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 Wild Caught South American Fish, Plecos, Corydoras etc : The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Licensed to buy and sell fish: Alan Ball License number:LI/13/0656/PETS NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAI ...27/11/20

1Breeding set up : Rack with 2 tanks. Tanks measurements 36x10x12. 2x hmf filter, 2 small internal filters, 2x led, gravel, sliders for both tanks. 4 way haile ...24/11/20
2Fluval fx6 : Fluval fx6, 22 months warranty left invoice in box. Comes with pipes and media. Collection only. Haworth BD22. 150,- for quick sale.24/11/20
38x3x2 fish tank, stand and sump : SOLD I'm unfortunately selling my 8x3x2 length x width x depth. Comes with Stella box section stand and 4 foot sump. Not amazing co ...24/11/20
4Black arowana. : Black arowana around 14" in length. No drop eye or Gill damage. Originally purchased from wharf aquatics around February this year at 8" ...27/11/20
5Large fire eels. : I have 2 large fire eels for sale. Both approximately 19" in length. Only reason for sale is due to a compromise with the mrs. £100 e ...27/11/20
6Pair of mini marble stingrays : Well grown on female and male mini marble stingrays. Female disk is approximately 10" wide Male disk is approximately 8" wide. Only rea ...27/11/20
7Fx5 filter : Fx5 filter for sale all works fine never had a problem or leaks etc. Collection only Birmingham. Text 07762358050 £80 no offers ple ...24/11/20
8Male Red Dragon HMPK Betta - free to a good home : Approx 10 months old. Feeding well on frozen brine shrimp and blood worms. Also accepts granule food. Free to a good home. Will consider ...24/11/20
9Juwel Trigon Tank £350.00 O.N.O : Juwel Trigon Tank I got this tank new ten years ago I have left the filter system intact and until recently also used an external filter as ...27/11/20
10Silver arowana : Slight drop eye on one side very common. Eats pretty much anything currently around 14inch and growing fast. Want space in my tank 60 poun c ...23/11/20
11Three Beacon Pleco 6inch Southend : 6inch Three Beacon Pleco, based in Westcliff near Southend, pick up only. £4523/11/20
125x red turquoise discus : I have 5 Red turquoise 3-4 inch discus. Living in London tap water and feeding on beef heart and tetra prima. All 5 for £65 or £15 each. ...23/11/20
13Datnoid tiger fish : Hi. I have some 4 bar tiger fish 3/4inch looking 45 pounds each 400 pounds for ten, can swap for some small clown loach or L pleco. If in ...24/11/20
14Discus fish and tank : Dark wood bow fronted tank 240L 1 metre x 600mm high including external filter plus pump and heater. 3 discus fish, tiger plec, cardinals r ...23/11/20
154x large domino Damsels : They are currently in my sump due to not getting on with my sailfin tang. Looking for £30 ONO. Each fish is 2+ inches. Not aggressive un ...26/11/20
1616/17 inch SUPER RED BLOOD Arrowana fully cities paperwork etc : Gorgeous fish at 16/17 inches. Reds starting to come through on scales now. Fish is 3 years old this October. Comes with complete cities pap ...23/11/20
17Frammer Hybrid of Hammer and Frogspawn coral : I have quite a few heads for sale of what I found out is a hybrid of hammer and frogspawn coral called frammer coral and few heads of purple ...23/11/20
18Pulsing Xenia £20 Doncaster. : Pulsing Xenia £20 Doncaster27/11/20
19Parachromis la ceiba male 10 inches : Selling my male parachromis la ceiba he is about 10" £20 buyer to collect please bring bucket im in Doncaster South Yorkshire message me if ...27/11/20
20Zebra plec L46 : Group of 8 L46 2 defendant adult pairs. Other 4 around the 2 inch mark looking more female. £1350 for the group. Thanks george23/11/20
21L471 SNOWBALL PLECO WANTED : I am looking for a trio or small group of snowball plecos Area fk3 Text on 0740786514623/11/20
22Red Hump Eartheaters : 1 Male and 3 Female Geophagus Steindachneri all between 3" and 5" free for collection.23/11/20
23Malawi haps for sale. : Buccochromis nototainia Fossochromis rostratus Aristochromis christyi Nimbochromis fuscotaeniatus Exochromis anagenys Cyrtocara mo ...23/11/20
24WANTED - turtles requiring rehoming : I'm looking to give a home 2 turtles in need of a new home, experience of keeping previously, will consider yellow bellies, maps, red ears, ...23/11/20
25Juwel Rio 240 and cabinet - Black : I'm selling a 6 month old Juwel Rio 240 and cabinet in black. The tank is in excellent condition, no scratches, and is pretty much like new. ...23/11/20
26Apistogramma Cacatuoides : Young apistogramma cacatuoides triple red for sale in sheffield area, free collection or postage for £25. Fry are around 2/3cm in size ...24/11/20
27Stunning 6x2x2 tank : Stunning 6x2x2 tank it has a lovely blue backing on the back and sides. Black silicone and doesnít have any scratches on the glass. Sorry I ...22/11/20
28Angel fish : 2 adult angelfish, one blue zebra one domestic silver. Looking for a good home. £5 for the two22/11/20
29Filament Barbs : 9 x filament barbs, all around 5 or 6cm, very healthy and active. Need a decent size aquarium. £15 for all22/11/20
30Bubble magus curve 7 protein skinner : Hi i have for sale a bubble magus curve 7 protein skimmer in excellent condition only selling as upgraded to a nyos £80 ono22/11/20
31ALBINO TINFOIL BARB WANTED : Fish must be 8"+ with no defects. Manchester area preferred. Thanks for looking.27/11/20
32Rare Aba Aba Knife Fish in stock : Aba Aba available in good sizes from 12"to 17" You do not see these widely available , feeding well on prawn and available for delivery. ...25/11/20
33Reef octopus 1000 HOB skimmer : Reef octopus 1000 HOB skimmer Like new Condition, I paid 200 for this a few weeks back and have just decided to upgrade to sump. It is li ...22/11/20
34Wild caught Malawi predator haps : Tyrannochromis nigriventer male Dimidiochromis compressiceps Male 2 stunning fish both 28 cm plus both caught at Nkhata Bay Very he ...24/11/20
35ADULTS ANGEL FISH SHOW PAIRING : Hi I have for sale 5x angel fish. Platinum and Black angel fish for £40 for all the them.25/11/20
36cichlids for sale : have lots of different variety cichlids. based in Blackburn. yellow labs,kennyi, jalo reef,mbuna haps peackocks loads of variety £5 each or ...22/11/20
37Angel Fishes and loads more for sale : Hi, Closing down my tank so I have for sale ; - about 10no angel fishes- some breading pairs, all about 5 inches - 3no adult clown loach ...22/11/20
38Large protein skimmer / pumps : looking for a very large protein skimmer for a reef project I am working on, also some large return pumps, If you have or know of anythin ...27/11/20
39Amano Shrimp x 10 : I have 10 amano shrimps for sale. Excellent algae eaters for a tropical tank. Selling due to closing down tank. Looking for £20 for them al ...22/11/20
40JBL Co2 System : Automatic JBL co2 kit. Comes with controller, regulator and all required part. Only needs an instruction. In working order. Paid over £400 w ...22/11/20
41Loads of different predator fish : 1silver arowana £55 2tiger oscars £25 each 1 false yellow jacket £15 1 catfish £10 2 Siamese tiger fish £40 each 1african bus ...22/11/20
42Arowana : 5" Arowana for sale 0730622123422/11/20
43Full set up including fish Juwel Vision 180 : Juwel Vision 180, full set up, including fish! Congo tetra x4, Rainbow fish x2, cherry barbs x4, tummy nose tetra x5, female bristlenose x1. ...22/11/20
44Red tail cat fish : Hi. Iíve a hybrid shovel nose catfish And an Asian red tail Both babyís at 4inchs. +44 7378 29329622/11/20
45Wanted quality breeding Male Bd or Albino : Wanted quality breeding Bd or Albino Male. Willing to pay a fare price and travel for the right ray.21/11/20
46WC Tropheus Red Kachese : I have 12 of these beautiful tropheus rarely available with one showing signs of OB markings all over. £300 Collection from sw Londo ...21/11/20
47Wanted Giraffe Catfish : Looking for a young healthy giraffe catfish around the 6Ē-8Ē mark to grow up in my 6í x 2í Oscar setup21/11/20
48Frontosa Moba WF Tropheus Ubwari Green : Personal stock of WF Tanganyika fish for SALE imported directly from the lake.. Cyphotilapia Frontosa Blue Zaire Moba (12-18cm) - £80 ea ...22/11/20
49Kamfa Flowerhorn AAA Quality : Got a really nice male fader flowerhorn available. Originally imported from Thailand from one of the best breeders. Hes about 7 inches and f ...21/11/20
50Predominantly central american cichlids, toomany to photograph : 8inch male Fenestratus F1 lago catemaco 8inch male argentea F1 rio tulipa 7inch male macaulicauda F1 lago izabal 7inch male "fredd ...21/11/20
51Hydra filtron 1000 Filter : Hydra filtron 1000 filter Had this filter for about 6 months and it is a superb piece of kit, it works perfectly and only selling due to ...21/11/20
52Marine rock nearly 17kg : Caribsea Reef rock Reef rock, sadly breaking down tank to start again in future. Around 17kg, I paid £250 all in at Maidenhead for thi ...21/11/20
535-6 inch Aussie tusk £180 : True Aussie harlequin tuskfish very healthy and feeding well. Brought to replace a trigger I sold but I prefer triggers so selling it . Barg ...21/11/20
54Iíve got 3 breeding tanks with a rack and Pump with heaters for sale : Iíve got 2 3ft tanks with divisions and 3/4 inch holes Iíve also got a 2ft tank with a 3/4 inch hole They come with a ocean runner 3500 pu ...21/11/20
55Iíve got a pair of blue diamonds and 1 pigeon blood for sale : Iíve got a pair of blue diamonds 1 Male and 1 female for sale The female is 6-7inches and the male is 5-6inches Iíve also got a female pig ...21/11/20
56Full set up marine tank 150l 80cm long : Hi I have a full set up tank which is 150 litres. The dimensions of the tank are: 80 long, 40 width, 47 high. The tank has a panel ...21/11/20
57Iíve got a pair of golden rams for sale : Iíve got a pair of golden rams for sale They are about 2 inches They are for sale at £2021/11/20
58Cichlids for sale, tank, stand, everything must go : I have a a bunch of cichlids for sale due to moving house and no space for the tank. The fish I have are 1 Oscar 1 Red devil cichlid ...21/11/20
59Large rock structure : Roughtly 22x22" cost over £300 from new lol very heavy asking £70 I also have a smaller one £40 Collection only21/11/20
60Seahorse setup : I'm selling my seahorse setup, its a redsea reefer 170 tanks has a few scratches most not noticable when full Mesh cover V2 iluminair com ...21/11/20
612 x yellow belly slider turtles FREE : both around 6 inch .. healthy .. moving home means no room .. contact me today21/11/20
62Large pleco and silver dollors £40 or swap : 2 x large plecos and two large silver dollors £40 for all Or swap for geophagus red head tapojos21/11/20
63L330 Watermelon Pleco 7 Inches : I am selling this beautiful Pleco I would be willing to swap for the smaller L Number types. £65 Local delivery if within 2 miles t ...21/11/20
64Albino bristle nose breeding group 3 : Hi Albino bristle nose breeding group 3 £30 Please message for more photos Antony22/11/20
65Clown loach 9 candy loach 3 : Hi all, Iím selling all my clown 9 and candy loach 3 The clown loach are 3Ē - 6Ē Please message me on whatís app for video / more ...22/11/20
66Complete set of Practical Fishkeeping magazines : From the first edition December 1978 to July 2020, some years are in binders, all good condition - any reasonable offers21/11/20
67Wild Zebroides lumbilila 5m 10f : Hi I am selling my breeding group of wild Zebroides lumbilila 5m 10f They are a very strong breeding group. £200 Please WhatsApp ...22/11/20
68tunze 9004 dc skimmer : tunze 9004 dc protein skimmer,pulls out a lot of muck,£55 collection only21/11/20
694x2x2 full set up : As title 4x2x2 tank opti white front new glass sliders new 500w heater new led light on timer and dimmer 2 external filters one eheim and ot ...21/11/20
70South and Central cichlids : Hi am looking for BIG South and Central cichlids let me know what you have21/11/20

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