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1.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Ashtead - Tropical List 24/07/24 - UPDATED 24/07/24 Yes
A warm tropical welcome from Maidenhead Aquatics at Ashtead, Surrey, just off of Junction 9 the M25. We guarantee to blow you away with our extensive collection of rare and unusual tropical fish, some of which you will never have seen before! Here is our current extensive Freshwater Tropical stock l... ...
2.Giant gourami 10/07/24 Yes
Looking to part with my giant gourami, he’s about 15 inches eat very well a must add to any giant fish aquarium collection Maidstone Kent may swop South American cichlids
3.Free Fish 05/07/24 No
I have two Congo Tetras and an Opaline Gourami that I need to re-home. The Congo Tetras are 2 years old, and the Opaline Gourami is 3 years old. Staines based.
4.18" Albino Giant Gourami 05/07/24 No
Stunning fish just getting a bit boistrus with my mbu, collection from Chorley, pictures via whats app, £75
5.Fish for sale 02/07/24 No
Jaguar cichlid 12 inch £30 2 x Giant Red tail Gourami 4-5 inch £20 each 2 x Altifron Geos 7-8 inches £40 for both Albino Pacu 4 inch £30 Albino black labeo 5 inch £20
6.3 Kissing gourami 09/06/24 Yes
Selling 3 kissing gourami fish all in good health and size. Only selling as I am looking to add more aggressive fish in the tank and don't want these guys to be hurt. All are roughly 7 to 8 inches in size. £60 for all 3. Any questions, do get in touch
7.Giant Gourarmi 13 inches 09/06/24 Yes
High quality giant gourami £50 Swaps considered
8.Various collection of tropical fish 03/06/24 Yes
I selling my collection of tropical fish which include; 2 x large Cat fish 2 x kissing fish 1x South African Orange/Black Chiclid 2 x gouramis 1 x Pleco 1 x purple/blue speckled Gourami 2 x Black Chiclid I selling the entire collection of fish as well as the as the aquarium, pump with UV ... ...
9.Large tropical fish and cichlids for sale 29/05/24 No
14 inch giant gourami 14 inch giant tiger oscar 12 inch red oscar 12 inch albino tiger oscar 8 inch vieja synspilum male 6 inch leopard bush fish 8 inch king kong parrot 5-6 inch male convict 4-5 inch female red terror 9 inch upside down asian catfish Also have some aquatic turtles for s... ...
10.Red fin giant gourami 6” £35 29/04/24 No
Collection leeds Text me 07710627171
11.Various large fish 27/04/24 No
Looking to thin out some fish 1 x 31inch fire eel 2 x 15inch florida gars 1 x 12inch jaguar cichlid 1 x 12inch albino red Oscar 1 x 10inch albino long fin Oscar 1 x 13inch L600 plec 3 x Kelberi bass 1 @ 14inch 2 @ 7inch 1 x 12inch giant gourami 1 x 6inch red tail giant gourami 1 x 8inch ... ...
12.7 inch white giant gourami 03/04/24 No
Pretty little fish. But has taken a dislike to my small dat. Opens to offers. Cash or swaps.
13.Giant gourami wanted 11/03/24 No
Looking for a giant gourami 6ft tank waiting
14.Tropical Tank Full Set Up and Fish 11/01/24 Yes
Aquael Classic 70 Bow 90L tank 70 x 35 x 40cm WDH Matching black cabinet curved to hold the tank 73cm tall. Interpret deltatherm Heater,Fluval U2 underwater filter, LED lighting and thermometer. Gravel,1 x natural wood piece, plants and 4 x rocks. 10 fish, some over 3 years old 3 x ... ...
15.Fresh hatched brine shrimp £8 500ml including postage 20/12/23 No
This live fish food is perfect for a variety of fish species, including Gourami, Tropical Fish, Goldfish, and Marine Fish. The main ingredient is shrimp and it comes in a 500ml container. This food is freshly hatched Artemia, also known as Brine Shrimp, and is suitable for freshwater aquariums. Use ... ...
16.Big Fish needing homes 30/11/23 Yes
We have a selection of large trops that need to find suitable homes. XL parrots Various plecs Red Hook Metynis Giant Gourami Banded Leporinus Pictures of all available. If you would like to give any of them a home, please drop me a message or call The Aquatic Design Centre on 0207 58... ...
17.Wanted Mbu puffer and XL Severum, Parrot, Gourami all over 9inch and any cheap rays 30/11/23 No
Wanted Mbu puffer and XL Severum, Parrot, Gourami all over 9inch and any cheap rays London/Essex won’t travel too far. Text me on 07876491222
18.20 inch white giant gourami 28/11/23 No
I have a 20 inch white giant gourami that I’m looking to swap. I’m looking for large American cichlids. He needs to go to a large tank. Email or msg me with what you have
19.Pearl Gouramis for sale Woking 01/11/23 Yes
Pearl Gouramis with great colour. 3-4cm. All healthy. £7.50 each ono. Collection from Woking. Thanks for looking :
20.Aqua oak 3ft Tropical aquarium, full set up and fish included 28/10/23 Yes
Set up still up and running.ideal for those just starting out or wanting to move to a smaller tank Aqua oak cabinet in good condition, back of cabinet removed for pipe work. L-120cm W-60CM H-141cm Tank glass is quite scratched and hard to see on pictures, happy to provide video, whatapp vide... ...
21.White gloss full aquarium set up 15/10/23 No
Beautiful looking. 300litre capacity 2 bottom cupboards for filters and equipment. Excellent filtration system including Fluval 360. Fully stocked with live plants and tropical fish. Tetras, gourami, pleco, pictus corys plus 2 giant African armoured shrimp. £100s of equipment far too much too ... ...
22.NETS auction 05/10/23 No
Nets charity auction this Sunday 8october in teams social club bensham this is a list of potential fish Apologies for the lateness of this Please read this first.. I have asked the 30+ sellers for a list of the potential fish there looking at bringing THIS Sunday 8th of October This list show... ...
23.community fish 23/07/23 No
i have a number of community tropical fish for sale these include guppys male&female £1 each or 6 for £5 gold gourami x2 £5 the pair pearl gourami x1 £3 kissing gourami x1 £3 blue gourami x2 £5 the pair black widow tetra x3 £1 each clown loach small x1 £3 mollies male x3 £1... ...
24.FULL PLANTED SET UP 14/07/23 No
25.Fish for sale 09/07/23 No
Pangasius 14 inch albino 18 inch tiger shovelnose marble achara hybrid 18 inch panther eel 8 inch red/orange parrots x4 8inch giant gourami albino 3 silver dollar 1 large red hook
26.NETS auction 25 June 21/06/23 No
!check out the list of fish provisionally booked for this Sundays auction Plecos and catfish L-015 pleco Super red pleco Synodontis eupterus Brochis splendens Cory napoensis Cory panda white Cory sodalis Cory Trilineatus Cory elegans Cory barbatus Green lazer cory Red lazer cory ... ...
27.Tank plus fish 10/06/23 Yes
Nd aquatics 5ft x 2.5ft x 3ft aquarium with fx6 filter plus all ponds ef1000 filter. Plus Asian arowana red banja 17inches plus a giant gourami plus tiger Oscar a white cichlid plus common plec a rusty plec and two small catfish. Comes with a Bluetooth fluval light plus extras.. £350 ono need gone ... ...
28.Giant gourami and Mbu puffer wanted 09/06/23 No
Not to far info poss
29.shutting down tanks 25/05/23 No
It is with a heavy heart I have to close down my tank before I move house to support my partner. Looking to sell to suitable homes before I relinquish to LFS. Happy to negotiate prices if you want multiple fish. -------------------------COLLECTION ONLY.-------------------------- Freshwate... ...
30.2 x Male Dwarf Gourami FREE SL5 7NY Ascot 08/05/23 No
2 Male Dwarf Gourami's free to a good home. Contact number-07555094596 SL5
31.Community fish 07/05/23 No
6 angelfish, 12 gouramis, 5 frontosa', 6 silver dollars, 4 clown loaches, 1 common plecos, 2 albino plecos for just £190
32.13inch Red Fin Giant Gourami. SOLD 26/03/23 Yes
SOLD,,, Thank you! Stunning Male Red Fin Giant Gourami Beautiful long filament,as majestic as it gets when swimming around. Very health and eat everything you put in the aquarium. Dry pellets to frozen food. Very friendly, gets on with barbs, silver dollar, parrot fish etc. Coll... ...
33.Kissing gourami and 2 scribble loach 23/03/23 No
£10 selling due to closing tank
34.22 clown loaches, ghost knife, Reed fish, bichir 17/02/23 No
22 clown loaches 3.5-7 inches £330 13 inch ghost knife fish £35 7 inch ghost knife fish £15 11 Reed fish £15 6 inch Senegal bichir £10 5 inch male electric blue acara £15 2 silver sharks £15 4 angel fish £30 4 gourami £10 Paradise fish £3 Whats app for pics 07879118209
35.Free to good home Pangasius shark 15/02/23 No
I have a pangasius shark which has outgrown its 5ft tank, around 16 inches. It does have a lump near where its whisker should be, but other than that it is in good health. My giant gourami has recently started to chase and bother it. Many thanks
36.Free to good home Pangasius shark 15/02/23 No
I have a pangasius shark which has outgrown its 5ft tank, around 16 inches. It does have a lump near where its whisker should be, but other than that it is in good health. My giant gourami has recently started to chase and bother it. Many thanks
37.MONSTER FISH 02/02/23 No
2 x Silver arowana around 24 inch 1 x Giant Gourami around 20 inch 1 x Giraffe Catfish around 16 inch message for info 07740776702
38.Clownloach and other fish please read description 01/02/23 Yes
I have 5 clownloach for sale,1 is about 5 others are between 3 n 4 inch…£90 5 gouramis £20 Also have a 125ltr jewel tank,comes with internal jewel filter,hieum filter,comes as full set up,in good condition..also comes with 3 discus fish (not including the orange one) £250 full set up Please ... ...
39.Low Tech Planted Tanks, Plus Livestock, Stand and Accessories 07/01/23 Yes
3 x 60L low tech planted fish tanks, with coloured cherry shrimp, fish, fish food, stand and accessories. Each tank has approximately 150+ coloured cherry shrimp, plus a small assortment of fish. Tanks are mature, have been running for over 8 months. Super low maintenance, not running CO2 or fer... ...
40.OVER 30 COMMUNITY FISH FOR SALE ONLY £30. collection from cheshunt. (North London area) 19/11/22 No
loads of tropical fish including Columbian tetras,neon tetras,pinapple swordtails,zebra danios, dwarf gourami,5 banded barb,limias,mollys,guppy’s,x-ray tetra. collection only from cheshunt. i payed over £120 in the shop so very good deal.angelfish not included ( can be included at an extra cost).... ...
41.Fish for sale hartlepool 02/11/22 No
Here you go marble Auoncara £3 each 4 for £10 Blue Dolphin £4 each 3 for £10 guppy£1.25 platty £1.25 Swodtails £1.25 white cloud minnows £1 Dalmatian Molly £1.50 Ruby Sharks £2.50 Silver shark £2 each small angels £4 medium angels £5 various Siamese fighters £5 each golden gourami £2... ...
42.9 large silver dollars plus others 22/10/22 No
9 large silver dollars 5 thin bars 4 red hooks large white gourami 2 common plecs £70 the lot need rid asap closing tank down Leeds
43.FREE Pearl Gouramis (Trichopodus Leerii) 22/09/22 No
I have around 25 Tank Bred Pearl Gourami's available in any quantity free for collection only. All in Good condition but far too many for me !! Please provide appropriate Bag or Container when collecting
44.Tropical fish and full tank set up 08/09/22 Yes
4ft 240L tank including pump, heater and filter. Fish included 2 kissing gourami 2 red rainbow fish 3 silver dollars 4 feather fins 1 6in tiger oscar 1 5in jumbo sevreum 1 6in sailfin plec
45.Free kissing Gourami x 4 01/09/22 No
I have 4 kissing Gourami to rehome all in good health shutting tank down FREE collection from Stalybridge sk15
46.Gaint gourami 29/08/22 No
Albino Gaint gourami for sale around 12 months old length approx 15inch beautiful fish will feed from hands £60 collection only pontefract west yorkshire tel 07734938524
47.GOURAMIS 25/08/22 No
48.pearl gouramis 22/08/22 Yes
2 pearl gouramis for 18 pound text me if interested.
49.Complete set up including a great variety of tropical fish 01/08/22 Yes
A 2ft tropical fish tank with cabinet heating and exterior canister filtration and led lighting for sale Great aray of fish from gourami rope fish catfish a dwarf giraffe around 14in all Beautiful tank only for sale as we have several big tanks and we need to cut costs because of the economy
50.Giant gourami, mbu puffer, stingrays wanted 27/07/22 No
Cash waiting Willing to travel but not too far
51.Aquarium 10/07/22 Yes
SELLING 7ft by 2ft aquarium with perspex glass sliding lid has been wrapped white comes with... 1 28cm submersible led light with remote 2 98cm submersible led light with remote 2 100cm submersible t8 led bars 2 60cm submersible t8 led bars Wave maker Fx4 filter 10 months old 2 a... ...
52.3 Large Angel Fish pearl gourami 20 03/07/22 Yes
Angel fish x3 adults and a pearl gourami £20 for all
53.Free to a good home - Devon 01/07/22 No
2 x Angels, 2 x guppies, 2 x catfish, 2 x dwarf plecos, 3 x platy, 2 x dwarf gourami, 3 x 5 bar barbs, 5 black neons. All in excellent condition but no longer have enough time to look after the tank as it deserves...
54.Jewel vision 450 19/06/22 No
Jewel vision 450,fx6 filter, 300 watt and 200 watt fluval e series heaters. 3 x plant light led Strips. Lots of bog wood, lots of live plants, various anubias species, java ferns, java moss, 53b.lots of fish, ottos, panda Cory's, rosy loaches, whiptail catfish, sterbai Cory's, honey gouramis, neon r... ...
55.Jewel Rio 125 17/06/22 Yes
Juwel Rio 125 LED Tropical Aquarium & Cabinet including assorted fish and accessories, plecs including golden nugget, angel, gourami, black widows, black shark,barbs, purple ocean rock , slate and bog wood. Very good condition £175 ono
56.Fancy gourami, free to good home, Durham. 16/05/22 Yes
Unsure of sex. Free to good home. I would like to see a picture of the tank it will be going in please.
57.Large oddballs and cichlids collection rare 15/05/22 Yes
Hi, I am shutting down several of my tanks in order to move house, I am keeping my plec collection and Datnoids etc for now but the below need to go, Please message me or email me for more info or to purchase large amount I will do good deals. Oscar pair tiger 11” and albino 8” - £30 ... ...
58.OSPRENEMUS Exodon Giant gourami £30 12/05/22 No
As title about a foot long and a total head the ball needs to be kept on its own will shred most cichlids. You might get away with smaller very fast moving fish but no guarantee. £30 £30
59.fish mania aquatics charity pond and aquatic auction 10/05/22 Yes
pond, tropical and aquatics auction to help raise money for Birmingham childrens hospital cardiac ward Hucknall Town Football Club Watnall Road, Hucknall Nottingham, NG15 6EY SUNDAY 15th MAY DOORS OPEN 10AM AUCTION STARTS 11AM ADULTS £1 ENTRY, UNDER 14’S FREE Koi Carp, Gold Fish ... ...
60.Lots of bottom feeders and community fish available- great prices 07/05/22 Yes
I need to reduce my stock down a bit in my fish house. This gives you the opportunity to grab a bargain. Panda cory £3 each or buy 2 or more for £2.50 each. Synodontis petricola £8 or £20 for 3. Bublebee catfish £4 or £10 for 3. Angelfish £3 or £10 for 4 Large angelfish £5 L333 King T... ...
61.Golden Gouramies 25/04/22 No
Golden Gouramies 3 inch to 4 inch Breeding Group Healthy and good colour 18 in total £3 pound each or lot for£50 or would swop for Marines
62.Juwel 180 fish tank, complete set up with tropical fish 05/04/22 Yes
Juwel 180 tank Around 25-30 fish (not very easy to count) Juwel filter and heater Spare heater and filter also included Around 15 different ornaments New and sealed plant food, water conditioning, white spot medicine. (Over £50 worth) Other treatments which are opened Both ... ...
63.Flagtail, earth eater, synodontis, gourami 30/03/22 Yes
I am changing my setup Flagtail catfish 7-8 inch £25 synodontis catfish 7-8 inch £10 Gourmai 3 inch £5 Earth eater 5-6 inch £20 All healthy and feeding well. Please bring bag or container to collect Discount for all fish together 07500 621091 Grantham lincs
64.Tropical fish malawi lake cichlids 23/03/22 No
Platy's Guppies Green terror Fire mouth Angel fish ( 5 different types ) Barbs ( 4 different types ) Yo yo loach Zebra loach Rainbow shark Red tail shark Albino shark Paradaise fish ( 3 different types ) Gourami ( 5 different types ) Gold bristolnose Super red bristol... ...
65.Flagtail, earth eater, synodontis, gourami 11/03/22 Yes
I am changing my setup Flagtail catfish 7-8 inch £35 synodontis catfish 7-8 inch £15 Gourmai 3 inch £8 Earth eater 5-6 inch £25 All healthy and feeding well. Please bring bag or container to collect Discount for all fish together 07500 621091 Grantham lincs
66.Tropical fish 10/03/22 No
Giraffe catfish about 10 inches nice patterns Giant gourami grey 5-7 inches 1 fire ell about 3-4 inch 3 silver dollars about 4-6 inch
67.Tropical fish 09/03/22 No
Giraffe catfish about 10 inches nice patterns Giant gourami grey 5-7 inches 1 fire ell about 3-4 inch 3 silver dollars about 4-6 inch
68.Flagtail, earth eater, synodontis, gourami 07/03/22 Yes
I am changing my setup Flagtail catfish 7-8 inch £35 synodontis catfish 7-8 inch £15 Gourmai 3 inch £8 Earth eater 5-6 inch £25 All healthy and feeding well. Please bring bag or container to collect Discount for all fish together 07500 621091 Grantham lincs
69.2 foot giant gourami Red fin 06/03/22 No
Stunning fish very good temperament considering very large chunky mouth. Red deep colour. Most beautiful red fin I’ve ever seen looking for £100 please only message me on the number provided 07841645669
70.2 foot giant gourami Red fin 05/03/22 No
Stunning fish very good temperament considering very large chunky mouth. Red deep colour. Most beautiful red fin I’ve ever seen looking for £100 please only message me on the number provided 07841645669
71.Albino giant gourami 01/03/22 No
Albino giant gourami need going ASAP £50 message or call for pictures thanks
72.Beautiful, bespoke tropical aquarium, 220 litre, 27/02/22 Yes
Beautiful, bespoke tropical aquarium, 220 litre, complete with cabinet, fish, plants, external filter, CO2 cylinder, and all accessories. We have had it from new. 5 years old and it has never been moved. Perfect. Sadly a change of circumstances forces sale. Bespoke Clear Seal tank and cabinet. 2x ... ...
73.Large predatory fish 26/02/22 Yes
Regrettably I'm having to put all of my fish up for sale as we are being kicked out of our house and need to massively downsize. I'm absolutely gutted but needs must. Please know that these are large predatory fish and some will grow over 2ft long! Because of this please be prepared to prove you hav... ...
Preferably a redtail, or a grey only. Close to the midlands. Text/WhatsApp on 07725910061 Thanks
75.£25 for all x4 large angel fish x3 corydoras and pearl gourami 16/02/22 Yes
Need these going as soon as possible, angel fish are quite large, 3 small corydoras also and a pearl gourami all for 25, preferably today may be able to deliver. Thanks
76.22 inch albino giant gourami 12/02/22 No
Huge fish, looking for be new home £60
77.Albino giant gourami wanted 09/02/22 No
Cash waiting… willing to travel if not a million miles away
78.Selection of Fish 27/01/22 No
My Father currently lives in Yeovil and is going into a nursing home so is looking to sell on his fish. There are: 4 large catfish (around 7 inches) 1 albino catfish 1 red tailed shark (around 7 inches) 3 angel fish 3 tiger barbs 1 pearl gourami Collection of smaller fish: neon tetras/bleedi... ...
79.Oddballs and predatory fish in West Midlands. Gar, tiger moray eel, stingray, catfish and more :) 22/01/22 Yes
- Albino Pearl stingray 6/7” £700 - Black diamond stingray 6” £350 - AAA grade sumantra datnoid 4-5” £95 - Florida gar 8” £80 - Red banjar Arowana 14” £400 *sold* - Orinocco/xingu peacock bass 3/4” £30 - Tiger moray eel 17” £120 - Clown knife 5” £35 10” £50 20” ... ...
80.Tropical fish for sale 05/01/22 No
6 Angelfish £60 all in healthy condition 1 Roketail Severum £30 3 Gourami £25 Eating on flakes and other dry foods Contact +44 7521 984647 for pics and info
81.Fluval 240 with tropical fish 05/12/21 Yes
240 litre 4 feet tank all inclusive with livestock. Also got a separate Aquamanta cannister filter. Never leaked. Some scratches from cleaning. Can sell fish separately. £125 for all or £75 for fish. 15 fish between between 4 and 6 inches 2 parrot. 4 Jack dempsey. 1 kissing gourami. 2 silver do... ...
82.Looking for 21/11/21 No
I have a small tank with just 3 cories and one assassin snail,looking for some small fish to join them as nothing else to look at,neons are welcome,mayb some dwarf gourami,but nothing back as no other tank. Also would take a 2ft-3ft tank(pref with just heater and filter)watertight obviously. Sadl... ...
83.Xl giant gourami gray 15/11/21 Yes
£50 based Newton abbout healthy fish 07943022914
84.REDUCED PINK KISSING Gouramis - Extra Large 06/11/21 Yes
Opportunity to buy FOUR Extra Large Pink kissing Gouramis. These fish are currently in a 7ft Aquarium and are currently around 7-8" in length. Only looking for £30 for all 4 fish. Tel 07840924405 Search Aid - Tropical fish, tank, filter, cichlids, catfish, koi, pond, pellets, media.
85.Osphenemus gourami 14/10/21 No
Large osphenemus gourami for sale 15 inches £50 ono needs at least 6ft tank
86.Red tail giant gourami NorthLondon 03/10/21 Yes
15 inches £30 Message for photos 07957081558 Finchley
87.Loads of fish for sale 30/09/21 No
All types of severum short body Texas green terror 3 jack Dempsey’s 7 parrots Hartwegi veija Black belt veija Red terror Red Devil Albino convicts 2 L Platinum parrots 1 L Polar parrot 2 L T bar’s 3 clouded Archer fish 2 L Clown loach 7 big Tiger barb 6 Rainbow fish A... ...
88.Mantilla X Bd ray 8-9 inches Trades 19/09/21 Yes
Young stunning mantilla x bd male ray at 8 to 9 inch disc Only for sale/trade as not breeding hybrids Sell at £200 or will trade for florida gars Peacock bass over 10inch Dantnoids NGT/NTT only no indo's Or redfin gourami (cash ontop)
89.Giant red tail Gourami 15inch 13/09/21 Yes
Giant red tail Gourami 15inch North London £50 Message for photos 07957081558
90.Various large fish 12/09/21 No
Selling collection contact me on this number 07540311200 15 inch red tail gourami 60 pounds 13 inch tiger Oscar 25 pounds 13 inch Jaguar cichlid 35 pounds 10 inch tinfoil barb free 6 inch Parrot cichlid free Won’t let me post pictures but you can come take a look
91.Red tail giant gourami 12/09/21 No
Hello everyone my name is Lewis and I’m selling my 2 yo red tailed giant gourami for 60 pounds I’d post a photo but it won’t let me contact me with this number 07540311200 and you can come take a look he’s a very beautiful fish has to go to good home
92.BFG - Giant Gourami for Rehoming 10/09/21 Yes
10 year old Osphronemus goramy (Giant Gourami), he is very friendly and 1.5 foot long. We the ADC are looking for someone to take him freely to a good large home, he would need at least a 6 foot or larger aquarium.
93.Giant red tail Gourami 15inch 09/09/21 Yes
Giant red tail Gourami 15inch North London £50 Message for photos 07957081558
94.14inch silver Arowana for sale or swaps 06/09/21 No
Looking for albino giant gourami Or 30 cash for quick sale
95.14inch silver Arowana for sale or swaps 06/09/21 No
Looking for albino giant gourami Or 30 cash for quick sale
Selling Pearl gourami £4 4cm Red fighter fish £5 2 Bleeding hearts £6 2.5cm £20 All together Also selling African cichlids another post And one large catfish 14cm
97.Albino giant gourami wanted, minimum 10inch 23/08/21 No
As close to me as possible
98.Red tail giant gourami 5/6 inches. 23/08/21 Yes
Red tailed giant gourami for sale, 5/6 inch. £30 ono
99.4ft Aquarium, Stock, Accessories & Stand 19/08/21 Yes
FULL SETUP. Everything you see pictured. I am selling a joblot / full setup: 4ft Aquarium with glass sliding lid - fully water tight. 2 x Severums (1xadult / 1xjuvenile) 1 x 12' Sailfin Plec 1 x BN Plec 4 x juvenile BN Plec 1 x Albino juvenile BN Plec 2 x Juvenile Oscars 6 x Yoyo Lo... ...
100.Gold gourami 22/07/21 Yes
I have for sale 80 gold gouramis they are 2-5 cm .I looking for sale somebody interested send me a text thank you
101.2 Honey Gouramis 10/07/21 Yes
2 mature honey gouramis for £5 contact me by ad
102.VARIOUS FISH 10/07/21 Yes
Red Giant Gourami 13" Giant Gourami 13" Red Oscar 12" Clown Knife fish 13" Ornate Bichir 14" Delhezi Bichir 12" For a quick sale i will let all fish go for £120 PO7 Area
103.monster fish for sale 01/07/21 Yes
leamington spa cv32 fish 1x gint albion gourami 20inch 1x marbale catfish 22inch 6x featherfin catfish 8inch breeding pair of jack dempesy 1x amphilophus cicchlid 10 inch 2x orcar cichlid 12ich 1x geophagus cichlid 4ich 1x hartwegii cichlid 12inch 1x buttikoferi chchlid he is full ... ...
104.VARIOUS LARGE FISH 22/06/21 Yes
Unfortunately having to close down my tank, remaining fish below Florida Gar 13" - £100 Red Giant Gourami 13" - £40 Giant Gourami 13" - £30 Red Oscar 12" - £20 Clown Knife fish 13" - £50 Ornate Bichir 14" - £50 Delhezi Bichir 12" - £50 Will do a ... ...
105.Massive set up bargain £550 the lot 18/06/21 Yes
It's with great regret I have to give up keeping fish .my health has declined that much I can no longer clean and care for it and fish as I did. Fish tank massive set up. Has been resealed at back of tank with peace of glass where there used to be a sump but no leeks.. If you put sand in in... ...
106.Angels, breeding 12/06/21 Yes
Adult Red Shoulder Manacapuru Angelfish 21x£25, 4 Keyhole cichlid (£25),pair Pearl Gourami £18, pair Marble Angelfish £40-I can show hundreds babies from all species. Adult True Altum Peru(Rio Nanay) 7x £35, Adult pair bristlenose plec £20, Electric blue Jack Dempsey 10x£15, Electric blue ac... ...
107.Large Tropical fish x 6 16/05/21 Yes
I just sold fish tank and have all below fish for sale if you interested : All Large and I want £80 for all (needs to be collected on Monday as fish tank will be collected on Tuesday ). Can send more photos 2 x silver dollars 1 x red tiled shark 1 x yellow cichlid 1 x yellow gouram... ...
108.Fish plecs catfish 13/05/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 1.5 inch Buenos Aires Trtra £1.50 each 1 inch Red & blue Columbian Tetra £1 1 inch Red Eye tetra £1 Various guppy £1 each 1 inch German Blue Rams £2 each 1 inch + Electric Blue Rams £4 each 3 for £10 1 inch + platinum Rams £4 each 3 for £10 2.5 i... ...
109.exchange albino bristlenose 09/05/21 No
albino bristlenose 1.5 inches --ex for loaches angels tetras gouramis or WHY 20 plus available also proven pair
110.Jewel Rio 450l LED Aquarium & Cabinet Complete Set up with Fish 30/04/21 Yes
I am selling my Jewel Rio 450l LED Aquarium & Cabinet Complete Set up with Fish. I bought this in October 2020 and love it but now coming out of lockdown I no longer have time to maintain it. Complete set up. Tank Cabinet Light Air Stone Heater Filter Sand Stones Wood Real Plants ... ...
111.Fish, plecs, cory, catfish, tetra, loach 29/04/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 1.5 inch Buenos Aires Trtra £1.50 each 1 inch Red & blue Columbian Tetra £1 1 inch Red Eye tetra £1 Small cardinals £0.60p each 4 cm silver dollars £4 each 3 for £10 2 cm sterbai Cory £3 each 4 for £10 1 inch German Blue Rams £2 each 1 inch + Ele... ...
112.Fish, plecs & catfish whiptails l numbers 14/04/21 No
Description: For sale Hartlepool 4 cm silver dollars £4 each 3 for £10 2 cm sterbai Cory £3 each 4 for £10 1 inch + Electric Blue Rams £4 each 1 inch + platinum Rams £4 each 2.5 inch various gourami £3 each 4 for £10 2 Inch + Angels £5 each 3 inch Electric Blue Acara £5.00 3 inch ... ...
113.Dwarf gouramis 11/04/21 Yes
4 dwarf gouramis- £5 each / £15 for 4 2 - blue 2- shown in photo
114.Plecs,fish,catfish,cory 05/04/21 Yes
Description: For sale Hartlepool 4 cm silver dollars £4 each 3 for £10 2 cm sterbai Cory £3 each 4 for £10 1 inch + Electric Blue Rams £5 each 4 for £15 2.5 inch various gourami £3 each 4 for £10 2 Inch + Angels £5 each 3 inch + Angels £7.50 3 inch Electric Blue Acara £5.00 3 inc... ...
115.Free to GOOD Home 2 pink kissing Gourami Mature Fish 23/03/21 Yes
Lovely natured 2 kissing gouramis. Mature fish . Free to a good home. You collect so you need a carrier / transport. Remember Large fish need a big tank . Also big mature Pleco Free to good home . Pick up from W10 /Ladbroke Grove area . TEXT /WhatsApp Angie 07504221060
116.Free to GOOD Home Mature Pleco Needs Big Tank 23/03/21 Yes
Beloved Pleco needs a good home as we are downsizing our tank .Had him from tiny . Mature large fish . Free to a good home .You collect from us in w10/ Ladbroke Grove area Please be aware a large fish needs a big tank . Also 2 pink kissing gourami need home . Free also Text / WhatsAp Angie ... ...
117.Opaline Gourami Fry 14/03/21 Yes
About 25 opaline gourami fry for sale. Varying sizes between 1 and 3 cm. £2.50 each or deal if you want 5 or more. You'll need to bring your own transport bags.
118.Tropical fish 08/03/21 Yes
Downsizing tank I have a very large tinfoil barb 2 gold severums very large 2 red severums 3 gold gouramis 1 angel Swop for Large tropical fish Free to good home you will need a very large tank.
119.Silver aro and giant gourami 23/01/21 Yes
Silver aro 17/18” perfect condition no drop eye and injuries / £160 Giant gourami 7/8” perfect condition- £50
120.Wanted 08/01/21 No
Large clown loach & gourami. Anything about
121.Blue dwarf gouramis 07/01/21 Yes
2 healthy male blue dwarf gouramis, young and good condition Would like to swap for rainbow fish such as blue rainbow or red , or bosmani etc , or smaller variety’s of catfish etc
122.180l juwel rio full setup with fish 06/01/21 No
180l juwel rio fluval 206 w/spray bar heater fluval plant 3.0 light (medium) lots of plants 5 pearl gourami ~20 cardinal tetra 12 glowlight tetra 8 bronze corydoras 1 bristlenose plec amano shrimp offers
123.240 litre fluval tank and dark brown cabinet 19/12/20 Yes
1 year old 240 litre tank with a 407 filter, heater, and tank decorations included. Tank also includes the tropical fish if wanted. These include approx 15 tetra, gourami, red tailed black shark, bristlenose catfish, 4 Corys, 2 plecos, 3 upside down catfish, 1 zebra loach, shrimp etc. All fish a... ...
124.Fluval 180 bow front - Full setup £80 09/12/20 Yes
The tank is sumped, so you'll need a large car and some blocks of wood to stand it on so the pipes don't get broken off the bottom in transport. Comes with the following; The stand (tatty as per photos) Fluval heater Bubble/led bar Air pump Fluval canister filter All plastic plants The sa... ...
125.Fish 30/11/20 Yes
3x red hook silver dollars large £30 5X Midas cichlids £15 each £70 for all 5 Giant white gourami 11 inch £30 All for £115 great deal need them gone open to offers please WhatsApp or text me on 07492654045 for pictures open to swaps for single preds
126.Giant gourami 20/11/20 Yes
11-12 inch white giant gourami £40
127.Angelfish & Gourami Males 17/11/20 Yes
X 2 male angelfish - x1 black blue male, x1 sliver blue (larger) £15 each Both about 2 years old. From Aquatic Habitat in Gloucestershire. X 2 opaline/3 spot gourami. Think both males X 1 pearl gourami male. Same age as angels. Bought all together. Gourami’s £4 each or free to buyer of an... ...
128.Closing tank - Fish for sale/swap 08/11/20 Yes
I have the following for sale / swap... 1 x L Golden Gourami £6 4 x Zebra Loach £5 each 2 x BN Pleco £8 each 6 x Bleeding Heart Tetras £6 each (£30 for all) 1 x Denison Barb £15 2 X FF Catfish 6” £15 each 1 x Marbled Headstander £15 4 x Tiger barbs £3 each 3 x Green barbs £3 e... ...
129.Juwel Rio 180, £300 Excellent Condition, Full Set Up inc Fish + many many many extras 19/10/20 Yes
For Sale £300:- Juwel Rio 180l + Cabinet Fluval 307 Filter Fluval Spray Bar Fluval 300 E Series Heater Aquael Led T5 Retrofit Tubes Juwel Digital Thermometer 500lph Powerhead 3x Dual Air Pumps 2x Quad Air Pumps Fish Inc :- 1x L190 Royal Panaque - Approx. 8-10cm 4x Anglefish Approx. 7... ...
130.Cichilds 29/09/20 Yes
One electric blue Geophagus: 6-7 inch £60 One Jack Dempsey: 3-4 inch £10 or best offer One pike cichild: 6-7 inch £50 One female frontosa: 4-5 inch £25 One male frontosa: 7 inch (is missing anal fin)£30 Two yellow parrots: 3-4 inch £15 for one or £25 for two Three chocolate cichl... ...
131.gold gourami needs home 05/09/20 Yes
i have a female gold gourami about 2 inches long that needs a new home as she is too big for our tank . free to anyone that can collect . i live in egremont, cumbria
132.Large pleco 18/06/20 Yes
Looking to exchange or sell my large female pleco for 6 mixed gouramis
133.Lots of Tropical fish for sale or swap Read AD 11/06/20 Yes
Fish for sale (Consett) 3X Electric Blue rams And 1x German Ram £30 2X Large albino Tin foil Barbs £25  2X Large Tinfoil Barbs £25 2x Yellow Barbs £10 2x Agassizii Apistogramma £20 2x Gold Gourami £10 1x Red Dwarf Gourami £5 2x Small Angel Fish £10 2x Larg... ...
134.Mix of tropical Fish 01/06/20 No
Im selling a large amount of tropical fish. As listed 7 Lemon tetras Looking for offers Had for about 8 months 6 Dwarf rainbow shiners. Had about 6 months or so. 1 male to 5 females to make them colours pop. Looking for offers 3 Angel fish these are the show stoppers of the tank. Beautiful! ... ...
135.Stingray 21/03/20 No
I have around 7 large peacock bass giant gourami Midas cichlids and large Snakheads and various other large predators I’m looking for a swap for some stingray pups 07492654045 drop me a text
136.Blue giant gourami FREE 08/03/20 Yes
Approximately 2.5 years old. Fully grown around 20” had this fish from juvenile. Very healthy. Eats anything, also gets along with other fish. Currently in 6x2x2. Aquarium. If you have a bigger tank you can take him. You will also need a large container to travel. Thanks
137.Complete Maidenhead Aquatics 155 Litre Solid Oak Cube Freshwater Tropical Aquarium Setup 01/03/20 Yes
Complete Maidenhead Aquatics Solid Oak 155 Litre Cube aquarium including fish, comprising *Aquarium measuring 50 x 55 x 60 cm. *Overall size (Including Oak Cabinet) 55 x 65 x 140 cm *Fluval 206 External Filter *2 x Fluval LED Lighting units with Skypad remotes and timers *Thermostatic heater pl... ...
138.wanted giant gourami - good prices paid 02/02/20 No
looking for any 8inch - 14 inch, prefer grey coloured
139.Sailfin Mollies 22/01/20 No
I have around 20-25 sailfin mollies all currently about 2-3 cm. All black ones and orange with silver and small amounts of blue. Looking to sell at £1 each but will consider bulk discounts. Will also like swaps for honey gouramis or bristlenose plecos. Please email or text as I can't ... ...
140.Angelfish and opaline gourami for sale. £10 06/01/20 No
Hi I have 2 angelfish and 2 opaline gourami for sale. Angels are around 5inch and gourami around 4.all very healthy from an established tank. Selling due to changing stock of aquarium. Collection only from Wolverhampton wv3. £10 or nearest offer
141.Live Food ~ Banana Worms & Walter Worms & Micro Worms 30/12/19 Yes
Available through ebay under seller tantyfang or via website, just ask for an invoice. This means less cost to you as there are no eBay fees. I have available Walter Worms & Banana Worms. These are just as easy to culture as Micro Worm, but half the size and more prolific. Ideal for small fry... ...
142.Albino giant gourami 08/12/19 Yes
Albino giant gourami Around 12 years old Will need a very big tank will be looking stunning in large display tank £45 Collection at Sunbury-On-Thames Tw167qn
143.Jewel Fish tank 4ft wide with cabinet & various tropical fish & loads of extras 19/10/19 Yes
Juwel fish tank 4ft w 15 inch deep and 18 inch high with cabinet and Lid Fluval Fx5 filter Bristle-nose plecs various and albino 20 plus and a few Breeding pairs Sterbai and other various Corys Harlequin rasbora shoal 20 plus Honey Gourami fish Swordtail Fish tank substrate and gravel large a... ...
144.Large preds wanted 22/09/19 No
Large predators wanted must be 2ft plus , locally , Unless special Tiger shovel Gigas Giant gourami Wolf fish Tigers Gator Gars etc 07704421003
145.Honey Gourami 04/09/19 Yes
Hi I have 3 Honey Gourami for sale, £3 each or £8 for all 3, may be able to deliver if local, I live in Sunderland, text me on 07530806994 David.
146.Pearl Gourami For Sale 30/08/19 Yes
Hello, I need to re-home my Pearl Gourami, I've had it for over a year but I am going for a species only fish tank and this is the last fish that isn't a Rainbow. Just after a couple of quid for it, collection from Old Catton, Norwich.
Hi I'm looking for these fish: Giant gourami (not gold I want the big ugly face) Peacock bass Silver arowana Motoro ray Will also consider other lathe predator fish. Willing to travel for the right fish but south east would better. These will be going into different large indoor heated po... ...
148.XL FISH Predators 11/08/19 No
Good home needed for large predators 3ft RTC 2ft RTC Giant albino gourami 20” Alligator gar 3ft Offers 07704421003 Want gone ASAP
149.Red tailed Gourami 29/07/19 Yes
Large red tailed Gourami 12 to 15 inch lovely colours
150.fish rehoming scotland 27/07/19 Yes
hi, we are members of a fish rehoming scheme www.fishorphans.com . we rehome any unwanted/outgrown fish - tropical and coldwater, also equipment and tanks for our fishhouse. good home always assured, we rehome anything from giant gourami to goldfish to guppies,, we also offer free advice on fishkeep... ...
151.Fish for sale 23/07/19 No
I have for sale 30 tropical fish for sale £60. For all Byer has to collect as I cann it deliver becouse of age so byer has to bring bags or some way of transporting them this is what is in the tank. Laze wing catfish Yo-yos. Clown loach. Angle fish. Golden barbel. Blue Gouramie plus’s g... ...
152.Fish For Sale 16/07/19 No
Lima Shovelnose Catfish - 6 Inch Large Clown Loach - 5 inch Musk Turtle - 2 Inch Pair Of Severums - 5 Inch Red Tail Shark - 3 Inch 2 Silver And 1 Gold Gourami 3 Inch 1 FeatherFin Synadontis - 5 Inch 1 Spotted Synadontis - 5 Inch Text Mw If Intrested - 07958917433
153.giant gourami fish For sale (BIG) 13/07/19 Yes
I have 3 giant gourami fish for sale.A albino one,a red fin one..and your normal gray one ..sad to see them go But they have outgrown my tank now...so time for them to find new homes They are all nearly hitting the 2ft mark...so only contact me if you can take on such big fish .....I would consi... ...
154.Americans 10/07/19 No
Few Americans for sale: 10 inch true parrot 7 inch true parrot x2 7 inch Tiger oscar x2 10 inch Albino red oscar 4 inch Cuban x2 5.5 inch Cuban 4/5 inch blood parrott 3 inch cryptoheros cutteri 1 inch cryptoheros cutteri 3.5 inch jack Dempsey x2 Electric blue acara fry x20 Flowerhor... ...
155.100litre aquarium Filter, pump,excellent condition INC fish 03/07/19 Yes
100litre Tank, in excellent condition, no scratches to the glass or surrounding lid etc, has full LED function, white for day time and a dark blue setting for nights, long rectangular shape, comes with new filter, all ornaments from pets at home, large drift wood, black gravel, and decorative rocks.... ...
156.Complete Tropical Aquarium inc fish for sale 17/06/19 Yes
Tropical fish complete set up. Healthy tank and fish. Overall size of cabinet and tank is 136cm tall x 80cm wide x 42cm front to back. Tank size is 64cm tall x 80cm x 42cm - 165lt. Aquaone make with Aquis 1050 external filter that sits in the cupboard underneath the tank. fish include 3 Pearl goura... ...
157.Large Red Tailed Gourami 13/06/19 Yes
Free to good home Giant Red tailed Gourami.. About 14 inches long, collection only. 07792248113
158.Free fish 13/06/19 Yes
Closing tank down, two fish left, 1 large plec & 1 Gouramis free Contact cheryl 07824466347
159.Rainbow fish/ cichlids/ gouramis for sale 10/06/19 No
I have for sale Madagascar rainbowfish 2-3 inches (1M and 3F) Red rainbowfish 2-3 inches (6 unsexed) Bosemani rainbowfish 2 inches (5M and 1F) Chilatherina Alleni 2-3 inches (1M and 3F) Opaline Gourami 3-4 inches (2 unsexed) Red robin gourami 1 inche (1 unsexed) Lamprologus multifasiatus... ...
160.Dwarf gouramis 03/06/19 No
Two dwarf gouramis Male and female. The Male is cobalt blue. Excellent condition from an healthy tank. £8
161.Pearl gouramis 03/06/19 No
Two 0ear gouramis approx 3.5" excellent condition from an healthy tank. £10
162.red tail giant gourami aprox 14 inches 08/05/19 No
Beautiful fish but need to thin some stock. Looking for £100 but open to Offers. Collection CF72
163.Pink Kissing Gourami 25/04/19 Yes
Large pink kissing Gourami approx. 4 " Will look beautiful in a display tank very peaceful currently kept with silver sharks, tetras and angel fish Price £10 collection only from Wolverhampton Wv11 3
164.Complete Tropical Aquarium Cheltenham 22/04/19 Yes
Aqua one 110 litre with inbuilt filter comes complete with heater pump planted bogwood x 2 ,live plants as per picture, 8 serpae tetras, 4 neons, 2 Plecos, pair of pearl gourami, spent over £200 accept £100 if sold quickly, new LED light, collect GL514UR easy access, no leaks or cracks
165.Complete tropical set up-Bargain for quick sale 22/04/19 Yes
URGENTLY need to rehome my aquarium as I am moving on 10th May and cannot take it with me. 300 litre? aquarium sat in purpose built cabinet. Running 2x fluval 306 canister external filters. Also LED light bar, heater. All internal decoration (synthetic) Plus fish. I do have a couple of poly fish box... ...
166.Free to good home. Yellow Chinese Algae Fish 09/04/19 No
I have a golden/yellow Chinese algae fish who is very healthy but who is growing too big for my 48L tank. I have a golden platy and a dwarf honey gourami that he has taken to chasing too...so I think it is best to go to a bigger home. I am based in Warwick.
167.Fish stock sale due to tank closure 09/04/19 Yes
Due to ill health I'm having to close down my tanks. I will be selling tanks but all livestock to go first buyer to bring suitable containers for transport of fish and I need to know they are going to a suitable home. Currently buyer will have to catch fish as I'm not physically fit enough to do so... ...
168.Complete fish tank set up for sale 21/01/19 Yes
55 litre tank & stand complete with aqua one filter with spare cartridge, heater, fluval Q.5 air pump with air stone, new tube light, plants and rock, gravel, all about 7 months old. FISH inc. 1 x plec, 2 x corys, 5 x platys, 1x dwarf gourami, 1 x male Molly, 1 x pregnant white molly, about 70 x Mol... ...
169.Fish tank full set up 13/01/19 Yes
Hi. I have a Juwel 180 aquarium for sale together with a cabinet. Includes Eheim heater, Eheim internal filter 2012, TetraTec EX800 external filter, original Juwel LED lighting, many plants and fish. Guppies, sword-tail, gourami. A lot of corydoras: about 10 panda, leopard, albino, bronze. A lot of ... ...
170.WANTED: elephant ear/vampire giant gourami (osphronemus exodon) 22/12/18 No
Looking for a infant or juvenile example for my giant gourami tank. Willing to pay good money for the correct strain. Contact me on willisweston@hotmail. (add .com please to prevent spam bots)
171.Multiple community fish (30) for sale 18/12/18 Yes
Two barlor sharks, 4 silver dollar, two albino catfish, two pictus catfish, two opaline gouramis, 6 barbs, 4 medium angel fish, 1 Red tail shark, two rainbow fish, 1 bristle nose pleco, one firemouth cichlid. £100. Open to offers.
172.Albino Giant Gourami 27/11/18 Yes
For sale is my Albino Giant Gourami approximately 15" in size. Very healthy fish. Closing down tank forces sale. £30 . Buyer to bring own container to transport fish. Wolverhampton area close to junction 1 M54. Thanks for looking. Please call 07867124287 after 2pm daily due to working Nights.
173.8 inch Giant gourami FREE TO GOOD HOME 20/11/18 Yes
I have an 9 inch grey giant gourami for sale She eats peas worms bloodworm whitebait pellets She is verry nice in color as a tint of red in tail Will grow big so need a big tank
174.For Sale 12/11/18 No
Hi, I got for sale Pangasus £30, Fire Eel £130, , Grey Giant Gourami £40, 2x True Parrots, Bourcotti, Large Jaguar, Showelnose £50. All need to go fast. Please contact me on 07921392846. Paul
175.Eheim incpiria 400 litre 08/11/18 Yes
Stunning 400 litre Eheim incpiria tank,. 4 years old and in excellent condition. 1400x1300x550. Black. Stock photo and actual. With Eheim pump filter, heater, airline. Stock of fish available - angels, gourami, barbs, shark, other. Tongs, nets, scraper, LED programmable lighting. Chemicals at half p... ...
176.Tropical Fish for sale 05/11/18 Yes
I am about to be the owner of a Flowerhorn and need to change my set up and upgrade the tank so the following are available; 6 x Bosemani Rainbow 6 x Harlequin Rasbora 1 x Red Tail Shark 1 x Bristlenose Pleco 3 x Dwarf Gourami (one female) 1 x German Blue Ram All fish are relatively young... ...
177.female giant gouramis for sale 09/10/18 Yes
female giant gourami for sale about 20 inch ,good eater and good manners call rob on 07917608905 offers,no stupid offers please looking for a good home.
178.Shutting down my tank 20/09/18 Yes
Shutting down my tank .the following fish selling separately ...4 black angels £30 .. 2 koi angels £10.. 1 red dwarf gourami £3..2 blue dwarf gourami £7... 2 honey dwarf gourami £7...1algae loach approx 6” £10...1 horseface loach approx 4”£5...1knife fish black ghost approx 6/7 “ £15 .... ...
179.130x44x130cm pure wood handmade tank 27/08/18 Yes
Hi due to personal reasons selling my awesome tank led system with two large pumps. Large albino 35cm gourami. No offers must all go no offers £350 1/2 PRICE BARGAIN VIEW BEDFORD WILL CONSIDER SELLING FISH ALONE £100. The fish alone I paid £150. Tank £300 plus 2 tetra 1200 ex pumps £160 a... ...
180.I have a selection of gourami for sale 06/08/18 No
Neon Dwarf Gourami £3.50each Orange Gourami £3.50each Sparkling Gourami £3each Pearl Gourami £3.50each Neon Dwarf Rainbow Gourami £3.50each Blue Gourami £3.50each Dwarf Gourami £3.50each Honey Gourami £3.50each
181.Various fish 22/07/18 Yes
I’m selling up,sadly I have a number of fish to sell includes large angelfish, clown loache, various gourami, yoyo loache,albino plecs various sizes, Corey’s, Chinese algae eaters, collection only, message me for details, thanks
182.Community Fish 16/07/18 Yes
COMMUNITY FISH DN6 area Collection only 07713 154 980 Angels, Koi, Platinum and marble £4 Gourami, Dwarf Red and Opaline £3 Swordtails, Santa and Koi, £2 (SOLD) Mollies, Sailfin £2 Mollies, Balloon £1.50 Platies £1 Guppies £1 males 80p females (SOLD) Neons 70p (SOLD) Serpae tetra 90p... ...
183.Predatory fish 29/06/18 No
Two peacock bass about 10 inches £100 each A black gold and silver arowana about 12:14 in £150 Two white giant gourami one about 14 inches long the other 18 inches long £50 each Very large 6 Barb about 16 inches £50 Three orange Oscars about 8 to 10 inches long £20 each Typhoon shark about... ...
184.gaint gourami 12/06/18 No
hi there im looking for a large male gourami i have a big 8ft tank for him with a 18 inch white female please call jim on 07874027772 thanks for looking
185.Tropical fish list 07/06/18 No
***TROPICAL*** BETTA FISH Stunning Male Betta Fish £8each Assorted Female Betta Fish XL £2.50each DISCUS Assorted Discus 3inch (Red Turk, Blue turk, Royal Blue, Red Melon) £28each or 2 for £50 or 5 for £100 DANIO Leopard Longfin Danio £1each GOURAMI Neon Dwarf Gourami £3.50ea... ...
186.3 x kissing gouramis £30 for all 3 24/05/18 Yes
I have 3 kissing gouramis for sale. All 3 in good condition. I am trying to add colour to my take and take away some of the silver and white.
187.Fully Revised Stock List - The Aquatic Store Bristol 09-05-2018 09/05/18 Yes
Tetras: Super Ringo Owando Tetra (Very Rare) Red Congo Tetra (Alestopetersius Brichardi) RARE Black Neon Tetra Yellow Neon Tetra Marble Hatchet Fish Giant Silver Hatchet Fish Cardinal Tetra (Super Condition) Red Phantom Tetra Black Phantom Tetra Red Eyed Tetra Flame Tetra Super Oran... ...
188.Oddball, Predator, South American Cichlids STOCK LIST @ The Aquatic Store Bristol 09.05.18 09/05/18 Yes
We offer a good selection of Oddball, Predator and South/ Central American Cichlids, always fully quarantined and greedily accepting food before going on sale. They are housed in our individually filtered fish house containing more than 140 aquariums. Please call ahead for availability as certain ... ...
189.Giant Gourami now in stock @ The Aquatic Store Bristol 09.05.18 27/04/18 Yes
Rarely available we have 2 young Giant Gourami. Currently around 5-8" in length and greedily accepting all foods. The fish will attain at least 24" in length and require the largest of indoor aquaria. £49.99 each The Aquatic Store Bristol  28 North Street  Bedminster  Bristol  BS3... ...
190.Fluval Roma 125 Tropical tank complete 22/04/18 No
Fluval roma 125 Tropical fish tank Complete set up. £310 ono Including: Oak veneer stand. The cabinet door has had a small invisible repair which doesn't effect use. Eheim external filter professional 3 350T (combined heater & filter). Lights in hood - these have been altered and it now ... ...
191.Breeding pair of Angels, Gourami, Torpedo Barb. 17/04/18 No
Female peruvian altum - 15 cm long. Male koi - 10 cm long. They spawn regularly every 2 weeks. From healthy tank. Kept in tap water. £30. Also got blue Gourami adult size - £5 Torpedo barb adult size - £5. Can provide pictures in an email or Whatsapp, as can't figure out how to upload them he... ...
192.Wanted: looking to rehome any Guppies, Mollies, Swordtails, Platties etc 17/04/18 No
Im after rehoming any unwanted small tropical fish such as Guppies, Mollies, Platties, Swordtails etc. I have a 4ft tank consisting of 3 female gouramies 2 female platties and 1 female molly so plenty of room. Looking at getting a male gourami for the females. If you need a home for any of the above... ...
193.130 litre Tall Fish Tank & Fish, £100.00 REDUCED 07/04/18 No
Tall Aqua One Curved Glass Aquarium tank- sorry,unable to upload photo. Dimensions approx. 72h x 62w x 39d with curved glass corners. The hinged hood allows plenty of room to feed the fish and easy access for maintenance In the top are 2 independent long light bulbs, a built in trickle filter, wa... ...
195.Fish for sale 21/01/18 Yes
4x l205 pleco wild caught £60 SOLD 5x l104 pleco £25 SOLD 1x l200 pleco £25 SOLD 4x l397 pleco £120 SOLD Decent size bleeding heart tetra 5+ £15 F1 3 spot gourami wild type ftom wild parents £5 each Collection Eyres monsell
196.Fish for sale, whole tank closing down 04/01/18 No
Getting out of the game. Unfortunately I'm struggling to keep on top of the maintenance due to lack of time and a bad back! 3 large angel fish £8 each all 3 £20 4x large redline torpedo barbs 5"+ £15 each all 4 £45 2x ornate polypterus 8"+ £25 each both £40 3x Pakistani loaches ... ...
197.Honey Gourami Male & Female Breeding Pair £6 12/12/17 No
Two honey gouramis purchased about 4 months ago. Male always building bubble nests and female spawning when iv given them frozen food so should do well if that's what you are looking for.£6 for both
198.Giant red tail gourami 13/10/17 Yes
I have a giant red tail goiurami for sale. Very nice fish and good size the price is £60 and buyer will have to collect from Eltham please call 02088507177
199.Dry Thai Banana Leaf For Sale 05/09/17 Yes
If any one is looking for Dried Thai Banana Leaf, we have a few banana trees on our land, [b]prices are very reasonable and include postage via airmail from Thailand[/b] 1 x 100g : $11 1 x 200g : S24 1 x 300g : $33 1 x 500g : $40 1 x 500g : $48 1 x 1 Kilo : $90 The banana leaf ... ...
200.Indian Almond Leaves For Sale 05/09/17 Yes
We only select the best reddish-brown leaves for export, we never use hand-picked leaves that have been sun-dried, only leaves that have naturally fallen and are high in Tannin. The Indian Almond Leaves increase fertility, health, and vigour. They also Reduce the Ph in the water, and aid in the... ...

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