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1.Bristle nose pleco for sale 01/06/20 Yes
BN pleco size 5cm to 7cm for sale some start developing bristle £2 each or 6 for £10 pickup from ch43
2.Pleco breeding caves 01/06/20 No
Pleco caves 5 breeding caves Plus 5 small caves £70.00 the lot
3.Red long fin Bristlenose 01/06/20 Yes
I have super red long fin bristlenose Pleco at 3 -4 cm ring for price 07790107174
4.L201 PLECO BARGAIN PRICE now 5 for £100 no offers 31/05/20 Yes
5.Dwarf chain loaches, tetras, apistogramma,ram 31/05/20 Yes
Selling fish as changing my setup 9-10 dwarf chain loaches 2 apistogramma 1 electric blue ram 3 cardinal tetra 8 ember tetra 3 harlequin rasbora 3 cardinal tetra 6 amano shrimp 2 bamboo shrimp 3 endler guppies 6 otocinclus catfish 1 bristle nose pleco Offers welcome for th... ...
6.SCREWCUMBER VEGGIE FEEDER/WEIGHT - Two year warranty - Free delivery 30/05/20 Yes
TROPICAL FISH FEEDER/WEIGHT. Effective and simple solution for anchoring veggies for bottom feeders. http://www.screwcumber.com Or see us on eBay UK! Fantastic for: Plecos, Clown loaches, Malawi Cichlids etc 2 Year swap out warranty. All payments processed by PayPal. We also dispat... ...
7.Wabenmuster Ancistrus/Bristlenose Plec/Pleco 30/05/20 Yes
Rarely seen in the UK, we have for sale a small number of the gorgeous Wabenmuster Ancistrus. As you can see from the photos, they live up to their name of the Honeycomb Ancistrus. Their markings are noticeable from a very young age. The fish we have for sale are a minimum of 1” body length p... ...
8.Sterbai Corys, common pleco, free to new home 30/05/20 Yes
10-12" common pleco 2× Sterbai Cory's Silver shark Black tetra Rehoming for my dad free to a new home, must take all tho
9.Large breeding group of L333s 30/05/20 Yes
Group of 13 adult L333s for sale... have bred for me multiple times... could only get a picture of 9 of them in the main photo because 2 was trapping and another 2 I couldn't get out the caves... they was showing stressed colours in the main picture due to been in a tub for awhile but as you can see... ...
10.Bristlenose Pleco (London) 30/05/20 Yes
A while ago I got two baby b/n plecos for my tank. It now seems one could be male and one female. I do not wish to breed them so want to rehome one of them. Approx size 4cm. Will consider swap for bronze corys or £4 - pay by paypal. Collect from NW5 2SP.
11.L95 pleco 30/05/20 Yes
Hi . For sale pleco L95 . Size 8 inch Price 190£ . Delivery can be arranged You can see vid on my Facebook page Top stingrays uk
12.Adonis pleco 12inches 29/05/20 Yes
12 inches long Adonis pleco possibily Male healthy nice specimen £40 or may swap for datnoids Collection only Liverpool
13.15” Sailfin Pleco 28/05/20 Yes
Free to a good home; 15” male Sailfin Pleco. House move forces tank breakdown. The Pleco is an absolute beast and very active. Have had him about a year but bought him already at a large size. Has been housed in a 5x2x2’ aquarium which will be sold once the fish are rehomed.
14.Pair of L029s for sale 25/05/20 Yes
Hi all, I got this excellent pair of Leporacanthicus galaxias-L029 plecos for sale. Both are between 7-8", female slightly bigger and plump. Selling them as I am downgrading to smaller plecos. I can swap with other small adult pleco pairs/groups OR £120 for the pair. Thanks.
15.Male Polka Dot Cactus pleco-L097 25/05/20 No
Hi, for sale is my wild caught L097 for sale, bought from Pier aquatics around an year ago. He is around 7"+, healthy and eating well. Reason for sale is downgrading to small plecos. i can swap for small pleco groups or £120 (paid same price when bought) Thanks.
16.Whiptail Catfish, x2 tropical fish pleco algae eater 24/05/20 Yes
WHIPTAIL CATFISH, tropical fish algae eater clean up crew. WHIPTAIL CATFISH – RINELORICARIA EIGENMANNI £20 for the pair Collection only from Darlington, DL1
17.Plecos L Hypancistrus tropical fish (L333, L066 King Tiger, Columbian pleco) 24/05/20 Yes
Plecos L Hypancistrus tropical fish (L333, L066 KingTiger, Columbian pleco) Group of X3 plecos, tropical fish Black & whitecolour variants I am unsure of exact ‘L’ numbers, I believe they are L333 or L066, Columbian pleco and the third unsure with it’s patterns. Looking for £60 for the grou... ...
18.L183 starlights bristlenose pleco x2, tropical fish 24/05/20 Yes
L183 starlightsbristlenose pleco x2 for sale, tropical fish For sale one of the best looking types of bristlenosein the hobby, L183 Starlights Pleco's are round 6cm in size, They require well kepted water quality, in aquarium of over 100litres with stable temperature around 74 °C, with plent... ...
19.L236 pleco 24/05/20 Yes
RB line grade A for sale very good quality and nice sizes just want to trim this group down £200 each NO OFFERS! It's a group of 11 would do a deal on the group as a whole.
20.L37 honeycomb pleco 23/05/20 Yes
Hi I have for sale a group of 7 honeycomb plecs for sale currently 5-6 inches in length would rather them go as a group rather than separate £175
21.Sunshine pleco L14 23/05/20 Yes
Sunshine pleco L14 Size 3 inch Price 95£ Delivery can be arranged Vid on my Facebook page . Please visit Top stingrays uk
Thank you for your patience during the last 10 weeks, but as of Monday 1st June we will be back to operating our normal opening hours with no restrictions on what is for sale. To continue to protect our staff and customers we ask that you stick to our strict social distancing rules... Rules ... ...
Thank you for your patience during the last 10 weeks, but as of Monday 1st June we will be back to operating our normal opening hours with no restrictions on what is for sale. To continue to protect our staff and customers we ask that you stick to our strict social distancing rules... Rules ... ...
24.XXL cactus pleco L114 18/05/20 Yes
Well north of ten inches probably closer go 12. Eats anything and is super chunky, looking for £100 Ono offer. Location SG9 07568302451.
25.Bristlenose pleco fry approx 120 17/05/20 Yes
approx 120 fry for sale £2.50 each or 5 for £10 Ready now will consider selling my breeding pair and setup for the right price. offers only Consett, County Durham 07554959417
26.70 brown bristlenose plecos £35 17/05/20 Yes
About 70 for £35 collection only near Salisbury
27.Dorado, mbu goonch other predators L numbers for sale 17/05/20 Yes
I have a few predator and L numbers for sale too.... Mbu giant puffer 8 inch £150 Endlicheri bichir 14 inch £60 Adonis pleco 12 inch £40 Teugelsi bichir 16 inch £50 Golden Dorado 15 inch £100 L24 pleco 10 inch £100 Mala wolf fish 12 inch £50 Mono peacock bass 4 inch £30 A... ...
28.L190 pleco 15/05/20 Yes
L190 pleco Size 8 inch Price 65£ Shipping can be arranged Vid available on my Facebook page Top stingrays uk
29.Predators, oddballs, l number plecos for sale list updated 15/05/20 Yes
Predators L numbers and oddballs for sale listed updayed rare L152 pinecone pleco 7 inches long healthy not often seen £125 Mala wolf fish 7 inch healthy feeding well on frozen ok with other fish same size or bigger £35 2x Forrest snakehead channa lucius 5 inches £25 Adonis pleco 12 i... ...
30.Snowball plecos L201 zebra plecos L046 14/05/20 Yes
Southend. Essex. Collection only. No posting. 4-7cm. I have 5 left. Price is fixed no matter how many you buy. High quality imports. I will not reply to messages on here so you will need to message me on 07512210106 Also got some very small zebra plecos £100 each.
31.Mayaheros Beani Laguna el camalote 11/05/20 Yes
Selling off some of my juveniles spawned from my largest pair. Over an inch 6 for £25 messsage me my number is+447988377632 also have rtm and Cubans and elliotti as well as rare l number plecos south London / Surrey
200g catfish pellets 2mm sinking pellets ideal for all catfish Cory pleco snails ramshorn loach shrimp bristlenose and other tropical and cold water fish Rich in protein ideal for healthy growing Thanks for watching.
Large aquarium 6-ft x 2ftx3ft. or something similar Also looking for good quality Geophagus and other eartheaters, Satanoperca, Guianacara, Biotodoma, Gymnogeopahgus ect Geophagus Sveni Geophagus tapajos Guianacara owroewefi Biotodoma cupido Biotodoma wavrini. Heros serus, and othe... ...
34.Wild Caught South American Fish, Plecos, Corydoras etc 09/05/20 Yes
The Fish Barn Aquatic Store Licensed to buy and sell fish: Alan Ball License number:LI/13/0656/PETS NATIONWIDE DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE £18.00 Guaranteed Next Day Delivery By 13:00pm For Scotland please enquire. We do request that customers come and view our stock to see and select t... ...
35.L183 pleco 08/05/20 No
Does anyone have any female l183 they would like to sell. I have a wild group that is very Male heavy and would like to add some more females. Thank you.
36.King Galaxy Plec 06/05/20 Yes
SOLD SOLD SOLD L282 King Galaxy Pleco around 10 - 12 Inches Eating very well on prawns, mussles, veg and meaty wafers £100 Whatsapps for more info
37.Red finned thrasher pleco 6 inch £30 06/05/20 Yes
6 inch red finned thrasher pleco very tame, beautiful fish Farnham £30
38.Angelicus Pleco 3.5 inch 06/05/20 Yes
Angelicus Pleco 3.5 inch £35
39.Columbian snowball pleco 2.5 inch 06/05/20 Yes
Columbian snowball pleco 2.5 inch £35
40.Leopard pleco 4inch 06/05/20 Yes
Leopard pleco 4inch £40
41.Bristlenose Plecos (Common, Super Red, Lemon, Calico) 05/05/20 No
Bristlenose plecos available for collection All 2-4inch size wise Common - £5 Super Red - £15 Lemon - £15 Calico - £10 Collection only Leeds 14
42.Bristlenose albino longfins albino short fins common short fins 05/05/20 Yes
Great for keeping tank clean,bred by myself,fed on foods such as algae wafers,and fresh vegetables daily. They need a tropical fish tank set up Please do research on YouTube on how to properly care for them. I can give you on-going advice from what I know from keeping and breeding plecos for the... ...
43.L144 SNOWWHITE BRISTLENOSE PLECOS £10 each or 6 for £50 05/05/20 Yes
Bristlenose Plecos Ancistrus - Tropical fish snowwhite L144 blue eyes 2-4cm Great for keeping tank clean,bred by myself,fed on foods such as algae wafers,and fresh cucumber,courgette,daily. stunning and rare plec,parents were imported from germany,pure strain snowwhites Limited numbers avai... ...
44.Open to offers 04/05/20 No
1 x large long fin tiger Oscar 1 x 4-5” parrot chichlid 5 x 4-5” silver dollars 1 x 6-7” red fin leopard pleco 1 x 6” ruby shark Open to offers Collection Portsmouth 07835718231
45.Pleco l397 02/05/20 Yes
I have 5 plecos l397 stunning fish I bought them as a breeding project , but have changed my mind , £150.00 for the lot collection Canterbury
46.German Super Red Bristlenose Pleco 28/04/20 Yes
I have 30 5cm German Super Red Bristlenose Plecos for sale. Looking for offers on the whole lot Parent can be seen in the first picture. These are all shortfin. Collection from Birmingham or delivery via APC
Rare and exotic fish specialists with 30 years experience. We source any freshwater or marine fish species globally at your request.Collection or delivery service available for all live fish. Any aquarium, design and installation or even maintenance for private, public or commercial premises. Fi... ...
48.Super red pleco WANTED 27/04/20 Yes
Looking for a breeding pair or trio of super red pleco Location SCOTLAND FK3
49.Snowball pleco 24/04/20 Yes
Looking for a pair of L471
50.Plecos Wanted, cash waiting 23/04/20 No
Plecos wanted, Looking to add to current breeding groups. Dont mind some travelling, cash waiting for the following.... L046 L183 L397 L306 L236 sw Thanks Dan
51.WANTED Pleco 23/04/20 No
I'm after a MALE Blue eyed Lemon Pleco. I have five females so willing to swap or buy.
52.Candy stripe pleco 5inch 22/04/20 Yes
Candy stripe pleco 5 inch £40
CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFO Location Wheatley hill durha.
54.L330 - L191 - L001 Pleco’s 21/04/20 No
Message me 07712294245
55.Plec collection L240/L204/L027 - All now sold 20/04/20 Yes
Need to thin out my stock. Got a nice L240 (Galaxy Vampire pleco, leporacanthicus galaxias) with supeb dorsal. 4-5" I'd guess. £30 Got some others that I could sell too including L027 (Panaque sp Gold Line Royal/ Rio Xingu). Can't get a nice pic but this is a stunning panaque. £30 L204 Flash p... ...
L014 GOLDIE GOLDY SUNSHINE PLECO Size 9 inch Price 150£ Shipping can be arranged for additional cost
57.Wanted l333 king tiger pleco 18/04/20 No
Hi I am after some l333 king tiger pleco and a descent price
58.Wanted yellow chubby pleco 15/04/20 No
Wanted to see if any vendors may have one local in herts or can ship cross country?? Feel free to text 07568302451
59.L047 Magnum Plecos 13/04/20 No
I have 4 Magnum Plecs for sale, I have had these for a few years so are feeding well and healthy. 160 to 200 mm x 3 £70 each 140mm x 1 £50 WhatsApp for pics 07778354060 Collection from Bridport Dorset or can send by courier.
60.Xl green phantom 2×king tiger 2xalbino king tiger 13/04/20 Yes
For sale is a XL high fin green phantom (stunning specemin) £45 . 2x black and white king tiger pleco £30 each and 2x albino king tiger plecos at £45 each. Berwick upon tweed area could deliver in northumberland or can post.
61.LOOK Lots of stunning community fish, bog wood, plants rock LOOK 12/04/20 Yes
finishing the hobby for now.. Collection from SA460JE after lockdown, can meet half way if someone is desperate for certain fish! 4X Large Bala shark circa 8-10" 11x Medium & Large Clown Loach circa 3"-9" lovely colours & healthy 10x fully grown Denison barbs, stunning quality (5 prov so... ...
62.L046 Zebra Pleco (wanted) 07/04/20 Yes
Hi I'm looking to add to my group of L046 Zebra Pleco's dont mind some travelling once this isolation is over. Please feel free to text me what you have Thank you stay safe everyone.
64.Panaqolus maccus juveniles L104 03/04/20 Yes
Clown dwarf pleco L104 juveniles for sale F1 1inch in size atm. Text me before you ringing only collection in Cheshire
65.African arowana rare fish in uk £100 cheapest around 31/03/20 Yes
Very rare fish in U.K. African arowana Very chilled fish as you can see he’s with my discus Very good tank cleaner better then Plecos by far He/she around 10/11” Very chunky Very health Only 4 month old so he/she going to be massive Wormed every month with my discus Viewing highly recom... ...
66.Wanted.. Wanted.. L144 Lemon blue eyed Female Pleco 29/03/20 No
L144 2 x Lemon blue eyed Female Pleco.
67.WANTED - Pair or trio of Super red pleco 27/03/20 No
Hi, I'm looking for a pair or trio of super red plecos, short or longfin Please email would require delivery or collection if local to Blackpool
68.Green phantom plec 27/03/20 Yes
I have a green phantom pleco for sale healthy and eating as normal around 5-6 inches only reason for sale of the last week or so he has started to get bullied £40
69.Leopard pleco panaque 26/03/20 Yes
Collection from ilford .. giving away for free .. no health issues just got breeding pair in tank don’t want him eating eggs.. 12 inches .. really healthy.. call me 07404647769 .. bring own container
70.L114 Pleco Pseudacanthicus.cf. Leopard Cactus WILD CAUGHT. 18/03/20 Yes
Superp specimen about 9inch + Very territorial to same species I believe it to be a male.
71.Albino l144 bristlenose plecos for sale £3 each brown bristlenose £1 each 18/03/20 Yes
Got about 50 l144 for sale, lemon bristlenose. Collection only eckington, Sheffield. Larger fish in photo is the father (not for sale). Also got brown bristlenose young £1 each Text or email thanks
72.L144 Lemon bristlenose plecos 15/03/20 Yes
Hi I have around 30 - 40 L144 blue eyed Lemon bristlenose pleco's for sale , 4-5cm , bred from adult pair, £2.50 each or 5 for £10 collection from Bedfont , West London. 07769326145 Neil
73.Pleco.hypancistrus contradens. 14/03/20 Yes
Loads of juveniles ready £5 each wn2 2hh.text.07834611738. Wigan.
07512210106. Text of WhatsApp for pictures and prices. I do not reply on here Plecos: Galaxy Royal Green phantom Peppermint Leopard Pineapple Candy stripe Colombian zebra Zebra Others: Red eye puffer fish Clown loaches Platinum betta Cigar shark Pearl stingray 20cm Flagtail barb ... ...
75.Common Pleco 6/7" 12/03/20 No
Hi, I have a common pleco that is outgrowing my 180 ltr aquarium, free to a good home as do not want to return to a store as he will most likely go into a sump tank. Collection only, possibility of arranging free delivery dependant on location.
76.Wanted Large Sunshine pleco L014 09/03/20 No
Large Sunshine pleco wanted
77.New tropical fish list. Southend 09/03/20 Yes
Fish for sale: Plecos: Galaxy Royal Green phantom Peppermint Flash Leopard Pineapple Candy stripe Colombian zebra Zebra Golden nugget Others: Red eye puffer fish Clown loaches Platinum betta Cigar shark Synodontis angelicus Pearl stingray 20cm Collection Southend. Please... ...
78.Super rare l082 up there with zebra pleco l046 l236 L066 and super reds for sale 08/03/20 Yes
Breeding group off l082 5 young adults in group £1350 super rare and these are the only ones for sale at this size and price.. Super reds bn size 5cm-9cm £5 for small and £20 for pairs L066 3.5cm-4cm £10each Can do deals on more then 6 Pick up from London can send more pic by watts app thanks
79.Looking for large female pleco 06/03/20 No
Hi I'm just looking around for a large female pleco, approximately 10-15 inches, just testing the water to see what's out there, I'm happy to travel up to 2-3 hours out of Coventry.
80.Hypancistrus SP. L173 pleco 05/03/20 Yes
I have 4 x L173 felix line juvies for sale 2 sets of different parents growing well eating anything Sizes from 1” - 1”1/2 without tail Collection only from Nuneaton Warwickshire £90 each
81.Plecos 03/03/20 Yes
Albino bristlenose around one inch 2 pounds each grimsby also have 333 and Angel's kio and marble
82.Plecos 03/03/20 Yes
L046 plecos for sale around 40mm £90 each grimsby
83.Plecos 03/03/20 Yes
L333 plecos for sale £15 each ono 50 plus available, eating blood warm and bug bits Big picture is mum
84.L PLECO FOR SALE 02/03/20 No
85.PLECOS 02/03/20 No
Selling the last of our pleco collection. Deals for taking all 4. 1 x small blue phantom pleco (£40) 1 x small snowball pleco (£40) 1 x king tiger pleco (£45) 1 x large green phantom pleco (£60) Collection only from Limehouse E14.
07512210106 Clown loaches £5 Black shark £20 Galaxy pleco £55 Zebra pleco £150 Flagtail barb £40 Royal pleco £25 Green phantom plecos £45 each or 3 for £100 Blue phantom pleco £60 Flash pleco £35 Peppermint pleco £35
87.Sunshine pleco 01/03/20 Yes
I have a 8” sunshine pleco for sale looking for £130 Ono, Absolutely stunning pleco, beautiful makings, Text— 07547696343
88.LARGE PLECO 29/02/20 Yes
I have a large pleco for sale will need an adequate size tank /pond he is approx 18 inch lovely example collection basingstoke £15
89.Clown Pleco 29/02/20 Yes
Clown Pleco £5 Collection only
90.Snow White plecos 26/02/20 No
I’m looking for some Snow White bristlenose adults or fry. near to Leeds cheers for looking.
91.Bristlenose Plecos 25/02/20 Yes
I have approximately 40 - 50 juvenile bristlenose plecos ready to go. Eating and growing well. Between 2-3 cms. Feeding on hikari wafers, cucumber and courgette. Mom is a super red long fin and dad is an albino. Will be interesting to see how these guys turn out. Looking for £3 each or can do deals ... ...
I have loads of the above for sale collection is southend, essex. also have loads of L number plecos for sale
93.Large Male Malawi Peacock Cichlid 23/02/20 Yes
Beautiful and perfect Male marble peacock Cichlid, king of the tank, bright pink backing colour and gorgeous marbling. Fully grown and only ever fed on spectrum pellets. £25 I have transportation bags and other fish for sale too. (Cichids, catfish, pleco's)
94.Large L090 Pleco 23/02/20 Yes
Large L090 Pleco for sale, 8 inch approx, won't get any bigger now. Mint condition, happy fish. Offers over £40 please, must be going to the right home. I have bags for taking any purchased fish home in, see my other ads for other fish for sale. (Cichlids, catfish, Pleco's) Thanks, Jay. 07... ...
95.Albino pleco 22/02/20 Yes
Albino pleco Approx 3 years old Needs to go to good home
Possibly the last chance to buy a baby fly river turtle legally anywhere in Europe. We have a very limited number in stock. First come first served. £1000 each. Rare and exotic fish specialists with 30 years experience. We source any freshwater or marine fish species globally at your request.C... ...
97.Synodintis cat fish -pleco 18/02/20 Yes
I have for sale 2number synodontis about 8-9cm long And a bristlenose pleco about 7-8cm long £30 for all 3 no offers
98.Male Bristlenose Pleco. 3-4 inches 17/02/20 Yes
Bristles coming through now. Chunky. Collection only from Grays,Essex as I don't drive. Bags supplied for transport. 07762 046208 for quicker response. £6.00.
99.Female Bristlenose Pleco. Fully grown. Breeder. 17/02/20 Yes
Fully grown proven breeder. Grays,Essex collection only as I don't drive. Bags supplied for transport. 07762 046208 for quicker response. £15.
Green phantom £50 Blue phantom £50 Galaxy £75 5 inches Peppermint pleco £70 I am in Southend Essex and cannot post
101.Pleco wanted 13/02/20 No
Looking for some adults pleco L002 L134 L201
102.250L tropical fish aquarium + fish £225 11/02/20 Yes
250L tropical fish aquarium (tank + cabinet) including a selection of tropical available. 4 x Severum 2 x tin foil barbs 2 x blue acara 1 x silver shark 1 x pleco
Please contact me if you are selling any of the above. 07512210106
104.Large common pleco 07/02/20 Yes
Hi have a large common pleco free to a good home he is 6-8 inchs
105.Black PANAQUE PLECO 05/02/20 Yes
About 4 inches eating well
106.Bristlenose Plecos and Red Cherry Shrimp 02/02/20 No
Juvinile bristle nose Plecos £3 each or offers if you want a few.Red Cherry shrimp 50p each or offers.For more information call 07508383834.
107.L066 King Tiger Pleco fry For Sale 31/01/20 Yes
L066 King Tigers Fry From 1.5" in size 1.5" = £8 each or 2 for £15 2" + = £13 each or 2 for £25 Stunning little plecs- not the best pics- will try get better pics Collection only - from Newport Gwent
108.Cactus pleco 28/01/20 Yes
Bob is for sale amazing cactus and full of character about year and half old.
109.Boyu 600litre tropical tank and fish 28/01/20 Yes
600 litre boyu tank in good condition. 2 fx6 filters Fluval led light 2 fluval heaters True parrot fish Cactus pleco 3 spot catfish Bichir Green sevrem Red Severn Headstander 3 clown loach's Few torpedoes Few algae eaters Silvia 4 silver dollars ... ...
110.L128 Blue Phantom Pleco 28/01/20 Yes
Looking to rehome my L128 Blue Phantom pleco , -3”- unsure on sex . Collection Auchtermuchty or can deliver local for fuel £30 07920077741
111.L191 Broken Line Royal Pleco 28/01/20 Yes
Looking to rehome my L191 broken line Royal pleco good size -4.5”- with a chunky head, unsure on sex. Collection Auchtermuchty or can deliver local £40 07920077741
112.L260 Queen Arabesque pleco 28/01/20 Yes
Looking to rehome my L260 Queen Arabesque pleco -3”- unsure on sex . Collection Auchtermuchty or can deliver local. £20 07920077741
113.Tiger Oscars Malawi cichlids, peacock bass 27/01/20 Yes
Hi we are castleside fish farms you can find us on facebook please like our page we are a small home breeeders New stock in here is this list American cichlids Tiger Oscars 5" Peacock bass 6" Malawi peacocks: Red rubin 5" Moori dolphin 4" Mbuna: Cobalt blue zebra 2" Electric yell... ...
114.Frontosa SOLD SOLD 26/01/20 Yes
Hi all. I have group of 6x10cm frontosa, looking to swap for clown loach or L pleco. If interested please text me on 07411888818, can send video vai WhatsApp. Thanks for looking.
115.5x2x2 Full tank set up, with 2000lph Filter, UV steriliser , large driftwood 23/01/20 Yes
Full tank set up 5x2x2 10mm glass no leaks selling due to closing down tank with regret. For sale 5x2x2 10mm glass tank with sliding glass sheets +hood+lights and stand with shelves. 2000lph all pond solutions filter with media. UV steriliser Twin air pumps with large sponge filter too. ... ...
116.Sailfin Mollies 22/01/20 No
I have around 20-25 sailfin mollies all currently about 2-3 cm. All black ones and orange with silver and small amounts of blue. Looking to sell at £1 each but will consider bulk discounts. Will also like swaps for honey gouramis or bristlenose plecos. Please email or text as I can't p... ...
117.pleco and Corydoras wanted 21/01/20 No
hi i am looking for adults pleco would be happy with small one for the right price l002 l046 l066 l134 l173b l201 l236 l264 l333 l397 l401 Corydoras Trilineatus Sterbai panda peppered Black Venezuelan Orange fin Julii Green laser Gold Laser Cory (CW010) Blue Spotted Co... ...
118.Common bristlenose pleco male 13/01/20 Yes
One and half year old male bristlenose pleco, he is a good size around 10-12cm SL. I only want £5 for him. He isn't fussy as expected, is best not fed though on carnivorous diets as the species is prone to bloat. I've owned him since he was 1cm.
Looking for any rare plecos. I am based in Essex. please message me with what you have. 07512210106 There are zebra plecos for £100 on ebay so would obviously have to be less than that.
£100 EACH. Please ask for a deal on multiple fish. Ready for collection or delivery. Click the links to purchase.
122.peacocks and haps 14/12/19 Yes
hi we are castleside fish farm you will find our page on facebook were just a small, growing home breeders we specialize in malawi,american cichlids and oddballs, we are not a business we don't have enough fish to be one but that is the target, we also stock loaches plecos, theres a nice selection o... ...
123.Plecostomus catfish free 06/12/19 Yes
2 plecostomus catfish 8 to 9 inch long,free for collection. Would prefer them to go together.Thanks
The last of the no reserve 1p auctions at Sims Tropical Fish will finish on Monday night. We will be reverting to buy it now listings from now on in our new eBay shop. Find us on eBay searching the species below or click the link and view all of our items. Visit our website which is attached als... ...
125.Stingrays, female BD black diamond and Mantilla ray. Royal plec 01/12/19 Yes
All fish in excellent health and condition, feeding well. A change in direction has led to sale. good homes only Most sold now, last couple left Collection only High Wycombe Mantilla Female blue base stingray 19" (very rare to find Mantillas nowadays proven breeder) - £350 Pure BD female s... ...
126.Blue Eyed panaque pleco huge awesome Ultra rare reduced half price reduced 30/11/19 Yes
One off opportunity to buy a very large Blue eyed Panaque pleco stunning 17” huge specimen zoo quality display animal..paid £500 for this stunning rare pleco stunning rare plec South Yorkshire Strictly no offers or timewasters Pick up or APC next day bargain £350 paid £500
127.L183 Starlight plecos - 2M, 1F all adults (BARGAIN PRICE) 22/11/19 Yes
Breeding group for only £60 Requires collection before end of day tomorrow. Please call Dan, 07414542639 Collection in Pontefract, West Yorkshire.
128.L330, L339, L190, L029, L141 21/11/19 Yes
L330 full spot royal 13-15cm. £50 L339 watermelon royal 13-15cm. £50 L190. Royal. 23-15cm. £40 L029 golden vampire £35 L141 ghost pleco. 10cm. £25 I might accept offers if reasonable
129.L014 Sau De Felix pleco 18/11/19 Yes
L014 sau de felix pleco. 28-30cm beautiful fish plus L253 sunshine pleco 28-30cm. £150 each. Gillingham kent.
130.l14-sunshine-pleco 16/11/19 Yes
Sunshine pleco 14” £130 ono
131.Sailfin pleco 13/11/19 Yes
Large sailfin pleco for sale about 9 inches £25 ono
132.Bristlenose plecos 13/11/19 Yes
Male brown bristlenose plecos males,3-4 inches £10 about 6 left
133.Pleco sucker Plecostomus Catfish for sale 13/11/19 Yes
Pleco sucker Plecostomus Catfish for sale 10 inches long and he has beautiful stunning pattern on him Pick up from my home address in Walthamstow East London please assure that you can bring own bucket bags for transportation £20
134.Pleco - Zebra Hypancistrus L0463 £180 10/11/19 Yes
Rare pleco,L0463, 5 available.
135.7ft dd predator set up with fish. 1100l Diplo snakehead, spanner barbs, wolf, Midas ect 07/11/19 No
Tank is 7ft X 34 inch wide and 2 ft tall. Stand has seen better days but presentable. Twin fx6 filters. Fish separately or Inc in total if all bought. 11" channa diplogramma very rare giant snakehead smaller cousin £200 sold. 6 5-7" spanner barb shoal £100 12" barred Midas red isletus £80 8-9... ...
136.Bunch of cichlids and cat fish 06/11/19 No
2 fire mouths 2 golden severums 6 cory fish 1 albino pleco 1 hybrid (looks like a featherfin ) 2x earth eater cichlids £8 each Cory all 6 for £10 Can deliver for fuel Costs or collection Weston super mare
137.Female longfin bristlenose pleco (lemon, albino, super red, calico) 04/11/19 No
Hi there, Looking for female longfin bristlenose pleco (lemon, albino, super red, calico) in and around London. Could potentially also be interested in the shortfin version as long as it is adult size. Feel free to drop me an email: s_deisler@hotmail.com Thanks!
138.FREE community tropical fish to go. 01/11/19 Yes
I have some community fish to go for FREE to established fish tank. These are not toys for kids or feeder fish. Available: 5 x Black Neon Tetra (chunky) 2 x Endler Guppy (males) 2 x Galaxy Rasbora 1 x Common Pleco 2 x Pinneaple Swortail (pair) 7 x Rummynose Tetra All for free. Please br... ...
139.Tropical fish for sale 31/10/19 No
I have for sale the following: 1x 4/5 inch royal pleco £40 1x 4/5 inch candy stripe pleco £20 1x 4/5 inch salvini cichlid £15 1x 2/3 inch Cuban cichlid £20 3x 3/4 inch red head Tapajos geophagus. £40 for all 3( not selling separately.) reason for sale is, I am closing my fish tank down becau... ...
140.Plecos and Hypancistrus 27/10/19 No
Accepting offers on Royal pleco 5-6” Bulldog Plec, leopard frog pleco and Hypancistrus L. See video. No silly offers please. Collection from SW LONDON
141.7ft aquarium full set up 26/10/19 Yes
Nd aquatic tank 7ft long 2ft high 18" wide. stand high gloss black. Fx6 filter Fluval led light 2 x 300w heaters Air stone Wave maker Home made light and other odd bits. Fish. 1 x bass 1 x massive oscar 1 x wild oscar 1x 12 fire eel 1 x cichlid 1 x urau 1 x bircher 1 x 14 ... ...
142.L14 Sunshine Pleco 24/10/19 Yes
I`m selling my L14 Sunshine plec in order that the rest of the L333 tank mates are not disturbed and can hopefully breed! Lovely fish - Around 4 - 4.5 inch. these sell for £100 plus in LFS £60 No Offers
143.L190 royal 20/10/19 Yes
Lovely L190 royal pleco for sale Around 5 inches in size, message for price
144.L239 Blue panaque 20/10/19 Yes
Beautiful blue panaque pleco, around 3 inches in size, lovely fish. Message for price
145.4 foot jewel aquarium and tropical fish 17/10/19 Yes
Full set up including heater, filter breathing pipe,ornaments, plants, led colour changing light. 4 common plecos one 12" , one 10" one 8" and one 4" . The 10" one is a very rare albino common pleco. There's mollies, guppies, neons, sail fin fish, red tail shark and others. ... ...
146.Seeking Bristlenose pleco pair 14/10/19 No
Hi Looking for a Bristlenose breeding pair. Preferably nearby in essex. Please email if you have any you can offer with amount.
147.L201 snowball pleco 13/10/19 No
Looking for L201 snowball pleco, male and female
148.Angel fish - severums and Pleco’s 12/10/19 Yes
I have 150 small angel fish - silver/black - 50p size Severums - hero’s - 2/3 ich Severum - rocktail 2/3 inch Royal panaque plec - L191 Royal watermelon - L330 Golden spot plec - L001/2 Message for pictures - 07712294245
Currently on eBay. No reserve. 1p starting price Click the link for more details.
150.140litre white tank-everything included 10/10/19 Yes
140 litre fish tank with HDOM filter max 28watts 240V-50Hz. All fish included, chichlids rainbow shark, Red-tailed black shark, silver dollar and two pleco's and a new babies too! One cabinet also goes with it and fish food and treatment just in case also included with accessories. Nothing wrong ... ...
151.10inch pleco 08/10/19 Yes
A 10inch pleco which has outgrown my tank lovely looking fish eating well...£10
152.L273 sp Red plecs for sale 08/10/19 No
Hi, I have 2x L273 sp Red plecos for sale! They're approximately 5.5-6" and are feeding on everything. Growing well and thickening up nicely. Currently kept in tap water and previously were in RO. Only reason for sale is shutting down the aquarium. Collection from West London, Northo... ...
153.L114 Leopard Plecos 08/10/19 No
Hi, I have 2x L114 Leopard plecos for sale! They're approximately 4" and are feeding on everything. Growing well and thickening up nicely. Currently kept in tap water and previously were in RO. Only reason for sale is shutting down the aquarium. Collection from West London, Northolt ... ...
154.Crenicichla vittata - Alligator Pike Cichlid 01/10/19 No
As above - now at 6-7 inches and just starting to show its adult coloration. Increasingly predatory, will eat anything that fits in its large mouth. Currently housed with and Oscar, Pleco's, Geos, Sevs etc and is fine in a community of larger fish it can't eat. Its out grown its out some of ... ...
155.Bristlenose albino longfins albino short fins common short fins 01/10/19 Yes
All my plecos are good size, very healthy 4-6cm, ready for new home. not tiny babies like others are selling. £1 each for common £2 each for albino. £5 each albino longfins adult common male (with bristles) £5 blue eyed lemons/super reds available soon(currently to small to sell) C... ...
156.L024 Sunshine Pleco 25/09/19 No
Hi, I have 1x L024 Sunshine pleco for sale! They're approximately 6" and are feeding on everything. Growing well and thickening up nicely. Currently kept in tap water and previously were in RO. Only reason for sale is shutting down the aquarium. Collection from West London, Northolt ... ...
157.L067 Pleco 25/09/19 No
Hi, I have 1x L067 pleco for sale! They're approximately 5.5-6" and are feeding on everything. Growing well and thickening up nicely. Currently kept in tap water and previously were in RO. Only reason for sale is shutting down the aquarium. Collection from West London, Northolt howev... ...
158.Geophagus angels plecos 23/09/19 Yes
Hi I have geophagus angels plecos and more for sale please do contact me if u would like to to see prices and list of fish
159.L236 pleco Inch half 23/09/19 No
Young eating like pigs 3 left £15ea or £40 for 3
160.Sultan pleco leporacanthicus josemali l264 19/09/19 Yes
Beautiful Sultan Pleco. Purchased from Wharf Aquatics. About 6cm. £30
161.Large Common Pleco for sale 18/09/19 Yes
Looking to sell large mature common pleco. Around 11-12 inches. Healthy and good looking specimen. Buyer collects from East London area.
162.Clown loach, Lnumber plecs , rotkeils many more breeding pairs 17/09/19 Yes
I have for sale Rotkeil sevs £15 ea 8 inch x2 /breeding pair sold £10 ea 6inch sold Jack Dempsey 5inch £5 Silver dollar 4/5 inch £5 L190 pleco 6inch £45 sold L200 pleco 5/6 inch £35 Clown loach 6 inch £30 sold pending Will do deal on multiple
163.Plecos wanted in Central belt 13/09/19 No
Mostly rarer types just checking what people have got available... not interedted in common or BN...
164.L027 xingu panaque pleco 4 inches -£40 09/09/19 No
Juvenile L027 xingu panaque pleco nice markings WhatsApp me for photos £40 Collection only whiston Liverpool
165.Pleco 05/09/19 No
For sale are l263 L333 L400 L340 L399 Black angle fish Rio nanny angles Torpedo barbs contact me 07733182673 for prices
166.Mascara barbs 05/09/19 Yes
Dawkinsia mascara barbs 6 large adults and around 10 juviniles, 3 redline torpedo barbs, green phantom L200 pleco all for sale must all go together as I don't want to be catching single fish. £100 ono
167.L398 OR L204 plecs WANTED 04/09/19 No
Looking for L204 Flash Pleco Panaque or L398 Panaqolus Tankei. I have a 190 Litre, 125 litre, 100 litre and 750 litre tanks so could take various sizes. Based in Peterborough. Happy to travel reasonable distance.
168.5ft fish tank with fish 04/09/19 Yes
5ft tropical fish tank for sale 570 litres / 150 U.S gallons Tank size- 5ft length 2ft width 2ft height Total size- 5ft 5 inch length. 2ft 3 inch width. 4ft 11inch height Comes with complete setup : Lights 2 - 300watt heaters 2 large external filters worth b... ...
169.4 Clown plecos.... £15 04/09/19 Yes
I have 4 Clown plecos that need a new home, they are all around 2 inch t 2.5 inch. never stop eating. pick up Bacup
170.Tropical fish in 5ft fish tank 04/09/19 Yes
Tropical fish included 5 - large Oscar cichlids 6 - silver dollars 3 spotted , 3 normal 3 - 12inch ish fire eels 4 - marble and pink convict cichlids 1 male 3 females , they spawn regularly 2 - 12inch sailfin Pleco 1 - calico female bristlenose Pleco 1 - 8inch senegal Birchir 1 - 6in... ...
171.Cichlids and others in 5ft fish tank 04/09/19 Yes
Cichlids include: 5 - large Oscar cichlids 4 - marble and pink convict cichlids 1 male 3 females , they spawn regularly 2 - parrot fish cichlids Other tropical fish included 6 - silver dollars 3 spotted , 3 normal 3 - 12inch ish fire eels 2 - 12inch sailfin Pleco 1 - calico female ... ...
We will be launching the largest tropical fish retail outlet in the country in September. Our online presence will make it possible to source every fish species available globally for the UK market with collection or delivery options. We will be focusing mainly on rare species in the high end financ... ...
173.Various predator oddball and L number pleco for sale 30/08/19 Yes
Various preds/oddballs/plecos/cichlids for sale Ripsaw catfish 14 inches -£50 Sailfin pimelodus Leiarius pictus 17 inches -£60 Emperor snakehead 6 inches £35 Red giant snakehead 8 inches £25 Asain red tail catfish 6 inches -£25 L75 pleco 6 inches -£35 Black belt cichlid 5 inche... ...
174.L001 Pleco Marbled Sailfin Approx 8" FREE to good home 28/08/19 No
SE London I wish to find a new home for our beloved Pleco, before it gets too big for our tank. Serious enquiries only please.
175.L075 pecklotia sabaji pleco 6 inches 27/08/19 Yes
L075 pecklotia sabaji pleco 6 inches long £25 Collection only whiston Liverpool
176.Fish tanks with stands Marine and Freshwater setups with stock 26/08/19 Yes
I have two aquariums for sale. Juwel rio 240l in light wood colour. complete with the stand. A few small scratches off the glass scraper magnet, but tank is water tight and complete with original lid. Upgraded T5 High output lights with separate Light ballast under the tank and not in the lid... ...
177.Selection of fish for sale 26/08/19 Yes
4x large Angelfish £10 each 1x Xlarge Crayfish £20 1x large Crayfish £10 3x large Common pleco £10 each 1 electric blue acara medium £10 Pictures on request All eating well on prima bloodworm Pick up only Bucket required
178.Bristlenose pleco 17/08/19 Yes
Bristlenose pleco From 1cm to 4cm Ranging from £0.50 to £2.50 Abertillery NP131ex 07427050016
179.Various predator oddball and L number pleco for sale 17/08/19 Yes
Various oddball and L numbers for sale Moving few fish on the following are all for sale Ripsaw catfish 14 inches long - £60 Lima shovelnose catfish 6 inches - £25 Asian red tail catfish 7 inches long - £30 L75 pecklotia sabaji 6 inches - £35 gold clown knife fish 7 inches - £25 Fossil... ...
180.Spawning cone ideal for discus fish and angels. 13/08/19 Yes
Ista Spawning cone size approx. 1090 x 75 x 40mm. Dispatched fast within 1 working day. The multifunction spawning cone is perfect not only for discus and angels, but also ideal for pleco’s and many other catfish as a cave as well. Stand upright for discus and angel fish spawning, and lie flat for ... ...
181.pineapple pleco 12/08/19 No
Pineapple pleco 6inch Uknown subspecies Any realistic offer accepted
182.Oak pleco caves 09/08/19 No
Oak pleco Caves, will need soaking before they will sink. Happy to post £3 each lots available
183.Bristlenose males 08/08/19 No
I have 3 bristlenose pleco males for sale or swap for a female. I'm in hove and if you would like pictures please message me as it wont allow me to upload any
184.Pleco for sale 04/08/19 Yes
he or she 25cm long ,reason for saleing getting to big for the tank . In good health I called him jaws lol please email.me on brucefisher1976@gmail.com open to offers
185.Trigon 190 with internal filter, helialux(day/night controller) and fluval 306. 02/08/19 No
2 year old tank, with all standard equipment. Extra equipment includes: Helialux Led and day/night controller, fluval 306, 18 medium size mbuna and 2 bristlenose plecos. Tank in good condition with only a few scratches. All gravel, rock included if wanted. Message me on 079694752 for pictures and... ...
186.Oscars wanted. 02/08/19 Yes
Hi I have a 3rd nice size tank with only 3 fish in it, 2 oscar's and a good sized angle fish they get on brilliant. Just asking if anyone has eigther oscar's or bristle pleco's with have out grown there tank's and your looking to rehome them. Im only looking for 3/4 more fish so they all have m... ...
187.Various predator oddball and L number pleco for sale 02/08/19 Yes
I have some fish for sale.... Ripsaw Niger catfish 13 inches £80 channa pleurophthalma occelated/5 spot snakehead 5 inches - £35 Polypterus ornate bichir 12/13 inches £35 L203 panaque shaeferi 2 inches - £25 L065 Blizzard cactus pleco 4 inches - £35 Rhino pleco pterygoplichthy... ...
188.Fish blue eyed plecos x2 small 26/07/19 Yes
Hello these are 2 blue eyed plecos long fin gen about 2 inch in size eating small pellets and pleco tabs and Algae.pick up only each £10 or both £15
189.Group of l398 pleco 24/07/19 Yes
I have a group of l398 pleco I need gone the night £120 for the group pick up south shields
190.L333 pleco 23/07/19 Yes
We have breed our own yellow base l333 plecos. They are around 1.5" and growing. The majority of our plecos are wild caught so our young will be f1s. Collection only from Middlesbrough. £15 each discount on purchase of 3 or more.
191.L091 royal pleco 5 inches £30 20/07/19 Yes
L091 royal pleco 5 inches long chunky fish £30 or swap for red snakehead Collection only whiston Liverpool
192.Brown Bristle nose pleco 20/07/19 No
1" plus in size. £2.50 each.kingswinford area.
193.Wild Caught L114 Leopard catcus Plecos 12cm 19/07/19 Yes
I have for sale 3 Wild Caught (Brazil) Leopard Cactus Plecos all currebtly feeding very well and wel settled into domestic aquarium life fish are for collection only please £30 Each
194.Super Red Bristlenose Pleco young male available 10/07/19 Yes
Photo is off one of the fish that is Available Normal fin young male from long fin female and normal fin male @ 2inch body size (still growing) £20 Fed on courgette, hikari algae wafers mushrooms, tetra prima and frozen lobster eggs. Kept in treated tap water at 25 degrees with a water change... ...
195.Young Adult Male Lemon Bristlenose Pleco 10/07/19 Yes
Young adult male lemon bristlenose. Tank bred from un related parents. Photo is off the actual fish for sale 2 1/2 inches already, still growing and a good colour lemon. £20 Kept in teated tap water at 25 degrees with a water change every day. Tds 125 Kh 4 Ph 6.4 Postage is by royal mail s... ...
196.Baby Pleco 09/07/19 Yes
I have over 50 baby Pleco now 6 weeks old and looking for their new homes. Collect from Sneyd green ST1. £2 each
197.Albino longfin bristlenose pleco 3-4cm. 06/07/19 Yes
Albino longfin bristlenose pleco 3-4cm. Collection from Bradford by appointment or delivery at 50p a mile. £10.00 each
198.L201 orrinoco 3-4 inches 06/07/19 Yes
L201 orrinoco pleco 3-4". Nice size and markings. Collection by appointment or delivery at 50p a mile.collection from Bradford. £25.00.
199.Larger Parrot fish for swap or sale 05/07/19 No
Big parrot fish for sale or swap for American cichlid or large pleco email me for number stuey2010@live.co.uk
200.Super Red Bristlenose Pleco Juveniles 05/07/19 Yes
Super Red Bristlenose Pleco Juveniles for sale. Around 1.25"/1.5" in size. £5 each. Located in Neath, South Wales Please call or text 07847476904 for more info.
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