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1.Small Misbar Percula Clownfish 23/11/20 No
2.Pair of Adult Misbar Percula Clownfish 23/11/20 No
£35 Each or £60 for the pair
3.Marine Fish & Invert.. 08/12/18 Yes
4.marine fish & corals 18/05/17 Yes
bangaii cardinals £19.99 green chromis £7,99 3-£20 algae blenny small - xxl £14.99 - £24.99 fox face (lo vulpinus) £34.99 fox face (lo magniica) £79.99 lipstick tang £34.99 singapore angel £24.99 bicolour angel lrg £29.99 lyretail anthias £19.99 lined butterfly £29.99 eight lin... ...
5.Pair mated Percula Clowns & Rose Bubble Tip Anenome 15/01/17 No
Reluctantly selling my pair of mated Percula Clownfish due to shutting down my tank. I have had them for around 2 years, and they are mated and lay eggs a couple of times a month. I will also include the Rose Bubble Tipped Anenome that is hosting them as part of the sale, £35.
6.Aqua one 275 and livestock for sale 24/05/16 Yes
I have Pearlscale butterfly £35 2 x cleaner shrimps £20 4 x percula clownfish £50 3 x blood fin anthias £60 Around 8 hermits red and black £10 6 ish turbo snails including a super turbo £10 Aqua rock with Kenya tree and mushrooms on £140 Purple mushrooms £25 Green mushrooms £25 ... ...
7.marine fish, inverts, corals, plus tank and contents for sale 24/05/16 Yes
I have Pearlscale butterfly £35 2 x cleaner shrimps £20 4 x percula clownfish £50 3 x blood fin anthias £60 Around 8 hermits red and black £10 6 ish turbo snails including a super turbo £10 Aqua rock with Kenya tree and mushrooms on £140 Purple mushrooms £25 Green mushrooms £25 ... ...
8.Picasso percula clownfish, Grade A 06/11/15 Yes
Very RARE Picasso clown Grade A for sale!!! Very nice specimen, healthy, eats everything. For sale £50. Collection from Wood Green (N22 8LB) or Shipping by Royal Mail next day delivery (cost £15.85)
9.World of Water Staines Marine Stock 02/09/15 No
MARINE FISH Green Chromis Orange Line Chromis Yellow Tangs Blue and White Wrasse (M/L) Barnacle Blennys Yellow Coral Gobies Green Face Wrasse Keyhole Angels Red Specled Coral Gobies Blue Star Damsels Monti-Bug wrasse Blue eyed Tang Queen Wrasse Wreck Fish Coll... ...
10.For sale marine tank plus much more 19/11/14 No
Aqua 300 Tank with sump just right at 12 months old 300 litres no marks TMC lighting programable Bubble mag. Protein skimmer. Wave maker Auto top up. ... ...
11.False Percula Clownfish Pair 22/08/14 No
I have a pair of false percula clownfish pair for sale for £40. This is a reluctant sell as moving home and then likely to go abroad for a year. Let me know if interested.
12.Red Sea Mx 130d, complete set up. £400 05/03/14 Yes
Hi, I have for sale my Red Sea Max 130d, this is a full set up. Comes with :- 2 Percula clownfish, cost £32 2 Blue/Green Chromis cost £12 2 Cleaner Shrimp cost £20 Various snails/hermit crabs 1 Carribean anemone, 1 feather duster. cost £40 15kg Live rock. cost £150 Live sand. cost £40 ... ...
13.Marine Tank set-up with Black Percula Clownfish 28/12/13 Yes
Orca Marine Tank -Dimensions: D-45cm W-40cm H-45cm -approx 50 litre volume Black Percula Clownfish -Very friendly :) Living Rock + large size Coral -At least 1 Hermit crab living inside
14.Red Sea Max 250 (Black) plus loads of extras £550 inc Livestock 06/11/13 Yes
£550 for everything below Selling my Red Max 250 (Black), the tank is only 18 months. At this time it has about 17kl of Live rock and 40 pound of live sand in it. Livestock included with price: 2 True Percula Clownfish , 1 cleaner wrasse, 1 bristle tooth tang, 1 Halichoeres melana... ...
15.4 x 2 x 18 inches Godiva marine aquarium complete setup £350 17/07/13 Yes
MUST GO BY THE WEEKEND DUE TO HOUSE SALE. Grab yourself a bargain For sale is my 4' x 2' x 18" (length x height x width) Godiva marine aquarium with oak effect stand and pelmet. The tank and stand are in excellent condition but there is some water damage to the pelmet and hood (see photos), ... ...
16.True Percula Clownfish (Picasso) 07/07/13 Yes
For sale are my gorgeous clowns truly stunning great markings some call Picassos but there all just clownfish rite I missed these when they were being sold in Lfs when they come in they said they would be £99 the pair once they priced them and out them for sale couple days later the price went up B... ...
17.200 ltr corner bow fronted aquarium + equipment + live rock + fish £350 15/03/13 Yes
200 Litre Seabray corner aquarium on matching cabinet stand. Bow fronted glass has a few scratches on it although they are hardly noticeable when filled. Aqua Pro-4 external filter, media and all pipework Heater 2x tube lights (1x blue, 1x white). 15Kg of live rock and ornamental coral Lo... ...
18.Stunning 55 gallon fluval marine aquarium 18/10/12 No
I am reluctantly selling this beautiful set up due to lack of space. The set up comes with live rock, corals and fish. Fish : Regal tang Yellow tang Flame angel Two firefish gobies Pair of percula clownfish Cleanup crew Emerald crab Mexican snail x 2 Cleaner shrimp x 2 Turbo... ...
19.MARINE: OCELARIS CLOWNFISH £18 for a pair 07/07/12 No
I have 6 ocelaris clownfish for sale. They are not tank bred and are between 1inch to 2inch in size £10 each or two for £18 Collection Only Ashton under lyne. Info about Ocelaris Clownfish: Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons Care Level: Moderate Temperament: Peaceful Reef Compatible: Yes ... ...
20.Marine Aquarium Contents 06/07/12 Yes
Tropical Marine contents for sale from an established 75L Aquarium.Comprising of approx' 20kg of live rock ,coral sand, numerous green and orange Ricordia and Blue green Mushroom Polyps and several Zoanthids. A pair of bonded Percula Clownfish a Yellow tailed Blue Damsel fish and a Pink Firefish. T... ...
Sold collection pending... Hi, I've got few True Percula clownfish for sale. They are not tank bread. £15each size between 1inch to 2inch first comer will get the big ones. Collection Only Ashton-under-lyne.
22.Pair True Perc Clownfish 19/06/12 Yes
I have a pair of true percula clownfish for sale. £25 Penzance area
23.Marine fish for sale and live rock 14/06/12 Yes
24.fish for sale (portsmouth) 14/04/12 No
royal blue pygmy angel £10 false percula clownfish £10 please call or text 07788212430 for more information email doesnt work
25.2 marine fish tomato clownfish and domino damselfish 10/04/12 No
there a 2 fish for marine ( saltwater) not fresh water. the tomato clownfish about 2" and the domino fish about less 1 half " size. £5 each £10 the lot. or swap for 2 young Percula clownfish
26.PNG Marine Fish 15/03/12 No
Pairs of Super Percs ! Absolutely stunning pairs of sustainably caught Percula Clownfish from Papua New Guinea available now at The Reef, Barrow in Furness. Tel 01229 343414 for details.
27.breeding pair clownfish 02/09/11 No
i have a breeding pair of percula clownfish for sale , bred many times in the past , tank closure is the reason for the sale £25 west midlands e mail me at tigress44wm@hotmail.com
28.breeding percula clownfish 20/07/11 No
i have a proven breeding pair of percula clownfish ,they lay eggs regually , only selling due to being pestered by another tank mate , were hosting my anenome until they have been moved into a holding tank, sell for £50 pounds or swap for coral , torch, bubble , hammer, etc
29.full marine set up 04/06/11 Yes
i have for sale my juwel 180 bow front fish tank, it includes fish, live rock, tufa rock, sand/gravel, pump, air pump, heater, a red sea prizm skimmer a day and a night light built into the hood, a aqua one aquarius 1200 external filter, matured water (this tank has been running for 18 months) food ... ...
30.Pair of Percula clownfish, 1-2 inch £14.99 26/04/11 Yes
As above a matched pair of Percular Clownfish. These are very healthy and vivid coloured clowns, with the famous habit of living within sea anemones. gary 07500 871070
31.Complete marine setup for sale 01/01/11 No
i have for sale a complete corner marine setup, the tank in question is a fluval venezia 190, it is pre-drilled which allows for it to be connected to the included fluval 205 cannister filter. im am also selling a powerhead which is more than powerful enough for the tank size, and a v2 400 skimmer, ... ...
32.WANTED TRUE pair of percula clown 22/12/10 Yes
hi im looking for a pair of either Onyx or picasso percula clownfish in the south wales area want something that looks like these photos
33.Complete Marine Setup 12/12/10 Yes
New baby in the family means that I don't have the time to keep a tank any longer... as such, I'd like to get rid of EVERYTHING in one job lot if at all possible. Ideal for a new starter to marine, as included are all the little extras that cost a fortune when bought individally.. The main tan... ...
Current Marine Fish Stock: Angelfish Coral Beauty Keyhole Angel Bicolour Angel Blue ring Angel Anthias Lyretail anthias Bartletts Anthias Unarmed Perchlet - Plectranthias inermis (Geometric hawkfish) Assessors Blue Assessor Blennies Canary Fang blenny Bicolour B... ...
35.MATED pair of percula clownfish £50 23/11/10 No
the best you will find perfect feed on anything frozen flake or pellet no longer wanted as i have a pair of clarkis that actually use the nem i got them please ring as not sure email works can be viewed if coming to buy bring bags as i dont currently have any may be able to negotiate price or poss s... ...
36.Livestock HULL 17/11/10 No
For sale the following fish and corals 2 x false percula clownfish paired £30 1 x pink spotted goby £10 1 x mimic file fish £20 1 x antenetta lionfish £20 Corals 1 x 2 headed frogspawn on piece of live rock £20 1 x 7 headed hammerhead coral £35 1 x large toadstool softie £25 2... ...
37.Marine-Life South-West (TheFragMan) 13/07/10 Yes
Live Corals & Fish at reasonable prices... New Indonesian Shipment Arriving Tuesday 22.06.2010 - There will be a HUGE range of hard corals, soft corals and fish arriving this Tuesday...Don't miss out...This will be the best shipment yet! Business Aim: To lower the general price of marine life ... ...
38.Marine Fish Avaliable This Week (Mailorder) 07/07/10 Yes
Please find this weeks marine stocklist, other fish are avaliable please email me to let me know what you are looking for Emperor Angelfish Juvenile £60.00 Koran Angelfish Juv (s) £25.00 Regal Angelfish £60.00 Flame Dwarf Angel £70.00 Midnight Pure ... ...
39.Discounted Mail Order Tropical And Marine fish 07/07/10 Yes
Mail order Tropical and Marine fish at genuine discount prices I am able to offer a mail order / collection service for tropical and marine fish which come direct to my fish house from breeders in Israel and the UK. We specalise in Tropical fish / Marine fish / Discus / Rare angelfish / L... ...
40.D-D 12 GALLON NANO CUBE, FULL SETUP (london) 11/02/10 Yes
Full marine setup with approx 4kg's of Live Rock and live sand, water and a pair of Black Percula Clownfish beautiful. Tank is a D-D 12G nano cube Tank is still running so water can be taken if wanted so you dont have to wait for it to mature. all you need to do it add livestock. £120 for ... ...
41.2 Tangerine Clowns, 1 Percula Clownfish 23/01/10 No
Hello there. I have 2 Tangerine Clownfish, and 1 Percula Clownfish for sale. All three doing well, its just I need them out of the way, as there are too many fish in tank. Looking for around £7 each, or some frags etc WHY Collection from Barnsley Thanks alot, Matthew (PS. Pictu... ...
42.Pair of young true percula clownfish £30 06/08/09 No
Established pair of orange true percula clownfish which were purchased from Dobbies 3 months ago. Very healthy and active.
43.Corner Marine Aquarium 22/03/09 No
Large corner tank, cabinet and hood. 4 years old and been set-up and running with no problems since. Natural system based on good quality rock, metal halide lighting, large protein skimmer ang good water flow. Holds approx 130 gallons in main and lower tank. Water circulation is by a weir s... ...
44.Great choice of Tropical Fish, Marine Fish & Coldwater Fish HOME DELIVERY 03/12/08 Yes
Lots to choose from at Bridge of Marnoch Water Gardens, near Huntly Aberdeenshire. Visitors welcome. SPECIALISTS AT DELIVERY TO YOUR DOORSTEP. We always have 1000's of fish on stock. Probably the biggest selection of fish in North East Scotland. We don't just sell the bread & butter range. ... ...
45.30 gallon Saltwater tank for sale with "Nemo" and Corals 12/09/08 No
30 Gallon Saltwater Fish Tank with Stand, Top, Protein skimmer, automatic feeder, and Lights with timer to conserve energy and hassle (65 watt power compact with 2 spare bulbs). Percula Clownfish (Nemo), starfish, assorted corals, 20 kilo of live rock and 65 pounds of live sand. Test kit and freshwa... ...
46.Full Marine Setup Juwel Trigon 190 + All Fish Equipment And Rock 10/08/08 Yes
For Sale Is my Trigon 190 (200Ltrs/50Gal)marine fish tank. It has been fully established for over 2 years. It is a bow fronted tank in beach on a beach stand (Cost me new £600). It has approximately 30 kilos of live rock fully matured (£200), live sand (£75), prism skimmer(£100), canister filter... ...
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