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1.Fly River turtle 30/07/21 No
For sale Fly River turtle 7 to 8 inches in size vey healthy eat well £750
2.Affordable Pellets, Cichlid Sticks, Catfish Pellet & Sturgeon Pellets. 30/06/21 Yes
. Affordable Pellets! I ordered a lot, 35kg to be precise & I certainly don’t need it all. * POSTAGE included in the PRICE * Floating Sticks £14/ half kilo £20/ kilo. My Arowanas, Bass, Archerfish etc love the Floating Sticks. Sturgeon Pellets £8/ half kilo £15/ kilo. My Bas... ...
3.Fly River Turtle / Pig Nosed Turtle 07/04/21 Yes
I have a Pig Nosed Turtles for sale. £1100. Approx 10 years old. One is approx 19cm wide Eating well and healthy. Food pellets will be provided for new owner. Denton, Manchester
4.Fly River turtle / pig nose turtle for sale 16year old 09/12/20 No
I am shutting down my fish tank I have a 16 year old Fly River turtle for sale I’m presuming it’s a Male Very large size so big fish tank needed !! £1500
5.Fly River Turtles For Sale Reliable Outlet 16/09/20 Yes
I have 6 FRTs for sale. Each 7-9" in size. Very Healthy and eating well on fruit, shrimp and hikari algae wafers.
6.Wanted Fly River turtle 04/05/20 No
Wanted Fly River turtle,must be 10 inch or over Carapace (shell), willing to pay £400 to £500 Please send photos via what’s app
7.Young Fly River Turtle Wanted 29/04/20 No
Paying good money for fly river turtles of a small size, If you have any please make contact ! 07544 467760 www.planetarowana.com
8.Fly River turtle 28/02/20 No
I am after a Fly River turtle or 2 The bigger the better My no is 07734693855 Javeed Or Omar 07442 038082
9.Wanted Fly river Turtle 10/11/19 No
Fly River Turtle wanted ........... Cash waiting!!! or swops on a wide range of RARE SPECIES please call 07544 467760 www.planetarowana.com
10.Fly River Turtle Wanted 29/01/18 No
As tittle states want a big Fly River big pond waiting????
11.2 Fly River turtles 30/01/17 Yes
I have to Fly River turtle I male 1 female .. the male is about 16 year old the female it 23 .. there very friendly brilliant eater am hopeing the will both go together most of the time there fine in breeding session I do take her out to give her a brake cause the male can get abit aggressive trying... ...
12.WANTED: Fly River turtle 02/12/16 No
Fly River turtle . Cash waiting
13.wanted fly river turtle 06/10/16 No
Cash waiting for fly river turtle. Please contact 07855964001
14.Fly River turtle ( pig nose turtle ) for sale in Leeds 06/05/16 Yes
Very chunky and nice turtle at 16" size , not aggressive at all with other fish , eating well pellet and fruite . Good offer welcome or will swap for oddball
15.Fly River Turtle (Pig Nose) and more 08/04/16 Yes
Hi, I am unfortunately shutting down our very large tank to accommodate for a new extension for growing family, therefore need new homes for wide range of large fish and turtles. I have 3x very rare and fascinating Fly River Turtles: 2 large 1 small, unsure of genders. Very hard to get hold of a... ...
16.wanted fly river turtle (pig nose) 27/01/16 No
Hey all I'm after a fly river turtle ( pig nose ) for my tank. Please contact me if you have one for sale. Can travel. Money waiting Text anytime 07429 513 338
FLY RIVER TURTLE WANTED swap for stingrays
18.fly river turtles for sale 22/05/15 Yes
Hi all I have for sale fly river turtle I thing is the female about 12 inch to14 inch I'm looking for 500 or swap large asian aro must be 20 inch all over no rtg I have 4 already yellowtail or red welcome or large pair marble or pearl stingrays the turtle need a big tank so people with large tank ... ...
19.Fly River Turtle 09/05/15 No
Fly River Turtle for sale, probably male but not sure. I have had this turtle about 12 years. Healthy feeds well. Knowledgable home with big tank or pool only. £350 Please call Rob 07748951837
My son is a keen turtle and gecko owner he would love to add a Fly river turtle to his collection of well loved/cared for friends. He is willing to offer a great home lots of attention and good selection of food. Please contact if you wish to re home or sell any size, age or sex considered. Will be ... ...
21.Fly River Turtle / Pig Nose turtle - £325 - SOLD 26/10/14 Yes
Hi, I have for sale a large female FRT. She is 16 inches long with a 12 inch shell. She is constantly on the move looking for food. She eats pretty much anything you throw in for her, and loves bananas. She is very tame and can be hand fed. Tel. 07795322450 email: lalene.1@hotmail.co.uk ... ...
22.Fly River Turtle 04/06/13 Yes
For Sale 8inch Fly River Turtle, Quite happy to swim around tank. Contact Ian 07501 522222 Ian@balaji-exports.co.uk £450 ONO
23.Fly river turtle 25/05/13 Yes
Hi, i have decided to sell my Fly river turtle, 12yrs old and 14" long, hes healthy and loves his food.£500 ONO any questions please call or txt 07837 062212
24.fly river turtle swap 21/05/13 Yes
Hi, heres my Turtle, it is just over 12yrs old, he is approx 14" long, he loves his food, only selling due to change of tank, will swap for dats, bass, any other odd balls. any questions please call 07837 062212 £400
25.Fly river turtle 21/05/13 Yes
Hi I have decided to sell or swap my fly river turtle for odd ball or big dats, he is 12yr old roughly 14" long, he is in excellent condition, eating well and has been in with fish for the last year, please call or txt for more info & pics 07837 062212 £500
26.I have for sale my monster fish and African Cichlids 01/05/13 Yes
I have for sale my monster fish, closing down a tank so these must go. Fly River turtle (female) - 8-9 inches: $600 Razorback musk turtle (female) - 4.5 inches big : $200 African arowana knife fish - 12 inches: $30 Silver dollar 3-4 Inches: $10 Raphael catfish 4 inches: $10 Bicher/ polypherou... ...
27.8-9" Prochilodus - Flagtail 04/03/13 Yes
Difficult to confirm exact size as he is in my 12' oddball community aquaria. He is in mint condition and an excellent feeder. Has never bothered my rays or me Fly River turtles. If it helps I can deliver from Norfolk to Wiltshire along A11/M11/M25/M3 & A303 I will accept £65 for a ... ...
28.Fly River Turtle (Carettochelys insculpta) 10/01/13 Yes
Hi I am changing over my 12' oddball community aquarium and have reluctantly decided to rehome my Fly River Turtle. He is about 8" in length and in very good condition. He is used to living with fish and has not displayed any aggression with them. He is a good feeder, dining on algae tablets,... ...
29.Fly river turtle 08/01/13 Yes
HI Im selling my fly river turtle. He is approx 11-12 inches big and about 8 years old. Currently feeding bananas, kiwi, grapes and cichlid pellets for his varied diet. He is currently in my 6ft tank with my other cichlids consisting mainly of tropheus and peacocks and doing well.He does not interfe... ...
30.Lince Catfish (platynematichthys notatus) 28/12/12 Yes
18" Lince Catfish in very good condition. Living in aquarium with Fly River Turtle, cichlids, Prochilodus, catfish and other oddballs. Good eater on small freshwater defrost fish, pellets or the occasional mussel/prawn. Very rare catfish that is never still and cruises the aquaria like a shark.... ...
Hi I have a pig nosed turtle for sale. These are now not imported and very rare. I've had mine around 11 years and got her before the ban She was around the size of a 50p coin then and is around 9 inches along the shell and maybe a foot nose to tail. I think she's female as the male apparently has a... ...
32.Wanted pig nose/ fly river turtle 04/07/12 No
Wanted pig nose turtle, any size, contact me with what u have Ian@recyclaphoneltd.com 07501 522222 Money waiting!!..
33.pig nose turtle 30/08/11 Yes
i have a fly river turtle for sale great condition 9 years old i want £100 only sell to a good home
34.FLY RIVER TURTLE 18/07/11 Yes
Much loved fly river(pig nosed) turtle for sale.Only parting with him as he needs a larger tank. It is approximately 5 years old I have no idea if it is male or female, I call it "him" but for the advert will refer to it as "it" so that I do not mislead anyone. Its very healthy &... ...
35.Fly River Turtle (FRT) Pig Nose Turtle for Sale 09/06/11 Yes
Hi I have a fly river turtle for sale. Its about 7-8" across. Collection from Dartford, Kent. Has a bit of shell fungus on his back hence the price of £200.Cheers
36.fly river turtle £350 14/03/11 No
hi for sale is my fly river turtle i this its a female but not 100% (07857185096) she lives in a 6/3/3 tanks and loves to wonder about and have a swim she has always bin kept with fish of all sizes and is fine with them she is hand tame and will eat from your hand if you are brave lol she eats dry ... ...
37.Fly River Turtle for Sale. £350 06/10/10 No
I have a 12" + Fly River Turtle, not sure of sex, but have always referred to it as a boy - Tommy!I have had him since he was the size of a 50p piece. He is approximately 8 years old. Selling for £350. He is a fully aquatic turtle. He is very friendly and inquisitive, but will eat small fish. Best ... ...
39.Wanted: Fly River Turtles, Money Waiting 14/02/10 No
Hi, looking for fly river turtle, 7ft tank waiting,tank mates inlcude arrowana and tigrinus catfish, ring me 07540565400
40.fly river turtle / pig nose turtle 15/12/09 No
7 inch shell, living in community aquarium with small fish, feedin on pellets and fruit £375 ono
41.fly river turtle / pignose turtle 13/12/09 No
genuin reason for sale, 7 inch shell, believe to be male. feedin on pellets and fruit. email for pics
42.Fly River Turtle 06/12/09 Yes
I have a fly river turtle, which I am 95% certain is a female. She is about 12" long, very healthy and I have looked after her with my partner for the last 6 years. However, I have had to downsize my tank and now she does not have enough space. I am looking to re-home her. Any potential b... ...
43.Fly River Turtle Wanted 06/08/09 No
Hi Im after a FRT/Pig nosed turtle... Anyone got any that aint too far away?
44.Fly River Turtles For Sale 20/10/08 No
I have 3 FRTs for sale. Each 7-9" in size. Very Healthy and eating well on fruit, shrimp and hikari algae wafers. £100 each ALL NOW SOLD
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