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1.Monoculas Bass + Giraffe Catfish + Indo Datnoids (Gold) 29/10/20 Yes
- Advert last updated 29/10/2020 Any offers will be considered Whatsapp me 07523 218429 & collect from Preston (PR3), can drop off for travel costs. Monoculas Bass 7inches - 70 Giraffe Catfish 13-14inches - 70 Indo Datnoids 3-4inches 50 each all sizes are approx *selling to make sp... ...
2.Giant Red King Kong Parrot 28/10/20 Yes
Around 11 inches long and thicker than 3 inches! Perfect round shape. He's lived with Arowanas, Stingrays and Datnoids and also smaller angelfish without issues. Cash and collection only from London E1. Will consider part ex for large Datnoids or a Tigrinus catfish..
ANY ONE WANT FULL SET UP FOR 350 /will throw in a load of ocean rock too into the deal/THIS SET UP COST ME OVER 1,400[sold as a complete unit only will not split]NOW 390 ONLY/ COMES WITH 2 LARGE RED OSCARS, + LARGE BLACK CATFISH,ALL FOR ONLY 390 ,GRAVEL ALONE COST ME 90 FOR THIS SIZE TANK AND D... ...
4.Clarius catfish 28/10/20 No
1 x 18 inch marbled Clarius 1 x 12 inch albino Clarius (beautiful fish) 20 each or both for 30
5.Paroon Shark x2 & Giraffe Catfish 15" 27/10/20 Yes
Unfortunately need to rehome 2 Paroon Sharks and a Giraffe Catfish, all around 15 inches. All healthy, just harassing the rays a little too much. Pm me for more info Collection from waterlooville
6.Entire contents of my 5ft tank for sale 26/10/20 Yes
Im selling the entire contents of my 5ft 450 tank consisting off: Lots of large bogwood pieces, largest 3ft long. 10-25 lots of large live plants, all thriving 10 fish: 2 14" plecs 30for both 50 plus bristlenose plecs 1-3 4 clown loaches, largest 6" 4 corydoras catfish 15 for 4 2 syno... ...
7.Large catfish/red pike 26/10/20 Yes
Vulture catfish - 12 inch 40 Giraffe catfish - 10 inch 10 Red pike - 11-12 inch (great condition) 60 Open to offers
8.Tigrinus Catfish 26/10/20 No
Looking for a semi adult Tigrinus catfish. Must have similar stripes on both sides. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks.
9.Odd Balls Predator - Cichlids - Flowerhorns - Crayfish 25/10/20 Yes
I am currenlty thinning down my stock and take a step back from the hobby and have available a lot of fish. Please note that i am in no hurry so don't come up with silly offers or ask me to price match other sellers I have a number of Odd Balls and Cichild for sale. Jaguar Catfish - 50 Fem... ...
10.4ft Jewel tank and stand in white 25/10/20 Yes
Beautiful 4ft tank with inner filter also external filter large bogwood and decorative stones black sand live plants also guppies mollies platys golden loaches plec catfish angel fish nerite snails and more all equipment needed for cleaning, breeding, treatments only 9 months old 350 ovno
11.Nearly 3 foot redtail catfish 24/10/20 No
Hi I have a nearly 3 foot redtail free to good home needs a pond now not it 3 months time please only ask if you can house him now thank you
12.South African wide head catfish 100 24/10/20 No
I have a stunning South African wide headed catfish hes a cool fish comes up a see you every time you pass the tank hes just over 2 ft if you have any questions please ask thank you
14.Fish for sale 19/10/20 No
6 silver dollars 80 Ripsaw catfish 100 South American marbled lungfish 250 African lungfish 150
15.Cichlids fish List 18/10/20 No
Cichlid: Red tiger moto 1 Dovii 1 Vieja hetrospillus 1-2 Black nasties 1-2 Red Devil 1-2 Barred devil 1-2 Black spot pike 2-3 Male & Female Polleni 5 Orange Parrot fish 4-5 (sold) Srt 4-5 (one is fading) Monoculus Bass 5 (sold) Male & Female Srd Flowerhorn breeding pair (... ...
16.giraffe catfish 18/10/20 Yes
22-23 inch in length offers? 07825114335
17.Various for sale 17/10/20 No
33 inch south American lungfish 100 16 inch Borneo python eel 100 12 inch tiger moray eel 100 10 inch Liberian eel 20 2 wild scalare angelfish adults 30 the pair 6 inch texas cichlid 10 2x long nose Dora catfish 8inch 20 for 2 3x spotted Dora catfish 5-8 inch 30 for 3 1x striped Do... ...
18.Cold water bullhead catfish 16/10/20 No
Small young bullhead catfish, suitable for a pond year round, max length 12 inch (2lb) when full grown. 50 each, maybe cheaper if you buy more. Feel free to ask questions Thanks for looking
19. Tropical fish List 16/10/20 No
Oddball Emperor snakehead 20 (one eye) Silver arrowana 10-11 (Perfect) Clown knife fish 9 Chinese soft shell turtle Fire eel 11-12 Florida gar 12 Enderlichi bichir 10-13 Cichlid: Red tiger moto 1 Dovii 1 Vieja hetrospillus 1-2 Black nasties 1-2 Red Devil 1-2 Barred d... ...
20.LOADS OF Chiclids/oddballs/discus/plecs/catfish all for sale 10/10/20 No
Hi. Im having a massive upheaval of all my tanks. Therefore the following fish will be for sale. 1 x vulture catfish - 12 - fantastic temperament 1 x ornate bichir - 11 - 50 2 x electric blue acara - both 4 - 30 for pair. - SOLD 1 x green severum - 4 - stunner & growing fas... ...
21.Shutting down multiple tanks, see the below list of fish for sale 09/10/20 Yes
Shutting down multiple tanks, see the below list of fish for sale - Schoutedeni puffer / spotted Congo - 130 - 3 red head Tapajos (proven breeding pair) with extra female 4-5 inch - 50 for the group. - 50 Red Head Tapajos fry - currently 12 weeks old and eating well on a mixture of foods... ...
22.Pimodella ornatus 8 -9inch 100. Ferndown Dorset..... catfish 09/10/20 No
a very attractive predator, been kept in a mixed catfish tank with a breeding group of corys and larger loricarids.with the wrong tank mates there would be carnage but a pretty, not huge, fish eater,please research this fish if interested. Not a fussy eater
23.Fw aquarium set up. 48 inch x 24inch tall x 20 inch back to front , 350 litre 09/10/20 Yes
Set up includes tank& stand ehiem 2217, heater plus most of the bog wood, there are a couple of manacapura angles for free but NOT the catfish unless a sensible offer is made. There is a 8-9inch pim ornatus which is for sale 100 and is immaculate. The tank is 10mm and heavy possibly a 3 perso... ...
24.Looking to rehome my Tropical fish including a stunning L190 Royal Pleco 09/10/20 Yes
Hi all, Im looking for a new amazing 6 or bigger home for my stunning fish. Ideally situated in Kent. Ive recently made the tough decision to close down my 6 tank and am now looking for a new home for the fish. The aquarium is sold and some of the fish are going to the new owner but so... ...
25.x2 Flagtail Porthole Catfish 20 08/10/20 No
2 Good size and stunning Flagtail Porthole Catfish, great community fish 20 for both or 15 each Best way to contact me is text or whatsapp, emails end up in junk for some reason so will usually get them a bit later. Can send any pictures upon request via email or whatsapp Collection bu... ...
26.Tropical Fish Tank Shut Down - 15 for all 08/10/20 No
x1 Bolvian Ram x1 Red Breasted Acara x1 Bristol Nose Plec x2 Asian Bumblebee Catfish x5 Snails x1 Bleeding Heart Tetra x1 Silver Tip tetra 15 For Everything Best way to contact me is text or whatsapp, emails end up in junk for some reason so will usually get them a bit later. Can... ...
27.Ornate bichir and vulture catfish 05/10/20 No
12 ornate bichir - 45 12 vulture - 120 Both great examples and temperaments.
28.Synodontis catfish 04/10/20 Yes
Syno 8inch very chunky eats everything Collection cradley heath Ben 07523188167 15
29.Fish and fish tank 8 foot 04/10/20 Yes
Hello guys bit of a sad post, looking to rehome my fish and fish tank :(, due to change in circumstances I no longer have the time to care for my tank and would like to see it go to sombody who would love and appreciate this tank as much as I did. Its a sold well built tank from Nd aquatics and it... ...
30.Ripsaw Catfish 2ft 03/10/20 Yes
2 foot Ripsaw Catfish. Gentle giant. Eats well!! will need large polly box for collection. 100. Ono Call Rob 077110 23464
31.Redtail catfish 02/10/20 Yes
Free Redtail catfish Hes about 1.ft at the moment need to move him on as i rescued him and is getting to big for my aquarium. Free to a good home must have very large aquarium
32.Cichlids For Sale Coventry 30/09/20 Yes
Currently have: 4 inch green terror Male - 5 4 inch Jack Dempsey Male - 15 (have smaller ones at 5) can do a pair for 10 4 Inch Tiger Oscar Cichlid (Long fin) - 5 Can do a pair but you will need a big tank 4 Inch Pictus catfish - 10 3 inch red tail shark 5 As apparent , I... ...
33.15 Paroon Shark & 15 Giraffe Catfish 27/09/20 Yes
would love to keep them although the paroon is fighting with another paroon and the giraffe is harrassing my rays. Message me for more info. Ideally would like to swap for a tiger shovelnose 07745735342
34.Catfish 27/09/20 Yes
For sale is an African polka dot upside down catfish believed to be around 1 years of age. 10
35.All sorts for sale 24/09/20 Yes
Lots for sale, (making room) 2 large synodontis 10each 2 bumblebee catfish 10each 3 male lyretaile killi 30 1 parrot fish 15 1 Honduran red point female 15 1 ornate bichir 12"50 3x black lace anegls 10each 5xlarge black marble angelfish 15 each 2x sengalis bichir 20each 2x fire... ...
36.Bumblebee catfish 23/09/20 Yes
2x bumblebee catfish 20
37.Catfish for sale 22/09/20 No
Synodontis Petricola - 15 Platysilirous mucosus - 45
38.Monster fish 19/09/20 No
Hi i have the following for sale: 1 silver arowana 20 1 xingu peacock bass 15 2 african cichlids 6 1 birchir 16 1 oscar cichlid 10-13 1 red tailed catfish 20-24 all for 300 ono buyer must collect from telford please give me a call on 07878147636
39.Woodcat 19/09/20 Yes
Woodcatfish for sale 20 approx 6 inches. Please note this fish is fully grown
40.22"+ red tail catfish 18/09/20 Yes
I have my stunning red tail catfish for sale. He is in perfect health and has no deformities ect. I am absolutely gutted that he has to go but due to changing set ups I cant keep him. Will only sell him to the right home as he needs a pool due to his size. Please only contact if you can provide him ... ...
41.Various oddballs and cichlids 17/09/20 Yes
Various oddballs and cichlids for sale Carpintis (pearlscale cichlid ) 6 inches possible male 20 Golden knife fish 6 inch 15 Black ghost knife fish 7 inch 15 Silver arowana 5 inch 35 Irwini catfish 2 inches 35 Baby red tail catfish 1.5 inches 15 Baby wild oscar 3 inch... ...
42.Jaguar Catfish WANTED please ? 16/09/20 No
Hi ~ Has anybody in the Midlands area got a Jaguar Catfish for sale ??? Would like at least ONE ! LIOSOMADORAS ONCINUS (The REAL Jaguar Catfish please) I will call & collect (when 'virally' safe to do so) ! Phone or email via this site !
43.AquaOak Aquarium ~ WANTED ~ Aqua Oak Tank 16/09/20 No
Hi ~ I'm looking to buy a decent sized Aquarium (AquaOak) ~ 110cm PLUS.! Would prefer a 120 - 150cm size to hold Jaguar Catfish and community tropicals (NOT MARINE)!! (Not sure I can transport a 6ft unless the price is right ~ I will need to hire a large enough vehicle ?). Can collect within... ...
Excellent feeder (they all are!)
45.Super red bristlenose catfish 15/09/20 Yes
Super red bristlenose catfish for sale, from small youngsters up to almost adult size. From German stock. Price dependant on size, from 3.00 for youngsters to 15 for sexed young adults. Due to time wasters I will not consider posting these fish. Socially distanced collection only, from ... ...
46.Jardini arowana and catfish 13/09/20 Yes
18inch jardini arowana, 2 Asian suncats, 1 Irwini catfish, 1 tiger shovelnose, 2 L001 plecos, 1 tyre track eel, going cheap as need to rehome ASAP, serious buyers only message me thankyou
47.2x Rare Pterodoras Granulosus (Granulated Catfish) 11/09/20 No
I have 2x Wild caught Rare catfish for sale, Lovely fish in perfect condition 8"-60 and 11"-80. Im open to sensible offer.
48.30 inch Oxydoras Niger (Ripsaw catfish) 11/09/20 Yes
I have my ripsaw catfish for sale, nice healthy and chunky. Lovely fish in perfect condition 80. Im open to sensible offer...
49.21 inch Rare Pterodoras Granulosus (Granulated Catfish) 11/09/20 Yes
I have my Granulated catfish for sale, nice healthy and chunky. Lovely fish in perfect condition 120. Im open to sensible offer..
50.TIGER SHOVELNOSE CATFISH 12inches. 50 11/09/20 Yes
Beautiful fish! Growing way to fast for me and my tank, eats plenty and very healthy! 50 Buyer must bring own container. Thanks.
51.OSCAR WANTED 10/09/20 No
Hi, i have a 6ft well established South American aquarium that needs either 1 or 2 Oscars. It currently houses a large plec and a couple of catfish. You are more than welcome to view before I purchase. I have kept Oscars in the past so understand their needs.
52.Marmoratus catfish for sale/rehome 10/09/20 No
Looking to rehome my catfish. It is about 2ft. Thanks Hextable/,swanley
53.Catfish 08/09/20 Yes
2 7 catfish 70 pair
54.Fish and tank bits 07/09/20 No
Cutting down on some stock and tanks, making some room for new things. Fish - Thin and wide bar dollars - 120 for the 7 Vulture catfish 8" - 60 Larger geos - 20 each Jack dempsey 4" - 7 quid Megalodoras - 4-5" 40 Bass - 4" 25 Angelfish - 10 Wood catfish 4 - 25 for all Dry goods - ... ...
55.Catfish x 2 11 inch decorus 06/09/20 Yes
Two synodontis decorus catfish 11 inches in length both healthy and stunning Must have a large aquarium Collection east London beckton 80 for both Sorry for the poor pictures I can send better ones to those who enquire
56.Sun catfish 9 inch 06/09/20 No
Collection beckton 35
57.1x red tail catfish 1x hybrid tsn/rtc 06/09/20 Yes
big cat for sale to responsible home only. redtail nearly 2ft Nice colouring. 1 hybrid tiger/redtail approx 15 very slight deformation on top of skull. Giving up the big pond as finding work and family commitments are taking all my time so pond is constantly algae fied. good eaters. Fed on praw... ...
58.I have the following fish for sale in SOUTHEND ESSEX 02/09/20 Yes
Bronze corydoras adults 2.50 Super red plecos 1 inches 5 Koi angel fish 3 inches 5 Hoplo catfish 3 inches 2.50 German ram cichlids 3.50 Asian discus 80 each (pictured) 300 for group of 4 07512210106
59.FLUVAL EDGE 50L Planted Tank with Dwarf Puffers and Otto Catfish 01/09/20 Yes
50L Tropical Tank with everything included as shown in pic. Good homes only! 2 x female Dwarf Puffers 1 x male ( have bred once but eggs didnt make it) 1 x Cory Catfish Entire Planted Tank included with Decor & Bogwood with Java Moss attached. Fluval U1 Filter External Waterfall Filter and ... ...
60.Catfish 01/09/20 Yes
2x catfish around 10inch long needing a new home as outgrown tank.15 each or both for 20
61.Koi fighters/ com set up/ odd balls 30/08/20 Yes
3 female koi fighters, 1 male koi fighter, 4 ember tetras, 1 black phantom, 2 XL green tiger barbs, XL white armoured shrimp, bronze Cory, upside catfish, panda gara gara, tire track eel 6 inches, african knife 4 inches, female bristle nose. 40 for the lot Feel free to message for individual fi... ...
62.Tanganyikan community 26/08/20 Yes
for sale is my tanganyikan community, Selling due to needing space for bigger tank. Consists approximately of.. 9 Paracyprichromis nigripinis blue neon breeding 7 calvus black and white 7 ocellatus gold shell breeding 8 petricola catfish 3 julidochromis 200 the lot bargain Tank and equipm... ...
63.Giraffe catfish 25/08/20 Yes
Giraffe catfish 14 inches for sale Dewsbury west Yorkshire
64.Braking tank down 22/08/20 Yes
2 x bifas 4 inches plus possibly a pair 25 5 inch flagtail 20 6 inch irwini catfish 35 8 inch sun catfish 30
65.Lots available 21/08/20 No
Common Bristlenose pleco male x3 large Breeding pair of jewel cichlids 2 male jewel cichlids Deforemed angelfish free to good home Red tail shark 2 tiger datnoids Monte cristo cichlid 2 large synodontis catfish 1 parrot cichlid 2 clown plec 2 albino sailfin pleco 1 4" Jack d... ...
66.plecs 19/08/20 No
large gibisep plec 10 inch plus two medium plecs also 7 inch sinodontis catfish 45 01274600070
67.3ft Clearseal tank setup for sale - bargain 50 incl cabinet & extras 18/08/20 Yes
For sale is my complete 3ft setup. Clearseal Tank includes lovely resin rock background and all equipment, complete list below: - 3ft Clearseal tank and hood with beech stand - Eheim 2213 External filter pipes and media - Heater and internal filter - Aquarium plants and bogwood (some anchored)... ...
68.Fish for sale 18/08/20 No
Large sail fin Plec 12 inches Large upside down catfish 2 Syno cats 1 Bumble cat Going Cheap Message me for details Collection In Torquay
69.Fish for sale 17/08/20 No
Large sail fin Plec 12 inches Large upside down catfish 2 Syno cats 1 Bumble cat Going Cheap Message me for details Collection In Torquay
70.Large collection of tropical fish for sale 17/08/20 No
HI folks Im currently in the early stages of of closing my tropical aquarium and have the following fish available for sale, please text me if you want any information etc I have not put a price as Im totally open to sensible offers and want the fish to go to a good home my number is 07411 97112... ...
71.17" Megalodoras Uranoscopus (Irwini Catfish) 15/08/20 No
I have my Irwini Catfish for sale, nice healthy and chunky. Lovely fish in perfect condition 120.
72.Red tail catfish about 13inch 11/08/20 Yes
Red tail catfish about 13inch offers or swaps please call me on 07340664571 or text
73.Selling some of my fish 08/08/20 No
All can be seen pictures through what's app 07887498324 Vulture catfish 8-9" 65 Freshwater archerfish 4" 28 4bar datnoid 15" 200 ono 6 x spanner barbs 2" 25 Kelberi peacock bass 5" 50
74.Large Giraffe Catfish free to collect 08/08/20 Yes
32 - 36 inch Giraffe Catfish Very bulky and heavy Will only let go to a tropical pond (currently in an 11/6/4) He is pestering my other catfish too much (no damage, just being a pest) If interested, please message me
75.Ornate bichir 07/08/20 Yes
Ornate bichir for sale, 50, approx 9 months old, 12 inches, amazing prehistoric fish, Specialist tropical fish requires large aquarium and will eat small fish (obviously) so not compatible in a tank with small fish, had previous had it in a 5ft aquarium with aggressive cichlids, Jack Dempsey, ange... ...
76.Large odd ball fish 06/08/20 No
Had enough of my tanks, want something new. Currently have 2 tanks available at 400+ litres and 2 at 200ls and a 5x2x2 with a damaged bottom, its not water tight. All tanks are with filters and heaters and wave makers and air stones apart from the leaking one. 2 marbled clarias cats, one 1... ...
77.16 x Frontosa burundi cichlids prefect size for breeding mainly female 05/08/20 Yes
we have a large group of 16 frontosa for sale as we are closing down the tank there is also petricola catfish and a bristle nose and 3 other cichlids in the tank biggest are around 8ish and smallest are 4 inches this would be just measuring there bodys and not to the tail this is a rough size vi... ...
78.Giant gouramis for sale 05/08/20 No
2 giant gouramis one 20 inch albino 60 One 12 inch wild type 40 Also 22 inch marbled clarius catfish 20 will consider swaps for preds Collection only can send photos via WhatsApp 07847571710
79.Florida Gar x 2 30/07/20 Yes
2 x Florida Gars 10 to 12 inches Wild caught Good feeders on sprats and prawns Change of long term plan for them Will swap for VERY Cichlids, catfish and other oddballs
80.18no F1 Frontosa & Large Burundi Frontosa/ SWAP FOR STINGRAYS 30/07/20 Yes
16nr 2.5 inch - 3.5inch F1 Frontosa 2nr 4.5inch - 5inch Male and Female Frontosa 1nr Large 12inch Blue Brundee Male 07958287683 Also selling 1 yellow spotted catfish Want to sell as a group and not spilt but am open to offers I want to swap these for stingrays.
81.royal whiptail 28/07/20 No
looking for royal whiptail catfish is anyone has any
For sale stunning and active/playful catfish, only purchased short time ago for 50 but not compatible as my main tank is over stocked - Will take 25 for him. Please do your research on his requirements as he is special dude and needs to go to experience fish keeper with large tank with large ta... ...
83.2x9 lemon barbs and synodontis catfish for sale 27/07/20 Yes
I have these for sale, lemon barbs are around 9 and catfish is around 7 Picked them up cheap as they outgrown someone elses tank! 20 for barbs and 10 for catfish or part ex for anything predator- arowana, rays etc
84.Pimelodus Pictus x6 at 5-6 27/07/20 Yes
Stunning catfish x6. Almost fully grown. Well fed. Closed my main tank down and these need a new home. 10 each. NG17 07415868538
85.Leiarius pictus ~ WANTED Please 26/07/20 No
I am looking for a Leiarius pictus (Sailfin) Catfish ~ up to 14 inches ~ but prefer smaller (I really do want to see it grow on a bit) ! Happy to call and collect (when 'virally' safe to do so)!! Alternatively; I'm prepared to P/X with my Leiarius Longibarbus (Marmoratus) which I have at abou... ...
86.Platinum red tail catfish wanted 25/07/20 No
Hi guys, Im looking for a platinum red tail catfish, Ive looked everywhere for one but cant seem to find them in the uk. Im willing to travel if needs b
87.Aquaheaven current livestock list click on link 25/07/20 Yes
STOCK LIST UP DATE 22/07/20 cheapest in Leeds and West Yorkshire. Fish house is back open for appointments only please drop us a message or comment if you wish to visit. Any Stock that we have sold out of that you are wanting contact us for when we are getting more in,if there is anything you ... ...
88.Pseudotropheus Saulosi breeding colony for sale SOLD 23/07/20 Yes
For sale is my breeding colony of P. Saulosi, 10 fish in total. 4 confirmed males and 5 females, 1 suspected 5th male. Breed regularly and males have stunning colours. Bargain 5 per fish or 40 for the group. For 50 I'll also throw in a catfish, loach and 2 flying foxes currently living happily... ...
89.RARE Black whiptail Catfish 10-12CM - Pterasturisoma microps 12.99 19/07/20 Yes
90.two fish tanks for sale 18/07/20 Yes
I got two fish tanks for sale - one is smaller about 60 litres, most of fishes are guppies, lots of them born in this tank - second one bigger about 180 litres,with cabinet, catfishes, sharks, cichlids, -both with equipment. I keeping them from 9 months, but I am leaving that country and need t... ...
91.Malawi cichlids various sizes 1inch to 6 inch 18/07/20 Yes
Various Malawi cichlids various sizes 1inch to 6 inch prices vary depending on the ones you want approx 30 fish 3 catfish approx 6 inches 30 for the 3 1 large clown loach approx 6 inches 10 Golden nugget plec approx 4 inches 40
92.4ftx4ft octagonal fishtank with stand shop quality 18/07/20 Yes
4ftx4ft octagonal fishtank with stand shop quality tank Fluval fx4 filter Ehiem 300w heater Wave makers 2x 4ft led lights Contents available for sale sizes from an inch to 6 inch lovely examples of Malawi 3 catfish approx 6 inches 1 large clown loach approx 6 inches Golden nugget plec... ...
93.Zebrina Pike Cichlid For Sale 300 09/07/20 Yes
Hi I am selling my zebrina pike cichlid... he is healthy and eats anything... around 12 inch in size and very chunky. Currently in with Asian arowana, bichirs, sting rays, Florida gars and peacock bass. Also for sale 6 inch ripsaw catfish. 300 PRICED TO SELL Possibly swap for other predat... ...
94.Bristlenose Catfish babies FREE 06/07/20 Yes
FREE BRISTLENOSE BABIES. Hi, my son's bristlenose catfish have bred, bit of a surprise and now we have lots of babies which we need to rehome - his tank is 60l so we can't keep them. There are currently 15 around an inch long so ready to rehome. Free, just need a good home for them. Ideally collect... ...
95.Striped Talking Raphael Catfish 4" x2 Northwich 02/07/20 Yes
2 Striped Talking Raphael Catfish 4" 5 for both
96.Fish 01/07/20 Yes
I've got a talking catfish, a pleco, an orange parrot fish, two angel fish and a knife fish for sale, you can see from the pictures they are not your average shop fish and they are quite large specially the knife fish hence they will need large tanks, 500+ litre for knife fish. Looking for about ... ...
97.Large redtail catfish 01/07/20 No
Large red tail catfish free to good home very well looked after have owned him for over 2 years... Currently housed in 7ft tank. Will eat from hand has a great personality. Looking to simply shut his tank down so I can concentrate on my other tanks . I have a large poly box for transport if requ... ...
98.Wanted predators 01/07/20 No
Hi i have a large 6meter by 6meter indoor Tropical pond in my basement im after some large predatory fish like arowna cichlids and catfish i have already got some flowerhorns in there and one arowana. Must be in telford or close and im willing to rehome fish that have outgrown any tank as im sure i ... ...
99.2 Clarotes Laticeps catfish 01/07/20 Yes
2 clarotes laticeps catfish approx 13 and 18 50 each or 75 for the pair Collection form LN5 8LN
100.Watermelon plec / pleco 8-9 L330 01/07/20 Yes
L330 watermelon plec . Approx 8-9 60 Ono Collection from LN5 8LN Also available is a Pterdoras granulosus catfish 14 And 2 clarotes laticeps catfish 13 and 18 Matt 07885 286117
101.Closing 6ft tank down 29/06/20 No
Closing 6ft tank down Oscar 30 Jag 30 Veija 30 Parrot fish 20 2 golden severums 40 each 1 red spotted severum 40 Silver Dollar 10 Pictus catfish 20 catfish 20 Other catfish 20 1 Saddle back birchir 50 2 Delhezi bichirs 40 + 30 3 sengel bichirs 20 each 2 albino senge... ...
102.BumbleBee gobys gobies, Kuhli loach, bristlenose, guppies, guppys, green neon tetra, corydora 27/06/20 No
i have for sale: 3 x Adult Bumblebee gobies, 2 each 1 x Adult Panda Corydora, 2.50 3 x Adult Kuhli loaches, 2 each 1 x Adult male Brostlenose catfish, 5 6 x Adult Green neon tetra 2 each, around 30+ guppies lots of different colours and sizes, 1 each Will sell the full lot for 40 i... ...
103.7-8 vulture catfish for swaps or cash offers 26/06/20 No
Looking to trade or sell my vulture catfish For small peacock bass Datnoids Odoe pike Open to swaps or offers Can send pics through what's app if intrested
104.Red tail cathfish 26/06/20 No
Hi im looking for a red tail catfish round about 4 to 5inches please phone me or text me if anyone has one thanks craig
105.African catfish and others 26/06/20 No
I have 3 large catfish between 6 and eight inches in length including a syno angelicus and some adult decorus Offers for all 3 considered No time wasters and I wont deliver thanks Also have two fully grown synodontis decorus (11 inch) both identical and stunning Also have some African... ...
106.4 foot fire wood catfish. 14/06/20 No
Im looking to rehome a large fire wood catfish. Hes around 4 feet long, in immaculate condition. Truly a show piece fish. Always kept in large tanks/ ponds. Perfect snout. Sad to see him go. Hes around 3 years old. (Immense growth on this fella) I should expect he may grow another foo... ...
107.Red tiger moto. Clarius catfish. Dovii. Asian sun catfish. Turtles 13/06/20 Yes
7" red tiger moto 25. 5" dovii 15 2 x 8/10" clarius catfish 20 each 5" asian sun catfish 10 2 large yellow bellied sliders. Breeding pair. 50
108.Mix of tropical fish 13/06/20 No
Silver dollars x6 3 catfish Common plec Convicts fry and juveniles Collection only Torbay +44 7340 154304
109.African catfish, widehead 11/06/20 Yes
African cat fish, widehead/ clarotes laticeps. It is around 4 years old, still classed as juvenile and is about 16-18 inches long. It can grow to around 2 feet and 8 inch, and therefore would need a large tank as it is very active. I have purchased this a few weeks ago but it's too big for my tan... ...
110.Pim catfish and pictus catfish 11/06/20 Yes
I have 3 fully grown pictus cats around 4-5 inches. I also have around a 9 inch pim pictus or a 4 line pim. 15 for the three pictus and 15 for the pim. 07568302451.
111.Malawi cichlids for sale west yorkshire 10/06/20 Yes
Here we have juvenile yellow labs/firefish at 3 each also yellow benga/polystigma/calico ob peacocks/jacobs/firefish 7 each venustus/lemon jakes/hueseri/makondwe 8 each a large plec and upside down catfish 10 each various mbuna 5 each
112.Jaguar Catfish x 6, EBJD, 10/06/20 Yes
Liosomadoras oncinus 5-6 25 each EBJD 7 30
113.BOYU 520L Aquarium with cabinet, cichlids, external filters and tons of extras 07/06/20 Yes
This full setup cost me a very lot of money and is in great condition. The fish tank is very heavy and will need 2 or 3 strong men to carry it. Open to very sensible offers. Setup includes the following: 1. Fish tank - 1529 x 600 x 730mm (L x W x H) 2. 4 Door cabinet - 1529 x 600 x 705 mm (L ... ...
114.Rare South American fish going Cheap 27/05/20 No
Bristol no offers please they are all already cheap enough. Reduced Again. Breeding pair of Cichlasoma Orinocense. Have had 5 spawns and will provide their breeding cave also 60 2 Geophagus (Satanoperca) Daemon 6" 30 the Pair. 5 Brochis MULTIRADIATUS 100 the group 4 Brochis Splendens 20 th... ...
115.African cichlids etc for sale newham east London 27/05/20 Yes
Various cichlids for sale contact for details Common plecs from 10 pounds each ( 5-10 inch) Albino gold plecs 10-11 inch one left Featherfin catfish 7-8 inch yellow labs 3 inch ( 6 pound each) five for 25 African catfish angelicus etc Synodontis decorus full grown x 2 11-12 inch Juwel c... ...
116.Pim catfish 18/05/20 Yes
Around 7 inches immaculate full whiskers no marks or issues. Eats Anything, most likely max out around a foot. 15 SG9 07568302451
117.fish leeds 14/05/20 No
118.Asian arowana & redtails catfish 13/05/20 Yes
I closing down My Tank i have asian arowana and redtails catfish both around 14-15 inches for sell 550 for both arowana come with certificates anyone interested call me or message on 07555049495 Thank You.
119.xXL pictus catfish 12/05/20 No
I have 3 fully grown pictus pushing 5 inches each, with one being closer to 6. Super difficult to get a picture but can try on request. 20 for all three, contact me on 07568302451. Post code sg9
200g catfish pellets 2mm sinking pellets ideal for all catfish Cory pleco snails ramshorn loach shrimp bristlenose and other tropical and cold water fish Rich in protein ideal for healthy growing Thanks for watching.
121.Red Tail catfish 09/05/20 Yes
I have around 13 inches redtails catfish for sell anyone interested please give me a call on 07555049495 Thank you David.
122.fish leeds 30/04/20 No
Known as fake upside down fish but does swim upside down he is growing rapidly and is out growing my tank he is atleast 10 inches long brilliant colour and eats out of hand message me for price
124.8-9 inch Male Kamfa Flowerhorn 26/04/20 Yes
8-9 Male flowerhorn stunning fish in a communal atm with other cichlids and catfish and causes no problems.. havent tested fertility. Please WhatsApp me on 07783096414 Would trade or looking for 90
125.Large Giraffe Catfish 22 26/04/20 Yes
Large giraffe catfish absolutely stunning fish... Eats floating pellets and lets you stroke him. Please whats app me on 07783096414 for more details. Collection only Warrington Made trade but looking for around 150
126.LOOK Lots of stunning community fish, bog wood, plants rock LOOK 12/04/20 Yes
finishing the hobby for now.. Collection from SA460JE after lockdown, can meet half way if someone is desperate for certain fish! 4X Large Bala shark circa 8-10" 11x Medium & Large Clown Loach circa 3"-9" lovely colours & healthy 10x fully grown Denison barbs, stunning quality (5 prov so... ...
127.Giraffe catfish 10/04/20 No
About 5inch eats pretty much anything good healthy fish but dont seem get on with my rtc they fight a lot so 1 them need to go looking for 25 Payment to be made by PayPal or bank transfer Any question feel free to ask Best to call or text
128.Tiger shovelnose & Bolt volture catfish for sale 03/04/20 Yes
07512210106 Vulture is around 4 and a half inches and tiger shovel nose is around 3 and a half inches. Send me a WhatsApp for more pictures. Swaps available. Or cash 60 volture 40 tiger Collection Southend Essex or can deliver in Essex for a fee.
I have for sale the following fish. 1 x 12"+ Vulture catfish, 1 x 12" African Pike and 1 x 10" Flagtail characin. Message me if you are interested. e-mail : holmmains@aol.com
130.Indian shovelnose sperata aor 16/03/20 No
Indian shovelnose catfish 12 inches free to good home, has kink in spine which it has always had but lives and eats fine. Please only ask if you have large tank.
131.LARGE FISH FOR SALE 13/03/20 Yes
132.Siamese giant carp , Electric eels , piriaiba capapretum 13/03/20 No
Hi all I have 4x giant siamese carp available 30 each or 4 for 100 3x 10 inch electric eels for 90 each 1x 10 inch capapretum catfish 295 And much more. Feel free to messege me for a bigger list i can ship
133.True granulosa RARE TROPICAL CATFISH 12/03/20 Yes
No idea what its worth but Ive heard its a lot! This isnt a hybrid. Its the real deal. WhatsApp or text me your offer or swaps.
134.BN catfish 08/03/20 Yes
Need to clear some fish to make space. Priced for a quick sell Adult male brown 5 Adult male albino 5 Young sexed pair of short fin lemons 10 Small commons 1each Collect only from TQ12
135.Various fish, arowana/peacocks etc 08/03/20 Yes
1 Silver Arowana 9 inches - 70 2 peacock bass 7 inches - 40 each 2 tinfoil barbs 4 inches - 20 for both 1 rare jaguar catfish 4.5 inches - 40 2 jaguar cichlids 7 inches - 30 for both 1 large synodontis 8 inches - 15 1 hornet tilapia 6inches - 15 All fish in good health. Some of ... ...
136.18 inches Goonch Catfish for sale 02/03/20 Yes
Perfect Bagarius yarelli - goonch catfish for sale ... This fish was purchased from Pier aquatics just over a year ago -- absolutely stunning and perfect fish - no bother with other fish at all. 150 Gaz -07967 467911
137.24 inch wide head south africa catfish 100 26/02/20 Yes
I have a 24inch wide head catfish hes lovely he comes to top of tank for attention not agressive at all only reason i selling is because my redtail catfish keeps botherin him i only want what i paid for him i can send videos and pictures HE IS ONLY GOING TO GOOD HOME :) Hes eating musscles and... ...
138.Bagarius yarrelli, goonch catfish 26/02/20 No
Goonch catfish for sale
139.Large Male Malawi Peacock Cichlid 23/02/20 Yes
Beautiful and perfect Male marble peacock Cichlid, king of the tank, bright pink backing colour and gorgeous marbling. Fully grown and only ever fed on spectrum pellets. 25 I have transportation bags and other fish for sale too. (Cichids, catfish, pleco's)
140.Large L090 Pleco 23/02/20 Yes
Large L090 Pleco for sale, 8 inch approx, won't get any bigger now. Mint condition, happy fish. Offers over 40 please, must be going to the right home. I have bags for taking any purchased fish home in, see my other ads for other fish for sale. (Cichlids, catfish, Pleco's) Thanks, Jay. 07... ...
141.26 inch giraffe catfish 22/02/20 No
26 inch giraffe catfish for sale send a message if interested any offer considered. collection only - buyer to bring bucket and net
142.X3 fully grown pictus catfish 21/02/20 No
I have 3 fully grown pictus pushing 5 inches each, with one being closer to 6. Super difficult to get a picture but can try on request. 20 for all three, contact me on 07568302451. Post code sg9
143.Siamese carp 17/02/20 No
Hi i have giant siamese carp and also burmese shovel nose catfish available both arounf 3 inch . Pm for morr info i can drop off within 20 miles of bolton
144.20 redtail catfish for sale 17/02/20 Yes
20 redtail catfish, phractocephalus hemioliopterus. I have had it for around a year now, eats like a monster and is perfectly healthy, no deformities or illnesses. He is still growing rapidly and needs a large spacious home to care for him long term as he will grow to 4 feet in length. 150, collec... ...
145.18no F1 Frontosa & Large Brundee Frontosa 200 16/02/20 Yes
16nr 2.5 inch - 3.5inch F1 Frontosa 2nr 4.5inch - 5inch Male and Female Frontosa 1nr Large 12inch Blue Brundee Male 07535656954 Also selling 1 yellow spotted catfish Want to sell as a group and not spilt but am open to offers
146.RAPHAEL CATFISH x2 and PLEC 15/02/20 Yes
2x Raphael catfish 7" and plec 8" need new home . Collection only. Sadly need to re - home my boys 40 for all 3 or 20 each catfish and 15 plec. I can email pictures on request.
147.Frontosa Group 18 F1 & 1 Large Brundee 250 09/02/20 No
Hello there I am selling my personal Frontosa group sad to see them go but I need to make room for a new group. 16nr 2.5 inch - 3.5inch F1 Frontosa 2nr 4.5inch - 5inch Male and Female Frontosa 1nr Large 12inch Blue Brundee Male Also selling 1 yellow spotted catfish Want to sell as a... ...
148.Bristlenose Catfish Large Sizes 02/02/20 Yes
Hi I am selling some Bristlenose catfish which grow alot slower than normal plecs. I have around 8 to sell varying from 4 to 5 inches. Great tanks mates for all tropical n hard water fish as clean tank glass,rocks, deco and hard to reach places. looking for 10 each.
149.Synodontis petricola for sale 02/02/20 Yes
Hi I am selling two Synodontis catfish for sale. Bought them as a pair but cannot get them to breed so need tank for other project. Looking for 30 Pics are of actual strong n healthy fish. Many thanks Ranj
150.Malawi Peacocks 31/01/20 Yes
Available peacocks and a catfish All male alunocara 1x sulphur head 1x blue nyassae 2x stuartgranti (I think) 2x German red 2x orange blotch 1x lwanda hai reef 1x pastel 1x albino dragon blood 1 x jacobfreibergi 1x synodontis cat fish 4 100 for all Would consider
151.Boyu 600litre tropical tank and fish 28/01/20 Yes
600 litre boyu tank in good condition. 2 fx6 filters Fluval led light 2 fluval heaters True parrot fish Cactus pleco 3 spot catfish Bichir Green sevrem Red Severn Headstander 3 clown loach's Few torpedoes Few algae eaters Silvia 4 silver dollars ... ...
152.WEST MIDLANDS -Featherfin Catfish, Featherfin Synodontis FOR SALE 16/01/20 Yes
Real stunner, had him since he was 3inch, now chunky 6inch. Please note he is housed with DOVI, JAGUAR & OSCAR and bullies them all. for aggressive cichlid or predatory tank only to avoid loss of fish 40 nice markings great character feeding on everything. -open to offers 07487739206 ... ...
153.Marmoratus catfish 16/01/20 Yes
Marmoratus catfish for sale reluctant sale about 19 inches feeds from hand offers invited
154.Goonch catfish Devils catfish sand shark awesome 14 inches 03/01/20 Yes
I have for sale one large Goonch catfish Devils catfish Stunning rare hard to find at this size... 325 no offers South Yorkshire
155.goonch catfish 10inch sold 30/12/19 Yes
Bagarius yarrelli about 10inch long stunning fish eats prawns and white baite will swap for other Preds or 80 Ono Pick up only will need bring box for it best call or text 07983070767 Any question feel free ask can send pics on whats app
156.Live Food ~ Banana Worms & Walter Worms & Micro Worms 29/12/19 Yes
Available through ebay under seller tantyfang or via website, just ask for an invoice. This means less cost to you as there are no eBay fees. I have available Walter Worms & Banana Worms. These are just as easy to culture as Micro Worm, but half the size and more prolific. Ideal for small fry... ...
A uniquely patterned catfish species originating in freshwater streams and rivers of Indonesia, the Harlequin Lancer is an active, aggressive fish which will do best in a large tank with ample hiding places. Tankmates should be chosen carefully as they will attack slower or more docile fish, especia... ...
158.Plecostomus catfish free 06/12/19 Yes
2 plecostomus catfish 8 to 9 inch long,free for collection. Would prefer them to go together.Thanks
159.12 inch Umbee FREE TO GOOD HOME and others for Sale West Lothian COLLECTION ONLY 26/11/19 No
Umbee 12" FREE TO GOOD HOME. BEEN SLIGHTLY BULLIED AND NOT IN A GREAT NICK AND NEED IT GONE ASAP. I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO NURSE IT BACK TO GOOD HEALTH. 12" Ornate Bichir 40 4" Hoplo catfish 5 Breeding pair of Red Tiger Motaguensis 50 for the pair Must go this week. Message for pics. Colle... ...
160.Various tropical fish for sale 22/11/19 Yes
3 off dwarf petricola catfish 3 off leopard bush fish 2 off zebra loach 1 off bristlenose pled 1 off golden algae eater Would rather sell them as a lot but will consider splitting them for offers Collection preferred but could deliver at a cost, located at DE55 Alfreton. Text 07883383343 i... ...
161.Predator fish for sale 21/11/19 Yes
I have for sale a 20inch ornate bichir 60 7inch ornate bichir 30 7inch grey bichir 30 9inch lung fish 60 22inch giant snakehead 50 9inch bumblebee catfish 10 Call me on 07387904276 if you are interested.
162.NOW SOLD--FINISHING TONIGHT ON EBAY from 19.99---4 inch common whiptail (Loricaria) x 5 Proven breeding group--BARGAIN--20 for a lot in Leeds 21/11/19 Yes
Look on eBay under: bargincornertom Proven breeding group of Loricaria so(common whiptail Catfish) 20 for 5 Pick up only from LS16 Sun,Mon, Tue all day Wed-Sat from 0730pm Text me if interested Thanks for looking
163.Pictus catfish 18/11/19 Yes
I have 2 large and 2 smaller pictus catfish. 15 large and 10 small or all 4 for 45. Gillingham kent.
164.Large acrylic tank 14/11/19 Yes
Acrylic tank with oak unit full set up. 1200 x 450 wide x 650 tall. Good condition, ehiem pro pump and fluval 108 pump, inline heater, uv steralizer (kills infections and algae, needs new bulb) led Aquaray light (not set up). Shoal of 10+ Nicaraguan cichlids breeding frequently biggest males 7", 2 x... ...
165.Raphael catfish 13/11/19 Yes
Raphael catfish for sale about 5-6 inches 15
166.Pleco sucker Plecostomus Catfish for sale 13/11/19 Yes
Pleco sucker Plecostomus Catfish for sale 10 inches long and he has beautiful stunning pattern on him Pick up from my home address in Walthamstow East London please assure that you can bring own bucket bags for transportation 20
167.5x2x2 tank 1 year old like new 200 10/11/19 Yes
I have a a 5x2x2 tank lid and stand all in really good condition just under a year old need gone as moved and I cannot fetch it with me glass is in mint condition no scratches the seals are all good its still running with 2 Asian sun catfish currently in it I will let them go with the tank aswel ... ...
169.monster fish sale 09/11/19 No
i have the following tropical fish for sale all will need a hudge tank or pond they are ripsaw catfish 2.5ft 100 tiger shovelnose 28inch 80 check out the link to my youtube channel for other fish in my tropical pond and message me on my facebook page for prices
170.Large synodontis catfish 08/11/19 No
Large synodontis catfish roughly around 10 inch, cant remember what type of catfish tho I'm sure its synodontis threadfin 10 or offers May also swap for smaller American cichlids
171.7ft dd predator set up with fish. 1100l Diplo snakehead, spanner barbs, wolf, Midas ect 07/11/19 No
Tank is 7ft X 34 inch wide and 2 ft tall. Stand has seen better days but presentable. Twin fx6 filters. Fish separately or Inc in total if all bought. 11" channa diplogramma very rare giant snakehead smaller cousin 200 sold. 6 5-7" spanner barb shoal 100 12" barred Midas red isletus 80 8-9... ...
172.ALL SOLD--- Lower price-NOW ON EBAY--Bargain--Must go asap-Various Cichlids(Geophagus/Kribs/Acara)& Catfishes(Plecs) for sale in Leeds 27/10/19 Yes
Search eBay under: bargincornertom Tanks are getting bit crowdy so I had to make decision to get rid of some of my beloved collection: -Geophagus red head Tapajos 5 inches proven breeding pair---starting bid 29.99 -Hypostomus L231 5 inches pair---20 -Kribensis proven breeding pair--... ...
173.Bow fronted aquarium with fish 21/10/19 No
3t Bow fronted aquarium overhead led light internal power filter external filter with spray bar air pump and aerator bog wood rocks.1 adult blue discus 3 adult clown roach 4 rummy nosed tetras 2 sternai catfish.150
174.Large shovel Nose catfish wanted 19/10/19 No
As title states Shovel nose catfish wanted must be 15" or bigger the bigger the better ,, Large 7x7 tank waiting Cash waiting Local as possible 07704421003
175.Lophiosilurus Alexandria (Pac man catfish) 11/10/19 Yes
17 inches long, well fed on lance fish. In excellent condition. 200.
176.SYNODONTIS petricola catfish f1 10/10/19 Yes
I have for sale 20 f1 dwaf petrocola catfish 1 to 2 inch 10 each collection only from Essex 07947408950
177.Clarius Catfish 10/10/19 Yes
Here I have a marbled clarius Catfish it is around a 1ft long and an absolute beast of a feeder these catfish grow large make sure you have similar sized tank mates and a large enough tank. Very cool looking fish the reason Im selling is because Im moving and I dont have the time for him. Colle... ...
178.Clarius Catfish 09/10/19 No
Here I have a marbled clarius Catfish it is around a 1ft long and an absolute beast of a feeder these catfish grow large make sure you have similar sized tank mates and a large enough tank. Very cool looking fish the reason Im selling is because Im moving and I dont have the time for him. Colle... ...
179.5x2x2ft ND Aquatics full set up 400 09/10/19 Yes
It is with sadness that I am selling my fish tank due to needing space, the tank is ND AQUATICS with opti-white front glass and Japanese Ash colour cabinet & hood Comes with X 2 FX5 external filters Extra hose with FX5 attachment for water changes Hydor Koralia wave maker 2 x titanium heaters wi... ...
180.Malawi full set up 400 09/10/19 Yes
It is with sadness that I am selling my fish tank due to needing space, the tank is ND AQUATICS with opti-white front glass and Japanese Ash colour cabinet & hood Comes with X 2 FX5 external filters Extra hose with FX5 attachment for water changes Hydor Koralia wave maker 2 x titanium heaters with e... ...
181.Clarius Catfish 09/10/19 Yes
Here I have a marbled clarius Catfish it is around a 1ft long and an absolute beast of a feeder these catfish grow large make sure you have similar sized tank mates and a large enough tank. Very cool looking fish the reason Im selling is because Im moving and I dont have the time for him. Colle... ...
182.mochokiella paynei West African catfish rare for sale in SOMERSET 08/10/19 Yes
5x mochokiella paynei catfish (softwater only) available for collection in TA18. 20 for all five.
183.Juwel vision 180, co2, led, discuss 08/10/19 Yes
have for sale my beautiful aquarium its is a juwel vision 180 Aquarium Measurements: 123 (l) x 87 (w) x 65 (h) cm Cabinet Measurements: 123 (l) x 87 (w) x 73 (h) cm this is a stunning tank which i have upgraded all pf the parts, i have replaced the original t5 lighting (which will be ... ...
184.Juwel Rio 450 fishtank and all the trimmings 04/10/19 Yes
JUWEL RIO 450 Fishtank with matching cabinet Measurements 151 x 51 x 66 cm Excellent filtration system - Juwel Bioflow Super Illuminated by Juwel T5 Hi-Lite Day Layered with black substrate and white sand. Decorated with two large rocks, slate, numerous plants and a large peat log. L... ...
185.Rehoming 30/09/19 Yes
I have 2 large Clarius catfish that Im thinking of rehoming as they are fast outgrowing my tank. Ideally looking for someone with a tropical pond.
186.clarotes laticepts catfish 28/09/19 Yes
for sale an 16 inch clarotes laticepts catfish ive had it about 5 years .its fit and heathly . been housed in a 7x2x2 since it was about 3 inches with Malawi haps with no problems.it is a large fish and feeds well it likes sinking pellet or prawns ,it has a large mouth if hungry enough it will ea... ...
187.5x sturisoma WHIPTAIL catfish for sale in SOMERSET 25/09/19 Yes
5 sturisoma species catfish available from TA18. 20 for all five.
188.4 x hoplo catfish for sale in SOMERSET 24/09/19 Yes
All four for 10. From TA18.
189.Black Diamond & Asian Arowana & tanks 23/09/19 Yes
Female Black Diamond: 1st female - 14inches - 600 (breeding size) 2nd female - 10inches -400 Red Tail Golden Asian Arowana - 16inches - 500 Ripsaw catfish - 16inches - 50 Breeding pair of red Severums - 100 Pair of green Severums - 70 Breeding pair of Silver Dollars - 50 Large ... ...
190.Tank 600mm w x 520mm h x 360 x d 18/09/19 Yes
Tank for fish excellent condition. Complete set up. Light, heater, Fluval external filter worth 75 bought only 3 months ago, brand new box of spare filters (14.99), Fluval dual output air pump bought only 3 months go (26.99), pebbles, plants, backing scene, bonsai, hiding stones for catfish, addi... ...
191.Perruno catfish 7/8 inches - 50 09/09/19 Yes
Perruno catfish 7/8 inches long feeding well fine with other fish not too small to eat 50 Collection only
192.Oddballs and L numbers for sale 06/09/19 No
Perruno catfish 9 inches - 55 Indonesian tiger fish datnoid micropeltes 2.5/3inch 35 L075 pecklotia sabaji 6 inch - 25 L027 xingu panaque 4 inches - 45 Vieja synspilum 5 inches - 15 All feeding well WhatsApp me for photos Collection only whiston Liverpool
193.4 wood catfish Tatia Perugiae 20 04/09/19 Yes
4 wood cats. 2 males and 2 females. Nice chunky fish. Bought from Pier aquatics just over 1 year ago. 20. Warrington Cheshire.
194.Large perruno catfish for sale. 03/09/19 Yes
Large perruno catfish for sale. 16"+ in length with lovely patterns. Pictures do not do him justice.Message me for details.
195.Mbuna cichlids forsale. 03/09/19 No
Lake Malawi Mbuna Cichlids, Bristlenose Catfish and Kribensis Available and sizes Cobue 2-3 cm Mpanga 2-4cm Electric yellow labs 2-3 cm Jalo reef 4cm Blue eyed lemon bristlenose 2-4 cm Brown bristlenose 2-4 cm Auratus 2-4 cm Trewavasae 2-4 cm Kribensis 2-4 cm at 3.50 each Endlers 2.... ...
196.Plec catfish wanted - around sheffield area 02/09/19 No
Plec wanted anything from around 2" to 9" around sheffield area
197.Synodontis catfish wanted 02/09/19 No
Any synodontis considered, feather fin etc around sheffield area
198.Various predator oddball and L number pleco for sale 30/08/19 Yes
Various preds/oddballs/plecos/cichlids for sale Ripsaw catfish 14 inches -50 Sailfin pimelodus Leiarius pictus 17 inches -60 Emperor snakehead 6 inches 35 Red giant snakehead 8 inches 25 Asain red tail catfish 6 inches -25 L75 pleco 6 inches -35 Black belt cichlid 5 inche... ...
199.Aqua one silver approx 200 ltr aquarium with aqua 1050 external filter and fish 28/08/19 Yes
Hi Im having to sell my Aqua One aquarium due to needing the space it comes with original stand which has a small cupboard in it. The tank is in great condition and so is the stand. The tank comes with the following: Large piece of coral, air stone and pump, aqua 1050 external pump only 12 month ... ...
This is your chance to own a very special fish...Platinum red tail catfish. Approx 85mm currently. Absolutely stunning fish...once in a lifetime opportunity for someone. 650 not negotiable as this is VERY cheap for this fish. Call 01942 236661 for more info
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