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1.Please feel free to join our JUST DISCUS Facebook group to see the videos and pictures of our latest stock. 01/04/20 Yes
Please feel free to join our Just Discus Facebook group. There are videos, pictures and help & advice on the group.😀
2.Discus fish for sale from £10 each and over 3,000 top quality to choose from and the biggest selection in the U.K. Cheapest prices guaranteed. 01/04/20 Yes
**NEW DISCOUNTED PRICE STRUCTURE ** Prices from £10 each Please message me for the price/stock list. On all 2-2.5” Discus only. OUR NEW 65 square meter hatchery opening soon. The largest selection of the best quality Discus in the U.K for the lowest prices guaranteed and we will pri... ...
CHESHIRE OAKS DISCUS- 07763207562 STOCK INCLUDES- ruby reds golden yellow dragon red eagle purple colbalts checkerboards red spotted turks pigeon bloods malboros whites blue turqs red turqs tank breed f1 wilds, greens (tefe) tank breed wild reds , (unknown river) browns royals ... ...
4.FREE for collection - Female guppies / guppys / guppy 31/03/20 No
Free for collection, loads of adult and juvenile female guppies. Colection from New Holland, North Lincs.
5.Giraffe catfish 29/03/20 No
About 5inch eats pretty much anything good healthy fish but don’t seem get on with my rtc they fight a lot so 1 them need to go looking for £30ono will swap for other Preds of 5inch or bigger Payment to be made by PayPal or bank transfer Any question feel free to ask Best to call or text
6.Peacock bass 29/03/20 No
peacock bass both about 3inch both pellet trained Eat anything offered looking to swap them both for a bigger size bass of about 6inch or bigger unsure what type they are as I bought them 1 as kelberi and 1 as a temensis but they don’t seem be showing signs of being that type only reason wanting s... ...
7.Group 3 Asia arowana for sale. 27/03/20 No
Hi all ( 1 super red £700 ) swop for predator. Stingray Datnoid big size ets show me what u have . 1 cross back , 1 red tails gold all 18” or bigger . Two gold know as pair , they in together wit tiger fish , Datnoid. Gar. Stingray , fish healthy eating pawn mussle . Frozen food etc . Looking f... ...
8.Convicts 27/03/20 No
Pair of convicts free to a good home must collect
9.Leopard pleco panaque 26/03/20 Yes
Collection from ilford .. giving away for free .. no health issues just got breeding pair in tank don’t want him eating eggs.. 12 inches .. really healthy.. call me 07404647769 .. bring own container
10.koi cold water fish re homed collect from northeast area 26/03/20 No
Hi I am both a builder and a koi lover Willing to offer my services to both rehome fish and help demolish and refill you obsolete pond. I will be fair and att empt to carry out labour work free. I have three ponds 2200 gal 1500 gal and 1000 gal all stocked with fish which are not for sal... ...
11.pond filling and fish rehoming newcastle/northeast area 26/03/20 No
13.AUTOMATED WATER CHANGER 2020 22/03/20 Yes
introducing the AWC Whether its freshwater or marine your water change made easy and mess free PLEASE VISIT MY SITE FOR MORE INFORMATION https://reefloat.myshopify.com/ or click the link below over 3000 units now sold from 12 litre to 112 litre
14.ocean rock 1big bucket full + 2 bags + 9 pieces of slat for free + another 5 ocean rocks one huge just added but not shown in picture/so a bargain. 22/03/20 Yes
will px for an fx6 filter/LOADS OF ROCK AT A CHEAP PRICE/just added [15/12/2019]another 5 ocean rocks one very very larg not shown in the pictures abaslute bargain/ocean rock 1 bucket full + a couple of bags,£70 no offers,bring your own bucket,will also throw in 9 pieces of slate for free,so a real... ...
15.BRISTLE WORM TRAP 21/03/20 Yes
Hi all, i have just started to make these traps because of the amount of people trying to get rid of these worms, you cant pick them up as they will sting you, so i have made these traps that a have a removable lid so that you can get rid of the worm once traped. The cost for these traps is £14 inc ... ...
hi i am looking to rehome these two fish as they seem to be clashing at times with my giant guramis dont want money just a good home Big tanks or tropical ponds only they need space
17.Alagator gar free 20/03/20 No
Hi I have a 22inch alagator gar am giving away but only to the right home he does need a big tank he in a 7ft by 3ft tank right now dont message if you have a tank smaller then hes in at the moment I will not give you him
18.Rift Lake Cichlids 18/03/20 Yes
The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Licensed to buy and sell fish: Alan Ball License number:LI/13/0656/PETS Nationwide Delivery Available £18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery BY 13:00 pm For Scotland please enquire. We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select the f... ...
19.Free goldfish to a good home 18/03/20 Yes
Please collect and bring appropriate moving equipment etc.
20.SVAS ~ An Evening With Steve Chester ~ A Talk on Central American Livebearers & how to keep them 17/03/20 Yes
On Monday, 11th May 2020, Steve Chester (formally of Chester Zoo) will be giving a talk on the number of Central American Livebearers & how to keep them. This is a free event, and non members are welcome. Please nore that this will be at our new venue:- Thorncliffe Community Sports Bar Mor... ...
21.Spotted Silver Dollar (Metynnis lippincottianus) FREE TO GOOD HOME. 16/03/20 Yes
Hi, I have 3x Spotted Silver Dollars. Lovely fish, But I want to add plants to my aquarium. Free to good home. Collection only from Faversham, Kent. Will need to bring own net and bucket.
22.Indian shovelnose sperata aor 16/03/20 No
Indian shovelnose catfish 12 inches free to good home, has kink in spine which it has always had but lives and eats fine. Please only ask if you have large tank.
23.Asian discus from £20 15/03/20 Yes
A great variety of Asian discus available in the Glasgow area,discus start from 2.5 inches upwards to 7 inch,too many strains to mention, feel free to contact myself for for a visit.
24.For sale 14/03/20 Yes
I have these (Pictured) Cichlids, I have forgotten the exact name... 2 male, 1 female... they breed.. I'd like to sell them so I can create a community tank. please feel free to ask any questions you like.
25.The Big Dennerle Guide. System for fascinating Aquariums book. 14/03/20 Yes
This hard to find book is in very good condition. Its a hardback book with 189 pages and hundreds of glossy colour photographs. £30 with free UK postage.
26.Siamese giant carp , Electric eels , piriaiba capapretum 13/03/20 No
Hi all I have 4x giant siamese carp available £30 each or 4 for 100 3x 10 inch electric eels for £90 each 1x 10 inch capapretum catfish £295 And much more. Feel free to messege me for a bigger list i can ship
27.SCREWCUMBER VEGGIE FEEDER/WEIGHT - Two year warranty - Free delivery 12/03/20 Yes
TROPICAL FISH FEEDER/WEIGHT. Effective and simple solution for anchoring veggies for bottom feeders. http://www.screwcumber.com Or see us on eBay UK! Fantastic for: Plecos, Clown loaches, Malawi Cichlids etc 2 Year swap out warranty. We also dispatch to: Europe, Canada, USA, Austral... ...
28.Dennerle Nano Gravel + TetraPlant Complete substrate. 12/03/20 Yes
6 x 2 Kilo bags of Dennerle Nano Gavel Sulawesi black Specially rounded grains are perfect for shrimp and bottom dwelling fish safe. This is one of the best inert shrimp gravels on the market, Dennerle quality speaks for itself. Sulawesi Black is a deep black shiny colour. This is an inert grave... ...
29.Common Pleco 6/7" 12/03/20 No
Hi, I have a common pleco that is outgrowing my 180 ltr aquarium, free to a good home as do not want to return to a store as he will most likely go into a sump tank. Collection only, possibility of arranging free delivery dependant on location.
30.North east koi and pond fish rehome service I DONT SELL FISH JUST LOOK AFTER THEM FOR YOU 10/03/20 No
32.Free panther grouper 9”+ to a good home , WEST LONDON 09/03/20 Yes
Hey, Im giving away my panther grouper due to it being oversized for my aquarium , normally people like free fish etc but im giving this one away to a GOOD HOME hes peaceful and well mannered Regards Tashan +447775042022
33.Red Cherry/Rilli Shrimp Neocaridina Cradley Heath 09/03/20 Yes
Cherry and rilli shrimp for sale in Cradley Heath B63 area. £1 each. Can post for £12 with heat pack and insulated box. Sent in breather bags. Free extras on collection, PM for details. Minimum £10 on collection
34.Various fish tanks for sale 08/03/20 No
I have various fish tanks for sale from my fish house, these are all watertight and bare glass tanks. Length by Width by Height 96” by 24” by 15” £175 repaired 84” x 24” x 18” £150ea (2available) 72” x 24” x 18” £125 52” x 27” x 12” £75 48” x 24” x 24” £80ea (2 available) 30” x 24” x 18” £40... ...
35.Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish,Melanotaenia praecox 08/03/20 No
Lovely group of 14 Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish,Melanotaenia praecox,8 Male 6 Female 35cm - 50cm,have bred already.want to free up some space as want to try and make some space to try some Angelfish. £40 Collection From London SE2 Abbeywood.
36.Pair of Mikrogeophagus ramirezi 08/03/20 Yes
Pair of Mikrogeophagus ramirezi £20,Selling as have ended up with 2 pairs and want to free up some space as want to try and make some space to try some Angelfish.Collection From London SE2 Abbeywood.
37.Blue giant gourami FREE 08/03/20 Yes
Approximately 2.5 years old. Fully grown around 20” had this fish from juvenile. Very healthy. Eats anything, also gets along with other fish. Currently in 6x2x2. Aquarium. If you have a bigger tank you can take him. You will also need a large container to travel. Thanks
38.Oscar 08/03/20 No
Large Oscar free to a good home
39.Comet goldfish looking for a pond - free. 07/03/20 Yes
A parent at the school where I work offered me a goldfish to go into my 300L fancy goldfish set up. Normally I would decline but she told me the poor thing was in a 20L tank with other fish so I didn't have the heart to decline. Unfortunately it's a comet and will not be well suited to even a tan... ...
40.Downsizing fish room due to purchase of large tanks 05/03/20 Yes
10+ group of white cloud mountain minnows (mixed sexes) £10 2 Pairs Kribs £15 each 2-3 female kribs £10 Trio of limia melanogaster £10 MMF Pair of Melanotaenia Lucistrus £10 1 adult siamese algae eater free with any other fish Group of 5 poecilia mexicana campeche £15 Open to offers. Can se... ...
41.Large redtail catfish 24.28 inch 04/03/20 No
Large red tail catfish free to large enough home very well looked after have owned him for over 2 years... Currently housed in 7ft 800 litre tank with Oscars. Will eat from hand loves mussels. Pick up only and you would need decent size container to transport.
42.Midas chiclids free 02/03/20 No
9 Midas chiclids free to good home all about 4-6 inches
43.Free to a good home. 02/03/20 No
I have a farm bred large Bream. It's about 10 inches in size. This was from a fish farm and so it legally OK for a pond. I need to find it a good home. Please contact me if interested.
44.Large oscars, possible pair? 02/03/20 No
Recently rescued/regimes these two oscars but don’t really have the room for them and my Datnoid doesn’t like them, free to collector. Message on 07710596799
45.Large oscars, possible pair? 27/02/20 Yes
Recently rescued/regimes these two oscars but don’t really have the room for them and my Datnoid doesn’t like them, free to collector. Message on 07710596799
46.Fish room for sale 27/02/20 Yes
I have a whole fish room for sale. I still have a couple of the tanks running but all will be shut down over the next month!. It will come with all the racking which is all built to fit the tanks, all tanks air lines valves one massive air pump that does the lot! And an oil filled radiator which k... ...
47.Black pacu 16inch FREE TO GOOD HOME 26/02/20 Yes
Black pacu free to good home please message me on 07845671490
48.X2 trimac chiclids ....FREE 26/02/20 Yes
I have Male and female trimac chiclids around 9 inch verry nice color They are freee of charge
49.Wanted corals 25/02/20 No
Hi looking for some free off cut off pulsing xenia Bolton area. Or any little coral just to get me going if anyone has some would be appreciated can pick up thanks Jim 07885283739
50.Pond fish need a new home, collection from basingstoke 24/02/20 Yes
Because of a change of circumstance I have 6 pond fish that need a new home Free to those who can collect Please contact me on 07800 627302 Thanks Ralph
51.Clown Loach FREE 21/02/20 Yes
Fat and healthy clown loach. Eats everything, approx 3.5 inches Collection from Aldershot Contact Rob 07917041489
52.Aqua One 400ltr tank full set up 19/02/20 Yes
Hello I have for sale an aqua one 400 reef tank. The tank has an upgraded sump which takes the volume up to 520 whereas the old tank only allowed an extra 50 or so. Tank Size L X W X H: 132 X 52 X 73 cm Cabinet Size L X W X H: 132 X 52 X 88 cm The tank has a 7000lph Eheim return pump... ...
53.8 blue diamond discus, geo and parrot fish 18/02/20 Yes
Hi I have 8 diamond blue discus range 2/3” £20 each or I will do a deal on all 8 1 geo 3” unsure what it is called. £10 1 parrot fish 3” Free if buying fish Also looking for live plants with roots on them, corys Any information please message
54.Placidochromis sp phenochilus tanzania 17/02/20 Yes
SOLD....SOLD....SOLD I have for sale a Very large group of Placidochromis sp phenochilus tanzania consisting of around 16 males 6"+ and 12 females 4"+. The males are stunning and showing part and full mutation with deep bodies....I have grown this group from fry and are around 3+ years old. £400 ... ...
55.Various Wild Caught Tropheus for sale 16/02/20 Yes
Hello I have various Wild caught Tropheus for sale: Polli Red Rainbow Bula Point All together there's 13 Looking for £200 Feel free to message my WhatsApp with any questions. Thanks Tom 07943740520
56.Giving Away guppy Fry 15/02/20 Yes
for free, Collection from N London, guppy ND ENDLERS Fry QTY: 15-20 size 10- 20 mm , Ready to leave now, Collection welcome. Only Fishes
57.4ft bow front fish tank - free 15/02/20 Yes
Believe it’s a Juwel aquarium. No lid, lots of scratches but watertight. Could be useful for breeding/raising fish. Internal attachments for sump or external filter. Pick up only Aldershot Contact Rob 06917041489
DC FRESHWATER FISH CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEBSITE!!! www.dcfreshwaterfish.co.uk DC fresh water fish was founded in 2009 by David Champion offering a selection of coarse fish native to the UK from our own ponds and from some of the top fish farms. Today we still offer coarse fish but have now int... ...
59.Juvenile snowflake eel free to a good home 13/02/20 Yes
I have a small snowflake eel which needs a new home, the eel is about 10 inch long and still quite thin, readily accepts raw food from tweezers, only reason getting rid is that u am moving house and cannot take the eel with me, free to a good home as I know these are very cheap at local fish shops.
60.For sale 11/02/20 Yes
Free to a good home!!!10" Veija Regani unsure of sex. Must bring own bag/box for collection.
61.Live rock £3kg 09/02/20 Yes
Fully mature live rock been running in my tank for years only selling as I have upgraded my scape to aquaroach £3 kg some stunning pieces Easy 80kg plus Feel free to drop me a message Collection Walton Liverpool
62.Large common pleco 07/02/20 Yes
Hi have a large common pleco free to a good home he is 6-8 inchs
63.Old aquarium 3ft wanted 04/02/20 No
Looking for a free or cheap aquarium for my baby gerbils. Leaking is fine. 3ft - 4ft.
64.Top Quality Goldfish for Ponds & Coldwater Aquariums 04/02/20 Yes
From Newlyn Aquatics: We have for sale some highest quality and healthy goldfish, Sarasa, koi and other coldwater fish. Our fish are healthy and ready to go ... Postage is £20.00 per box to UK mainland. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Customer service is a high pri... ...
65.Large Carp - KOI - free 04/02/20 No
8 orange (12 - 15 inches)2 black (12 - 15 inches) plus 5 black fish (6 - 8 inches) Sale due to retiring outdoor pond. Also have two pumps, UV filter and various stones. Free for collection. Buyer to collect.
66.Fish tank 03/02/20 No
I am looking for a free fish tank to upcycle. Will collect any leaking or not. Offers very much appreciated.
67.free koi carp rescue and advice for free 02/02/20 Yes
koi carp rescue free of charge i cover 100 mile radius and i will take any unwanted or ill fish and place them in an fully equiped quarintine sytem treat them and restore them too full fittness call on 07594109545 and ask for lee
68.Koi carp rescue service 02/02/20 No
Free koi carp rescue service based in the south any problem no matter how big or small I'm here to help problem with your pond or fish or simply want too rehome your fish don't hesitate to call day or night mobile number 07594109545 or email at koicarp2345@hotmail.co.uk
69.Free. Large fish tank with stand 02/02/20 Yes
For free, Large fish tank with stand, L 72, D 24, H 30 inches. Has three outlets for water. There is also a large sump if wanted. Collection will need 6 people to help carry.
70.Rocks or slate 29/01/20 No
Hi looking for rocks and slate for my aquarium for free as I dont have money to spare if you have any that are around you dont need anymore please let me know thankyou
71.Peacock Bass for sale. 28/01/20 Yes
SOLD SOLD SOLD1 x Azul £50 1 x Orino' £50 1 x Mono' £40. Nice bright healthy fish with no defects. Pellet trained and will freely take floating Cichlid Gold and Northfin, sinking Massivore. Mainly on Tilapia, Basa, Raw Prawn, Sprats, Lance fish and Whitebait. All in the 12 inch range, sex unknown. W... ...
72.Aquarium Roots, Driftwoods Red Moore over 100 pieces available 28/01/20 Yes
On sale variety of natural red moore roots, driftwoods from small ones to larger pieces. Over 100 pieces in stock. Each root is photographed so you buy what you see. Very decorative roots for tropical aquarium, amazon setups, shrimps nano tanks. Quick dispatch via Hermes courier. FREE Shippi... ...
73.Blue Rams for sale - Birmingham - £5 each 27/01/20 Yes
I have Blue rams for sale healthy and vibrant colours They will readily feed on flake, pellets, freeze dried blackworm and live foods. Kept in tanks heated to 27 degrees C with ph 6.5 - 7. **I do not recommend keeping rams Lower than 26 Degrees C as rams prefer slightly warmer water than most tro... ...
74.3 Zebra Danio and one Rainbowfish 26/01/20 Yes
3 zebra danios and one rainbowfish need a new home as I am moving. They were purchased 3 years ago in May and two of the zebra danios are showing their age. One is a little pale and another has spinal curvature. Free to a good home.
75.Green several cichlids 23/01/20 No
2 green severums free to collector. 1 is approx 5 inces long and the other is approx 3 inches long. Free to good home.
76.Filter Upgrade Service 21/01/20 No
Filter Upgrade Service: Adequate and efficient filtration is essential to provide a healthy environment for all aquarium inhabitants. In order to maximise the efficiency of a filter it must be correctly sized for the aquarium and contain good quality mechanical media (coarse/medium/fine sponges),... ...
77.Fish Tank Matt - Aquarium Maintenance Services (Essex) 21/01/20 Yes
Welcome to Fish Tank Matt, I offer an array of mobile aquarium services in the local Essex area, including: - initial tank and filter setup - weekly/monthly cleaning and maintenance - fish choices/stocking advice - filter upgrades - algae control advice - holiday feeding - mature media s... ...
78.Yellow bellied turtle 21/01/20 No
I have a yellow bellied turtle I am looking to give away as I no longer have the time to give it the attention it needs. It has a shell that is 5.5 inches long. Free to a good home, pickup from Poulton-le-Fylde (near Blackpool)
79.Koi Breed Posters 126 Different Species 19/01/20 Yes
Koi Breed Posters 126 Different Species Laminated A4 30 X 21 cm + FREE GIFTS * PACKAGE INCLUDES 4 X A4 POSTERS Laminated * 2 X NUMBER/ NAME CHARTS THE WRITING IS SMALL ON THE CHARTS SO YOU COMPARE NAME TO CHART Laminated * 1 X Education DVD *FREE GIFT* * 1 X Koi gene tree chart *FREE GIFT* La... ...
80.Tiger oscars 10 inch 17/01/20 Yes
Stan And Ollie need a new home due to not getting an expected upgrade collection from Weston super mare free to good home with suitable tank
81.Juwel Vision 450 5ft fish tank + FX6 Filter 16/01/20 Yes
Juwel Vision 450 for sale. This is a 5ft fish tank and holds 450 litres. The condition is very good but the glass does have some scratches (they are difficult to see unless close up). The awful Juwel Internal has been professional removed and i have a FX6 running on it with no problems that i... ...
82.2x male Indo Cencu free marking Flowerhorn 13/01/20 Yes
I’ve had from fry. Both around 7-8’’ healthy and and eating well. Colouring up nicely. Plenty of character. Excellent addition to anyone’s collection. £120each
83.3 Discus for sale 12/01/20 Yes
I have three Discus for sale, roughly 5-6 inches in size. All Stendker bred for hard water. One is a male Dark Angel, one a female Pigeon Blood Silver and one a male Solid Turq. I have a 450 litre planted tank which needs desperately to be re-scaped.. I am selling the 3 of them for £150 as the Dark ... ...
84.Superfish Heavy Duty Pond Cover Net Protect Koi Fish From Birds Cats Leaves 11/01/20 Yes
I can post FREE OF CHARGE Superfish Pond Cover Nets - Excellent for Protecting Fish From Predators 3m x 2m £7.35 3m x 4m £8.85 4m x 4m £8.89 6m x 4m £15.55 Fine meshed (20mm) flexible green cover net complete with pegs, will protect your fish from birds such as Herons, and cats. Also... ...
85.Koi Rescue / Rehoming / Pond Clearance - Kent / SE London / Essex... 10/01/20 Yes
Are you closing down a Koi pond you acquired with a house move? or perhaps it's just getting too much to look after and you'd rather get your garden back, or perhaps you are moving and the new owners do not want a pond? Whatever your circumstances, please give me a call and I can re-home your Ko... ...
86.Tetra Aquarium and accessories 07/01/20 Yes
Comprising tank 2ft x 1ft x 1ft, light, heater, filter pack and pump. Genuine reason for sale - upgraded to bigger tank, these items have been thoroughly cleaned and they come from a very clean, non smoking household. Nearest offer to £40 will take the lot. Buyer must collect from DN4 area of Donc... ...
87.Free: 2 Angel Fish, 1 Flying Fox and 1 Plec to give away to good home. 07/01/20 Yes
I have 2 Angel fish, one fly fox and one plec to give away to a good home. All are in good health. Unfortunately I am unable to look after them due to my own poor health.
88.Drilled discus breeding cubes (18inch) - 15 each 07/01/20 Yes
As title says, 10mm glass, very solid. all three for 40 quid. Can include free sponge filters. And extra pipe fittings (40mm). Collection from Orpington.
89.Superfish Heavy Duty Pond Cover Net Protect Koi Fish From Birds Cats Leaves 06/01/20 Yes
I can post FREE OF CHARGE Superfish Pond Cover Nets - Excellent for Protecting Fish From Predators 3m x 2m £7.35 3m x 4m £8.85 4m x 4m £8.89 6m x 4m £15.55 Fine meshed (20mm) flexible green cover net complete with pegs, will protect your fish from birds such as Herons, and cats. Also... ...
90.Molly fry 05/01/20 Yes
I have 30-40 Molly fry to re-home, white grey and spotted seen so far. Free of charge but requires collection from Andover area in Hampshire.
91.2 FREE large goldfish 02/01/20 Yes
2 large goldfish currently living in a 200 litre tropical tank.
92.6ft x 3ft (LxH) marine fish tank wanted, or 6ft x 2.5ft min,I will pay a fair price 31/12/19 No
Looking for a 6ft x 3ft (LxH) marine fish tank, depth can be any measurement. I will also consider 2.5ft high as a min (not 2ft). Prefer with all modern marine equipment included but no livestock unless you can hold until after I have time to set up said tank in new home. I am on the Isle of Wight s... ...
93.Aqua one 100Ltr setup £100 ONO 31/12/19 Yes
Hello, this advert is for a used fish tank, It comes with it's own stand a heater an LED light system and an inbuilt filtration unit, it is in good condition and will be in use until sold only selling as there is no room for it since our house move, Please feel free to ask any questions you may have
94.6ft x 3ft (LxH) marine fish tank wanted, or 6ft x 2.5ft min,I will pay a fair price 30/12/19 No
Looking for a 6ft x 3ft (LxH) marine fish tank, depth can be any measurement. I will also consider 2.5ft high as a min (not 2ft). Prefer with all modern marine equipment included but no livestock unless you can hold until after I have time to set up said tank in new home. I am on the Isle of Wight s... ...
95.goonch catfish 10inch sold 30/12/19 Yes
Bagarius yarrelli about 10inch long stunning fish eats prawns and white baite will swap for other Preds or £80 Ono Pick up only will need bring box for it best call or text 07983070767 Any question feel free ask can send pics on what’s app
96.Marine/reef Lighting-WANTED 30/12/19 No
I’m looking to buy a lighting setup for a large reef tank I have, please feel free to message/text me if you have any offer, please be reasonable Will travel a short while/pay for delivery
97.Home bred Zebra tilapia 23/12/19 No
My breeding pair of zebra tilapia have bred once again. I have a few hundred babies for sale, £3 each but will do discount on large orders. You will need a large tank for these fish. They grow to about ten inches. Collection preferred but may do local delivery for cost of fuel. Feel free to ask ques... ...
98.Adult Male Bristlenose Plec 22/12/19 No
The last survivor from an old aquarium. Free to a good home. He's around 4-5"
99.Tank break down 21/12/19 Yes
Used as QT tank for three months before aqua one aquanano 40 55 litre nano tank(rear chambers) with cabinet and everything else needed. (Eheim return pump, little koralia nano powerhead, skimmer, elitech temp controller with a digital heater + twin clip on fans, a clip on led gooseneck light. Gl... ...
100.12 x Adult Orange Hyphessobrycon Pulchripinnis 17/12/19 Yes
Good school of orange lemon tetra, all adults. Had them around 18 months. Getting rid as want to try a new species £40 takes them all - Just over £3 per fish, bargain. collection Wigan or delivery within 10 miles for an extra £5 Fee free to ring, text or WhatsApp thanks, James 07979123... ...
101.Aquarium tank and racking systems for sale 09/12/19 Yes
Selling 3 tier tank and racking systems all were made to measure and in good condition... a lot of thought and time went into the designs...made to a hight standard.. 10mm thickness on glass. Tanks have not been pre drilled and fully sealed. All tanks come with heaters and other accessories f... ...
102.Large 13inch Red Tiger Oscar 08/12/19 Yes
I have a large Red Tiger Oscar for rehoming. He is up for free as he no longer gets on with my group. Location is CT3 3HF. 07860200589 I will not post through courier so collection only please.
103.Free to a good home 07/12/19 Yes
I have about a dozen Malawi cichlids that need re-homing. They are various sizes - some are about 3-4 in and some are juveniles that come from the adults in the tank. They're assorted Yellow Labs and Elec blue Haps etc. - I'll try and get them in a decent pic to attach here. I've had these fish for ... ...
104.Plecostomus catfish free 06/12/19 Yes
2 plecostomus catfish 8 to 9 inch long,free for collection. Would prefer them to go together.Thanks
105.FREE - Giant White Gourami 01/12/19 Yes
Free to a good home Giant White Gourami just under 1.5 ft. The Gourami is in good shape and eats well.
106.Wanted Electric blue Jack Dempsey 30/11/19 Yes
Willing to travel. Feel free to message me. Thanks
107.Tanganyikan cichlids plus cats 30/11/19 No
1 x lulupi 1 x brichardi 2 x cylindricus 5 x multipunc cats 1 x bristlenose Free for collection.
108.Clown plec free to collect 30/11/19 Yes
As title clown plec free to collect
109.Mollies for sale 29/11/19 Yes
Healthy mollies, a few months old. Can deliver for extra, but you must already ahve the tank set up! Variety of colours, feel free to message!
110.FREE Buenos Aires Tetras (4) from central Cambridge 29/11/19 Yes
Four healthy fully grown Buenos Aires tetras. Let me know what tank setup you have to check they're suitable. About 7cm long. One has a slightly bent tail, and is rounded (presumably a female with eggs). Ideally they'd be happier in a larger shoal. NB I don't have good phone signal so wha... ...
111.Angel fish (free) 29/11/19 No
Two large koi type angel fish (white, black and orange) both i think are female. Free, to a very good home please. collection only
112.Variegated Guppys (Red/Blue) 27/11/19 Yes
Red/Blue Variegated Guppies. A stunning guppy with an abundance of colouration. Males £4.25 each Females £3.25 each Or 1 x Trio £9.95 2 x Trio £17.95 3 x Trio £24.95 ------------------------------------------ Further discounts available on larger orders, when ordering individual f... ...
113.Exo Terra Turtle Terrarium, Large, 90 x 45 x 30/45 cm 26/11/19 Yes
Exo Terra Turtle Terrarium, used, with original packaging - £150 collection only (Peckham, South London) Also Includes: Free Heat Lamp Free Heat Lamp Stand Free Heat Bulb (currently working, not guaranteed) Some minor scratches and hard water line stains. This isn't available in th... ...
114.12 inch Umbee FREE TO GOOD HOME and others for Sale West Lothian COLLECTION ONLY 26/11/19 No
Umbee 12" FREE TO GOOD HOME. BEEN SLIGHTLY BULLIED AND NOT IN A GREAT NICK AND NEED IT GONE ASAP. I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO NURSE IT BACK TO GOOD HEALTH. 12" Ornate Bichir £40 4" Hoplo catfish £5 Breeding pair of Red Tiger Motaguensis £50 for the pair Must go this week. Message for pics. Colle... ...
115.Large and medium goldfish 24/11/19 No
My pond is currently over stocked with lots of large goldfish. They range from 5-8 inches approximately, deep red colours and very well fed. Looking for £1-2 each. May do deal on large orders. Also may swop for koi. Feel free to ask questions thanks for looking
116.Tropical fish and plants to rehome. 23/11/19 Yes
I have a 70 gallon tropical tank that i am breaking down and converting to marine. Its a heavily planted tank and has 1 8 inch angel 2 2 dwarf neon rainbows full size 3 9 lemon tetra 4 1 rubbernose 5 1 firemouth I am willing to give these fish away free if i can see they are going to a goo... ...
117.Large number of marine fish for sale, Angels butterflies and tangs 23/11/19 Yes
I am having to pack in my tanks so my fish are for sale. They are all healthy and have been fully quarantined and treated so are free of disease. I really need them to go all at once if possible so will sell them for £500 if one person buys them all. I will consider splitting if I have to! The fi... ...
118.4ft Fish Tank, Full Marine Aquarium Setup 22/11/19 Yes
Aqua one eurostyle 120 tank (4ft x 2ft x 1.5ft) with stand Eheim professional 3 (50 year edition) external filter 2 x Fluval Aquasky LED lighting units (with remote controls) 2 x T5 lighting bar 2 x Sicce voyager 4 (6,000 l/h) power heads Sicce Wavemaker V2 Vecton 600 Ultraviolet water steril... ...
119.Jaguar Cichlid and Snakehead --- NEED GONE ASAP 22/11/19 Yes
9 inch jaguar cichlid male and 10 inch channa pulcher. Free to good home both wats app for pics. Postcode sg99fj 07568302451
Wanted - NEXUS pond equipment, water pumps, air pumps etc considered as long as it is in working order. Bay filter, Nexus filters, box filters, Bakki shower, trickle filter, sieve filter, vortex filter, water pond pumps, Air pumps, UV systems, holding vats, quarantine system etc etc. Nexus filter,... ...
I have 10 adult cherry barbs and 7 adult black ruby barbs that are available for collection near Bristol if you are interested please let me know. The cherry barbs have been bred successfully for me many times if you wanted to breed them in the future
122.Juwel dark cliff backing for aquarium 12/11/19 Yes
Hi 3D dark cliff backing I've got nearly a full sheet left over if anygood to anyone . Would suit a small landscape aquarium . Like new never been used overage from my aquarium Looking at £8 from smoke free home
123.featherfin free to good home 07/11/19 No
I have a featherfin free to good home he has started to eat the slime coat off my polys around 8 inches. Please email: myhero17@hotmail.co.uk collection Blackpool
124.Common Clownfish - Saltwater - TIPTON - DY4 area. 06/11/19 Yes
3cm in length now around 0.5cm larger than the smallest you can normally buy from an Aquatics. All fish are varied in pattern and some colour, some have solid black paddle fins, some have solid black lines, all fish are varied and beautiful best to have a look. I also have some Beautiful Misb... ...
125.Female longfin bristlenose pleco (lemon, albino, super red, calico) 04/11/19 No
Hi there, Looking for female longfin bristlenose pleco (lemon, albino, super red, calico) in and around London. Could potentially also be interested in the shortfin version as long as it is adult size. Feel free to drop me an email: s_deisler@hotmail.com Thanks!
Nitra guard bio cubes titanium for sale we have got both 250ml and 500ml in stock. These bio cubes are hands down the best and easiest method of lowering nitrates in both fresh and saltwater aquariums. We use these in all our systems to keep our nitrates on heavily stocked tanks at the desired leve... ...
127.FREE community tropical fish to go. 01/11/19 Yes
I have some community fish to go for FREE to established fish tank. These are not toys for kids or feeder fish. Available: 5 x Black Neon Tetra (chunky) 2 x Endler Guppy (males) 2 x Galaxy Rasbora 1 x Common Pleco 2 x Pinneaple Swortail (pair) 7 x Rummynose Tetra All for free. Please br... ...
128.3 x stripped doller fish 5 inch and chunky for sale 31/10/19 Yes
3 x stripped doller fish 5 inch and chunky for sale In good excellent condition great tank mates Pick up from my home address in East London Walthamstow please be out where to bring on buckets/bags for transportation Bargain price or free £50 Thank you
129.3 x tanks FREEE....... COLLECT ASAP 30/10/19 No
i have 3 x fish room tanks 1 is 5ft 1 is 2.5 1 is 1.5 cube i think these are sizes all watertight need gone today or off in skip
130.peppered corydoras 27/10/19 No
27-10-19 Peppered corydoras catfish free for collection. There are around 14 at last count and no space for any more tanks.
131.Free 3 Large Blue Azul peacock bass 27/10/19 No
I have 3 large blue azul peacock bass one is about 15-16" and the other two are between 10-12" I can send pictures via WhatsApp collection only.
132.Ndumbi red top, afra jallo 26/10/19 No
One proven male ndumbi red top for sale £5 One proven female afra jallo (possibly ndumbi red top, not certain) for sale £5 Mixed african cichlid babies (from above fish) free to good home. Open to offers on adults if home is 5* Will ask for photo proof of suitable tank Bring your own bag/co... ...
133.Alligator gars Florida gars peacock bass 23/10/19 Yes
I have for sale 4 Florida gars between 14-16 inch 120 each I have for sale 4 Florida gars between 16-20 inch 150 each I have for sale 2 kelberi bass approximately 13 inch 150 and 100 both bough from pier aquatics for 250 I have 2 temensis bass ones like 14 inch other 17 inch 80 each I have a gre... ...
134.Apistogramma cacatuoides - Male For Sale 23/10/19 Yes
Hi, I have condensed down to 1 tank with 2 pairs of angelfish, both are breeding well, but the apisto male is having a field day with the young freeswimmers! Picture is stock for now, but he has stunning orange colouration, will try to get a photo. £5 Collection from Richmond, London
135.2 Platties Free to Good Home SHEFFIELD 22/10/19 No
We’re given some bad advice and sold some platties a few days ago however our water is too soft for them. So I’m looking to rehome them. I think they are females.
136.Free to a good home Platys, Mollies & Corys. 21/10/19 No
I have 4 adult platys, 2 babies, 4 adult Mollies, 4 babies and 3 peppered Cory's. All free as downsizing my tank. Mollies and platys are mixed varieties.
137.Medium/Large sailfin pleco 19/10/19 No
I have a pretty aggressive sailfin pleco, it may be due to my tank size but he has become increasingly aggressive, so have to sell to someone who has a large tank. He is roughly 9 inches from head to tail. Stunning wish I could keep him but my discus and him keep fighting so need to sell. He can com... ...
138.Medium/Large sailfin pleco 19/10/19 Yes
I have a pretty aggressive sailfin pleco, it may be due to my tank size but he has become increasingly aggressive, so have to sell to someone who has a large tank. He is roughly 9 inches from head to tail. Stunning wish I could keep him but my discus and him keep fighting so need to sell. He can com... ...
139.Jack Dempsey and Vieja synspila (Redhead Cichlid). 19/10/19 Yes
I have for sale american cichlids Jack Dempsey and Vieja synspila (Redhead Cichlid). Jack Dempsey size approx 4.5- inches £10 each or 2 for £18. Vieja synspila 3 - 4 inches £15 each. 4 -5 inches £20 each. Healthy and eating well.Collection is Chatteris. Cambridgeshire.Any questions please feel fr... ...
140.free fish to good home 18/10/19 No
2x botias, 1x redtail black shark, 10 pearl danios.all free. collect only. rather all go together.
141.4" Leopard Syno, FREE to a good home 16/10/19 No
I have a 4" Leopard Syno, FREE to a good home.
142.Maxspect gyre 230 plus controller. 16/10/19 Yes
I am selling my Maxspect gyre XF230 pump controller and PSU complete with boxes and spare rotors and cages etc All in excellent condition. These are just 2 years old but have been in storage for a year since I moved house. I now have a much larger tank so have bought the larger Gyre hence now for ... ...
143.BCA Autumn Convention 20th October 15/10/19 Yes
The BCA Proudly Present Our Autumn Convention Family Friendly Date: 20th October Venue : The Oak Hotel, 8640 Stratford Rd, Hockley Heath, Solihull B94 5NW Speakers/Lectures Mark Breeze - Apistos from river to retail Dr.Domino Joyce - Adventures in africa cichlid research,from dna... ...
144.Clown loach 15/10/19 No
Wanted experienced home for 4/5” clown loach. Collect Lincoln. Email. rod1340evo@gmail.com. Tel 07936434892. Free to right home.
146.Pacu . Free . Collect from London 01/10/19 No
Hi . One of my friend want to get rid of a pacu fish . Size 16 inch . Collect from London . Please pm for more details
147.6x4x3 Fibreglass pond with viewing window and filters 28/09/19 Yes
Freestanding pond for sale. 6x4x3 with viewing window. Filters included. Collection from Stanford-le-Hope, Essex. £750. No swaps. Contact via WhatsApp. No tome wasters please.
148.285L 5ft6 freestanding cylindrical freshwater aquarium £600 28/09/19 Yes
285 Litre 5ft6 freestanding cylinder cylindrical freshwater aquarium with chrome finish top and bottom. When setup it looks amazing and will become the focal point of any room. Comes with a fluval 07 series exterior pump less than 4 weeks old with 3 year warranty rrp £180. The full aquarium cost £10... ...
149.Coral Bay/Table 24/09/19 Yes
10ft coral table split into 2 five foot sections. Built by Fit Filtration. Complete with metal stand, Matt black doors, all drain pipe work and some return pipe work. This had to be cut to be removed but could be easily joined with a straight connector. Complete with 2 sumps both 4ft each. Excellen... ...
150.Congo tetras 22/09/19 Yes
(SOLD) I have five Congo tetras available, free to a good home. There are three males and two females, and they are approx 5cm. All the fish are in very good healthy condition and feeding well.
151.Ember tetras 22/09/19 Yes
(SOLD) I have a group of Ember tetras available, free to a good home. There are 12 fish and all are in good healthy condition and feeding well.
152.Looking for free pond fish that need rehoming in west yorkshire 21/09/19 No
Hi Guys, i wouldn't normally be doing this but i am looking to re-home any free pond fish in the west Yorkshire BD21 area (willing to collect within 30 miles). I currently have a 10ft x 8ft x 4ft deep with various Koi and other carp. Sadly the numbers i have have dwindled from what i had orig... ...
153.Tank Close Down, Equipment - EcoTech, Nyos, Kamoer 20/09/19 Yes
Nyos quantum 220 protein skimmer.. Condition is Used. Hairline cracks around the neck of the cup, these do not affect the skimmers ability. It is a great skimmer, easy to dial in, pulls plenty of gunk and almost silent operation. After closing down my marine aquarium in February I have decided to... ...
Replaced both standard 30 watt T8 tubes with 2 brand new 6000K 900mm LED units 70% Energy saving & longer life over T8's at a cost of £80 I guarantee No leaks as tank rebuilt and sealed using high grade marine safe HA6 Black aquarium sealant min 10 year worry free!!! Dimensions :- Tank = 100cm... ...
8 x 4inch tinfold barbs free to good home you need a large tank this fish grow to a large size.
156.Red tinfold barbs free to a good home. 18/09/19 Yes
8x red tinfold barbs 4inch size free to a good home you need a large tank.fish will grow to very large size
157.Auratus fry 1.5/2in 13/09/19 Yes
We have lots for fry, auratus, OB peacocks and demonisi. The auratus are free to a good home we have approximately 15 available between 1.5in to 2in the peacocks and demonasi range in size between 2in to 1cm we have different qualities depending on size, prices are negotiable.
158.Knife fish 12/09/19 No
3 x knife fish different sizes can’t be kept together Free to collect Phone 07391556781
159.Marine Live Rock, over 50kg 12/09/19 No
Here is around 50 kg of live rock. I have closed my marine tank down and this is my rock which is well established. It is currently kept at temperature and in salt water so you get the best you can buy. There is some massive pieces for perfect bridges and caves etc as well as reef areas. This cost m... ...
160.Guppies 09/09/19 No
About 20 guppies need to go free to collector ASAP collection kingswood bristol
161.Free marine sump 09/09/19 Yes
As title its a tmc signature 900 sump. Sump is damaged it has a 4inch crack roughly in one of the bits of glass. I have been using it on my tank for about 10 weeks as I sealed along the crack in and out. I've just changed to one I built today is reason I'm giving it away. I haven't the measurements... ...
162.wanted free if possible 06/09/19 No
Anyone looking to rehouse oscars.i have a 5x2x2 tank setup with fx6 filter.ready now so if you need to move them on and can drop off i can help and take them in.or any preds that not out grow tank im disabled and had fish for year but had to give up because of health reasons. Now ok so building tank... ...
163.Plymouth Discus, Quality Discus At The Lowest Possible Prices. 06/09/19 Yes
MORE NEW ADDED 2.5" and 4" DISCUS NOW ADDED ON AND READY TO GO!! NATIONWIDE DISCUS DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE WITH OUR "DEFRA" LICENCED COURIER SERVICE(See website for details) http://plymouthdiscus.com/ocretail/pd/index.php? Multi award winning Plymouth Discus have in stock some great qualit... ...
164.Garden Pondfish 04/09/19 No
Unspecified number of garden pondfish in 10' x 10' pond. Free to collect.
165.Robin Hood Aquarists Autumn Auction 2019 03/09/19 Yes
Robin Hood Aquarists are holding their Autumn Auction on Sunday 15th September 2019 at the usual venue of the Highbank Community Centre, Farnborough Road, Clifton, Nottingham. NG11 9DG. Public opening will be from 10.30pm Auction starts at 11:00am. Refreshments will be available throughout the day a... ...
166.Free Tropical Molly Fish & Fry in Bungay, Suffolk 02/09/19 Yes
I am an amateur fish owner as I inherited a fish tank from a friend recently after they got a job offshore but since I have had them they have been breeding and I've now got too many. I have many various sized Molly's and again today at least 12 new fry which I have moved to a separate tank for now.... ...
167.All gone now thanks - Free Mixed African Cichlids 31/08/19 Yes
Mix of African Cichlids, free to good home. Please bring something to transport fish in. Collection is from our office in Brighton. Im sorry but I cant tell you much about the fish as they are not mine. You can have 1 or 10 its up to you.
168.2x tiger Oscars 31/08/19 Yes
2x tiger Oscars around 12inchs 2x zebra tilapia 10 inches 1x Texas Cichlid 5 inches Free due to closing down tank Pick up only from Ipswich
169.FREE- 8 Garden Pond Goldfish / Comets In Quick Need of a New Home 29/08/19 Yes
Can anyone help please to quickly rehome 8 garden pond Goldfish / Comets of varying colours - length of fish in excess of 20cm from top to tail This is because of a house sale and the new owners don’t want them. I don’t want them to die. Thank you.
170.N d aquatics custom white set up for sale £300 29/08/19 Yes
Hi there, Due to our new son and lack of time maintaining this tank we have decided to sell. Will sell tank and cabinet without equipment £200 Tank is 420L excellent condition 3'w x 2.5'h x2'd can't even see a scratch on it. Pictures do not do this tank scale and Condition justice. Cabin... ...
171.L001 Pleco Marbled Sailfin Approx 8" FREE to good home 28/08/19 No
SE London I wish to find a new home for our beloved Pleco, before it gets too big for our tank. Serious enquiries only please.
172.big tank -free to collector 27/08/19 No
48" x 24" x 30" deep tank......free to good home, really sound, good condition. can't deliver due to size 0191 5120484 north east
173.big tank free to collector 27/08/19 Yes
50" wide x26" x 34" deep big tank with . free to collector 0191 5120484 north east
174.big tankk...free 27/08/19 No
48" x 24" x 30" deep tank good condition...free to collector. can't deliver tel 0191 5120484 north east
Many fish come from massive river systems where water changes all the time. This is the difference to keeping them trapped in a ‘glass box’ & with nowhere to escape, unwanted pest can build up & possibly be a problem to fish. Using wormer plus on a regular basis will help keep these pest down. If an... ...
176.Discus delights, gourmet discus fish food hamper. Net weight of foods 210g. 26/08/19 Yes
THEY COME IN MANY COMBINATIONS TO CHOOSE FROM. SEE OUR ON-LINE SHOP TODAY FOR DEALS AND BARGAINS. Nett weight of foods 210g, and just the same as the regular gourmet hampers, but without the plastic pots. Why pay for pots when you already have them and can refill them with the same regular disc... ...
177.KUSURI WORMER PLUS, aquatic wormer, fluke & parasite killer. 26/08/19 Yes
Now in smart new updated packaging to celebrate 17 years since wormer plus first came out. Many fish come from massive river systems where water changes all the time. This is the difference to keeping them trapped in a ‘glass box’ & with nowhere to escape, unwanted pest can build up & possibly be a ... ...
178.Unwanted orfe 21/08/19 No
Free to good home ,I have three large and very healthy orfe,they are approximately 350 to 400 cm long . I need the space to introduce my small koi before the weather gets colder
179.Breeding group of Tropheus Bemba 30-40+ Fish £200 21/08/19 Yes
Looking to sell my Group of Tropheus Bemba, I have had the group from fry. The Fish are F2 and I've had no issues with bloat, I bought the group back in January and they where about 5-6 weeks old when I bought them from a Tropheus breeder in Edinburgh. They started showing signs of breeding about 2 ... ...
THEY COME IN MANY COMBINATIONS TO CHOOSE FROM. SEE OUR ON-LINE SHOP TODAY FOR DEALS AND BARGAINS. Nett weight of foods 210g, and just the same as the regular gourmet hampers, but without the plastic pots. Why pay for pots when you already have them and can refill them with the same regular discus... ...
Wanted convicts over 1.5" for large 7ft tank. Ideally I am after a breeding pair. Failing that, if you have several fish I would also be interested. Must be free or reasonable priced. Can collect within 20/30 miles of Cardiff. Thanks Justin
182.Gift Voucher Idea for the discus fish fanatic from Plymouth Discus Any Value. 18/08/19 Yes
Any value for any occasion can be bought direct on our on-line shop. Choosing the right gift for your loved ones may not always be easy. Which is why, the Plymouth Discus Gift Voucher is a perfect choice. Now, each time you want to make your loved ones feel special, gift them the freedom of choice w... ...
183.Oscar for FREE 18 months old Stunning 18/08/19 Yes
I am selling my Oscar as I have a change of direction with my tank. He/she is around 7 inches long eats like a horse and is very active. Orange in colour and a very vibrant strain. Stunning fish and will be sad to see it go. £FREE must be a suitable home tho!
184.Fish Rescue Yorkshire area 15/08/19 Yes
We are an established fish rescue and rehoming organisation, We've been running for around 10 years now helping with fish that need help and welfare issues. Whilst a lot of the 'rescues' are only in it for free fish and things we actually care about the welfare of aquatic livestock. can visit ou... ...
185.Free Golden/blue orfe 15/08/19 No
I recently had a new pond installed and the first fish I added were 2 golden orfe and 2 blue orfe. Unfortunately I didn’t realise how big these fish can grow to and therefore once they are approaching full size my pond won’t be big enough for them. I am therefore looking for someone who has a larger... ...
186.96"x36"x36" Tropical setup with sump for sale including custom made background 12/08/19 No
For sale I have an 8ft by 3ft by 3ft glass tank for sale. This comes with a sump with a 12,000lph pump, a custom made wooden stand built by a joiner, a custom made background, sand, large pieces of bogwood/drift wood and lighting. This setup cost me around £5,000 3 years ago. £3,500 for the tank... ...
187.FREE Lionfish 11/08/19 No
Have an antenna lionfish free to good home
188.FREE, CARDIFF: Maingano and Yellow Lab cichlids 11/08/19 Yes
Near fully grown, about 4 of each, free to a good home - collection only. Please note must take all
189.Porthole catfish for free 11/08/19 No
I have three porthole cats, Dianema longibarbis free as breaking down tank. Collection from Buxton, Derbyshire.
190.Jungle Bag Buddies Live Fish Shipping 10/08/19 Yes
2 x Bottles of 400 bag buddies. Sold in the USA very hard to get over here. This is for an bottle of 400. £25 each collection from Maidstone or postage for £5. Bag Buddies Fish Bag Tabs are the first water conditioner with fish calmer that come in easy-to-use, mess free tablets. Protects custome... ...
191.£125 - Aqua One Horizon Aquarium Fish Tank & Cabinet 122cm 182L + Loads of Extras 09/08/19 Yes
Item 1: Aqua One Horizon Aquarium Fish Tank & Cabinet 122cm 182L for £125 Capacity 182 litres SIZE: 1200W x 360D x 1210H mm Retails for the full set at £299 Included FREE in the Aqua One the following for a full set up: Aqua One 300W heater - £26 Aqua One Aquis Advance 1250 - £35 Aqua O... ...
192.Pond Fish 09/08/19 Yes
I’m thinning out a pond in Morecambe and have various pond fish available,they’ve been in a largeish pond so would need to go to at least a reasonable size pond,nothing small. 8-10 large various colour goldfish 2 golden orfe approx 8” Free to a good home,must bring containers/bags to move I’ve... ...
193.Blue Cobalt 7-8 + ... another one for free 08/08/19 Yes
As I need to move out urgent I'm selling my Blue Cobalt + another Blue Cobalt /not that beautiful/ for free. On the picture is with his female /an year ago / but she passed away unfortunately. Well looked after, kept in RO water , fed with minced Beef heart only. Price £80 . Based in London - can d... ...
194.Selling my Blue Cobalt 7-8 + GRADE A due to urgent moving out 08/08/19 Yes
As I need to move out urgent I'm selling my Blue Cobalt + another Blue Cobalt /not that beautiful/ for free. On the picture is with his female /an year ago / but she passed away unfortunately. Well looked after, kept in RO water , fed with minced Beef heart only. Price £80 . Based in London - can d... ...
195.Wood wanted. 07/08/19 No
Hi all. Does anyone have any aquarium wood they want to part with? I'm looking for some larger size pieces as I want to change the entire look of my tank. Feel free to contact me by text or WhatsApp/telegram with pics and price. I'm in Lancing. 07821198530 Thanks all, Nathsn
196.Free Goldfish 02/08/19 No
Various sizes of pond goldfish free for collection, Gloucester. Phone 01452525864 if interested.
197.90lbs carribsea life rock 01/08/19 Yes
Brought 90lbs of caribbsea life rock from charterhouse aquatics costing £450 for my 6 foot marine tank which has been running for 6 months so rock will be matured and full of life I added live brine shrimp and copepods to my system on first start up so I could get a good population before adding f... ...
198.Albino red eyes arowana 9\ 31/07/19 Yes
Albino red eyes arowana eating pellets/shrimp/tilapia.Unique rare fish with no drop eye.Local pick up or would ship overnight.The fish is about 9 inches now.Will also guarantee the quality of your arowana fish and will give a refund in case of DOA (dead on arrival). If you have any questions or need... ...
199.Fluval Flex Nano tank - Free To a Good Home 29/07/19 No
HI all, I have a fluval flex nano aquarium sat in my garden, It is Free to a good home ........ Needs a good clean as been sitting for about 2 months - has return pump but needs a new plug as water damaged, Also has a protein skimmer that was running on it - also just needs a new plug, First com... ...
200.Too many goldfish 29/07/19 No
We have a small garden pond which is now becoming too full with goldfish and we are therefore wanting to find a good home for some of them. If you are interested, they are free to a good home. Collection only and you would need to bring your own bags/containers as we have nothing to transport them ... ...
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