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1.Red Sea Max S-Series 500 with LED Lights 29/07/21 Yes
Red Sea Max S-Series 500 with LED Lights So, I’m selling this complete aquarium setup:- The Red Sea tank, sump, skimmer, 3 x pump, return pump and I’m sure there a spare brand new return pump in my garage as well. 3 x AI hydra 36 HD LED lamps Nyos torq dock and Nyos torq 1 litre body, w... ...
2.Various clowns 18/07/21 Yes
Marine Clownfish Various Types Cheap!. Snow flakes £25 pair wyoming whites £30 pair Gladiator clowns £30 pair Common clowns includes misbar ones £15 pair Collection only from ub3 and cash on collection only!
Hi, I have a 5FT rena reef system 5FT x 2FT x 2FT which because im moving house i have to sadly part with and heavy heartedly i have to sell , the tank comes with everything needed for you have a successful reef setup from day 1 ….. does require around 5+ strong men and a large van to move it som... ...
Fish: 1x bristle tooth tang 1x purple tang 1x foxface rabbitfish 1x scarus qyoi parrot fish 2x clownfish 4x anthias 4x blue/green chromis Corals: 1x large bubble coral 2x hammer corals 1x torch coral 1x coronet coral 2x anenomes one being a magnifica breed 1x pussy coral 1x green ... ...
5.Complete 400L Marine aquarium and contents 11/07/21 Yes
I am looking to sell as a complete set up my Aqua One 400 Reef tank. Includes: TMC V2 iLumenAir Lighting Reef Skim 500 (with new pump) skimmer Ecotech Vortech smart driver Auto top up TMC Reef Pump 6000 large and small corals Living rock pair clownfish (have laid eggs) large olive tang ... ...
6.2 clownfish & 1 red legged crab for sale 28/06/21 No
Sadly selling my 2 clownfish & red legged crab due to house move. All healthy & eating well. £45 ono. Collection from Sawtry, Cambs
7.Clownfish 20/05/21 No
Storms £70, ice storms £50, blacker ice £35, mochas £15 Harrogate area James 07475755958
8.Clownfish 20/05/21 Yes
Storms £70, ice storms £50, blacker ice £35, mochas £15 Harrogate area James 07475755958
9.Complete marine tank inc livestock 13/05/21 Yes
Complete marine tank including livestock Aqua one tank & sump 450L 2 x AI lights & brackets 2 x controllable jebeo wave makers Return pump Magus curve 5 protein skimmer Heater Live rock Salifert test kits Refractometer Other maintenance equipment £700 Fish included are: Re... ...
10.Complete marine tank inc livestock 13/05/21 Yes
Fish included are: Regal tang Lipstick tang Emperor angel Lemon peel angel Fox face Clownfish 4 chromis Stars & stripes puffer Valentini puffer Red starfish Royal gramma Chalk bass Firefish Fairy wrasse Blenny Watchman goby Orange spotted goby Cleaner shrimp Blood shrimp Compl... ...
11.Clean up crew,Clownfish pair wanted, soft anemone 08/05/21 No
Hi I'm looking to restock my tank, if there's anything else you think I'd like message me
12.MATED PAIR CLOWNFISH £35 04/05/21 Yes
A fantastic pair of clownfish reluctantly letting go as worried may not get along with another pair of designer clowns I’m introducing to the tank.
13.MARINE FISH 26/04/21 Yes
Pair of platinum clownfish small will swap for other fish or £65 cash. collection only 07855399926
14.Designer breeding Clownfish - Black Snowflake and Darwin 24/04/21 Yes
These are designer breeding clownfish. For sale beautiful Extreme Snowflake and Darwin designer clownfish pair. The male Snowflake is 3+ years old and has the desirable ‘blue tint’ in the white markings and the female Darwin is 3+ years old. She is a big fish and produces loads of eggs. H... ...
15.40 gallon reef tank inc hard and sps corals has plus fish ( no stand) 30/03/21 Yes
Innovative marine fusion mini 40 with Ocean Revive Artic T 247 led lighting system with built in timer, innovative marine ghost skimmer, tunze circulation pump jebao circulation pump Fish inc green clown goby, clownfish, green damsel , royal gramma. Corals include montipora, stylophora frogspawn an... ...
16.Newa nano tank 23/02/21 Yes
Full reef tank with heater led lights day and night , protein skimmer heater , running with Fiji live rock covered in purple ,sand and 2 clownfish , 175 for everything
Stunning Clown fish pairs for sale. 6 months old. Hand reared tank bred 3-5 centimetres in length. Beautiful markings. See pic for details. More pics can be sent on request. Each pair are totally unique. Lightening Clowns - £75.00 per pair Collection from Belfast or postage in insulat... ...
Stunning Morse Code clown pairs for sale. Hand reared, tank bred. 6 months old. 3-5 cm in length. Each pair are unique. See pics for details. More pics can be sent £55.00 per pair. Collection from Belfast or next day signed for postage in insulated box - £15.00
19.Breeding pair of frostbite clownfish 12/01/21 Yes
Lay every 10 day average 300-500 eggs and growing, these fish will produce the offspring , normal ocellaris, davinci, snowflake, whyoming whites and frostbite, female as a brilliant blue hue all the way through body, male is a stunner too, first to see will buy, looking for £270 Harrogate area , te... ...
20.Small Misbar Percula Clownfish 23/11/20 No
21.Pair of Adult Misbar Percula Clownfish 23/11/20 No
£35 Each or £60 for the pair
22.Pair of Medium Tomato Clownfish 23/11/20 No
£30 each or £50 for the couple
23.Pair of Large Tomato Clownfish 23/11/20 No
£35 Each or £60 the pair
24.Black frostbite clownfish 12/11/20 Yes
Looking for a black frostbite clownfish please contact me if have any for sale or no if one is for sale somewhere willing to travel from London please see picture has to have a black face
25.Marine Fish for sale 26/10/20 Yes
Due to much needed renovation I am now selling my set up with fish going first ! Below is a list of fish with price. These fish have been in my system for 1 year plus! All fish eating and healthy! I will be keeping a few fish due to starting back up in a few months so what’s listed is only for sal... ...
26.Premium black snowflakes clownfish 20/10/20 No
Based in Portsmouth Phone number 07450050505 Premium Black Snowflake ClownFish About 1 inch long (3-4cm ) 4-5 months old You will get 2 fish (pair ) They cost £70 to £90 in the shop each. If you collect then cash on collecting I will post them by next day special delivery b... ...
27.Premium black snowflakes clownfish 19/10/20 Yes
Based in Portsmouth Phone number 07450050505 Premium Black Snowflake ClownFish About 1 inch long (3-4cm ) 4-5 months old You will get 2 fish (pair ) They cost £70 to £90 in the shop each. If you collect then cash on collecting I will post them by next day special delivery b... ...
28.Black snowflake/phantom clownfish 18/10/20 No
Hi all if some one has a black phantom or black snowflake for sale or has seen one for sale but must have a full black face could they please contact me 07375319106
29.Black snowflake/phantom clownfish 18/10/20 Yes
Hi all if some one has a black phantom or black snowflake for sale or has seen one for sale but must have a full black face could they please contact me 07375319106
30.Breeding pair of clownfish, Darwin (f) Wyoming white (m) 30/09/20 Yes
Breeding pair of clownfish, can come with their tile ‘house’. £50 no offers Collection only from Andover, Hampshire Still for sale
31.Clownfish pair WANTED 03/09/20 No
As above must be healthy and eating. Will need delivering as i dont drive as yet. Im in the berkshire area. Im not after your normal clowns. Thanks
32.Maroon Clown Fish 02/09/20 No
I have some Clownfish available. 1x Pair of Large Maroon Clowns £150 1x Single large Maroon Clown £80 Will need proof of separate aquariums if purchasing taking both the pair and singular Clown Please. Collection only Please message for more info and pictures
33.Complete Aquarium and Livestock For Sale 27/08/20 Yes
HALF PRICE NOW £750 MUST SELL! 1450mm x 570mm x 600mm reef aquarium with full sump package 4x Tunze pumps New Deltec 600 Skimmer Special effect LED lighting with tropical storm feature Osmotics RO System etc,..... Livestock includes: £800 of Coral rocks Regal Blue Tang (6") Yellow... ...
34.1000L marine tank shutdown 12/08/20 Yes
Moving abroad and need to part with my marine aquarium. The aquarium has been running for 6 years and has had no issues. All creatures healthy. Selling the following fish: - massive sailfish tang £60 - Emperor around 12cm long at £90 - Blue regal Tang same size £90 - foxface same size ... ...
35.Clownfish (black ice & Black storm) 1 year old 06/08/20 Yes
Lovely bonded pair. Good temperament getting along nicely Reason for sale is no more room in breeding tanks. £130 Collection only
36.Pair of percula/occelaris clownfish 03/08/20 Yes
Pair of percula/ocellaris clownfish Live Marine Fish Reef Aquarium. Collection only from Manchester, preferably cash. The fish are listed elsewhere. Both clownfish are fat and healthy, always eating and never had any sort of issues. Im not sure if they are perculas or ocellaris and personally ... ...
37.Onyx Clownfish 24/07/20 Yes
Stunning 2" Onyx Clown for sale (Middlesbrough) £25.
38.Lightning Maroons & Thunder Maroons 23/07/20 Yes
I have lightning, thunder and regular maroon clownfish for sale. These are all bred from lightning maroon parents. Prices vary depending on markings so feel free to contact me via email or whatsapp, where I can send you photos of whats still available. UK next day special delivery is £15.
39.Breeding Pair of Lightning Maroon Clownfish 23/07/20 Yes
for sale is a pair of lightning maroon clowns. The female is approx 4-5inches with great colouration/patterning with the male being smaller. Constantly laying eggs but I do not have the setup to raise the fry. Great specimens with no physical damage. £130.00 ONO
40.Pair of Tomato Clownfish £45 15/07/20 Yes
Pair of Tomato Clownfish (Male 2 Inches Female 4 Inches) £45 Both fish are fat and healthy ####### No offers ######## Pick up from B20 1EA
41.Frostbite Clownfish, pair 08/07/20 Yes
Frostbite Clownfish PAIR. Name: Frostbite Clownfish Scientific Name: Amphiprion ocellaris Maximum Size: 4 inches; Temperament: Peaceful Care Level: Easy Feeding: Omnivorous; conditioned to eat a variety of foods such as frozen mysis, pellet and flake foods. 100 or best offer, collection only. 2 pair... ...
42.Black snowflake clownfish 08/07/20 Yes
Name: Black Snowflake Clownfish Scientific Name: Amphiprion ocellaris Maximum Size: 4 inches; Temperament: Peaceful Care Level: Easy Feeding: Omnivorous; conditioned to eat a variety of foods such as frozen mysis, pellet and flake foods. 60 or best offer, collection only.
43.Black Ice Clownfish, pair 08/07/20 Yes
Black Ice Clownfish PAIR. Name: Black Ice Clownfish Scientific Name: Amphiprion ocellaris Maximum Size: 4 ″ Temperament: Peaceful Care Level: Easy Feeding: Omnivorous; conditioned to eat a variety of foods such as frozen mysis, pellet and flake foods. 100 or best offer, collection only.
44.Lightning maroon clownfish 08/07/20 Yes
Name:Lightning maroon clown. Scientific Name: Premnas biaculeatus Maximum Size: 6 inches Temperament: semi aggressive Care Level: Easy Feeding: Omnivorous; conditioned to eat a variety of foods such as frozen mysis, pellet and flake foods. 75 or best offer, collection only.
45.Black Misbar clownfish, pair 08/07/20 Yes
Black Misbar Clownfish PAIR. Name: Misbar Clownfish Scientific Name: Amphiprion ocellaris Maximum Size: 4; Temperament: Peaceful Care Level: Easy Feeding: Omnivorous; conditioned to eat a variety of foods such as frozen mysis, pellet and flake foods. 100 or best offer, collection only.
46.Black storm clownfish, pair 08/07/20 Yes
Black Storm Clownfish PAIR. Name: Black Storm Clownfish Scientific Name: Amphiprion ocellaris Maximum Size: 4 ″ Temperament: Peaceful Care Level: Easy Feeding: Omnivorous; conditioned to eat a variety of foods such as frozen mysis, pellet and flake foods. £350 or best offer, collection on... ...
47.Livestock and 200l Full marine aquarium setup 29/06/20 Yes
-Maroon clownfish -Grade A Picasso clownfish - 2 nassarius snails Selling as I am moving soon Need everything gone ASAP Willing to negotiate individual pricing on items Setup includes: -200l jewel glass aquarium -Heater -Fine reef ready live sand -fluval filter -Instant ocea... ...
48.Full marine aquarium setup 29/06/20 Yes
Selling as I am moving soon Need everything gone ASAP Willing to negotiate individual pricing on items Setup includes: -Maroon clownfish -Grade A Picasso clownfish - 2 nassarius snails -200l jewel glass aquarium -Heater -Fine reef ready live sand -fluval filter -Instant ocean ... ...
49.Marine fish tank 100 liters 24/06/20 Yes
I am selling my 100l fish tanks due to upgrading my tank. It is in excellent condition and comes with an aqua one light great for coral growth. I will take £50, a reasonable offer or a swap for clownfish. Thanks. Collection from slough.
50.Free 1 clownfish and 1 damsel 🐠 22/06/20 Yes
I am dismantling my tank because I am moving away from home for university and no one is able to look after them. The tank is dirty but there’s no disease to worry about as it has been up for years. I am giving them away for free. Please bring a bag to take them in. I’m in Aston area. Pl... ...
51.Aqua one marine fish tank light 18/06/20 Yes
Aqua one marine fish tank light. Blue and white. Model LEDZK-333-100. 45CM Lenght. No adaptor. But the light is in full working order. Excellent condition selling due to uprgrading my tank it has grown my corals very well. I will also swap for clownfish.
52.Breeding pair of Black and white Ocellaris Clownfish 25/05/20 Yes
Hi, Thinking about swapping my breeding pair of clownfish, they breed every 2 weeks without fail and I don't have time to raise the fry. Looking to swap for another pair of either designer clownfish or Clarkii clownfish. Let me know what you have
53.9" Volitan - Lion fish available for swap? 21/05/20 Yes
I have a 9" Volitan that is a bit too big for me and it's making my clownfish nervous. I'm looking to swap him for something a bit friendlier but equally as beautiful. Due to me being a complete idiot, I would like some help to catch him so it would be a collection job. We are Covid free bu... ...
54.Selling a Pair of Mocha Vinci clownfish and Tricolor anemone. 22/04/20 Yes
Selling a Pair of Mocha Vinci clownfish and Tricolor anemone. Clownfish have hosted the anemone. The Anome is around 8 inches when fully open and beautiful color. Selling as focusing on keeping corals and dont want to just sell the anemone as the clowns are very fond of it. no offers please as I hav... ...
55.1x Thunder Clownfish MARINE 18/03/20 No
Hi, I have a single Thunder Clownfish for sale Currently approximately 3 inches and still growing. He's feeding very well on a mixture of flake and frozen food. These are fairly rare to come across and I'm looking for a quick sale hence the low price. £80.00 ono Collection only from ... ...
Hi...I am selling some juvenile pairs of captive bred clownfish which will be collection only from Sutton Coldfield. Pairs include Wyoming Whites, Flurry Platinums, Black and Whites, Commons, Picassos and a fantastic pair of Misbar Maroons ( or singles). Message me for prices, viewing welcome by app... ...
57.Tank shutdown - all fish and corals to go 29/01/20 Yes
We are shutting down our 6ft tank and selling it on due to work commitments and not having the time required to look after a marine tank properly. I've also tried to include a couple of growth photos which show the same coral 4 approx months apart. Corals/Nems: Large bubble tip anemone hosted... ...
58.Marine LED lighting 19/01/20 Yes
165w led marine light brand new taken out the box to test but too powerful for my tank.£75 or swap for a nice pair of clownfish or frags.
59.Aqua One 400 Reef marine aquarium and livestock 07/01/20 Yes
£850 Aqua One 400 Reef marine aquarium for sale. Once was my pride and joy but since having my second baby, it sadly isn’t getting the love and attention it deserves. All equipment has been upgraded and the sump has been modified. Bubble Magus skimmer Bubble magus calcium reactor Upgraded ... ...
60.Clown fish - common clown / painted clown . 01/01/20 No
I have one clown fish for sale £10 He has been bullied by my bigger common clown fish. The clownfish is around 1.5 inches to 2 inches long. I live in Woodley, collection only !!!!! Mike
61.Dwarf fuzzy lion and wild clownfish (pair 22/11/19 Yes
Ive a pair of wild clownfish (told by previous owner) and a dwarf fuzzy lion fish All healty and feeding fine my clowns are ready to spawn as shaking and cleaning rocks atm Lion fish happy and only feeding frozen Looking to sell them both togeather or swaps for corals (softies) palys m... ...
63.Common Clownfish - Saltwater - TIPTON - DY4 area. 06/11/19 Yes
3cm in length now around 0.5cm larger than the smallest you can normally buy from an Aquatics. All fish are varied in pattern and some colour, some have solid black paddle fins, some have solid black lines, all fish are varied and beautiful best to have a look. I also have some Beautiful Misb... ...
64.Storm Clownfish 05/11/19 No
We have Storm clownfish for sale Orange and whites 250 a pr Black and whites 250 a pr Mochas 250 a pr pick up stoke on trent
65.Tank shutdown - whole setup for sale 13/10/19 No
4x Pyjama cardinal fish - £25 Gold Rush tang - £50 Potters Dwarf Angel fish - £80 Japanese Bella Goby - £50 Misbar and Darwin Clownfish pair - £40 African Diamond Tail Flasher Wrasse - £150 Randal Goby and Pistol Shrimp - £60 3x Rose BTA - £20 each Large Elegance coral - £50 Gold h... ...
66.Red sea max 130d 7 year old fully matured marine system with upgrades for sale 29/09/19 Yes
Red Sea Max 130d, fully matured, 7yr old aquarium. Includes upgraded lighting system (£300 new), upgraded media basket and upgraded pump. Also includes a selection of live rock, a Clownfish, 4x Blue Chromis and a rare blue striped legged hermit crab. As the tank is fully matured there is no nee... ...
67.Marine Aquarium - EA Reef Pro 1800 - Ultra Glass Metallic Antracite 19/09/19 Yes
Aquarium - EA Reef Pro 1800 - Ultra Glass Metallic Antracite only 1 year old in excellent condition selling with the following stock & equipment. Selling due moving abroad Live Sock can be sold separately see pricing below: Fish Stock Fox face £25 Yellow Tang (large) £60 Sailfin Tang (lar... ...
68.4 Rose Bubble tip anemone with rare green base Swindon 02/09/19 Yes
Selling each or all £ Collection only....Swindon Rose Bubble Tip Anemone for Marine Aquarium These are from my own tank raised stock ... Email for more info Swindon collection. Pink Bubble Tip Anemone (Entacmaea quadricolor) Family: Actiniidae A very vivid colour that really pops,... ...
69.Marine fish and rock 26/08/19 Yes
I have for sale a banana wrasse a watchman goby and a clownfish. I am also selling about 4 to 5 kg of rock.
70.Aquarium stripping down 19/07/19 Yes
I have the following for sale Pair of common clownfish with anemone £40 6 line wrasse £10 Green Zoa colony £10 Finger leather coral £20 3 hermits and a snail - free if you buy any of the above. A few kg or mature live rock £30 Will consider posting everything except the fish For the c... ...
71.Maroon clownfish for swap 26/04/19 No
Looking to swap my maroon clownfish for either fish, corals, frags, inverts anything let me know. My clowns took a dislike so she is now living in my qt tank for her own protection lol. Message for any swap ideas Thanks
72.Breeding clownfish 26/03/19 Yes
Stunning pair of established breeding clownfish. Female about 3.5in. All ready to go asap. Eating all foods, very settled to aquarium life. Fin perfect. £100 ono Collection from RM16
73.Cleair Aquarium for sale marine set up with all stock inc 22/03/19 Yes
over a dozen Corals 2 common clownfish 1 maroon clownfish 2 regal damsels 2 green chromis 5 orange and pink anthias radiant wrasse pink and yellow fish 1 chalk goby 1 watchman goby rabbit face fox fish yellow tang freckle face tang few red legged crabs emerald crab cleaner crabs sn... ...
74.Cleair Aquarium for sale marine set up with all stock inc 22/03/19 Yes
I have for sale a marine set up in a 450l tank with overhead marine light, protein skimmer, nitrate remover, wave machine, filters, heaters, pumps and sump tank. RO machines various testing kits and medicating kits. Inc in sale is all live rock over a dozen Corals 2 common clownfish 1 maroon cl... ...
75.Red Sea Reefer 170 Full Setup 30/12/18 Yes
Full setup for sale or livestock and other goods available separately: * Red Sea Reefer 170L Tank + Sump + Stand * Ai Prime LED App-controllable full spectrum light * Red Sea net lid (still in box) * Rossmont mover powerheads x2 * Reef tide Wavemaker with controller * Eheim return pump * Bu... ...
76.Marine Fish & Invert.. 08/12/18 Yes
77.Corrals and Marine fish in Complete marine fish tank set-up 11/11/18 Yes
Fishes included: - Yellow Tang - 6 inches - Purple Tang - 6 inches - Regal/Blue Tang - 6 inches - Lipstick Tang - 8 inches - 2 Clownfish - One orange, one black - Six-line Wrasse - 2 Pajama Cardinalfish - 2 Banggai Cardinalfish - And more (please call mobile contact below for speci... ...
78.Complete marine fish tank set-up - including all fishes 11/11/18 Yes
Urgent! Need to sell fast. Ready to take now. Price: £1500 Dimensions: Length - 6 Feet Width - 2 Feet Height - 2 Feet Tank also includes four cabinets, made out of wood, painted medium oak colour. Includes: - A lot of corals - Over 300kg of live rock - A lot of fishes - ... ...
79.Marine fish & equipement for sale 14/10/18 Yes
Possibly up for sale due to lack of time is my marine stock...equipment will be for sale too but not till the fish have gone. 1x snowflake eel £20 probably about 8inch + £20 2x Fiji clownfish (male/female pair) £20 1x fire fish £5 1x royal gramma £10 1x green/blue chromis £2 ... ...
80.Common Clownfish Tomini Tang and 2x Green Chromis 24/09/18 Yes
Shutting down my saltwater tank. Fish has to go first. £30 for all.
81.Tropical + Marine for sale (Can seperate or goes together) 26/06/18 No
I'm moving home soon, don't think I'll be able to keep them somewhere temporarily while moving. - So need to go as soon as possible (hopefully by mid-july or before), so I can empty+clean+redocorate the tank ready for the new home then start getting new fish in. - If things doesn't go as planned, wi... ...
82.Amazing 300ltr Reef Tank For Sale 19/06/18 Yes
Complete system for sale including everything you could possibly need to run this stunning reef aquarium. The tank, cabinet and sump were custom made by Wharf Aquatics and are still in fantastic condition. Tank 880 L x 600 H x 560 W, approx 300l, Black silicone joints, black wrap on back, Tw... ...
83.Marine inverts and fish 04/06/18 No
All stock healthy and good condition. Disease free Cleaner shrimp £10 Electric blue hermit crab £5 Red leg hermit crab £5 Trochus turbo snail x 2 £5 Brittle star £5 Polyps/zoa's £5 Royal Gramma £15 Clownfish pair £20 2 X Talbot damsel £5 each Flame angel (Beautiful, unfortunately ... ...
84.Clownfish 30/03/18 No
High quality Clownfish 24 weeks, hatched 13.10.17
85.Pair of black and white clown fish 21/03/18 No
I am unfortunately selling a lovely pair of black and white Tank raised clownfish. 3 full white bars and orange Mouths Gradually fading. £65 for the pair
86.Tank bred clownfish under 50£ 18/03/18 Yes
We have some beautiful tank bred clownfish under 50 pounds. Mai Tai, Snowflake, Fancy, Vivid, Misbar, Frostbite, Picasso, Maroon, Snow Onyx, Cinnamon Clownfish. Look around: https://www.hello-fish.com/collections/tank-bred-clownfish-under-50
87.Black Snowflake Clownfish from 39£ 14/03/18 Yes
Hi we have beutiful US and UK bred Black Snowflake Clownfish from 39£. Also one bonded pair. www.hello-fish.com
88.Clownfish, designer clownfish - 40+ types at Hello Fish 12/03/18 Yes
Are you looking for a Frostbite, Maroon, Picasso, Snowflake, MIsbar, Longfin Clownfish? We have 40+ types of US tank bred, unique clownfish! Free shipping over 99! Hello Fish! www. hello-fish.com
89.Marine Reef Livestock for sale - Fish, Shrimp, Corals, SPS, LPS 09/03/18 No
I am selling all the livestock of my marine reef tank. The system is 9 months old. All livestock is healthy and looking good. Viewings welcome. Preferable this weekend. First come, first served. Location: Aberdeen City Livestock available and prices as follow: Ocellaris Clownfish (pair... ...
90.Maroon Clown, Black Leopard, Urchin, Pink Pistol Shrimp for Sale 27/02/18 No
Shutting down my tank and remaining inhabitants need to go, these are Small Maroon Clownfish Black Leopard Wrasse Urchin Pink Pistol Shrimp The lot for £20
91.Marine Aquarium Full set up 19/01/18 No
I can sell live stock separately Equipment AquaNano 50 55l tank Quarantine tank ~20l Kessil A80 light Kessil spectral controller aqua one surface skimmer wave-maker ... ...
92.WANTED : breeding pair of orange clownfish £100 18/01/18 No
Wanted breeding pair orange ocellaris clowns can pay up to £100. Email photo of eggs. Can collect.
93.Clownfish wanted 15/01/18 No
hi, looking for some Sebae or Saddleback Clowns and able to deliver to Rotherham, s yorks. cheers
94.Reef livestock in EaReef 900 Marine Setup 12/11/17 No
Pair of Half Moon Crater Clownfish (Each about 1.5 inches) - £90 Yellow Eye Kole Tang (2.5/3 inches) - £45 SOLD Scopas Tang (2.5 inches) - £25 Yellow Coris Wrasse - £20 Starry Blenny - £20 2 x Strawberry Conch - £5 each Red Leg Hermit Crab - £5 Selection of Trochus Snails - £10... ...
95.EaReef 900 Marine Setup - High End Equipment and Healthy Liv 12/11/17 No
Up for sale is my entire EAReef 900 setup. All of the equipment is high end; mostly Ecotech and Reef Octopus. The tank is in good condition as is all of the equipment; EAReef tanks undoubtedly have the best build quality on the market. The fish are all very healthy and all come from a copper quarant... ...
96.Pair of adult Common Clownfish (Amphiprion occilaris) 02/11/17 Yes
Adult pair of common clowns, been with me for around 6 years. Sorry for the rubbish photos, they are in a hiding tank at the moment. £25 collection from Kendal, Cumbria or could possibly meet Lancaster/Morecambe area.
97.Wanted clownfish pair.essex Hertfordshire or london 19/10/17 Yes
Hi am looking for a pair of clown fish preferably a nice breeding pair of onyx or black ice.albino or something pretty looking.please let me know what you have??.email or text or call on 07914141411 many thanks shane
98.Male/Female Pearl Eye Clarkii Clownfish, Captive-Bred Marine Reef Fish (Amphiprion clarkii) 08/10/17 Yes
Pearl Eye Clarkii Clownfish for sale which were tank breed at TMC. Sale includes the male and female (the female is the larger of the two) Selling as I'm closing down my tank. £35.00 for the pair. Cash on collection only. Thanks for looking!
99.WANTED - Middlesbrough/Teesside Area 07/10/17 No
Regal Tang (2”-3”) Pair of Common Clownfish (Medium sizes)
100.4x2x2 Full Marine System for Sale 28/09/17 Yes
I am selling my 4ft X 2ft X 2ft marine aquarium (380 litres) and cabinet. Cabinet measures 62 inches high, 10-inch hood, 30-inch-high base unit. Contained in the cabinet is a 100-litre sump with skimmer sections, auto-top up, return pump section and 3 built in chambers for balling. There are no scra... ...
101.Marine fish, Inverts, in Marine aquarium 28/08/17 Yes
yellow Tang pair of clownfish bicolour dwarf angel five pyjama Cardinal one cleaner shrimp one boxer shrimp quite a few snails and crabs sand sifting goby. Excellent condition ND Aquatics marine aquarium 72"18"24 with sump 50" 12" 18" with three separate chambers vectra m1 return pump heater... ...
102.Marine aquarium 28/08/17 Yes
Excellent condition ND Aquatics marine aquarium 72"18"24 with sump 50" 12" 18" with three separate chambers vectra m1 return pump heater x2 radion xr15w pro x3 1 light to grow macroalgae uv steriliser skimz mini dc series protein skimmer x2 One has a faulty pump skimz media reactor jebao wave m... ...
103.Complete Marine Aquarium and livestock For Sale 14/08/17 Yes
Optiwhite marine aquarium 60cm (L) x 45cm (H) x 30cm (W) drilled with weir. Painted Blue on the back and left side. Sump / Refugium TMC Mini LED tile and Miracle mud Deltec M400 Skimmer. Teco TR5 heater/Chiller. D-D 10w UV Steriliser. Redsea Aquazone plus Ozone. Tunze Water level controlle... ...
104.Pair of australian barrier reef clownfish for sale 01/08/17 No
They are a pair, almost fully grown and full of colour. There compatibility is similar to thise of common clownfish and eat well, almost anything which can be seen upon a visit. If interested text 07881098638. £200. I am having trouble adding pics so can be done through whatsapp.
105.4ft aqua one marine aquarium and live stock for sale 01/08/17 No
Tank has been running for just over 2 years and is being stopped due to other commitments. Tank is in good condition and all equipment is in good looking and working order. Live stock includes large female blue throat triggerfish, large sailfin tang, large pair of australian barrier reef clownfish a... ...
106.Marine livestock in 4ft aqua one marine aquarium 20/07/17 No
Live stock includes large female blue throat triggerfish, large sailfin tang, large pair of australian barrier reef clownfish and blue streak cleaner wrasse which are all compatible and eat well which can be seen upon a visit. Comes also with a variety of good sized soft corals with plenty of live r... ...
2x snowflake clownfish, Banana Wrasse, + zoas, coral tree, toadstool coral Full set up included. Only been set up since February. Selling due to new baby being born. Upgrades: Tunze 9001 skimmer Red Sea Circulation pump upgrade Media Rack Also included: 3x water containers Test kits F... ...
Full set up included. Only been set up since February. Selling due to new baby being born. Upgrades: Tunze 9001 skimmer Red Sea Circulation pump upgrade Media Rack Fish: 2x snowflake clownfish Banana Wrasse + zoas, coral tree, toadstool coral Also included: 3x water containers Test ... ...
109.marine fish & corals 18/05/17 Yes
bangaii cardinals £19.99 green chromis £7,99 3-£20 algae blenny small - xxl £14.99 - £24.99 fox face (lo vulpinus) £34.99 fox face (lo magniica) £79.99 lipstick tang £34.99 singapore angel £24.99 bicolour angel lrg £29.99 lyretail anthias £19.99 lined butterfly £29.99 eight lin... ...
110.Maroon clownfish 18/04/17 No
Pair of maroon clownfish for sale or swap for coral in crosby area, need gone by friday, can send pics
111.Nano 75l 10/04/17 No
Hello Because of new landlord I have to sell my already setup 6 months old marine fish tank. Included- cured stones and sand. Shrimp, corals, clownfish, pipefish, crabs and snails. All inhabitants are healthy, thrive and in harmony. Please make me offer. Prefer sell as a whole (supply... ...
112.AquaNano 40 + Jebao Rw4 full setup 03/04/17 Yes
All bought brand new 3 months ago. No scratches on the tank - comes in original box. I have made shelfs out of eggcrate that slides into one of the back chambers. Tank + glass lid LED Light Jebao Rw4 wavemaker Aquaone pump Heater Thermometer Aquaroche Jawfish home Small bit of liv... ...
113.Stunning pair of breeding picasso clownfish 28/03/17 No
Beautiful pair of breeding picasso clownfish. The shape and markings on the female are wonderful. These are my last two fish from my tank shutdown. I've been holding onto them as I really didn't want to part with them but I'm now shutting down the nano tank which they are in. Very tame and eat an... ...
114.Paired clownfish, zoas, clean up crew 03/03/17 Yes
Paired clownfish female 2inch and male 1.5inch. small rock with plugs and around 20 heads of zoas 1 conch 1 margarita 1 trochus 2 nassarius Take the lot for 20. Need empty the tank tomorrow. Pick up from Manchester city centre. Call or text +447414061899 Juan
115.Stunning female Picasso clownfish 14/02/17 No
Beautiful female Picasso clown fish needs a new home as I'm having to close down my tank. She is very tame and active - constantly swims around the tank. I can send pictures through wassap. £35 Lee 07795185314
116.Tank shutdown - fish for sale. Stunning Naso Tang 12/02/17 No
Unfortunately having to shutdown my tank. All fish fat/healthy and never had disease. Naso Tang 5" £45 (must go to a minimum 4ft tank) Magnificent foxface 5" £45 McCosker flasher wrasse £25 Yellow wrasse £15 Red Head Solon Fairy Wrasse £30 Red Velvet Fairy Wrasse £30 Yellow... ...
117.Reef Breakdown - Clownfish, Pistol Shrimp, Xenia 11/02/17 No
I am in the process of breaking down my reef tank and have the follow up for offer: 1 x Percular Clown - female (unfortunately the male died). She is at the very least 8 years old, as I have had her for 7 years, and she was rehomed from someone else so could be a bit older than that. 1 x Pist... ...
118.48 inches x30 inches 18 inches rimless braceless optiwhite tank + ATI Sirius X2 - full setup 10/02/17 No
Due to work commitments I unfortunately have to shut down my tank. Fantastic tank which it great for scaping as you have the 30 inch back to front with no weir inside the tank taking up any room. It comes fitted with 2 Oceanlife overflow systems which run silent with a small air tube modification... ...
119.Top Marine Fish Keeping Books 02/02/17 No
Ive got a collections of Marine Fish keeping and Coral/inverts. There is 10 books in total they are as follows: Algae: A problem solvers guide (Julian Sprungs) £8 Invertebrates: A quick reference guide (Julian Sprungs) £25 Corals :A quick reference guide (Julian Sprungs) £20 Clownfishes ... ...
120.WANTED breeding pair of clownfish - cash waiting 28/01/17 No
Searching for a breeding pair of clownfish for sale. Any species, but fish must be captive bred. Will require proof that the pair are breeding (photo with eggs). Cash waiting!
121.Pair mated Percula Clowns & Rose Bubble Tip Anenome 15/01/17 No
Reluctantly selling my pair of mated Percula Clownfish due to shutting down my tank. I have had them for around 2 years, and they are mated and lay eggs a couple of times a month. I will also include the Rose Bubble Tipped Anenome that is hosting them as part of the sale, £35.
122.Full Reef set up. EcoTech, Koralin, Aquamedic, Tunze 29/11/16 No
Sadly due to work commitments I need to sell my nano reef set up. It is an Aquamedic Blenny tank with the following: Tunze 9004 Skimmer Ecotech Radion 15w Pro LED Ecotech Vortech MP10 Korallin biodenitrator Aquamedic Reef doser EVO 4 Tunze auto top up with fresh water tank V... ...
123.Clownfish 19/11/16 No
Wanted decent size black and white clownfish ,without orange faces.or pair of black onyx, can collect 50 radius of Braintree Essex ,cash waiting.
124.Wanted young clownfish 14/11/16 No
Any young clownfish for sale near holywell??
125.Complete Marine setup - Fluval Sea M60 19/10/16 No
I have decided to close down my marine tank and i am looking to move it on as a complete set. It includes Fuval Sea M60 - 91litre tank (cost £400) Tunze 9002 protein skimmer (cost £100) upgraded return pump for higher flow (cost £50) AI Prime LED Light (cost £190) vortech mp10 (cost £20... ...
126.Black and white clownfish 16/10/16 No
I am looking for a pair of black and white clowns, cash waiting. 07757379950
127.2ft cube tank for sale with stock 04/10/16 No
I have a 2ft cube aqua one tank for sale. It has a hang on filter, heater, protein skimmer, 2 powerheads and 2 lights. It will come complete with stock which I is as followed; 1x yellow tang 2x clownfish 3x green chromis 1x tiger pistol shrimp and watchman goby pair 2x cleaner shrimp 1x al... ...
128.Live rock, Marine fish, Live corals, in Red Sea MAX E260 Marine Aquarium 03/10/16 No
-Marine Habitat and Livestock- £500 worth of living rock (with inverts) Applicable amount of Coral Sand (highest grade) 1 x pair of rare Jigsaw Clownfish (male and female) 1 x Sailfin Tang 3 x Lyretail Anthias 1 x Corel Beauty Angel 1 x 6 line Wrasse 2 x Bengal Cardinals 1 x Emper... ...
129.Red Sea MAX E260 Marine Aquarium - Complete setup only 6 months old 03/10/16 Yes
Great opportunity to purchase a fantastic Marine Aquarium with everything you need. -The Aquarium- 1 x Red Sea MAX E260 260 litre Aquarium 1 x Red Sea custom stand in White 1 x Red Sea electrical connection and distribution unit (for easy connection of pumps, heaters, lighting etc. 2 x H... ...
130.Pair of Rare Snowflake Clownfish 06/09/16 Yes
Hi I have a pair of extremely rare snowflake clowns. They are still young but have formed a pair already. 100 GBP for the pair. No offers and both need to go together. This was worth lot more when I bought them but giving them away as I am moving to a bigger tank
131.WANTED: Breeding pairs of clownfish 05/09/16 No
Wanted - BREEDING pairs of; Amphiprion percula A. ocellaris A. clarkii Based in North Wales but willing to travel to collect. Happy to pay sensible prices for the right fish. Please email: n.j.e.jones@bangor.ac.uk
132.Going for a bargain 03/08/16 Yes
Sadly we are getting rid of our aquarium and have the fish/critters below for sale... 2 clownfish (mature) 3 corries About 10 mixed tetras (neon, rummy, glow light) 2 cherry shrimp 1 armoured shrimp (called Maurice) 3 Congo tetra 3 mature torpedo barbs (mature) 1 plec All fish/critters ... ...
133.Evolution Aqua marine 900 fish tank with cabinet 11/07/16 Yes
Evolution Aqua marine 900 fish tank with cabinet for sale £425. Tank is in good condition with few minor scratches. Selling due to not having enough time to look after. 10mm glass with sump at the back of tank. Included: Jewel pufferfish Maroon clownfish Domino damsel 1kg of micro media... ...
134.black clownfish juvaniles tank raised for sale 29/05/16 No
50 plus black clowns some are miss bars but most are fully barred half to one inch long. both parents are fully barred very nice fish with black faces and white trim around fins. I have seen these for sale at my local fish store for 30 pound each . I am selling these for 15 pound each buyer to colle... ...
135.Aqua one 275 and livestock for sale 24/05/16 Yes
I have Pearlscale butterfly £35 2 x cleaner shrimps £20 4 x percula clownfish £50 3 x blood fin anthias £60 Around 8 hermits red and black £10 6 ish turbo snails including a super turbo £10 Aqua rock with Kenya tree and mushrooms on £140 Purple mushrooms £25 Green mushrooms £25 ... ...
136.marine fish, inverts, corals, plus tank and contents for sale 24/05/16 Yes
I have Pearlscale butterfly £35 2 x cleaner shrimps £20 4 x percula clownfish £50 3 x blood fin anthias £60 Around 8 hermits red and black £10 6 ish turbo snails including a super turbo £10 Aqua rock with Kenya tree and mushrooms on £140 Purple mushrooms £25 Green mushrooms £25 ... ...
137.Yellow Tang, pair of Percular Clownfish and Cleaner Shrimp. 15/05/16 No
Yellow Tang, Pair of Percular clowns and a Cleaner Shrimp. Want these sold together if possible. Hence the cheap price £50. Txt 07557307964
138.Aqureef 300 for sale full setup URGENT 03/05/16 Yes
Hi there I have a full setup for sale which has 30 kilos of live rock full clean up crew and fish which are,yellow tang,potters angelfish,pair of clownfish,5 chromis and a jaw fish.it has LEDs which are worth over 300 pound 2 vortech mp40s quiet drives which were bought in January I also have the re... ...
139.Aqua reef 300 full set up for sale 29/04/16 No
Hi there I have a full setup for sale which includes led lights which were well over 300 pound two vortech mp40 which are less than 4 months old it also has a h2o phosphate reactor a Aqua one protein skimmer return pump light for sump and a auto top up.in the tank is over 30 kilo of live rock variou... ...
140.Clown fish (percula and darwins occyelaris) SUFFOLK 15/04/16 No
A pair of male (true percula) and female (darwins occyelaris) clownfish for sale. £40 for the pair, ONO
141.We are now stocking Marine fish, corals and inverts again at The world of fish and pets Birmingham open all over Easter holidays 27/03/16 Yes
After a break of 5 years to expand shop we are now selling marine fish, corals etc again Marine fish unit all up and running some ready to go now last weeks marine fish are now ready to sell these include percula clowns clarkii clowns coral beauty coral goby green anthias ark eye hawk fish ... ...
142.Fish for sale 17/03/16 Yes
Exquisite wrasse £24.99 Emperor angel juvenile med £49.99 res Niger triggerfish £29.99 res Powder blue tang med £32 Skunk clown fish £18 Allards clownfish £20 Queen angels sold Blue devil damsels £7 Red tail filefish £22 Dragon wrasse £29.99 blue finger Starfish l £24 Red knobbe... ...
143.Live corals, Fijian Live rock, in Fluval Osaka 320 Marine aquarium reef tank breaking 12/03/16 Yes
The aquarium and cabinet with Fluval 405 external canister filter and the Original twin T5 lighting unit 3 Aquaray LED lighting tiles and hanging wires £50 each Deltec MCE300 hob skimmer with modified outlet £70 Two Jebao RW-8 wireless wave makers with controllers £45 each RO man 4 stage RO u... ...
144.Breeding Pair Of Clownfish And Anemone For Sale 23/01/16 Yes
For sale breeding pair of clown fish with anemone,got a records showing the layered the eggs!Collection from West London Hayes Buyer has to bring own container to collect!£100 contact on 07875057562
145.Marine fish, soft corals, live rock, in Marine set up for sale 17/12/15 Yes
Juwel Rio 125 with fluval external filter, wavemaker. tunze skimmer, aquaray LED,heater, live and life rock, live sand and a few corals, toadstool, palys, and clove polyps. Also 3 fish, Fu Manchu lion fish, large maroon clownfish and an orange spot goby. Tank has a bit of aiptasia which I haven't h... ...
146.pair of clownfish and red bubble tip anemones 19/11/15 No
tank split red bubbletip anemone £25
147.Male Seahorse 14/11/15 No
For sale or swap is my male seahorse not sure of its actual name but he is very healthy & friendly would like to exchange for a nice pair of clownfish or would take £45 Thanks Andy
148. LIVE ROCK, MARINE FISH & MORE FOR SALE 07544000786 07/11/15 No
150.Picasso percula clownfish, Grade A 06/11/15 Yes
Very RARE Picasso clown Grade A for sale!!! Very nice specimen, healthy, eats everything. For sale £50. Collection from Wood Green (N22 8LB) or Shipping by Royal Mail next day delivery (cost £15.85)
151.Nemo clowns wanted 03/11/15 No
Two normal clownfish wanted. Must be in liverpool. willing to pay upto £30 the pair
152.Quality Corals, Inverts and Marine Fish in Fluval M60 for Sale £300 Bargain 19/10/15 Yes
Fluval M60 Complete Reef Setup in Excellent Condition. Livestock: 2x clown fish - 1x royal gramma 1x fire shrimp 2x hermit crabs and. Few snails 1x pink goniopora - bought for £50 1x 3 head hammer coral bought for £45 1x large ultra orange acanthstrea with around 20 polyps - boug... ...
153.Fluval M60 Full Reef Setup for Sale £300 Bargain 19/10/15 No
Fluval M60 Complete Reef Setup in Excellent Condition - I would rather all livestock be taken or someone who wants the full setup incl tank& stand. I would consider selling some of the corals/livestock separately. This is an excellent all in one aquarium by Fluval with a rear sump and stylish cab... ...
154.WANTED- pair of frostbite clownfish 11/10/15 No
A pair of frostbite clownfish wanted in Lancashire area. Willing to travel about 50 miles for the right fish at the right price. Thanks
155.Clownfish for sale 4 Months old updated 09/09/15 Yes
Hello I have some very rare clownfish for sale that are around 4 months old and all eating 1mm pellets The fish I have for sale are 3 Extreme frostbite clownfish £50 each or £80 the pair Now Sold 5 platinum £15 each 2 snowflakes £20 each or £35 the pair SOLD 3 common clowns £10 eac... ...
156.World of Water Staines Marine Stock 02/09/15 No
MARINE FISH Green Chromis Orange Line Chromis Yellow Tangs Blue and White Wrasse (M/L) Barnacle Blennys Yellow Coral Gobies Green Face Wrasse Keyhole Angels Red Specled Coral Gobies Blue Star Damsels Monti-Bug wrasse Blue eyed Tang Queen Wrasse Wreck Fish Coll... ...
157.Red Sea Max 250 C 28/08/15 Yes
Red sea max 250c for sale, i have had it for about 6 months, it comes with everything it originally came with. which includes the 2 return pumps, heater, skimmer, power centre with the controller buttons for individually turning the components off, we are selling because soon we are moving and i can... ...
158.WANTED mated breeding pair marine fish 18/08/15 No
Wanted mated breeding pairs of clownfish;Banggai cardinals;sea horses; dotty backs;blennys cash waiting
159.wanted clownfish 15/08/15 No
large female gold-banded clownfish will take a pair if need be steve tel 07801568484
160.wanted clownfish 15/08/15 No
large female gold-banded clownfish will take a pair if need be steve tel 07801568484
161.Marine fish for sale 12/08/15 Yes
1 fancy clownfish and 1 purple dottyback for sale. £45 for both. Moving house forces sale.
162.Full setup Kent Marine Bio 94L 04/08/15 No
I have for sale the above item with all the stock equipment plus a blue LED strip which replaces one of the tubes to allow more coral to be kept. The tank comes with all the live stock and rock pictured. Roughly 10kg of live rock, probably a bit more when you factor in the pieces the corals came ... ...
163.300ltr tank+sump+corals+fish etc 03/08/15 Yes
300ltr tank + sump & all equipment. Loads of live rock. Must go as a complete tank. Mature Corals: Lobophyllia /Euphyllia Ancora/Sarcophyton x4 / Sinularia Fish: Clarkii clownfish pair/ Pyjama cardinals pair/Bicolour blenny/Green chromis x6/ Large filefish £600.00ono. Would also consider selling... ...
164.Tomato clownfish 03/08/15 Yes
Needs re homing. Non aggressive to other fish. £10
165.Marine fish, inverts, live rock, in 4x2x2 marine setup 22/07/15 No
For sale is my 4x2x2 tank with sump on a steel stand this was my project tank and as u can see it's unfinished. The front of the tank is scratched so would need replacing unless u can deal with it like I have with the tank you will get: Tank also comes with live rock not sure on weight A zoa/... ...
166.4x2x2 marine setup with livestock 22/07/15 Yes
For sale is my 4x2x2 tank with sump on a steel stand this was my project tank and as u can see it's unfinished The front of the tank is scratched so would need replacing unless u can deal with it like I have with the tank you will get 1x Wp25 powerhead 3x unknown brand powerheads 2x300w heat... ...
167.Looking for marine fish [Enfield North London] 16/07/15 No
Looking for breeding clown pairs, + standalone clownfish, snowflakes, onyx etc. Also looking for other marine fish, Text with what you have: 07710571874
168.Aqua one reef 300. £1000 or make me an offer 29/06/15 Yes
Hi for sale is my Aqua one reef 300 selling due to wanting to upgrade to a bigger tank. Tank is around 2 years old there are a couple of scratches down the side of the tank (see photos) this happened when I moved house everything is for sale in the pictures apart from the phosban reactor and my mand... ...
169.Corals, Inverts, Live rock, Marine fish in Aqua one reef 300. 29/06/15 No
Hi for sale is my Aqua one reef 300. Livestock, loads of live rock not sure weight wise. About 10+ red bubble tip anemones they keep splitting, loads of pulsing Xenia, green star polyps, Kenya tree, cabbage coral and a giant toadstool. Fish: 1x regal tang 1x sohal tang 1x engineer goby 1x cl... ...
170.clownfish 16/06/15 Yes
Hi I have several baby clownfish looking for new homes, 30-35mm in length, very cute little guys, feeding on flake and frozen from £8.00 each
171.Live rock, corals, inverts, in Marine complete set up for sale Bargain price 08/06/15 Yes
Approx 25 kilo of Live rock Tank is full of various soft corals, sps and 2 Anemones. Fish included Purple tang 5 Clownfish (there is a pair) 2 x Regal tangs (one is a yellow bellied regal) 2 x Fire shrimp 1 x Algae blenny 1 x Chalk goby 1 x Sea urchin 1 x Orange starfish 1 x Cleaner wrass... ...
172.4 ft x 1.5ft x 2ft tank on white cabinet Marine complete set up for sale 08/06/15 No
Selling my complete marine set up which consitsts of the following. 4 ft x 1.5ft x 2ft tank on white cabinet T5 lighting system with 4 tubes T8 night light system TMC protein skimmer UV steriliser External filter Wave maker Approx 25 kilo of Live rock Tank is full of various soft corals, sp... ...
173.Marine fish tank full set up £700 Ono 03/06/15 Yes
Complete 4ft Marine Aquarium with Cabinet and Hood for sale, to include Sump with Auto Top Up and Pipework, AI Sol LED light (slight damage on the corner) with Controller, V2 Protein Skimmer, Eheim Return Pump, Bio Aquatic Gyractor running Rowaphos, Hydor Koralia Smartwave Wave Maker with Two Powerh... ...
174.Marine fish, inverts, corals, live rock, in Boyu TL-450 Marine Set Up 15/05/15 No
Full set-up which will include 1 clownfish, 1 white goby, 1 cleaner shrimp, 1 turbo snail, 2 hermits, 2 nassarius snails, 7kg of live rock with a large selection of mushrooms, zoas and ricordias, food, refractometer, nets, water containers, scrubber and pippetes. The above are housed in my modifi... ...
175.Boyu TL-450 Marine Set Up For Sale 15/05/15 Yes
Hi there, for sale i have my modified Boyu TL-450. This is a 58L tank, the lid has been removed and in its place is a acrylic lid and a 165W LED tile. This has allowed for very good growth on the soft coral population of my tank. In the rear chambers are floss, then a WG310 protein skimmer, followed... ...
176.Marine fish 19/04/15 Yes
I am soon to be getting rid of my marine tank, as I don't have time to maintain it anymore. I have the following fish for sale, Pair of clownfish- £15 each. £25.00 for the pair. Yellow watchman goby - £15, orchid dotty back - £20.00. Free dark blue damsel Or all for £50.00 including some h... ...
177.Marine Tank Breakdown 04/04/15 No
Hi due to moving in a couple of months and not having the time that i would like to spend, i am sadly breaking my tank down and have a few things left. Theres a bit of green hair algae on the rocks as seen in the pictures. Chromies x2 £4each Clownfish pair £30 Tuxedo sea urchin £10 Flaming ... ...
178.Nano Tank Breakdown 04/04/15 No
Hi I'm breaking down my tank due to moving and not having the time that i would like to spend on the tank so here i have for sale: Chromis x2 £4each Clownfish pair £30 Star Polyps on 1.5kg liverock £25 coral 2 heads £15 1.7kg live rock £10 Large Electric blue hermit £10 Tuxedo Sea Ur... ...
179.clownfish grade A GALAXY CLARKII 13/03/15 Yes
Bought from ocean corals 1 yr ago healthy 2.5" rare grade "A" has the shape of a love heart to the left hand side of body hosting my carpet nems currently . £70 ono collection from hull
180.Baby clownfish 04/03/15 Yes
Our clownfish are saltwater tankbreed. They eat a variety of frozen, live and aquarium flake foods. They are peaceful fish and are compatible with reef tanks. They like to host anenomes but this is not essential for a happy fish!!!!! They can be kept alone or in small groups. Our fish are currentl... ...
181.Breeding pair of gold stripped Marron clownfish 01/03/15 Yes
I have a pair of Breeding of gold stripped Marron clownfish the female has a part bar making her look slightly different and unusual to normal mrtrons as you can see in the clip I have had these for roughly 4years the only reason I am selling these is because I am having a tank change around and f... ...
182.New Marine Fish Stock at Jessy Aquarium 09/02/15 Yes
Live marine stock update: Clown Trigger £129.99 Scarlet / Flame Hawkfish £55.99 Royal Gamma (large) £31.00 Royal Gamma (small) £22.00 Lemon Peel £46.99 Pilot fish £45.50 Clarkii Clownfish £33.00 Regal Tang £28.99 Neon Blue Goby £15.00 4-Stripe Damselfish / Blacktail Humbug £5.... ...
183.New Marine Fish Stock at Jessy Aquarium 08/02/15 Yes
Live marine stock: Pacific Wreck fish £21 Green Chromis £4.92 or 2 for £7.84 Yellow Tail Damsel £ 5.70 or 2 for £9 Fire fish £18.50 Common Clownfish £18 or 2 for £33 Pajama Cardinal fish £15 Emperor Cardinal fish £18 or 2 for £33 Red Spotted Hawk fish £15.60 Sailfin / Algae Bl... ...
184.Complete marine aquarium aprox 1000 ltr. 08/02/15 Yes
I have a 5x2x2 neptunes acrylic tank wiyth acrylic base and sump in high gloss black comes with 2 mars aqua full spectrum leds with dimmers and blues has 3 powerheads in sump is 2 heaters a protein skimmer a phosphate reactor a sander ozone generator theres a aqua medic mv2001c controller and load... ...
185.marine clownfish also marine tanks breeding setup 06/02/15 No
CLOWN FISH AVAILABLE CALL 07946 717741 Also marine breeding setup 6 tanks roughly hold 30 litres each and they are laminated also comes with lids all pipe work over flow is 22mm and return is 15mm with taps comes with a 350 litre sump and return pump I think its 8000lph cost allot of money wanti... ...
186.For sale live marine ROTIFERS 04/02/15 No
Hi , for sale live marine rotifers ,'l' strain brachionus plicatilis , fully enriched. Great first for marine fry such as clownfish , also great food for corals and filter feeding inverts. I have an apc account and can arrange next day delivery. £7 per litre. 07964 346770
187.marine fish, iverts, corals in complete setup 03/02/15 No
foxface a sailfin tang a bennets butterfly a sandsifting goby 2 perc clownfish 4 blue & yellow damsels 2 4 stripe damsels poss 2 yellow nano gobys hermit crabs poss missed some corals as follows t a huge leather finger coral and a small one another leather in not sure what it is 2 green star polyp c... ...
188.300ltr tank+sump with mature hard/soft corals and fish for sale 03/02/15 Yes
Mature Corals: Plerogyr/Lobophyllia /Euphyllia Ancora / Sarcophyton x7 / Xenia x2 / Pulsing xenia /Sinularia Fish: Clarkii clownfish pair / Breeding Emperor Cardinals pair / Pyjama cardinals pair /Bicolour blenny /Green chromis x7 Plus 300ltr tank & all equipment. Loads of live rock Must ... ...
189.Breaking down large marine tank, selling all fish 18/01/15 Yes
Hi We are breaking down our large marine tank as we want to move in the next year and its too large to move. So we will sell all stock and re set up at a later date. We need to sell all fish, live rock etc... we have a large black trigger, medium sailfin tang, maroon clownfish, tomato clownfish, reg... ...
190.Marine live rock/stock 14/01/15 Yes
I am shutting down my marine set up so I am selling as follows: Blue damsels x2-£10 Clownfish x2-£19 Bangai cardinals x3-£30 Royal grammar-£10 Live sand- £10 (whole lot) Please no time wasters many thanks 😃👍
191.Yellow Tang and Pair of Tomato Clownfish 29/12/14 No
Hi, I have a 3 beautiful, healthy and plump fish for sale! The first is the Yellow Tang, the second are a pair of Tomato Clownfish. All three fish are on new era flakes and aren't fussy eaters. I can send more pics via what's app, however viewing the fish is recommended as the pictures don't do t... ...
192.Romsey world Of Water : Full Marine Livestock List 14/12/14 20/12/14 Yes
Hey Guys! This is our full marine livestock list. If you have any queries, would like photos or would like to reserve something, please feel free to give us a call on: 01794515923. Tang Sailfin Tang - Pacific £39.99 Regal Tang - Medium £34.99 Sailfin Tang - Pacific £34.9... ...
193.For sale marine tank plus much more 19/11/14 No
Aqua 300 Tank with sump just right at 12 months old 300 litres no marks TMC lighting programable Bubble mag. Protein skimmer. Wave maker Auto top up. ... ...
194.Juwell trigon 350 full very mature marine setup 19/11/14 No
I am selling my Juwel Trigon 350 corner marine system after 7 years of owning this system, I have finally decided to leave the hobby, the tank comes fully stocked and comes with over 60kg of live rock (running berlin method where no external filtratation is required) the live rock is the eco system ... ...
195.Sandy Bedfordshire - Marine corals, fish, live rock for sale 18/11/14 No
I am finally giving up the fish tank after many many years of enjoyment. For sale I have the following left: Elegance coral - Catalaphyllia £50 Favia coral - £25 Zoa frags - £5 Zenia - Free Pair of ocellaris clownfish - £20 Regal tang £35 Royal Gramma £25 18Kg live rock... ...
196.Marine fish & live rock 16/11/14 No
I am soon to be getting rid of my marine tank, as I don't have time to maintain it anymore. I have the following fish for sale, Pair of clownfish, £15 each. Yellow watchman goby - £15, orchid dotty back - £20.00. Large Emerald crab- £5. Blood red Fire shrimp, £15. I have about 5 hermit crabs... ...
Complete Marine Aquarium - Fluval Edge 46l tank fully cycled with live sand, rock and 2 clownfish, complete with matching stand, heater, digital thermometer, wavemaker, hydrometer, algae magnet, tests, food, salt, water 20l water container with lid and any other bits I have. The tank and all equipme... ...
198.Marine tank clearout. Live rock £5/kg, Lifespace aquarium+stand, halide light, RO systems and more 30/10/14 Yes
Hi all. I'm having a big clear out of all my marine tank, as we are moving soon and logistically we just can't take the tank with us without spending large amount of time or money, neither of which we have unfortunately! All prices are negotiable. Ideally I'd love to sell it all in one big pa... ...
199.Yellow Banded Copper Clownfish 09/10/14 No
Approx 5 years old. Tank breakdown forces sale. £10.00 Collection Only. Solihull West Mids 0121 744 9187
200.Fish and equipment for sale 05/10/14 No
Fish For Sale Axminster, Devon. 3 X Perc Clownfish £25 for the 3 1 X Emperor Angel 3" £50 1 X Porcupine Puffer 3-4" £30ono 1 X Quoyi Parrotfish £50ono 1 X Sailfin Tang 3" £30 1 X Niger Trigger 4" £25 1 X Christmas Wrasse 4" £25 1 X Red Coris Wrasse 2,5-3"... ...
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