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2.rare central american cichlids available 06/08/20 Yes
maskoheros Argentia 3" 20 each Few Paratheraps breidohri male 4" 20 Veija synspilum "4 15 Gorgeous blue spot variant Thoricthys ellioti pair (1m1f) 15 ExChiclasoma istlanum rio del oro 4" 25 few available (very rare) Other young available soon Parachromis la ceiba Nando... ...
3.Full community set up/ few oddballs 05/08/20 Yes
3 female koi fighters, 1 male koi fighter, 4 ember tetras, 1 black phantom, 2 XL green tiger barbs, XL white armoured shrimp, bronze Cory, upside catfish, panda gara gara, tire track eel 6 inches, african knife 4 inches. Feel free to message for individual fish, open to selling all together. Shu... ...
4.PET ZONE / In Store Now 04/08/20 Yes
FISH STOCK LIST COLDWATER Sarasa Comets Shubunkins Goldfish Red Comets TROPICAL Tiger Barb Mixed Male Guppy Red Eye Tetra Rosy Barb Sucking Loach Albino Angel Golden Gourami Opaline Gourami Blue/3 Spot Gourami Bronze Cory Peppered Cory Albino Cory Neon Tetra Gold Blue Eye Pea... ...
5.Starter Kit 04/08/20 Yes
I have tank advertised but in addition I have following Starter Kit -all new Cost New Selling Thermometer 3.20 Misc Check Valves /Stones /tube 7.00 API Freshwater Master Test Kit 28.00 Buckets 1x 4gallon 10.00 Gravel Cleaner 15.00 Tetra Complete Substrate 2.5kg 9.99 P... ...
6.Juwel Primo 110 Tank and Cabinet - Almost New 02/08/20 Yes
I'm selling a Juwel Primo tank and an SBX Rio 125 cabinet in black. The cabinet fits both the Primo 110 and Rio 125 as they have the same footprint. Both are a month old and in excellent condition. Tank dimensions are 81x35x45 cm. 110 litres. The back of the tank is painted black. The fixed s... ...
7.BLACK NEON TETRA 02/08/20 Yes
I have a group of Black Neon Tetra. all around the large size . 10 for 14 15 for 17.50 Based in West London
8.Aquarium Heaters 30 for all six 01/08/20 Yes
Aquarium Heater clear out (30 for SIX) Following fish room closure, below 06 aquarium heaters for sale. All working as can be seen in pictures. Interpet - 150w x 03 Interpet - 100w x 01 Tetratec - 100w x 01 Aqua - 50w x 01
9.Apistogramma Cacatuoides Orange Trio + Tankmates 29/07/20 Yes
Looking to sell my breeding trio of apistogramma and tank mates including 10 neon tetras, 5 pencil fish and 4 julii Cory's. Spider wood and a bag full of botanicals available too for Blackwater set up. Pics available on request. 50
10.EA Aquascaper 900 in gloss white and accessories 28/07/20 No
EA Aquascaper 900 in gloss white excellent condition with no scratches at all. Retails for 650. Sale price 350 Twinstar 900s light retails for 350. Sell price 230 Fluval fx4 filter 120 Also have quite a few fish being: Cardinal tetra, cherry shrimp, harlequin rasboras, Otto's, nerite ... ...
11.Aquaheaven current livestock list click on link 25/07/20 Yes
STOCK LIST UP DATE 22/07/20 cheapest in Leeds and West Yorkshire. Fish house is back open for appointments only please drop us a message or comment if you wish to visit. Any Stock that we have sold out of that you are wanting contact us for when we are getting more in,if there is anything you ... ...
We are delighted to be back operating our normal opening hours with no restrictions on what is for sale. To ensure the continued safety of our staff and customers we have made some slight adjustments which include no browsing in store however will do our best to enhance your shopping experience wit... ...
We are delighted to be back operating our normal opening hours with no restrictions on what is for sale. To ensure the continued safety of our staff and customers we have made some slight adjustments which include no browsing in store however will do our best to enhance your shopping experience wit... ...
14.Leopoldi Angelfish 21/07/20 Yes
Hi, I have juvenile leopoldi Angelfish for sale. Very rare to the hobby. They are 3rd generation from wild fish. They are 4 months old and feeding on tetra prima. I would like 5 each for them. Cash on collection. Call or text 07916053328
15.5 x Adult Serpae Tetra for rehoming. Collect from LL57. Free. 14/07/20 Yes
I've got 5 adult Serpae Tetra looking for a new home. They are healthy and happy and are at least 1 year old. I've just changed to a new tank and I want to change the nature of the community. These Tetra are now a bit boisterous so I'd like them to go to a new home. No charge. Collect from LL... ...
16.Congo tetra 12/07/20 No
Got 3 female and 2 Male adult Congo tetra for sale 10 for the five. Text me for info 07803 116333
17.Full tropical aquarium setup 11/07/20 Yes
Need everything gone ASAP as Im moving Full price includes 4 jumbo Congo tetras 2 bristlenose plecos 1 female pineapple swordtail Fluval filter Heater Gravel with plant fertilizer Plants Drift wood 130 liter aquarium Dont plan on selling the discus but willing to let them... ...
18.XL bleeding heart tetra, geophagus pelegrini, discus 11/07/20 No
Fish for sale looking for offers as need gone 4 x 4-6 geo pelligrini 4 x 3 bleeding heart tetra 2 x 4-5" discus, red map and neon blue turq Pics of available on request Collection only Dy6 by this weekend Contact 07967 252420 only I dont check messages on here
19.Black emperor tetras 07/07/20 Yes
Good quality almost adult sized black emperor tetras for sale. 1.50 each. Discount if buying 10 or more. Socially distanced collection only from DH70EQ.
20. FREE 4 x Columbian Tetra 06/07/20 Yes
Due to closing down my tank, 4 x Columbian Tetra, free to collector, all a good healthy size and feed well on pellets or bloodworm. any questions just ask. Whatsapp or Text only please. 07874 316 768
21.TetraTec External Filter EX1200 04/07/20 Yes
Hello, TetraTex EX1200 needs new seals connector media etc. 5 collection from UB1
22.Fish wanted 03/07/20 Yes
Dwarf cichlids,Corys,tetras,plates and plants wanted Also fluval aquasky or similar for fluval Roma 125 wanted
23.BumbleBee gobys gobies, Kuhli loach, bristlenose, guppies, guppys, green neon tetra, corydora 27/06/20 No
i have for sale: 3 x Adult Bumblebee gobies, 2 each 1 x Adult Panda Corydora, 2.50 3 x Adult Kuhli loaches, 2 each 1 x Adult male Brostlenose catfish, 5 6 x Adult Green neon tetra 2 each, around 30+ guppies lots of different colours and sizes, 1 each Will sell the full lot for 40 i... ...
24.Free to good home. Guppy mollies tetra 24/06/20 Yes
I have got free fish to give aqat they are all different collage picture show one each. I have 4 more mollies shown as black and orange all same. Postcode b8 2aq Email enquiries 07854333703
25.2 x Blue Angelfish (Pterophyllum sp.) Freshwater 23/06/20 Yes
A stunning pair of Blue Angel fish that paired off from a group. Have had these since they were around 3 months old and are now approx 5 to 6 months old. current size is 12 cm and 14 cm. To the best of my knowledge I believe to be make and female, starting to display male and female sexual organs. P... ...
26.Fluval Edge 46L Tank + Supplies 22/06/20 No
I have a Fluval Edge 46 liter tank for sale. It will come with a filter, heater, bubbler and some additional supplies. I currently have 6 Neon Tetras in there that also need to go. Collection from Long Buckby, Northamptonshire. 80 ONO
27.6 Neon Tetras (FREE) (Northamptonshire) 22/06/20 No
Due to a lack of time, I am giving away 6 Neon Tetras. I also have a 49L tank for sale (see other advert) Collection from Long Buckby, Northamptonshire.
28.Wanted community fish 21/06/20 No
Wanted lots of small fish tetras etc for a new community tank. 7 foot tank I need to fill. Cash waiting. London or within 30 miles
29.Various Tropical Fish & Inverts for Sale 17/06/20 Yes
30 for all. Over 80 worth of fish. All bought from Horsham Water Gardens. x8 Fan Tail Guppy, various colours, x1 Electric Blue Ram, x1 Celestial Danio, x6 Red Tetra, at least x2 Bumblebee Goby. Invertabrates; x3 snails and at least x1 large amano shrimp, but possibly up to x3. Average 2.90 ... ...
30.Complete Tank Set up Fluval Flex 57l 17/06/20 Yes
150 ono for EVERYTHING. Complete, stocked, established aquarium. Tank bought brand new and set up in October last year. Aquarium itself was 165 new, including the 100w heater. There is 80+ worth of fish, shrimp and snails plus 25 worth of plants and 25+ worth of wood and coral and rock in th... ...
Since we have shown these stunning fish off in our counter display tank everyone is wanting them!! Great additions to any planted or community aquarium we have loads in stock now at great prices: SM 2.25 each 5 for 10 COLLECTION ONLY. Pet Shop License Number: DCC/ALA/077976 Licenced b... ...
32.Shoal of adult Congo tetras x12 14/06/20 Yes
7 males 5 females 40 collection only from new Salisbury SP3 5dw
33.Tropical fish- various species for sale 10/06/20 Yes
Various tropical fish for sale, collection from S12. All healthy and ideal for community tank. Happy to consider offers for all or groups of fish. All purchased over the last 6 months. More images available upon request. 1 large black lace angel, 3 small silver/black angels 1 German blue ram 5... ...
34.Rummy noses tetra 2 each buy more than 10 1.50 each around 100 available 07/06/20 No
Rummy noses tetra 2 each buy more than 10 1.50 each around 100 available
35.tropical fish for sale 06/06/20 No
will be having lots of fish for sale next week tetras angels mollys platys barbs gouramis and others
36.Mix of tropical Fish 31/05/20 No
Im selling a large amount of tropical fish. As listed 7 Lemon tetras Looking for offers Had for about 8 months 6 Dwarf rainbow shiners. Had about 6 months or so. 1 male to 5 females to make them colours pop. Looking for offers 3 Angel fish these are the show stoppers of the tank. Beautiful! ... ...
37.Tropical fish large and small 30/05/20 No
For sale Small community fish 25 rummies 1 each 5 3 inch torpedos 5 each 9 penguin tetra 1 Each 7 assorted sword tails 1 Each 5 large assorted tiger barbs 10 the lot Large fish 8-9 inch sevrum 20 9-10 inch synodontis 5 2 7-8 inch senigal bircher 15 each
38.Tropical fish large and small 30/05/20 No
For sale Small community fish 25 rummies 1 each 5 3 inch torpedos 5 each 9 penguin tetra 1 Each 7 assorted sword tails 1 Each 5 large assorted tiger barbs 10 the lot Large fish 8-9 inch sevrum 20 9-10 inch synodontis 5 2 7-8 inch senigal bircher 15 each
39.Tropical fish large and small 30/05/20 Yes
For sale Small community fish 25 rummies 1 each 5 3 inch torpedos 5 each 9 penguin tetra 1 Each 7 assorted sword tails 1 Each 5 large assorted tiger barbs 10 the lot Large fish 8-9 inch sevrum 20 9-10 inch synodontis 5 2 7-8 inch senigal bircher 15 each
Wanted community fish tetras,swordtails, platties mollies I have 2 4ft tanks nearly empty if there are any for sale within 30miles of Nottingham please drop me a text.
41.5x Neon Tetras for re-homing. 19/05/20 No
Hello, I bought 6x Neon Tetras to live with my Betta back in October. One of them died shortly afterwards of swim-bladder disease, so there are now 5 Neon Tetras. Unfortunately it didn't work out, as they would sometimes nip at my Betta's tail, and I felt it was not really fair on him, as I have... ...
42.Discus fish 2 13/05/20 Yes
Hi for sale are my2 inch discus fish. These are golden leopard and intermediate. U can see the parents. Feeding really well on tetra prima. I have around 30 for sale. Local delivery available. Leytonstone, E11 Call on 07787228751
43.Nandopsis Tetracanthus x 5 cuban cichlids 12/05/20 Yes
Five Tetracanthus. 4 . 50 Buyer to collect from Sileby
I am selling my complete 6ft solid oak aquarium. Includes Eheim pro 3 2080 external filter with two inlets one each end. Two new tetratec in 1000 internal Filters. 3 eheim 300 watt heaters. 1 is new in box. Eheim twin air pump. 4 ft aqua sky LED Light. 100 kg of ocean and lava rock . Crushed cora... ...
45.Venustus and Essex Tetrastigma Otopharynx 02/05/20 Yes
Venustus and Tetrastigma Otopharynx 6cm plus, looking great, amazing colours, very healthy. 3 for 10. Collection Colchester Essex. serious enquiries only please, no time wasters wanting to buy job lots
46.Satanoperca Leucosticta Female 10 19/04/20 Yes
I have a trio of these and the spare female is getting a little bullied by the dominant female. Superb fish - perfect companion for angels, dicus etc. Won't touch even the smallest community fish - fine with tetras etc. Gorgeous fish! Full grown (more or less) at around 4" One of these pics shows... ...
47.Super red flame juvenile Discus Fish for sale, North Wales 15 18/04/20 Yes
Here, We have 40+ juvenile super red flame Discus Fish for sale, All have been wormed, & fed on baby brain shrimp from fry and now feed off home-made beef heart mix flake and tetra prima! 15 each or discount or 5 for 60! All babies are now kept in 100% tapwater, and receive a 20% water chan... ...
48.LOOK Lots of stunning community fish, bog wood, plants rock LOOK 12/04/20 Yes
finishing the hobby for now.. Collection from SA460JE after lockdown, can meet half way if someone is desperate for certain fish! 4X Large Bala shark circa 8-10" 11x Medium & Large Clown Loach circa 3"-9" lovely colours & healthy 10x fully grown Denison barbs, stunning quality (5 prov so... ...
49.Tank and fish 11/04/20 Yes
I have for sale my 4ft by 18inch tall by 15inch deep fish tank for sale. This is a full tropical set up with led lights filter heater and. 8 large silver dollars 4 big rainbows (cost me 16 for 5 small ones) Penguin tetras Black neons Glowlight tetras Bronze and an albino Cory One small clow... ...
50.Closing Down Lake Tangyanikan Aquarium 26/03/20 Yes
Hi, For sale: 3 x Dwarf Compreciceps 2 x Synodontis 1 x Tetracep I am ideally looking to have these sold all together or all species sold together seperately. These fish were purchased from Mike's Rift Valley shop Manchester of which all fish are F2 except for the Tetracep. Looking... ...
51.Last 6 for 10--BARGAIN---Geophagus steindechneri 1.5 inch(3-4cm) youngsters in Leeds 13/03/20 Yes
Very placid shoaling fish. Will not touch even neon tetras. I also have videos of parents of the youngsters. They are currently kept in 28C Pictures are of parents of actual fish for sale Last 6 for 10---bargain---Youngsters 1.5 inch(3-4cm) If you required further inormation please ... ...
52.Dennerle Nano Gravel + TetraPlant Complete substrate. 12/03/20 Yes
6 x 2 Kilo bags of Dennerle Nano Gavel Sulawesi black Specially rounded grains are perfect for shrimp and bottom dwelling fish safe. This is one of the best inert shrimp gravels on the market, Dennerle quality speaks for itself. Sulawesi Black is a deep black shiny colour. This is an inert grave... ...
53.6 foot aqua one aquarium and cabinet 450 11/03/20 Yes
Aqua one 1800 R six foot aquarium and beech cabinet, 600 litre capacity, very good condition. Great for cichlids or multiple small fish. Less than three years old. Comes with two tetratec external filters, battle ship/ air plane/tank ornaments/ heaters/ tank lights/ spares/ tubes/ cleaning equipme... ...
54.6 x columbian tetra and 2 x Denison barbs 09/03/20 Yes
6 columbian tetras 5-6cm 10 2 Denison barbs 6-7cm 10 Nice and healthy, will swap for cardinal tetras or plec Chester are
55.340L custom built tank and equipment for sale. 08/03/20 Yes
I am selling my 340L custom built set up. Only 2 years old. Can be used for any tropical fish. Included: 340L tank, cabinet and hood. Glass 97cmW, 67cmH, 46cmD Cabinet, 100cmW, 156H, 49cmD Lighting Arcadia Con3 and Bluetooth timer. 2 x Eheim Pro 3 filters. Heaters. Two water pumps, one to r... ...
56.Neon Tetras 24/02/20 Yes
We are selling Neon tetras Small are 1.25 each Large are 1.50 each We also sell other tropical fish Contact us for more information
57.Neon Tetras 24/02/20 Yes
We are selling Neon tetras Small are 1.25 each Large are 1.50 each We also sell other tropical fish Contact us for more information
Six to choose from, about 10cm and feeding well. Ready for collection or delivery.
59.Selection of tropical community fish for sale 20/02/20 No
Variety of community fish for sale as follows (all adult fish except where stated): 6 x 4" redline torpedo barbs 8 x neon rosy barbs 6 x sterbai cory 3 x bronze Cory (1 albino) - juvenile 5 large green cory 5 x 2" clown loach 8 x neon dwarf rainbow fish 1 x bristle nose plec Appr... ...
60.South American Cichlids, Corydoras, Tetra ect 15/02/20 No
Hello, Unfortunately I am having to downsize my beloved tank due to moving out from my parents and into a rented property. The collection of fish below are for only serious buyers as some of the fish aren't as common in the trade; all fish are wild caught. Pictures are available on request or vi... ...
6 fish available. First come First served. Click the link to purchase through our website or eBay to your have your fish delivered on Friday or reserved for collection.
62.Boyu 600litre tropical tank and fish 28/01/20 Yes
600 litre boyu tank in good condition. 2 fx6 filters Fluval led light 2 fluval heaters True parrot fish Cactus pleco 3 spot catfish Bichir Green sevrem Red Severn Headstander 3 clown loach's Few torpedoes Few algae eaters Silvia 4 silver dollars ... ...
63.Bargain 70 for all Fish medication most full some used 18/01/20 Yes
Here I have a job lot of all fish medication most full some are used but more than half full all in date Melafix 473ml full Pimafix 237ml full Water life anti white spot and fungus 250ml x2 full Waterlife gill and body flukes 250mlfull Prime water concentrate conditioner used once 1litre Pa... ...
64.6 ft fish tank 14/01/20 Yes
6 ft fish tank with a variety of small tetra and one weather loach
65.Tetra Aquarium and accessories 07/01/20 Yes
Comprising tank 2ft x 1ft x 1ft, light, heater, filter pack and pump. Genuine reason for sale - upgraded to bigger tank, these items have been thoroughly cleaned and they come from a very clean, non smoking household. Nearest offer to 40 will take the lot. Buyer must collect from DN4 area of Donc... ...
66.Large Complete Aquarium Fish tank including fish / gravel / plants Full setup 07/01/20 Yes
Large Glass fish tank with stand and base. Also includes 2 x Drift Wood, pots, plants, fish, gravel, CristalProfi greenling pump and light with day / night / colour changing season mode with remote. Harmonious tank including 2 x Blood Parrot cichlids, 3 x Penguin Tetra, A couple of Kribensis 1x ma... ...
67.Mixed tetras 20 01/01/20 No
5 lemon tetras 5 scissor tails 5 bleeding heart tetras
68.Live Food ~ Banana Worms & Walter Worms & Micro Worms 29/12/19 Yes
Available through ebay under seller tantyfang or via website, just ask for an invoice. This means less cost to you as there are no eBay fees. I have available Walter Worms & Banana Worms. These are just as easy to culture as Micro Worm, but half the size and more prolific. Ideal for small fry... ...
69.ND Aquatics Tank 5x2x2 in Matt grey with equipment 21/12/19 Yes
Hi folks, I know its the wrong time of year to post a tank for sale but this is a bargain tbh. It is a gorgeous tank with a couple of minor scratches that can only be seen if you really look for them. I also have x3 tetratec ex1200 filters and tetratec heaters 300 watt x2 and a blue tooth controlle... ...
70.12 x Adult Orange Hyphessobrycon Pulchripinnis 17/12/19 Yes
Good school of orange lemon tetra, all adults. Had them around 18 months. Getting rid as want to try a new species 40 takes them all - Just over 3 per fish, bargain. collection Wigan or delivery within 10 miles for an extra 5 Fee free to ring, text or WhatsApp thanks, James 07979123... ...
71.Tetraodon schoutedeni (Congo Spotted Puffer) breeding pair for sale 110 10/12/19 No
I'm looking for 110 for my pair of Tetraodon schoutedeni. They have spawned multiple times. You can see videos of the actual fish in spawning embrace on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=144El92wSDE Message me on 07799382005 if interested. Thanks.
72.FREE Buenos Aires Tetras (4) from central Cambridge 29/11/19 Yes
Four healthy fully grown Buenos Aires tetras. Let me know what tank setup you have to check they're suitable. About 7cm long. One has a slightly bent tail, and is rounded (presumably a female with eggs). Ideally they'd be happier in a larger shoal. NB I don't have good phone signal so wha... ...
73.Tropical fish and plants to rehome. 23/11/19 Yes
I have a 70 gallon tropical tank that i am breaking down and converting to marine. Its a heavily planted tank and has 1 8 inch angel 2 2 dwarf neon rainbows full size 3 9 lemon tetra 4 1 rubbernose 5 1 firemouth I am willing to give these fish away free if i can see they are going to a goo... ...
74.White diamonds 21/11/19 No
I'm selling a group of white diamond discus,all around 2" and very healthy,great appetite, colour, shape and behaviour,absolutely stunning looking fish and fed a very varied diet which includes beefheart a couple time a week,tetra prima,tetra energy pro,live brine shrimp, live white worms,live ... ...
75.Juwel Lido 200l for sale 300 or nearest offer 17/11/19 Yes
I am selling my Juwel Lido 200litre aquarium. It will come with a digital thermometer, hardscape(spiderwood and about 10kgs of Frodo stone) collection only The aquarium is about six months old and am selling as moving house and cant take it with me. Fish included if desired. It currently houses ... ...
76.Tropical fish for sale 40 16/11/19 Yes
I have 18 cardinal tetra,3 platinum tetra, a 3 inch keyhole cichlid, large male albino bristlenose and 2 brown kuhli loach looking for a new home in a well established tank, there's also some bogwood and live plants included if wanted. Only selling as my tank has cracked, pics are old but theyre the... ...
77.Fluval 200l tank setup with fluval G3 filter for sale. 250 14/11/19 Yes
Selling my fluval 200 litter tank setup with very good fluval G3 filter in good condition. Can add fish for extra 80pounds.all fish are good size, I have 2 red rainbows 4 bosmani rainbow 1 angel fish 3 Congo tetra 2 giant danios 1 pearl gaurami 1 golden gaurami 2 red tail rainbow all fish are health... ...
78.4 angels 9 cardinal tetras and 8 rummynose tetras for sale 12/11/19 Yes
Fish are about 8 months old
80.Fluval 200l black 02/11/19 Yes
4 months old. Complete set up. Got 300 worth of juvenile fish, only had them for 3 months. Filtration is EFX 400 Blue panaque 30 neon tetras 2 angel fish 3 zebra loaches 4 Odessa barbs 4 electric blue rams cichlids Want 700 for it all If you want to message me on Instagram for... ...
81.FREE community tropical fish to go. 01/11/19 Yes
I have some community fish to go for FREE to established fish tank. These are not toys for kids or feeder fish. Available: 5 x Black Neon Tetra (chunky) 2 x Endler Guppy (males) 2 x Galaxy Rasbora 1 x Common Pleco 2 x Pinneaple Swortail (pair) 7 x Rummynose Tetra All for free. Please br... ...
82.Marine equipment #2 27/10/19 No
Theiling roll mat 200 Kamoer 3 doser 40 Kamoer 4 doser boxed 50 Tmc 600 uv boxed 40 Fish trap 30 Fluval q2 air pump 15 Tetra aps300 air pump boxed 10 Redsea refractometer 10 3 easi dose doser containers 1.5l 20 D-d 750 chiller 125 each 2 available Hydor koralia 5 boxed 60 New... ...
83.Neolamprologus leleupi & tetracanthus + Red Empress. Sussex 25/10/19 Yes
For Sale: Rift Lake Cichlids 1 x Neolamprologus tetracanthus 6cm from LakeTanganyika 9.00 3 x Neolamprologus leleupi 5cm from LakeTanganyika 6.00 each (believe 1 x male 2 x female) 1 x Protomelas taeniolatus Red Empress 6cm from Lake Malawi 5.00 (Juvenile colouration) Buy them all for... ...
84.Bow fronted aquarium with fish 21/10/19 No
3t Bow fronted aquarium overhead led light internal power filter external filter with spray bar air pump and aerator bog wood rocks.1 adult blue discus 3 adult clown roach 4 rummy nosed tetras 2 sternai catfish.150
85.ND Aquatics 4x2x2 with Eheim 2180 thermo filter (1 year old) 17/10/19 Yes
600 JOB LOT Im selling an ND aquatics 4x2x2 tank with grey cabinet (few scratches) on opti-white front. Also selling Eheim 2180 thermo filter (1 year old) Livestock 4 keyhole cichlids Dozens on kribensis 30 odd Cardinal terras 10+ Serpae Tetra 8+ Corys 6 Siamese algae eaters 4/5... ...
100. Collection or delivery.
87.Juwel vision 180, co2, led, discuss 08/10/19 Yes
have for sale my beautiful aquarium its is a juwel vision 180 Aquarium Measurements: 123 (l) x 87 (w) x 65 (h) cm Cabinet Measurements: 123 (l) x 87 (w) x 73 (h) cm this is a stunning tank which i have upgraded all pf the parts, i have replaced the original t5 lighting (which will be ... ...
88.8 beautiful Congo Tetras - 3 male & 5 female for sale in SOMERSET 07/10/19 Yes
Lovely large shoal; 15 for all 8.
89.Aquarium and full set-up 100 x 68 x 40cm 07/10/19 Yes
Aquarium with stand, LED lights, filter/pump, heater, timers, gravel, plants, bogwood, plants on bogwood, moss balls, and fish if wanted. Tank size - 100 x 68 x 40cm. Height including stand - 143cm. Runs with about 270 litres of water, but can hold a touch more. Only 18 months old, as are the fish... ...
90.Juwel Rio 450 fishtank and all the trimmings 04/10/19 Yes
JUWEL RIO 450 Fishtank with matching cabinet Measurements 151 x 51 x 66 cm Excellent filtration system - Juwel Bioflow Super Illuminated by Juwel T5 Hi-Lite Day Layered with black substrate and white sand. Decorated with two large rocks, slate, numerous plants and a large peat log. L... ...
91.Neon tetra x8 for 10 collection Norwich NR5 8YL 29/09/19 Yes
Maidenhead Aquatics Neon tetra x8, nice big colour healthy tetras, collection for Norwich nr5 8yl - 10 for all 8
92.25 cardinal tetras for sale in SOMERSET 24/09/19 Yes
A large shoal of cardinals available from TA18. 10 for the whole shoal!!
93.Congo tetras 22/09/19 Yes
(SOLD) I have five Congo tetras available, free to a good home. There are three males and two females, and they are approx 5cm. All the fish are in very good healthy condition and feeding well.
94.Ember tetras 22/09/19 Yes
(SOLD) I have a group of Ember tetras available, free to a good home. There are 12 fish and all are in good healthy condition and feeding well.
Ready for collection or delivery.
96.Aqua one silver approx 200 ltr aquarium with aqua 1050 external filter and fish 28/08/19 Yes
Hi Im having to sell my Aqua One aquarium due to needing the space it comes with original stand which has a small cupboard in it. The tank is in great condition and so is the stand. The tank comes with the following: Large piece of coral, air stone and pump, aqua 1050 external pump only 12 month ... ...
97.Discus delights, gourmet discus fish food hamper. Net weight of foods 210g. 26/08/19 Yes
THEY COME IN MANY COMBINATIONS TO CHOOSE FROM. SEE OUR ON-LINE SHOP TODAY FOR DEALS AND BARGAINS. Nett weight of foods 210g, and just the same as the regular gourmet hampers, but without the plastic pots. Why pay for pots when you already have them and can refill them with the same regular disc... ...
98.Fish tanks with stands Marine and Freshwater setups with stock 26/08/19 Yes
I have two aquariums for sale. Juwel rio 240l in light wood colour. complete with the stand. A few small scratches off the glass scraper magnet, but tank is water tight and complete with original lid. Upgraded T5 High output lights with separate Light ballast under the tank and not in the lid... ...
99.Bettas, corys, endlers, tetras 23/08/19 Yes
I have for sale - blue Male betta - pink and blue female betta - 4 neon tetra - 2 peppered corydoras - 2 sterbai corydoras - 15 endler from baby to full grown They all live in my 240 litre aquarium and get along great, there is no fighting, no one has a specific territory they all come and... ...
THEY COME IN MANY COMBINATIONS TO CHOOSE FROM. SEE OUR ON-LINE SHOP TODAY FOR DEALS AND BARGAINS. Nett weight of foods 210g, and just the same as the regular gourmet hampers, but without the plastic pots. Why pay for pots when you already have them and can refill them with the same regular discus... ...
101.Nd Aquatics 7 ft aquarium fish tank with fluval fx5 eheim 2080 Hydor koralia 17/08/19 Yes
7ft ND Aquatics tank with stand and hood in Oak vaneer 7' x 2' x 2' with double thickness base 400 was 900 Hydor koralia wavemakers 4 controller plus 4 wavemakers plus light sensor 200 was 450 Eheim 2080 external filter plus in line Hydor heater 200 was 380 Fluval Fx5 external filter ... ...
102.6" flagtail, silver shark, 6 wild Congo tetras,2x 5" red tail shark.. 28/07/19 No
6" flagtail, silver shark, 6 wild Congo tetras,2x 5" red tail shark and a loach. make me a offer for the lot????
103.Bolivian Rams, Congo Tetras and Buenos Aires Tetras 20 27/07/19 No
3x Bolivian Rams approx. 2:5" / 3x Congo Tetras approx. 3" / 8x Buenos Aires Tetras approx. 2" 20 takes the lot - collection Ryton, Gateshead
104.Male Platy to give away 24/07/19 Yes
Hey I received a Platy but do not have the means to take good care of it. It is in a 2 litre tank without filter but I am changing 50% of the water with Tetra AquaSafe every day. Hoping to find a new owner who can take care of it with a bigger tank and filter and friends. I received two but the othe... ...
105.Aquarium and accessories for sale 23/07/19 Yes
Optiwhite 60x50x36cm scapers tank open top with twinstar 300 and Oase external filter with built in heater, internal Lilly pipe glassware and filter. Comes with frodo stone, manzanita wood, all plants and fish stock. Ember Tetras, Spotted Rasbora, CPD's, Salt and Pepper Corys, Panda Corys, Siamese A... ...
106.Tetra 18/07/19 Yes
Harlequin Rasbora 10 for 6, Angels 4.50. Guppies various from 1.20, Swordtails and platies from 1.50. mollies from 2. Also Dwarf frogs and Shrimp 10 x Neon Tetra 7.All beautiful fish. Lots of other community fish available too. Good prices for healthy, well kept tropical fish. Please contact ... ...
107.Various tropical fish, full tank set ups, 45l right up to 400l 15/07/19 Yes
I have for sale due to moving area: 20l tank with light, filter, no heater, no lid (no livestock) (10) 45l tank with light, filter, heater (no livestock) (25) 45l tank with light, filter, heater, blue male betta, 5 endler tetra (male) 5 salt and pepper corys (45) 180l tank with stand, ne... ...
108.3x2x1 tank 13/07/19 Yes
I have for sale a 3x2x1 tank it has led lights filters and heaters also loads of tetras corys and plecs tank on its own 100 or 300 with the fish
109.Three large angel Fish 13/07/19 Yes
Three large angel fish. Healthy and beautiful, only selling due to needing to sell our fish tank. Also available 2" congo tetra and 2" blue/yellow rainbow Collection or possible delivery in and around Reigate
110.2 Congo Tetra & Rainbow Fish 13/07/19 Yes
2" congo tetra and 2" blue/yellow rainbow fish Collection or possible delivery in and around Reigate
111.Fluval Roma 240 full set up+fish 12/07/19 Yes
Fluval Roma 240 with cabinet. All pond solutions 1400ef external filter with all pipe work minus spraybar, full of media including lava rock. Betta 150w heater only used around 2 month I still have the box. A thermometer with suction cup. Both original lights work fine, there is marks on th... ...
112.Super Red Bristlenose Pleco young male available 10/07/19 Yes
Photo is off one of the fish that is Available Normal fin young male from long fin female and normal fin male @ 2inch body size (still growing) 20 Fed on courgette, hikari algae wafers mushrooms, tetra prima and frozen lobster eggs. Kept in treated tap water at 25 degrees with a water change... ...
113.Community fish list 06/07/19 Yes
Stock list Assorted Molly's 2 Black sword tails 2 Koi swords 2 Red swords 2 Santa swords 2 Pineapple swords 2 Orange tiger barbs 1.50 Striped tiger barbs 1.50 Assorted gouramies 3 Dwarf gouramies 2.50 Assorted Angel's 3.50 Large cardinals 1.75 Gold rams 3.50 or 2 for 6 ... ...
114.100litre aquarium Filter, pump,excellent condition INC fish 03/07/19 Yes
100litre Tank, in excellent condition, no scratches to the glass or surrounding lid etc, has full LED function, white for day time and a dark blue setting for nights, long rectangular shape, comes with new filter, all ornaments from pets at home, large drift wood, black gravel, and decorative rocks.... ...
115.NOW SOLD---Excellent shoaling fish with big Cichlids---3 x Silver Dollar Tetras (2 x 4 inch/1 x 3 inch)--40 or make me an offer for all 3 in Leeds 25/06/19 Yes
We are moving to new project and selling most of our fish. Those 3 must go asap. Excellent with big fish. Pick up only from LS16 or can deliver within 10 miles radius from my home address (1 mile-1) Text me if interested in 07894712156
im selling off a load of tetras ive got neons , black neons , glowlight tetras , silver tip tetras x-ray tetras & cherry barbs all 1 each or 10 for 8 also cardinal tetras and rummy nose tetras 1.50 each or 10 for 13 any questions tel john 07738 636 626
117.Complete Tropical Aquarium inc fish for sale 17/06/19 Yes
Tropical fish complete set up. Healthy tank and fish. Overall size of cabinet and tank is 136cm tall x 80cm wide x 42cm front to back. Tank size is 64cm tall x 80cm x 42cm - 165lt. Aquaone make with Aquis 1050 external filter that sits in the cupboard underneath the tank. fish include 3 Pearl goura... ...
118.Juwel Lido 200L aquarium. Fully stocked, cycled, looking for a new home 13/06/19 Yes
This is a Juwel 200L aquarium, complete with stand, twin T5 fluroescent lighting, a heater and the excellent Juwel built in filter system which hides the pump, heater and wires. The tank measures 71 x 51 x 65 cm. The aquarium has been up and running for about six months, has been properly cycled... ...
119.Free to good home ROTHERHAM 12/06/19 No
I am shutting my tropical tank down and have some fish which are free to good home Neon tetras x20 approx Neon gobie Sword tail platties x20 adults + babies Male tuxedo guppies x3 Assassin snails x20 Amonno shrimp x10 Buyer to collect and must take all above in 1 go will need to bring ne... ...
120.10 Discus fish for-sale 03/06/19 Yes
I have 10 beautiful discus for sale 8 are 5-6 inches and 2 are 4-5 inches. Also 2 x golden rams and 5 x cardinal tetras. 180 for the lot
121.Congo tetras 02/06/19 No
Five Congo tetras ( one albino ) approx 3" Excellent condition from an healthy tank. 25
122.4ft fish tank full set up 300 30/05/19 Yes
Fish include: 3 black widows about 20 tetra 2 weather loaches 2 bristle nose plecs 1 clown plec 5 Pakistani loaches 2 giant shrimp 2 corys In a full set up 4 foot tank including pump, filter, ornaments, lights and fish
123.4ft fish tank full set up 300 30/05/19 Yes
A full set up 4 foot tank including pump, filter, ornaments, lights and fish Fish include: 3 black widows Estimate of about 20 tetra 2 weather loaches 2 bristle nose plecs 1 clown plec 5 Pakistani loaches 2 giant shrimp 2 corys
124.Juwel Trigon 190 tank and stand 27/05/19 Yes
For sale as it with Fish and Plants is my Juwel Trigon 190. I've moved on to marine now and just lost interest in freshwater. Fish include 2 x small pleco's, mollys, barbs and some others that i don't know the name of! Supplied with tetratec ex800 plus external filter, 300 watt heater, Juwel... ...
125.Various fish 24/05/19 No
2 x leopard bush fish. 1 betta belunga 10 large lemon tetra 2 gold shoulder Cory 1 large male krib 10 the lot. Closing tank down so need to go. Collection only. Blyth.
126.Bleeding Heart Tetras - 5 free 19/05/19 No
I want to use my aquarium to breed other fish so I want to find a home for 5 bleeding heart tetras.
127.Black Jewel Rio 240, Thetford. 19/05/19 No
Tank & Stand. Jewel Int/filter, Eccoflow 600 Pump, Tetratec 1000 Int/filter, Tetra Airpump, Double Overhead Light Unit [only 1 used], Marina 200w Heater, Bogwood & Gravel. Extra Airpump, 2 Heaters & 6 Buckets for Water Changers, Plus Other Bits. 60 For Quick Sale. Phone John 07593778952.
128.Community Fish 29/04/19 Yes
Hi i have a few community fish for sale 3 x neon tetra 2 x male endler guppies 2 x young male guppies not coloured up yet. 1 x young plain female guppy. 2 x common pleco 3 - 4 " 3 x glow light tetra All for 25
129.Looking for fish 28/04/19 No
Hi, do to changing back to tropicals, I am looking for some nice community fish, bristlenose plecs, or small plecs, angel fish, tetras etc. South Devon area
130.WANTED: Tropical Fishes and Nerite snails Milton Keynes 27/04/19 No
hi all i am looking for some small tropical fishes like tetras guppies etc and also some Zebra Nerite snails and pest trumpet snails. I am in Milton Keynes please get in touch on 07577567764
131.Pink Kissing Gourami 25/04/19 Yes
Large pink kissing Gourami approx. 4 " Will look beautiful in a display tank very peaceful currently kept with silver sharks, tetras and angel fish Price 10 collection only from Wolverhampton Wv11 3
132.Selling all our community tank fish 23/04/19 Yes
2 silver sharks Rainbow shark Red tail shark 2 blue gouramis Pearl gourami Orange gourami Glass tetra Phantom tetra Micky mouse platty Black molly White molly 8 molly babies (see picture as some are different) 2 feather fin cat fish Bulldog pleco Chocolate pleco Small common pleco 5 ... ...
133.Complete Tropical Aquarium Cheltenham 22/04/19 Yes
Aqua one 110 litre with inbuilt filter comes complete with heater pump planted bogwood x 2 ,live plants as per picture, 8 serpae tetras, 4 neons, 2 Plecos, pair of pearl gourami, spent over 200 accept 100 if sold quickly, new LED light, collect GL514UR easy access, no leaks or cracks
134.Tanks and fish for sale 22/04/19 Yes
I'm selling up items for sale Tanks for sale 10x 18x10x10 15 Each 7x 8x8x18 15 Each 3x 9x12x18 15 Each 6x 18x12x12 with racking one needs resealing 120 3x 24x12x12 with racking one needs resealing 60 fundulopanchax sjoestedti niger delta male 5 5x Krib 8 4x Anomalochromis thomasi ... ...
135.Complete tropical set up-Bargain for quick sale 22/04/19 Yes
URGENTLY need to rehome my aquarium as I am moving on 10th May and cannot take it with me. 300 litre? aquarium sat in purpose built cabinet. Running 2x fluval 306 canister external filters. Also LED light bar, heater. All internal decoration (synthetic) Plus fish. I do have a couple of poly fish box... ...
136.Juwel rio 180 and cabinet in beech 21/04/19 No
House move forces sale, l have downsized to a juwel 120, and therefore this is now surpless to requirements, its in beech. Only been emptied a month after l transferred the fish to there new home. The tank can be viewed and collected at anytime that is suitable. I am asking 120 which also includes ... ...
137.West african cichlids 20/04/19 Yes
I have a number of west african Cichlids for sale, a missorder has left me with some pairs available and some spare fish. I have one male pelvicachromis drachenfelsi from wouri river wild catch 18 And pairs available of Enigmatochromis Lucanusi also wild catch. 25 per pair-discount for m... ...
138.Few tetras for sale 20/04/19 No
I have some tetras that are surplus to requirements. Glow lights x9 Flame tetras x5 Lemon tetras x10 Tetra are all 1.50 each or ten for 12 I will sell tetras at all for 28 I also have a number of west african Cichlids for sale, a missorder has left me with some pairs available and some sp... ...
139.Fluval Roma 125 Litre Aquarium Bundle - 250 16/04/19 Yes
Fluval Roma 125 litre Aquarium for sale, including the following: - Tank - Eheim Pickup 160 Filter - Newa Therm Pro Heater - Fluval Aquasky LED lighting - Air pump and flexible air stone - All tank decorations and plants (includes rocks, bogwood, coconut, gravel and any other bits I have!) -... ...
140.Tropical fish for sale (Halifax, Huddersfield, Leeds, West Yorkshire) 13/04/19 No
Possible pair of Crenicara Punctulatum (bought from pier aquatics) - 20 1 x Adult male Dicrossus Maculatus (bought from pier aquatics) - 10 2 x Adult Male Bristlenose - 5 each 4 x Adult Buenos Aires Tetra - 5 for them all 15 x Emperor Tetra (juveniles) - 1 each (would consider sel... ...
141.Red Zebra cichlids 09/04/19 Yes
Around 3 inches long and have 30 of them. 5 each. they are in great condition fed on a diet of Tetra prima and frozen Artemia
142.Fish stock sale due to tank closure 09/04/19 Yes
Due to ill health I'm having to close down my tanks. I will be selling tanks but all livestock to go first buyer to bring suitable containers for transport of fish and I need to know they are going to a suitable home. Currently buyer will have to catch fish as I'm not physically fit enough to do so... ...
143.BUCKTOOTH TETRAS x20 03/04/19 No
I have for sale 20 BUCKTOOTH TETRAS between 2-3 inches feeding well. All offers will be considered
144.Biorb Life 60 - modified for sand w-mech filter with stand 02/04/19 Yes
Biorb Life 60 tropical - modified with internal filter and black sand and matching black aquarium stand. Excellent condition. Comes with: X1 piano black stand X1 Fluval E100 digital heater X1 fluval U2 filter (mature aquarium ready for fish) X1 Tetra APS100 air pump Biorb LED light Java fer... ...
145.Free to good home-34 Mixed Tropical Fish- need gone ASAP 25/03/19 No
Free to a good home, need gone by Friday 29th March. Based in TN16 -Kent Includes: 2 x Male Parkinsons Rainbow 1 x Praecox Rainbow 1 x Blue Rainbow 4 x Red Eye Tetra 5 x Glowlight Tetra 2 x Odessa Barbs 3 x Salt and Pepper Cory 1 x Whiptail Catfish (medium) 1 x Clown Pleco (small) 3 x ... ...
146.3 cardinal Tetras & 1 Endler Guppy free for collection 22/03/19 No
I have 3 Cardinal Tetras and 1 Endler Guppy roughly over 1 year old needing a new home, due to moving house unable to accommodate a tropical tank. Free for collection from Crawley, West Sussex.
147.Fish livestock list updated 21/03/19 World of Water Crawley, West Sussex (APC delivery available) 21/03/19 Yes
Please find attached up to date stocklist published 21/03/19. Please refer to our Facebook page for more regularly updated pages, along with photos, videos etc of new stock and special offers. ‭ We prefer collection from our superstore in West Sussex, on the outskirts of Crawley. We can del... ...
148.ill health causes us to close small fish house 16/03/19 Yes
have various things to sell due to the close down of a small fish house some things are brand new but others are in excellent condition.can send photos if needed. eheim professional 3e 7000filler-2078with fittings 150.00 tetratec ex 1200 filter with media 50.00 vectar 600 ultraviolet light 40.... ...
149.Lots of tropical fish available 01/03/19 No
Lots of cheap fish available All large healthy fish 🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠 New stock ready to go Tiger barb 60 p or 10 for 5 Danio 5 cm 75 p or 10 for 7 Neon 3 cm 80 p or 10 fo... ...
150.Lots of tropical fish available 01/03/19 Yes
Lots of cheap fish available All large healthy fish 🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠 New stock ready to go Tiger barb 60 p or 10 for 5 Danio 5 cm 75 p or 10 for 7 Neon 3 cm 80 p or 10 for 7 Cloud minnow 4 cm 50 p Glowligh... ...
151.17x Bleeding Heart Tetra (Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma) 24/02/19 Yes
17 x Hyphessobrycon erythrostigma (bleeding heart tetra), quite expensive to buy at this size, I am asking just 35.00 for all 17. There are at least 3 large males in the group. Most are wild caught according to the original seller. I only bought these 6 months ago and they have grown well. Take... ...
152.Tetra 500litre canister filter for sale 25 16/02/19 Yes
Only used for 1 weekend at a show comes complete with hoses. Call for more details
153.WANTED Fluval 406 or bigger tetratec ex1200 or bigger WANTED 13/02/19 No
External filter wanted 380 liter tank so no small ones must be known makes fluval tetratec
154.Tropical fish, pelco, tetra, barb 11/02/19 Yes
Closing my tank need to rehome my fish The golden nuggets are beautiful and the colours on the tetras are amazing the pictures dont do them justice. All fish are eating well and no new fish introduced in at least 6months. 1 common plec 1 bristlenose plec 2 gold nugget plecos 2 denison b... ...
155.7 adult Buenos Aries tetras 08/02/19 Yes
7 adult bunks Aries tetras Great fish active and hard to find at this size Perfect tetra to go along with decent sized cichlids or a robust community tank 20 for the group Collection only stoke on Trent
156.Tetra Pleco Spirulina algae Wafers (1.75Kg) 05/02/19 Yes
Brand new sealed bucket of Tetra Pleco Spirulina Wafers 1.75kg Complete food for all herbivorous bottom-feeders, with algae protein and spirulina to meet their specific nutritional needs 53.00 inclusive of postage
157.lighting for sale 25/01/19 No
! T8 100cm ROMA FLUVAL 200 Ballast with led lighting (2 strips) installed. 80 2 Aquasky led remote controlled strip lighting with adjustable brackets for 100cm length tank.Remote can replicate,colds,moon,lighting etc. 60 each Lots of rock,wood,bonsai tree ,large air pump and tetra tec ex7... ...
158.Complete fish tank set up for sale 21/01/19 Yes
55 litre tank & stand complete with aqua one filter with spare cartridge, heater, fluval Q.5 air pump with air stone, new tube light, plants and rock, gravel, all about 7 months old. FISH inc. 1 x plec, 2 x corys, 5 x platys, 1x dwarf gourami, 1 x male Molly, 1 x pregnant white molly, about 70 x Mol... ...
159.External Filter 18/01/19 Yes
1 x Tetratec External Filter EX600 60-120 litre -brand new (still boxed but box very tatty - never used) 35.00 ono Collection Only from Portchester Graham Arnold 01329 284147
160.Buck Tooth Tetra Exodon Paradoxus 50 18/01/19 Yes
12 Exodons for sale Owned for 2 years, very aggressive and active fish best kept in a single specie tank.
Good quality afcrian Cichlids New aquarium shop open 125 Rose Lane Romford Rm6 5nr Monday Thursday 10am - 6pm Friday and Saturday 10am - 8pm Sunday 11am - 5pm. We sell all afcrian Cichlids(german import wild and F1),Tropical,American and Cold water Fish... New Stock List ... ...
162.Fish tank full set up 13/01/19 Yes
Hi. I have a Juwel 180 aquarium for sale together with a cabinet. Includes Eheim heater, Eheim internal filter 2012, TetraTec EX800 external filter, original Juwel LED lighting, many plants and fish. Guppies, sword-tail, gourami. A lot of corydoras: about 10 panda, leopard, albino, bronze. A lot of ... ...
163.Rio aquarium for sale with fish and all kinds of accessories 10/01/19 Yes
Rio tropical fish tank with fish included, as well as all accessories needed, in working order. W61 cm, H38.5 cm, D43 cm. Fish - 5 cardinal tetras, 1 sunset platy, 1 pale pink platy, 1 flying fox. Selling as relocating and downsizing
164.wanted ....large buenos aries tetras 08/01/19 No
hi im after adult buenos aries tetras to add to my existing group ...nothing tiny willing to travel 60-90 mins from staffordshire thanks
165.Whole 120L tropical aquarium must go 150 for everything 06/01/19 Yes
After about 7 years I am moving house and it's time to give up my aquarium. It's a 120L Juwel tank with external AllPondSolutions filter (for up to 600L tanks). Also comes with: - 10 neon tetras - 3 cories - 1 pleco - 2 large snails - 2 x water heaters - live plants - rocks - substrate ... ...
166.Sold. Tetratec EX 1200 Plus External Filter 50 26/12/18 Yes
Used but working fine. Tetratec EX 1200 Plus External Filter External filter for aquariums up to 500 litres (110 gallons) TetraTec EX filters are robust, easy-to-use, and offer state of the art technology at great value. They offer superior filtration over traditional filters, helping to mak... ...
167.Angel fish marbled pearl skin - 4cm 2 each 6 for 5 17/12/18 Yes
Marbled pearl skin angel fish. 6 months old and very healthy Eating flake food and smaller Tetra Prima granules Price is 2 per fish but if you buy 5 you can have the 6th for free Buyer must collect as I can't deliver or post. You will need your own bags or containers to transport them... ...
168.BLACK WIDOW TETRAS 08/12/18 Yes
5 BLACK WIDOW TETRAS PLUS 1 CARDINAL TETRA THEY HAVE LIVED HAPPILY FOR OVER 12 MONTHS TOGETHER ALL FOR 10 ALSO FISH TANK 30 inch long by 18 inch high by 12inch wide with stand heater and pump and light and sponge 60 07955405396 fish will need to be sold before tank
169.Tetra ex 1200 plus + extra media 90 06/12/18 Yes
Brand new in box never been used tetra ex 1200 plus with extra media (foams,pumice,bio balls,ceramic rings and carbon) bought this last week (120) and realised it wasn't going to be big enough so I bought a bigger filter! Hence the extra media. 90
170.Aquarium and Equipment 26/11/18 Yes
This tank has only been running for 2 months so everything is brand new. Includes- Aquarium equipment - gravel cleaner, interpet PF1 filter/plain filter foam x1, Eheim jager heater 75W, glass thermometer, fish net, Plant tweezers/scissors, API test kit, Hagen Nutrafin test(KH/GH),Carbon ... ...
171.Corydoras, Snails, Shrimps, Tetras, Aquarium and much much more 26/11/18 Yes
This tank has only been running for 2 months so everything is brand new. Includes- Livestock- Cardinal tetras x6, Corydoras- Albino, Bronze, Sterbia, Napoensis. Amano shrimp x2. Assassin snails x2 All very healthy. Aquarium equipment - gravel cleaner, interpet PF1 filter/plain filter foam ... ...
172.Bristlenose catfish and 4 glowlight tetras need new home 16/11/18 Yes
Moving house and clearing my planted tank. I am looking for a new home for my adult male bristlenose catfish and 4 glowlight tetras. Happy to give them away for free to a nice and well maintained tank. Also, for sale cuttings and growths of the plants below. Floating spongeplant: Limnob... ...
173.WILD Golden Cobra Snakehead 12inch 14/11/18 Yes
Golden cobra snakehead for sale good with large non aggressive tank mates, and believe it or not good with small fish. i have tetras in with him and hasn't eaten any. even shrimp. Wild caught and imported pickup bury / manchester
174.23 different tetras open to any offers need gone 14/11/18 No
I have the following 23 tetras that i am open to any offers on there is black neon tetra rummy noes tetra penguin tetra lemon tetra i need these gone so thats why am open to any offers
175.Blind cave tetras for sale 13/11/18 Yes
Blind cave tetras approx 1" long fantastic tropical fish collection only (BD2)
176.Full set up with stand for sale 13/11/18 Yes
1m tank With stand External Aqua series 2 pressurised filter. Heater and lights Deco-gravel, plants and some bog wood. Fish- white angel, giant tetra, 2 sunshine platys and a breeding pair of rainbow cichlids.
177.Central American Cichlids For sale 08/11/18 Yes
For sale I have the following: Nicaraguan Dovii f1 (unrelated)breeding pair, very blue,Male 13inch, female 9inch ...85 T.Sieboldii fry 1inch 5 each Mesoheros Atromaculatus group around 4 ,3 males 3 females 20 each Also have a few nandopsis tetracanthus (Cuban Cichlid)fry from my f2 pair to s... ...
178.Juwel Vision 450 aquarium complete setup 08/11/18 Yes
SOLD, SOLD, SOLD For sale is my gorgeous Juwel Vision 450 aquarium. It is currently setup and running. It comes complete with the lid/light system, two filters (the internal standard one and a fluval 404 external). A selection of fish including cardinal tetras, bleeding heart tetra, rummy nose... ...
179.flame tetra 07/11/18 Yes
Est 15 flame tetra 2.50 each buyer to collect:call on 07821311093
Helping disburse of a widowed tank. I got stuck with 5 female guppies, had to put in my own tank, they gave birth, and Im desperate to finish my good deed and donate the below in full / part ASAP. My own tetra and Corys arent having a good time. Please ANY tips of LFS to approach in West Yo... ...
181.penguin tetra 06/11/18 Yes
est 10 penguin tetra available at 2.00 each located in Peterhead, buyer to collect. call on 07821311093
182.neon tetras 23/10/18 No
50 neon tetras. All healthy and well. 40 for all.Thank you
183.Angel Fish 1 2 17/10/18 Yes
Angel Fish 1 2 Kept in normal tap water feeding on tetra prima and flake 2 each
184.Male discus Fish 5 17/10/18 Yes
Male discus Fish 5 Very healthy Feeding on beet heart tetra prima kept in Normal tap water 80
185.Aqua one curved fish tank 29/09/18 Yes
Aqua one curved fish tank for sale. 59.5 tall 31.5 x 16 wide Very nice tank and easily maintainable Comes with: Fluval 306 filter Aqua one glass heater Tetra silence pump Selling because Im getting a longer and larger tank
186.Royal Curipuea 28/09/18 Yes
Bred from a Punchard pair I have a mixture of semi and royals. I also have some Cobalt/Curipuea cross. 3-5 inches. 30-50. Kept in RO/tap mix. Feeding on beefheart, fish/ mussel mix, Tetra Prima.
187.F1 Discus for sale 27/09/18 Yes
Stunning F1s for sale. These vary in size from 2 1/2 to 4 inches, 25-45 . Kept in RO and tapwater mix at a TDS of 225, hatched end of January. Fed on beefheart, fish/mussel mix and Tetra Prima.
188.FREE FISH 20/09/18 Yes
5 glass catfish 6 peppers CORYS 4 albino CORYS 1 whiptail catfish 1 kuhli loach 1 Driftwood Catfish 1 peacock gudgeon 4 pearl danios 1 white mountain minows 1 cockatoo apistogramma female 1 apisotgramma macmeateri female 1 penguins tetra Collection from Burnham On Sea , Somerset TA8
189.Shutting down my tank 20/09/18 Yes
Shutting down my tank .the following fish selling separately ...4 black angels 30 .. 2 koi angels 10.. 1 red dwarf gourami 3..2 blue dwarf gourami 7... 2 honey dwarf gourami 7...1algae loach approx 6 10...1 horseface loach approx 45...1knife fish black ghost approx 6/7 15 ...albino b/n P... ...
190.lots of fish for sale 20/09/18 No
Fish for sale please do your research before agreeing to buy, most have been bred by myself. Endlers (variety of strains) 2 per pair (male and female) Guppy (variety of strains) 2 per pair (male and female) Platys (blue and mickey mouse blue) X5 (2m3f) 8 for group Killifish: Fundulopancha... ...
191.Aquarium for Life 5ft x 2ft x 2ft aquarium with cabinet, central weir and sump 12/09/18 Yes
Aquarium for Life 5ft x 2ft x 2ft aquarium with cabinet, central weir and sump. Stainless steel cabinet. Aquarium has sliding glass covers. Sump dimensions 42" x 17" x 17" with three sections plus RO top up section. Cupboard also has an electrical compartment for all plugs and extension leads.... ...
192.4ft Aquarium including fish, filters.... 300 05/09/18 Yes
For Sale is my 4ft x 1.5ft x 2ft Aquarium from ND Aquatics. Including cover and stand this measures: 129cm wide x 51cm Deep x 144cm high Included are Tank, Lights (T5 strips and LED block) Fluval FX5 filter, Fluval digital heater, Wave maker, all wod, rocks, gravel and plants (maybe 200+ plant... ...
193.130x44x130cm pure wood handmade tank 27/08/18 Yes
Hi due to personal reasons selling my awesome tank led system with two large pumps. Large albino 35cm gourami. No offers must all go no offers 350 1/2 PRICE BARGAIN VIEW BEDFORD WILL CONSIDER SELLING FISH ALONE 100. The fish alone I paid 150. Tank 300 plus 2 tetra 1200 ex pumps 160 and Ne... ...
194.Congo spotted puffer. 100 26/08/18 Yes
I have a Congo stopped puffer for sale he's really friendly with all kinds of fish he's been in with angel fish lemon tetras clown loach Cory's and plecs just got to mine fin nipping fish with him as he's not that fast he's in healthy conditon I'm wanting 100 for him if anyone is interested then giv... ...
195.Maidenhead Aquatics @ Melksham - Catfish, Cichlids and other rarities. 24/08/18 24/08/18 Yes
We specialize in South American catfish here at Maidenhead Aquatics @ Melksham. We have a dedicated soft water system which holds mainly wild caught South American species. Please call the shop on 01225 700167 or visit our Facebook page to enquire about pricing and availability as our stocks do c... ...
196.Jewel Vision 260 Bow Front Fish Tank with Matching Beech Cabinet in Excellent Condition 23/08/18 No
197.Red Cherry Shrimp Sakura S Grade Postage Available 11/08/18 Yes
Red Cherry Shrimp - High Grade Sakura S Item - Red Cherry Shrimp - High Grade Sakura S Quantity - 10 (mixed Male and Female if multiple purchased) Size - 1.5-2CM (these shrimp are of breeding age) Price - 29.99 These shrimp have been bred using C-SKY Sakura Grade S shrimp. These are well... ...
198.50L Aqua-tropic tank & stand with fish, heater, pump etc ONLY 50 07/08/18 Yes
Aqua-tropic aquarium with black wood-effect cupboard/stand with 15 tropical fish. I think its 50 litres, with stand the dimensions are: width 59cm, height 103cm, 31cm. Comes with new Fluval filter pump (25 new, only a few weeks old), food, water safe additive, quick start bio additive, ornamen... ...
199.Complete Tropical fish aquarium fish tank set up with live plants and fish 05/08/18 Yes
I am selling my stunning established tropical setup complete with fish, bog wood, plants, gravel, filtration and LED lighting. The aquarium is European brand Aquatlantis. Details of the tank are as follows: ELEGANCE- PLUS-100 181L Elegance Plus 100 Aquarium LED H2O, AQ-BB-2 Filter, 810L/H ... ...
200.Tropical Fish & Full Set Up Available 02/08/18 Yes
5x 4/5" Discus 10x Corydorus 5x Rummy Nose Tetras 5x Hatchets 5x Harlequins 4x Lno Plecs 2x Loach Can be sold individually or as a job lot. Please message for further details and prices. Thanks
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