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1.L397 Plecos 28/11/21 Yes
Have a few L397 Plecos for sale 3 inches ring 07790107174 thanks
2.Fish free to good home 28/11/21 Yes
Hi I have a selection of tropical fish catfish syndontis 2x decorus 2x Plecos one occelutus catfish a few nerite snails FREE bring your own bags
3.BLACK FRIDAY Deals now on Discus for sale at Just Discus from ONLY £23 and over 5,000 in stock. 28/11/21 Yes
Just Discus current stock & retail price list 9th November The largest selection of the best quality Discus in the U.K for the lowest prices guaranteed and we will price match any other genuine sellers price. ( sizes are approximate and are the total length ) Special Offers - ( ... ...
CHESHIRE OAKS DISCUS- 07763207562 STOCK INCLUDES- ruby reds white tiger golden yellow dragon red eagle purple colbalts checkerboards red spotted turks pigeon bloods malboros whites blue turqs red turqs tank breed f1 wilds, greens (tefe) tank breed wild reds , (unknown river) b... ...
5.tropical fish for sale and tank open to offers 28/11/21 No
Rio 450 light oak,complete set up but tank needs support bars fixing - Juwel internal filter & Fluval 407 external filter. Helilux 1500 Day and night light plus regular lights. 2 air pumps. fish include - Two elephant nose, green pleco, blue pleco, flash pleco, golden vampire pleco, candy stipe... ...
6.L236 SUPER WHITE PLECO 28/11/21 No
Group of 4 l236 sw and 2 Rb line 3m/3f £450 or near offer collect only
7.For sale 28/11/21 No
Convict cichlids Tbar cichlids Bristtle nose plecos Juveniles £2 each Collection only
9.L no plecs and tetras for sale/swap in London 27/11/21 No
I have decided to change my setup Need to sell everything together will not split 2 green phantom pleco 6",4" 1 para pleco 4" 1 king tiger pleco 5" 1 sultan pleco 2" 50 tetras 5 different types Might swap depending on what you have Offers welcome Colle... ...
10.SCREWCUMBER VEGGIE FEEDER/WEIGHT - Two year warranty - Free delivery for UK 26/11/21 Yes
TROPICAL FISH FEEDER/WEIGHT. Effective and simple solution for anchoring veggies for bottom feeders. http://www.screwcumber.com Or see us on eBay UK! Fantastic for: Plecos, Clown loaches, Malawi Cichlids etc 2 Year swap out warranty. All payments processed by PayPal. We also dispat... ...
11.Channa Aurantimaculata, sub adults, REDUCED from £300 to £200/PAIR 25/11/21 Yes
Hi everyone, I have some channa aurantimaculatas for sale to experienced keepers. So, just over 2 years ago I bougt 14 of them from 2 different sources for selection needs, it took them a while to grow up to the point where my first pair has just bonded recently and took over half of the tank as... ...
12.Hypancistrus - Pleco - L46 - L173 - L399 24/11/21 Yes
I have the following Hypancistrus species for sale: L046 - F1s from 2 inch + £100 each 2+ yrs old - 2 bloodlines available. (Bred from my wild caughts) L173 - T/B Adults / Breeding size £150 each. (Bred from my German breeding group) L399 - F1s between 3 and 4 inch £25 each (Bred fro... ...
13.2 L Numbers Plecos and Bristlenose Catfish for £20 23/11/21 Yes
Orange Spotted Pleco £25 Gold Pleco £5 Bristlenose Catfish £10 Buy ALL for £20! QUICK SALE Cash on Collection Thanks for Looking!
14.L066king tigerx5 22/11/21 Yes
L066 King Tiger Plecos Wild Caught, 10cm+ £30each. All can be discounted
15.3 adult l46 zebra plecos for sale - East London 21/11/21 Yes
Looking for a new home for my three zebra plecos (4-5 y.o.). I have to move house and my fish tanks cannot move with me. Any questions, please email aquaristclassifieds@e-tria.ge.
16.Slate breeding cave 21/11/21 Yes
For sale is a slate breeding cave, I have made some of these for my adult L239, but would suit any similar sized pleco, The Internal Dimensions are approx. 10.0cm deep x 4cm wide x 3cm high and the slate is approx 4mm thick. Made from re-claimed slate, cleaned and assembled using aquarium safe sil... ...
17.Large L25 20/11/21 No
Looking for a L25 pleco - preferably 7 pointer Sao Felix. Cash and tank waiting. Pleaae let me know if you have any for sale. Distance wise, must be around couple of hours from London/meet half way or shipping preferred. thanks.
18.Large Typhoon 20/11/21 No
Looking for a typhoon pleco. Cash and tank waiting. Pleaae let me know if you have any for sale. Distance wise, must be around couple of hours from London/meet half way or shipping preferred.. thanks
19.WANTED L134 and L260 pleco females 19/11/21 No
Hi everyone, I'm after L134 and L260 females to ad to my male heavy groups, I prefer wild fish but will concider any reasonable option in up to 60 miles range form Leicester. I can also make a swap for adult channa aurantimaculata, I have males and females that I rised from fry, two different bl... ...
20.Moving - livestock sale: Tropical fish 17/11/21 Yes
Fire & smoke platy breeding pair (2 - £3) Neon tetra (1 - £0.5) Glowlight tetra (1 - £0.5) Female bristlenose pleco (1 - £6) Horse-face loach (£3), excellent substrate top-layer cleaner. NB, needs a patch of loose substrate to hide in. Breeding trio of Sterbai Corydoras (3 - £15) A... ...
21.Bristlenose Plecos 17/11/21 Yes
The guys have been breeding :) Unrelated parents, dad is albino mum is brown, the babies are all brown. Feeding well on cucumber and algae tabs. £5 each or three for £10. Strictly collection only from Kettering Please no time wasters!
22.Proven Bristlenose Male 17/11/21 Yes
Mature male Bristlenose Pleco (Ancistrus) Has mated and cared for eggs/young successfully Active chap, eats very well :) £8.00 Strictly collection only from Kettering NN15
23.reduced L399 L333 £45 for 2 17/11/21 No
2 wild adults pleco £30ea can send you pictures on WhatsApp
24.L236 pleco and L260 17/11/21 Yes
Your L236 2 inches £15ea 10 left I do deal on 10 L260 5 left
25.Full aquarium set up for sale 16/11/21 Yes
For sale, 195 Litre complete fish tank, comes with all ornaments, filter, heater and LED bubble tube, cleaning equipment including a brand new Python cleaning set and hook, over a years worth of food including holiday blocks and frozen bloodworms, shrimp and Mysis. I have a brand new spare filter... ...
26.Pleco 14/11/21 No
Galaxy pleco around 4 inch £15
27.The Fish Barn Stock list 13/11/21 No
NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE £28.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 12:00pm For Scotland please enquire. We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select the fish of your choice. Crustaceans: Neocaridina: Bloody Mary Shrimp £6.00 each 6/£33.00 Blue Dre... ...
28.L190 pleco for sale/swap 12/11/21 No
10x4-5inch £35 each, collect only from IP326HZ. 07411888818
29.Pleco, plecs, bristlenose plecos 12/11/21 Yes
Longfin Calico bristlenose pleco breeding adult female, 60£ Honeycomb Wabenmuster adult males, 4 available, 50£ each, I will swap as well one male for one female or two males for 2 females. Shortfin Green dragon plecos, group of 4, 3 females one male, 150£ Shortfin lemons adults trio, 2 males... ...
30.Fish for sale 11/11/21 No
1 x Vieja synspilum "12 1 x Black belt" 7 1 x v. Large Bala shark"7 1 x large upside down cat fish"7 1 x 16" sail fin pleco 07825285444
31.Royal Plec 6 inch Royal Pleco 10/11/21 Yes
Selling this great 6inch Royal Pleco as redone fish tank and don't want anymore, unusual spaced out markings, offers, collection from Swindon Wiltshire
32.Evolution aqua gloss white cube 10/11/21 Yes
As above 200l cube with cabinet, heater, fluval aquasky light and fx6 filter, around 30 odd fish and wood and plants, 2 L number mustard spot plecos included, immaculate condition no scratches at all. £550
33.Young Calico super red plecos.£4 10/11/21 Yes
Fish are feeding well and healthy they are an inch long,they are mainly red with small brown dots ,when fully grown the dots are not noticeable and adults turn a deep shade of red.
34.Rare plecos l14 l128 l240 and more 10/11/21 No
L27 thunder panaque £100 sold L14 golden sunshine x5 £60each £300 for all 5 L204 flash male £30 Leopard pleco (l205) £30 L240 Galaxy pleco £60 L128 blue phantom £60 Albino gibicep £20 sold Albino long fin bristle nose £10sold Tamworth
35.Juvenile German super red 09/11/21 No
German super red pleco 1.5 inch All eating well and very active. £5. Collection only from Warrington cheshire
36.Tropical fish for sale selling as a group 08/11/21 No
3 silver dollars 10” Red Devil (mostly white in colour with orange on him) 3 jack Dempsey 7” 5” 4” 6 Severum (green,rockteil,red spot) 5 parrots 2 of them are fully grown rest 4” Red terror 6” Geophagus 6” cichlid (don’t know what it is) 5” Electric blue acara 5” 2 alb... ...
37.L201 (Snowball pleco) 04/11/21 No
I have for sale juveniles L201. Size is around from 2cm to 5cm and price start from £7 to £15/each Collection from Edmonton North London
38.Polar Blue and Platinum Parrot fish can post 04/11/21 Yes
Platinum and Polar Blue Parrot fish for sale Lovely little fish with big personalities. They will grow up to 3-4" possibly larger. Very Hardy and easy to keep. I have kept them with a variety of different fish some of which have been Corydoras, Angel Fish, Plecos, lots of different South America... ...
39.PLECO FOR SALE london,kent 04/11/21 Yes
Plecs 1x calico bristlenose male 15cm £20 1x calico bristlenose male 8cm £15 1x L182 starlight Pleco male 7cm £20 2x L037 honeycomb Plec large 15cm+ £25 10x bristlenose 3/4cm £3 sold 1x breeding pair of bristlenose pleco 12cm £25 10x albino bristlenose Pleco 3cm £3 sold ... ...
40.Wanted - endlers 03/11/21 No
I'm after a large group of endlers and long fin super red plecos. Located in North Shropshire but travle to Connahs Quay regularly so can collect. If you can ship please do get in touch 07731593391
41.WANTED: Job Lots/Bulk Tropical & Cold Water Fish & Equipment 01/11/21 No
Starting up a fish house and I am after any types of equipment, fish, tanks, at a good reasonable price. Mainly after Job Lots. Koi Carp, Cichlids, Plecos etc etc Medium/Large fish tanks wanted too WhatsApp me @ 07516239855 if you have anything interesting Willing to collect locall... ...
42.L333 KING TIGER PLECO,S 01/11/21 No
43.L25 l24 l95 pleco 29/10/21 No
L24 £90 L25 £120 L95 £140
44.Oscar, uarus, plecs, koi. 28/10/21 No
Hi everyone, I do have few good size fish that cannot stay anymore in our 1000 litres tanks with perfect condition of water. that's the list and the reasons next to it. Paired of adult uarus-too territorial during the spawning season Single adult uaru-bullied by the pair of uaru/need a group to ... ...
45.WANTED Female Zebra pleco l46 l046 28/10/21 No
Looking for female zebra plecos. Willing to travel. Please contact me on 07578170450
46.L No: S and C No:S 25/10/21 No
Hi All Looking for breeding groups of Plecos and Corys for a breeding projectin a new fish house Ideally South of England but will travel Cash Waiting Call or Text
47.Albino Bristlenose plecos and Brown Bristlenose plecos 25/10/21 Yes
Albino Bristlenose plecos about an inch long £2 each Brown Bristlenose plecos about an inch long £1 each Bristlenose plecosusually reaching only five inches in most species. Having a diet of vegetation, consisting of mostly algae, also makes them an ideal tank addition: they are terrific tan... ...
48.Plecos wanted 23/10/21 No
Looking for a pleco or two, not fussy about variety, but must be say 4 inches or bigger and I have some fairly large cichlids who’ll eat anything smaller (so no bristlenoses, please). Ideally a rusty pleco, sailfin, or another interesting one that likes to eat algae. Text me what you have and ... ...
49.4 snowball plecos 23/10/21 No
Group of 4 snowball plecos £120 collection Canterbury
50.4 adult butterfly plecos 23/10/21 Yes
4 stunning plecos £120 the group collection Canterbury
51.L129 pleco 18/10/21 Yes
I have for sale my young group of 129 pleco There is 20 in total all between 2” and 3” didn’t intend to keep them this long but due to covid had to grow them on There is a good mix of males and females Lots of squiggles and spots on these F2 fishes In the group there is 2 snub n... ...
52.Pleco 17/10/21 No
Looking for a pleco needs to be atleast 4 inch plus to fit in nicely, and be able to post or be close to Colchester
53.Bristlenose Catfish Pair (1 x male & 1 x female) - £20 16/10/21 No
As title, one pair (1 x male & 1 x female) of Bristlenose Plecos. Fish are around 2 years old now and selling as I am closing a few of my tanks down. Male is around 4 inches and female is smaller at around 3 inches. £20 collected and pictures available upon request as I'm having tr... ...
54.Brokoponda, azul ,tsn catfish , l number plecos 15/10/21 Yes
Have few fish up for sale left most have sold here is whats left Azul peacock bass 3.5 inch £35 Brokoponda peacock bass 8 inch £50 L137 pleco 8 inch £35 Adonis pleco 2.5 inch £25 congo bichir polyptrus ansorgii 4.5 inch £30 Tiger shovelnose catfish 12inch slight kink to... ...
55.Various Tropical Fish 12/10/21 Yes
5x Adult Yellow Lab cichlids 5-6” - £35 Blue Mbuna 5” - £15 Convict Cichlid Fry 0.5-1cm+ - £1 Polar Blue Cichlid Fry 0.5-1cm - £2.50 Polar Blue Cichlid 1-2cm - £4 Polar Blue Cichlid 2cm+ - £6 18x Yellow Lab cichlids 2-3” - £45 T bar cichlids - 2-3cm - £5 Bristlenose... ...
56.Plecos Green Phantom Royal Watermelon L330, L24, L191,L104 ,L200a 12/10/21 Yes
Pleco's in Dorset. l200a Hi Fin Green Phantom (last two) £50.00 each, L330 Watermelon 7" - 9" £105.00 L24 Redfin Pseudacanthicus 3.5" - 4" £110.00 L191 Royal 2inch - 2.5inch £30.00 L104 Clown Pleco 2inch £10.00 All sizes are approximate, all feeding on flake, wafers, ... ...
57.Zebra pleco’s for sale 6x 09/10/21 No
Zebs for sale it’s not letting me upload pictures I can send by what’s app.. all around 2” ish £400 Nottingham Gedlig
58.LOOKING for L095 Orange Cheek Pleco 8 INCH PLUS 08/10/21 No
looking for L095 PLECO ORANGE CHEEK 8 inch plus Please message me if you have one to sell with images. Thanks Ryan
59.L144 08/10/21 Yes
L144 blue eyed lemon pleco 1inch £3.50 each or 3 for £10 Collection dy2 Please text for any more info
60.Looking for stendker discus or L number plecs 04/10/21 No
Hi there I’m looking for a few stendker discus to add to my collection. Preferably adult fish. Also looking for some nice L number plecos too. Please let me know what you have available and how much please. Not too far from Walsall area. Thank you. 07944180617.
61.Typhoon Pleco 03/10/21 No
Beautiful 10” Typhoon Pleco. Is superb condition. Good home with decent sized tank with good filtration required. Thinning out my overstocked tank. £300 Pics on request collection from Fordingbridge SP6
62.Baby tropical fish 01/10/21 Yes
Hi all for sale we have Baby guppies, various sizes and colours £1.50 each. Baby platies, oranges, yellows, hi fins & mickey mouse £1.50 each. Tiger mickey mouse platies £3 each. Ramshorn snails, various colours and sizes, great little cleaners for tropical, coldwater, and ponds 50p each... ...
63.30 baby bristle nose plecos St. Helens £30 23/09/21 No
For sale at least 30 bristle nose plecos super healthy, growing like crazy now 1 month old. £30 pick up or will deliver local for free. Text for pictures and videos etc 07538680565
64.£20 Albino bristlenose Pleco sucker fish algae eater 23/09/21 Yes
I have albino bristlenose plecos for sale 5x 6cm £25 7x 3.5cm £20 30x 2.5cm £50 Cash on collection only, from East Grinstead (possible local delivery in EG) I have fish bags etc. Thanks for looking Feel free to message me for different quantities sizes. Thanks Please research fi... ...
65.Common Pleco - Free to good home 21/09/21 No
Common pleco, approximately 10" Tank closure.
66.Full Set Up 120Litres including Fish 20/09/21 Yes
I am reluctantly selling my 120litre aquarium with all inhabitants.. *Tank & Cabinet *Hood & Light *Filter *2 heaters *1 Bristlenose Pleco *8 Kribensis including a breeding pair *A breeding pair of Electric Blue Acaras *2 pieces of bogwood *Various medications, food and some ex... ...
67.L066 King Tiger Pleco --- 20/09/21 Yes
L066 King Tigers Fry From 1.5" in size 1.5" = £8 each or 2 for £15 2" + = £15 each Stunning little plecs- not the best pics- will try get better pics Collection only - from Newport Gwent
68.L046 zebra pleco breeding group 20/09/21 Yes
Breeding group of zebra plecos. Consist of 11 fish. I believe 6 males 5 females. £2000
69.L128 BLUE PHANTOM PLECO - Hemiancistrus sp 2-3 inhes 19/09/21 Yes
L128 BLUE PHANTOM PLECO - Hemiancistrus sp 2-3 inches £49.99 Collection from Mansfield ng21 0at Many other fish available Call or txt on 07961-834026 for details national UK delivery available for additional charge Licensed by Newark & Sherwood District Council License number 1... ...
70.2-3 inch L081 Gold Nugget PLECO - Baryancistrus Xanthellus 19/09/21 Yes
L081 Gold Nugget PLECO - Baryancistrus Xanthellus 2-3 inches £39.99 Collection from Mansfield ng21 0at Many other fish available Call or txt on 07961-834026 for details national UK delivery available for additional charge Licensed by Newark & Sherwood District Council License... ...
71.L200A HI FIN GREEN PHANTOM PLECO - Hemiancistrus subviridis OR Baryancistrus demantoides 19/09/21 Yes
Collection from Mansfield ng21 0at L200A HI FIN GREEN PHANTOM PLECO - Hemiancistrus subviridis OR Baryancistrus demantoides 3-4 inches £59.99 6-7 inches £89.99 Many other fish available Call or txt on 07961-834026 for details national UK delivery available for additional charge Licens... ...
72.Frontosa and yellow labs 13/09/21 Yes
Frontosa and yellow labs for sale. Have also adult fish if interested, plecos also for sale. Collection only from Thatcham RG19. Any questions please ask. Thanks
73.PLECOS BRISTLE NOSE 2- 3 INCH 12/09/21 Yes
74.ZEBRA PLECOS L046 12/09/21 Yes
I have some lovely zebra Plecos for sale. About 6cm.Lovely healthy fish. Just need the tank space. £100 each. Collection only. 7 available.
75.Everything for sale 08/09/21 No
African lung fish 16 inch Dovii pair Rare dovii, white and orange male Various pleco
76.L046 Zebra Pleco future breeding group 07/09/21 Yes
x7 Zebra plecos around 2 years old. Looks like 4 females and x3 males from 3 different sources so will be an excellent breeding group in the next year or two. Strictly collection only from Oldham. Cost £125 each when bought. £800 is a bargain for the group! Change of plans and need for ... ...
77.Blue eyed lemon bristlenose plecos longfin shortfin 07/09/21 Yes
Fish for sale. Blue eyed lemon plecos, Longfin and shortfin available. Prices vary from longfin and shortfin. Collection and can post. 1-1.5 inches big. Well fed.
78.Everything for sale 06/09/21 No
African lung fish 16 inch Dovii pair Rare dovii, white and orange male Various pleco
79.Discus fish and L number plecos 04/09/21 Yes
Discus Checkerboard 2.5 inch x4. 3.5 inch x1 3 inch x11. Turk 2.5 inch x1, Red Turk 3 inch x1. Red cover 2.5 inch x1. 3 inch x2. 3.5 inch x3. Plecos L190 royal pleco 4 inch L52 butte... ...
80.(L numbers) (pleco’s) loads of different plecs available 03/09/21 No
Loads available give me a text on 07944255882 based in worcester
81.6ft full aquarium setup plus massive amount of extras - offers considered 02/09/21 Yes
Full setup including fish available. Livestock (all sizes approx): 1 x blue base crossback arowana 9/10” 1 x flagtail 10” 1 x L190 pleco 5” 5 x Sumatra 4 bar Datnioides microlepis (3” - 5”) 1 x New Guinea Tiger fish (D campbelli) System: Custom built Aquarium Connections displa... ...
82.Oak Cabinet Aquarium 310ltrs plus accessories £400 30/08/21 Yes
310ltr Oak Cabinet Aquarium with accessories, pump, external filter. Fish included/ or sold sepreately are: 6 x T-Bar Barbs (large) 1 x Red Tail Shark 3 x Flash plecos L204 (large) 2 x Hople cats (large) one albino 2 x Green tetras & one brown eel.
83.Adult/sub adult L066 King Tiger Pleco’s 27/08/21 No
Wanted adult/sub adult L066 King Tiger Pleco’s. Looking for females but will take a mix depending on ratios. Willing to travel if the price is right up to an hour from Liverpool or pay postage. Cash waiting TIA
84.Open to offers. MUST GO. Custom design Euro braced 750litre tank & stand. 26/08/21 Yes
Now has puppy damage. The reason I needed this selling too :( Open to offers to sell quickly. Take it now or it gets broken down and no sale offered. This tank has sat in our living room and was custom designed to be open top and have emersed grown plants growing high. I have specialised in t... ...
85.Ancistrus Bristlenose Plecos (free) 24/08/21 Yes
Homes wanted for several ancistrus bristlenose plecos. One fully grown (about four inches), plus others of various sizes (small ones born in the tank to fish bought at different times). 20+ in total. Letting them go as my son doesn't stay with me now, and he's lost interest. All free of charge. W... ...
86.Looking for l46 pleco 23/08/21 No
Looking forward l46 pleco Cornwall area 07944162385
87.L333 plecos 22/08/21 Yes
L333 plecos for sale 1"+ £10 might have few bigger ones as well . Pick up Leeds
88.Stowmarket 20/08/21 No
13-14 inch pleco Air pump
89.Fish tank and fish 19/08/21 No
ALL FOR SALE IN MANCHESTER 4ft L x 18inch W x 24inch H £120 Glass sliding lids , heater , light , white Gravel fluval u4 and 2 fluval u3 no stand fx4 Filter (new) £140 2 bags of fish tank ornaments, bogwood, water conditioner, koi air pump , 100m airline , fish food and treatment... ...
90.Turquoise severum adult male £50 ONO 18/08/21 Yes
‘Bruce’ is a rare, adult, male severum, very placid character, doesn’t even bully my stendker discus. Is just a food hogger from the discus hence honest sale. £50 ONO I’d be happy to swap him for a discus or a large pleco.
91.Trigon 350 Corner Aquarium- Full Tropical Setup 18/08/21 Yes
Juwel Trigon 350 Corner Fish Tank Aquarium - full set up - inc. Aquasky lights. Good used condition. Full set up - buyer to disassemble and transport. Fluval Trigon 350 tank and stand Eheim Heater, Air pump and stones Eheim filter -and allPond solutions filters - both fully established with to... ...
92.For sale Bristlenose plecos 12/08/21 Yes
Bristlenose plecos 3 month old 2 inches long, Yellow also black with yellow polkadot spots £2 each 200 available. Collection Southport.
93.L333 King Tiger Pleco - FAVERSHAM 07/08/21 Yes
L333 King Tiger Pleco available immediate as closing down tank good looking fish will take £20, half what you would pay in store.
94.Long Fin Green Dragons 05/08/21 Yes
Green Dragon Long Fin Plecos. 3cm+ £15 each. The image is of Dad. Growing and feeding well on Courgette, mushroom, carrot, peppers, algae wafers and flake food. Collection only - CF46
95.Multiple BASS for sale 04/08/21 Yes
Kelberi Peacock Bass approx 14” £120 Azul Peacock Bass approx 11” £100 Orinoco Peacock Bass approx 7-8” £60 Monocular Peacock Bass 11” £100 Stunning fish all eat pellets,frozen foods and live food Live with a red pike,Plecoptera and catfish Collection Blackpool and buyer to bring... ...
96.Community fish 03/08/21 Yes
I am moving house so have decided to sell up my tank. So I am selling all fish. 2 Angel fish £10 2 red robin gouramis, 2 dwarf gourami's and 1 three spot gourami £10 1 ghost knife fish 6inch £10 1 bulldog pleco and 1 snowball pleco £15 1 festive cichlid £5 5 assorted silver dollars about ... ...
Group of between 15-20 mixed sex bristlenose, ranging from 3-6 inches. Location Newton Aycliffe. PM with sensible offers. #bristlenose #forsale #plecs #aquarium #tropicalfish #fish #group #pleco #northeast #sale.
98.Tiger pleco L002 For sale 01/08/21 Yes
Tiger Pleco L002 babies approximately 3/4 cms £12 each or can do deals if you buy more than 1 Loads available Collection only from Hemel Hempstead
99.Full aquarium setup 330L bowfront 29/07/21 Yes
For sale, used condition comes with light, filter and a variety of coldwater freshwater fish. Including gold fish, 3 x weather loaches and red line rasporas, 1 normal and 1 plain algae eating pleco. Collection only from Abbeydale Willing to sell fish separately. Please message me with offe... ...
100.Hypostomus plecostomus 28/07/21 Yes
2 suckermouths need to go.... 1 30cm long and the other 25cm long Both are big £50 the pair
101.Corydoras Eques adult group 9 fish 23/07/21 Yes
I purchased 9 Corydoras Eques last month from a breeder. I have decided to focus my attention on breeding my pleco groups and Malawi Mbuna. These fish are stunning and good size. I am selling them on for less than I paid. Priced to sell at £140 for all. Also have Orange Venezuelanus x3 (£10 for 3)... ...
102.Moving - livestock sale, bulk discount available 23/07/21 Yes
Selling all livestock, prior to moving home. All appear healthy & are eating well: African Butterfly Fish, taking pellet, flake & live food (1 - £15) Burrowing Horseface Loach (1 - £10) White male angelfish (1 - £5) Yellow Molly (1 - £1) Orange & black platys (2 - £3) Neon tet... ...
103.L134, L236, L260, L471 and L280 plecos WANTED 21/07/21 No
Looking for pairs, trios and small groups of adult or semi adult fish, preferably wild but will consider F1's. I don't want very young or very old fish. I'm after following species: L134, L236, L260, L471 and L280. I can travel up 3hrs from Leicester to pick up fish but if you hit me with go... ...
104.Fluval Roma 200 Full Setup and Fish Included 20/07/21 Yes
This comes with everything someone needs for either a start up or already experienced and looking to upgrade. Comes with fluval 307 4 months old with box and warranty, heater, substrate, rocks, accessories etc. Will also come with the fish which are: 2 dwarf red gouramis, 2 red robin gouramis, 1 ... ...
105.American Cichlids for sale £250 15/07/21 Yes
Various American cichlids and Plecos for sale as follows - sad to sell them. Important they go to a good home Redhead cichlid 8” Cuban cichlid 6” Green terror 6” Jack Dempsey 4” Nicaragua cichlid 4” Pearlscale cichlid 5” Convict cichlid 3” Blue eyed cichlid 3” Firemout... ...
106.Clown knife and plecos 05/07/21 Yes
About 15 inch clown knife £50 14 + inch plecos £20 each Text if u want more pics or vids
107.Plecos 05/07/21 No
L200 £40 3”, L144 LongFin £15 2” body, L106 £15 1.5”, brown bn pair 5”M 4”F £35, calico bn 2.75” £15, albino bn LongFin £9 1.75” please send me a message or email and I’ll send photos thank you
108.Cherry shrimp red,blue,yellow neocaridina 02/07/21 Yes
Have lots of shrimps available, if you see this ad they are still available,no need to ask these are my original photos,taken from my shrimp and pleco tanks and are the shrimp you will receive Red £1 Blue velvet £2 yellow sakura £2 buy x5 get 1 free collection only from south east London se... ...
109.Various tropical fish, cichlids, catfish 29/06/21 Yes
All fish healthy, raised in community tanks since juveniles, all active and get on with each other. Open for swaps -Synodontis catfish 6-7 inches £25 -Macaw cichlid 4-5 inches £25 -Jack Dempsey 5-6 inches £22 -Convict cichlid 4-5 inches £18 -Parrot cichlid 3-4 inches £22 -Geophagus redh... ...
110.super red plecos 27/06/21 Yes
super red plecos 6cm growing and feeding well males and fenales 10 each Wigan 07792411392 collection only I do not post
111. L number Plecos for sale 25/06/21 No
Hi all, I am selling all my Plecos for now due to additional family commitments. The below are for sale: L097- polka dot cactus pleco- around 8" WC from Pier aquatics 3xL066- 1m,2f- adults 3xL204 flash pleco, adults 2xL129- sub adults 2xL15 adults 4xL002, 1m,3f adults 1xL182- starlight ... ...
112.bristlenoe plecos for sale 24/06/21 Yes
juvenile bristlenose plecos for sale £4 each will do deals on multiples. also have mollys for sale 50p each
113.Ancistrus plecos Albino, Red and Brown 23/06/21 Yes
Ancistrus plecos. Albino, brown, and Red short and long fins Various sizes available message for more details. Prices from £3 to £10 each Collection from EX38
114.Free to good home. 22/06/21 Yes
Free to good home. 10 to 12 inch Pleco and 2 x 6 inch synodontis cat fish. Collection only, bring your own net ond container. Need them gone asap due to building work starting. Yeovil area.
115.Panaque royal pleco 20/06/21 Yes
Good size plec Collection Reigate Surrey £80
116.FREE - 6cm Pleco & Kuhli Loach 19/06/21 Yes
I have the below pictured Pleco looking for a new home. I also have at least one kuhli loach that I'm looking to offload with him.
117.Fish pod 120 litres 19/06/21 Yes
I’m selling my extra fish tank, it’s a fish pod 120 complete with base, filter, heater and sand if wanted. Comeplete set cost well over £350. Very good condition everything works just selling as not needed anymore was my baby tank. Come with a free pleco 6/7 inch £100 bargain. Pick up only fro... ...
118.8-10” Common pleco 18/06/21 Yes
About 8-10” long Offers
119.Super red plecos 18/06/21 Yes
3 super red plecos, 2 female and 1 male. They had breed several times.
120.L280 Pleco Hypancistrus vandragti WANTED 16/06/21 No
Hi, I'm looking to buy some adult L280's, I just bought a trio and would like to make my group bigger, If you have a group of 3-8 fish and you want to sell them please let me know, I can pick them up from central England or East Yorkshire. Bart
121.Wild L134 pleco WANTED 05/06/21 No
Wild l134 plecos wanted near or around Sheffield must be wild pics required
122.Albino bristlenose young longfin and shortfin for sale 04/06/21 Yes
Longfin albino bristlenose plecos £3 each Shortfin albino bristlenose plecos £2 each Deals on multiple buys available Ready for sale. All over 1” Hatched and raised by myself and parents can be seen. Male longfin and female shortfin. Eating very well on a varied diet of courgette. Al... ...
123.8x2x2 Fishtank stand hood lots of extras £1100 02/06/21 Yes
8x2x2 fishtank stand and hood 2 Eheim profesional 3 filters one has a built in heater. chinese inline heater connected to the other Eheim filter. 2 fx6 filters 1 fx5 filter spare 2 aquarium systems full plant rgb led lighting Hma Filter to make tap water safe for fish All the filters ... ...
124.Royal Pleco 30/05/21 Yes
Beautiful royal pleco 7.5 - 8 inches long. Pick up only £50 no offers
125.CUSTOM BUILT... PLECO CAVE 25/05/21 Yes
FOR SALE Custom built pleco/fish slate cave 34cm length 23 cm high (cave only) full height is 28cm 12cm depth This item is hand built and is unique £45 COLLECTION FROM BASILDON OR CANTERBURY
126.CUSTOM BUILT... PLECO CAVE 25/05/21 Yes
FOR SALE Custom built pleco/fish slate cave 50cm length 20 cm high (cave only) full height 31cm 13cm depth This item is hand built and is unique £65 COLLECTION FROM BASILDON OR CANTERBURY
127.CUSTOM BUILT... PLECO CAVE 25/05/21 Yes
FOR SALE Custom built pleco/fish slate cave 27cm length 11 cm high 17cm depth This item is hand built and is unique £30 COLLECTION FROM BASILDON OR CANTERBURY
128.L number pleco for sale L066 20/05/21 Yes
Adult breeding group of 6 L066 King tiger pleco nice healthy fish, 3 male 3 female produced lots of fry for us. £150 for the group. Collection from EX38 only. I don't post.
129.L333 17/05/21 Yes
Hi I have available l333 plecos 15 at 1.5" £10 each and 3 or 4 at 2.5" £15 each . Collection Leeds for more pictures what's up me Thanks
130.WANTED - L471 plecos 16/05/21 No
White Spotted Dwarf Hypancistrus Pleco West Mids / Shrops / Staffs / Warks areas Thank you.
131.L144 lemon bristlenose pleco 14/05/21 Yes
Lemon Bristlenose plecs @ 1 inch body size from un-related parents. Picture is off my male. £3 each max 20 a box (minimum of 5 for postage) Kept in treated tap water with a water change every day. Fed on courgette, mushroom, hikari algae wafers Postage is £16.00 by next day special deliv... ...
132.10 x brown bristlenose pleco 14/05/21 Yes
10 x brown bristlenose pleco @ 1 inch body size from un-related parents. Picture is off my male. 10 for £18 Kept in treated tap water with a water change every day. Fed on courgette, mushroom, hikari algae wafers Postage is £16.00 by next day special delivery before 9pm for tues to Fri... ...
133.CUSTOM BUILT... PLECO CAVE 12/05/21 Yes
FOR SALE Custom built pleco/fish slate cave 37cm length 23 cm high (cave only) full height is 33cm 12cm depth This item is hand built and is unique £45 COLLECTION FROM BASILDON OR CANTERBURY
Hi Guys Im having a big clear out of some stocks to make space for 2 new big shipments due so looking to make new space. Here are some some of the stock I'm looking to discount/clear to the right homes. limited stock at these prices. Grade b red gar from £40 upward depends size 5&... ...
135.Cheap uncommon fish 09/05/21 No
Leporonus gossei aff. 8-12cm X5 £25 Leporonis arcus x6 10-12cm £30 L114 leopard cactus pleco 15cm £30 2x L201 8cm £20 for both Astyanax sp. 8-10cm x4 £10 Boulengerella maculata 18cm £30 Pics on request via WhatsApp +447861933465 Facebook 'John Southall' Email: musemanuk@liv... ...
136.L204 flash pleco females wanted 05/05/21 No
Hi I am looking for L204 flash plecos females only They will be housed in a 300l well established tank and good home for life guaranteed Willing to travel in the following counties essex,kent,surrey,east & west sussex for the right fish Cash waiting
137.Looking for Bristlenose pleco or any type of pleco 03/05/21 No
I'm looking for a bristlenose breeding pair. I live in East London Chingford so preferably, some where local would be amazing or if you can post them, even better!
138.L333 03/05/21 Yes
L333 plecos for sale have about 16 x 1.5" £10 each and 3x 6cm £15 each. Pick up Leeds
139.Bespoke breeder aquarium and stand 03/05/21 Yes
Bespoke rustic sliding barn door cabinet 126 l x 50 w x 82 h 3 section aquarium with matten filter 120 l x 40 w x 40 h Glass sliding lids for each section 2 aquael ultra heaters 75w Eheim air 400 air pump Mint condition Ideal use for pleco breeding groups £350 ono Collection only
140.REDUCED Closing down Stendker Discus and Angel Tank 03/05/21 Yes
*** REDUCED *** Fish kept in tap water treated with Seachem Prime, 28°C, feed on beefheart and various pallets. Priced low to sell quickly. 6" Blue Turquoise (£50) 6" Red Turquoise (£50) 5.5" Pigeon Snake skin (orange white blue) (£60) 5.5" Leopard Snake skin (white o... ...
141.Various large fish 30/04/21 Yes
Clarius catfish approx 11-13 inches long 15.00 Irredescent shark 15.00 Large pleco approx10-12 inches 20.00 Large pleco approx 7-9 inches 15.00 2 orange parrot fish 4-5 inches 25.00 pair or 15.00 each
142.Adult male bristlenose pleco £5 26/04/21 Yes
Adult male bristlenose pleco for sale. Cheap price £5. Collection from Birkenshaw.
143.Albino Sailfin Pleco 25/04/21 Yes
Female, 9 inches long, collect Warrington, price 20£
144.Albino Sailfin Pleco 24/04/21 Yes
Female, 9 inches long, collect Warrington, price 20£
145.Plecos bristlenose 20/04/21 Yes
Lovely bristle nose plecos needing homes - Fun happy bottom dwelling fish that will be happiest with some wood in their tank great algae eaters & help to keep your tank clean, will eat algae wafers, sweet-potato, courgette or cucumber.. £5 for 2 babies approx 1inch choice calico, or chocolat... ...
146.Variety of Fish 16/04/21 Yes
3 red spotted severum 1 gold severum 2 geophagus RedHeadTapajo (BREEDING PAIR) 3 geophagus ReadHeadTapajo 3 electric blue acara 2 red shoulder severum 3 green severum 2 yoyo loach 2 vieja synspillum 4 pleco 07923115412
147.Zebra pleco female wanted 13/04/21 No
Hi Iam intersted in adult zebra pleco. I can collect around London 30 miles radius.
148.Zebra Plecos L046 11/04/21 Yes
6 Zebra Plecos 5/6CM for sale. Available only due to job relocation abroad. Happy, healthy group growing well and eating well. Buyer must collect or do a handover somewhere. £750 OVNO I will not post.
149.Golden Nugget Pleco 04/04/21 No
As above Around 4 inch WhatsApp message 07817417296 for more pictures and information Located in Sa46 Willing to travel 2 hours to meet Thanks Sam
150.For sale Bristlenose plecos 30/03/21 Yes
Beautiful bristlenose plecos, 2 inch long. 4 yellow & 4 brown / black with yellow polkadot spots £3 each. I also have about a 100, 1/2 inch babies mixed colours as above £1 each.
152.Pleco 28/03/21 No
Pleco wanted any age must be L046 zebra pleco and L177
153. WANTED Breeding group Zebra Plecos L046 27/03/21 No
looking for a breeding group of zebra plecos Please contact
154.Cichlids for sale - call/text for prices 25/03/21 Yes
Albino Tiger Oscar 8" Tiger Oscar 8" Tiger Oscar 7" Albino Red Oscar 6" Tiger Oscar (Copper) 4" Blood Red Parrots 3" x2 Jack Dempsey 4" x2 Common pleco 11" x2 Common pleco 6" x2
155.Bristlenose plecos wanted 25/03/21 No
Looking for the following bristlenoses plecos, all sub-adults -green dragons -Snow White females -lemon longfins Please let me know what you have and feel free to send me a message. Preferably close to camberley, Surrey but will travel for the right fish
156.Free to GOOD Home 2 pink kissing Gourami Mature Fish 23/03/21 Yes
Lovely natured 2 kissing gouramis. Mature fish . Free to a good home. You collect so you need a carrier / transport. Remember Large fish need a big tank . Also big mature Pleco Free to good home . Pick up from W10 /Ladbroke Grove area . TEXT /WhatsApp Angie 07504221060
157.Free to GOOD Home Mature Pleco Needs Big Tank 23/03/21 Yes
Beloved Pleco needs a good home as we are downsizing our tank .Had him from tiny . Mature large fish . Free to a good home .You collect from us in w10/ Ladbroke Grove area Please be aware a large fish needs a big tank . Also 2 pink kissing gourami need home . Free also Text / WhatsAp Angie ... ...
158.Tropical set ups 4x2x18 4x18x15 fluval fx6 23/03/21 Yes
250 ono for the lot May split 2 x aquariums 4x2x18 4x18x15 3 x airpums Fluval fx6 less than a year old fully cycled media Stock common pleco Yoyloach 2 11" oscars one tiger one albino red
159.Pleco 22/03/21 No
I am looking to sell my watermelon pleco beautiful fish starting to get the bright yellow tips on its tail about 6/8 inch looking for 175 but open to offers
160.Pleco 22/03/21 Yes
I am looking to sell my watermelon pleco beautiful fish starting to get the bright yellow tips on its tail about 6/8 inch looking for 175 but open to offers
Some of the new stock below from PA all in stock. IN STOCK Aba Aba knifefish ( large size 14” -17” ) Elephant nose (petersii) Citherus Citherus Bagrus Docmak (Giant silver catfish) Spiny Eel Phago Maculatus (African long nose pike ) rare King Kong Parrot. (Orange) King Kong P... ...
162.Bristlenose Plecos for sale 18/03/21 Yes
Great algae eaters, small adult size so perfect for smaller aquariums Size: 3-5cm Age: 3 months (approx) Adult size: 4-5 inches £4 Each *** Due to covid I will only be offering doorstep collection only ***
163.Breeding fish for sale lnumbers discus cichlids bichir 17/03/21 Yes
9xl066 £50each large breeders 11xl033 £50each large breeders 2 pairs of l181 £150 a pair 1 proven young pair turquoise blue discus £150 1 proven pair gold x turquoise blue 6" £200 2xl191 £45 Lemon blue eye long fins 2" £20 each Snowhite short fin 1" £20 each Bron... ...
164.Bristlenose Pleco Ancistrus approx 4 months old 12/03/21 Yes
Plecos for sale 3 for £5 or bulk quantity available collect fom HA4, Middx
165.Pleco 11/03/21 No
Hi is anyone within 5 miles of Bracknell selling baby Plecos?
166.Guppies and bristlenose plecos tropical fish for sale 07/03/21 Yes
I have a few multicolored guppies for sale
167.L330 watermelon Pleco 05/03/21 No
For sale L330 Watermelon Pleco 8" great markings and condition Open to sensible offers..
168.L387 pleco fry 14/02/21 No
L387 fry around 3-4cm around 5-6 months old £12.50 each Collect from Handforth- SK9
169.Albino Longfin Pleco, Catfish, Suckerfish 13/02/21 Yes
Got various colours of guppies available.Various price ranges depending on the quality of the fish colour and finnage. I've got vaious coloured (mutt guppies) for £2.00 per male. Will sell females for £1.00. I've got higher quality guppies for up to £6. See my more expensive lines on my instagr... ...
170.Fish Tank Starter Tank 13/02/21 No
Selling second hand fish tanks (various sizes) with everything you need to start a tropical aquarium. Tank, heater, filter, food, plants, gravel and even some fish. Fish are loved by all children, in addition they reduce levels of stress, aid improvements in sleep quality, decrease pain and ... ...
171.Albino Convicts 13/02/21 Yes
About 2cm Will sell for £3 each Based in E17 Got various colours of guppies available.Various price ranges depending on the quality of the fish colour and finnage. I've got vaious coloured (mutt guppies) for £2.00 per male. Will sell females for £1.00. I've got higher quality guppies f... ...
172.Lyretail Mollies, Molly Platy 13/02/21 Yes
Got various colours of guppies available.Various price ranges depending on the quality of the fish colour and finnage. I've got vaious coloured (mutt guppies) for £2.00 per male. Will sell females for £1.00. I've got higher quality guppies for up to £6. See my more expensive lines on my instagr... ...
173.Large 6 inch L083 Sailfeen Pleco. Only £20. 12/02/21 Yes
For sale this beautiful 6 inch in size pleco. Very good tank cleaner for Discus or other large tropical fish. Healthy and always hungry. Only 20 pounds. Also 3 large 5 inch algae eaters plecos, I don't know the name. Very busy tank algae cleaners 3 for £20. Collection only from Doncaster. For... ...
174.Aqua marine aquarium for sale all fish included listed below 07/02/21 Yes
Selling an 8 month old aqua marin 1200 as upgrading to marine. Sale includes. 400l tank including sump Fluval led Bluetooth light. Lid guard 120kg of grey rock 25+ Malawi cichlids 2 parrot fish. 3 pleco ( 1 golden nugget) 4 cat fish. Sump has filter socks (clarisea not included) media, hea... ...
175.Aquarium fish tank juwel Rio 300L complete setup 04/02/21 No
Jewal Rio 300 tank aquarium Complete Setup Including The Cabinet And Everything Else. Condition is "Used". Comes with 8 African cichlids, 1leopard Pleco, a few clown loaches, brand new pond solution filter pfc 3000L and a 3D rock background
176.Aquarium fish tank juwel Rio 300L complete setup 03/02/21 Yes
Jewal Rio 300 tank aquarium Complete Setup Including The Cabinet And Everything Else. Condition is "Used". Comes with 8 African cichlids, 1leopard Pleco, a few clown loaches, brand new pond solution filter pfc 3000L and a 3D rock background
177.Jewel Rio 300 complete tank set up £350 01/02/21 Yes
Jewal Rio 300 tank aquarium Complete Setup Including The Cabinet And Everything Else. Condition is "Used". Comes with 8 African cichlids, 1leopard Pleco, a few clown loaches, brand new pond solution filter pfc 3000L and a 3D rock background
178.Groups of 4 brown Bristlenose pleco 29/01/21 Yes
I have 6 brown common bristlenose pleco available as a group. Fish are approximately 3inches each and growing fast. Fish are coming into adulthood and becoming sexed. £10 for all 4 Collection only - Warrington
179.Fish tank set up 25/01/21 Yes
2 fish tanks on the racking 43long 16 wide 14 tall 21 angel fish 2 large haps 2 bush fish 2 red juewels 5 zebra Malawi’s heater sump everything you need Red Sea max 250l 38 long 22wide 22tall full set up 5 bass 2 mono and 3 occelarias 2 fire ell silver Arowana flag tail 2 jaguar 3 Oscar 2 3 beac... ...
180.L399 pleco for sale 23/01/21 Yes
L399 pleco very nice fish over 4” long make me offer most go
181.Fish tank and fish 19/01/21 Yes
Fish Tank! Need gone ASAP 4ft x 2ft x 1.5ft 2 x APS 1200 IF Heater 3000 watts Swimming pool filtered sand 3D background (hand made) Lots of rocks Roughly around 20-30 assorted cichlids and 2 plecos £150 or make an offer Collection, Nottingham NG5
182.Male and Female Lemon Bristlenose Pleco 14/01/21 Yes
Male and Female Lemon Bristlenose Pleco. These are a young pair and the male is still growing. Taken from my breeding group. NB No I will not sell the female separately. The photo is of the actual fish for sale. Bred from unrelated parents and kept in treated tap water at 25 degrees with a water c... ...
183.6 foot tank equipment and stock 11/01/21 No
6 x 2 x 2 aqua one fish tank with stand, £380 fx5 with spare impeller and motor, £70 aps 2000ef 9W UV, £30 eheim pre filter, £5 300 watt heater with digital temp display, £20 Aqua Sky 2.0 33W 4 foot light £90 less than 3months old. 80kg aquarium sand, £25 breeding pair of red hea... ...
184.Brisltenose pleco 07/01/21 Yes
Size around 3-4 cm Price £1,5 each
185.Bristlenose Pleco ,Small, (1 Inch +) 04/01/21 Yes
Young Brown Bristlenose Pleco (Ancistrus sp.) Small 1 to 1 1/2 Inch. Ideal community fish that will keep your aquarium clean of algae and uneaten food. Beautiful examples,nice patterns. Adult Size 10-12 cm Temperature: 21-28 Collection from Derby. Can deliver for a small fee
186.Large pleco 02/01/21 Yes
Hi I’m Looking for extra large plecos for a 9ft tank..bigger the better! Thanks. Piers. 07956 457807
187.6ft, 510 litre ND Aquatics Aquarium for sale 01/01/21 Yes
A stunning 6ft ND aquatics aquarium, with oak effect cabinet & hood, all in very good condition. Tank measurements 6ft x 2ft x 1.5 ft, measurements with cabinet and hood L 74inch W 20inch H 56.5 inch. The tank was made to order in 2015 so is just over 5 years old, it comes with an Fluval FX6 filt... ...
188.Juvenile bristlenose plecos 31/12/20 Yes
Not babies 5 for £7.50 or 10 for £15 collection only fovant Sp3 5jb 50 available
189.Snow ball pleco L201 4" 28/12/20 Yes
Hi, I'm selling my snow ball pleco it's around 4" inches very healthy nice markings and colour. looking for £45 for him Collection from Stratford E201fg thanks for looking.
190.Snow ball pleco L201 4" 27/12/20 Yes
Hi, I'm selling my snow ball pleco it's around 4" inches very healthy nice markings and colour. looking for £45 for him Collection from Stratford E201fg thanks for looking.
191.Tank Closing - Bichirs/Cichlids/Catfish/Lungfish 26/12/20 No
Reluctant sale of my fish. I'm closing down my tanks and will have the below for sale. My apologies for no prices - This is a quick sale and will be very open to offers so don't shy away from sending me a message through text or whatsapp. Not many pictures on the ad as I mostly take videos. ... ...
192.:Amazon Puffer x 1 :Bristlenose Pleco x 4 22/12/20 Yes
Thining tank out too many fish. I have 1 Amazon Puffer about 2 inches long and 4 Bristlenose Plecos 2-3 inches long. All nice healthy fish, they need a new home. £25.00 cash the lot buyer collects. I will bag them up just before you wish to collect them. email me please, Phone switched... ...
193.Bristlenose plecos and cherry shrimp 22/12/20 Yes
Bristlenose plecos and cherry shrimp for sale My bristlenose plecos (Ancistrus) are having lots of babies, so I now have to sell some of them, to make space for their younger siblings. The pleco babies cost £1 per cm (e.g. £2 for a 2cm pleco), they are different sizes from 1 to 5 cm (see You... ...
194.240 litre fluval tank and dark brown cabinet 19/12/20 Yes
1 year old 240 litre tank with a 407 filter, heater, and tank decorations included. Tank also includes the tropical fish if wanted. These include approx 15 tetra, gourami, red tailed black shark, bristlenose catfish, 4 Corys, 2 plecos, 3 upside down catfish, 1 zebra loach, shrimp etc. All fish a... ...
195.Royal Pleco Bala Shark Clown Loaches 17/12/20 Yes
7” Royal Pleco - £50 4 x 6” Clown Loaches - offers 6” Bala Shark - offers Open to offers for all or separate. Located in SW London.
196.Sailfin pleco 16/12/20 Yes
Sailfin pleco 11inchs plus
197.Fluval 180 bow front - Full setup £80 09/12/20 Yes
The tank is sumped, so you'll need a large car and some blocks of wood to stand it on so the pipes don't get broken off the bottom in transport. Comes with the following; The stand (tatty as per photos) Fluval heater Bubble/led bar Air pump Fluval canister filter All plastic plants The sa... ...
198.Wabenmuster plecos 4 x males 09/12/20 Yes
I have 4 male wabenmusters roughly 3inch+ up for grabs £30 each or all 4 for £100 I have grown these out from fry and owned them a year
199.Large pond aquarium 03/12/20 Yes
I have large outdoor pond with glass viewing it’s all fibre glass around 5ft Lon 3ft wide 2ft deep it’s about 2000 litres comes with 2 pumps 2 heaters I also have 1ft redtail catfish in there a flower horn and a large pleco am wanting 400 for everything that price is a bargin the ponds them self... ...
200.WANTED SUNSHINE PLECO L014 02/12/20 No
WANTED SUNSHINE PLECO Any size 07831529555 Steve
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