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1.Peacock Cichlids 01/08/21 Yes
Here I have 1 male jacobfreibergi peacock he has a blue face and red body and five silver brown jacobfreibergi females, breeding group of 6 for £40.00 , I also have 2 stunning male marble peacocks one is black and beige marble and the other is black and Orange, they are 4 inches long, the 2 for £... ...
2.SCREWCUMBER VEGGIE FEEDER/WEIGHT - Two year warranty - Free delivery for UK 01/08/21 Yes
TROPICAL FISH FEEDER/WEIGHT. Effective and simple solution for anchoring veggies for bottom feeders. http://www.screwcumber.com Or see us on eBay UK! Fantastic for: Plecos, Clown loaches, Malawi Cichlids etc 2 Year swap out warranty. All payments processed by PayPal. We also dispat... ...
3.Central american cuban cichlids 01/08/21 Yes
live tropical fish. Central american cichlids cuban tropical fish fry. Will do deals on bulk buys. They average on sizes due to gender from 1 inch to over 2 inch Message me for further information or more pictures.
4.South American cichlids and predatory fish 31/07/21 Yes
6 inch F1 tiger Oscar - £20 6 inch ocellated snakehead x2 - £15 each, 2 for £25 Asian Sun Catfish 5-6 inch - £5 Green terror 5 inch - £15 Albino Oscar - £15 All for £60 Message for any details Collection only Crawley
5.Malawi Cichlids for sale 31/07/21 Yes
Breaking up my tank so 37 x Malawi cichlids for sale. Beautiful fish. Largest being approx 6 inches. Collection only from CH42
6.Mixed Cichlids 30/07/21 Yes
Obs, red top ice blue and some hybrid - size 2-3" and Orange zebra, yellow labs, golden auratus, johanni and some more varieties - size 1" Small size £1 each Big size £3 each Text or call me on 07456207075 for more info
7.2 Jack Dempsey cichlids and a jewel cichlid and angel fish 29/07/21 Yes
2 female jack dempseys £15 for 2.. 1 jewel cichlid £5 1 large angel Cichlid £5 Guesstimate 1 female Jack is 5-6inch and the other is 4-5inch ,, Jewel is about 4inch £20 for the lot .. Pick up only
8.PRICE DROP Breeding pair of Tomocichla asfraci available 29/07/21 Yes
Very rare cichlid. Not often seen Pair are around 8-9inch total length. COLOURS ARE STUNNING! Very hard to find a pair of these cichlids in the UK. Ive had fry from this pair, but theyre not the pair i want to work with in the future. Collection only! NEED TO FREE UP TANK SPACE £110 for t... ...
9.Vieja Bifasciatus - Rio Chacamax (male) 28/07/21 Yes
Stunning 6” male imported from Cichlids of the Americas. Was co-habiting peacefully with another pair, but that’s no longer the case, so need to find a home for him. Happy to send a video of the fish by WhatsApp. £50 - collection only from Reigate, Surrey.
10.4 fish 28/07/21 Yes
2 jewel and 2 convict cichlids Jewels around 15cm 1 convict 20cm long by 10 high to other 15cm long 6cm high £50 the lot
11.Large Malawi cichlids 27/07/21 Yes
Various large Malawi cichlids north London, message for photos. Can deliver locally. £15 each or trade for a datnoid
12.Aulonocara For Sale, beautiful colours, all sizes & many strains at half shop prices 27/07/21 Yes
Private breeder in Broadstairs, Kent with years of experience breeding these colourful cichlids. Affordable prices with deals on groups. All sizes available from fry to large adult males. Strains available include: Aulonocara Stuartgranti Aulonocara Baenschi Aulonocara Purple Blotch Aulonoc... ...
13.The Fish Barn - Rift Lake Cichlids 27/07/21 No
Nationwide Delivery Available £28.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery BY 12:00 pm For Scotland please enquire. We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select the fish of your choice. Our Rift Lake Cichlids are sourced from high quality suppliers in Europe! Guaranteed... ...
14.X4 oscar cichlids 24/07/21 No
4 oscar fish 6-8 inches long X1 longfin tiger oscar 8 inches X2 red tiger oscars 6 inches X1 albino red oscar 7 inches £80 the lot or £25 each Message me on whatsapp for videos 07538224874
15.Neolamprologus multifasciatus shell dwellers 22/07/21 Yes
Neolamprologus multifasciatus from lake tanganyika also known as multis for sale,considered to be the smallest cichlid in the world.You will be purchasing juveniles unsexed,sex of individuals are very difficult to tell until adulthood,all coloring up nicely,These cichlids are difficult to come by,i ... ...
16.Beani Laguna el camalote juveniles for sale or swap 22/07/21 Yes
Selling beani cichlids juveniles around 2-3cm Picture of the adult pair 200+ available Might consider swap with other fish Collection only from east London e6 If interested please contact me on 07949070555 pictures and videos available upon request
17.Cichlids,catfish,turtle 22/07/21 Yes
2 5” blood parrots for £45 the pair. I have 1 featherfin catfish 6inches £15 2 Synodontis catfish 4inches £15 each 1 Trewavasae male 5inches £10 females available aswell. 1 Bala shark 7inches £30 1 musk turtle 5” fully grown £20 mixture of peacock,mbuna and haps fry available 1-2 inc... ...
18.Large chocolate cichlids 20/07/21 Yes
Two lovely cichlids for sale Large 6 inch £30
19.Lots of large Cichlids 20/07/21 Yes
All fish hand picked and nice unique colours. 1x Pearsei cichlid very large about 11-12" 1x Polleni madagascan Cichlid 7" 2x Chocolate Cichlids 7" 1x Rainbow Cichlid 4" 1x zebra tilapia Heterotilapia buttikoferi 7-8" 1x African Mbuna cichlid rare colour 5" 1x... ...
20.2x King Kong Parrot Cichlids Large KKP Blood Red 20/07/21 Yes
For sale 2 large KKP parrots for sale. 1x about 9" in length Palers in photo but colour changes to deeper red dependant on mood. 1x about 8" deep red colour, usually stays this way all the time. Fully grown rare KKP parrots. Asking for £250 for them two. Buyer must bring own bags ... ...
21.4 OSCAR CICHLIDS £75 18/07/21 No
22.Electric Blue Ram Cichlids (homebred ) 16/07/21 Yes
Young EBR cichlids.homebred 4 to 6cm Collection from Stockport. £3 each
24.American Cichlids for sale £250 15/07/21 Yes
Various American cichlids and Plecos for sale as follows - sad to sell them. Important they go to a good home Redhead cichlid 8” Cuban cichlid 6” Green terror 6” Jack Dempsey 4” Nicaragua cichlid 4” Pearlscale cichlid 5” Convict cichlid 3” Blue eyed cichlid 3” Firemout... ...
25.Fish, plecs 15/07/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 1.5 inch Buenos Aires Trtra £1.50 each 8 for £10 1 inch serpae tetra £1 each 1 inch cardinal tetra £1 each 1 inch Red Eye tetra £1 each 1 inch + Electric Blue Rams £4 each 3 for £10 1 inch + platinum Rams £4 each 3 for £10 3 inch Jack Dempsey Cichlids... ...
26.Big American cichlids 15/07/21 No
Hi I have my breeding pair of dovi I have also got a big pair of Midas I have a Red Devil I also have a red terror and 2 albino oscars that are looking for a new home All well looked after all eating well on pellets I also have a silver arrowna with no drop eye very health based in Sheffield pick up... ...
27.Dovii 14/07/21 No
Dovii cichlids around 3 inch £3 ach or 4 for £10
28.4ft tank with stand and fish 14/07/21 Yes
300litre Aquarium with lid and light comes with 2 external filters heater air pump and fish needs some tlc fish includes 3 clown loaches, 11 tiger barbs, 10 corydora, 2 blood parrot cichlids Tank dimensions are 4ft wide, 2ft high, 1.8ft depth will need 2 to collect as very heavy and buckets for fi... ...
29.Large shoal of Tinfoil barbs 13/07/21 Yes
15 x Tinfoil barbs about 4" lovely colour and condition ideal to go with large cichlids offers.......
30.The Fish Barn Stock list 13/07/21 No
NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE £28.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 12:00pm For Scotland please enquire. We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select the fish of your choice. Crustaceans: Neocaridina: Red Fire Shrimp £4.00 each 6/£22.00 Yellow Fir... ...
31.Some CA Cichlids 13/07/21 Yes
For sale / rehoming (buyer to collect): 1 x 6-7” Coatza (Paratheraps coatzacoalcos) £20 1 x 2.5” T-Bar Cichlid (Cryptoheros sajica) £5 1 x 6” Silver Cichlid (Maskeheros argentea) £20 1 x 6-7” Nicaragua Cichlid (Hypsophrys nicaraguensis) £20 Can let go as a group or separately. C... ...
32.REDUCED PINK KISSING Gouramis - Extra Large 12/07/21 Yes
Opportunity to buy FOUR Extra Large Pink kissing Gouramis. These fish are currently in a 7ft Aquarium and are currently around 7-8" in length. Only looking for £35 for all 4 fish. Tel 07840924405 Search Aid - Tropical fish, tank, filter, cichlids, catfish, koi, pond, pellets, media.
Opportunity to buy Breeding pair of Electric Blue Acara. These fish are currently in a 7ft Aquarium and are currently around 4-5" in length. The males is the bigger and brighter fish of the pair. Only looking for £20 for the pair fish. Tel 07840924405 Search Aid - Tropical fish, tank, ... ...
34.REDUCED Parrot Fish - Extra large 12/07/21 Yes
Opportunity to buy TWO Extra Large Parrot cichlids . These fish are currently in a 7ft Aquarium and are currently around 6-7" in length. Only looking for £20 for the 2 fish. Tel 07840924405 Search Aid - Tropical fish, tank, filter, cichlids, catfish, koi, pond, pellets, media.
35.Convict Cichlids 12/07/21 No
Looking for a large group of the Above Would Prefer Adults Cash Waiting South England Preferred
37.F1 Zebroides Cichlids 1-2 inches 09/07/21 Yes
I have some F1 Zebroides Cichlids 1-2" home bred for sale, £3 each. Photo is their dad. I can't load any more photos but can Whatsapp some more if requested.
38.cyphotilapia frontosa Kigoma fry 09/07/21 Yes
hi frontosa kigoma cichlids x10 - (£10 each or £80 for 10) size: about 1 inch pick up only . sorry i can send video on WhatApp also can swap for Cyprichromis (jumbo tricolour females) Pick up only(sorry) please contact to me on 07866626099
39.South American cichlids 07/07/21 No
satanoperca leucosticta x2 satanoperca jurupari x5 3 x clown loach 7”Rotkeil 4”Red Sev For sale send a message for pictures
40.Parachromis, Hericthys & Astatheros - SOLD 07/07/21 No
3 x Parachromis Friedrichstalii (Pantanos De Centla ) 3-3.5" - £30 trio 2 x Astatheros Macracanthus 2.5-3" (rare) - £25 pair 5 x Hericthys True Yellow Labridens (Media Luna) 1.5-2" - £50 group All surplus from fish imported directly from Cichlids of the Americas, so absolute q... ...
Opportunity to buy FIVE Extra Large PIMELODELLA PICTUS Catfish. These catfish are currently in a 7ft Aquarium and are currently around 6" in length. Only looking for £40 for all 5 fish. Tel 07840924405 Search Aid - Tropical fish, tank, filter, cichlids, catfish, koi, pond, pellets, med... ...
42.American cichlids 05/07/21 No
Species Size Red Spot Vieja Guttulatem 4-6” Blue Spot Vieja Synspilum 3-4” Vieja Synspilum 5-8” Vieja Biffaciatus 9-11” Vieja Zonatus Hybrid 2-4” Unfaded Red Texas 5-6” ... ...
43.5ft Aquarium - Malawi, COMPLETE Set Up. 04/07/21 Yes
Due to now permanent poor health, I need to give up my fish keeping. With reluctance I have the following COMPLETE set up for sale (ALL Goes as one, no splitting) 60in(L) x 18in(W) x 26in(H) Clearseal Tank with blue painted back (no scratches) Approx. 360 litres capacity. Lid has T5/... ...
44.Fish for sale 04/07/21 No
6/7” aluminium cat fish £20 3 large gouramis £15 for all 2 Cory cat fish £10 Bristle nose baby’s £3.50 x4 £10 Guppy baby’s x10 £20 Very large piece of bog wood cost £120 sell for £50 X3 convict cichlids £10 Location RG170ur hungerford
45.Musk turtle, Cichlids, catfish 03/07/21 Yes
1 musk turtle 5” fully grown £20 2 5” blood parrots for £45 the pair. I have 1 featherfin catfish 6inches £15 2 Synodontis catfish 4inches £15 each 1 Trewavasae male 5inches £10 1 Bala shark 7inches £30 mixture of peacock,mbuna and haps fry available 1-2 inches in 10 for £30. Al... ...
46.Neolamprologus multifasciatus (Multi, Shell-Dweller) - 5 for £25 03/07/21 Yes
A small, pinkish-brown cichlid with blue eyes and numerous thin brown vertical stripes on its flanks. Sexing them is hard. Males are bigger than females, and "pairs" may be seen hovering over the same shell (these fish are harem spawners so such pairs are short-lived). Considered to be one... ...
47.Red Devil cichlids - free to a good home 03/07/21 Yes
Still got some Red Devil’s left if anyone is interested…… During lockdown, my Red Devil cichlids kept breeding and now I have hundreds of them, all different colours and sizes from tiny to large and from different parents. If you would like some just e-mail. May also be persuaded to p... ...
48.Approx 50 Convict Cichlids - Leicester 30/06/21 Yes
I have roughly 40-50 young convicts including a preven breeding pair - £25 Text 07827 915956
49.CICHLIDS 30/06/21 No
Eleven blue cichlids includes mating pairs plus two catfish £25;00. ONO. Buyer collects.
50.Various tropical fish, cichlids, catfish 29/06/21 Yes
All fish healthy, raised in community tanks since juveniles, all active and get on with each other. Open for swaps -Synodontis catfish 6-7 inches £25 -Macaw cichlid 4-5 inches £25 -Jack Dempsey 5-6 inches £22 -Convict cichlid 4-5 inches £18 -Parrot cichlid 3-4 inches £22 -Geophagus redh... ...
51.Cichlids re home 28/06/21 Yes
Hi I’m moving house that requires a lot of work and I am looking to re home my cichlids. I’m worried they won’t survive so much disruption.
52.Malawi Mbuna Juvenile Cichlids Fish Sale. 27/06/21 Yes
Cynotalapia Zebroides Cobue 3cm £5 each pic 1 Metriaclima Membe Deep 3cm £6 pic 2 Metriaclima Elongatus Chewere 3cm £5 pic 3 Bristlenose Plecs 3-4cm £2 Or 3 for £5 Fish for sale are 3cm juveniles, pics are of adults. All fish are in excellent health and condition, And bred here in our F... ...
53.tanganiykan cichlids 27/06/21 No
Tanganyikan cichlids wanted good cash awaits for the right ones
54.Nicaraguan Cichlid Pair 26/06/21 Yes
Proven pair of stunning Nicaraguan Cichlids. £30. Collection Wedmore Somerset or can deliver within reason for fuel
55.Jalo reef mbuna cichlids 26/06/21 Yes
Jalo reef Mbuna cichlids for sale X2 stunning males - perfect condition Minimum tank size - 4 feet, they are not suitable for any tank size smaller. x1 fully grown male - stunning - £10 x1 juvenile male - stunning - £5 x3 juvenile females - £3.50 each Or all for £20
56.Neolamprologus leleupi & tetracanthus + Red Empress. Sussex 25/06/21 Yes
For Sale: Rift Lake Cichlids 1 x Neolamprologus tetracanthus 6cm from LakeTanganyika £9.00 3 x Neolamprologus leleupi 5cm from LakeTanganyika £6.00 each (believe 1 x male 2 x female) 1 x Protomelas taeniolatus Red Empress 6cm from Lake Malawi £5.00 (Juvenile colouration) Buy them all ... ...
57.Honduran red point cichlids 25/06/21 No
I have 2 honduran red point cichlids, 2-3 inch, look like a pair.. free
58.Nicarguense cichlids 25/06/21 Yes
I have 3 Nicarguense cichlids needing new home. 2 are approx 4inches the other 3 inches Lovely fish head colour starting to come through Collect from Epsom surrey Please bring bucket or bags £15 for all 3 Also pair of T bar cichlids £10 message me for pics 07950 904196 for more in... ...
59.Wolf Cichlids around 3-4 inches £10 each 25/06/21 Yes
These Dovii have been raised from babies and now are ready to go to good homes. They are growing fast and feeding well.
60.Rhamphochromis Chilingali (extinct in the wild) Malawi Cichlids 22/06/21 Yes
Rhamphochromis Chilingali (extinct in the wild). Extremely rare malawi Cichlids. I have a total of 17 at a bargain price of just £9 each. Sizes are as follows: 1 @ 9.5cms, 9 @ 9cms, 2 @ 8cms, 2 @ 7.5cms, 2 @ 7cms and 1 @ 6.3cms. I can sell in small or large size groups or in one job lot i... ...
61.Looking South and Central American 22/06/21 No
Looking for big south and Central American cichlids I got a 7x2x2.5 so need big as possible thanks based in Sheffield if u have any please contact me on 07592921543 thanks
62.Bandit cichlid 22/06/21 Yes
I have for sale a breeding pair of bandit cichlids lovely fish and good parents only selling as running out of room for them £30 the pair
63.For sale 21/06/21 Yes
I need to sell my Malawi cichlids, I have kept fish my entire life and have always kept cichlids, unfortunately health issues mean I'm struggling with the rock scape. The fish for sale are 3 Haplachromis Obliquidens 2m 1f all 5" approx 3 Peacock Orange blotch 2m 1f, 1m & f 5", juv m... ...
64.Lots of Malawi cichlids for sale, young and adult 19/06/21 Yes
I am selling lots of Mbuna as changing my set up to large S American fish, I have juveniles at £2.00, medium at £.3.50 and larger fish at £5.00, these are all healthy fish, collection from BN15 0AD or could deliver locally. I also have a couple of filters, some lava rock and lots of other aquari... ...
Opportunity to buy TWO Extra Large BALA SHARKS. These fish are currently in a 7ft Aquarium and are currently around 9" in length. Only looking for £40 for all 2 fish. Tel 07840924405 Search Aid - Tropical fish, tank, filter, cichlids, catfish, koi, pond, pellets, media.
66.Juvenile Electric Blue Acara for sale. 6 for £20 or £4/each 15/06/21 Yes
Uk bread Electric Blue Acara for sale, collection only or local delivery in and around Hertfordshire. Electric Blue Acara are a fantastic, low maintenance cichlid, great as an introduction to keeping cichlids and an amazing show piece fish. Very placid, tolerant of a range of conditions and relat... ...
67.350litre corner aquarium 14/06/21 Yes
Good condition, complete set up, house move forcing sale. £250 for quick sale, has 2 big cichlids and clown loach at the moment, can be sold with or without fish
68.Barbs loaches and plecs 14/06/21 Yes
For sale as job lot only 7x mature filament barbs 7x mature clown barbs 2x hard lipped barbs wanderesii and vittatus 1 x rusty plec 1x triactus plec 1 x flash panaque 1 x l400 1x l27 1x l191 2 x striped dora 4x botia kubotai 4x botia lochatia 1 x clown loach 1 flying fox 3x small sajica cichlids Op... ...
69.Wanted blue dolphin malawi cichlids around the 5 inch or bigger mark 07/06/21 No
As above I'm after some larger blue dolphins to go with my 3 5 inch ones. Cash waiting and can travel 07940376796 Steve
70.Cichlids for sale 06/06/21 No
6 lyonsi form 3 to 5 inch £20 each Neet pair (male 5 inch female 3 very aggressive) £30 Female 3 inch chancho £10
71.Various Malawi Cichlids for sale 06/06/21 Yes
I have lots of Malawi cichlids for sale, large, small and juveniles available, prices starting from £2.00 up to £5.00, lots of other bits for sale Collection from Lancing, West Sussex, or I can deliver if not too far. Please call or text 07860-209092
72.Tropical fish American cichlids in oddballs 05/06/21 Yes
List of fish in the photo. Message for prices , will do deals on multiples. 07946245129.
73.Cichlids and other fish for sale 03/06/21 No
Selling 3x severums 6/7” 6x oscars 7-9” 1 x jag 9” 2x Raphael cats 4-5” 1x silver arowana 1 1/2 ft if any interest give me a message
Polar Blue Parrot fish for sale. They only get to 3" in size so not like the large parrot fish you can buy and these parrots are fertile so can breed off of them. Ive kept Mollies, Corydoras, Platies, Plecs and other Dwarf Cichlids with them and they all get along peacefully, a friend has his i... ...
One Week Offer Only Platinum Parrot fish for sale. They only get to 3" in size so not like the large parrot fish you can buy and these parrots are fertile so can breed off of them. Ive kept Mollies, Corydoras, Platies, Plecs and other Dwarf Cichlids with them and they all get along peacefull... ...
76.Convict cichlids 01/06/21 No
Convict cichlid colony around 45 fish and a lot of fry £50 takes all. All different sizes and some beautiful females Please text me on 07492654045
77.Bogwood - Sold 28/05/21 Yes
5 pieces of decent sizebogwood recently removed out of my tank. I'm changing to rift lake cichlids hence the sale. The approx length of bogwoods are: 78cm long 40cm long 35cm long 40cmx40cm 45cmx45cm £70 for all 5 Any questions please email me. Thanks
78.Electric blue acara cichlids 28/05/21 Yes
Couple of babies left 5 months Collection only Adults are sold Bag supplied Collection only Loughton essex £10 each
79.Wet Pets Solihull have yet again another fantastic offer of 20 Malawi Haps and Aulonacaras for sale. 27/05/21 Yes
Hi. Due to the government guidelines because of the Covid 19 virus. We can now have one person at a time in the fish house and you would need to wear a mask please. Or I'm doing a click and collect take away service from the front door if you prefer to get some really nice fish this way. You are... ...
80.I have lots of breeding groups of pure bred stunning Malawi Cichlids for sale. 27/05/21 Yes
Mbuna Breeding groups. They all breed regularly. Massive adult breeding group of Pseudotropheus crabro group Metriaclima Zebra Fenzbreli Maison reef group Melanochromis Interuptus group Pseudotropheus Yellow tail acei group Labidochromis Yellow labs group Labidochromis Perlmutt group Mayla... ...
81.Malawi Cichlids available North East Scotland 27/05/21 Yes
I have some young fishes available now, of the following species: Protomelas taeniolatus "Red Empress" 5-7cm £5 Aulonocara stuartgranti "Ngara Flametail" 4-5cm £5 Placidochromis sp. "Gissel" 5-6cm or 3-4cm £5 / £3 Placidochromis sp. "Mbamba superior"... ...
82.Convict cichlids 26/05/21 Yes
Convict cichlids for sale £1 each . Gosport
83.Malawi cichlids 24/05/21 Yes
Yellow labs for sale,feeding and growing well.2cm only 10 left £2.50 each or take the lot for £20 collection only morpeth area,tel 07803763588 txt or whats app.
Looking for 7ft/8ft/9ft or 700litre/800litre minimum plus fish tank as my 6.5ft (600 litre) no longer able to hold my every growing collection of large cichlids. Ideally in good condition with tank/stand/lid is a must, bonus with lighting, don’t mind external filter or sump set up, will arrange... ...
85.American cichlids (oscars and Jag) 24/05/21 Yes
3 big oscars, female jaguar cichlid, 10 pound each, collection Wallasey 07368552171
Limited space and change in species so I have reluctantly decided on selling my breeding pairs/groups, no other cichlids for sale, please do not ask. Breeding pair of green terrors - Male 9/10 inches and female 4/5 inches, lay eggs every few weeks, have video as proof, female is highly protective... ...
87.Jewel Cichlids free 17/05/21 Yes
Large batch of Jewels ready to go - various sizes. See picture. Parents very bright colours - these are going to be quality fish as they grow. FREE to a good home. Located Woodford Green, easy driving distance from M11 / A406. WhatsApp me for more pics or video.
88.Various Cichlids for sale. 16/05/21 No
3 blue acaras 2" 5 silver dollars 3-4" 1 Cupid Cichlid 3" 1 Jewel Cichlid 3" 1 Nicaraguan Cichlid 1 Synodontis 1 Keyhole Cichlid 3" 3 Hoplo Catfish 2-3" WhatsApp for more info and pics.
89.Bumblebee cichlids 16/05/21 Yes
Hi have bumblebees for sale there 4 - 6” open to offers
Hello I have for sale for Parrot Fish between 5 to 6 inches I also have a green terror approximately 8 to 10 inches I also have eight T-bar Sajica cichlids at 3 inches. I have another cichlid in the last photo but unfortunately I don’t know the name he is approximately 5 inches in length with beau... ...
91.Thinning out all my Cichlids to make room for a new project 14/05/21 Yes
I have for sale: Male & female Green Terrors juveniles £4 each 4 large 6" Chocolate Cichlids £20 each. Jack Dempsey 6" £20 Male & female Tilapia Mozambique 4"-6" £10 each
92.Fish plecs catfish 13/05/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 1.5 inch Buenos Aires Trtra £1.50 each 1 inch Red & blue Columbian Tetra £1 1 inch Red Eye tetra £1 Various guppy £1 each 1 inch German Blue Rams £2 each 1 inch + Electric Blue Rams £4 each 3 for £10 1 inch + platinum Rams £4 each 3 for £10 2.5 i... ...
93.12 inch jaguar cichlid breeding pair 12/05/21 No
Large aggresive pair of jaguar cichlids been together for 4 years now and produce fry at least 4 times a year. WhatsApp:07783096414
94.Back to Nature book to Malawi Cichlids Second Edition by Ad Konings SUPER NEW LOWER PRICE £3.99 12/05/21 Yes
BARGAIN!! Last few of these left now brand new at only £3.99 each to clear, only while stocks last. When these are gone, they are gone!! Malawi cichlids have been, and will probably always remain, among the most popular aquarium fishes of all time. Their brilliant colours, ease of maintenance, a... ...
95.True Parrot cichlids 12/05/21 No
2 true parrot cichlids for sale. They have been upsetting my main tank and spooking my rays and Arowana. Bought as a possible pair but unsure if they are. They are scrapping but nothing as aggressive as you would expect from 2 males. Will need a large tank. 5 foot or more £100 or£50 each
96.American cichlids 11/05/21 No
3 x Pantano cichlid 3-5inch 4 x Red headed Quetzal cichlid 3 inch 1 x tiger Oscar 5 inch 1 x black belt cichlid 3 inch £40 the lot Message for pictures
97.American cichlids 10/05/21 No
3 x Pantano cichlid 3-5inch 1 x tiger Oscar 5 inch £30 Message for pictures
98.looking for a new home 10/05/21 No
I have 9 mixed cichlids which live happily side by side. Due to a relocation move am looking for a good home for them to go to. Free of charge but you to collect.
Hello I have for sale for Parrot Fish between 5 to 6 inches I also have a green terror approximately 8 to 10 inches I also have eight T-bar Sajica cichlids at 3 inches Parrot fish £30 each Green terror £50 Arowana £150 T Bar sajica Cichlid £15 each I am happy to send more pictures an... ...
For sale a pair of convict cichlids. Male 4 inch female 2.5inch. Both in good health and feeding well, £10 for the pair.
101.Rare Central American cichlids for sale fish house move around 06/05/21 Yes
Hi For sale due to new tank setups we gave a few fish available from Mars cichlids 4x cribroheros rostratus breeding group £SOLD 4-5” Amphibious Lyonsi x3 £40 3-5” Happy to do a deal for multiple purchases to help get the tanks out faster
102.Aqua Oak 340l complete setup 06/05/21 Yes
Solid oak cabinet glass tank 1.2mtr long .6 metre deep 1.48 high 340 litres Comes with Malawi Cichlids 10+ Skylight lighting, controlled by phone app. Fluval FX6 filter 2 water heaters, ( 1 used other backup) Air pump wiith 2 lines Water containers to transport water Collection only Mo... ...
103.Kribensis 05/05/21 Yes
Available Immediately **Loads of Kribensis available** The Kribensis are a rewarding specimen to keep. This is a hardy fish that can be suggested for any aquarist and is one of the best choices for fish keepers that are both new to cichlids and wish to breed them. Tropical Tank only. Bred ... ...
104.Malawi Cichlids (Mbunas) 04/05/21 Yes
I have available various Mbunas for sale please drop me a message if interested. More photos available
105.Various Malawi Cichlids for sale 04/05/21 Yes
I have lots of malawi cichlids for sale, prices starting from £3.00 Collection from Lancing, West Sussex, or I can deliver if not too far. Please call or text 07860-209092
106.4ft 4 section tank 04/05/21 Yes
Here I have a 4ftx20x15 tank at has 4 sections only 2 in use have breeders pair of bristle nose plecs male super red female brown with young 4or 5 cichlids no hood or light but has filters and heaters collection only
107.Tanganyikan Cichlids for sale 03/05/21 Yes
Alto Red Fin 4' 1 Male 2 Female £20 Each 1 Male Petrochromis Yellow moshi 10' £60 Collection only from LE10 Leicestershire Many thanks.
108.2 UARU CICHLIDS 9-10 INCHES 01/05/21 No
109.Malawi /Saulosi Cichlid fry for sale 29/04/21 Yes
HI, I have the young/baby saulosi for sale, fishes are 3 weeks old and eating well. The adult fish look fantastic in either a species only tank or as addition to an existing Mbuna display tank due to the fact that both sexes are very colourful. Please visit my Facebook page: Malawi cichlids west su... ...
110.Malawi/Chindongo/ Pseudotropheus Saulosi 29/04/21 Yes
I have young Saulosi for sale in sizes listed below: 0.5cm - fry/babies 3- 6 weeks old Approx 1-2cm - 3-4 months old Aprox 3-3.5cm -5-6 months old Please contact me for prices For pictures of parents please visit Facebook page: malawi cichlids West Sussex or visit yotube channel :malaw... ...
111.Fish, plecs, cory, catfish, tetra, loach 29/04/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 1.5 inch Buenos Aires Trtra £1.50 each 1 inch Red & blue Columbian Tetra £1 1 inch Red Eye tetra £1 Small cardinals £0.60p each 4 cm silver dollars £4 each 3 for £10 2 cm sterbai Cory £3 each 4 for £10 1 inch German Blue Rams £2 each 1 inch + Ele... ...
112.Kribensis breeding pair available FREE 28/04/21 Yes
A beautiful pair of Kribensis Cichlids, have already had one batch of fry now starting to get ready for another. Available free from Norwich Brundall
113.Loads Of Malawi to Clear 27/04/21 Yes
Malawi Cichlids to clear, all 2 inches or just over collection only Newcastle NE5 Yellow Labs Aulonocara OB Aulonocara Red Peacock Snow White Zebra Strawberry Peacock Aulonocara Jacob Auratus Venustus Electric Blue Ahli Aulonocara Nyasi Borleyi Taiwan Reef All £5 Each ... ...
114.Pair of Cupid Cichlids £10 26/04/21 Yes
Male and female Cupid Cichlids. I am selling this pair due to changing my set up. They are around 1 1/2 years of age and starting to really colour up now. Cheap price to sell fast, but must go to good home. Pick up from Birkenshaw near J27 M62.
115.Malawi mbuna cichlids fish for sale 26/04/21 Yes
Malawi mbuna cichlids fish for sale Blue zebra mbuna Ob mbuna and afew more different colours see pics Pick up from my home address in Walthamstow east london 2.5 inch Over 100 available offers welcomed Price is £4 each or 4 for £10
116.Looking for young Cichlids - Cumbria or nearby 26/04/21 No
I’m looking to buy young cichlid fish. Can be Malawi or Tanganyikan, but should be within two hours drive of Carlisle. I recently lost most of my stock regrettably during a house move and need to restock a well established tank without breaking the bank. Let me know what you have please.
117.Juvenile cichlids 3.4 months 24/04/21 Yes
Hea I have a load of green terrors . Convicts and also macaws cichlids. Green terror and Convicts are 4 months coming up to 5 . Macaw are 3. Coming to 4 . All need gone ASAP as I need tanks for other projects
118.Polar Blue Parrot cichlids 23/04/21 Yes
Polar Blue Parrotts, born and bread in Midland water. Collection only. 7£ each, cheaper for large groups. Feel free to text me for video and more info.
119.Ocean rock and Malawi cichlids from £2.50 22/04/21 Yes
Taking down my Malawi 5ft tank, so I have a lot of various rocks, some bogwood, a few ornaments and artificial plants from a different tank I do have lots of Mbuna, various types and sizes from £2.50 upwards for sale I am based at BN15 0Ad. please call or text 07860209092 for more info
120.Lots of Malawi cichlids for sale 22/04/21 Yes
Hi all, I have lots of Mbuna cichlids for sale due to having a change, small to large sizes, prices from £2,00 to £8.00 each, better price for more than ten. I also have a lot of ocean rock, lava rock and other bits, and a 130L tank £65 Collection from BN15 0AD 07860-209092
121.Mbuna Cichlids for sale from £3.00 22/04/21 Yes
I have lots of malawi cichlids for sale, large and small, prices starting from £3.00 up to £7.00, lots of other bits for sale Collection from Lancing, West Sussex, or I can deliver if not too far. Please call or text 07860-209092
122.Malawi mbuna for sale 20/04/21 Yes
Malawi mbuna cichlids for sale x10 10 blue zebra mbuna 10 ob mbuna They are all 4 to 5 inch plus Showing beautiful colours pick up from my home address in Walthamstow east london £10each or Make me a reasonable offer
123.Peacock cichlids 19/04/21 Yes
Around 30 to 40 peacocks to go swaps for mbuna or £120 all to go together
124.Malawi Cichlids 18/04/21 Yes
African Cichlids for sale 1.5-2cm some slightly bigger. already showing great vibrant colours and growing on nicely. For sale I have: ... ...
125.22 tropheus cichlids 13/04/21 Yes
Black bemba, Kiriza and moori murago cichlids. 22 in total. 12months old. Collection only, milford haven.
126.T-Bar Sajica Cichlid 3 inch 12/04/21 Yes
I have for sale 8 T Bar Sajica cichlids. They are approximately 3 to 3 1/2 inches in length already showing some great colours in perfect health feeding on pellets prawns and muscles Collection only from Sutton in south west London For any enquiries please call or text Adam on (07503) 742482
127.Hi I am looking for pike cichlids around 6 to 10 inches I am not looking for any that grow 10/04/21 No
Bigger than that if you have any for sale please let me know money waiting phone 07444832148 thanks ps in fylde area also if you know off any trop shop with any thanks
128.Discus Cichlid Breeding Cone 07/04/21 Yes
For Sale, Discus Cichlid Breeding Cone for spawning Discus & other cichlids in indoor aquariums and fish tanks; the cone is in very good condition and hasn't been used previously - only £7. Many thanks...
129.Juwel 190L corner fish tank 06/04/21 Yes
Juwel 190L corner fish tank with LED light, has juwel internal filter and fluval 207 external filter. 2 double air pumps. Approx 24 cichlids ranging from 4"-7", only selling due to not having much time to look after it. No offers as stands me at double what I am asking for it, pick up only... ...
130.Various Malawi Cichlids for sale 05/04/21 Yes
I have lots of various Mbuna, cichlids for sale, Small about 2"min,£4 each or 10 for £30 large £7 each or 10 for £50 I also have some fry for sale These are homed in a 5ft tank as well as a 3ft tank, these are also for sale Please message or phone me for more information. These are co... ...
131.Lots of Malawi Mbuna for sale 05/04/21 Yes
I have lots of various Mbuna, cichlids for sale, Small about 2"min,£4 each or 10 for £30 large £7 each or 10 for £50 I also have some fry for sale These are homed in a 5ft tank as well as a 3ft tank, these are also for sale Please message or phone me for more information. These are co... ...
132.Trimac cichlid 9inch 04/04/21 Yes
Adolescent male Amph. Trimaculatus. About 9 inches and aggressive, still got growing to do. F1 specimen and imported from max cichlids in America via Predator Aquatics. £20 or swaps. Stressed in picks as has been separated from tank during upgrade.
133.Various Malawi cichlids for sale 01/04/21 Yes
I have a few various Mbuna, Malawi cichlids for sale, Small about 2"min,£5 each, large £8 each, Can do a better price for 5 or more Please message or phone me for more information. These are collection only from Lancing, West Sussex, BN15
134.Malawi Cichlids Juveniles 31/03/21 Yes
Here I have some Juvenile OB Peacocks and normal peacocks also a few red empress they are eating quality food. Please ring or text if interested. Can sell with tank if interested
135.Rio Oyapock Chocolate cichlids 30/03/21 Yes
These are Rio Oyapock Chocolate cichlids, mom and dad are F1s so babies are F2s got 12 bigger babies and about 40ish fry if anyone interested location wall heath dy6 area msg me for more info
136.Central American Cichlids 29/03/21 No
Cincelichthys bocourti x4 2 very large fish 11+ inch 1 5 inch 1 3 inch Parachromis motaguensis breeding pair F1 Rio Blanko m 9 inch f 6 inch Vieja synspilum "belize shine spot" 5 off looking for sensible offers or trade for other cichlids Pictures or videos of fish via w... ...
137.Cichlids 29/03/21 Yes
Cichlids for sale various sizes from 4"-7", message me for prices.
138.Cichlids for sale 28/03/21 Yes
Having to downsize my tank, Have a 12” tiger Oscar £20 5” tiger Oscar £10 5” albino Oscar £10 4” albino Oscar £10 6” African leaf fish £20 Can send pictures on WhatsApp 07375890832 can also deliver for the cover of fuel cost 40p a mile for the round trip of further than ... ...
139.5x2x2 tank for sale - including Mbuna Malawi cichlids, light, FX6 filter etc 27/03/21 Yes
5 Foot Fish Tank, Aquarium - Everything Included, Malawi Mbuna 5ft X 2ft X 2ft. Also includes around 30 good quality Mbuna (from Midlands Malawi), all the rocks, sand, food etc. This is a well established tank which you can take home, set up and enjoy from day 1. The filter is a Fluval FX6, with ... ...
For sale 5 small black nasties Haitiensis. These are 1.5 inch, ideal for growing out and pairing up. There in good health growing and feeding well. £40 for the group
141.Synspilliums cichlid for sale 25/03/21 Yes
I have for sale synspillum (red head) cichlids for sale he's around 10 inch very nice fish 07711264634
142.Malawi cichlids male predator haps Hampshire UK 25/03/21 Yes
dimidiochromis compressiceps ( eye biter) male 7" - £25 FULL COLOUR Nimbochromis livingstonii male 4.5" - £10 nimbochromis fuscotaeniatus SHOWING COLOUR ( fusco) 6.5" - £30 Sciaenochromis fryeri iceberg SHOWING COLOUR (hap ahli) 5.5" male - £15 Sciaenochromis fry... ...
143.Cichlids for sale - call/text for prices 25/03/21 Yes
Albino Tiger Oscar 8" Tiger Oscar 8" Tiger Oscar 7" Albino Red Oscar 6" Tiger Oscar (Copper) 4" Blood Red Parrots 3" x2 Jack Dempsey 4" x2 Common pleco 11" x2 Common pleco 6" x2
144.Malawi cichlids 23/03/21 Yes
Pair of male moori dolphins for sale. Both 5 inch. £20 for the pair. Collection Nottingham ng12
145.Big selection of African Cichlids 22/03/21 Yes
We are a small family owned shop in Bracknell, specialising in Malawis and other African cichlids. We have great selection in shop, from 2 to even 12 inches big cichlids. Also, plenty more in great sizes are available for preorder from our supplier!
146.Various Malawi Cichlids for sale 18/03/21 Yes
I have a few various Mbuna, Malawi cichlids for sale, Small about 2"min,£5 each, large £8 each, Please message or phone me for more information. These are collection only from Lancing, West Sussex, BN15
147.Malawi Cichlids 18/03/21 Yes
TB Cynotilapia Afra Cobue – 5/6cm £4 (3 for £10) (femails only) TB (F3) Tropheops Elongatus Kumwera 5/6cm £4 (3 for £10) TB (F2) Tropheops Aurora Higga Reef 6/8cm £4 (3 for £10) TB (F2) Cynotilapia Hara Gallireya Reef 6/8 cm £4 (3 for £10) TB (F2) Metriaclima Membe Deep (Koningsi) 3/5c... ...
148.Breeding fish for sale lnumbers discus cichlids bichir 17/03/21 Yes
9xl066 £50each large breeders 11xl033 £50each large breeders 2 pairs of l181 £150 a pair 1 proven young pair turquoise blue discus £150 1 proven pair gold x turquoise blue 6" £200 2xl191 £45 Lemon blue eye long fins 2" £20 each Snowhite short fin 1" £20 each Bron... ...
149.Convict Cichlids 14/03/21 Yes
Roughly 20 Convict Cichlids £1 each various sizes need a good home
150.Malawi cichlids 13/03/21 Yes
Membe deep Male a few red top ice blue greshkie and a few Hongi and good size bristonose Nice size healthy fish £20 Would deliver locally for fuel money
151.Malawi cichlids & Frontosa - SOLD 13/03/21 Yes
Six Malawi cichlids including: albino red zebra, P.Acei, red zebra, M.Crabro, . Also one C. Frontosa. All around 3”, unknown sexes. Open to offers, collection from Reigate Surrey. More photos available on request.
152.Pink Jewel Cichlids 13/03/21 Yes
Pink Jewel Cichlids, various ages and sizes from 1" up to about 2.5" Price from £2.50 for the smaller ones up to £4.50 for the larger ones. Collection only please from Bury (north of Manchester email Carolelismore@yahoo.co.uk or text to 07939070425
153.Large Central America Cichlids 10/03/21 Yes
12" piebald male midevil £20 Will need to be housed on own as wet pet (very aggressive and interactive) or with dither fish he can't catch. 7" Black belt / Texas hybrid £10 10" female barred midas £10 Both low aggression
154.28 Malawi Cichlids 02/03/21 Yes
Here I have some stunning Fish. Purchased from wharf and also Bawtry aquatics. I currently have some Strawberry and OB Peacocks and Mbuna uncertain on all Genders of fish but if your interested in it drop me a text I’ll see what I can do! There’s approx 26. £6 each 4 for £20 Can deliver for ... ...
155.Malawi cichlids £8 02/03/21 Yes
Malawi cichlids approx 6cm Dragonbloods Blue dolphins Venustus Sulphur heads £8 each collection from DARWEN BB3 0DU
156.Malawi Cichlids For Sale - (bulk) 28/02/21 Yes
Description Around 50-60 fish, including OB Peacocks, Venustus, Frontosa, Moorii, Yellow Labs, Yellow Tale Acei, Red zebras, 5 inch syno cat fish. Good breeders, 4 holding at present. Size varies from 1inch to 5 inch. All must go together. 400 to 500 pounds worth of fish here.... urgent sale hen... ...
157.malawi book collection 26/02/21 Yes
malawi cichlids in their natural habitat 1st and 2nd editions i believe and quite hard to get hold of now complete with map of the lake. also copy of malawi cichlids back to nature.and copy of the axelrod book african cichlids of lakes malawi and tanganyika. £35 for all
158.SOLD, Nichols Mouthbrooder, 25/02/21 Yes
ALL SOLD, NEXT BATCH AVAILABLE IN AUG 2021. Breeding groups of Pseudocrenilabrus Nicholsi cichlids for sale (1 male and 3 females) £50 or £15 each. Males are 4-5cm and females 3-4cm in length. Females have started brooding, so it’s time for them to find new homes. The parents have been kept ... ...
159.Bumblebee for sale 14/02/21 No
I x adult male bumblebee cichlids for sale about 4-5 inches £5
160.Frontosa Zaire Blue Moba & other cichlids 12/02/21 No
I have 6 adult frontosa for sale, 5 are Gibberosa moba and the largest is a male Blue Zambian. I also have 2 Cyathopharynx furcifer featherfin cichlids and a single adult male Tropheus duboisi cichlid.
161.Fish, plec, cory, cichlids, catfish 10/02/21 No
For sale Hartlepool 3 inch Electric Blue Acara £5.00 2 inch Redhump geophagus £3.50 2 inch Ellioti Cichlid £3 each 2.5 inch Glass Catfish £3 each 3 inch Silver Shark £4 each 3 got £10 2 inch Siver Shark £3 each 4 for £10 2 inch Pakistan loach £2.50 each 2 .5 inch L501 £15 each 2... ...
162.Convict cichlid 10/02/21 No
I’m am after some convict cichlids male and female mainly female. Trying to build up my community, any size Please text me on 07492654045
163.Convict cichlid 09/02/21 No
I’m am after some convict cichlids male and female mainly female. Trying to build up my community, any size Please text me on 07492654045
164.Malawi cichlids 09/02/21 No
Otopharynx lithobates Zimbabwe rocks sulfur heads large adult group of 25 + available Cyrtocara Moorii blue dolphin 5 cm , nimbochromis livingstonii 5 cm Collection only from Dursley, Gloucestershire WhatsApp for more information and pics Thanks Jayson 07903032064
165.Aqua marine aquarium for sale all fish included listed below 07/02/21 Yes
Selling an 8 month old aqua marin 1200 as upgrading to marine. Sale includes. 400l tank including sump Fluval led Bluetooth light. Lid guard 120kg of grey rock 25+ Malawi cichlids 2 parrot fish. 3 pleco ( 1 golden nugget) 4 cat fish. Sump has filter socks (clarisea not included) media, hea... ...
166.Zaire Mobo Frontosas, Tropheus, Sapphire Hap, Calvus Pearls and other high end Cichlids for Sale or Swap 07/02/21 Yes
Looking for some change to my 500 litre set up. Open to sales, swaps etc (please no swaps for non-African fish)I want other Tangs, or peacock Malawis, or haps) Wouldn't mind a few sapphire blue haps. I have some beautiful fish. Has circa 30 plus fish, please don't contact me to buy one to 2. I pre... ...
167.Wanted 04/02/21 No
Hi If you have cichlids to get rid of please contact me Large ones OK as going in a very large tank Please contact Sussex area
168.Aquarium fish tank juwel Rio 300L complete setup 04/02/21 No
Jewal Rio 300 tank aquarium Complete Setup Including The Cabinet And Everything Else. Condition is "Used". Comes with 8 African cichlids, 1leopard Pleco, a few clown loaches, brand new pond solution filter pfc 3000L and a 3D rock background
169.Aquarium fish tank juwel Rio 300L complete setup 03/02/21 Yes
Jewal Rio 300 tank aquarium Complete Setup Including The Cabinet And Everything Else. Condition is "Used". Comes with 8 African cichlids, 1leopard Pleco, a few clown loaches, brand new pond solution filter pfc 3000L and a 3D rock background
170.Wanted Malawi and cichlids 03/02/21 No
Hi looking for cichlids and Malawi I'm in burnley so any around please send me message thanks 07920382166
171.Looking to buy 02/02/21 No
Hi I’m looking for Malawi cichlids for sale in the Northumberland/Newcastle area
172.Red devil cichlids fry for sale 01/02/21 Yes
I’ve got over 200 fry of red devil cichlids and want to sell them they’re about half a inch atm and month old getting fed well still with parents didn’t take them out of the tank any shops need the supply can contact me 07572211117 for pictures or need more information thanks Location sw Lond... ...
173.Jewel Rio 300 complete tank set up £350 01/02/21 Yes
Jewal Rio 300 tank aquarium Complete Setup Including The Cabinet And Everything Else. Condition is "Used". Comes with 8 African cichlids, 1leopard Pleco, a few clown loaches, brand new pond solution filter pfc 3000L and a 3D rock background
174.900 Lt Freshwater Tank and fish for sale. 01/02/21 Yes
Sadly due to moving, I have to sell my tank. I would like to sell all my fish together if possible as well. They have all lived in harmony with each other for a few years and are all healthy. 900 Lt Fresh Water Tank with 405 Lt Sump tank. Water Type Freshwater Tropical Material Glass Tank ... ...
175.Malawi cichlids for sale £2.50 each £10 for 5 31/01/21 Yes
please dont ask the breed as i just keep them for fun just breed from my tank around 3 mths old should be ok to go into a main tank now around 30 available collection is from Brotton please txt Paul on 07525722364
176.Amphilophus hogaboomarum pair f2 26/01/21 Yes
Male 14-15 inch 3 year old f2 uk breed by myself . Female is a sibling and 6-7 inch .I kept this pair from a f1 pairing dad was cots f1 mum was f1 rapps .these are for sale now do breed but I never saved eggs from these . There forsale collection only as size of male. And will sell for £50 would b... ...
177.Malawi cichlids peacocks 23/01/21 Yes
Malawi cichlids peacocks for sale arojnd 2.5 inch to 3 inch in size Ob blotch peacocks Blue neon peacocks Red peacocks Yellow peacocks Blue peacocks Pink peacocks Red jacob Electric blue hap Blue dolphin Apachy peacock and loads more £8 each Buy 10 or more £7.50 each Buy 20 or more £... ...
178.Juvenile Malawi Cichlids Wanted Nottingham Area 22/01/21 No
I am after juvie Malawi mbuna upto about 2.5" size. Cash waiting. Will travel for the right fish.
179.Synspillum Cichlids x2 22/01/21 No
Large around 10 to 11 inches free to a good home collect Heathrow area
180.Tanganyikan cichlids 21/01/21 No
Looking for Tropheus groups and Tanganyikans in Scotland?. Wanting to see what’s available?.
181.supply of rift valley cichlids 19/01/21 No
I Have the following wild caught fish for sale, 16 x Altolamprologus compressiceps black Kabogo 16 x Altolamprologus compressiceps Black Widow Stunning fish, selection of adults and sub adults 1:1 Ratio. contact me for more info / photo / video
182.Fish tank and fish 19/01/21 Yes
Fish Tank! Need gone ASAP 4ft x 2ft x 1.5ft 2 x APS 1200 IF Heater 3000 watts Swimming pool filtered sand 3D background (hand made) Lots of rocks Roughly around 20-30 assorted cichlids and 2 plecos £150 or make an offer Collection, Nottingham NG5
183.Mbuna Malawi For Sale Breeding 15/01/21 Yes
Metriaclima Estherae (double reds) Juvenile Malawi cichlids for sale and ready to go. Size 5cm. (7 left). £15 for the 7. Also got 7 metriaclima (pearl). For sale 5cm . £20 for the 7 . Need going ASAP as need the tank space ! Email me for anymore info or pictures ... ...
184.Tank closure cichlids mbuna and parrot fish 11/01/21 Yes
Setting up marine tank so all fish to go as one job lot. 25-30 fish Mostly adults 5-7 cm. 2 adult partots 3-4 inches £220 Bring own buckets Must go ASAP Manchester
185.Bandit cichlids 09/01/21 No
Has anyone got any bandit cichlids for sale picture for reference 👍
186.Jack Dempsey Cichlids 09/01/21 No
2 Male one Female free to a good home
187.Convict Cichlids babies for sale 08/01/21 Yes
Hi, I have a 16 of Convict Cichlids between 3 - 6cm big. Also I have other new babies 1cm big now from same breading adults. I'm looking for person ( aquarist) who is interesting to buy it from me on regular basis. All fish's are very healthy. Thank you
188.Red parrot Cichlids x2 08/01/21 No
Free to a good home collect from Heathrow area
189.Cichlid fish 06/01/21 Yes
3 large male Midas cichlids which can all live in the same tank they have their whole lives. £40 each £120 for the 3 will only sell as a trio
190.Pair of Butterfly cichlids for sale. 03/01/21 Yes
Male and female pair of Anomolochromis Thomasi Cichlids. They are a wild caught pair and I believe they are the Sierra Leone form. They are very peaceful and around 4 inch in size and the photo is of the male of the pair. £10 for the pair, collection from Drighlington Leeds.
191.Large cichlids or oddballs WANTED 03/01/21 No
Large tank waiting to rehome your fish. The bigger the better.
192.Herichthys deppi Wanted 03/01/21 Yes
Is anyone out there selling Herichthys deppi cichlids?
193.Peacocks African cichlids 31/12/20 No
Wanted peacock cichlids in wirral area anything concidered
194.Various Malawi Cichlids 31/12/20 No
Tank with various Mbuna and Peacocks for sale cheap, need gone asap due to closing down fish room, Message me for more details Collection from Northampton
195.Mature african cichlids for sale 31/12/20 Yes
I am changing my tank over to a community setup so I’m selling what is left of my Africans! The fish’s are all in good health and fed once a day on origin Malawi formula. I would like to sell as a joblot but open to sensible offers on them! Here is a list; Fish for sale 1x frontosa medium ma... ...
196.Malawi Cichlids group 120£ 30/12/20 Yes
Absolutely bargain Have group of cichlids around 60 fishes, all nice colour, reason for sale, to cold keep in my garage. Collection from east London, for more pictures please call 07428746200 Nick
197.Malawi Hap Juveniles 29/12/20 Yes
I have some small hap Malawi cichlids, as you can see in the photos going to be gorgeous fish but need to move on from their small tank so selling. £5 each for the larger ones, 2.5 inch approx and then £3 each for small ones, only around 1 inch The dominant male coloured up nice as per pic. ... ...
198.fish Malawi cichlids 2 inch £4 each Haps an peacocks 28/12/20 Yes
Malawi cichlids 2 inch £4 Each . Haps an peacocks 30 available 4 inch £15 each Taiwan reef - Ob peacocks - ahli iceberg and mixed colours peacocks Collection only from bd7 Great Horton Call No Txt Please 07368550585
199.Tank Closing - Bichirs/Cichlids/Catfish/Lungfish 26/12/20 No
Reluctant sale of my fish. I'm closing down my tanks and will have the below for sale. My apologies for no prices - This is a quick sale and will be very open to offers so don't shy away from sending me a message through text or whatsapp. Not many pictures on the ad as I mostly take videos. ... ...
200.Convict cichlids 23/12/20 Yes
Convict cichlids 1-2inch £6each Males and females available Females have orange belly(egg) Can do pairs £10/ trios 1male 2females.£15 Healthy/active/eating well. All so have 100 of convict cichlids fry So you can grow them out.£1.50each or 10 For £10 ...
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