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1.Wide bar silver dollars 31/03/20 Yes
2.Thin bar silver dollars 24/03/20 Yes
2 thin bar silver dollars both around 7” & in great condition
3.5x Dollars 21/03/20 Yes
I have 5 dollars, 1x thin barred (approximately 7-8") 1x spotted approximately 5" and 3 silver dollars approximately 6". Looking for £50 for the lot, collection only and bring your own bucket. Thanks.
4x silver dollars (breeding group) 1x small blood parrot 1x Striped Raphael catfish 1x Senegal Bichir 2x male Midas cichlid 4-5 in 2x male texas cichlid 4-5in £140 takes the lot NO OFFERS Contact via mobile
5.Spotted Silver Dollar (Metynnis lippincottianus) FREE TO GOOD HOME. 16/03/20 Yes
Hi, I have 3x Spotted Silver Dollars. Lovely fish, But I want to add plants to my aquarium. Free to good home. Collection only from Faversham, Kent. Will need to bring own net and bucket.
6.3 large thin bar silver dollars 15/03/20 Yes
Good size fish eating well. 1male and two female collection only £80
7.(Breeding Group)Silver Dollars 4x WARRINGTON 14/03/20 Yes
4x large silver dollars 2male 2female £40 -will swap for fire eel Collection Warrington Contact via mobile
8.LARGE FISH FOR SALE 13/03/20 Yes
9.6 LARGE Silver Dollars 10/03/20 Yes
6x Large Silver Dollars FOR SALE at breeding age (spawns every now and then) 3 Males & 3 Females Size: Large - can be compared to the adult Tiger Barb at the back of the image £85 ONO Location: Redhill - can meet up somewhere in town or car park Email: rfredmore@yahoo.co.uk Contact (Message ... ...
We have taken in a load of very large specimen fish from a customer. Large plecs from £19.95 to £29.95 each Pangassius 12" £15 10" Geophagus males. Stunning. £25 each Red spot severum Male 6" £29.95 Adult electric blue acara £10 Silver dollars XXL £10 each Silver shark 15 to 18" £20 8" Oscar... ...
11.Fish for sale. Thin/wide bar dollars,clown loach,vieja 02/03/20 No
Tropical fish for sale. Clown loach x4 around 7inch good sizes £40 each. Clown loach 4inch £15 Vieja argentea 8/9inch £40 Black diamond Cichlid pair 6-9inch £60 the pair Thin Silver dollars x5 6/7inch £25 each Wide bar dollars x4 from 6-10 inch £40 each. Few other I might have missed ... ...
12.Tank and fish 27/02/20 Yes
I have for sale my 4ft by 18inch tall by 15inch deep fish tank for sale. This is a full tropical set up with led lights filter heater and. 8 large silver dollars 4 big rainbows (cost me £16 for 5 small ones) Penguin tetras Black neons Glowlight tetras Bronze and an albino Cory One small clow... ...
13.Lots of South America for sale due to shutting down my large tank 12/02/20 Yes
8 Metynnis fasciatus Striped collers about 5 percent is nchs£40 each 1 silver dollar 4 the much £10 4 liberifer 6 to 9 inches £25 each 5 Geophagus abalios 7” £30 each GEOPHAGUS SP RΝO TELES PIRES £30 each Breeding pair geophagus sp Rio teles pires £100 and about 20 about 2 cm Fry £5 each 2... ...
14.X 3 silver dollars 7 inch 11/02/20 No
15 quid for the 3 for quick sale
15.4 silver dollars 10/02/20 Yes
Great shoaling fish always moving around
16.Various for sale 08/02/20 No
South American lungfish 33 inch £100 Silver dollars - 2xmyleus torquatus, 1 red hook, 5 fasciatum, 1 mylossom duriventis, 6xspotted (3 different types) they range in size from 3 inch up to 8 inch £100 for them all. 2xdusky angled hachet fish 6 inch £30 for both. 2x South American puffer fish £20 ... ...
17.Tank for Sale 04/02/20 Yes
My beloved Fish Tank is up for sale I including fish, rocks, sand, heaters, air filters and some extra bits and pieces. Comes with Fluval FX6 external filter. Tank Size 3ft x 2ft x 2ft WxHxD Malawi Cichlids Frontosas Synodontis Cat Fish Silver Dollars £750.00 ****Serious... ...
18.Boyu 600litre tropical tank and fish 28/01/20 Yes
600 litre boyu tank in good condition. 2 fx6 filters Fluval led light 2 fluval heaters True parrot fish Cactus pleco 3 spot catfish Bichir Green sevrem Red Severn Headstander 3 clown loach's Few torpedoes Few algae eaters Silvia 4 silver dollars ... ...
19.5x2x2 Full tank set up, with 2000lph Filter, UV steriliser , large driftwood 23/01/20 Yes
Full tank set up 5x2x2 10mm glass no leaks selling due to closing down tank with regret. For sale 5x2x2 10mm glass tank with sliding glass sheets +hood+lights and stand with shelves. 2000lph all pond solutions filter with media. UV steriliser Twin air pumps with large sponge filter too. ... ...
20.Myleus 14/01/20 No
School of myleus red hooks and thin bars and silver dollars 9 left. £20 each or the lot for £150
21.Tropical Fish x8 £25 13/01/20 Yes
£20 4x Silver Dollars £5 Red Tailed black shark £10 3x Gourami’s Golden, Blue and Opaline All 8 fish £25
22.Megalodoras Irwini - 9"/23cm 11/01/20 Yes
This hefty, characterful bottom-dweller requires a very spacious aquarium with a soft sand substrate and it can reach 70cm as a fully grown adult. Despite its adult size, this is a gentle giant and it can even be trusted with smaller fish, although to be absolutely sure these should be at least 25%... ...
23.4 large Silver Dollars £30 20/12/19 Yes
£10 each, £30 for all 4 Very peaceful, I’m changing to all Malawi is the only reason for sale.
24.Silver dollars 27/11/19 Yes
Breeding group of large silver dollars £140 ono
25.7x silver dollars 19/11/19 No
I have 7 silver dollars for sale £40 for the lot collection mevagissey
26.Jewel rio 450 tank and fish 12/11/19 Yes
Tank has both 5part lid with 4 light bars and 3 part lid with 2 light bars looking for £250 10xsilver dollars £5 each 1 baby rest are large 4xleaf fish £5 each 1x parrot £3 1xsilver arrowana £20 only small about 5inches 1xpictus catfish £5 nice size adult Couple of convicts ... ...
27.Established Adult Silver Dollar Metynnis Hypsauchen Shoal of 6 £40 11/11/19 Yes
Amazing shoal of silver dollars, lovely big, healthy, happy fish. Looking to sell these peaceful guys due to moving to a marine set up. Would suit a 4 foot upwards tank with compatible fish which should be peaceful. These are fairly shy fish which prefer a dimly lit tank with dark substrate. They do... ...
28.Silver dollars 18/10/19 No
Looking to rehome some silver dollars near Milton Keynes, if you want to clear some tank space let me know. Cheers
29.140litre white tank-everything included 10/10/19 Yes
140 litre fish tank with HDOM filter max 28watts 240V-50Hz. All fish included, chichlids rainbow shark, Red-tailed black shark, silver dollar and two pleco's and a new babies too! One cabinet also goes with it and fish food and treatment just in case also included with accessories. Nothing wrong ... ...
30.Chocolate Cichlids 03/10/19 No
Wanted- Breeding or mature pair of chocolate chiclids. Gtr Manchester and North West. Will travel to view/ collect. Experienced fish-keeper. Also wanted large Silver Dollars. Thanks Mike
31.Crenicichla vittata - Alligator Pike Cichlid 01/10/19 No
As above - now at 6-7 inches and just starting to show its adult coloration. Increasingly predatory, will eat anything that fits in its large mouth. Currently housed with and Oscar, Pleco's, Geos, Sevs etc and is fine in a community of larger fish it can't eat. Its out grown its out some of ... ...
32.Black Diamond & Asian Arowana & tanks 23/09/19 Yes
Female Black Diamond: 1st female - 14inches - £600 (breeding size) 2nd female - 10inches -£400 Red Tail Golden Asian Arowana - 16inches - £500 Ripsaw catfish - 16inches - £50 Breeding pair of red Severums - £100 Pair of green Severums - £70 Breeding pair of Silver Dollars - £50 Large ... ...
33.Clown loach, Lnumber plecs , rotkeils many more breeding pairs 17/09/19 Yes
I have for sale Rotkeil sevs £15 ea 8 inch x2 /breeding pair sold £10 ea 6inch sold Jack Dempsey 5inch £5 Silver dollar 4/5 inch £5 L190 pleco 6inch £45 sold L200 pleco 5/6 inch £35 Clown loach 6 inch £30 sold pending Will do deal on multiple
34.6 Silver dollars £40 08/09/19 Yes
Hi have 6 large silver dollars eat very well looking for 40 pound Msg me on +44 7388 915301
35.5ft fish tank with fish 04/09/19 Yes
5ft tropical fish tank for sale 570 litres / 150 U.S gallons Tank size- 5ft length 2ft width 2ft height Total size- 5ft 5 inch length. 2ft 3 inch width. 4ft 11inch height Comes with complete setup : Lights 2 - 300watt heaters 2 large external filters worth b... ...
36.Tropical fish in 5ft fish tank 04/09/19 Yes
Tropical fish included 5 - large Oscar cichlids 6 - silver dollars 3 spotted , 3 normal 3 - 12inch ish fire eels 4 - marble and pink convict cichlids 1 male 3 females , they spawn regularly 2 - 12inch sailfin Pleco 1 - calico female bristlenose Pleco 1 - 8inch senegal Birchir 1 - 6in... ...
37.Cichlids and others in 5ft fish tank 04/09/19 Yes
Cichlids include: 5 - large Oscar cichlids 4 - marble and pink convict cichlids 1 male 3 females , they spawn regularly 2 - parrot fish cichlids Other tropical fish included 6 - silver dollars 3 spotted , 3 normal 3 - 12inch ish fire eels 2 - 12inch sailfin Pleco 1 - calico female ... ...
38.2x Geophagus altifrons, 2x silver dollars and bristlenose pleco 23/08/19 Yes
Hi all, up for sale are 2x Geophagus altifrons, 2x silver dollars and bristlenose pleco selling due to buying a big snakehead which I think will eat them. 2x Geophagus altifrons are 4/5" 2x silver dollars 4/5" and bristlenose pleco 3/4" £60 for the lot. Or make me offer. Buy to bring co... ...
39.Tropical Fish tank and all equipment 13/08/19 Yes
Tropical fish tank with cabinet, heater, pump, external filter. All bogwood and rocks included worth around £75. New double light unit bought last year for £150 included. Fish included also but can rehome if necessary which are silver dollars x2, torpedo barb, red tail botia, syno Angelicus and poss... ...
40.Silver dollars wanted 02/08/19 No
A shoal of silver dollars wanted, must be a decent size. To go in a 5ft tank. Thanks
41.Americans 09/07/19 No
Few Americans for sale: 10 inch true parrot 7 inch true parrot x2 7 inch Tiger oscar x2 10 inch Albino red oscar 4 inch Cuban x2 5.5 inch Cuban 4/5 inch blood parrott 3 inch cryptoheros cutteri 1 inch cryptoheros cutteri 3.5 inch jack Dempsey x2 Electric blue acara fry x20 Flowerhor... ...
42.Silver dollars 06/07/19 Yes
Good health eating well I have 6 an 1" n length. £10.
43.NOW SOLD---Excellent shoaling fish with big Cichlids---3 x Silver Dollar Tetras (2 x 4 inch/1 x 3 inch)--£40 or make me an offer for all 3 in Leeds 25/06/19 Yes
We are moving to new project and selling most of our fish. Those 3 must go asap. Excellent with big fish. Pick up only from LS16 or can deliver within 10 miles radius from my home address (1 mile-£1) Text me if interested in 07894712156
44.Common Pleco 10-12 inches needs new home £15. 18/06/19 No
I have a Common Pleco currently in with a Tiger Oscar and Silver Dollars, but he is outgrowing current tank. Want to see it go to a good home. Collection only.
45.Closing down tank due to no time. 21/05/19 Yes
1x 30” fire eel 1x 20” fire eel sold 1x 8” tyre track eel 1x 10” female jag 2x 8” male female dovi sold 2x 7” male female parrots 1x 12” tiger shovel nose 1x 8” paroon shark 1x 6” orange spot plec 5x 5-6” silver dollars 2x 12” 1x 5” banded liparinas sold 1x 12-14” silver arowana All ... ...
46.Closing down tank due to no time. 15/05/19 No
1x 30” fire eel 1x 20” fire eel 1x 8” tyre track eel 1x 10” female jag 2x 8” male female dovi 2x 7” male female parrots 1x 12” tiger shovel nose 1x 8” paroon shark 1x 6” orange spot plec 5x 5-6” silver dollars 2x 12” 1x 5” banded liparinas 1x 12-14” silver arowana All really healthy fis... ...
47.Fish stock sale due to tank closure 09/04/19 Yes
Due to ill health I'm having to close down my tanks. I will be selling tanks but all livestock to go first buyer to bring suitable containers for transport of fish and I need to know they are going to a suitable home. Currently buyer will have to catch fish as I'm not physically fit enough to do so... ...
48.Fish livestock list updated 21/03/19 World of Water Crawley, West Sussex (APC delivery available) 21/03/19 Yes
Please find attached up to date stocklist published 21/03/19. Please refer to our Facebook page for more regularly updated pages, along with photos, videos etc of new stock and special offers. ‭ We prefer collection from our superstore in West Sussex, on the outskirts of Crawley. We can del... ...
49.8 large silver dollars 26/02/19 Yes
All healthy selling due to I would just like a change. Any question text or phone 07716305410 thanks you
50.130 Litre Fluval Tank with Fish & Accessories 21/02/19 Yes
X1 - 130 litre Fluval Fish Tank X1 - Unit Built for the tank X1 - JBL CristalProfi E700 Filter system X6 - Tank decorations X1 - Fluval Tank Heater X1 - Clean bucket for clearing the tank X1 - Net & hose pipe for clearing the tank 6+ months worth of food included X2 - humphead cichli... ...
51.free to collector 26/01/19 No
I have a silver dollar fish to give away.I have had him for around 2 years.I think he is around 3 inches long.I have just set up a larger tank where I am going to have smaller fish.He is currently on his own in a smaller tank.
52.Moving house must go Full 4ft aquarium setup £1 (sensible offers) 20/01/19 Yes
*Moving house must go* 55 Gallon 4ft aquarium for sale must go since I'm moving house and there is no room in new house. Open to sensible offers since i need to sell ASAP. In brackets are market prices for all times almost worth £1000 selling for cheap. Included in sale are 1ΧAdult silver dol... ...
53.Pair BLACK DIAMOND stingray and ASIAN AROWANA 10/01/19 Yes
Hi, i am sadly having to close down my tank. I Have built this up over time and paid good money for high quality fish and accesories. I am only selling due to personal circumstances and it hasn't been easy to come to this decision. I will list all items for sale with individual prices and a price fo... ...
54.Asian Arowana, pair of beautiful pure black diamond stingrays 06/01/19 Yes
Hi, i am sadly having to close down my tank. I Have built this up over time and paid good money for high quality fish and accesories. I am only selling due to personal circumstances and it hasn't been easy to come to this decision. I will list all items for sale with individual prices and a price fo... ...
55.Pair of Silver Dollars & Pair of spotted Silver Dollars 30/12/18 Yes
Beautiful pairs of Silver Dollars looking for 20 pound or swops for smaller species
56.Silver dollars 20/12/18 Yes
15x large silver dollars very nice fish, £8 each no offers please thanks
57.Multiple community fish (30) for sale 18/12/18 Yes
Two barlor sharks, 4 silver dollar, two albino catfish, two pictus catfish, two opaline gouramis, 6 barbs, 4 medium angel fish, 1 Red tail shark, two rainbow fish, 1 bristle nose pleco, one firemouth cichlid. £100. Open to offers.
58.3x 5inch silver dollars 19/11/18 Yes
I have three 5 inch silver dollars that I need to move on . Based in grays Essex. Collection only
59.Community cichlid and more. 10/11/18 No
Closing down 2 tanks. Fish for sale include uaru group red head tapajo groupTrue parrot cichlid. Red zheng zhu flowerhorn. spotted silver dollars a bichir golden nugget plec baby fresh water barracuda and black ghost knife fish. If interested. Reply to add and I will give you all details. Size pric... ...
60.Job Lot Tropical Fish 25/10/18 No
Selling job lot of tropical fish need gone asap from Blackburn, lancashire, BB1 9RR 4 Rainbow fish 2 Silver Dollars 5 Angelfish 1 Flagtail Charasin Looking for £40 for the lot. Phone or text 07791762335 for more info or pics :) Thanks
61.Variety of SA cichlids, barbs, tanganyikan cichlids etc. 08/10/18 No
Neolamprologus occelatus F1 Isanga M&F pair £15 Altolamprologus calvus black 2 for £16 Neolamprologus brevis – M&F breeding pair £12 male brevis 3 Torpedo barbs 3.5 – 5” (very large ones) £11 each or 10 for £85 Heros efasciatus F1 Rio Arapiuns (Tapajos) 2 breeding pairs 6” pl... ...
62.Big silver dollars and Bala sharks 05/10/18 Yes
Due to moving home I’m having to shut down my 1000 litre tank.the following are for sale or will consider swaps for l-Plecos 4 xl silver sharks £7 each 1 lge Oscar £15 3 x 6inch severums £10 each 4 lge silver dollars £10 each 4 small silver dollars £5 each 3 clown loaches £5 2 xl clown... ...
63.Many fish for sale due to tank closure wide selection 02/10/18 No
1 6" silver dollar 1 9" parrot fish 4 female venustus 1x6" &3x3" 1 common plec 9" 2 picts cat fish 4" 2 featherfin catfish 7" 3 featherfin catfish 4" 4 female adult ob peacock 2 male adult ob peacock 1 male livingstoni 9" 1 male bumblebee ... ...
64.Angelfish tropical fish canvey island essex discus pleco 08/09/18 Yes
I am a hobbyist breeder of angelfish and discus. I have in stock angelfish of all sizes from small to XXXL. I can also get ANY fish you are looking for from guppy to stringrays at a wholesale price. From first time fish keepers to the most experienced I cater for. My fish room holds over 300... ...
65.Silver Dollars x 3 05/09/18 Yes
Hi I’m selling my 3 silver dollars as they are being bullied by my Sajica Cichlid and are getting a bit stressed out. I think it’s two boys and a girl, the boys are 4 inches long and the girl a bit less. Will be sad to see them go but I’d rather they were happy. I’m asking for £10 for all 3. Sorry b... ...
66.1500mm 5 aquarium for sale 31/07/18 Yes
Due to house move I must reluctantly offer my tank for sale. It is a Cleair MAZ1500 with sump Included is pump, filter media, internal decor, water test kit, algae scraper and fish. 5 x Geophagus 2 x Silver Dollar fish 1 x Catfish 1 x Plecko 1 x Black Ghost Knife fish 2 x Red Tiger Osca... ...
67.6 silver dollars and 3 tinfoil barbs. 12/07/18 Yes
6 adult silver dollars all approx 6" £40 for all 6 3 adult tinfoil barbs 8-10" each £20 for the 3 Collect from lincoln
68.Silver Dollars 04/07/18 No
Shoal of l2 Silver Dollar for sale 4-5 inches. Great tank filler very striking £30.
69.Bargain - Rena 5ft - 450 litre Full set up - £550 19/06/18 No
I would prefer the full set up to go together and possibly open to sensible offers. This is a full set up unit. Price includes tank and full unit (Tank is in great condition) no peaks and all seems intact. Unit has slight damage under one of the cupboard doors. (Pictures show damage) Flu... ...
70.2xsilver dollar fish £20 for both 24/05/18 Yes
I have 2 silver roller fish for sale. They are a fair size and get on well together. I am currently in the stage of changing my tank to smaller fish.
71.Fully Revised Stock List - The Aquatic Store Bristol 09-05-2018 09/05/18 Yes
Tetras: Super Ringo Owando Tetra (Very Rare) Red Congo Tetra (Alestopetersius Brichardi) RARE Black Neon Tetra Yellow Neon Tetra Marble Hatchet Fish Giant Silver Hatchet Fish Cardinal Tetra (Super Condition) Red Phantom Tetra Black Phantom Tetra Red Eyed Tetra Flame Tetra Super Oran... ...
72.Oddball, Predator, South American Cichlids STOCK LIST @ The Aquatic Store Bristol 09.05.18 09/05/18 Yes
We offer a good selection of Oddball, Predator and South/ Central American Cichlids, always fully quarantined and greedily accepting food before going on sale. They are housed in our individually filtered fish house containing more than 140 aquariums. Please call ahead for availability as certain ... ...
73.2 x Discus & 2 x Silver Dollars 05/05/18 Yes
Four nice fish need a new home. Had these since babies. I think the discus have paired up but not 100% sure. Can sell separate or individually. Discounted to £120 the lot or individual prices as below: 1 large turquoise discus (5 1/2 inches) - £60 1 large blue diamond discus (4 1/2 inches) - £30... ...
74.Selection of tropical fish 06/04/18 Yes
Selection of tropical fish for sale X1 spotted severum 5-6 inch X1 gold severum 5-6 inch X1 fire eel 7-8 inch X1 black ghost knife 7-8 inch X1 pleco 13-14 inch X3 spotted silver dollars 4-5 inch X4 red rainbow 2 inch X3 Siamese Fox 3 inch X3 adult mollies 2-3 inch £90 the lot
75.Aqua oak systemised turtle aquarium pics on request 02/04/18 No
All is approx 2 years old bought brand new from maidenhead aquatics. 4ft aqua oak aquarium Oak stand Sump Original pelmet Homemade turtle dock covers the entire tank top Jebao dct-8000 return pump 300w heater Filter sponge 60kg Dragon rock Led lights All pipework included Home made tu... ...
76.3 x Tin Foil Barbs + 4 x Silver Dollars for sale 28/03/18 No
I have 3x 5-6inch Tinfoil Barbs and 4x 3-4inch Silver Dollars looking for a new home. Big healthy fish. £5 each or £25 for all 7. They are in a large community tank at the moment and provide a lot of great entertainment, lovely and active, great shiny scales. feeding well on flake food, veg, pra... ...
77.4 5 inch disc red hook silver dollars 18/03/18 No
4 red hook silver dollars 5 inch disc growing fast and eating lots...outgrowing my cichlids and too big for my tank...pick up only
78.silver 08/03/18 No
I have 4 3inc silver dollars for sale in very good condition nice and health selling as need more room in tank for cichlids. except three pounds each or swop for cichlids
79.Tank and fish for sale 05/03/18 Yes
Fluval 39" x 22" x 16" cristalprofi e700 external filter complete set up pair of frontosa pair of silver dollar pair of parrot fish also sun spot catfish and spotted catfish £150 no offers
80.Maidenhead Aquatics at Guildford - Pleco, Catfish, Cory and Misc Fish 03/03/18 Yes
Hello Tropical Fishkeepers Here is a list of Pleco’s, Catfish, Corys and larger Fish in stock at Maidenhead Aquatics Guildford. L-Numbered Plecos L007 – Galaxy Plec L018 – Gold Nugget L027 – Royal Panaque “Tocantins” “Big” L029 – Galaxy Plec L030/L033 – Peppermint Plec L033 – Snowball Pl... ...
81.7 large Silver dollars for sale £70 23/02/18 No
7 silver dollars for sale large 5inch £70,, rainham Kent message me for video on WhatsApp
83.Various large tropical fish 23/01/18 Yes
Reluctantly having to sell my fish 2 extra large Silver Dollars 1Large humbug catfish ( talking catfish) 1 large chunky clown loach 1 small Angel 1 small spotted catfish 1 plec £40
85.Fish for sale, whole tank closing down 03/01/18 No
Getting out of the game. Unfortunately I'm struggling to keep on top of the maintenance due to lack of time and a bad back! 3 large angel fish £8 each all 3 £20 4x large redline torpedo barbs 5"+ £15 each all 4 £45 2x ornate polypterus 8"+ £25 each both £40 3x Pakistani loaches £5 each... ...
86.Predatory and big fish 30/10/17 Yes
2x orinocensis peacock bass 8-10” £70 each 1x l190 Royal Pleco nice solid bars 8” £60 3x 4-5” wide bar silver dollars £40 each 5x 3” channa bleheri £20 each 1x 5-6” myleus blackberry silver dollar £60 Will take swaps for other rare predatory fish Location Blackpool Collection only
87.Metynnis fasciatus (tiger silver dollars) 12/10/17 No
4x 5”-6” tiger silver dollars for sale £80 for the 4 07927612752 blackpoool area
88.Group of large parrot fish 29/09/17 Yes
Group of 4 large parrot fish £100 for the group. Also have a group of 5 silver dollars £100
89.ALL MY FISH MUST GO 16/09/17 Yes
Changing over to marine so all fish have to go These are mainly African cichlids. Frontosa x 1 Nyrere x 1 OB peacock x 2 borellyi kandanga x 1 yellow lab x 1 yellow peacock x 1 elongatus chewere x 2 aceI yellow tail x 1 Johanni x 1 red sailfin pleco x 1 common pleco x 1 albino pleco x... ...
90.8 inch oscar 10/09/17 No
I have an 8 inch oscar for sale. Unfortunately he has starting chasing my silver dollars, and has split my 6ft tank in half. He is very large, and is a tiger oscar. Beautiful colours, and us not aggressive, just likes to chase! Needs a large tank. Open to offers. Please phone/text 07930975143 or 074... ...
Updated Stock list 15/09/2017 Corydoras/CW Numbers: CW028 Corydoras Super Schwartzi STUNNING XXL STORE FIRST Limited Corydoras Gold Lasers F1 XL NEW super condition C12 Corydoras Punctatus NICE CW009 Green lazer Corydoras SUPER CONDITION XL STORE FIRST Limited CW051 Corydoras sp VERY NICE... ...
92.Silver dollars 04/08/17 No
Two silver dollars around 4months old
93.Large Fish For Sale - Leicester 27/07/17 Yes
LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and healthy. All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15....... All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15....... All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15....... Silver Dollar Jack Dems Large Malawi sele... ...
94.Large fish for sale - Leicester 25/07/17 Yes
LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and healthy. All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15....... All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15....... All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15....... Parrots Silver Dollar Jack Dems Large Mal... ...
95.All fish for sale large and small. 22/07/17 No
LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15......All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15.....All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15.....All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15.....All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15 ... ...
96.Large fish for sale 13/07/17 No
LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15......All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15.....All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15.....All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15.....All Fish £10 each or 2 for £15 ... ...
97.PREDATORY FISH FOR SALE.... 06/07/17 No
98.3 breeding oscars. 2 very large 18/06/17 Yes
I have 2 tiger oscars and 1 albino. Not sure which ones are male and female but they have had a few batches of fry. 2 of the fish are very large and one medium. These are like £45 each in shops. Only want £70 for all 3. Please note these need a big tank and must only live with other large fish like ... ...
99.LARGE FISH FOR SALE - All Fish £10 each 16/06/17 Yes
LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and healthy. All Fish £10 each....... All Fish £10 each....... All Fish £10 each....... XXL Parrot x 1 XXXL Parrot x 1 XXL Green Terrors x 2 Army Loach x 2 XL Silver Doll... ...
100.LARGE FISH FOR SALE - Leicester 16/06/17 Yes
LARGE FISH FOR SALE. Wide selection of fish to choose from. All fishes have vibrant colours. They are all eating well and healthy. All Fish £10 each....... All Fish £10 each....... All Fish £10 each....... XXL Parrot x 1 XXXL Parrot x 1 XXL Green Terrors x 2 Army Loach x 2 XL Silver Doll... ...
101.Splash Tropicals Updated Stocklist 22/05/17 No
Full Stocklist Below Updated 22/05/2017 Splash Tropicals South Terrace The Green Southwick SR5 2AW Contact Ryan/Kelly on 07572554047 / 07895292006 Email: splash.tropicals@hotmail.co.uk Opening Hours: Monday 10am-5pm Tuesday 10am-5pm Wednesday 10am-2pm Thursday CLOSED Fr... ...
102.CICHLIDS FOR SALE - Leicester 15/05/17 Yes
CICHLIDS FOR SALE. XXL Parrot x 1 XXXL Parrot x 1 XXL Green Terrors x 2 Large Salvini x 2 Jack Dems x 2 Large Malawi selection Yellow Labs Aulonocara cichlids Tropheus cichlids Army Loach x 2 XL Silver Dollar x 1 XXL Silver Dollar x 1 XXXL Silver Dollar x 1 Wide selecti... ...
104.Silver dollar group 20/04/17 No
Group of fully grown and very big silver dollars for sale x5 in total lovely red Sheen to their stomach aswel eating well very active and stay together , sadly I need more space thank you for reading Daniel. Please what's app me for further details and price thanx 07922689275
105.9 silver dollars £80 20/03/17 No
I've got 9 silver dollars for sale 5"-6" in size won't £80 for the lot or swap for some severums I'm in Mansfield ng20
106.complete set up for sale 21/02/17 No
jewel 450 bow fronted tank for sale complete with cabinet.under gravel filter with powerhead,lights and heater.also the tank comes with a community of fish.large silver dollars.tin foil barbs,severons,variouse catfish etc.phone paul for more detials on 07980797344.£200
107.Fish for sale(or swap for other predatory fish) 01/02/17 Yes
Oscars,silver dollars some spotted,2 gold severems,jaguar cichlid,jd,catfish £45 the lot or would think about swapping for other predatory fish
108.tropical fish for sale 16/01/17 Yes
I have various tropical fish for sale 6x young pear danios £8 the group 7x xl 5"silver dollars from different sauces £40 the group 2x tatia intermedia 2" £4 each 5x pareutropius debauwi 2.5" £4 each 1x l104 clown plec 2" £10 juvenile red belly piranha 2.5" £5 xl synodontis featherfin 6" £1... ...
109.5 silver dollars 09/01/17 Yes
5 stunning 5 inch silver dollars in very healthy condition nice peaceful fish £5 each
110.Jaguar Cichlid, silver dollars and convict for sale. 19/12/16 Yes
Jaguar Cichlid around 10cm. 3 silver dollars around 10cm and female convict 8cm. Fish all in healthy condition and eating well. Convict is constantly laying eggs! Jag £15 Convict £10 Silver dollars £10 each Or £40 for the lot ono, may swap
111.Parkers Aquatic Centre - Tropical Fish in Bristol, Full Stocklist 17/12/16 Yes
Latest Fish List - Updated 17/12/16 Current stock List: Inverts: Bamboo shrimp : few Yamoto shrimp: cherry shrimp: yellow fire shrimp: Assorted Crystal Shrimp: Large blue lobster Vampire crabs Tetra/ Characins: Black widow tetra Cardinal tetra Congo tetra Neon tetra Serpae tet... ...
112.Swapping to marine 11/12/16 No
Hello, I have for sale 1 black arowana about 15inch,2*temensis peacock bass about 7 or 8 inch, 1 red hook,1 silver dollar, 2*can't remember what there called, the reason for sale is I'm closing down the tank and trying my hand at Marine, looking for 350ono , please call 07895074157
113.Fasciatus metynnis striped silver dollars 20/11/16 No
Hi i have a group of 10 fasciatus metynnis silver dollars for sale these are all large adults, currently rarely seen for sale in the uk. I need to move these on as i need the tank space regretably Please txt me on 07717374814 Collection is from le10 Hinckley
114.Fish, cory and plecs 11/11/16 No
Updated stock list and prices for sale Hartlepool; 4 inch Silver Dollars £4 each 2 inch Silver Dollars £2 each 1.5 inch Guinacara Stergosi £2 each Large Peruvian Angels £7.50 each 2 for £10 2 inch Tiger Oscars £4 each 1.5 inch Blue Rams £2.50 each 4 inch Female brown longfin ... ...
115.Stripped silver dollars x4 06/11/16 Yes
All about 5 inches 2 male 2 female all very nearly fully grown Great active fish Only selling as I'm moving and need to get rid of my tank £95 It's only letting me put 1 picture up if u want to c more just ask Thanks for looking
116.2 x adult silver dollars - Free - Luton 05/11/16 No
Got 2 x silver dollars for a good home Let me know when you can collect. Many thanks Sally
117.Silver Dollar for sale 16/10/16 No
Hi, I've got one silver dollar and one spotted silver dollar to rehome. They came with the aquarium I bought but I can't keep them with my guppies and tetras. They are in a very good shape and eating well. Looking for £15 for both but I'm open to offers. Please note that this is collection only fr... ...
118.5 x 2 x 2 Fish Tank 20/09/16 No
I have for sale a 5x2x2 tank with a Fluval FX5, light unit with 2 light tubes, magnetic glass cleaner, air pump, gravel cleaner, 2 nets and algae scraper. Fish include Parrot fish, Albino Pangasius, Blue Lobsters, 3 types of Geophagus, 2x Headstanders, silver dollars & 2 loach. Tank has a few... ...
119.looking for large silver dollars and tiger oscars 07/09/16 No
need a few silvers dollars and tiger oscars. Preferable large as a big tank with big fish. call me on 07834627168
Pair of XL pink Parrots £65. Texas Cichlid £15. Bosemani Rainbows (2.5") £7.50 Dwarf Neon/Red Honey Gouramis (2") £4, 3 For £10 Geophagus (3.5") £15 Large Plecs (10-15") £25-35 L Tin Foils (4") £15 XL Lionheads (5") £25 Mini Silver Dollars (2") £5 L264 Plec (4") -£POA L66 Plec (... ...
121.11 Silver Dollar fish extra Large for sale £65 ono 15/08/16 Yes
Great Group Need these gone Eleven fish in total 3 inch up to 5 inch or so Lovely Active fish non aggressive polite fish also have other fish for sale could do as a Breeding project aswell
122.Clown Loach, Tinfoil Barbs, Silver Dollars, Loachs, Talking Cats, Digital Heaters 12/08/16 No
Im closing down my 6ft Community Tank so the following fish are for Sale: 4 Clown Loach between 4-7 Inches £65 4 Large Tinfoil Barbs 5 inch Plus £20 6 Large Silver Dollars £35 2 Large Dennison/ Torpedo Barbs £25 2 Large Talking Catfish £15 2 Striped Loach & 1 Polka Loach £15 2 Large 300... ...
123.Stunning tropical fish( parrots- arowana-silver dollars) 08/07/16 Yes
For sale due to change of set up 4 large parrot fish 2 are a breeding pair 6-7inches £80 for 4 or £20 each 1 12 inch silver arowana £65 2 silver dollars 5 inches £15 1 3inch Green and speckled face severums £10 Or Looking on swapping Malawi fish All fish are in stunning condition Back ... ...
Albino dantum Angelfish £6.50 each Ken Kennedy Angelfish £10 each or 2 for £15 Geophagus turiacu £12.50 each or 2 for £20 Geophagus Tapajos £8 each or 3 for £20 Firemouth cichlids £5 each or 2 for £8 Silver dollars £5 each L066 King Tiger £12.50 each L333 £12 each or 3 for £28 Peckoltia Sp. ... ...
125.8 x large silver dollars 25/06/16 No
All 4"plus Will trade for a group of bosemani rainbows Will trade for a group of red line torpedoes Will trade for a fluval fx5 filter
126.Looking for freshwater aquarium fish 21/06/16 No
Hi, We're looking for a few more fish to join those in our established aquarium:- 4 small silver dollars 5 scissortails 3 small cory catfish If anyone is selling these or planning on breeding we'd love to hear from you. Thanks Kat
127.180 litre aquarium with fish and equipment inc 18/06/16 Yes
For sale is my 180 litre fish tank with cabinet in good condition with fish, external filter, gravel, net, gravel cleaner, glass magnet cleaner, 4 clown loach, silver dollars, gold barb, tetras, zebra loach, small sucker fish. The tank also comes with some water testing equipment and treatments, the... ...
128.3 silver dollars and 2 spotted dollars 12/06/16 Yes
Hi I have for sale 3 silver dollars one is large and the other 2 are smaller and also have 2 spotted dollars Wanting £5 each Please email or text Pick up dh5 area Durham
129.8 Large Silver Dollars 20/05/16 Yes
This listing is for eight large silver dollars for £39.00 ono. They are currently being kept in a 600 litre tank, which really should be considered a minimum for this large schooling group. The group is very peaceful, however can be easily startled. I'd estimate that the largest is around 7... ...
130.tank filters, rocks, lights and various fish for sale 17/05/16 Yes
4 foot tank, undergravel power filter external 1400lph filter arcadia light four clown loach 6" 4" and to 3" breeding pair of red belly silver dollars 6" one large 5" kio angelfish eight malawi peacock ciclids various sizes 5 - 3" in size £200 job lot or £15 per fish. needs to go before wee... ...
131.Shoal of silver dollars 02/05/16 No
Large shoal of silver dollar's all healthy and eating and trying to breed not getting on in tank so looking to sell or swap for American cichlids there's 10 altogether
132.Massive Stock Range 01/05/16 Yes
CRAZY BANK HOLIDAY DEALS ON TROPICALS!! Don't miss out offers end 3pm Monday or while stocks last! Tanganyikan Cichlids Buy 4 get 1 free Silver Dollars 3 for £15 Pink kissers 2 for £8 Galaxy Rasbora 5 for £15 Pearlscale/Midas Cichlids 3 for £20 Red Neck Severums 2 for £20 Larg... ...
133.6 x2x2 set up 24/04/16 No
6x2x2 with big sump , everything included , heater , powerhead light unit and brackets return pump in sump , all pipe work, all media , new gravel , pots and stones , fish =3x bass , 2xgars , 3xclown loach,2x cat fish , midis ,4x snooks ,2x softshell turtles , wolf fish , balzai geophagus , golden d... ...
134.jewel trigon 350 set up including fish 24/04/16 No
including ex1200 external filter, 300w beta heater , aqua double air pump , black gravel , extra large ship , various other deco , can include fish - 1x jag (5inch) electric blue acura (3inch) 2x firemouth (3inch) knife fish (7inch) jd ( 4inch) breading pair of jds(5inch) jewel (4inch) lobst... ...
135.Tank clearance - large oscars sold 14/04/16 Yes
3 large oscars - breeding pair included 6 silver dollars Catfish Plec Red tail shark Additional Pictures available on request. Offers welcome.
136.5 Huge Silver Dollars for sale 12/04/16 Yes
I am selling my huge silver dollars, roughly the size of your hand. The buyer will actually receive 6 silver dollars this size but as one has a bit of damage to its top fin and left hand side I'm giving this away for free. Purchased a tank and these came with it but I'm using the tank for Mala... ...
137.Silver Dollars x 3 7 inches , 6 inches & 5 inches £10 21/03/16 Yes
3 x Silver Dollars, 7", 6" and 5" long All a good silver colour with a red-tipped tail Have had them for a couple of years Live happily in my moderately aggressive community tank with Jack Dempseys, datenoid, Angels, Knife Fish, etc Lovely fish, only selling up as we are moving to a smal... ...
138.Beautiful Basket Mouth Cichlid (Caquetaia spectabilis) for sale 16/03/16 Yes
Regrettably I'm having to sell my beautiful Basket Mouth Cichlid (Caquetaia spectabilis) due to his aggression to recent additions. He is 6 solid inches of fish and packs a serious attitude. Currently housed in a 5x2x2 with a 11" Oscar, Silver Dollars and a spotted gar. Has little fan... ...
139.boddington koi,tropical and coldwater fish.oddballs,plecs,channa,aquatic shop 10/03/16 Yes
Available stock list updated 10-3-16,fish orders done weekly can order pretty much anythink,great prices were based just outside worcester,so local to droitwich,malvern,bromsgrove,kidderminster,stourport,birmingham. Tropical fish stock.collection only Email for more information on Matthew.o... ...
140.Moving house , Fish for sale 10/03/16 No
Hi all, Moving house at the end of March so I need to sell my fish, keeping the tank though for a set up later in the year once I have settled in. Fish are 2 x Silver dollars approx 15 cm long 2 x plecs approx 20cm long 1 x peppered catfish approx 20 cm long 1 x clown loach approx 8 cm lo... ...
141.Silver dollars 10/03/16 Yes
fast fish but very peaceful ok with most fish Many thanks aquamania essex Coming soon
142.Tropical fish (emptying tank/changing into turtle tank) 09/03/16 Yes
2 silver dollar fish 2 moonlight gourami 3 pearl gourami 1 pleco 2 small Angel fish 1 larger Angel fish 2 striped medium size fish (unsure of type) 15 or so small fish including platt, guppy,..... All fish to be sold together £80 ovno
143.lone silver dollar needs a new , caring home. 09/03/16 No
I have a mature Silver Dollar ,as big as they get ,all alone now his tankmates have drawn their last pensions . He- I always assume they are he's - is a bit nervous and likely very lonely nw. Can anyone offer a good home either with his own kind , or peaceful community fish , of a suitable size? He ... ...
144.Tropical Fish for Sale - Dorking Surrey 06/03/16 Yes
Silver Shark Large 8 inch - £20 Red Tail Shark 4 inch - £8 5 x Spotted Silver Dollar School 4 inch - £30 3 X golden barb - £3 2 X Harlequin - £2 Pink Gourami - £3 Blue spot gourami - £3 2 X Angels - £4 Cory - £2 3 X Cherry Barb - £3 Purple Danio (???) - £1
145.£20 absolute bargain : 2x Black Ghost Knife, Six Banded distichodus, Geophagus, 3x small parrot fish + others £30 for all 19/02/16 No
Selling tropical to start marine : 2x Black Ghost Knife (5-6"), Six Banded distichodus (3"), Geophagus (3"), 3x small parrot fish (1.5", 1x Silver dollar (1.5"), 2 Featherfin Catfish 2.5", 1x Common Pleco (2-3") All for £20 in perfect condition and all eating well on pellets, flake and bloodworm.... ...
146.Custom fish tank aquarium with fish and accessories - needs to be seen 28/01/16 Yes
Selling my pride and joy fish tank due to an upcoming house move. Also eventually would like to move to a smaller marine tank. Willing to sell everything separately as follows: Tank with custom made hood, custom LED tube (rrp £60), tube light with starter unit, stand (blocks) and home made co... ...
147.Stingrays, Royal pleco, silver dollars for sale, see description for info 30/11/15 Yes
5 stingrays for sale, L190 royal pleco and 6x 5" silver dollars, collection only from Blackpool. I have asked several experienced keepers about pricing and feel these are fair but always open to sensible offers. Picture 1 - 17-18" King female marble, approx 4 years old, ready for pups £300. Pictur... ...
148.Lots of rare silver dollar types metynnis / myleus 20/11/15 No
FOR SALE 36x 5/6" metynnis fasciatus (stripped dollar) £25 each or deals on groups 10x adult breeding group 7/8" spawned many times metynnis roosevelti (spotted dollar) £250 group 4x rare adult metynnis blackberry 7/8" (2 pairs) £500 no offers 18x 3-4" metynnis roosevelti £12 eac... ...
149.Cichlids 4 sale 17/11/15 No
2x mono fish 3 to 4 inch £15 each 4 x spotted silver dollar £2.50 to £5.00 Red zebra 1m £10 1f £10 4-6 inch 1x convict 4inch £5 Hongi's 4to6 inch £10 to £15 1m bumblebee 5inch £15 1f bumblebee 3 to 4inch £12 Various peacocks range from £10 to £25 1m mpanga about 3inch at £10 1f mpanga abou... ...
150.One spot catfish 3…5-4 inches 25/10/15 No
Selling my aquarium. The one spot catfish is living with my Oscars. He is about 4 inches a lovely fish. I paid £39.99 but will sell for £25. Collection from Grantham. The photo is not the actual fish...difficult to photo when just fed! Also have. Knife fish, Oscars, silver dollar and plecs. ... ...
151.Wanted giant gourami 25/10/15 No
I'm looking for a giant gourami for my 6 x 3 x 2 tank which houses silver dollars, red parrot fish and redtail catfish Can collect within reason of distance. Cash waiting
152.Current Freshwater Stocklist Maidenhead Aquatics Coventry 17/10/15 No
Hi :) Here we have our current list of freshwater species available within store. We will be doing our best to keep it updated with any new deliveries. Please do not hesitate to call us for further enquiries. Feel free to like us on Facebook at Maidenhead Aquatics at Coventry. Live bearers; ... ...
153.7 large Oscars for sale & silver Dollar & others 13/10/15 Yes
Selling my aquarium. I have 7 large Oscars, 6 large Silver Dollars, 1 black Indian Knife Fish, 1 large one Spot Catfish, several smaller catfish and a couple of plecs. All living in the same very large tank. Can sell separate or split, I will accept sensible offers. We all know what they are wor... ...
154.Large Silver Dollars x6 13/10/15 Yes
Selling my aquarium. These are living with Oscars and catfish. They are a very good size body about 2 inches wide. Very healthy. Seeking sensible offers. 07557747784 collection from grantham
155.3 LARGE SILVER DOLLARS 10/10/15 No
Not sure if male or female I think 1 is female 2 males all stick together would say they are pretty much fully grown one is smaller than the other 2 any only has one eye from birth £25 please text any questions 07773890287
156.FREE to a good home 1 large silver dollar 22/08/15 No
Need this fish gone free to eny 1 who wants it ring 07784512375
157.large silver dollars for sale 20/08/15 No
I have 10 large silver dollar's for sale, they are currently about 3-4 inches long, very peaceful community fish, I would like them to all go together hence only asking £60. I have a fish box for transportation.
158.Fully setup juwel vision for sale with fish £500 Ono 16/08/15 Yes
we are selling our large tropical tank due to moving to a smaller house. You will be buying the whole tank as seen in the photo, with all the fish and decoration. The tank will come with an internal filter plus a external filter, the stand. Fish inside inc: large silver dollars, many many chi lid... ...
159.Stunning Full working Setup With or without fish £350 Ono 06/08/15 No
I'm selling my loved Fluval Roma 240 In full working Order with one Exception Being the blue bulb is on its way out. Easily Replaced. Comes with all you see in Pics and a few more extra. There are Large Sevs 2 of them lying eggs but never seen any young as of yet. Also there are 2 silver dollars a... ...
160.2 SMALL/MEDIUM silver dollars for sale £12 04/08/15 Yes
2 silver dollars for sale (as a pair) bought in early June, fed on hikari cichlid pellets predominantly and bloodworm, reason for selling is changing tank around. call or text 07746814930 for more info
161.Cichlids etc 04/07/15 Yes
The following fishes currently available : 04/07/2015 Cichlids Acaronia nassa Amphilophus citrinellum Andinoacara aequinoctalis Apistogramma cacatuoides Apistogramma hongsloi Cichla ocellaris Cryptoheros cutteri Cyphotilapia frontosa Cyrtocara moorii Geophagus altifrons Geophagus ar... ...
162.Cichlids Catfish Piranha 04/07/15 Yes
The following fishes currently available : 04/07/2015 Cichlids Acaronia nassa Amphilophus citrinellum Andinoacara aequinoctalis Apistogramma cacatuoides Apistogramma hongsloi Cichla ocellaris Cryptoheros cutteri Cyphotilapia frontosa Cyrtocara moorii Geophagus altifrons Geophagus ar... ...
163.Silver Arowna, sevs and dollars 04/07/15 No
I have for Sale my Silver Arowana close to 2ft long, I have had him for 3years Eating really well on large crickets, mussels, prawns and whatever other live foods i get my hands on, loves trout! He is housed with large sevs and large silver dollars which are also for sale i will do a packag... ...
164.Washington aquatics stocklist 19/06/15 Yes
Washington aquatics stocklist COMMUNITY Moscow black guppys £6 per pair Guppy males £2 (blondes, yellow leopard ,blue diamond , red and green snakeskin, german yellow tail and more ) Guppy females £1.50 (blondes, yellow leopard ,blue diamond , red and green snakeskin, german yellow tail and ... ...
165.For Sale - Aqua One 620T Tall Fish Tank Aquarium 17/06/15 No
Im selling my 620t 130 litre tank. Great condition with Standard hood containing Light, Pump and filtration system, heater, gravel etc... Currently with fish ie Silver dollars, some tetras and a bristlenose.. id prefer to sell all together but happy to sell the tank if the fish have already so... ...
166.For Sale - Silver Dollar - Giant Danios - Scissor Tails - Emperor Tetra 17/06/15 No
For sale various fish as selling tank 2 Silver Dollars.. nice size perhaps 4-5" each.. great pair but one has had his fins nipped.. He is fit and healthy but needs time for them to rebuild... I want £10 each or £15 the pair 2 Giant Danios, 2 Scissor Tails, 1 Emperor Tetra and 1 Bristleno... ...
167.Peacock bass,giraffe catfish,silver dollars 16/06/15 Yes
4x 12inc+ peacock bass believe to be mono 24inch giraffe catfish 3x 6inch silver dollars Bass £350 Giraffe catfish £100 Dollars £10 each
168.current stocklist 05/06/15 No
current stocklist available for collection from fishrooms in linwood, renfrewshire. delivery available £13.50 per box LIVEBEARERS ASSORTED MALE GUPPY LARGE 1.20 ASSORTED FEMALE GUPPY LARGE 1.20 ASSORTED PLATY MEDIUM 1.50 ASSORTED MOLLY MEDIUM 1.50 ASSORTED SWORDTAILS X LARGE 1.50 BUT... ...
169.Looking for fish to go with oscars & silver dollars 03/06/15 No
I am looking for any fish that would go with 4inch silver dollars and 2 7inch Oscars. Please let me know as my tank is looking rather empty at the moment.
170.i have a 2ft fishtank with heater and filter with lots of fish 03/06/15 No
the tank is just about 2 ft long it has many fish tetras 2 vegetarian perhanas /silver dollars stone loach angle fish and a few others also comes with gravel message me for a price and pictures thanks leon
171.4 silver dollar £20. 30/05/15 Yes
Changing tank to chi lid so getting rid of silver dollar. £20 all four.
172.Wanted for a good home - Oscars - Green Terrors 26/05/15 No
Hi, I'm in the Birmingham area - I'm looking for bigger fish to join my 2 Oscars and 2 Silver Dollars. If you're selling cheap/free please let me know. Cheers, Jim
173.WANTED - Big Fish - Oscars - Silver Dollars - Pacu etc 26/05/15 No
Hi, I'm looking for Oscars, Silver Dollars, Pacu and other bigger fish to join my 2 Oscars and 2 Silver Dollars. If you're selling cheap/free please let me know. I'm in the Birmingham area Cheers, Jim
174.Large Silver Dollars / Large Bala Sharks / Spanner Barbs 15/05/15 No
9 Silver Dollars / 3 Bala sharks / 2 Spanner Barbs need to sell asap in next few days. Ideally as a complete lot. Best offer accepted - no messing about.
175.Three Silver Dollars for Sale 05/05/15 No
Three silver dollars, 8-12cm. One of them is beautiful, but two have stunted tail fins from injury in early life. All healthy. £15 the lot.
Stunning New stock at S&C Aquatics this bank holiday weekend. We are open from 10am until 4pm on Sunday, and from 9am until 4pm on Monday so give us a visit for a look around and a cuppa. In stock now.............. XXL Silver Dollars @ £15 Each Or 2 For £25(SPECIAL OFFER ALL 7 for £80) XL Setin... ...
177.eastern and western african lungfish 30/04/15 Yes
One eastern (not often seen) and one western african lungfish Both cohabit in the same tank and never fight Both have been housed with bass, gourami's, arowanas and big cichlids never any aggression from either Western 24" Eastern 32" thick girth Looking to go together amazing oddballs Large... ...
178.Flagtail 25/04/15 Yes
Sale or swap 12 inch plus flag tail swap for silver dollars or try me its always been kept with stingrays. £60
179.BICHIRS FRONTOSA GEOS and more 18/04/15 Yes
1 geophagus - large £10 SOLD 1 super red severum - large £45 large SOLD 1 fairy cichlid - £3 7 silver dollars - £160 large SOLD 1 red tailed shark - £5 1 silver shark - £4 3 Jack dempseys - 2 large 1 medium £35 1 frontosa - large £40 1 jewl cichlid - £5 SOLD 1 bristlenose plec - £4... ...
180.New stocklist. 08/04/15 Yes
Washington aquatics stockist discus red turquoise £25 blue snakeskin £25 snow white £25 odd balls / preds metynnis fasciatus (striped dollars) rare £15 each metynnis maculatus (spotted dollars) £6 each silver arowana 9" £35 redtail catfish 3" £20each reed fish 12-15" £12each lesse... ...
181.Shield Aquatics Stocklist 13/03/15 No
Updated stocklist Trops - Mickey mouse platy Mickey mouse santa platy Gold comet platy Galaxy platy Neon swordtails Gold comet swordtails Red leopard mollys Marble mollys Lyretail mollys Green sailfin mollys Gold sailfin mollys Green cobra guppys King cobra guppys Flame guppys Yellow ... ...
182.Washington aquatics stocklist 05/03/15 Yes
Washington aquatics stockist odd balls / preds metynnis fasciatus (striped dollars) rare £15 each metynnis maculatus (spotted dollars) £6 each silver arowana 4" £25 redtail catfish 3" £20each reed fish 12-15" £12each lesser spiny eel 4" £10each african butterfly fish £7.50 indian glass ... ...
183.Xl silver dollars 15/02/15 Yes
I have 6 silver dollars in great condition 4 are full grown 2 around 4 inc £50 for the lot
184.Xl silver dollars 15/02/15 Yes
I have 6 silver dollars in great condition 4 are full grown 2 around 4 inc
185.2 Silver dollar 14/02/15 Yes
Nice size Silver dollars one is around 17 cm long second is around 14 cm long ( this fish have short fin see picture) for 15 pounds or I can swap for other fish like cardinal tetra, emperor tetra or some corry or other fish but not cichlids collection from Harlow CM20 3PS and please bring some c... ...
Bosemani Rainbows (2.5") £7.50 Dwarf Neon/Red Honey Gouramis (2") £4, 3 For £10 Geophagus (3.5") £15 Large Pleco (10-12") £25 L Tin Foils (4") £15 1 Pair of Piranhas (3") £35 XL Lionheads (5") £25 Mini Silver Dollars (2") £5 L264 Plec (4") -POA L66 Plec (2.5") -POA L7 Plec (2... ...
187.3 silver dollars 10/02/15 Yes
i am selling my 3 silver dollars.large medium and small. £20 for 3
188.New stock list 03/02/15 Yes
Washington aquatics stockist odd balls metynnis fasciatus (striped dollars) rare £15 each metynnis maculatus (spotted dollars) £6 each Lepisosteus spatula (aligator gar) 3-4" £15-£20each redtail catfish 3" £20each reed fish 12-15" £12each lesser spiny eel 4" £10each Community Apis... ...
189.New stockist and Dry goods 03/02/15 Yes
Washington aquatics stockist odd balls metynnis fasciatus (striped dollars) rare £15 each metynnis maculatus (spotted dollars) £6 each Lepisosteus spatula (aligator gar) 3-4" £15-£20each redtail catfish 3" £20each reed fish 12-15" £12each lesser spiny eel 4" £10each Community Apis... ...
190.trachycorystes trachycorystes ( black driftwood catfish) £50 30/01/15 Yes
Hi I have available a black driftwood catfish also known as a black devil catfish,scientific name: trachycorystes trachycorystes this fish has a very aggressive reputation but I have to be honest never seen it display any aggression, its mostly nocturnal feeds at night and is around 7 inch,I have i... ...
NEW IN: 1 Pair of Piranhas (3") £35 XL Lionheads (5") £25 Mini Silver Dollars (2") £5 L264 Plec (4") -POA L66 Plec (2.5") -POA L7 Plec (2.5") -POA XXL Angels (Black/Yellow/Silvers) - £25 Hoplo Catfish (5") - £30 "Brilliant" Blue/Red Discus (5.5... ...
192.6x large silver dollars 23/01/15 Yes
Hi there I have 6 x silver dollars 4 are full grown and 2 are about half way there all fit fat fish eating anything I put in the tank Live happily with most fish but check first I'd like £10 a fish or £50 for all of them
193.Mytennis fasciatus. (Striped silver dollar) 18/01/15 Yes
Only 5 left now. £15 each real stunners
194.5ft x 2ft x 2ft aquarium, comlete with fish, heaters, filters, everything £500 17/01/15 Yes
5ft x 2ft x 2ft aquarium on matching unit. Complete set up , including fish, gravel, coral, heaters, filters, lights etc. There are 2 external pressurised filters (aqua 1 aquis 1050 series) 3 sponge air filters 2 large tank filters 2 heaters 1 large yellow severum, 1 large orange severum, 1 la... ...
195.retired and selling up 13/01/15 Yes
6ft x 2ft x 2ft freshwater auarium and 3ft tall bespoke cabinet, including 2xEhein Pro2 filters, all lighting timers, air pump and CO2 valve set and cylinder. Stock includes 5 mature clown loach, large common plec, 3x silver dollars, 2x kissing gourami, 7 sterbi/emerald corries and many actively br... ...
196.tropical fish 08/01/15 No
hi all large red hooks and silver dollars for sale.red hooks £14.99 each.silver dollars £8.99 each contact me on 07803085912
197.Romsey World Of Water: Full Tropical Livestock 21/12/14 21/12/14 Yes
Hey Guys! This is our full tropical livestock list. If you have any queries, would like photos or would like to reserve something, please feel free to give us a call on: 01794515923. Tetras Silver Tip Tetra £1.99 6 For £10.00 Diamond Tetra £1.99 6 For £10.00 Glowlight Tetra £1.... ...
198.New stockist. Few rare species on list 15/12/14 Yes
Washington aquatics New stockist Oddballs Fahaka puffer fish £15 each Opsarius pulchellus 3" groups of 5 £30 Sumatran neon blue gobys £6 each Mormyrus kannume 2" £15 each Rineloricaria similimis 3" £9.99 Community Rathbuni tetra £1.50. 10 for £12 Black neon tetra 10 for £8 Clown ... ...
199.London fish wanted: 14/12/14 No
London locations only, please. Want silver fish for my two tanks, each 4 ft long. Specifically want to buy tinfoil barbs or silver dollars or bala sharks. 0771864 9592 Cheers!
200.5 x Silver Dollars 10/12/14 No
For sale, 2 x 4.5 inch and 3 x 2.5 inch silver dollars. Looking for £30 for all of them.
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