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1Fluidised Bed Type M70 only £50ea : The M70 gravity return FB unit will cater for heavy stocked ponds up to 7,000 gallons (31,500 litres), and is best served from a high pressure pump offering around 830gph (like Bla ... full details26/09/21Yes
2Various fish tanks for sale : I have various fish tanks for sale from my fish house, these are all watertight and bare glass tanks. Length by Width by Height 96” by 24” by 15” £175 repaired now £150 ... full details26/09/21No
3All ponds solutions AquaEco pond pumps 16000 lph : 2 pond pumps for sale, not been used long. 2x AquaEco 16000 £75ea full details05/07/20Yes
424 by 18 by 12 inches fish tanks : 5 available, solid built tanks with glass sliders. Can deliver at 50p per mile. £30ea full details16/05/20Yes
5Fish tanks : 24 by 8 by 8” £15ea the 3 for £40 full details03/05/20Yes
6Large 8ft by 2ft by 15 inches fish tank for sale : I have a large 8ft long, 2ft wide and 15" tall fish tank for sale, polished edges. Crack in the base, but has been professionally repaired, can be seen holding water, it is full ... full details22/04/20No
7F1 Sexed pair of Mesoheros festae aka True Red Terrors for sale : Sexed pair of F1 red terror festae £75, can post for £24.99 full details05/02/18Yes
8Kessil A360WE Tuna Blue LED light units 99p start : Grab a bargain! full details05/02/18No
93kw titanium elecro aquarium pond heater for sale 99p : I have a barely used 3kw titanium elecro aquarium pond or swimming pool heater for sale, starting at 99p, these retails for £600 odd so grab a bargain! full details05/02/18Yes
102ft bare fish tank for sale : 2ft by 12\" wide by 18\" tall tank for sale, water tight, in use now. £20 Collection Widnes, Cheshire or can drop off locally for petrol costs. full details14/01/18No
11potamotrygon wallacei aka cf hystrix 2 males for sale : I have 2 mature male potamotrygon wallacei aka cf hystrix for sale. Feeding on frozen food such as prawns, muscles and white bait. Collection Widnes Cheshire. £250ea, no ... full details14/01/18Yes
1253” Fish tank and tank for sale £90 quick sale : I have a 53” long, 16” wide by 20” tall with stand with slight water damage but overall good. £90 quick sale, collection widnes Cheshire or can deliver for £1 one way. full details13/01/18No
13Fluval Roma 125 complete aquarium for sale : I have a fluval Roma 125 tank for sale, with cabinet, fluval u4+, heater, air pump and working original light unit. Collection from Widnes, Cheshire, or I can deliver £1 per mi ... full details08/01/18No
14ASMI G6X Large Protein Skimmer 1200 gallon rated : I have a unboxed but brand new never used ASMI G6X Large Protein Skimmer rated for systems upto 1200 gallons. 2x 15000 seadra pumps included. 4ft tall, 8.5" body diameter. ... full details05/01/18Yes
15Evolution Aqua 18000 lph sequence pump for sale 99p start ending today : Used fully working evolution aqua 18000 lph sequence pump, 99p start retail £600+ full details17/12/17No
1630 inches fish tanks for sale SOLD : I have 16 x 30" by 12" by 12" fish tanks for sale. £20ea. Can come with heater and sponge filter for an extra £10. Collection Widnes or can drop off. Ideal fry/quarantin ... full details01/11/17No
17Juwel vision 260 in black with 3D background for sale : I have a juwel vision 260 in black with matching homemade stand, complete with working light unit, heater and 3D background. Collection from Widnes, Cheshire or I can deliver ... full details10/10/17Yes
18Tropical and cold water fish for sale. UK delivery : Some fish for sale, collection from widnes, or local drop off or postage to any UK post code available: Cichlids: Assorted African cichlids 2-2.5” £2ea or 10 for £15 Neol ... full details07/08/17No
193000 litre + circular vat koi stingray pond for sale, 99p start : 99p start, retail for over £500! see link below; full details31/07/17No
20Cheap fish tank tanks for sale 99p start : Various large fish tanks for sale, all 99p start. see link below; full details31/07/17No
21L201 Orinoco Angel Pleco groups for sale : I have a group of L201 small spot. Wild caught. Can deliver locally or post. Or you can collect from widnes. £20 per fish or £175 for each group of 10 fish. full details20/07/17Yes
22Interpet insight LED 64 fish tank full set up for sale : I have for sale a interpet 64 LED in black with matching cabinet (some water damage) Tank comes with substrate, heater, LED lights (both white and blue) and a internal filter wi ... full details21/06/17Yes
23Juwel Rio 300 tank & cabinet, complete set up for sale SOLD : I have a very good condition Juwel Rio 300 tank, hood and cabinet for sale. Comes complete will full set up of internal filter with media and powerhead, as well as a heater. The ... full details16/06/17Yes
2413 shop tanks good condition ending within the hour, grab a bargain : See ebay link below; full details14/12/16No
25Various sizes of fish tanks available including coral tanks : Various fish tanks for sale, collection from Cheshire or I can deliver some tanks for cost of fuel. SEGMENTED FISH SYSTEMS All fish systems include a corner weir, with 40 ml dra ... full details10/12/16No
26Lots of tanks for sale on ebay, 99p start coral tables, sumps ENDING IN 2 HOURS : I have lots of tanks for sale, all 99p start, grab a bargain! full details07/12/16No
27Aquaroche display piece for sale 99p start ending today : I have a beautiful piece of aquaroche for sale on eBay, grab a bargain! full details16/10/16No
28Super RED Bristlenose plecos : I have some juvenile 1-1.5" Super red bristlenose plecos for sale. Please see link for more information. full details29/06/16No
29Rainbow cichlid - Herotilapia multispinosa for sale : I have some good sized rainbow cichlids for sale, can post to any UK post code. full details29/06/16Yes
30Thorichthys maculipinnis Rio Tepango cichlid American live tropical fish : Got a few young Thorichthys maculipinnis from Rio Tepango. Nice semi rare central american cichlid. Follow link for more details. Live arrival guaranteed. full details03/04/16Yes
3126 inch cube tank with matching cabinet and LED lighting unit 99p start : Got a 26\" by 26\" by 26\" tank with cabinet, LED lights and heater for sale 99p start! Grab a bargain! More details on eBay link. full details09/12/15No
32ex Cichlasoma Istlanum F2 Rio Balsas for sale : Very rare cichlids for sale, nice medium sized central american cichlid. Small juveniles 1" plus, great size to grow on and get a group. full details09/12/15Yes
33Very rare F1 Brachyraphis roseni livebearers for sale, 99p sexed pairin 3 : I have listed a pair of F1 offspring from my wild breeding group of Brachyraphis roseni on eBay for 99p starting price. 1 male 1 females. A great livebearer to keep and breed ... full details28/10/15Yes
34Limia melanogaster sexed trio for sale 99p start : Sexed trio of Limia melanogaster aka black bellied livebearer for sale, 99p start! Can ship to any UK post code. full details14/10/15Yes
35Xiphophorus variatus Rio Nautla wild type platy for sale 99p : I have 5 good sized Xiphophorus variatus 'Rio Nautla' x5 a wild type platy, easy to keep and breed. Rarely offered for sale. I can ship to any UK postcode. full details14/10/15Yes
36Sexed pair of F2 Brachyrhaphis rhabdophora for sale, 99p start : Only pair I have for sale of these for the time being, so don't miss out. 99p start! full details11/10/15Yes
37exCichlasoma festae aka Red Terror for sale F1 fish : I have a small amount of F1 festae aka Red Terror cichlid, they are around 2-3cm in total Length and growing well. These are from my unrelated wild caught breeding pair which where ... full details13/08/15Yes
38Fluval Venezia 190 aquarium with matching cabinet and light unit for sale ending tonight 99p start : I have a fluval Venezia 190 for sale, with matching cabinet and t5 light unit. 99p start Collection Widnes Grab a bargain full details26/07/15Yes
39Various fish tanks for sale : I have the following: 36\" L, 24\" W, 12\" T £35ea 5Available 27\" L, 18\" W, 12\" H £20 52" by 30" by 12" H £60 30" by 15" by15" £20 2x 16" cubes £15ea ... full details17/05/15Yes
40300L Acrylic column fish tank for sale, 99p start only 1 day left : I have a beautiful 300L Acrylic column tank. Full set up, lights, heater and filter. Collection from Widnes, Cheshire, or can deliver locally for £1 per mile 1 way. full details14/05/15Yes
41Cryptoheros sp honduran red point for sale : I have some cryptoheros sp honduran red point for sale, nice small Central American cichlids. £5ea full details06/05/15Yes
42Various tropical fish and equipment for sale : Fish for sale, collection from Widnes, or can ship to any UK postcode for £15.49: Ansistrus sp brown bristlenose 1” £1ea L144 Lemon Bristlenose 1-1.5” £3.50ea L104 cl ... full details16/10/14No
43Coral / breeding tanks for sale 3ft long by 2ft wide 1ft tall : I have 8x 3ft long by 2ft wide by 1ft tall tanks. Perfect to be used as breeding tanks in a rack or for fragging and growing corals. £35ea or 2 for £65. 3 for £90. Coll ... full details13/10/14No
44Terracotta breeding tube for sale : Large terracotta breeding tubes 12" long and 3" opening. Great for fish to hide in from larger fish or to breed in. £4ea or 6 for £20. Collection widnes. full details01/09/14Yes
4516 inches cubes and 30 inches fish tanks for sale : 2x 16" cubes, £20ea 1x 30" by 15 by 15" with glass sliders £30 £60 for the lot quick sale!!! Collection widnes or can drop off locally. Email: daveohare18@hotmail.co ... full details28/08/14Yes
46John Allen Shop display tank rack 3x 4ft tanks full set up : I have for sale a blue John Allen Shop display tank rack. In great condition, perfect for breeding or keeping various fish or expanding your fish shop. Whats included: 1x al ... full details08/08/14Yes
47Various fish tanks for sale : I have the following for sale: 18 by 18 by 15 inches Tall fish tank, drilled, good quality, some have glass sliders, 4 available £25ea or 4 for £90. 18 by 18 by 7 inches ta ... full details17/04/14No
48L024 Pseudacanthicus sp. Red Fin Cactus pleco 6-7 inches : I have a beautiful 6-7" L024 pleco for sale, wild caught, feeding well on a variety of foods. Collection from widnes Cheshire, or can ship at buyers risk. £120 or nearest of ... full details14/02/14Yes
49Rocio ocotal F2 stunning fish like Jack Dempseys for sale : Here is a rare chance to buy F2 Rocio ocotal which are similar to Jack dempseys aka Rocio octofasciata ! These put normal jack dempseys and electric blues to shame! 1" in size TL. ... full details11/01/14Yes
50Parachromis managuense aka Jaguar cichlids for sale Dirt cheap : I have a few Jaguar cichlids for sale, they are about 1" TL. I am only asking £3ea, this is a fraction of the cost in local fish shops. Postage is £15.49 or collection from ... full details11/12/13Yes
51Aqua Pro 3 external filter for sale : Aqua Pro 3 external filter in working condition. Media & pipework included. £40 Collection from Widnes Cheshire, or could drop off at buyers expense of fuel. Other it ... full details28/08/13Yes
52Thorichthys sp. coatzacoalcos Mixteco cichlids for sale Very rare : I have some captive bred Thorichthys sp Mixteco Blue juvies for sale, these are very rare undescribed Central American Cichlids, very similar to the commonly kept Firemouth cichlid ... full details16/07/13Yes
53True F1 Rocio octofasciata aka Jack Dempsey for sale : I have some true F1 Jack Dempsey cichlids for sale! They are F1 from Cenote Aktun Ha. I can ship anywhere in the UK for £15.49 Live Guarantee. Or collection from Widnes Che ... full details16/07/13Yes
54Fluval 4 and fluval 3+ for sale : I have 2 fully working with media, internal filters. Fluval 4, £12.50 Fluval 3+ £10 Both for £20, collection widnes Cheshire. Or can post at buyers expense. Dave full details25/06/13No
55Sexed F1 exCichlasoma festae pairs, only 3 pairs left : Only 4 sexed festae Ecuador F1 pairs left, be quick! Can ship anywhere in the UK for £15.49, live guarantee! Single, smaller and cheaper festae available. Email or messa ... full details26/05/13Yes
56L144 Lemon Bristlenose for sale : Rare L144 Lemon Bristlenose for sale. Can ship to anywhere in the UK. Or collection from Widnes, Cheshire. Or Hull. Contact for further details. full details11/05/13Yes
57Various rare Central and South American cichlids for sale : I have the following for sale: exCichlasoma festae aka Red Terror 2-3cm F1 'Ecuador' £7.50ea or 12 for £75 I can provide pictures of all the fish for sale. Postage is ... full details22/04/13No
58Adult male Cuban and a adult female istlanum cichlid wanted : I'm after a adult male Cuban cichlid male, 4-7" ideally but would take any size really, willing to pay and travel a lot for the right fish. Also after a female istlanum cichlid, ... full details08/03/13No
59Thorichthys sp. coatzacoalcos Mixteco Gold rare cichlids for sale : I have a small quantity of these rare cichlids for sale. They are similar to the common Thorichthys meeki aka meeki. You won't find these in your local fish shop! Selling at a b ... full details05/09/12Yes
60Archocentrus centrarchus adult group : I have a adult group of 6 4-7" Archocentrus centrarchus aka flier cichlid. They are pretty much full grow, maybe some will get a little bigger. £10 or the group for £50. Ca ... full details23/08/12No
61Breeding group of Archocentrus multispinosa aka Rainbow cichlid : I have a breeding group of Rainbow cichlids, they are basically fully grown, breeding all the time, they are fine all in the same tank, there is 9 in total I think. Asking £40 ... full details15/08/12Yes
62Wanted 3ft bare tank : Wanted a bare standard 3ft tank, preferably at least 15" wide, maximum height of 15". Can collect anywhere 30miles with in widnes. full details01/06/12No
632x 44 inches by 17 inches by12 inches divided tanks : I have 2 of 44" by 17" by 12", they have a glass divider in the middle to make it 2 tanks. They are also drilled and come with all pipe work. One of the tanks base is cracke ... full details03/05/12No
64small 2ft tanks for sale : I have the following for sale: 2x 24" by 8" by 8" £10ea 1x 24" by 12" by 12" £15 I will have another: 3x 24" by 8" by 8" and 1x 24" by 12 by 12" full details26/03/12No
65Cracked large tank for sale with replacement glass : I have a 31" Long, by 24" wide, by 18" high cracked tank for sale. The base is cracked, but I have a piece of glass to repair it with. I just dont have the time to do it. £40 o ... full details26/03/12No
662x 18 inches by inches 12 metal hood for sale : 2 metal hoods for sale to fit onto of a 18" by 12" tank, has light fittings so you can attach light tubes onto it. In used condition. £7.50ea or both for £10 Collection ... full details26/03/12No
67Proven breeding pair of Parachromis motaguense Red Tiger F1 for sale : Here you have a rare chance to own a stunning pair of F1 Parachromis Motaguense 'Red Tiger' which are F1 from 'Rio Copan', these are very rare cichlids and are top quality. The ... full details26/03/12No
68Various panaques plecos for sale L002 : For sale 4x 2-3.5" L002 £60 the 4, think there is 6 now. Sexed pair of L002 £60 Or all 6 for £100 Postage/shipping available?:- £13 for 2 bags full details26/03/12No
69Stunning braceless large tank for sale : I have a great condition 36" Long, 24" wide, 15" high braceless tank for sale. If buyer wants, I can include sand. Collection only. £80 ono full details26/03/12No
70Stunning Tank for sale, Juwel Vision 260 with BTN Back to Nature background 3D over £1100+ spent : Good condition Juwel Vision 260 in black with matching cabinet. £650 Including a fitted Back to Nature background £300 Titanium heater £30 Ehiem powerhead £30 sponge filt ... full details13/03/12Yes
71F1 Breeding pair of Red Terrors aka festae for sale SOLD : I recently picked up a wild pair and a F1 pair of Festae, I dont have space for both pairs so I am getting rid of the F1 pair. They are F1 from wild parents and the parents came fr ... full details13/01/12No
72Fluval 4 plus filter for sale : Great internal filter for sale, no longer need it so might as well be for use to someone else. Media included. £15 or £20 including postage. Please check my other adds f ... full details11/01/12No
73various central and south american cichlids for sale, ring for details : I have loads of ca and sa cichlids for sale, including loads of rare and wild fish like F1 festae, F2 istlanum, f2 meeki, loads for sale too much to list. Ring for details. C ... full details13/12/11No
74quick sale bargain 2 female L201 Hypans zebra pleco : I have 2 L201, 1 is 100% female! Both for £40 if collected today or tomorrow. Ring 07791870519 Collection from widnes. full details13/12/11No
75Bulk of cryptoheros cutteri juvies 1.25" : I have around 50-60 cutteri at 1-1.5" for sale, will take £35 for all, just to clear the tank. Easy money for someone to take them and sell them, I just dont have the time ... full details31/08/11No
76Breeding pair of cryptoheros cutteri plus 30-50 babies : I have a breeding pair of cutteri cichlids with around 30-50 1" young they raised. Want the tank cleared. £40 the lot, or £20 for the pair. You could sell the youn ... full details31/08/11No
77Everything for sale UPDATED : 50xThorichthys F2 callolepis 'Rio Carolina', Mexico (considering these came in at 1" @£20ea) F2 Fish £10ea or 6 for £50,,,,,, 62 sold. £60 shipped for 6. 1xThorichthys. F1 ... full details31/08/11No
78Various RARE cryptoheros Central American cichlids for sale : Cryptoheros Cutteri breeding pair £20 " " 1cm 50pea " " 1" £1ea Cryptoheros Sajica 1-1.5" stunning stock £2.50ea Cryptoheros Spilurus male £6 " " 1-3cm £1ea Crypto ... full details31/08/11Yes
796x Cryptoheros sajica Tbar cichlids for sale only 99p ending TODAY : 6 of these stunning fish for sale or a bargain price of 99p upto now. Item number: 180714669857 full details28/08/11Yes
8010x Cryptoheros spilurus for sale only 99p ENDING TODAY : 10 of these striking fish for sale only 99p Item number: 180714666174 full details28/08/11Yes
81F2 Thorichthys meeki aka Firemouth cichlids Rio Subin 99P ENDING TODAY : A rare chance to get F2 top quality Firemouths! dont hang about, these are selling very quick! Item number: 180714668011 full details28/08/11Yes
82WANTED- Big tanks : I am after large tanks anything upto 8.5ft long, they have to be atleast 2ft wide. Anything 3ft+ considered and can collect. Bare tanks preferred for my fish house CASH WAITING ... full details28/08/11No
8335+ Rummynose Tetras for sale : I have decided to sell my large shoal of Rummynose tetras, they are a good 1.5" TL and I am pretty sure they are wild caught, there is atleast 35+ £50 no offers. Can post or ... full details18/08/11No
846x Rocio octofasciata aka jack dempsey 1-3 inches 99p Ending IN 30mins : 6 of these little beauties for sale at a possible 99p. Item number: 180703327399 Be quick, not many left now!!!!!!!!!! full details04/08/11Yes
85Female festae aka red terror cichlid wanted : I am after a female red terror aka festae for my wild caught male. Top £ paid for the right fish, please email with offers, can travel anywhere or pay for postage. Dave full details25/07/11No
86Cryptoheros cutteri 10 for 99p ENDING SOON BARGAIN TO BE HAD : 10 of these little beauties for sale at 99p start Item number: 180695111217 full details15/07/11Yes
87RARE Central American Cichlids for sale : Here I have some very rare central American cichlids for sale at rock bottom prices! These have been bred by myself in my Fish House and raised on the best foods. Here is what I ... full details15/07/11Yes
88Quetzel Redhead cichlids x10 stunning F1 Vieja synspila 99p ending in a FEW hours : A rare chance to buy this beautiful cichlid at bargain prices. F1 stock from wild caught parents. Synspila have now been renamed as melanurus. Item number: 180692859730 full details11/07/11Yes
89WANTED - Good quality Cryptoheros Sajica -WANTED : Hi I am after good quality C. sajcia, willing to pay good £ for the right fish. I require pics first if not local. Will pay for shipping. Can offer other central american cichl ... full details10/07/11No
90F1 Vieja synspila / melanurus Rio Startun for sale : You have a chance to get these beautiful cichlids, they are F1 from my Wild group of 6, they came into the country late last year, sent over by Don Conkel, stunning fish. 2cm TL, g ... full details09/06/11Yes
91exCichlasoma Istlanum very rare Central American cichlids for sale ENDING IN 15MINS : I have some exCichlasoma Istlanum for sale, they are on ebay for £20 starting bid, so grab a bargain. these last went for £51. Item number: 180670143241 full details24/05/11Yes


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