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1.Ancistrus bristlenose catfish 30/04/21 Yes
Lemon blue eyed, Albino and common bristlenose babies around 1" £1 each or 14 for £10.
2.240 litre fluval tank and dark brown cabinet 19/12/20 Yes
1 year old 240 litre tank with a 407 filter, heater, and tank decorations included. Tank also includes the tropical fish if wanted. These include approx 15 tetra, gourami, red tailed black shark, bristlenose catfish, 4 Corys, 2 plecos, 3 upside down catfish, 1 zebra loach, shrimp etc. All fish a... ...
3.Bristlenose Catfish babies FREE 06/07/20 Yes
FREE BRISTLENOSE BABIES. Hi, my son's bristlenose catfish have bred, bit of a surprise and now we have lots of babies which we need to rehome - his tank is 60l so we can't keep them. There are currently 15 around an inch long so ready to rehome. Free, just need a good home for them. Ideally collect... ...
4.Bristlenose Catfish Large Sizes 02/02/20 Yes
Hi I am selling some Bristlenose catfish which grow alot slower than normal plecs. I have around 8 to sell varying from 4 to 5 inches. Great tanks mates for all tropical n hard water fish as clean tank glass,rocks, deco and hard to reach places. looking for £10 each.
5.Mbuna cichlids forsale. 03/09/19 No
Lake Malawi Mbuna Cichlids, Bristlenose Catfish and Kribensis Available and sizes Cobue 2-3 cm Mpanga 2-4cm Electric yellow labs 2-3 cm Jalo reef 4cm Blue eyed lemon bristlenose 2-4 cm Brown bristlenose 2-4 cm Auratus 2-4 cm Trewavasae 2-4 cm Kribensis 2-4 cm at £3.50 each Endlers £... ...
6.Bristlenose Catfish BABIES 13/08/19 Yes
I have approx 80 Bristlenose Catfish BABIES available ranging from 2months to 4 months old. I have Black and Albino colours available. For collection only. £1 Each.
7.Large, Male, Black, Bristlenose Catfish 13/08/19 Yes
Large, Male , Black, Bristlenose Catfish. Approx 1 year old. For Collection only. £15
8.[SOLD] 3 x Altum angels + 3 x Rio Nanay angels 06/07/19 Yes
I am dismantling my setups ahead of a house move and have 6 angels for sale, all F1s, currently kept in a mix of RO and tap water. £100 for the group, buyer collects from E1. The entire setup is going so the following are available as part of the deal: - Around 10 oil catfish (Centromochlus pe... ...
9.Bristlenose catfish (plec sp) for sale 19/05/19 Yes
Bristlenose catfish (plec sp) for sale at £4 each, between 1 and 2 inches long - contact me on 07739744178 for details. Address: Ealing, W5, London
10.Bristlenose catfish and 4 glowlight tetras need new home 17/11/18 Yes
Moving house and clearing my planted tank. I am looking for a new home for my adult male bristlenose catfish and 4 glowlight tetras. Happy to give them away for free to a nice and well maintained tank. Also, for sale cuttings and growths of the plants below. Floating spongeplant: Limnob... ...
11.FREE - Bristlenose Catfish 25/05/18 No
Free - Bristlenose Catfish. About 20, various sizes, mostly adult. Collection from Devizes, Wiltshire you must bring your own container
12.brichardi cichlids/ BREEDING ALBINO BRISTLENOSE CATFISH 08/03/18 No
13.Bristle nose catfish for sale 22/01/18 No
Baby Bristlenose catfish for sale, great algae eaters. 3cm long -12 weeks. £2 each or 6 for £10
14.Baby Bristlenose Catfish Long Finned FOR SALE 28/11/17 Yes
Our Long finned Bristlenose catfish keep spawning and so we have a constant supply of babies. We will let them go when they are 30mm £3 each or 2 for £5 Must pickup or be local for delivery Milton Keynes
15.Bristlenose catfish 02/10/17 No
Mature male and female + approx 4 unrelated juveniles available free of charge to a good home. Collection from Sutton Coldfield B76
16.LARGE FISHTANK & SUMP 30/09/17 Yes
Tank: 213cm (L) x 70cm (W) x 90cm (H) - 1342L capacity Sump: ( 4 compartments) : 152cm x 24 cm x 24 cm - 566 L Tank made of 16mm plate with.double base ( built on site) Integrated weir system at both ends of tank into sump. All filter media included in sale. Substantial metal stand included.... ...
17.bristlenose catfish - All Sold 21/09/17 No
Hi I have around 30plus bristlenose catfish for sale (ranging from 4inches to 1 inch TL) . These guys are excellent algae eaters, they even cleared my 5ft tank full of brown hair algae!! I am in the process of shutting a number of my tanks down. i am looking for £30 for 30plus catfish. I can d... ...
18.Dalmatian mollies, between 40 and 50 left. 50p 12/09/17 Yes
They are about 10 weeks old. Beautiful fish. The parents didn't eat any and none have died! 50p each I also have some bristlenose catfish that need new homes. They are becoming ready to breed and need less competition. I already have a very established breeding pair. In fact, I wish they'd give ... ...
19.Bristlenose catfish 04/09/17 No
I am looking for bristlenose catfish in or around Chesterfield or sellers willing to post, i am interest in L144 and Super red as well as common brown and albinos, please contact me on email barnbail@hotmail.com if you are able to help. Regards Dan
20.Breeding Bristlenose catfish 15/11/16 Yes
I have a breeding trio of Bristlenose catfish for sale. The trio are 2m/1f and breed regularly. There are still a few young with them, some being sub adults. I can add one two females to the group if required. £25. A few young available still, £1.50 each. Collection only. Please bring your own ... ...
21.tropical fish for sale due to change to marine 18/06/16 No
tropical fish for sale 3 rosy barbs £6 all three 3 albino barbs £6 all three 4 silver sharks biggest approx. 6 inches others around 4-5 inches £15 all four 2 climbing perch approx. four inches £15 for the 2 1 angel fish nice colours £5 2 pictus catfish approx. 5 inches £12 for the 2 1... ...
22.Stock List 26/03/16 No
Pentazona barb Golden Barb Tiger barb Cherry barb White cloud L/Fin Dwarf gourami Ancistrus orange and black LDA16 Long Fin Titanic Plec L273 Hypancistrus L270 Hypaancistrus L264 Leporacanthicus Pleco Corydoras schultzei albino Whiptail cat Apistogramma cacatuoides Triple Red Apistogra... ...
23.Wanted breeding group of Bristlenose catfish 12/01/16 No
As above cash waiting
24.Bristlenose Catfish Fry 28/12/15 Yes
For Sale. Stoke-0n-Trent area. Bristlenose Catfish Fry. I have approx. 400-500 fry ranging in age from 3 to 5 weeks old. Will sell in any quantities. £1 each for 1-5 75p each 5-10 50p each for 10 or more. Will accept offers for the whole lot. I have posted a picture of an adult for ... ...
25.male bristlenose catfish wanted 26/06/15 No
Wanted male bristlenose catfish. North Tyneside /South East Northumberland area.
26.For Sale - Silver Dollar - Giant Danios - Scissor Tails - Emperor Tetra 17/06/15 No
For sale various fish as selling tank 2 Silver Dollars.. nice size perhaps 4-5" each.. great pair but one has had his fins nipped.. He is fit and healthy but needs time for them to rebuild... I want £10 each or £15 the pair 2 Giant Danios, 2 Scissor Tails, 1 Emperor Tetra and 1 Bristle... ...
27.Common Bristlenose Catfish 05/05/15 Yes
We have quite a few bristlenose available from inch long to full grown. These are ideal for cleaning algae and uneaten food from your tank. The picture is of a young male. FREE come and take as many as you like. Please bring your own bags/containers.
28.albino bristlenose wanted manchester 30/12/14 No
currently looking for male and female bristlenose catfish in and around the manchester area for immediate pickup
29.Breeding pairs of Bristlenose catfish £16.00 a pair 11/12/14 Yes
Breeding pairs of Bristlenose catfish, £16.00 a pair Not suitable for African Ciclid tanks The photos will show other fish too as my fish love photos😇 East Park Area Hull
30.Terracotta Breeding Cave 12/07/14 Yes
very large breeding cave used for bristlenose catfish in the past £5
31.Albino Longfin Bristlenose Catfish 09/07/14 Yes
1 mature male albino longfin bristlenose catfish available. £50 Cash on collection from Retford. The photo is old. I will try to get an updated one.
Hi i have lots of BN brown and gold which are about 12 months old if anyone is interested. I have no more room to grow any more on so iam selling them for £2 each brown many thanks Roger NO ALBINO LEFT ONLY BROWN PS When thay are gone there gone
33.bristlenose catfish 05/01/14 Yes
Hi im looking to purchase baby bristlenose catfish so they can be kept with endler guppies.Will consider an adult .Tank has a lot of algae on rear glass and ornaments for them to graze on.Thanks for your interst.Text or call
34.breaking down tank 30/12/13 Yes
Hi I have an old jewel 180 tank that has seen better days and sadly the hood is not what it used to be and the lighting is also not working. however the matching black stand is in great condition as is the tetratec ex1200 filter i have. also included are the following. internal heater , 4 x ... ...
35.Juwel Rio 240 For Sale - SOLD 19/12/13 Yes
A potential buyer failed to collect so I am readvertising this tank. It has now been decommissioned and is fully ready for collection. Juwel Rio 240 fish tank for sale. The tank is 4 foot long and holds 240l, it is finished in dark wood. It is just over 2 years old and in perfect condition, comes... ...
36.Albino Bristlenose Juvies 11/08/13 Yes
I have a number of Albino Bristlenose Catfish. Great tank cleaners. 5-7cm £3 ea or 4 for £10. Collection only
37. SOLD Juwel Vision black bow-front160L tank - with stand and fish - £135 ono 02/08/13 Yes
***SOLD*** I am having to sell both my 160L JUWEL tropical fish tanks, complete with contents, because I can no longer maintain them properly due to lack of time. This tank is bow-fronted, 940mm x 320-420mm x 540mm high. The matching cabinet underneath is 810mm wide, 330mm deep and 730mm high. ... ...
38.Complete Tropical Freshwater Fish Tank. Juwel Monolux 80 Aquarium with Stand 23/06/13 Yes
Juwel Monolux 80 with Stand. Tropical Aquarium Complete Setup I have had this fish tank setup at my office, but due to moving office soon I am having to sell it :-( The tank and stand is in excellent condition. As you can see from the pictures it is a complete setup with real bogwood and li... ...
39.Albino Bristle Nose Catfish 17/06/13 No
8 young Bristlenose Catfish 1 to 1-1/2 inches £10 Tingley Wakefield 07912258150
Two male ancistrus need new homes! They require a large tank as they are just about fully grown. Your tank must have wood within the setup as catfish require this! These two males have proven to be good for breeding, I have had 3 batches of eggs from these. Theyve never shown any signs of aggres... ...
41.Wanted: Lemon or super red Bristlenose 15/04/13 No
Hey, Im after a couple of adult Lemon or super red bristlenose catfish. After 2 or 3 in total - Sheffield Area. 07725015070 Cheers Lewis
42.Baby Bristlenoses (Birmingham) 08/04/13 Yes
Baby Bristlenose catfishes looking for a good home. Size between 1cm and 3.5cm all black/spotty. Great algae eaters, adults reach about 12cm in length and are very peaceful. Too young to sex for sure but could take a guess at the larger ones. Photo is of one of the larger ones but have ... ...
43.WANTED Young Bristlenose Catfish in the YORK area 19/03/13 No
WANTED Young Bristlenose Catfish in the York/Pocklington Area. Ideally Albino, Lemon, Red or any of the more unusual type. Willing to pay £2-3 a fish for the right young fish.
44.Superred bristhelnose 15/12/12 No
SuperRed bristlenose catfish 1.5" £5 each Newcastle area Sam - 07941591455
45.Young Bristlenose Catfish for sale - £3 each 03/12/12 Yes
I'm selling brown Bristlenose Catfish all aprox 1" in size (about 3 months old). About 28 available and going for £3 each. They are yet to grow their bristles so cannot sex them at present. All homebred from an albino male and out of a brown female. Currently fed on cucumber, catfish pellets, a... ...
46.Albino Bristlenose Catfish For Sale. Rare 4-5 inch 14/10/12 Yes
Hi i have my Albino bristlenose catfish for sale, it is 4-5 inch in size and in excellent condition. Interesting and rare catfish in a lovely golden/vibrant yellow colour. Great algae reducer and very hardy too. I am looking for £14 for this fish. I can deliver for a small fee or you are welcome... ...
47.fish for sale 02/10/12 No
i have for sale due to converting my tropical to marine 1 x bumblebee catfish approx 4*, 2 x kribs (male and female) non breeding pair as yet, 1 x sailfin sydontis fully grown so needs a big tank, 2 x pakistani loaches fully grown, 2 x polka dot loaches fully grown and 1 x male bristlenose catfish ... ...
48.Two 135 litre Aquariums, One with cabinet. All equipment and Fish 18/09/12 Yes
Two Tanks with all equipment and fish for sale. Tank One. Cleair Tank. Beech effect with rounded front corners and matching 70cm tall 2 door cabinet. Tank dimensions are- 81cm long x 55cm high (45cm water depth) x 38cm wide. Approx 135 litre capacity. Black lid with integral double fluoresce... ...
50.bristlenose catfish 06/08/12 No
looking for some female bristlenose catfish adult if possible, or a male an female breeding pair. any question phone 07806943573 thanks
51.Fluval Roma 125 aquarium/fish tank and stand+accesories+fish 22/07/12 Yes
I have for sale a Fluval Roma 125 litre aquarium it is less than 6 months old and it comes with lots of extras. The following items are included: lighting unit(t5 bulbs) 2 jugs tetra fresh start live bacteria fish food api aquarium salt catfish pellets digital fish feeder nutra... ...
52.Quality tropical fish for sale 14/05/12 No
L168 Butterfly plec £20 L136 Gold spot plec £35 L191 Royal plec £35 L235 Anthrax plec £40 Gold plec £8 Otocinclus £1.50 Albino bristle nose catfish £6 Bristlenose catfish £6 Farowella £6.50 Cory melenstis £4.50 Cory sterbai £6.50 Rams, Gold and standard £6 Assorted angels £4... ...
53.longfin golden ancistrus bristlenose catfish plec type for sale some adults 01/04/12 No
hya these are a much more golden colour than the albino.they still have the albino eyes but are a lovely deep golden colour with gorgeous veil tails.stunning looking fish and took me ages to find & then get breeding.i have short fins and long fins.some babys but now have quite a few good sized ones ... ...
54.400 litre (5ftx2ftx20ins Jewel Fish Tank + Stand in Beach Effect 28/03/12 No
As new Jewel 400 litre fish tank and stand. in excellent condition, anl in working order. Purchases last year. Comes with -40kgs of ocean rock -external filter + spare filters -Approx 30 various cichlids 3 bristlenose catfish -1 plec (7inch) -1 catfish (7 inch) -heaters + spares -Feed -Wa... ...
55.tropical fish tank full set up 23/01/12 Yes
I have for sale my tropical fish tank,tank is Juwel Trigon 190 with Fluwal 405 external filter(only 2 months old),heater,digital thermometer,air pump,air stone,fake plants(recently bought),small decoration,siphon,API master test kit(paid around £30),water conditioner,spare carbon,food,magnet cleane... ...
56.Complete Set-up for sale 07/01/12 Yes
The set-up comprises: Aquarium W915 x D305 x H380H (H450 inc hood) Filter (12 months old) Air pump with circular airstone Heater Hood with integral light / controller Coloured gravel / bogwood / ornaments It also comes complete with the following fish: Lovely large pleco (approx 9... ...
57.adult bristlenose catfish for sale 08/11/11 Yes
I have several fully grown b/n plecs for sale near witham Essex, £2 each, excellent quality fish.
58.Sterbai corydoras, Agassizi corydoras, Ancistrus & black neon tetras for sale 29/09/11 No
I am closing one of my tanks down & have various community fish for sale. Collection preferred from Nottingham, but will deliver within 10 miles for petrol costs (I don't post fish). No photo's of these fish, but you know what they look like ! Sterbai Corydoras - this is a breeding group &am... ...
59.Albino Bristlenose catfish / Ancistrus - Nottingham 11/09/11 No
I have 5 or 6 Albino Bristlenose catfish for sale. About 3 inches long (bigger than most others for sale). £3 each. Collection only from Nottingham. Telephone Ian on 07876 5777 91 or email ianc.whittaker@ntlworld.com
60.Platys, Bristlenose catfish and Hatchetfish 04/09/11 No
We have a selection of Platy's available for sale - aprox 10 in total. Available in various colous from black to red. Various ages. Also 1 bristlenose catfish, 3 hatchet fish and 1 upside-down catfish. Reason for sale is that we haved moved houe and can no longer keep them. Would like to sell all ... ...
61.Platys, bristlenose catfish and hatchetfish 04/09/11 No
We have a selection of Platy's available for sale - aprox 10 in total. Available in various colous from black to red. Various ages. Also 1 bristlenose catfish, 3 hatchet fish and 1 upside-down catfish. Reason for sale is that we haved moved houe and can no longer keep them. Would like to sell all ... ...
TO GO TO EXCELLENT HOMES ONLY A pair of large albino bristlenose catfish. Have not bred together yet (it is not the season) but bred with other partners previously. £12 each or £20 for the pair. Also have several small bristlenoses available, both brown and albino. Various prices, please ema... ...
63.Bristlenose catfish 22/05/11 No
Hi has anyone got any of the following bristlenose catfish,Claro, Marcapatae,and Hoplogenys. Must be able to post if poss, and must be young fish thankyou.
64.Breeding pair Albino Bristlenose catfish 01/04/11 No
I have a confirmed breeding pair of Albino Bristlenose Catfish. Male is quite large with very pronounced bristles - he's almost a longfin, but not quite. Female is fairly young & came into breeding size around 4 months ago. They have had 2 lots of eggs - around 60 each time & almost all have... ...
65.wanted hoplo catfish and bristlenose plecs 10/03/11 No
im after 10 hoplo and 10 bristlenose catfish in the yorkshire area, if anyone has them available please get in touch. please text as i dont get a very good signal 07825884570 many thanks
67.Bristlenose Catfish/Ancistrus wanted - Leeds 07/02/11 No
I am looking for Bristlenose Catfish (Ancistrus) in Leeds. Any size/age. Must be free or cheap. Can collect in LS28/LS13/LS5/LS18 area and surrounding. Will be very well cared for in several large tanks :)
68.bristlenose 05/02/11 No
bristlenose catfish 4 sale approx 1.5 - 2 inch in size brown £2 albino £2.50
69.bristlenose catfish 25/01/11 No
Wanted pair of bristle nose catfish Burley Lancashire area only please As I am disabled and cannot travel far THANK YOU
70.SUPER RED BRISTLENOSE 1.5 inch ONLY 3 LEFT 19/12/10 Yes
WE CURRENTLY HAVE 3 OF THESE IN STOCK` SUPER RED BRISTLENOSE 1.5 INCH IN SIZE £12.50 EACH VERY RARE Family: Loricariidae. Genera include: Ancistrus Dolichopterus, Ancistrus temminckii, Ancistrus cirrhosus If you are looking for a small, relatively peaceful algae eater, look no further... ...
71.SALE Albino Bristlenose 1.5 - 2.5 cm approx 2 - 6 months old. 12/12/10 Yes
If you are looking for a small, relatively peaceful algae eater, look no further than the Albino Bristlenose Catfish, It is hardy, will tollerate a range of enviroments and will surprise with it's breeding habbits. £4 each
72.4ft Fish Tank, 117litres, Stand & All equipment included 27/08/10 Yes
For sale is this 4ft fish tank. (48 X 12 X 15) £100 no offers. The stand is not the original stand. Comes with all fish, (malawi cichlids) about 10 fish and 3 bristlenose catfish, 2 albino and one normal. An external and internal filter, heater, air machine and light. All decoration as shown ... ...
73.Young Bristlenose Catfish 08/07/10 No
I have lots of Young Bristlenose catfish that I need to find homes for so that I can set my tank back up for my other fishes. They range from 1" to 2" and are feeding very well. They are available for collection only. Offers or maybe you have something (fish related) you may want to swap!!
74.Breeding pair of Bristlenose catfish 13/05/10 No
Hi I am selling a breeding pair of bristlenose catfish, they are around the 3-4" mark and very healthy. I am looking for about £35 Postage is available. Thanks
75.Temmincki Ancistrus (bristlenose catfish ) 23/04/10 No
Hi to all I have 3 pairs of large Ancistrus and 1 med pair these fish are very healthy and eating anythink that you put in the tank. They are very easy to keep and bread. They lay every 4 to 5 weeks about 50 to 120 eggs at a time in a cave. These fish are alot more darker than your common bristle... ...
76.wanted 26/02/10 No
Hi im looking for tropical fish in gloucester if anyone has or breeds the following types let me no. Koi swordtails panda swordtails hlf black guppys full black guppys full red guppys limia - any type bristlenose catfish will consider others. so if anyone has any or can get them get in t... ...
77.Juwel Rekord 120 07/02/10 No
Fish tank and fish for sale. 4 year old established tank. 13 Tetra's, 7 guppies, Coolie loach, Bristlenose catfish, 2 Red Line Torpedo Bard, loach. Bogwood, air stone, pump, filters, cleaning equipment. £80 pick up only.
78.wanted bristlenose catfish 25/11/09 No
hi gonna be a bit cheeky but has anyone got any spare females or young. preferably free or cheap in glucester.thanks
79.Various tropical fish- including 2 breeding pairs 29/10/09 No
breeding pair of BRISTLENOSE CATFISH, £25 ono 3 juvenile BRISTLENOSE CATFISH, £5 each ono breeding pair of KRIBENSIS £25 ono 2 blue RAINBOW FISH (amazing colour displays) £15 pair ono 5 ZEBRA DANIOS £5 all ono 5 AMANO/ALGAE SHRIMP (great at eating excess algae) £5 all ono I am selling ... ...
80.bristlenose 14/10/09 No
I am looking to buy a breeding pair of bristlenose catfish. hopefully in the yorkshire area but will travel a bit futher if needed. thanks
81.Bristlenose catfish 30/09/09 No
WANTED! breeding pair of bristlenose catfish. normal or albino. adult size to go into 4ft tank. please email with details. cash waiting thanks
82.Pseudotropheus Saulosi & Bristlenoses 27/07/09 No
I have about 20 Saulosi at around 1 inch long. Too young to sex. Great addition to Malawi set-up as males are blue with black stripes whereas females are orange. They are also fairly mild mannered for Malawis. £1.50 each or £1 each if you buy 5 or more. Also bristlenose catfish at 1-1.5 inches ... ...
83.Juwel Vision 260 plus all equipment 08/07/09 No
I have for sale fish tank Juwel Vision 260 beach with stand plus all equipment: - internal filter Fluval - heater - external filter Eheim - Eheim pump I have rocks and plants : - valisneria, - microsorium, - anubias Alsow I have Tropheus for sale: - 4 Pseudotropheus Demasoni 3-6cm (2M-2F... ...
84.albino bristlenose catfish english bred 3/4 cm ferrybridge aquatics 25/02/09 No
albino bristle nose catfish 3/4 cm £1.95 each bristlenose catfish 4/5cm £1.95 bristlenose catfish 6/8 cm £3.99
85.some catfish in stock ferrybridge aquatics 18/02/09 No
albino bristlenose catfish £1.95 bristlenose catfish 8 cm £ 3.99 bristlenose 5 cm £1.65 bubble bee catfish £2.75 stripped dora £3.45 black bubble bee catfish £2.75 akis longifills 4 cm / 5 cm adult £3.95 akis sp adult £3.95 giant bubblebee catfish 7/8 in rare nice £25 wood r... ...
86.baby bristlenose catfish 1", £2.00 each durham area. 24/01/09 No
baby bristlenose at £2.00 each collection only. sorry no pics yet.
87.Blue Diamond Discus 29/11/08 No
5 Blue Diamond discus for sale, 2 breeding pairs and 1 female. Reluctant sale as tank has to go. Will include a few rummy nose tetras and a bristlenose catfish if wanted. Discus kept in reverse osmosis water at aroung 6.8 pH. Feed well on frozen food and beefheart flake and prima. Had fish for 18 mo... ...
88.C. pygmaeus, C. napoensis, Day’s Spike-tail Paradise fish, Black Widows and Bristlenose Plecs for sale (South Wales) 04/11/08 Yes
I have got for sale the followings from my fish-house (bred by myself): 20 Bristlenose catfish (Ancistrus), 20 Day’s Spike-tail Paradise fish (Pseudosphromenus cupanus dayi), 15 Siamese fighter (Betta splendens), 30 Pygmy Cory (Corydoras pygmaeus), 30 San Juan Cory (Corydoras napoensis) and... ...
89.Scotland Livingston / Perthshire-Bristlenose / Ancistrus catfish (temmincki) Albino or black 15/10/08 Yes
For sale young bristlenose catfish. Ranging from 1.0 inch to 2.0 inches. Albino or Black / brown with white spots. £1.00 each From unrelated parents, see pictures. Father is albino mother is coloured. Albino Monther and Black Father in the pictures are the parents of the current... ...
90.WANTED Starlight 183 Bristlenose Catfish 01/09/08 No
Hi wanting Starlight 183 Catfish. Money Waiting. Call 01709526100 or 07815299717
Hi i have a large number of 1 inch baby bristlenoses, all feeding well 5 for £10.00 I will discount for bulk orders. I have 3 bristlenose currently 2 1/2 inch long - £10.00 I also have a adult male albino bristlenose and a brown female bristlenose for sale - offers around £20.00 each. ... ...
92.Bristlenose Catfish Wanted - Daventry/Northants 08/05/08 No
I am after a Bristlenose Catfish to keep my tank clean - does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks Doug
93.Baby Bristlenose Catfish and Baby silver Mickey Mouse Platies 07/09/07 No
The baby Bristlenose Catfish are mainly dark brown in colour, (like mother), but a few are more a paler brown. (Dad is albino). Excellent algae eaters on glass and plants. £1.50 each or £5 for 4 Platies are mainly silver or light gold Mickey Mouse. .75pence each or 5 for £3 All home reared. MUS... ...
94.Bristlenose Catfish 31/07/07 No
Young bristlenose catfish available at around 2cm. 6 for £5.00. Sorry I am unable to post. Collection only.
95.bristlenose catfish 10/06/07 No
hi im looking for a pair of bristlenose catfish in larkhall area, scotland. can any one help thanks
96.Bristlenose Catfish 01/05/07 No
I have a number of young Bristlenose Catfish and am in the Doncaster area. Going cheap at Two pounds each. Contact me if interested and i'll give you my tel number. Collections only please
97.Bristlenose Catfish - Northampton 12/03/07 No
TANK BRED Common Bristlenose plecs for sale £1 each, buyer collect. My Ancistrus species have just blessed us with some children - there appears to be about 15 of them - although it is difficult to count them as they bomb around and hide in the leaves and stuff.
98.complete malawi setup with fish and 3 extra tanks 19/11/06 Yes
Now here is the highlights of a good deal for you A 6 Foot Fish tank with a black ash cabinet. Loads of Malawi Cichlids including (you will excuse the spelling please) 4 Fontosa (2 are 7 stripe) 3 Futas nimbochormis 4 Trophous Lumbota (very Rare) 3 Tiwan reef 3 White tail acei ... ...
99.bristlenose catfish wanted ! 11/09/06 No
wanted! bristlenose catfish wanted medium sized and must be able to deliver
100.are you after any type of fish?? we can get it!!!!! 07/06/06 Yes
HI we are a small business, being run from my fish house. and our goal is to provide cheap, excellent quality fish at very competetive prices. because we are not a shop, we do not need inflated prices to pay for employees, etc. all we pay for is the electricity, the food, and the equipment. beca... ...
101.ctenolucius hujeta hujeta (hujeta pike characin) and other rare/unusual fish 21/05/06 Yes
we now have 2 hujeta pike characin for sale, being fed on earthworms, and dead fish. very active £40 for 2 also have bronze and pappered corys pseudopimelodus sp. south american bumblebee cat L034 medusa plec hancocks talking catfish spotted talking catfish hemidopsis gracilis inca stone ... ...
102.wild fully grown cardinals for £1.00 11/05/06 Yes
for sale are wild adult cardinals. lovely colours, £1.00 for 1 £4.50 for 5 £8.50 for 10 £15.00 for 20 £35.00 for 50 also got guppy fry for £0.40 lots of other rare or unusual central and south american catfish and cichlids for more information call 07950 374176 or email acc_aquati... ...
103.75p for bristlenose catfish 04/05/06 No
yes thats right 75 pence for our small bristlenosed catfish. We also have alot of other stock available specialising in south and central american cichlids and catfish. We can also import fish (mainly Lnumbers) direct from the wild. Please look at our website for more information: www.freewebs.co... ...
104.Bristlenose Catfish for sale 27/04/06 Yes
I have loads of Bristlenose Catfish for sale. At the moment they are in my large tank and are starting to get to many in the tank. I would like them to be collected near my home if possible as long distances will put a lot of stress on them. They are of various sizes and start from 50p and upto £1 ... ...
105.central and south american cichlids and catfish 22/04/06 Yes
various central and south american catfish and cichlids for sale. can also get fish in boxes from the wild(mainly Lnumbers). email with what you would like and i will see what i can do. will hopefully be able to ship fish around britain in the not to distant future. we have only just set up ac... ...
106.Hagen TropiQuarium 88 Complete with Fish and Accessories 16/07/05 No
* Capacity 130L * Aquarium - 85cm x 37cm x 48.5cm * Heater - Tronic 200W * Filtration - Biolife Wet/Dry System * Lighting - Fluorescent canopy with 2 bulbs * Black ash stand with storage cupboards * Food access without opening the unit * Automatic light timer (needs replacing but does work -... ...
107.wanted albino bristlenose catfish 10/04/05 No
hi all looking for some albino bristlenose catfishes pair or babies must be able to post really really want them but LFSs cant get them thanx
108.WANTED - bristlenose catfish 11/11/04 No
does anyone in the Nottingham area have any ADULT bristlenose for sale.I can give a good home to your unwanted fish.Please e-mail me with details at chris.ford@ntlworld.com
109.Bristlenose catfish wanted(preferably breeding pair) 13/09/04 No
I am looking for a breeding pair of bristlenose catfish for my community tank.Must be cheap or free and in the Lingfield,surrey area.It would be great if someone could deliver for a small fee as I don't drive or may be able to arrange a lift to collect.
110.Bristlenose Catfish 08/06/04 No
I have lots of Bristlenose Catfish for sale, all bred by myself, Selling at £2.00 each for normal ones and £4.00 each for albino ones, Collection only from Doncaster, Various sizes but all smallish, most under an inch so sexing is not possible yet email pgarlick@blueyonder.co.uk
111.Bristlenose Catfish 04/06/04 Yes
Loads available different sizes and species. Please call. 07786 150243
112.Bristlenose Catfish 08/05/04 No
I have a number of Britlenose catfish for sale at £1.00 each. All bred by myself, collection in person from Doncaster only. Various sizes. No Dealers . call 07968 707647 or email pgarlick@blueyonder.co.uk
113.Hagen Tropiquarium 68 + Stand, Fully Stocked £75 ono 13/02/04 No
Complete set up, unfortunately having to sell due to house move, must be collected, needs two to move - very heavy. Measurements are: 67 x 32 x 47cm volume 72L, tank plus black open-style stand (ie no cupboards). Stocked with 1 large pearl gourami, 1 mature bristlenose catfish, 1 albino cory, neon... ...
114.Bristlenose in Doncaster (Cheap) 15/01/04 No
Bristlenose catfish, Various sizes due to a breeding pair. Collect only from doncaster
115.Rare Fish for Sale 31/07/03 No
Long fin Bristlenose Catfish for sale. Semi-adults @ £8.00 each (golden & normal) and young (both colours) @ £3.00 each. Please contact me for more details.
116.For Sale 31/07/03 No
Rare Long Fin Bristlenose Catfish for sale. I have semi-adults @ £8.00 each (golden or normal) and young (both colours) @ £3.00 each. Please contact me for more details.
117.Bristlenose Catfish 28/05/03 Yes
Juvenile Bristlenoses (Ancistrus sp.): FREE to a good home. Excellent Algae eaters, ideal for tropical community tanks. Adult size 10cms. Collect from Oxford.
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