 each, Burundi 10cm - 12cm £25.00 each, Kigoma 7 stripe 9cm - 11cm £25.00 each, Mpimbwe 7cm - 8cm ... 29/10/20
3. Nimbochromis Venustus cichlid : Hi,I'm selling my nimbochromis venustus cichlid it's around 3.5 inches very healthy nice markings and colour I originally purchased it from a shop who imports all their fishes in f ... 28/10/20
4. Nimbochromis livingstonii cichlid : Hi,I'm selling my nimbochromis livingstonii it's around 3.5 inches very healthy nice markings and colour I originally purchased it from a shop who imports all their fishes in from ... 28/10/20
5. Tropheus duboisi : I'm looking for some young tropheus duboisi around 15.preferably in the teeside area. 28/10/20
6. frontosa for sale : Hello I have an established group of eight frontosa for sale . Dominant male is 4-5 inches nice peacefully group £120. Home bred from my main tank. 27/10/20
7. African Mbuna cichlids for sale : I have for sale some beautiful Daktori cichlids around 2.5 inches...£2 each Cynotilapia Zebroides around 1.5-2 inches..£2 All eating and growing well. Collection only..Peace ... 23/10/20
8. Wanted Tanganyikans : Looking at setting up a Tang community After shell dwellers and leptosoma In or close to Shropshire 21/10/20
9. Moorii dolphin- Cyrtocara moorii juviniles : Around 20 left! Quality fish showing colour and black markings all ready! Collection oxford ox3 but happy to deliver within 15 mile radius if fuel is covered! UK postag ... 21/10/20
10. Peacock - Aulonocara : Hi, I need to move on some healthy breeding cichlids which I inherited and the tank is getting too full. They have vertical dark stripes, light coloured bodies and a bluish metall ... 21/10/20
11. telmatochromis temporalis F2 Shell dwellers : Telmatochromis temporalis F2 Fry A Large Tanganyikan shell dweller they mainly use the shells when breeding. Tons of personality and so interesting to watch . You do not need a ... 20/10/20
12. Tropheus lufubu. (Purple rainbow) : Looking for more lufubu tropheus to add to my group. Prefer adults. Thanks. 20/10/20
13. Tropheus lufubu. (Purple rainbow) : Looking for more lufubu tropheus to add to my group. Prefer adults. Thanks. 19/10/20
14. 20 F1 mpimbewe gibberosa : I have 20 f1 mpimbewe gibberosa available Both male and females i believe some may be easier to sex than others. 19/10/20
15. Wild / F1 MCat Cichlids Wanted : Looking for Mcat cichlids around Wales. Or will travel for the right fish.. please whatsapp me if you have any. Thank you 07414819104 18/10/20
16. Chiclid : Giving my cichlid away perfectly healthy had since was a baby just doesn't get on with my fish WhatsApp me on 07775496517 17/10/20
17. telmatochromis temporalis F2 : Telmatochromis temporalis F2 Fry A Large Tanganyikan shell dweller they mainly use the shells when breeding. Tons of personality and so interesting to watch . You do not need a ... 17/10/20
18. Juvenile Malawi cichlids : Otopharynx lithobates Zimbabwe rocks sulfur head 6 cm + a few adults Cyrtocara Moorii blue dolphin 6cm Mylochromis spec. Torpedo blue Tanzania 6cm Collection only f ... 16/10/20
19. Green murago moba II : For sale 25 group of green murago. Adults and some fry.£300 Pls message me if you are interested. Leeds 15/10/20
20. moori dolphins : any body take these fish off my hands its a pair m/f about 3-4 inch as local shop wont take them due to covid there free just message and ill bag them thankyou 15/10/20
21. Malawi cichlid : Malawi cichlid peacocks and haps around 60 or more fishes. All nice and colourful. For more info please contact me on 07880800888 15/10/20
22. Tropheus Bulu Point F1 : F1 Tropheus Bulu Point available from my wild caught group: Fish size ranges from 2 - 3 inches plus. Price per fish £14 each; or 15 for £200; or 18 for £225 ... 14/10/20
23. Adult Malawi cichlids for sale £5 each Bedfordshire : Adult Malawi cichlids for sale £5 each, red hongis, yellow lab, huge beautiful orange zebra, etc, collection only from Luton Beds. 13/10/20
24. Cobue, saulosi and zebrodies males : 1x cobue Young male, nearly full colour 2x zebrodies males 1x saulosi male Very good colouring baught from a local breeder Can deliver locally or collection Selling due ... 13/10/20
25. 36 Malawi cichlids, 3 bristlenose and rare Malawi synodontis : Need to rehome these, selling the tank and ocean rock afterwards, willing to sell individually at the right price. Text me, unable to answer with work 07944233808 11/10/20
26. Malawi Central North West WhatsApp group : Get on my WhatsApp group for a better chance to buy and sell or just to link up! https://chat.whatsapp.com/GZ3Pbh0CRX0KpTUcYbjkLS 11/10/20
27. Malawi haps : Pair protomelas ornatus maleri 30,- Pair copadichromis verduyni dark blue 30,- Male chilotilapia rhoadessi 20,- Collection Haworth BD22. 11/10/20
28. Neolamprologus Multifasciatus : Neolamprologus Multifasciatus for sale. Juveniles (sub adults) £4 or 3 for £10. Call or text Dean 07876148707 11/10/20
29. Malawi Cichlids : TB (F2) Pseudotropheus Cyaneorhabdos Maingano– 5/6cm £3 (4 for £10) TB Cynotilapia Afra Cobue – 5/6cm £4 (3 for £10) (femails only) TB (F3) Tropheops Elongatus Kumwera 5/6cm £4 ( ... 11/10/20
30. Free fish : Have 1 male Melanochromis Auratus available for free as i can't have 2 males together in the same tank. Collection or can deliver anywhere in Plymouth for £5 11/10/20
31. Mpimbwe Frontosa Male : Really good fish lovely blue to the head. I'm thinning out my group as I have too many males. approx size 4 to 5 inch £25 Collection from Epsom Surrey Please bring bag or b ... 11/10/20
32. Fish : Shutting down tank so selling all my Malawi’s, all breeding labs, red zebras, heps also got peacocks in the tank all fish ranging from 2” to 4” 30+ fish £150 takes the lot may se ... 10/10/20
33. Malawi cichlids peacocks : Malawi cichlids peacocks for sale arojnd 2.5 inch to 3 inch in size Ob blotch peacocks Blue neon peacocks Red peacocks Yellow peacocks Blue peacocks Ponk peacocks Red jacob ... 10/10/20
34. FREE M Elongatus Mphanga : Large breeding group of Elongatus Mphanga approx 15 fish in total mature males and females spawning regularly. These don’t fit with my future plans so would like them gone this we ... 10/10/20
35. WANTED Metriaclima Msobo Magunga : Wanted group of Metriaclima Msobo Magunga preferred to be female heavy. Willing to travel for the right group, cash waiting. 10/10/20
36. Malawi: Peacock and Mbuna : I\'ve got a tank with tens of mbunas and peacocks and I need them gone together. There are at least: 8 pseudotropheus acei 3 Cynotilapia afra 15 high quality peacocks 25 peaco ... 09/10/20
37. Tropheus kiriza Gold : I have 20 tropheus kiriza Gold. 3 inch £35 each Collection only from Essex IG8 07947408950 09/10/20
38. Tropheus Doubisi Maswa (f1) : In have some F1 doubisi for sale. size 3 inch £15 each collection only from east london 07947408950 09/10/20
39. Wild caught Mono Argentus : I have 10 WC Mono Argentus Collection only from east London £10 each Size 3 inch in size 07947408950 09/10/20
40. Group frontosa Zaire blue moba SWOPS : As above F1 group 10 2m 8f, with 1 wc alpha male... 12cm to 20cm. Looking for swops for a group of tropheus Wc or f1......cash aswell for the right group. 09/10/20
41. Auratus cichlid malawi mbuba : 1 male and female breeding pair 4 or 5 juveniles, female currently holding. Will exchange for a male peacock / hap cichlid. Try me 09/10/20
42. auratus cichlid : auratus cichlid looking for a new home, free to anyone who wants it, fit and healthy. call 07401393519 if your interested, no texts please as they won\'t be answered. 08/10/20
43. Haps and Peacocks : M:f Alunacara Blue Neon Undu Reef £25 very nice male M:3f Otopharynx Tetrastigma £25 F (proven breeder) Protomelas Taenilatus £10 See images DE150AS 08/10/20
44. Simnochromis diagramma : Wanted simnochromis diagramma wild. F1 or tank breds 07/10/20
45. Adult mbuna malawis for sale : As above we are now thinning our stock out as its a little over stocked. Not sure of their name, they are blue with orange fins, possibly hongi? Quite large solid fish up to 5" ... 07/10/20
46. Juvenile Malawi Cichlids Wanted Nottingham Area : I am after juvie Malawi mbuna upto about 2.5" size. Cash waiting. Will travel for the right fish. 07/10/20
47. Malawi/Chindongo/ Pseudotropheus Saulosi : I have young Saulosi for sale in sizes listed below: 0.5cm - fry/babies 3- 6 weeks old - price 1£ each Approx 1-2cm - 3-4 months old - price 2£ each Aprox 2.5-3cm -5-6 months o ... 06/10/20
48. Malawi /Saulosi Cichlid fry for sale : HI, I have the young/baby saulosi for sale, fishes are 3 weeks old and eating well. The adult fish look fantastic in either a species only tank or as addition to an existing Mbuna ... 06/10/20
49. Group of 4 adult frontosa mpimbwe 15-25cm : Group of 4 adult frontosa mpimbwe 15-25cm Need space £150 05/10/20
50. Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids, North London : Hi I’m a keeper and breeder of top quality Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids, based in WoodGreen N22.. I have some new haps and peacocks instock at the moment list below, plus have p ... 05/10/20
51. F1 tropheus yellow nkonde : I have 8 to 10 F1 tropheus yellow nkonde for sale Size 3 inch Collection only from Essex IG8 07947408950 £25 each. No offers plz 04/10/20
52. ‘Red Fin’ Lake Malawi Cichlids borleyi "Red Fin" Baby Fry : Baby Fries for sale - about 3 months old and 3-3.5cm The photo shows the mother. Please text if you are interested. I have about 15 and asking for £5 each. 04/10/20
53. Xenotilapia singularis ndole, julidochromis marksmithi kipili : Xenotilapia singularis ndole 4-5cm, julidoachrmis marksmithi kipili 4cm. More info whats apo. 03/10/20
54. metriaclima dwarf manda : metriaclima dwarf manda juveniles for sale.ob females and standard males,possible mcat males but not sexed 5cm+.5 for £20 or £5each.collection from Leicester. 03/10/20
55. metriaclima kawanga gold : metriaclima kawanga gold with standard females juveniles 4cm. 5 for £20 males starting to colour .collection from Leicester. 03/10/20
56. F1 Tropheus Sp. Mpimbwe Yellow Cheek Mwaka (rare) : I've got some nice and very rare F1 Tropheus Sp. Mpimbwe "Yellow Cheek" Mwaka. Bred from my wildcaught (F0) group. 30 available 3-4cm. £10 per fish or £250 for all of them. Collect ... 03/10/20
57. synodontis : 3 x synodontis,bought as granulosus but not 100% sure.£15each.collection from Leicester. 03/10/20
58. WANTED: Tanganyikan Cichlids : Hi, I am looking for Cyprichromis leptosoma Jumbo Yellowheads, Julies and shell dwellers. I am based in Leighton Buzzard and I'm happy to travel up to 2 hours to collect. ... 01/10/20
59. WANTED: 12-15 small Frontosa Blue Zaire Moba (Cyphotilapia gibberosa) : Im on the lookout for 12-15 1-2" (small) Frontosa Blue Zaire Moba (Cyphotilapia gibberosa) vinny@blueyonder.co.uk S.Yorkshire 26/09/20
60. 24 Mbuna nice fish not hybrids (Sheffield) : Wild Metriaclima Msobo Ngwazi (1 male  ...1 female..) both 3.5 inch.. 2 x Pseudotropheus Saulosi ( 2 female) 2.5 inch.. ..tb 4 x PseudotropheusSocolofi (F1....1m 3f) Ma ... 22/09/20
61. placidochromis phenochilus tanzania star sapphire : I have 10 placidochromis phenochilus tanzania star sapphire for sale. Size 3 - 4 inch Males and females available Collection only from Essex IG8 £25 each or pair for ... 21/09/20
62. Breeding pair of dolphin cichlids : Breeding pair of dolphin cichlids, £35 contact me on 07809648791 20/09/20
63. Tropheus F1 for sale : Nkonde yellow SOLD, chikonde SOLD dubosi maswa , chaitika blue rainbow SOLD leuba Alll F1 bred out of my wild groups £8 each contact Steve on 07929198460 19/09/20
64. Around 30 young Malawi for sale : Hi have around 40 ish young Malawi for sale we\'ve had them around 2-3 months and have chosen to go in a different direction. I\'m not sure the names there yellow also blue striped ... 17/09/20
65. malawi cichlids - : we have about 25 both adult and juvenile fish, all in great condition - only letting them go because we are having a change of species. can let the whole lot go for £75, some abs ... 17/09/20
66. 2 malawi cichlids : If sold today £5 for both or £10 after today. 14/09/20
67. TROPHEUS DUBOISI LAKE TANGANYIKA CICHLID : TROPHEUS DUBOISI THESE FISH ARE APPROX 2-3cm very healthy feeding strictly on sera flora veggie flakes 13x for 100 please bring buckets when collection. 13/09/20
68. Young Malawi Cichlids 130+ : Young Malawi Cichlids.........SELLING AS ONE LOT ....... 130+ baby malawi cichlids. Collection in person only. Babies are .... greshaki and yellow labs Eatting well .. FRY ... 12/09/20
69. Cichlids : I got a breeding group of 5 red zebras(£25),yellow labs(£4,5)various sizes, a big 6,7 inches female dolphin moori(£30)and few other females. 07588959943 feel free to contact me co ... 12/09/20
70. Wanted Malawi cichlids please : Wanted Malawi cichlids near Fleetwood please If you could deliver that be great I would pay fuel Regards Andy 10/09/20
71. Mixture of adults and juvenile cichlids : I\'m selling some my adult and juvenile cichlids prices start from £2 per juvenile and adults £10 All eating well and healthy Will require a heater 09/09/20
72. Tanganyikan cichlids for sale : X2 altolamprologus compressicep about 3-4 inches Gold head altolamprologus about 3 inch X3 altolamprologus compressicep fire fin X2 neolamprologus Mustax 3 inch lepidiola ... 08/09/20
73. Ikola : For sale, large group of 24 Tropheus Ikola for sale.2" upwards. Open to offers. 08/09/20
74. Wanted multies shelldwellers : I am looking for a pair or two of multies shelldwellers i live in plymouth devon so your need to post or live local Thanks steve 07/09/20
75. Catfish x 2 11 inch decorus : Two synodontis decorus catfish 11 inches in length both healthy and stunning Must have a large aquarium Collection east London beckton 80 for both Sorry for the poor ... 06/09/20

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