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looking to take on any malawi cichlids (adults or juveniles).... message me on 07494 429028 with what’s available.... I’m hampshire but willing to travel appropriately:)
2.SCREWCUMBER VEGGIE FEEDER/WEIGHT - Two year warranty - Free delivery 30/05/20 Yes
TROPICAL FISH FEEDER/WEIGHT. Effective and simple solution for anchoring veggies for bottom feeders. http://www.screwcumber.com Or see us on eBay UK! Fantastic for: Plecos, Clown loaches, Malawi Cichlids etc 2 Year swap out warranty. All payments processed by PayPal. We also dispat... ...
3.Jaguar cichlids WANTED 30/05/20 No
After a large Male near to Kent Adam 07874338060
4.Wanted Blood Parrot cichlids 30/05/20 No
Looking for any adult Blood Parrot fish.
5.African cichlids etc for sale newham east London 30/05/20 Yes
Various cichlids for sale contact for details Common plecs from 10 pounds each ( 5-10 inch) Albino gold plecs 10-11 inch one left Featherfin catfish 7-8 inch yellow labs 3 inch ( 6 pound each) five for 25 African catfish angelicus etc Synodontis decorus full grown x 2 11-12 inch Juwel c... ...
6.African catfish and others 30/05/20 No
I have 3 large catfish between 6 and eight inches in length including a syno angelicus Offers for all 3 considered No time wasters and I won’t deliver thanks Also have two fully grown synodontis decorus (11 inch) both identical and stunning Also have some African cichlids including yell... ...
7.Mbuna breeding setup 30/05/20 Yes
I have for sale a wonderful group of malawi mbunas Some breeding pairs. I estimate over 200 in total. I have around 15ish adults from 3"-5" 70ish junior fish from 3cm - 2" 100ish fry plus about 20ish eggs in a tumbler. Bumble bees, blue johannis, and other mixed cichlids. Would be a fantast... ...
8.African cichlids 30/05/20 Yes
4-5” Eating well Two of the fish have healed eye injuries but are perfectly normal now £30 for all three
9.African cichlids 30/05/20 No
Loads of African cichlids available size range from 2 inch to 6 inch. Price vary depending on fish and size Yellow labs Red zebra. Elongatus Hippo point Bumble bees OB zebra Colbalt blue Greyshaki Flavus Lions cove
10.PARACHROMIS Friedrichsthalii (Freddys) 30/05/20 Yes
For sale 4 parachromis friedrichsthalii pantanos de centla, or commonly known as freddy's or yellow jacket cichlids. There about 5 inch, ideal for a pairing and breeding project. Looking for £20 each or £70 for all 4.
11.Red head cichlids (SOLD.......SOLD) 29/05/20 Yes
Hi all I'm looking to get rid of breeding pair red head about 6inch, they are too aggressive to my other fish. Looking 50 pounds for the pair, or swap for bristlenose catfish or other non aggressive fish. Collect only from Bury St Edmund. Please contact on 07411888818 email not working. Thanks f... ...
12.SOLD SOLD SOLD FOR SALE: 4 x Wild Parrot Cichlids Hoplarchus Psittacus £100 29/05/20 Yes
SOLD SOLD SOLD 4 x Wild Parrot Cichlids Hoplarchus Psittacus, all between 6" and 8", in good health. Stunning fish. Only reason for sale, lack of space. Group of 4 for £100 Collection only from Norwich. Apologies for bad quality photos but its a holding tank and its got terrible reflecti... ...
13.Must go soon Dovii wolf cichlid + jaguar cichlids 28/05/20 Yes
Male dovii approx 12 inch with a few juveniles£50 4 x Jaguar juveniles approx 3 inch £20 Pick up only
14.Central American cichlids 28/05/20 No
Loiselli 4 inch £25 each 3 females only Male parachromis managuense 7 inch £40 Male parachromis managuense f2 honduran blue 7 inch. Damage to top lip Rainbow cichlid 2 inch 10 avaliable £5 each or all 10 for £35 Parachromis la ceiba 5 inch £30 each Parachromis fredrichstali pantanos... ...
15.Red tiger jaguar cichlids 27/05/20 Yes
I have a large pair of red tiger jags, for sale. Relisted due to unexperienced time waster. Male - 8-9" Female - 6-7" Collection only rainham Essex area £70
16.Wanted: Koi Swordtails and Rainbow cichlids 25/05/20 No
Koi Swordtails and rainbow cichlids wanted. Central Scotland. Able to collect.
17.Cichlids 25/05/20 Yes
For sale 1 x Madagascar Cichlid 5 to 6 inch 1 x Cuban Cichlid 5 to 6 inch £25.00 each
18.Odd cichlids left offers 25/05/20 No
Hi I have a kribensis female and a Nigerian red wild Male and three young Geophagus red head cichlids just odd fish I have left over
19.Chocolate cichlid breeding pair 24/05/20 Yes
breeding pair of chocolate cichlids about 6/8 inch eating well pick up leeds £50
20.swaps 24/05/20 Yes
hi i have a 20 inch red tail cat for swaps for south/central american cichlids 07724347479
21.Fish wanted 24/05/20 Yes
Dwarf cichlids,Corys and plants wanted Also fluval aquasky or similar for fluval Roma 125 wanted
22.Rift Lake Cichlids 23/05/20 Yes
The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Licensed to buy and sell fish: Alan Ball License number:LI/13/0656/PETS Nationwide Delivery Available £18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery BY 13:00 pm For Scotland please enquire. We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select the f... ...
23.Aqua Oak 340l full tank set up, lots of accessories 23/05/20 Yes
Aqua Oak 340l tank, purchased just over a year ago and in brilliant condition. Cabinet and lid are solid oak, tank is 4x2 with large cupboard, plenty of space for all filtration etc. (Spent over £1500 on everything) Sale includes everything in the photograph which includes the following, all of w... ...
24.Multifasciatus Shell Dwellers Cichlids WANTED 22/05/20 Yes
I am looking for some multifasciatus cichlid to buy. Please contact me on 07947124075 if you have any for sale.
25.Malawi Cichlids Fry 22/05/20 Yes
About 50 in the tank looking for offers
26.Saulosi Cichlid fry for sale 21/05/20 Yes
HI, I have the young/baby saulosi for sale, fishes are 3 weeks old and eating well. The adult fish look fantastic in either a species only tank or as addition to an existing Mbuna display tank due to the fact that both sexes are very colourful. Please visit my Facebook page: Malawi cichlids west su... ...
Two large cichlids, they have been with me for years and will be sold TOGETHER, currently in my main tank and no rush to sell.... Both in excellent health and eating well, NO OTHER FISH FOR SALE, please do not ask..... Mayan is 6/7 inches and Albino Oscar is 5/6 inches, please ensure you have ... ...
28.Cichlids 4 sale 19/05/20 Yes
I have a few South/Central American Cichlids for sale. 1 of; Blood Parrot (5") & Carpintis Escondido (4") (breeding pair) £50, Jack Dempsey (2") £8, Electric blue Jack Dempsey (3") £40, Salvini (4") £15, Nicaragua (2") £10, Rainbow (3") £10
29.Malawi Mbuna Juvenile Cichlids Fish Sale 18/05/20 Yes
Chindongo Demasoni 3cm £4 pic 1 Cynotilapia Zebroides Cobue 3cm £6 pic 2 SOLD M. Fainzilberi Maisoni Reef 2.5cm £6 pic 3 Cobalt Blue Zebras 3cm £4 pic 4 Pseudotropheus Socolofi 3cm £4 pic 5 All fish are in excellent health and condition, And bred here in our Fish House Please visit our Facebo... ...
30.Red Jewel cichlids 17/05/20 Yes
Sale Couple of the Red Jewel cichlids. Reason: try create 100% Malawi Mbuna tank.
31.Free homing of large cichlids and oddballs 17/05/20 No
Message me if you want rid of your large fish. I have a 7ft aquarium and can accommodate.
32.Wanted Nicaraguan cichlids 16/05/20 No
Hi all wanted Nicaraguan cichlids manchester area Willing to travel for right fish Please contact Gary 07920290879
33.cichlids from ne9 7ts 15/05/20 Yes
blue dolphin cichlids@approx 1" (malawi) and throricoity ellioti @ 1.5" (central american cichlids ) approx one inch and growing very well and healthy parents are here for you to see all living together very peacefully need the space so only £2.50 each 0r 5 for £10 can mix parents here t... ...
35.Predators / monster / Odd Ball for Sale/ Cichlid 15/05/20 Yes
Cuban Cichlids (Breeding Pair Male & Female) - 3-4” - £40 Cuban Cichlid Unsexed 1.5-2” - £8 Cuban Male 6 inch - £40 Blue Lobster (Cherax Quadricarinatus) - 5cm £8 Jaguar Cichlid (Gold Morth) Female - 6” - £30 Kamfa Flowerhorn Male (Proven Fertile) 10” - £100 No Timewasters Base... ...
36.Green terror cichlids and angel fish for sale 14/05/20 Yes
Green terror breeding pair is £25 each is £10 There is a confirmed breeding pair and 2 females All of the green terrors are £50 but I can Make a deal with you. Angel fish are £8 each There are five angel fish 3 males and 2 females All of the angel fish are £40
37.Convict cichlids for sale 12/05/20 Yes
Hi I have 13 normal convicts and 5 albino convicts for sale. Can either sell them in pairs. £5 per pair or £40 for all of them
38.Nandopsis Tetracanthus x 5 cuban cichlids 12/05/20 Yes
Five Tetracanthus. 4” . £50 Buyer to collect from Sileby
39.Mbuna cichlids 12/05/20 Yes
Yellow labs, red zebra, blue cobalt, bumble bee, snow white, red top ice blue all fish are 4for £10 collection only from widnes will do deals on larger sales
40.convict cichlids 10/05/20 No
FREE TO COLLECTOR, Breeding pair of Convict Cichlids, both fish in lovely condition, collection only from the BS7 area of Bristol.
41.Tank set up 10/05/20 No
Looking for any cichlids going, free if possible or as cheap as you can.
Large aquarium 6-ft x 2ftx3ft. or something similar Also looking for good quality Geophagus and other eartheaters, Satanoperca, Guianacara, Biotodoma, Gymnogeopahgus ect Geophagus Sveni Geophagus tapajos Guianacara owroewefi Biotodoma cupido Biotodoma wavrini. Heros serus, and othe... ...
43.10 Blue Ramshorn Snails for £3 (£6.80 posted) Coalville 20/£5 (£8.80 posted) 07/05/20 Yes
10 Blue Ramshorn snails for £3 (£.6.80 posted) 20 for £5 (£8.80 posted) Blue Ramshorn Snail – Planorbis corneus Totally safe to keep with fish, shrimp, snails and most importantly will not touch your plants. A great creature to safely and efficiently cycle a new tank. They eat various types... ...
44.6 x Firemouth Cichlids. Approx 2.5inch. £55 ono. Collection only. 04/05/20 No
6 x Firemouth Cichlids. Approx 2.5inch. £55 ono. Selling due to tank closure. Collection only. Also have 4 x Red Tail black sharks, 1 x Ropefish. Message for more details. 07972018656
45.Juwel Rio 350 LED Tank & Accessories £550 o.n.o 04/05/20 Yes
Full Set Up - Juwel Rio 350 LED - £550 ono Including; Ocean Rock and Live Plants Lighting is 2 x Aquasky LED Filtration is original internal Heating is original internal Livestock; 6 x Firemouth Cichlids (approx. 3inch) 4 x Red Tail Black Sharks (approx. 3inch) 1 x Ropefish 2 x Amano Shrimp... ...
46.400litre 4 ft by 2 ft by 2ft full fresh water system with stock. 30/04/20 No
400 litre aqua oak systemised fresh water full set up, LED light, 1600lph returm pump, sump full with media, x2 heaters, sand decor. stock as follows x2 temensis bass 3 to 4 inches, x1 silver arowana 6 inches, x4 flag tails 4 inches, 6 african cichlids 3 to 5 inches, x2 spotted severum 5 inches. £45... ...
47.12 X (Dwarf Cichlid) 1 X Pseudotropheus (Female Malawi) 1 X Sunrise Platy & Food 28/04/20 Yes
12 Dwarf Cichlids (Apistogramma regani males and females I believe) 1 Female Malawi Cichlid 1 Sunburst Platy Two bags of different sized cichlid fish food Only £25 Collect from Price House, Liberator Place, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 7BP
Rare and exotic fish specialists with 30 years experience. We source any freshwater or marine fish species globally at your request.Collection or delivery service available for all live fish. Any aquarium, design and installation or even maintenance for private, public or commercial premises. Fi... ...
49.1 inch dovii males and females 26/04/20 No
Dovii cichlids @1”+ Please whatsapp me for more information on 07783096414 £6 each
50.8-9 inch Male Kamfa Flowerhorn 26/04/20 Yes
8-9” Male flowerhorn stunning fish in a communal atm with other cichlids and catfish and causes no problems.. haven’t tested fertility. Please WhatsApp me on 07783096414 Would trade or looking for £90
51.Cichlids Black Nasties Haitiensis 26/04/20 Yes
Cichlids Black Nasties Haitiensis 2-3cm Eating & growing well 3 -4 month old £3 each Collection Maidstone ME14 5nn 07920769418
52.AquaOak Aquarium ~ WANTED ~ Aqua Oak Tank 23/04/20 No
Hi ~ I'm looking to buy a decent sized Aquarium (AquaOak) ~ 4ft or 5ft. Prefer it with a Wine Rack in the base but cupboards/drawers will be OK ! Would prefer a 120 - 150cm size to hold Central American Cichlids & Catfish !! (Not sure I can cope with 6ft?). Can collect within 75 miles of Lo... ...
53.Tank for Sale 23/04/20 Yes
REDUCED!! REDUCED!! My Fish Tank is up for sale I including fish, rocks, sand, heaters, air filters and some extra bits and pieces. Comes with Fluval FX6 external filter. Tank Size 3ft x 2ft x 2ft WxHxD Malawi Cichlids Frontosas Synodontis Cat Fish Silver Dollars £450.00 ... ...
54.£25 Proven breeding pair of guntheri cichlids 22/04/20 Yes
Hi I have a proven breeding pair of guntheri cichlids for sale if anyone is interested
55.Metriaclima Greshakei large group 20/04/20 Yes
I have a very large group of Metriaclima Greshakei cichlids (40-ish), vast majority are fully grown adults I had for few years now, lots of youngsters as well in sub-adult sizes, they've outgrown my tank (240l) and I need to heavily reduce the group. Fed on spirulina based foods, females are holdin... ...
56.Malawi cichlids Jalo reef 19/04/20 Yes
Cynotilapia afra Jalo reef these are f2 fish so great quality I’ve loads of juvenile fish 6 for £10 or swap for other malawi Cheers Rob
57.Auratus cichlids 16/04/20 Yes
2 female and 1 male Auratus cichlids free to a good home, these have bred for me before but are getting too aggressive for my tank.
58.2x extra large blue Severum Cichlids 16/04/20 Yes
Two lovely blue severums for sale. Drop me a message, have lots of other stuff available. 07712294245
59.4ft marine or tropical fish tank an sump 16/04/20 Yes
Full set up everything you see 4ft x 2ft x 2ft fish tank and sump and weir live stock,ocean rock heaters lights an tmc return pump all live stock are bresding cichlids 550 ono around 25 fish the tanks in very good condition not a scratch on glass well over 2000 pounds of kit warrington collection co... ...
60.breeding pair chocolate cichlids leeds 13/04/20 Yes
breeding pair chocolate cichlids male bout 7 inch female 5inch bred in my tank had bought 300 babies £60 stunning pair
61.Convict Cichlids For Sale Coventry 50P Each £1/3 12/04/20 Yes
Around 1-2 Inches have all their colours Eating well and growing fast Coventry 07738458960
62.bristlenose 09/04/20 No
Keep cichlids and need an algae eater urgently Anyone local to Reading has one to sell? Ann
63.Wanted 04/04/20 No
Hi there any breeders or anyone selling african cichlids in or near to Oxfordshire thanks
64.F1 Mbuna Juveniles - Prices are £6ea 25/03/20 Yes
Hi all, I’m a local hobbyist who keeps and breeds Wild Caught Malawi Mbuna Cichlids. Please see the below list of what’s available. Metriaclima Callianos Kirondo Pseudostropheus Kingsizei Lupingu Melanochromis Loraie Puulu Metriaclima Pyrsonotos Nakantenga (from omorph male and females) C... ...
65.Malawi & Tanganyikan Cichlids in 8x2x2 foot tank and stand including everything in photos 24/03/20 Yes
Malawi & Tanganyikan Cichlids collection complete with large fish tank 8x2x2 everything in tank, stand tank and all accessories to many fish to list phone alan for details on 07854492759 bargain at 700 pounds thanks for looking.
66.Stingray 21/03/20 No
I have around 7 large peacock bass giant gourami Midas cichlids and large Snakheads and various other large predators I’m looking for a swap for some stingray pups 07492654045 drop me a text
67.Peacock bass 07492654045 20/03/20 Yes
Large 15-17 inch mono peacock bass £80 Spider kelbri 10-12 inches £100 SOLD 14inch giraffe catfish £50 £200 for all 3 Will sell separately Will swap for red pike or any large pike cichlids Po188dg Pick up only I believe these two are a pair with the Male being the spider they have tried... ...
Hi there, as the titles states, I'm after madagascan cichlids of the genus Paretroplus or Ptychochromis, if you have any for sale please let me know, i can travel to some extent Please call or text Many thanks j
69.Rare American cichlids for sale 18/03/20 Yes
Selling off some of my cichlids, this is the list of what is for sale:- (1) 2 female cuban cichlids f2 bayamo Cuba 4-5inches £30 each (2)amphilophus Flaviolus juveniles 1-2inches £5 each or 6 for £25 (3) parachromis motaguense -rtm-breeding pair, male 10-11 inches, female 6inches £75 the pair,(4) ma... ...
70.Neolamprologus Lelupi for Sale 16/03/20 No
Neolamprologus Lelupi for sale. Approximately 12cm in length. Beautiful young adult fish. Very healthy with strong yellow colour - £9 (1 only, at this size). Collection from GU17 area. Please see my other adverts for more Tanganyikan Cichlids.
71.Julidochromis Transcriptus breeding group For Sale 16/03/20 No
5 Julidochromis Transcriptus for sale. This group appears to function as at least a breeding trio or possibly 2 pairs. Healthy and beautifully marked - £25 for the group. Collection from GU17 area. Please also see my other adverts for more Tanganyikan Cichlids.
72.Synodontis Lucipinnis (Petricola Dwarf) For Sale 16/03/20 No
Two Synodontis Lucipinnis (Synodontis Petricola "dwarf") for sale. Both very healthy young adults with lovely markings. One is approximately 9cm and the other is approximately 7cm - £18 for the two. Collection from GU17 area. Please see my other Adverts for more Tanganyikan Cichlids.
73.Breeding pair discus SOLD 14/03/20 Yes
Here is my proven breeding pair discus they are roughly 6-7 inch excellent fish ,only reason for selling is they kept in community discus tank and other discus either eat eggs or fry and I would rather this pair go to someone who has facility to let them raise fry successfully I will sell or happi... ...
74.For sale 14/03/20 Yes
I have these (Pictured) Cichlids, I have forgotten the exact name... 2 male, 1 female... they breed.. I'd like to sell them so I can create a community tank. please feel free to ask any questions you like.
75.Cichlids 13/03/20 Yes
Breeding pair of marble convits £30 Red spot sevrum £25 35x red top cichlids all for £40 nly 1 inch but really helthy
76.Dwarf cichlids 12/03/20 No
Looking for pairs of dwarf cichlids any will be considered cheers
77.6 foot aqua one aquarium and cabinet £450 11/03/20 Yes
Aqua one 1800 R six foot aquarium and beech cabinet, 600 litre capacity, very good condition. Great for cichlids or multiple small fish. Less than three years old. Comes with two tetratec external filters, battle ship/ air plane/tank ornaments/ heaters/ tank lights/ spares/ tubes/ cleaning equipme... ...
78.20 x peacock cichlids 09/03/20 Yes
I have 20 (or possibly one or two more.) peacock cichlids for sale ranging from 3 inch to 5 inch all very healthy. I’m looking for £170 for all and not wanting to split the order as it’s more hassle for me. Please no very low offers as I’m not rushed to sell. Collection from nw8 London or de... ...
79.Convict Cichlids 08/03/20 No
Adult breeding pair of convict cichlids beautiful fish fantastic to watch £20
80.Parachromis Friedrichsthali 08/03/20 Yes
3 Freddy cichlids in very good condition and eating well, size between 3cm and 10cm Buyer collects, bring suitable container
81.a few cichlids for sale 08/03/20 Yes
for sale 1 albino oscar about 3 to 4 inchs £5 2 clown knife fish about 13 to 14 inchs £10 each 1 red shoulder severum about 5 to 6 inchs £10 1 synodontis catfish about 4 to 5 inchs £5 collection only from keyingham
82.3 Firemouth cichlids & 2 red empress 08/03/20 Yes
All adults eating great healthy fish. Only selling as I'm changing what fish are in the tank. 3.50 each for firemouth 3.00 each red empress All aprox 3inches or just over. Collection Sunderland
83.Various fish, arowana/peacocks etc 08/03/20 Yes
1 Silver Arowana 9 inches - £70 2 peacock bass 7 inches - £40 each 2 tinfoil barbs 4 inches - £20 for both 1 rare jaguar catfish 4.5 inches - £40 2 jaguar cichlids 7 inches - £30 for both 1 large synodontis 8 inches - £15 1 hornet tilapia 6inches - £15 All fish in good health. Some of ... ...
84.Bandit cichlids . Guianacara species . Loads in stock only £3.95 or 5 for £15 04/03/20 Yes
We have a lot of these lovely bandit cichlids in stock . Bargain at £3.95 each or 5 for £15 Collection only
85.Malawi Cichlids for sale 04/03/20 Yes
Male blue fryeri Male ob firefish Male Otopharynx Lithobates Zrock Pair Protomelas Taiwan reef Male super red top ndumbi
86.Oscars and Texas Cichlid for sale / swap 04/03/20 Yes
Silly reason for sale but the blue background is driving me mad. Doesn't compliment wood and american cichlids at all and I don't have the physical attributes to pull it out and redo it so I have decided to move on to African Cichlids again. For sale I have 4 Oscars. Two males, one female, one ... ...
87.Malawi cichlids in their natural habitat, Ad Konings 4th edition £10 03/03/20 No
Ad Konings 4th edition £10 Collection only Dy6 Please contact via mobile only as I don't check messages through the site
88.Cichlids 03/03/20 Yes
I have around 30 fish for sale selling g as job lot peacocks haps an mbuna breeding pairs of bumble be mbuna breading g pair of ob peacocks breading g pair of acie and rest just make an female pick up warrington I looking for 300 for lot
89.Tanganyikan Cichlids - mixed group for sale 02/03/20 No
Mixed Group of Tanganyikan Cichlids for sale. The group consist of the following fish, all in attractive healthy condition and available for collection from GU17 area: Julidochromis Transcriptus Breeding Group - 5 fish Neolamprologus Lelupi - 3 fish Synodontis Lucipinnis (Dwarf Petricola... ...
90.Neolamprologus Lelupi For Sale 02/03/20 No
Two Neolamprologus Lelupi. One approx. 7.5cm and the other approx. 5.5cm. Both healthy with strong yellow colour. £9 for the two. Collection from GU17 area. Please also see my other adverts for more Tanganyikan Cichlids.
Nimbochromis fusco male 9 inch £35 Fossorochromis rostratus male 6 inch £20 Fossorochromis rostratus female 7 inch £20 Champsochromis caeruleus male 9 inch £40 Aristochromis christyi male 6/7 inch £40 Aristochromis christyi female 5 inch £35 Buccochromis rhoadesii yellow male 7/8 inch £45 Buc... ...
92.Complete 300L Malawi Cichlid Aquarium with extras, smart lighting etc 02/03/20 Yes
Complete 300L Malawi Cichlid Aquarium with extras, smart lighting etc The price is £500 a bargain without even factor the actual fish stocks. There is more fish than it seems, you note when feeding. See Video Please note the following, If this does not sell as one lot, I will be looking at óff... ...
93.Herichthys deppi Wanted 01/03/20 Yes
Is anyone out there selling Herichthys deppi cichlids?
94.Wild caught oscar 29/02/20 Yes
I have an 8inch wild caught oscar for trade for other cichlids or oddballs crewe cheshire
95.Tanganyika cichlids 25/02/20 Yes
Hi I have a few nice lake tanganyika cichlids available. PM for more details. Pictures are of the actual fish for sale. Cyathopharynx foai sibwesa £18.00 each Ophthalmotilapia boops Nkondwe island £16.00 each Neolamprologus brevis chaitika £7.00 each Neolamprologus caudopunctatus £7.00 ea... ...
96.Neolamprologus Brevis - Breeding pair 24/02/20 No
Neolamprologus Brevis. Have bred from these in the past but not recently as they are in a mixed tank. They still appear to be good friends - £10 for the pair. Collection from GU17 area. Please also see my other adverts for more Tanganyikan Cichlids.
97.5ft 450L juwel tank £500 Ono give me a text 07366415877 24/02/20 Yes
Both tanks external filter all leds converted fluval digital heaters Wave maker Pump for bubbles Tumbler for eggs to hatch Breeder box Another filter for small tank Extra heater 4 adult breeding Burundi frontosa breeding pack 6 lemon cichlids 2 compressed cichlids 1 cat fish Ar... ...
98.Large L090 Pleco 23/02/20 Yes
Large L090 Pleco for sale, 8 inch approx, won't get any bigger now. Mint condition, happy fish. Offers over £40 please, must be going to the right home. I have bags for taking any purchased fish home in, see my other ads for other fish for sale. (Cichlids, catfish, Pleco's) Thanks, Jay. 07... ...
Possibly the last chance to buy a baby fly river turtle legally anywhere in Europe. We have a very limited number in stock. First come first served. £1000 each. Rare and exotic fish specialists with 30 years experience. We source any freshwater or marine fish species globally at your request.C... ...
101.fish Malawi cichlids 1 inch x4 £10. Haps an peacocks 17/02/20 Yes
Malawi cichlids 1 Inch x 4 £10 2 inch £4 . Haps an peacocks Taiwan reef - Ob peacocks - ahli iceberg and mixed colours peacocks Collection only from bd7 Great Horton Call No Txt Please 07368550585
102.South American Cichlids, Corydoras, Tetra ect 15/02/20 No
Hello, Unfortunately I am having to downsize my beloved tank due to moving out from my parents and into a rented property. The collection of fish below are for only serious buyers as some of the fish aren't as common in the trade; all fish are wild caught. Pictures are available on request or vi... ...
103.Lombardi ( Kenniy ) cichlids 14/02/20 No
WANTED Lombardi cichlids in the Portsmouth Waterlooville area
104.Electric Blue Acaras 14/02/20 Yes
Many electric blue acaras for sale. The ones with the parents are around 2-3cm and the 2 larger ones with the yellow lab cichlids are 4-5cm. All eating well and no issues. The two larger one's are £4 each and the smaller are £3 or 5 for £10.00. Collection from Haswell, Durham. All questions welcome... ...
105.Young Yellow Lab Cichlids 14/02/20 Yes
I have around 24 yellow lab cichlids for sale. Currently between 2.5cm and 4cm and eating well. £3 each or 5 for £10.00. Collection from Haswell, Durham. All questions welcomed.
106.Breeding pair jewel cichlids 14/02/20 Yes
I have 2 pairs of breeding jewel cichlids for sale. I have had 1 brood of 1 paid and 2 off the other. All healthy fish and raised fry very well. They've already laid eggs again after I moved fry out of tank to grow on. Any questions please ask, happy to send more pictures or videos. I'm looking at... ...
107.Malawi cichlids for sale west yorkshire 13/02/20 Yes
Here we have juvenile yellow labs/firefish/sp44/ob peacocks at £3 each also juvenile/adult mbuna £5 each and 2 featherfin catfish £8 each
108.Convict Cichlids wanted. 12/02/20 No
Hi, I’m after a breeding pair of Convict cichlids. Kent area pickup.
109.4 Oscars Cichlids 2 are breeding pair. 12/02/20 Yes
2 x 12 inch Oscar's breeding pair. 2 x 8 inch Oscar's. Looking to swap or sell open to offers. Must go to responsible owner with large aquarium!! Need gone ASAP WILL NOT POST.
110.Sell Cichlids 10/02/20 Yes
2 7inch red shoulder severums 1 male 1 female 45 for pair 2 gold severums 30 for pair or 20 each 1 10 inch red spotted severum 50 quid. Or 100 pound for all.can send pictures on wats app
111.Malawi Cichlids for sale (over 40 fish) Preston (PR1) 10/02/20 Yes
Malawi cichlids for sale, I have over 40 in the tank. I am looking for a quick sale and therefore selling all together for £200. Will not sell individual fish. I am selling them because I require the funds for another project. Please see the photos and the your tube link here: https://youtu.be/s... ...
112.Tanganika Cichlids wanted please. 08/02/20 No
Looking for tanganika cichlids, cash waiting. Please let me know what you got.
113.Peacock Cichlids Breeding Pair 05/02/20 Yes
Healthy producing young. Female has eggs in mouth. £20
114.Mbuna cichlids 04/02/20 Yes
Tropheops chilumba x5 Nice contrast blue males orange females. 1 male 2 females 2 unknown. £30. Labetropheus trewavase thumbi west mcat x2 pairs hold fry regularly. £40 stockton collection only
115.Malawi Cichlids 03/02/20 Yes
TB (F2) Melanochromis Cyaneorhabdos Maingano – 5/6cm £3 (4 for £10) TB Cynotilapia Afra Cobue – 4cm £4 (3 for £10) TB (F3) Tropheops Elongatus Kumwera 4/6cm £4 (3 for £10) TB (F2) Tropheops Aurora Higga Reef 6/8cm £4 (3 for £10) TB (F2) Cynotilapia Hara Gallireya Reef 4/6 cm £4 (3 for £10) TB (... ...
116.Sajica cichlid,flying fox 03/02/20 No
6x cichlids for sale size 5-6 cm 20£ 2x flying fox size 6-7cm 5£ Can be deliver if local Derby
117.Malawi Clearout 02/02/20 Yes
I am clearing out 1.large peacocks £10 4 inches 2. large zebra fish £10 3. OB mbuna £7 4. Convict Cichlids £5 5. Bristlenose small £2.50 6 Bristlenose Large £10 4 inches 7. Blue zebra £8
118.Cichlids Acei and Auratus for sale 02/02/20 Yes
Malawi’s Various sizes 50mm to 80mm £1each deal for a group Lots to choose from Acei colouring up great Text to 07966272884 Clitheroe area
119.JAGUAR CICHLID PAIR 31/01/20 Yes
I have for sale a compatible pair of Jaguar cichlids (parachromis managuensis) . The male is 9 to 10 inch and the female 7 ti 8 inch. There in good health and feed very well. £50
120.F1 rio tumble festae male 28/01/20 No
Hi iv a large 12 inch f1 male festae for sale £60 or may swop other cichlids collet wirral 07850037509 message for pics
I’m in Kent/East Sussex will travel for the right fish I’m after decent size convicts pink and marbled and black also after some Honduran red points anything considered males and females please email or text thanks 07808225678
122.Tiger Oscars Malawi cichlids, peacock bass 27/01/20 Yes
Hi we are castleside fish farms you can find us on facebook please like our page we are a small home breeeders New stock in here is this list American cichlids Tiger Oscars 5" Peacock bass 6" Malawi peacocks: Red rubin 5" Moori dolphin 4" Mbuna: Cobalt blue zebra 2" Electric yell... ...
123.Looking for Cichlids 26/01/20 No
Looking for Malawi cichlids,ideally 2-3 inches in size as fish already established in a 450 litre tank. Please contact with what you have available, pictures and location. David
124.Green several cichlids 23/01/20 No
2 green severums free to collector. 1 is approx 5 inces long and the other is approx 3 inches long. Free to good home.
125.Central american cichlids 21/01/20 Yes
F1 Lago Managua Red devil 15inch male £50 F2 lago Managua Red devil male 11inch £40 F1 rio perro zonatus male 8inch £50 F2 rio blanco motaguensis 2 to 3 inch £15 each F1 rio esquirries barred midas 10inch female £50 F1 Honduran managuensis 6inch female £30 F2 barred midas 1inch £5 each F2 Man... ...
126.Firemouth cichlids 19/01/20 Yes
Firemouth cichlids for sale nice fish. is not compatible with my other fish
127.Substantial Aquarium Rock 18/01/20 Yes
A large quantity of square aquarium blocks. Great for use with Cichlids. I would estimate there to be around 90kg of rock. Easy to stack and build structures and caves. Can be glued to help stop accidents. I can count how many individual blocks there are if a buyer is serious. Block size ... ...
128.blockhead cichlids leeds 15/01/20 No
Steatocranus casuarius (Blockhead Cichlid) i have a load blockhead cichlids ranging 5 to 10 cm £8 each leeds 12
129.Malawi cichlids 15/01/20 No
Group of tropheops ndonga wild group of Minos reef tank breed a few dolphin thumbi wild and f1 ikombe. male maisoni reef male wild 140 pound most are full adult tel 07921527721
130.Megalodoras Irwini - 9"/23cm 11/01/20 Yes
This hefty, characterful bottom-dweller requires a very spacious aquarium with a soft sand substrate and it can reach 70cm as a fully grown adult. Despite its adult size, this is a gentle giant and it can even be trusted with smaller fish, although to be absolutely sure these should be at least 25%... ...
131.Malawi Cichlids 11/01/20 No
I have a fair few Malawi’s I need gone ASAP. £4-5 for adults £1-2 for fry/juveniles
132.Tank shutdown selling loads of giraffe cichlids and others 09/01/20 Yes
Got many available Yellow lab giraffe haps few others get in contact for photos Hastings pickup or delivery available depending on distance
133.Large Complete Aquarium Fish tank including fish / gravel / plants Full setup 07/01/20 Yes
Large Glass fish tank with stand and base. Also includes 2 x Drift Wood, pots, plants, fish, gravel, CristalProfi greenling pump and light with day / night / colour changing season mode with remote. Harmonious tank including 2 x Blood Parrot cichlids, 3 x Penguin Tetra, A couple of Kribensis 1x ma... ...
134.LARGE aquarium wanted in Sussex 06/01/20 No
Looking for a large 5ft setup to get back into keeping African cichlids. Must be in great condition. Cash waiting.
135.3 large golden severum cichlids. 05/01/20 Yes
I have 3 female golden severum cichlids for sale. £50 for all 3. Theh are 5-6 inches each, strong and healthy. Please text or whattsapp me.
136.Cichlids American 04/01/20 No
Any American cichlids near Chester.
137.Geophagus surinamensis, firemouth cichlids, Golden Severum and vieja synspilum (I believe) 04/01/20 No
Geophagus Surinamensis - 2 @ roughly 4-5” - £20 for both Firemouth cichlids - 2 @ roughly 2-3” - £5 both Golden Severum - 1 @ roughly 6” - £20 Vieja cichlids - 2 @ roughly 4” - not 100% what type they are - £25 for both Collection Only Please
138.Red Empress Malawi Cichlids 2.5 -3.5 inches BIRMINGHAM 03/01/20 Yes
139.Red terrors Cichlids x 7 01/01/20 No
Some really nice little red terrors up for grabs, only selling as changed my mind on fish type, wanted to have a breeding pair of these. £8 each, collection from bridgwater around the 1.5-2inch mark.
140.Benitochromis nigrodorsalis West African cichlids. 31/12/19 No
Does anyone have any Benitochromis nigrodorsalis for sale or swap, or know where I can get hold of some, please? I have two adult males that I need to pair up with females. Willing to travel to collect or can organise a courier.
141.Live Food ~ Banana Worms & Walter Worms & Micro Worms 29/12/19 Yes
Available through ebay under seller tantyfang or via website, just ask for an invoice. This means less cost to you as there are no eBay fees. I have available Walter Worms & Banana Worms. These are just as easy to culture as Micro Worm, but half the size and more prolific. Ideal for small fry... ...
142.Several Cichlids for sale 14/12/19 No
I have 4 Jack Dempsey Cichlids for sale 3 are quite large, the one is smaller. Also have 2 Convict Cichlid's for sale. And a Reed fish. 4x Jack Dempsey £40 ono ( will sell singularly) 2x Convict Cichlid's £25 ono ( will sell singularly) 1x Reed fish £20 ono Call 07850621860 for more info.
143.peacocks and haps 14/12/19 Yes
hi we are castleside fish farm you will find our page on facebook were just a small, growing home breeders we specialize in malawi,american cichlids and oddballs, we are not a business we don't have enough fish to be one but that is the target, we also stock loaches plecos, theres a nice selection o... ...
144.Free to a good home 07/12/19 Yes
I have about a dozen Malawi cichlids that need re-homing. They are various sizes - some are about 3-4 in and some are juveniles that come from the adults in the tank. They're assorted Yellow Labs and Elec blue Haps etc. - I'll try and get them in a decent pic to attach here. I've had these fish for ... ...
145.Tropheus (Lake Tanganyika) 03/12/19 No
Hello, we are narrowing down some of the Tropheus cichlids in our Tropheus tank to make room for new types. All F1’s or wild sourced from a reputable supplier (Cichlidenland in Germany). Selling: Tropheus Duboisi Maswa Tropheus Bemba Tropheus Ikola Tropheus Bulu Point Tropheus Chipimbi Trop... ...
146.Silver arowana 03/12/19 No
18 inch silver arowana. Drop eye in one eye as per usual otherwise perfect. Would swap with Jaguar cichlids or other cichlids try me. £80 Oxfordshire Collection only Please bring a suitable container to transport Can WhatsApp pictures
147.Tanganyikan cichlids plus cats 30/11/19 No
1 x lulupi 1 x brichardi 2 x cylindricus 5 x multipunc cats 1 x bristlenose Free for collection.
148.Giant snakehead 11-12 inches £50 26/11/19 No
For sale I have my giant snakehead who is around 11 pushing 12 inches great feeder not to be mixed with anything under 6 inches or any fish that is aggressive such as American cichlids as HE WILL KILL THEM fine with fish that don't bother him For pictures and more information WhatsApp me 077318833... ...
149.Mixed Malawi Cichlids 24/11/19 Yes
Mixed African Cichlids for sale. Haps, Peacocks, Mbunas, Fontosa's. Including 2 Dolphins approx 3inches, 2 OBs 3 inches Mixed sulpher heads approx 18 yellow labs bumble bees blood parrot peacocks 1 adult fontosa (6 inches), 2 baby fontosas (2inches) School of yellow tale achei's approx 15 3... ...
150.5 x True Parrot Cichlid for sale 24/11/19 No
Group of 5 wild True Parrot Cichlids for sale. Had for about 3 years from young, changing set up hence sale. Collection from Brighton or csn meet somewhere between Brighton and Tunbridge wells where I work.
151.Malawi cichlids for sale 22/11/19 Yes
£1 each variety of sizes between 1-3 inches. Can deliver locally. Ob peacocks also available
152.Anomalochromis thomasi Butterfly cichlids x5 20/11/19 Yes
Lovely little group of dwarf cichlids . All 5 for £20
Wanted - NEXUS pond equipment, water pumps, air pumps etc considered as long as it is in working order. Bay filter, Nexus filters, box filters, Bakki shower, trickle filter, sieve filter, vortex filter, water pond pumps, Air pumps, UV systems, holding vats, quarantine system etc etc. Nexus filter,... ...
154.Large acrylic tank 14/11/19 Yes
Acrylic tank with oak unit full set up. 1200 x 450 wide x 650 tall. Good condition, ehiem pro pump and fluval 108 pump, inline heater, uv steralizer (kills infections and algae, needs new bulb) led Aquaray light (not set up). Shoal of 10+ Nicaraguan cichlids breeding frequently biggest males 7", 2 x... ...
155.Breeding cube £20 11/11/19 Yes
46 x 46 x 45H breeding cube Sealed and checked sump hole No leaks Delivery not an option We have three and only ever used two We used ours to raise on cichlids £20
156.Malawi 10/11/19 Yes
Hi i have sum bumblebee cichlids for sale or swap.swap wise other malawis to add different colours.£3.50 each or 10 for £30 the fish are very healthy and are between 2 to 3" so a decent size an very colourful.cheers
157.Large synodontis catfish 08/11/19 No
Large synodontis catfish roughly around 10 inch, cant remember what type of catfish tho I'm sure its synodontis threadfin £10 or offers May also swap for smaller American cichlids
158.Bunch of cichlids and cat fish 06/11/19 No
2 fire mouths 2 golden severums 6 cory fish 1 albino pleco 1 hybrid (looks like a featherfin ) 2x earth eater cichlids £8 each Cory all 6 for £10 Can deliver for fuel Costs or collection Weston super mare
Gymno' Balzanii 2 x Pairs. 5" Males Red neck Sev's x 4.at 5" Red Head Tapa's x 5. at 5" Green Sev' pair at 7-8" Others. Contact NEV' if interested. CORNWALL. PS. After young Dovii.
160.Fluval 200l black 02/11/19 Yes
4 months old. Complete set up. Got £300 worth of juvenile fish, only had them for 3 months. Filtration is EFX 400 Blue panaque 30 neon tetras 2 angel fish 3 zebra loaches 4 Odessa barbs 4 electric blue rams cichlids Want £700 for it all If you want to message me on Instagram for... ...
We have a great stock of severum cichlids at the moment: Green Severums (S) £3.25 each 5 for £15 Gold Severums (S) £3.95 each Rotkeil Severums (M) £7.50 each Rotkeil Severums (L) £15 each Notatus Severums (S) £7.95 each Red spot severums (S) £10 each We are cichlid specialists wit... ...
162.ALL SOLD--- Lower price-NOW ON EBAY--Bargain--Must go asap-Various Cichlids(Geophagus/Kribs/Acara)& Catfishes(Plecs) for sale in Leeds 27/10/19 Yes
Search eBay under: bargincornertom Tanks are getting bit crowdy so I had to make decision to get rid of some of my beloved collection: -Geophagus red head Tapajos 5 inches proven breeding pair---starting bid £29.99 -Hypostomus L231 5 inches pair---£20 -Kribensis proven breeding pair--... ...
Ideally around Essex, London, Kent, Surrey 07712294245
164.Neolamprologus leleupi & tetracanthus + Red Empress. Sussex 25/10/19 Yes
For Sale: Rift Lake Cichlids 1 x Neolamprologus tetracanthus 6cm from LakeTanganyika £9.00 3 x Neolamprologus leleupi 5cm from LakeTanganyika £6.00 each (believe 1 x male 2 x female) 1 x Protomelas taeniolatus Red Empress 6cm from Lake Malawi £5.00 (Juvenile colouration) Buy them all for... ...
165.Breeding pair jaguar cichlids 25/10/19 Yes
Male approx 8". Female 6" Lovely markings. Selling as no longer breeding but these guys have other ideas.
166.Back to Nature book to Malawi Cichlids Second Edition by Ad Konings SUPER NEW LOWER PRICE £6.99 23/10/19 Yes
HURRY, ONLY WHILE STOCKS LAST AT THIS PRICE!! Malawi cichlids have been, and will probably always remain, among the most popular aquarium fishes of all time. Their brilliant colours, ease of maintenance, and interesting behavior are the three most important reasons for their popularity. A selecti... ...
167.Jack Dempsey 22/10/19 Yes
Originally bought for £40 fish has grow 2-2 1/2 inches Eating well Fed on frozen food and beef heart Can be aggressive so choose tank mates wisely. Preferably other cichlids as has been living with acaras and fire mouths Likes somewhere to hide whilst resting (pipes she’s currently using could b... ...
168.14inch+ clown knife & thick sailfin plec 21/10/19 No
Email offers, looking for swap ideally; oddballs, gars, arrowana, large cichlids etc.. Can send pics over, fish in great condition.
169.17inch African lungfish. Oddball fish 20/10/19 No
He's currently in with large cichlids.. can send pics through messenger or wottsap pic up only wallasey 07375878612 cheers
170.Jack Dempsey and Vieja synspila (Redhead Cichlid). 19/10/19 Yes
I have for sale american cichlids Jack Dempsey and Vieja synspila (Redhead Cichlid). Jack Dempsey size approx 4.5- inches £10 each or 2 for £18. Vieja synspila 3 - 4 inches £15 each. 4 -5 inches £20 each. Healthy and eating well.Collection is Chatteris. Cambridgeshire.Any questions please feel fr... ...
171.Rare fish for sale 19/10/19 No
6 Barilius Bakeri £40 8 Filament barbs £30 2 Thorichthys passionis £7 each £10 for both 5 Firemouth cichlids £5 each £20 for all 7 red tail botia £30 1 Jack Dempsey £5 1 black spotted eel £20 Take all fish for £120 All fish are very healthy, contact me if you want photos, collection from ... ...
172.American cichlids SALE 18/10/19 Yes
American cichlids for sale 4 geophagus pearls 2 juewl 2 sevrum 1 earth eater 2 plecs 4 Angel fish 1 parrot fish 2 acaras
173.ND Aquatics 4x2x2 with Eheim 2180 thermo filter (1 year old) 17/10/19 Yes
£600 JOB LOT I’m selling an ND aquatics 4x2x2 tank with grey cabinet (few scratches) on opti-white front. Also selling Eheim 2180 thermo filter (1 year old) Livestock 4 keyhole cichlids Dozens on kribensis 30 odd Cardinal terras 10+ Serpae Tetra 8+ Corys 6 Siamese algae eaters 4/5... ...
174.Looking for cichlids 17/10/19 No
Hi ppl. I'm looking for some Cichlids for sale in the central Scotland area if anyone has any for sale Ideally looking for more peaceful ones
175.Rena 4ft-18-2 ft fish tank and stand. £350. 13/10/19 Yes
Rena fish tank, complete with marine rock. Arcadi over head light strip, daylight bulbs. 2 Eheim 2080 and a 350 filters, plus spare Rena filters. A selection of Malawi fish, about 50ish. 2 kg cichlids flake food. Wave maker.
176.Pair of keyhole cichlids £10 12/10/19 Yes
Pair of keyholes owned for roughly 6 months. Selling due to them taking a dislike to my pygmy Cory's. Looks like a male and female. They get on well but no signs of breeding as of yet. Not shy fish at all, they are both always at the front of the tank. They colour up really well. Kept in soft water.... ...
177.malawi mubuna 11/10/19 No
mubuna cichlids wanted cash waits close to Cardiff
178.5x2x2ft ND Aquatics full set up £400 09/10/19 Yes
It is with sadness that I am selling my fish tank due to needing space, the tank is ND AQUATICS with opti-white front glass and Japanese Ash colour cabinet & hood Comes with X 2 FX5 external filters Extra hose with FX5 attachment for water changes Hydor Koralia wave maker 2 x titanium heaters wi... ...
179.Malawi full set up £400 09/10/19 Yes
It is with sadness that I am selling my fish tank due to needing space, the tank is ND AQUATICS with opti-white front glass and Japanese Ash colour cabinet & hood Comes with X 2 FX5 external filters Extra hose with FX5 attachment for water changes Hydor Koralia wave maker 2 x titanium heaters with e... ...
180.Wanted breeding groups of cichlids 06/10/19 No
Local to lakeside Essex
181.Chocolate Cichlids 03/10/19 No
Wanted- Breeding or mature pair of chocolate chiclids. Gtr Manchester and North West. Will travel to view/ collect. Experienced fish-keeper. Also wanted large Silver Dollars. Thanks Mike
182.500 Malawi Cichlids £1 Each Collection only 02/10/19 Yes
Collection only from Sims Tropical Fish Unit 12, Victoria Business Centre, Victoria Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 9LR.
183.Central American Cichlids 02/10/19 No
I have the following Adult and Young Cichlids for sale. 2 x Cribroherous Robertsoni 7 inch fish £15 each collection only. Young Trichromis Salvini F2 ‘Rio Grijava’ one of the reddest forms particularly in the females 3/4 inch £1 each can be posted Young Rheoherous Coureleus F3 very rare... ...
184.2 Uaru Cichlids for sale £20 26/09/19 No
2 3-5 inch uaru cichlids for sale. I've had them for around a year now. Healthy and eating well on flakes. Can you show pictures on request 07785546832 jakeos_@Hotmail.com
185.African cichlids Malawi 25/09/19 No
1. Nimbochromis venustus xxl 2m 3f F1 £80 2. Placidochromis phenochilus Tanzania xxl 2m 2f £70 3. Alunocara blotch L 1m 1f £35 4. Alunocara mamelela L 1m 1f £35 5. Copidochromis MIDNIGHT mloto L 1m 1f £40 6. Lethrinops red cap mdoka L 2m 1f £50 All above are breeding and proven breeders jui... ...
186.3 huge firemouth cichlids (t. meeki) for sale in SOMERSET 24/09/19 Yes
1 male and 2 females, regular breeders availble for collection in TA18 £10 for all three.
187.Malawi Cichlids 24/09/19 Yes
I have at least 30 Malawi's for sale all sizes from large to juvenile, they are a mix of Hongi, elongates, blue Zebras, greshkie a blotch and 1 or 2 others, they have all come out of my main tank, some lovely heathy fish £40 or possible swap for other Malawi Cheers Rob
188.Tiger Map Oscar 22/09/19 Yes
7-8 inches Tropical fish Central American cichlid Aggressive Best kept with other cichlids and large fish of a similar size and temperament Has a great personality, hand feeds, will jump to grab food out your hand Eats any type of pellet and frozen food you offer Collection only rh... ...
189.Flowerhorn female 14/09/19 Yes
I have a female Flowerhorn 7 inches nice round stunning fish . Open to offers or swap for South American cichlids . Texas green, electric blue jack dempseys electric blue Acara. Pairs .
190.Red zebra mbuna Malawi cichlids african 12/09/19 No
Young Malawi red zebra cichlids £2 each or 6 for £10 , can do deals on more.
191.Job lot of Malawi Cichlids for sale 06/09/19 Yes
I have a job lot of malawi cichlids for sale these include yellow labs and peacocks. In total i think 3 labs and around 10 peacocks including a 4inch blue male in pic. Wanting £40 for all pick up from Blackburn. More pics available upon request.
192.African cichlids WANTED. Tanganyikan/Malawi cichlids Only, No Mbuna. Cash waiting. 05/09/19 No
Looking to restock my 7ft tank. Malawi or tanganyikan cichlids only. Dont want mbuna but I'd take yellow labs. All fish must be at least 2.5 inches as they're going in a mature tank with other similar size fish. Current stock is 12 frontosa. 3 inch- 6 inch. I'm based in the north east of... ...
193.5ft fish tank with fish 04/09/19 Yes
5ft tropical fish tank for sale 570 litres / 150 U.S gallons Tank size- 5ft length 2ft width 2ft height Total size- 5ft 5 inch length. 2ft 3 inch width. 4ft 11inch height Comes with complete setup : Lights 2 - 300watt heaters 2 large external filters worth b... ...
194.Tropical fish in 5ft fish tank 04/09/19 Yes
Tropical fish included 5 - large Oscar cichlids 6 - silver dollars 3 spotted , 3 normal 3 - 12inch ish fire eels 4 - marble and pink convict cichlids 1 male 3 females , they spawn regularly 2 - 12inch sailfin Pleco 1 - calico female bristlenose Pleco 1 - 8inch senegal Birchir 1 - 6in... ...
195.Cichlids and others in 5ft fish tank 04/09/19 Yes
Cichlids include: 5 - large Oscar cichlids 4 - marble and pink convict cichlids 1 male 3 females , they spawn regularly 2 - parrot fish cichlids Other tropical fish included 6 - silver dollars 3 spotted , 3 normal 3 - 12inch ish fire eels 2 - 12inch sailfin Pleco 1 - calico female ... ...
196.Mbuna cichlids forsale. 03/09/19 No
Lake Malawi Mbuna Cichlids, Bristlenose Catfish and Kribensis Available and sizes Cobue 2-3 cm Mpanga 2-4cm Electric yellow labs 2-3 cm Jalo reef 4cm Blue eyed lemon bristlenose 2-4 cm Brown bristlenose 2-4 cm Auratus 2-4 cm Trewavasae 2-4 cm Kribensis 2-4 cm at £3.50 each Endlers £2.... ...
197.All gone now thanks - Free Mixed African Cichlids 31/08/19 Yes
Mix of African Cichlids, free to good home. Please bring something to transport fish in. Collection is from our office in Brighton. Im sorry but I cant tell you much about the fish as they are not mine. You can have 1 or 10 its up to you.
198.for sale 30/08/19 No
Malawi cichlids different species mainly small and juvenile 80 in number to clear need the space 4 plecs included 4inch 6inch 10 inch 2 very nice5 incn haplachromis species sensible offers ring on Bradford 01274600070 thanks
199.Various predator oddball and L number pleco for sale 30/08/19 Yes
Various preds/oddballs/plecos/cichlids for sale Ripsaw catfish 14 inches -£50 Sailfin pimelodus Leiarius pictus 17 inches -£60 Emperor snakehead 6 inches £35 Red giant snakehead 8 inches £25 Asain red tail catfish 6 inches -£25 L75 pleco 6 inches -£35 Black belt cichlid 5 inche... ...
200.Frontosa cichlids 29/08/19 Yes
3”8” in size maybe bigger 6 in total need gone £60 takes them
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