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1large severums for sale about 10 inch : for sale are four large severums a good eight to ten inch there are three red shoulders and one gold red spot 20 each offer on the four full details18/07/13Yes
2fish for sale : Large red tailed shark x 2 Large kissing gourami 8 other gouramies Convicts breeding pairs Plecs various sizes Syndontises various Various other fish as wellI live in Buckfas ... full details16/04/13No
3fish for sale : butterfly fish £7 neons £1 each 5 for 4.50 congo dwarf frog frogs £3 each albino plec£3 about 1-2 inch blind cave fish £2 platties mollies £1 each pentazona barbs £2 ... full details05/09/12No
4tropical fish : for sale i have a jack dempsey female convict blue acora 20 blind cave fish bumble bee cat plus other ask for details cheers full details17/08/12No
5fish for sale : tropical fish for sale two silver dollars 2 angel fish 3 golden algue loach 4/5 inch 2 algue loach 4/5 inch 2 male fighting fish 1 banjo catfish 1 dwaft congo frog pl ... full details23/06/12No
6royal plecs and bulldog plec : i have a few of my plec for sale i have 3inch royal plec 25 pound 6 inch royal plec 35 pound 5 inch bulldog 15 pound i also have other fish for sale contact me# full details17/06/12Yes
7tropical fish for sale : ý2 x silver dollar 5/6 inch 8 pound each 2 for 14 4 x corries £3 each 3 x bristlenose plecs £4 each around 2 inch plecs depending on size 8-12 inch 2 x clown barb £2 ea ... full details13/04/12No
8tropical fish for sale : hi all i have a few tropical fish for sale 2 red parrot fish around 8 inch sold the pair 7 gouramis £3 each all for £18 pegasius catfish 5 inch sold plecs one around 6 inch ... full details16/02/12No
9Axolotl eggs for sale : I have for sale axolotl eggs if any one interested 20 for £10 plus 3.50 postage and packaging the picture shows one of my adults also can be collected from buckfastleigh devo ... full details11/02/12Yes
10axolotl eggs for sale : for sale are 15 axolotl egg these are the leusistic type 12 pound free postage full details20/01/12No
11wanted large fish : hi all after a complete disaster i have lost all my large fish looking for anyone that could donate some fish they no longer want or house so i can start again any size type consid ... full details20/01/12No
12fish rehoming : hi all any one at there looking to rehome fish any thing cosidered please contact small large thin fat cheers matt full details20/01/12No
13tetratec 1200 : hi all i am looking for parts for my tetratec1200 external as i has started to leak can anyone help cheers matt full details20/01/12No
14tiger plec : hi all for sale i have a 2/3 inch tiger plec change tank dinamics so needs to go open to sensible offers cheers full details15/11/11No
15sick fish : hi all can anyone help i have a large catfish redtail and has delveloped white spot after some advice on my best course of treatment cheers full details21/10/11No
16oscars : for sale are two oscars they are around the 10/12 inch mark one is red tiger one is albino lovley fish cheers full details07/09/11No
17for sale : hi all i have for sale a selection of small tropicals black widows X 7 male blue fighter danios x 5 gold bristle nose mollys x4 platty x3 gold barbs x 6 Quite b ... full details07/09/11No
18DISTICHODUS SEXFASCIATUS : i have a ADISTICHODUS SEXFASCIATUS IT is about 4-5 INCH IT WILL GROW BIG for sale anyone iterested full details24/07/11No
19pond fish for sale : hi all i have a selection of pond fish mother in law shutting down pond so selling fish for her #there are around 25 from 1 inch to 12 they are goldfish shubunkins fantails ... full details25/04/11No
20axolotl eggs : hi all my breeding axolotls have just laid eggs if your interested i am doing 20 for 10 pound including postage let me know cheers matt full details14/02/11No
21fish tank stand : hi all i have for sale two steel fish tank stands first one holds 3 four foot tanks it has light fitting clips but no tubes or bulbs also has cover flaps both these stands are ... full details18/01/11No
22large giant gourami : hi all i have a large giant gourami for sale he is about 2 foot long will need to bring a large box for collection or you could use one off mine 45.00 ono or will trade for other f ... full details22/08/10No
23help large tank needed : hi is there anyone in devon with a large tank going needs to be very cheep mine has sprung a leak this eve and i need one quick around 6/7 foot needed cheers matt full details11/08/10No
24large oscars : for sale is a large oscar 10 inch tiger oscar looking for 15 ono or willing to swop cheers full details12/06/10No
25plecs for sale : for sale i have various large plecs they range from 7 inch to 14 inch sailfin common contact for more details open to genuine offers these are going as i just have two man ... full details12/06/10No
26fish and tanks : hi looking to re-home unwanted fish or equipment tanks rocks i will consider anything free only,always needing something for fish house email me at mattjeffreys@hotmail.co.uk full details16/02/10No
27convict chiclids : for sale are around ten convict chiclids around 1 - 2 inch these are ones i have breed ten pound the lot or swoop for some larger fish trying to down size my 7 tanks full details23/11/09No
28fish rehoming : hi all if any of you are looking to move on any of your fish contact me and i will take them in and give them a free home for life wether big or small most fish taken in contact me full details31/07/09No
29tropical fish for sale : hi there i have some tropical fish for sale must go by wednesday as i have large fish coming dont want them to become food collection only the fish are 5 penguin tetra six ser ... full details26/07/09No


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