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1.Tropical indoor pond and fish 01/08/21 Yes
Large red tail catfish 6x4x2 1000l freestanding heavy duty pond 10,000lph rated pressure filter 500w heater Collection only Southampton WhatsApp or text Dave on 07710596799 for more info £300 or swap for 300l+ fish tank Will let the catfish go in his own £50
2.Uncommon woodcatfish, Trachelyopterus fisheri 01/08/21 Yes
I have a small group of the species, two females and two males available, they are around 10-15cm TL. A good breeding group with a bit more size on them. £25 for the group but I’d be happy to accept reasonable offers.
3.Updated: Lots of Fish for sale 01/08/21 Yes
Converting to salt watertank so everything must go. Golden Severum 4 inch 10 Red Spotted Severum 6 inch 20 Blue Spotted Synspilum 5.5 inch 25 Orange Midas 6 inch 25 Parrot Fish 4 inch 10 Common Pleco 12 inch 30 Green Terror 3.5 inch 10 Jaguar Cichlid 4 inch 10 R... ...
4.Peacock Bass, Fire Eel, Archer Fish, NTT Datnoid & Neosilurus Catfish RARE 01/08/21 Yes
- Advert last updated 28/07/2021 Orinoco Peacock Bass (2 spot) 7/8inch £50 (slight kink to the body) Neosilurus Hrtylii (RARE - likely the only Hrtylii in the UK)! 7/8inch £125 (or nearest offer) Fire Eel 13/14inch £90 Archer Fish x9 2-7inch £300 for all 9. NTT Datnoid 6/7... ...
5.South American cichlids and predatory fish 31/07/21 Yes
6 inch F1 tiger Oscar - £20 6 inch ocellated snakehead x2 - £15 each, 2 for £25 Asian Sun Catfish 5-6 inch - £5 Green terror 5 inch - £15 Albino Oscar - £15 All for £60 Message for any details Collection only Crawley
12 inches long. Perfect Condition. Feeding well. Collection Only. Need large net and container. £50. Telephone no. 01582 862986
7.Rare South American fish going Cheap 30/07/21 No
All now sold Bristol no offers please they are all already cheap enough. Reduced Again. Breeding pair of Cichlasoma Orinocense. Have had 5 spawns and will provide their breeding cave also £60 2 Geophagus (Satanoperca) Daemon 6" £30 the Pair. 5 Brochis MULTIRADIATUS £100 the group ... ...
Aquarium size: 7x2x2 foot. Cabinet and Hood in black onyx colour. 18 months old. Blue laminated back and base. Comes with Eheim 400 watt heater stat. Plus 12" Hemibagrius Wyckii Catfish perfect condition . Collection only - you will need 4 people to lift. £400. Tel: 01582 862986
9.3 eclipse catfish 29/07/21 Yes
3 stunning eclipse catfish about 10 inches long, had them 6 years, very active and great to watch, reluctant sale but I’m changing my tank around
10.2 large red oscars and one large black catfish[all must go together i will not split them up] 29/07/21 Yes
MESSAGE ONLY AS PHONE BUSTED THANKS///2 large red Oscars 1 approx. 8" the other about 10" both feeding well and live well together with no problems,and 1 very large black catfish also feeding well approx. 7" long,all 3 must go together I will not split them up,asking £30 for all 3 on... ...
11.Jaguar catfish OL7 area 28/07/21 Yes
6” Jaguar catfish eating well on prima and prawns £60 ono shutting tank down no time wasters pick up only Ashton- under-lyne bucket required thanks for looking
12.WANTED LARGE GOONCH CATFISH Bagarius yarrelli 28/07/21 No
Anyone with a overgrown Bagarius yarrelli goonch catfish..for sale?
13.Steady Discus - Southport 27/07/21 Yes
Stendker - 12 pure Stendker Discus. 2 youngsters 50mm and 10 adults 90 to 120mm. 25% water changes every week. No chemicals used whatsoever. Water direct from mixer tap at 27degrees C. Kept at 29C. £900 of fish for £450, no offers. Sterbai catfish etc and dither fish price tba.
14.Proven male Festea (true red terror) 27/07/21 No
He’s about 10inch quite peaceful got him in with my rtc no problem he eats pellets and prawns Was with a female but I lost the female due to faulty heater Don’t really want get rid but want go different path now £50 Or swap for bass Arowanna Other catfish Let me know what u have ... ...
15.Proven male Festea (true red terror) 27/07/21 Yes
He’s about 10inch quite peaceful got him in with my rtc no problem he eats pellets and prawns Was with a female but I lost the female due to faulty heater Don’t really want get rid but want go different path now £50 Or swap for bass Arowanna Other catfish Let me know what u have ... ...
16.Moving - livestock sale, bulk discount available 23/07/21 Yes
Selling all livestock, prior to moving home. All appear healthy & are eating well: African Butterfly Fish, taking pellet, flake & live food (1 - £15) Burrowing Horseface Loach (1 - £10) White male angelfish (1 - £5) Yellow Molly (1 - £1) Orange & black platys (2 - £3) Neon tet... ...
17.Cichlids,catfish,turtle 22/07/21 Yes
2 5” blood parrots for £45 the pair. I have 1 featherfin catfish 6inches £15 2 Synodontis catfish 4inches £15 each 1 Trewavasae male 5inches £10 females available aswell. 1 Bala shark 7inches £30 1 musk turtle 5” fully grown £20 mixture of peacock,mbuna and haps fry available 1-2 inc... ...
18.Channa Stewarti Snakehead stunning specimen 10/11 inch amazing blue and green. 18/07/21 Yes
£50, would swap for catfish or bichir at least 8inch in size. Selling as not getting on with my other snakeheads.
19.Hybrid catfish RTC-TSN 13-14inch 16/07/21 Yes
Catfish lovely fish and sad to see him go but out competing my rays only reason for sale please text me on 07492654045
20.Silver Arowana, Oscars, Striped Raphael catfish 16/07/21 Yes
Silver Arowana (slight dropeye on one side) - £70 3x Oscars (one is missing an eye however doesn’t bother it) - £50 2x Striped Raphael catfish - £20 £120 for the whole lot Will accept reasonable offers Only selling due to needing a bigger tank (1000L +) Thankyou
21.Pecoltia Vitata for sale 16/07/21 No
For sale, one year in the tank Adult Pecoltia Vitata ~7cm/3in - £20 This is not an algae eater, must be fed catfish pellets and frozen bloodworm/mysis TXT 07956770504
22.Silver Arowana, Oscars, Striped Raphael catfish 16/07/21 Yes
Silver Arowana (slight dropeye on one side) - £70 3x Oscars (one is missing an eye however doesn’t bother it) - £50 2x Striped Raphael catfish - £20 £120 for the whole lot Will accept reasonable offers Only selling due to needing a bigger tank (1000L +) Thankyou
23.Honeycomb catfish and Bumblebee catfish 16/07/21 No
Fish for sale. Been for around one year in my tank Honeycomb Catfish (Centromochlus perugiae) 5cm/2in - £10 South American Bumblebee Catfish 5cm/2in - £5 Bear in mind these fish don't like strong lights, so feeding after the lights are off is essential. TXT 07956770504
24.Two royal panaques and green and blue phantom blackpool 13/07/21 No
I have a 10”-11” royal panaque £120 and a 6-7” royal panaque £75 also - 7” blue phantom£70 and a 7” green phantom £70 Also have a piscus catfish about 7” £35 a very large upside down catfish about 7-8” and some loaches and Chinese algae eaters for sale Also I have about 20-2... ...
25.The Fish Barn Stock list 13/07/21 No
NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE £28.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 12:00pm For Scotland please enquire. We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select the fish of your choice. Crustaceans: Neocaridina: Red Fire Shrimp £4.00 each 6/£22.00 Yellow Fir... ...
26.REDUCED PINK KISSING Gouramis - Extra Large 12/07/21 Yes
Opportunity to buy FOUR Extra Large Pink kissing Gouramis. These fish are currently in a 7ft Aquarium and are currently around 7-8" in length. Only looking for £35 for all 4 fish. Tel 07840924405 Search Aid - Tropical fish, tank, filter, cichlids, catfish, koi, pond, pellets, media.
Opportunity to buy Breeding pair of Electric Blue Acara. These fish are currently in a 7ft Aquarium and are currently around 4-5" in length. The males is the bigger and brighter fish of the pair. Only looking for £20 for the pair fish. Tel 07840924405 Search Aid - Tropical fish, tank, ... ...
28.REDUCED Parrot Fish - Extra large 12/07/21 Yes
Opportunity to buy TWO Extra Large Parrot cichlids . These fish are currently in a 7ft Aquarium and are currently around 6-7" in length. Only looking for £20 for the 2 fish. Tel 07840924405 Search Aid - Tropical fish, tank, filter, cichlids, catfish, koi, pond, pellets, media.
29.Various for sale 10/07/21 No
33 inch south American lungfish £50 16 inch Borneo python eel £50 10 inch Liberian eel £10 2x long nose Dora catfish 8 inch £10 each 3x spotted Dora catfish 5-8 inch £10 each Striped Dora catfish 6 inch £10 Collection London Sw6
30.Two royal panaques and green and blue phantom blackpool 10/07/21 Yes
I have a 10”-11” royal panaque £120 and a 6-7” royal panaque £75 also - 7” blue phantom£70 and a 7” green phantom £70 Also have a piscus catfish about 7” £35 a very large upside down catfish about 7-8” and some loaches and Chinese algae eaters for sale Also I have about 20-2... ...
Opportunity to buy FIVE Extra Large PIMELODELLA PICTUS Catfish. These catfish are currently in a 7ft Aquarium and are currently around 6" in length. Only looking for £40 for all 5 fish. Tel 07840924405 Search Aid - Tropical fish, tank, filter, cichlids, catfish, koi, pond, pellets, med... ...
32.Musk turtle, Cichlids, catfish 03/07/21 Yes
1 musk turtle 5” fully grown £20 2 5” blood parrots for £45 the pair. I have 1 featherfin catfish 6inches £15 2 Synodontis catfish 4inches £15 each 1 Trewavasae male 5inches £10 1 Bala shark 7inches £30 mixture of peacock,mbuna and haps fry available 1-2 inches in 10 for £30. Al... ...
33.26 inch Rare Pterodoras Granulosus (Granulated Catfish) 01/07/21 Yes
I have my Granulated catfish for sale, nice healthy and chunky. Lovely fish in perfect condition £100. Im open to sensible offer..
34.monster fish for sale 01/07/21 Yes
leamington spa cv32 fish 1x gint albion gourami 20inch 1x marbale catfish 22inch 6x featherfin catfish 8inch breeding pair of jack dempesy 1x amphilophus cicchlid 10 inch 2x orcar cichlid 12ich 1x geophagus cichlid 4ich 1x hartwegii cichlid 12inch 1x buttikoferi chchlid he is full ... ...
35.Synodontis catfish approx 5-6" free to a good home. 01/07/21 Yes
Free to a good home. Large tanks only. Currently in a 500 litre high pH mbuna tank. Collection only from Telford.
36.Affordable Pellets, Cichlid Sticks, Catfish Pellet & Sturgeon Pellets. 30/06/21 Yes
. Affordable Pellets! I ordered a lot, 35kg to be precise & I certainly don’t need it all. * POSTAGE included in the PRICE * Floating Sticks £14/ half kilo £20/ kilo. My Arowanas, Bass, Archerfish etc love the Floating Sticks. Sturgeon Pellets £8/ half kilo £15/ kilo. My Bas... ...
37.CICHLIDS 30/06/21 No
Eleven blue cichlids includes mating pairs plus two catfish £25;00. ONO. Buyer collects.
38.Various tropical fish, cichlids, catfish 29/06/21 Yes
All fish healthy, raised in community tanks since juveniles, all active and get on with each other. Open for swaps -Synodontis catfish 6-7 inches £25 -Macaw cichlid 4-5 inches £25 -Jack Dempsey 5-6 inches £22 -Convict cichlid 4-5 inches £18 -Parrot cichlid 3-4 inches £22 -Geophagus redh... ...
39.Trocial fish eel arowana knifefish 29/06/21 No
fire eel 12 inch 70 13 inch silver arowana 75 2 ghost knives 14 and 9 inch 70 and 50 1 golden clown knife 12-14 inch 50 5 silver dolers 10 each 3-4 inch 9 inch striped rafael catfish 30 redhead geophagus 3 inch 25 2 inch datnoid 30 bb11 postcode burnley. collection or swaps.
40.Bass, Nile Perch, Achara 28/06/21 No
Shutting pond down 28 inch female High Fin Pim - 80 2 x Nile Perch around 6 inches - 80 for the pair 1 x Kel / Mono possible Hybrid 16 inch - 80 1 x 18 to 20 inch Achara catfish 5 x adult Oscars - free if taking other fish Call / text, don't email as it goes into SPAM. Please no more lo... ...
41.Fish tank break down and fish for sale 28/06/21 Yes
Male Bristlenose plec 4inch £15 Razor back musk turtles £40 Flower horn 5 inch £30 3 rope fish 10-13 inch £20 each Senegal bichir 6 inch £10 each Palmas bichir 10 inch £20 Delhezi bichir 2x9" £20 Lapradai bichir 6" £10 (no eyes, no pectoral fins) Custard catfish 6" £2... ...
42.South American fish for sale 28/06/21 No
Group of 6 rio nannay angel 2 year old £60 Group of five tiger silver dollar 1 year old £50 Vulture catfish 9 inch £50
44.sperata aor (Indian shovelnose catfish) 23/06/21 Yes
thinking of thinning out my stock and have this stunning sperata aor for sale its a very large fish at 20+ inches and could potentially get much bigger like its south american cousins, I am asking for £100 for this very rare fish, I have only ever seen this one in the last 25 years of fish keepi... ...
2-2.5" TIGER SHOVEL NOSE CATFISH X10 AVAILABLE PRICE: X1 - £15 X2 - £25 X4 - £40 X10- £90 PLEASE CONTACT 07803531887 with any inquiries, thank you. PICK UP ONLY OR DELIVERY AVAILABLE FOR EXTRA FEE
46.Massive set up bargain £550 the lot 18/06/21 Yes
It's with great regret I have to give up keeping fish .my health has declined that much I can no longer clean and care for it and fish as I did. Fish tank massive set up. Has been resealed at back of tank with peace of glass where there used to be a sump but no leeks.. If you put sand in in... ...
47.33 inch Oxydoras Niger (Ripsaw catfish) 18/06/21 Yes
I have my ripsaw catfish for sale, nice healthy and chunky. Lovely fish in perfect condition £80. Im open to sensible offer...
48.Monster fish, Tank Busters Asian Redtailed Catfish 17/06/21 No
Selling Asian redtailed catfish approx 5-6 inches Very aggressive fish and will need an indoor heated pond or huge fish tank once adult £20 each.
Opportunity to buy TWO Extra Large BALA SHARKS. These fish are currently in a 7ft Aquarium and are currently around 9" in length. Only looking for £40 for all 2 fish. Tel 07840924405 Search Aid - Tropical fish, tank, filter, cichlids, catfish, koi, pond, pellets, media.
50.Oddballs, datnoid, bass , catfish,pleco , eels, cichlid 16/06/21 Yes
Have few fish up for grabs Mabled achara catfish 9 inch £60 Sumatra datnoid tiger fish 5.5inch £50 swamp eel 7 inch £25 Golden jaguar cichlid 5 inch £20 Azul peacock bass 3.5 inch £35 L152 pinecone pleco 6/7inch £60 L137 pleco 8 inch £35 Adonis pleco 2.5 inch £25 ... ...
51.Mabled achara catfish & datnoid tiger fish 16/06/21 Yes
Have for sale the following.. 9 inch leiarius marmoratus catfish marbled achara catfish feeds fine on frozen and pellets fine with same size fish £60 5.5 inch indo datnoid tiger fish stable feeding fine with similar sized fish £50 Collection only liverpool
52.Fish tank 11/06/21 Yes
MONSTER 10ft fish tank its equipment and all fish will only sell together as I'm reluctant to sell anyway so want to know its gone together 10 by 2 by 2 fish tank aquariums 4 life tank (2000 to buy on there website) metal powder coated stand and doors to hold this 1500 litre tank, fx6 fluval filter,... ...
53.Catfish for sale 10/06/21 No
Spotted Dora catfish 3 inch 5.00 Motted wood catfish X2 6 inch plus 15.00 Galaxy catfish 3 inch 5.00 2x decora synodontis 3 inch and 4 inch 15.00 Synodontis cookoo white tail X2 3 inch and 4 inch 20.00
55.Free to good home, redtail catfish. Middlesbrough 04/06/21 No
Amazing quality redtail catfish free to good home. About 12 inches. Middlesbrough
5 inch long dorado catfish very rare to see about feeds on pellets and chopped whitebait and mussels Message me on whatsapp for videos etc. 07538224874
X1 golden head purple base crossback asian arowana 16" £1000 ono X6 clown loach 4-5" £75 for all X8 frontosa 3" £15 each or £100 for all X1 boesemani hybrid stingray male 7" disc £300 X1 Silver dorado catfish 5" £250 X1 piraiba catfish 4" £120 X6 discus 5-... ...
58.Tsn x rtc 8” £70 or swap for preds 01/06/21 Yes
Here for sale my tiger shovel nose x redtail catfish lovely specimen only selling because my redtail is too big and don’t wanna keep him in a basket. WhatsApp me if any questions 07399203411 Warren
59.TSN RTC hybrid catfish 10 inch £50 01/06/21 Yes
10 inch hybrid catfish eats like a beast! Beautiful cat £50 Please text me on 07492654045
60.Giraffe catfish 29/05/21 Yes
Giraffe cat around 13inch. Had a little bit of its nose bitten few months ago but grown back and still eats anything like a pig growing fast hand feeds and very active for a catfish. Selling as i am having a thin fine substrate putting in tank. Selling cheap at 25pound or may swap for something not ... ...
61.Monster catfish (tank busters) super aggressive 26/05/21 Yes
Large black upside down catfish (Mystus leucophasis) currently they are huge! Largest one is approx 10-11 inches looking for £30 each or £100 for 4. Open to offers Smallest one is pictured, hard to get photos of the largest as they are so quick and active.
Limited space and change in species so I have reluctantly decided on selling my breeding pairs/groups, no other cichlids for sale, please do not ask. Breeding pair of green terrors - Male 9/10 inches and female 4/5 inches, lay eggs every few weeks, have video as proof, female is highly protective... ...
63.FEATHERFIN CATFISH - 7 pounds each 20/05/21 Yes
I HAVE FOR SALE feather catfish , SIZE 4 inch . FISH IS VERY GOOD CONDITION . 7 pounds each . PLEASE TEXT FOR - 07591732052 HULL .
A 4-5 inch silver dorado catfish eats chopped whitebait and pellets Extremely rare fish sims have them at 6cm for £500 id take £350 or trades on other preds whatsapp me if interested 07538224874
65.Cichlid/ catfish and oddballs 17/05/21 No
Looking to part with some of my collection to go in another direction with fish keeping... Anyone who knows me should know I have plenty of room for these fish so I am in no rush to sell them. Some of these fish have been in my collection for years some are offspring from my own pairs so I will mak... ...
66.Various Cichlids for sale. 16/05/21 No
3 blue acaras 2" 5 silver dollars 3-4" 1 Cupid Cichlid 3" 1 Jewel Cichlid 3" 1 Nicaraguan Cichlid 1 Synodontis 1 Keyhole Cichlid 3" 3 Hoplo Catfish 2-3" WhatsApp for more info and pics.
67.Giraffe catfish 16/05/21 Yes
Have a 22" giraffe catfish £60 Txt.or whattapp 07508983955 Collection only
68.African Arrowana 14 inch approx 16/05/21 Yes
African Arrowana 14 inch approx feeding well on catfish fine pellets, chopped fine mussel and prawns. 1 or 2 scales missing which will grow back. Collection only bring large suitable container. Morden Surrey SM4 £200 What’s app 07917 365 654
69.Fish plecs catfish 13/05/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 1.5 inch Buenos Aires Trtra £1.50 each 1 inch Red & blue Columbian Tetra £1 1 inch Red Eye tetra £1 Various guppy £1 each 1 inch German Blue Rams £2 each 1 inch + Electric Blue Rams £4 each 3 for £10 1 inch + platinum Rams £4 each 3 for £10 2.5 i... ...
Hi Guys Im having a big clear out of some stocks to make space for 2 new big shipments due so looking to make new space. Here are some some of the stock I'm looking to discount/clear to the right homes. limited stock at these prices. Grade b red gar from £40 upward depends size 5&... ...
71.Re-homing of tropical fish 10/05/21 Yes
Hi, I have the following fish available for free as long as are going to a good home. Must have experience in keeping fish and have the suitable size tank set up Listed fish are: 2 clown loach 3 cuckoo catfish 4 rainbow fish 1 red tailed black shark Would prefer all to go together No time w... ...
72.2 clown loaches and 1 Hoplo catfish for sale Southend 01/05/21 Yes
Clown loaches 3.5 inches £8 each Catfish 5.5 inches £5 £20 for all. Southend Essex. 07512210106
73.Various large fish 30/04/21 Yes
Clarius catfish approx 11-13 inches long 15.00 Irredescent shark 15.00 Large pleco approx10-12 inches 20.00 Large pleco approx 7-9 inches 15.00 2 orange parrot fish 4-5 inches 25.00 pair or 15.00 each
74.Ancistrus bristlenose catfish 30/04/21 Yes
Lemon blue eyed, Albino and common bristlenose babies around 1" £1 each or 14 for £10.
75.Fish, plecs, cory, catfish, tetra, loach 29/04/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 1.5 inch Buenos Aires Trtra £1.50 each 1 inch Red & blue Columbian Tetra £1 1 inch Red Eye tetra £1 Small cardinals £0.60p each 4 cm silver dollars £4 each 3 for £10 2 cm sterbai Cory £3 each 4 for £10 1 inch German Blue Rams £2 each 1 inch + Ele... ...
76.Red tail catfish and Oscar 19/04/21 No
Both good healthy fish rtc is 8inch Oscar is 5inch Both eating great want £30 for both Ono Best call or text Pick up Manchester
79.Fish, plecs & catfish whiptails l numbers 14/04/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 4 cm silver dollars £4 each 3 for £10 2 cm sterbai Cory £3 each 4 for £10 1 inch + Electric Blue Rams £4 each 1 inch + platinum Rams £4 each 2.5 inch various gourami £3 each 4 for £10 2 Inch + Angels £5 each 3 inch Electric Blue Acara £5.00 3 inch ... ...
80.Platinum red tail catfish wanted 07/04/21 No
I’m looking for a platinum red tail catfish. Please let me know if you have one for sale and send some photos and we can work out a price. Preferably close to camberley however will travel for the right fish
81.Various Tropical Fish 06/04/21 No
3 x Silver Dollars £10 each 3 x Brazilian Geophagus - £10 each 2 x Gold Severums - £10 each 2 x Green Severums - £10 each 2 x Hemichromis Lifalili (Dwarf Cichlid) £15 for the both 1 x Albino Spotted Hoplo Catfish = £10 Contact for further details
82.Large Featherfin Catfish 06/04/21 No
Looking for a new home for Ernie Very healthy approx 6 inches Needs to go to a large tank with suitable tank mates. Free to a good home.
83.Fish ready to go , 06/04/21 No
Stock clearance ahead of fish house move, will do deals on multi buys tiger shovelnose x redtail catfish hybrids 5” £40 red tail catfish 7” £35 midas 2.5" 2” £8 Green terror 2.5” £8 brown bristlenose £5 Alunocara Mixed Hormone free £10 each 6 for £45 red ti... ...
84.Plecs,fish,catfish,cory 05/04/21 Yes
Description: For sale Hartlepool 4 cm silver dollars £4 each 3 for £10 2 cm sterbai Cory £3 each 4 for £10 1 inch + Electric Blue Rams £5 each 4 for £15 2.5 inch various gourami £3 each 4 for £10 2 Inch + Angels £5 each 3 inch + Angels £7.50 3 inch Electric Blue Acara £5.00 3 inc... ...
85.Water catfish 29/03/21 No
Hi have available a 9inch walking catfish for Sale due to change in tank £30 ono
86.Snakehead/pike cichlid/Asian red tail catfish 26/03/21 No
Venezuelan pike cichlid 11 inch £70 Albino snakehead 13 inch £100 Asian red tail catfish 7 inch £30 Please contact me on 07492654045 pickup only
Fish for sale are. 1 silver arowana 20inch, 1 peacock bass, 1 pike cichlid, 2 jack dempsey male and female, Sunspot catfish.
88.for sale 21/03/21 No
Ornate bichir 8-9 inch £50, Sorubim lima catfish 5-6 inch £40
Some of the new stock below from PA all in stock. IN STOCK Aba Aba knifefish ( large size 14” -17” ) Elephant nose (petersii) Citherus Citherus Bagrus Docmak (Giant silver catfish) Spiny Eel Phago Maculatus (African long nose pike ) rare King Kong Parrot. (Orange) King Kong P... ...
90.giraffe catfish 17/03/21 Yes
22-24 inch giraffe catfish for sale offers? if interested message my number. phone number-07825114335
91.Gulper catfish 14/03/21 No
By far the coolest fish I've owned. I have two currently and looking to offload one, currently around 5". Grown from a very small size. We'll fed and in a species only tank. Eats all frozen food aswell as live given the opportunity. Not good in community tanks... Make me an offer..
92.Jelly catfish 05/03/21 Yes
5 inches long eating well £60. Open to trades based buntingford. 07568302451
93.1 x catfish 4/5 inches £10 28/02/21 Yes
1 x catfish between 4/5 inch I just need to find him a new home as I have enough on the bottom of my aquarium and would like to make more room I’m in Telford Shropshire But travel daily with work to North Yorkshire and willing to meet northbound Call or txt 07789172348 WhatsApp me for mor... ...
94.BRONZE CORY CATFISH 5 FOR £10 27/02/21 Yes
95.Rjp saw catfish 26/02/21 Yes
Have a ripsaw catfish for sale approx 10inch beauty of a fish im asking £110 collection plymouth
96.Plutnum redtail catfish 28-29inch 23/02/21 Yes
Platinum redtail catfish 28-29inch large and bulky in perfect conditions £500. Swap for Datnioides tiger fish or cash. Videos and photos available upon request Mob:07460466643. Al.
97.Red tail catfish 21/02/21 Yes
Redtail catfish 2ft long. Hes outgrown my tank. £40
98.Clarias catfish 19/02/21 Yes
13 inch clarias catfish for sale £20
99.Plecs, Cory, Fish 16/02/21 No
For sale Hartlepool 3 inch Electric Blue Acara £5.00 2 inch Redhump geophagus £3.50 2 inch Ellioti Cichlid £3 each 2.5 inch Glass Catfish £3 each 4 inch Red Tailed Shark £10 3 inch Silver Shark £4 each 3 got £10 2 inch Siver Shark £3 each 4 for £10 2 inch Pakistan loach £2.50 ea... ...
100.20 inches Piraiba capapretum catfish 16/02/21 No
Rare monster piraiba capapretum, catfish,20" and growing fast, eat's white baits, mussels, prawn.tank mate includ clown loches, panguses,barbs.Will swap for datnoid tiger fish. Has bent mouth , but it does not cause any problems, only superficial hance the £500 offers are welcome . 07460466643.
101.Gar , bass , tanks for sale 14/02/21 No
5ft tank Peacock bass Arowana Gars Paroon sharks Catfish available
102.few fish for sale 13/02/21 No
I have 2 redtail catfish around 2 ft long both up for sale (not giving them away don't ask) 150 each open to offers nothing silly I also have a baby hystrix stingray for sale for 350.
103.Albino Longfin Pleco, Catfish, Suckerfish 13/02/21 Yes
Got various colours of guppies available.Various price ranges depending on the quality of the fish colour and finnage. I've got vaious coloured (mutt guppies) for £2.00 per male. Will sell females for £1.00. I've got higher quality guppies for up to £6. See my more expensive lines on my instagr... ...
104.Fish, plec, cory, cichlids, catfish 10/02/21 No
For sale Hartlepool 3 inch Electric Blue Acara £5.00 2 inch Redhump geophagus £3.50 2 inch Ellioti Cichlid £3 each 2.5 inch Glass Catfish £3 each 3 inch Silver Shark £4 each 3 got £10 2 inch Siver Shark £3 each 4 for £10 2 inch Pakistan loach £2.50 each 2 .5 inch L501 £15 each 2... ...
105.Unusual catfish wated 07/02/21 No
As above, after hard to get catfish or other interesting species. London area preferred but can travel (after lockdown). please text 07968 121568
106.Fish, Cory,plecs & catfish 05/02/21 No
For sale Hartlepool 3 inch Electric Blue Acara £5.00 1.5 inch Redhump geophagus £3.50 2 .5 inch L501 £15 each 2 for £25 2 inch L404 plec £15 each 2 for £25 1,5 inch L404 £10 1 - 1.5 inch L066 plec £10 each 1 - 1.5 inch L199 plec £10 each 3 inch Brown bristlenose £5 each 5 inch B... ...
107.900 Lt Freshwater Tank and fish for sale. 01/02/21 Yes
Sadly due to moving, I have to sell my tank. I would like to sell all my fish together if possible as well. They have all lived in harmony with each other for a few years and are all healthy. 900 Lt Fresh Water Tank with 405 Lt Sump tank. Water Type Freshwater Tropical Material Glass Tank ... ...
108.Bracyplatystoma Vaillantii 31/01/21 Yes
Very Rare Catfish Bracyplatystoma Vaillantii. Approx 11inches long. In with other Cats, although quite large tank. Buyer to collect and provide own container. £450, sorry but no offers. Thank you
109.I have 2 catfish in nedd of a new home 30/01/21 Yes
2× aisian sun catfish have got fairly big and out grown my tank in need of a new place to live.
110.Albino Cory Catfish 29/01/21 No
Young Albino Cory Catfish Available £1.25 each 10 for £10 collection only from warrington
111.6ft x 2ft x 2.5ft 850ltr aquarium 27/01/21 Yes
Custom build 6ft long x 2ft wide x 2.5ft deep Double base Fabricated steel stand 2x fluval fx5 filters with pipework and media 2x fluval digital heaters 1x orange oscar 10+ inch 1x tiger oscar 7+ inch 2x synodontis catfish 80+ kg of small black gravel £550
112.Stuuning L number Plecos 24/01/21 No
Closing down tanks for sale are the following L020 Polka dot pleco 3 inch VERY RARE L201 Inspector Plecos male & female 5-6 inch L018 Gold nugget Plecos X 3 available L204 Flash Pleco chunky 6 inch SOLD SOLD SOLD L264 Sultan Pleco SOLD SOLD SOLD Broken line Watermelon 6 inch st... ...
113.very large decorus catfish 23/01/21 Yes
over 9 inch catfish £5
114.tropical fish 23/01/21 Yes
3 bronze Cory's £2, 2 dwarf guramis £2, 1 large featherfin catfish £5,
115.Juwel Vision 4ft Aquarium and Red Shouldered Severum 19/01/21 Yes
Juwel Vision 260 litre bow fronted aquarium and cabinet in used condition. Comes complete with: Fluval 303 Cannister filter 2 x 300w heaters Air pump Also the following fish 2 x Red Shouldered Severum 8in & 6in 2 x Geophaghus Earth Eaters 3in each 2 x Pictus Catfish 3in each £200 ono
116.Breaking down my tank 19/01/21 Yes
Hi all, I am currently looking to break down my corner tank. I have some fish in it which I am selling as well as the tank complete set up.I am happy to sell the fish separately but would prefer it to go as a job lot really. The fish are all mature.. I have a Raphael catfish about 5-6 in for £20.... ...
117.Red tail catfish 18/01/21 Yes
24" red tail catfish free to big home needs atleast 8x4x2 or larger swimming poo/indoor pool wont let him go to a 6x2x2 /6x3x2 as its inhumane videos available @forfishsake_ on instagram
118.Nearly 3ft redtail catfish FREE TO GOOD HOME 16/01/21 Yes
I have a redtail catfish hes beutiful hes in with comunity fish also he comes to top of water when feedin hes in perfect condition bright red tail he eats muscles whitebait mackeral I am willing to send videos and pictures through watsapp 07845671490
119.6 x 2 x 2 ft aquarium plus fish 09/01/21 Yes
Aquarium 10mm thick glass with 2 external filters, heaters, large piece of bogwood, net and mag float glass cleaner. Sold Oscar 10" £15 Argentea 9" £30 Vulture catfish 12" £70 Atabapo Red pike 12" £30 (has possibly hith butdon't know as came to me over a year ago looking exactly as does no... ...
120.Fish for sale - priced to sell 09/01/21 Yes
Oscar 10" £15 Argentea 9" £30 Vulture catfish 12" £70 Atabapo Red pike 12" £30 (has possibly hith but don't know as came to me over a year ago looking exactly as does now, can send photos) priced accordingly as these can sell for up to £200 Talking catfish £5 Plec 5-6", can't remember L n... ...
121.Rehoming service 07/01/21 No
Free rehoming service for Malawi’s peacocks and catfish Loving home
122.Blue dwarf gouramis 07/01/21 Yes
2 healthy male blue dwarf gouramis, young and good condition Would like to swap for rainbow fish such as blue rainbow or red , or bosmani etc , or smaller variety’s of catfish etc
123.Wanted Oxydoras niger ( rip saw catfish ) 05/01/21 No
I'm looking for baby ripsaw catfish close to plymouth i know how big they grow i have 8x4x4 ply wood pond for him
124.Selling 17” giraffe catfish 03/01/21 Yes
Selling a 17” giraffe catfish with a great character. Very active fish but will need a big tank/pond. Feeding on all sorts like worms, pellets and prawns. Open to reasonable offers located just outside swindon.
125.Bolt catfish and others 02/01/21 Yes
Going a different direction with my tank, so I need to sell some fish. Bolt catfish 9-10in £75 Jaguar catfish 4-5in £35 2xTrachelyopterus fisheri 4-5in £10 each. Collection only near bury st Edmunds. 07812138653
126.6ft, 510 litre ND Aquatics Aquarium for sale 01/01/21 Yes
A stunning 6ft ND aquatics aquarium, with oak effect cabinet & hood, all in very good condition. Tank measurements 6ft x 2ft x 1.5 ft, measurements with cabinet and hood L 74inch W 20inch H 56.5 inch. The tank was made to order in 2015 so is just over 5 years old, it comes with an Fluval FX6 filt... ...
127.Mature african cichlids for sale 31/12/20 Yes
I am changing my tank over to a community setup so I’m selling what is left of my Africans! The fish’s are all in good health and fed once a day on origin Malawi formula. I would like to sell as a joblot but open to sensible offers on them! Here is a list; Fish for sale 1x frontosa medium ma... ...
128.Fish for sale 27/12/20 No
13 inch vulture catfish 85 10 inch uaru 60 8 inch red spot severum 60 12 in tengulsi Bircher 100 Willl sell all for 250 for quick sale What’s app me 07887498324
129.Tank Closing - Bichirs/Cichlids/Catfish/Lungfish 26/12/20 No
Reluctant sale of my fish. I'm closing down my tanks and will have the below for sale. My apologies for no prices - This is a quick sale and will be very open to offers so don't shy away from sending me a message through text or whatsapp. Not many pictures on the ad as I mostly take videos. ... ...
130.Jaguar Catfish WANTED please ? 24/12/20 No
Hi ~ Has anybody in the Midlands area got a Jaguar Catfish for sale ??? Would like at least ONE ! LIOSOMADORAS ONCINUS (The REAL Jaguar Catfish please) I will call & collect (when 'virally' safe to do so) ! Phone or email via this site !
131.Cory catfish small 23/12/20 Yes
Cori catfish need to get rid asap I have 2 of them both for £15
132.240 litre fluval tank and dark brown cabinet 19/12/20 Yes
1 year old 240 litre tank with a 407 filter, heater, and tank decorations included. Tank also includes the tropical fish if wanted. These include approx 15 tetra, gourami, red tailed black shark, bristlenose catfish, 4 Corys, 2 plecos, 3 upside down catfish, 1 zebra loach, shrimp etc. All fish a... ...
133.Predator tropical for sale in Hull arowana. African tiger, vampire. 17/12/20 Yes
Sliver arowana 6¡±-8¡± ¡ê40 each . 5 available African tiger fish 9¡±-10¡± ¡ê180 Albino silver arowana 30¡± plus no drop eyes ¡ê650 Platinum red tail catfish 18¡±-20¡± ¡ê500 WILD" " Rare" Payara, Vampire Tetra (Hydrolycus armatus 8¡± taking dead frozen food ¡ê150 each ... ...
134.Fish for sale 13/12/20 No
Hi selling up some off my fish to make way for other projects Priced to sell may swap African cichlids 14inch vulture catfish 8 inch red spot Severum 10 inch uaru cichlid 5 x 2 to 3” clown loach 6 x spanner barbs 2 to 3” 5 inch jewle cichlids 2 x geophagus balzini 2 - 3 inch 10 ... ...
135.Fluval 180 bow front - Full setup £80 09/12/20 Yes
The tank is sumped, so you'll need a large car and some blocks of wood to stand it on so the pipes don't get broken off the bottom in transport. Comes with the following; The stand (tatty as per photos) Fluval heater Bubble/led bar Air pump Fluval canister filter All plastic plants The sa... ...
136.Striped Raphael Catfish (talking catfish) 09/12/20 Yes
I have two adult Striped Raphael catfish for sale. £35 or make me an offer. Please WhatsApp me.
137.2 half ft wide head south africa catfish £130 09/12/20 Yes
I have a 24inch wide head catfish hes lovely he comes to top of tank for attention not agressive at all HE IS ONLY GOING TO GOOD HOME :) Hes eating musscles and whitebait and prawns £130 Willin to send videos of him
138.Synodontis Schoutedeni Golden Congo Catfish 07/12/20 Yes
Import from the Congo. Feeding on bloodworm and chopped prawn, Nice bright golden colouration on these cats they are stunning. Size 3.5-4.5 Inches Price £40.00 Each or £70 for a pair Delivery available Planet Arowana
139.Dwarf Giraffe Catfish 05/12/20 No
Dwarf Giraffe Catfish Tropical Fish. Feeding well on prawns and anything that sinks About 10” which is almost fully grown for a dwarf Only selling because my Oscars that the kids love won’t leave him alone Collection from LU7 2QB
140.Dwarf Giraffe Catfish 05/12/20 Yes
Dwarf Giraffe Catfish Tropical Fish. Feeding well on prawns and anything that sinks About 10” which is almost fully grown for a dwarf Only selling because my Oscars that the kids love won’t leave him alone Collection from LU7 2QB
141.Large pond aquarium 03/12/20 Yes
I have large outdoor pond with glass viewing it’s all fibre glass around 5ft Lon 3ft wide 2ft deep it’s about 2000 litres comes with 2 pumps 2 heaters I also have 1ft redtail catfish in there a flower horn and a large pleco am wanting 400 for everything that price is a bargin the ponds them self... ...
142.1.5ft redtail catfish 03/12/20 No
I have redtail catfish for sale very large looking for 100 pound as I can’t house him! Txt 07932563718
143.Catfish 01/12/20 Yes
Hi I have a few catfish that I want to sell the one is very big and would need to go to a large tank I am looking to sell all the fish together if possible theres 18 in total all different but really good sizes please message me for more info thanks
144.Wet Pets Solihull Have stunning Malawi Juvies for sale some rarer ones and a good size a must see li 01/12/20 Yes
Hi all. I am an enthusiastic hobbyist breeder/seller of Malawi, Tanganyikan and Victorian Cichlids. I have a pet license and I have been keeping these amazing rift fish for over 20 years. Below is a list of new fish I have ready for collection. Most of the fish on the list will be £7.00 ea... ...
145.Tropical fish for sale 01/12/20 No
10 inch odoe pike £140 5 inch Kelberi bass £50 12 inch vulture catfish £120 Message me on what’s app for pics and info no offers on price 07887498324
146.Wanted Giraffe Catfish 21/11/20 No
Looking for a young healthy giraffe catfish around the 6”-8” mark to grow up in my 6’ x 2’ Oscar setup
147.Tigrinus Catfish 17/11/20 No
Looking for a semi adult Tigrinus catfish. Must have similar stripes on both sides. Please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks.
Excellent feeder (they all are!)
149.Catfish 15/11/20 Yes
2 7” catfish £30ea
150.12 Wild Frontosa (Cyphotilspia Gibberosa) Group £900 15/11/20 Yes
Blue Zaire Moba Wild Frontosa Colony.There are 3 males and the rest females. Purchased from some from Germany and some from a reputable UK importer to ensure there was a mix of bloodlines. Original price was £1200 so selling at a discount to sell. The colony is made up of 12 Wild Blue frontosa (... ...
151.Closing tank - Fish for sale/swap 08/11/20 Yes
I have the following for sale / swap... 1 x L Golden Gourami £6 4 x Zebra Loach £5 each 2 x BN Pleco £8 each 6 x Bleeding Heart Tetras £6 each (£30 for all) 1 x Denison Barb £15 2 X FF Catfish 6” £15 each 1 x Marbled Headstander £15 4 x Tiger barbs £3 each 3 x Green barbs £3 e... ...
152.Red tailed catfish 08/11/20 No
Red tailed catfish 7-8" £50
153.American cichlids, catfish and blue crayfish 07/11/20 Yes
Cuban cichlid 6” Tiger Oscar 12” Copper Oscar 11” Pair of blue crayfish 6-8” Black Oscar 5” Sun catfish 10” 3 x synodontis 5-12” 2 x ob peacock cichlids Albino common plecostomus 10” Please text rather than email as it doesn’t seem to work
154.2 X White Cloud Mountain Minnows,1X Peppered Corydoras Catfish 04/11/20 No
FREE TO GOOD HOME Shutting down tank so new home required ASAP.
155.Clarius catfish 28/10/20 No
1 x 18 inch marbled Clarius 1 x 12 inch albino Clarius (beautiful fish) £20 each or both for £30
157.Pimodella ornatus 8 -9inch £100. Ferndown Dorset..... catfish 09/10/20 No
a very attractive predator, been kept in a mixed catfish tank with a breeding group of corys and larger loricarids.with the wrong tank mates there would be carnage but a pretty, not huge, fish eater,please research this fish if interested. Not a fussy eater
158.Fw aquarium set up. 48 inch x 24inch tall x 20 inch back to front , 350 litre 09/10/20 Yes
Set up includes tank& stand ehiem 2217, heater plus most of the bog wood, there are a couple of manacapura angles for free but NOT the catfish unless a sensible offer is made. There is a 8-9inch pim ornatus which is for sale £100 and is immaculate. The tank is 10mm and heavy possibly a 3 pers... ...
159.Looking to rehome my Tropical fish including a stunning L190 Royal Pleco 09/10/20 Yes
Hi all, I’m looking for a new amazing 6’ or bigger home for my stunning fish. Ideally situated in Kent. I’ve recently made the tough decision to close down my 6’ tank and am now looking for a new home for the fish. The aquarium is sold and some of the fish are going to the new owne... ...
160.Fish and fish tank 8 foot 04/10/20 Yes
Hello guys bit of a sad post, looking to rehome my fish and fish tank :(, due to change in circumstances I no longer have the time to care for my tank and would like to see it go to sombody who would love and appreciate this tank as much as I did. It’s a sold well built tank from Nd aquatics and i... ...
161.Ripsaw Catfish 2ft 03/10/20 Yes
2 foot Ripsaw Catfish. Gentle giant. Eats well!! will need large polly box for collection. £100. Ono Call Rob 077110 23464
162.Monster fish 19/09/20 No
Hi i have the following for sale: 1 silver arowana 20” 1 xingu peacock bass 15” 2 african cichlids 6” 1 birchir 16” 1 oscar cichlid 10-13” 1 red tailed catfish 20-24” all for 300 ono buyer must collect from telford please give me a call on 07878147636
163.22"+ red tail catfish 18/09/20 Yes
I have my stunning red tail catfish for sale. He is in perfect health and has no deformities ect. I am absolutely gutted that he has to go but due to changing set ups I cant keep him. Will only sell him to the right home as he needs a pool due to his size. Please only contact if you can provide him ... ...
164.TIGER SHOVELNOSE CATFISH 12inches. £50 11/09/20 Yes
Beautiful fish! Growing way to fast for me and my tank, eats plenty and very healthy! £50 Buyer must bring own container. Thanks.
165.OSCAR WANTED 10/09/20 No
Hi, i have a 6ft well established South American aquarium that needs either 1 or 2 Oscars. It currently houses a large plec and a couple of catfish. You are more than welcome to view before I purchase. I have kept Oscars in the past so understand their needs.
166.Catfish x 2 11 inch decorus 06/09/20 Yes
Two synodontis decorus catfish 11 inches in length both healthy and stunning Must have a large aquarium Collection east London beckton 80 for both Sorry for the poor pictures I can send better ones to those who enquire
167.Sun catfish 9 inch 06/09/20 No
Collection beckton 35
168.1x red tail catfish 1x hybrid tsn/rtc 06/09/20 Yes
big cat for sale to responsible home only. redtail nearly 2ft Nice colouring. 1 hybrid tiger/redtail approx 15” very slight deformation on top of skull. Giving up the big pond as finding work and family commitments are taking all my time so pond is constantly algae fied. good eaters. Fed on pr... ...
169.I have the following fish for sale in SOUTHEND ESSEX 02/09/20 Yes
Bronze corydoras adults £2.50 Super red plecos 1 inches £5 Koi angel fish 3 inches £5 Hoplo catfish 3 inches £2.50 German ram cichlids £3.50 Asian discus £80 each (pictured) £300 for group of 4 07512210106
170.FLUVAL EDGE 50L Planted Tank with Dwarf Puffers and Otto Catfish 01/09/20 Yes
50L Tropical Tank with everything included as shown in pic. Good homes only! 2 x female Dwarf Puffers 1 x male ( have bred once but eggs didn’t make it) 1 x Cory Catfish Entire Planted Tank included with Decor & Bogwood with Java Moss attached. Fluval U1 Filter External Waterfall Filter an... ...
171.Catfish 01/09/20 Yes
2x catfish around 10inch long needing a new home as outgrown tank.£15 each or both for £20
172.Koi fighters/ com set up/ odd balls 30/08/20 Yes
3 female koi fighters, 1 male koi fighter, 4 ember tetras, 1 black phantom, 2 XL green tiger barbs, XL white armoured shrimp, bronze Cory, upside catfish, panda gara gara, tire track eel 6 inches, african knife 4 inches, female bristle nose. £40 for the lot Feel free to message for individual f... ...
173.Giraffe catfish 25/08/20 Yes
Giraffe catfish 14 inches for sale Dewsbury west Yorkshire
174.Braking tank down 22/08/20 Yes
2 x bifas 4 inches plus possibly a pair £25 5 inch flagtail £20 6 inch irwini catfish £35 8 inch sun catfish £30
175.Lots available 21/08/20 No
Common Bristlenose pleco male x3 large Breeding pair of jewel cichlids 2 male jewel cichlids Deforemed angelfish free to good home Red tail shark 2 tiger datnoids Monte cristo cichlid 2 large synodontis catfish 1 parrot cichlid 2 clown plec 2 albino sailfin pleco 1 4" Jack d... ...
176.plecs 19/08/20 No
large gibisep plec 10 inch plus two medium plecs also 7 inch sinodontis catfish £45 01274600070
177.3ft Clearseal tank setup for sale - bargain £50 incl cabinet & extras 18/08/20 Yes
For sale is my complete 3ft setup. Clearseal Tank includes lovely resin rock background and all equipment, complete list below: - 3ft Clearseal tank and hood with beech stand - Eheim 2213 External filter pipes and media - Heater and internal filter - Aquarium plants and bogwood (some anchored)... ...
178.Fish for sale 18/08/20 No
Large sail fin Plec 12 inches Large upside down catfish 2 Syno cats 1 Bumble cat Going Cheap Message me for details Collection In Torquay
179.Fish for sale 17/08/20 No
Large sail fin Plec 12 inches Large upside down catfish 2 Syno cats 1 Bumble cat Going Cheap Message me for details Collection In Torquay
180.Large collection of tropical fish for sale 17/08/20 No
HI folks Im currently in the early stages of of closing my tropical aquarium and have the following fish available for sale, please text me if you want any information etc I have not put a price as Im totally open to sensible offers and want the fish to go to a good home my number is 07411 97112... ...
181.Red tail catfish about 13inch 11/08/20 Yes
Red tail catfish about 13inch offers or swaps please call me on 07340664571 or text
182.Selling some of my fish 09/08/20 No
All can be seen pictures through what's app 07887498324 Vulture catfish 8-9" £65 Freshwater archerfish 4" £28 4bar datnoid 15" 200 ono 6 x spanner barbs 2" £25 Kelberi peacock bass 5" £50
183.Ornate bichir 07/08/20 Yes
Ornate bichir for sale, £50, approx 9 months old, 12 inches, amazing prehistoric fish, Specialist tropical fish requires large aquarium and will eat small fish (obviously) so not compatible in a tank with small fish, had previous had it in a 5ft aquarium with aggressive cichlids, Jack Dempsey, ang... ...
184.16 x Frontosa burundi cichlids prefect size for breeding mainly female 05/08/20 Yes
we have a large group of 16 frontosa for sale as we are closing down the tank there is also petricola catfish and a bristle nose and 3 other cichlids in the tank biggest are around 8ish and smallest are 4 inches this would be just measuring there bodys and not to the tail this is a rough size vi... ...
185.Giant gouramis for sale 05/08/20 No
2 giant gouramis one 20 inch albino £60 One 12 inch wild type £40 Also 22 inch marbled clarius catfish £20 will consider swaps for preds Collection only can send photos via WhatsApp 07847571710
186.royal whiptail 28/07/20 No
looking for royal whiptail catfish is anyone has any
187.2x9” lemon barbs and synodontis catfish for sale 27/07/20 Yes
I have these for sale, lemon barbs are around 9” and catfish is around 7” Picked them up cheap as they outgrown someone else’s tank! £20 for barbs and £10 for catfish or part ex for anything predator- arowana, rays etc
188.Pimelodus Pictus x6 at 5-6” 27/07/20 Yes
Stunning catfish x6. Almost fully grown. Well fed. Closed my main tank down and these need a new home. £10 each. NG17 07415868538
189.Platinum red tail catfish wanted 25/07/20 No
Hi guys, I’m looking for a platinum red tail catfish, I’ve looked everywhere for one but can’t seem to find them in the uk. I’m willing to travel if needs b
190.Aquaheaven current livestock list click on link 25/07/20 Yes
STOCK LIST UP DATE 22/07/20 cheapest in Leeds and West Yorkshire. Fish house is back open for appointments only please drop us a message or comment if you wish to visit. Any Stock that we have sold out of that you are wanting contact us for when we are getting more in,if there is anything you ... ...
191.Pseudotropheus Saulosi breeding colony for sale SOLD 23/07/20 Yes
For sale is my breeding colony of P. Saulosi, 10 fish in total. 4 confirmed males and 5 females, 1 suspected 5th male. Breed regularly and males have stunning colours. Bargain £5 per fish or £40 for the group. For £50 I'll also throw in a catfish, loach and 2 flying foxes currently living happ... ...
192.RARE Black whiptail Catfish 10-12CM - Pterasturisoma microps £12.99 19/07/20 Yes
193.two fish tanks for sale 18/07/20 Yes
I got two fish tanks for sale - one is smaller about 60 litres, most of fishes are guppies, lots of them born in this tank - second one bigger about 180 litres,with cabinet, catfishes, sharks, cichlids, -both with equipment. I keeping them from 9 months, but I am leaving that country and need t... ...
194.Malawi cichlids various sizes 1inch to 6 inch 18/07/20 Yes
Various Malawi cichlids various sizes 1inch to 6 inch prices vary depending on the ones you want approx 30 fish 3 catfish approx 6 inches £30 for the 3 1 large clown loach approx 6 inches £10 Golden nugget plec approx 4 inches £40
195.4ftx4ft octagonal fishtank with stand shop quality 18/07/20 Yes
4ftx4ft octagonal fishtank with stand shop quality tank Fluval fx4 filter Ehiem 300w heater Wave makers 2x 4ft led lights Contents available for sale sizes from an inch to 6 inch lovely examples of Malawi 3 catfish approx 6 inches 1 large clown loach approx 6 inches Golden nugget plec... ...
196.Bristlenose Catfish babies FREE 06/07/20 Yes
FREE BRISTLENOSE BABIES. Hi, my son's bristlenose catfish have bred, bit of a surprise and now we have lots of babies which we need to rehome - his tank is 60l so we can't keep them. There are currently 15 around an inch long so ready to rehome. Free, just need a good home for them. Ideally collect... ...
197.Fish 01/07/20 Yes
I've got a talking catfish, a pleco, an orange parrot fish, two angel fish and a knife fish for sale, you can see from the pictures they are not your average shop fish and they are quite large specially the knife fish hence they will need large tanks, 500+ litre for knife fish. Looking for about ... ...
198.Large redtail catfish 01/07/20 No
Large red tail catfish free to good home very well looked after have owned him for over 2 years... Currently housed in 7ft tank. Will eat from hand has a great personality. Looking to simply shut his tank down so I can concentrate on my other tanks . I have a large poly box for transport if requ... ...
199.Wanted predators 01/07/20 No
Hi i have a large 6meter by 6meter indoor Tropical pond in my basement im after some large predatory fish like arowna cichlids and catfish i have already got some flowerhorns in there and one arowana. Must be in telford or close and im willing to rehome fish that have outgrown any tank as im sure i ... ...
200.Closing 6ft tank down 29/06/20 No
Closing 6ft tank down Oscar £30 Jag £30 Veija £30 Parrot fish £20 2 golden severums £40 each 1 red spotted severum £40 Silver Dollar £10 Pictus catfish £20 catfish £20 Other catfish £20 1 Saddle back birchir £50 2 Delhezi bichirs £40 + £30 3 sengel bichirs £20 each ... ...
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