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1.New Price List - Wholesale Aquatics - Please have a L@@K 03/07/15 Yes
***Updated*** Stock List 10% Off of website with Coupon AQUACLASS Delivery available Visit our website (Click on banner next to Adverts) or wholesale-aquatics.com **Pleco** L18 8-9cm £25 L146/148 Rubber nose £5 3x £12 L190 6-8cm £18 L201 5-6cm £20 Common Goldspot 8" £5 **O... ...
2.Updated Stock List Wholesale Aquatics 30/06/15 No
**New Plecos Added** L201 - £20 (7-8cm) L190 - £20 (7-8cm) UK Pre 12 Next day Delivery Available - £15 Aquidens meta £5 Geophagus surnamensis £7 3x £15 Longnosed Elephant 10cm £10 Butterfly fish £5 Longear Sun fish £5 Dwarf Puffer Fish £2.50 Black Ghost Knife 3" £6 Zebr... ...
3.Updated Stock List 18/06/15 Yes
**New Plecos Added** L18 Gold Nugget Pleco (Wild) 8-9 cm L66 King Tiger Pleco (Wild) 8-9 cm **New in stock** Firefish & OB Peacock 5-6cm £5.99 Ea UK Pre 12 Next day Delivery Available - £15 Aquidens meta £5 Geophagus surnamensis £7 3x£15 Longnosed Elephant 10cm £10 Butterfly fis... ...
4.Community Fish 26/05/15 No
Golden Gourami £8, Kissing Gourami 2" £8, Red Loach 4" £7 suitable for community tanks. Cherry Shrimps, these thrive in colonies of 20+, hence min 10 for £10. Red Ramhorn snails 40 for £20. Dwarf puffer fish £5. Tel: 07494 945 940
5.Dwarf Puffers wanted-Northamptonshire 09/05/14 No
I'm trying to find a small group (4 or 5) of fresh water dwarf puffer fish for a species only tropical tank. I have kept them in the past, but they seem to be much harder to find now If anyone has some for sale, or knows or anywhere stocking them, I'd appreciate it if you could let me know. ... ...
6.tropical fish for sale 06/10/11 No
for sale male guppy -platys-swords-silver tips-ruby barbs-frogs-red fin sharks-albino sharks -plecs -blue lobsters-tiger barbs-female guppys-green tiger barbs-3 spot gouramies-opaline gouramies-pearl gouramies-pink kisser gouramies-moonlight gouramies-gold gouramies-kulie loach -dwarf puffer fish-b... ...
7.Freshwater Dwarf puffer fish - swansea uk 06/05/10 No
I have for sale some of my Fresh water tropical puffer fish - these are dwarf puffers and are generally under 1.5 inches in length - The fish are propper little characters - they feed on live or frozen foods, bloodworm artemia snails - they suck the snails straight out of the shells I have aroun... ...

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