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Malawi Cichlids & Tanganyikan Cichlids
 Rift Lake Cichlids : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Licensed to buy and sell fish: Alan Ball License number:LI/13/0656/PETS Nationwide Delivery Available £1 ...20/09/20
 Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids, North London : Hi I’m a specialist keeper of top quality Malawi and Tanganyikan cichlids, based in WoodGreen N22.. I have some new haps and peacocks instoc ...20/09/20
 PET ZONE Hillsborough Barracks Shopping Mall : Aquatics, Reptile and Pets. Selection of Tropical and Coldwater Fish. Find us in Hillsborough Barrack shopping mall just off the top car p ...20/09/20

1. Malawi Ob peacock fry : The male in the picture is the father to the fry Plenty available Few different sizes 1.50 each 14/08/20
2. tropheus : tropheus mplunga 20 plus £230 adults trophred kalambwe 20 plus 250£ tropheus kalemie 30to40 adults and juviniles ring 01274600070 halifax area 13/08/20
3. Aulonocara for sale all sizes 1 inch to Adult : Private breeder of Aulonocara based in Broadstairs, Kent. Genus currently available includes: Aulonacara OB Purple Blotch Peacock Aulonocara Baenschi Aulonocara Maylandi Sulp ... 12/08/20
4. Selling tank plus beautiful fish : Hello, reluctantly I have to sell my tank and beautiful selection of Malawi Peacocks due to size. They have grown up in my tank and colour up lovely. Fluval 240 with inbuilt filt ... 12/08/20
5. Saulosi Cichlid fry for sale : HI, I have the young/baby saulosi for sale, fishes are 3 weeks old and eating well. The adult fish look fantastic in either a species only tank or as addition to an existing Mbuna ... 12/08/20
6. Chindongo/ Pseudotropheus Saulosi : I have young Saulosi for sale in sizes listed below: 0.5cm - fry/babies 3- 6 weeks old - price 1£ each Approx 1-2cm - 3-4 months old - price 2£ each Approx 3-4cm - 6-7 months o ... 12/08/20
7. Frontosa 70 pound for four : FOUR FRONTOSA largest 8inch and smallest 4inches. Very lively and healthy that are outgrown my tank. Feed them Northfin, Hikari and frozen fish food. Pick up post code W106HD 11/08/20
8. Yellow labs Malawi cichlids young ones : Young yellow labs for sale. £2 each or 6 for £10 Collection from Reading Contact 07775835060 11/08/20
9. julis : growing on if anyone interested in buying @ £4 each 11/08/20
10. F1 Frontosa & Large Burundi Frontosa £200 : 16nr 2.5 inch - 3.5inch F1 Frontosa 2nr 4.5inch - 5inch Male and Female Frontosa 1nr Large 12inch Blue Brundee Male 07958287683 10/08/20
11. Tropheus Mkuyu yellow cheek tropehus breeding group. : Adult tropheus Roughly around 8 in group Very healthy and active fish Cash on collection rochdale £160 10/08/20
12. WILD & F1 CYNOTILAPIA ZEBROIDES COBUE : Located in Ashford, Kent. Lewis 07842369000 09/08/20
13. Mcat plus female Mbuna : Looking for any Mcat and female group Willing to travel Contact number : 07875685760 07/08/20
14. Free Tropheus to good home (Now all gone) : These are now gone. Thanks Hi, I have two Tropheus cichlids available free to a good home. 1x Tropheus Moori Blonde Moliro - 6cm 1x Tropheus Duboisi Maswa - 5cm Fre ... 07/08/20
15. Pair of multies shelldwellers : pair of shellies . Collection from Thornton lancs..£15 06/08/20
16. Neolamprologus Multifasciatus Colony : Healthy group of Multies (Tanganyikan Shell Dwellers). Feeding on various dry and frozen food. Breeding on a regular basis. Brilliant choice for a small/medium planted cichlid set- ... 05/08/20
17. 16 x Frontosa burundi cichlids prefect size for breeding mainly female : we have a large group of 16 frontosa for sale as we are closing down the tank there is also petricola catfish and a bristle nose and 3 other cichlids in the tank biggest are ar ... 05/08/20
18. Frontosa young ALL SOLD : around 38 frontosa for sale, 3 different spawnings. 25 around 60-70mm 12 around 50mm+ And 1 random 1 i found in the main tank recently @12mm All very healthy and very good colo ... 05/08/20
19. Group of 6 Cyphotilapia Gibberosa (Kalolo) : Bought as juveniles from Dandy Cichlids, they have grown up in a 60x18x24 and consumed several of their tankmates along the way. Three large spectacular males about 10" each a ... 04/08/20
20. WANTED FRONTOSA : wanting mpimbewe, moba or copperband adults or babys have facilities for both. cash waiting can collect. 03/08/20
21. Tropheus For Sale : I have two Tropheus for sale: x1 Tropheus Blonde Moliro Firecracker 6cm (first pic) x1 Tropheus Duboisi Maswa 5cm (second pic) £12 for both. Collection in Ruislip 02/08/20
22. Africa and Malawi tropical Cichlid mbuna fish : Malawi tropical Cichlid mbuna fish for sale Beautiful colours and very active Blue mbuna Yellow labs Auratus Golden Mbuna Ob mbuna Red mbuna I have many available They rang ... 02/08/20
23. Mbuna afra cobue : I have 5-6 cynotilapia afra Cobue for sale. £20 for the group. Collection ox26 1-2" healthy and chunky Picture is the male/daddy 01/08/20
24. paracyprichromis nigripinnis blue neon albino : Hi I have for sale some stunning young adult paracyprichromis nigripinnis blue neon albino. Very rare to see this quality. £18.00 each or 10 for £150. Bridgend South Wal ... 01/08/20
25. Mbuna for sale : Hi selling about 25 medium to large mix mbuna changing my aquarium hence selling my mbuna fantastic colors looking for £35 30/07/20
26. 18no F1 Frontosa & Large Burundi Frontosa/ SWAP FOR STINGRAYS : 16nr 2.5 inch - 3.5inch F1 Frontosa 2nr 4.5inch - 5inch Male and Female Frontosa 1nr Large 12inch Blue Brundee Male 07958287683 Also selling 1 yellow spotted catfish ... 30/07/20
27. Malawi cichlids : Fishes for sale. 24 yellow labs. Size from 2 inch to 5 inch. £3 to £15 each Have 2 large males 2 texas cichlids. BD. 5 inch £20 1 acei 4 inch £5 Blue lip 5 inch £15 ... 26/07/20
28. Lets of cichlids for sale some stunning venustus : Lots of first cichlids for sale need to shut down 2 of my grow our tanks so really good prices 26/07/20
29. Malawi young Wanted Sussex/Surrey area : As above have just started a new malawi tank up and we\'re looking for some young Malawis haps peacocks and similar Many thanks 24/07/20
30. MBUNA for sale : Acei Ngara young 4cm+ £4 each or 3 for £10 Maylandia Estherae Red Zebra Young 3cm+ £4 each or 3 for £10 Hongi Super Red Tops young 3cm+ £4 each or 3 for £10 Other mixed Mb ... 24/07/20
31. Pseudotropheus Saulosi breeding colony for sale SOLD : For sale is my breeding colony of P. Saulosi, 10 fish in total. 4 confirmed males and 5 females, 1 suspected 5th male. Breed regularly and males have stunning colours. Bargain £ ... 23/07/20
32. Wanted Malawi Cichlids : Hello has anyone got any Malawi Cichlids. Free or cheap please. Thank you 23/07/20
33. for sale Malawi s mbuna : 3 inch to adult £4 each or £3 each if buy 10 or more fish cheap collection only bring cash and there yours all blue in colour you will not be disappointed.. 22/07/20
34. Fontosa : I have 5 fontosa for sale £50 21/07/20
35. African Chiclids : African Chiclids for sale.. yellow labs, strawberry peacocks, Malawis, pseudotropheus, plus more. Over a 100 frys which are ready to be sold over 8 weeks old now, mixture of blues ... 20/07/20
36. tropheus duboisi maswa : I have group of F1 duboisi x 19 in total, very healthy and active group looking to start new project. £265 17/07/20
37. Wanted Tanganyikans : Looking for the following Tanganyikans: Xenotilapia caudafasciata Xenotilapia nasus fluorescent green Trematocara variable Triglachromis otostigma Pm me if you h ... 15/07/20
38. Yellow Labs : about 2 - 3 inch £4 each Collect Thornaby or deliver if local for fuel 15/07/20
39. LARGE VENUSTUS MALAWI HAP : Large male Venustus, roughly about 8 inches £20 smaller females about 3/4 inch £12 each would consider swap for decent filter or OB Peacocks Collection Thornaby or deliver ... 15/07/20
40. Group of 5 adult frontosa mpimbwe 15-25cm : Group of 5 adult frontosa mpimbwe 15-25cm Need space £150 14/07/20
41. Wanted frontosa : Hi after frontosa around thatcham area but can travel cash waiting and empty 5ft ready to go 14/07/20
42. Mbuna malawi babys 8x : Not room to keep so selling quick deal for all 8x Malawi babys.£20 bag will be provided. Thankyou collection debden/loughton 14/07/20
43. 11x malawi babys : All developing colors now. Saved from being eating. Mbuna mother.bag will be provided for all the fish. Collection debden/loughton essex £25 for the lot of 11 malawis 14/07/20
44. Yellow labs : I have yellow labs ready to move onto their new homes 13/07/20
45. 35 adult mbuna in 6x2x2 tank : Over 35 adult mbuna and lots of fry, everything to go. 6x2x2 100 gallon 10 mm glass aquarium and stand for sale. Everything is included filters lights heaters pumps gravel and r ... 13/07/20
46. Breeding group of red top zebs and obs : breeding group of 2 male red top zebs and 4 ob females. Breeding at least every month £30 12/07/20
47. Malawi Cichlids Trio For sale : I'm having a sort out of my current stock in my main tank and I have for sale : Trio of red top zebra (4 inch in size) £15 Male Neon Spot (4 inch) £5 Female Haplochromis Livin ... 12/07/20
48. F1 Tropheus sp . “ Mkuyu “ SOLD : I have the above for sale from my wild caught breeding group , all the young available have been released naturally and grown out with there parents . Most are 5-6 cm all big an ... 11/07/20
49. Shell Dwellers - Multies : Hi I have up to 50 Neolamprologus multifasciatus that I am selling as I'm reducing the size of my colony. They are great fish that are predominantly harem breeders and love a s ... 09/07/20
50. Mbuna fry for sale : ×25 Mbuna ice blue top fry for sale. These are about 30mm in size. All adults can be seen in my main tank.£3 per fish or £70 for the lot(25fish) Please message for any photos or in ... 08/07/20
51. Frontosa for sale : Hello I have About 25 frontosa fry for sale 3cm up to 6 cm £50 for all. 08/07/20
52. FRONTOSA, wanted. Zaire blue and wpimbwe, congo blue. : After 4-7 frontosa preferred zaire blue, or wpimbwe, after the lovely blue colour. Message me thanks 07/07/20
53. Frontosa Burundi : Have a batch of around 2inch frontosa cichlids for sale £10 each 07/07/20
54. Tanganyikan : 5 Tropheus Nkonde yellow f1 6-7cm Chalinochromis brichardi f1 7cm Must go together £140 Collection ws8 Walsall Or message 07792611173 07/07/20
55. Burundi Frontosa : Have 8 Burundi Frontosa open to serious offers, no fly by night cowboys! Must be knowledgeable about Tanganyikan fish, 6 Males & 2 Females, sizes vary from 4-9 inches, Must go t ... 07/07/20
56. BUYING SELECTION OF MBUNA JUVENILES : I am looking for around 10 juvenile mbuna’s between 2-4” variety of colours, yellow labs, blue zebras like the photo added 07561297039 - feel free to message me on WhatsApp 06/07/20
57. F1 Kalolo Frontosa Breeding Group For Sale : I am selling my adult Breeding Group of F1 Kalolo Frontosa, please see the details below: 1 male and 6 females (I think) 7 - 9 inches approx All adults Arbroath Collection or ... 06/07/20
58. SOLD: Frontosa : SOLD :Hey I got 3 frontosa’s around 6,7” for sale perfect size they absolutely healthy trying to cut down my stock 35pound each.feel free to text if need any information collection ... 05/07/20
59. Pseudotropheus (chindongo) Saulosi WANTED : I'm looking for a group of Saulosi. More females the better. Wirral area. Happy to travel reasonable distance. (1hr ish each way) Please contact me via phone/txt/email. 07 ... 05/07/20
60. Yellow labs : I have yellow labs ready to move onto their new homes 04/07/20
61. Yellow labs : I have yellow labs ready to move onto their new homes 04/07/20
62. Xenotilapia singularis ndole : Xenotilpia singularis ndole 4- 5cm more info whats app. 30/06/20
63. Local African cichlid breeder in oxford : Loads of different african cichlid fry/juveniles available at unbeatable prices! Also ship anywhere in the uk Yellow labs Blue cobalts Zebra obliquidens Red top zebra Swed ... 28/06/20
64. 6 shell dwellers (Multis) : Established group of 6 Multi's Collection South Wales nr Cardiff 28/06/20
65. Malawi cichlids : 1 male fainzilberi ikombe 10cm £10 and 1 male fainzilberi Hongi 10cm £10 tel 07921 527721 28/06/20
66. African catfish and others : I have 3 large catfish between 6 and eight inches in length including a syno angelicus and some adult decorus Offers for all 3 considered No time wasters and I won’t deliver ... 26/06/20
67. cyphotilapia frontosa Kigoma fry : hi frontosa cichlids fry x10 - 4cm /slightly bigger (£10 each or £80 fo 10) x30 - 2cm /slightly bigger (£5 each or £40 for 10) or any other sensible offer also can swap ... 26/06/20
68. malawi book collection : malawi cichlids in their natural habitat 1st and 2nd editions i believe and quite hard to get hold of now complete with map of the lake. also copy of malawi cichlids back to natur ... 24/06/20
69. (SOLD) Tropheus Red Bishops : Group of F1 Tropheus Red Bishops. 10 Adults (3-4 inches) and 1 juvenile (1-2 inches). £200. Collection only from London E2 23/06/20
70. Rift Lake Cichlids : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Licensed to buy and sell fish: Alan Ball License number:LI/13/0656/PETS Nationwide Delivery Available £18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery B ... 22/06/20
71. Hongi Sweden fry : Hongi Sweden fry approx 1 Inch. I have 22 available £2.50 Each. I would prefer the to go as a job lot so willing to do a deal. 22/06/20
72. WANTED - Neolamprologus similis (London) : Looking to buy similis from any breeders 22/06/20
73. (SOLD) Tropheus Duboisi Maswa : Group of 11 Duboisi Maswa. 5 adults (4-5”) and 6 sub-adults (2” nearly lost their spots). £175 No offers. Collection only from London E2 21/06/20
74. tropheus red rainbow group of 15 : 15 tropheus red rainbow fully grown adults for sale 180 ono pictures can be provided on whatsapp 21/06/20
75. African Cichlids for sale : I have approximately 35 to 45 African cichlids for sale including breeding pairs. It is a mix of Peacocks, Malawi, Haps, beautiful Synodontis and Stunning Tropheus. Change of direc ... 20/06/20

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