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1young blue frontosas wanted : cash waiting for good quality young blue variant frontosa please ring with details may consider adults or sub adult full details09/08/11No
2wanted firefish females and large haps cash waiting : wanted large breeding size firefish females and blotch females also any good quality breeding groups of haps also frontosa young must be good quality about 3"ish maybe zair ... full details05/08/11No
3wild kapampa zaire blue frontosa NOW SOLD : up for sale are my proven group of kapampa zaire frontosa group consists of wild male 12" 3 females wild 7-8" and 2 f1 females 5-7 inch these are in exellent condition and ar ... full details13/07/11Yes
4ADULT HAPS FOR SALE ALL BREEDING SOLD : have for sale a large group of venustus 1m 5 female male 8" ish £90 ono large trio of hap ahli £50 trio of tiwain reef £25 all these fish are breeding regular and breed with ... full details13/07/11No
5young syn multipunctatus cuckoo cats : have for sale some genuine multipuncs these are bred from my own genuine stock are 1 inch+ aprox these are not imported hybreds adults can be seen pic is of 4 young 12 days ol ... full details07/07/11Yes
6moori blue dolphin 3 female 1 male : have 3 large definate female moori all have had young and 1 what i believe to be a male i lost my breeding male fish are about 5 inches wanting £40 the group may swap or px full details13/06/11No
7breeding trio tiawan reef £35 : have a breeding trio of tiawan reef these are from tony at bridlington awsome quality wanting £35 for the trio 07883398323 full details18/04/11No
8firefish young aprox 50 £20 the lot : have a batch of fire fish young about 3/4 of a inch in size growing quick will sell for 50p each if buyer buys them all aprox 50 at a guess or £1 each individualy fist come fir ... full details10/04/11No
9moori dolphin male wanted : wanted male moori dolphin cichlid must be min 4" cash waiting full details25/03/11No
10gold nugget plec wanted : as title cash waiting full details28/02/11No
11breeding pair of electra plus more : have a young pair of electra have bred £15 swap for venustus full details15/02/11Yes
12breeding group firefish blotch : have 1 male and 3 female firefish these are the blue blotch variant very colourfull see pic these have all bred so 3 definate females £25 the group or swap for male or pair o ... full details15/02/11Yes
13male venustus wanted or swap for female : wanted male venustus about 4"to 6" i have 4 f1 about 4" but all look like females to me will buy a young male or swap for 1 of mine cheers full details11/02/11No
14young labs and obledigens £15 the lot : 8 young yellow labs good colour about a 1" mark also aprox 30 obledigens good colour parents under a 1" but growing fast the lot for £15 no offers first come first served 07 ... full details26/01/11No
15breeding group of lab carulius : i have a breeding group of 8 there maybe 9 4 females just released fry 2m 6f also 2 young so 10 in total looking for £35 or swap for haps or px open to offers or a trio of ... full details06/12/10No
16aulnocara firefish young 50p each : have for sale 2 batches of young off 2 separate females fish are 3/4" and i want 50 each space needed they are from quality fish from tony from bridlington full details12/11/10No
17lab carulius young for sale £1.50 each or 10 for £10 : a young for sale about 1" in size £1.50 each or 10 for £10 cheers full details11/11/10No
18female ahli wanted + trio tiawan reef wanted : looking for some female ahli about 3" + also wanting a trio of tiwain reef cash waiting full details03/10/10No
19synodontis petrocola trio : have for sale a trio of syno petrocola these are spawning very often exellent condition £35 ono the trio 07883398323 full details17/09/10No
20multipunctatus wanted : im after a group or trio of syno multipunctatus cash waiting cheers full details15/09/10No
21synodontis petrocola trio : have a trio of syno petrocola £45 ono may px or swap for multipunctatus full details24/07/10No
22multipunctatus wanted : wanted a pair or a trio of syno multipunctatus will either buy or swap for a trio of syno petrocola cheers cash waiting full details04/06/10No
23fx5 wanted : cash waiting up to £90 waiting wil the bloke that rang and spoke to my wife please ring back as she wrote your number down wrong jimmy full details13/04/10No
24breeding pair of firefish proven breeders : have for sale a breeding pair of aulonocara firefish male is large and has to be the best male ive seen was trying to sell him on his own but im now selling him with his female wh ... full details12/03/10Yes
25male gold bristle nose wanted : please help when my son got in today his male gold bristlenose spike was dead so im looking for anouther must be about 3" to go with his female cash waiting please help mr ... full details28/02/10No
26tufa rock 25kg sack £20 : 25kgs of tufa rock 1 full sack will sell or swap for malawis or tangs cheers £20 full details28/02/10No
27aulonocara fire females wanted swap for males : have a spare male fire fish would like to swap him for females or will buy females to go with him also have 10 yellow carulius bright yellow will swap these for maybe a group of ... full details20/02/10No
28female firefish wanted : wanted 1 0r 2 firefish females cash waiting full details12/02/10No
29multipunctatus ,petrocola wanted : wanted either multipuncs or petrocola catfish either young or adults cash waiting full details22/01/10No
30juwell 450 rena or 5x2x2 tank wanted : hi i have now got a cabinet sorted but if anyone has a juwell 450 or rena or a 5x2x2 please get in touch cash waiting full details10/01/10No
31wanted 5x2x2 or similar : wanted asap a 5x2x2 or similar may consider something a bit bigger or id buy just a cabinate or someone to make me a quality cabinate cash waiting for right deal will travel p ... full details09/01/10No
325x2x2 wanted : wanted 5x2x2 inc cabinate will travell for right tank cash waiting as my tank is sold please help full details06/01/10No
33aquarium cabinate maker : im looking for someone to build me a cabinate for a 5x2x2 aquarium prefably in the north east area but not esential or if someone has a one for sale cheers full details06/01/10No
345x2x2 6x2x2 wanted or rena aqualife or jewel vision 450 : wanted have cash for right tank 5x2x2 6x2x2 or aqualife or jewel vision 450 please ring 07883398323 cheers full details31/12/09No
355x2x2 6x2x2 wanted or similar north east : wanted 5x2x2 or 6x2x2 or something similar with cabinate cash waiting for right tank please contact me with what you have will have a jewel trigon 350 for sale or could px full details26/12/09No
36trigon 350 in black £250 : i have a trigon 350 with black unit its 5 month old in exellent condition unit tank and lights no filter £250 as ive ordered my 6x2x2 so will be available for collection in 2 week ... full details20/12/09No
37aquarium maker in north east : anyone know of anyone in north east area that can make me a 6x2x2 tank used to be a few people make them up here but lost all contacts any help is gratefull thanks thanks for repl ... full details22/11/09No
38f1 zaire frontosa : have for sale a young male frontosa zaire this is f1 from my wild adults it is approx 4" looking for £40 or swap for multipuncs or petrocola cheers full details15/11/09No
39young f1 zaire frontosa male : have for sale a young male frontosa zaire this is f1 from my wild adults it is approx 4" looking for £40 or swap for multipuncs or petrocola cheers full details15/11/09No
40jewell 400 or 450 tank wanted : wanted a jewell rio or vision 400 or 450 litres with cabinet cash waiting or swap for my jewell trigon 350l full details27/07/09No
41kapampa zaire frontosa wild females : i have for sale 2 maybe 3 wild caught zaire frontosa females these have bred and young can be seen not very often ive seen females for sale b ut my tank is not big enough and i nee ... full details25/06/09No
42wanted gold ancitrus bristlenose : wanted 1 or 2 female gold bristlenose anyone got any for sale cheers full details14/06/09No


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