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1Eight 54W HO T5 flourescent tubes (4 foot) : As above, brand new daylight tubes, collection only. 01483 750495. 38 for all full details29/01/13No
2Mexican Algae eating Hermit crabs. 0.99p : These little buggers are the elite of algae chomping crabs. They go at it both night and day, and hoover up huge amounts of detritus as well. They will tolerate quite low quality w ... full details30/10/12Yes
3Aqua One AR380 Aquarium. 15. Fully refurbished. : As above, fully refurbished by me, with new carbon/filter cartridge and Ceramic Bioblocks. Pump and all pipework thoroughly cleaned and tested. Daylight lamp nearly new. No damage. full details03/10/12Yes
4RED SEA Pulsing Xenia Frags, 20+ Heads. 9.99 free post. : Selling here are some generous frags from my own Red Sea Pulsing colonies. This coral is extremely easy to keep and grows rapidly giving your tank graceful movement. PLEASE NOTE: ... full details01/09/12Yes
5BIORB 60 LITRE Reef One. 65 : aa above a Biorb 60 Litre Reef One edition. The orb itsself does have some scratches, but most can be turned to the back, and the rest are not significant enough to detract from th ... full details10/07/12Yes
6Bsic marine setup with sump and skimmer, 40 : As above, a basic setup including sump and return pump. The tank is 80cm wide by 45 deep and 34 front to back. The sump is almost the same size, totalling 143 litres. Skimmer is a ... full details24/06/12Yes
7Aqua Medic KR400 Calcium Reactor 42 : As above perfect condition, new seal and clips. 01483750495. full details22/06/12No
8large (3 inch) Skunk Clownfish. 9 : As above for collection only JCT11 M25. Call Simon 01483 750495 full details17/06/12No
9Live Rock, Best you will see.20kgs. : Premium Live Rock, no base rock, all superb shapes. 20kgs. price 100. More availabe if needed. full details03/06/12Yes
10WANTED; Marine shrimp, Gnathophyllum Americanum. : Gnathophyllum Americanum. Marine bumble bee shrimp. Anyone know where i can buy these shrimp? (not the freshwater) Please let me know, Simon. 01483 750495. full details10/03/12No
11AQUA MEDIC CALCIUM REACTOR. KR400. for marine tank : AQUA MEDIC calcium reactor model KR400. This has literally been used for one day and then dried and put away. Comes with full bag of media, all pipes, bubble counter etc. I cannot ... full details09/08/11Yes
12PAIR of Cleaner shimp. 9.99 : As above this is the price for 2 of these striking shrimps. Quite bold, they will move around the rockwork at all times of the day cleaning parasites etc from your fish and clearin ... full details19/05/11Yes
13John Allen retail tank flaps x5 : Five new retail tank flaps to fit John Allen 36" 20. Simon, 07757766650 Woking. full details19/05/11Yes
14TWO 4 foot Luminaires. twin T8 for marine or freshwater : 2 twin T8 Luminaires, 120cm long by 23cm wide. twin 38W tubes. First one is in excellent condition, very few marks and works perfectly. One bulb may need replacing. Just a small de ... full details19/05/11Yes
15Green stripe Pulsing Xenia coral. LARGE frag 9.99 : Lovely long polyps stretching up to 6 inches in a gentle current. These large Xenia pulse lazily as they swirl around. Perfect starter coral, easy to keep and grows rapidly. 7.99 ... full details19/05/11Yes
16Red Sea Pulsing Xenia or Pom Pom. LARGE frag 9.99 : Superb starter coral, easy to keep and freely attaches to any aquarium surface and grows rapidly, bringing movement to any part of your reef. 01483 750495 Simon. full details19/05/11Yes
17Red Legged Hermit Crabs. 2.00, Cheapest around : Charming Red Legged Hermit Crabs, Great algae eaters and essential members of your clean up crew. Simon 01483 750495 full details19/05/11Yes
18Pink Hystrix , established frags. 8.99 : Seriatopora or Pink Hystrix frags. All on aragocrete plugs and growing well. Easy to care for sps, a good introduction to hard corals. 01483 750495. Simon. full details19/05/11Yes
19Over 70 sps Coral Frags for marine tank. Start at 6.99 : As above, large quantity of established and growing hard coral frags. Prices from 6.99 Many bright colour morphs and discount for multiple frags. Collection from Woking, near JCT1 ... full details18/05/11Yes
20Large Blue Polyped Gorgonia, NOT a frag, handspan sized : As above each coral is at least 6 inches square, whole animal and not a frag. Some are over 9 inches! The polyps are an amazing blue colour and cover all the branches. Pictures are ... full details17/05/11Yes
21Powder Blue Tang : As above a stunning 7-8 inch Powder Blue Tang which is very healthy and feeds fine on all foods, totally reef safe and gets on fine with all other tank mates including tangs. gary ... full details26/04/11Yes
22Pair of Percula clownfish, 1-2 inch 14.99 : As above a matched pair of Percular Clownfish. These are very healthy and vivid coloured clowns, with the famous habit of living within sea anemones. gary 07500 871070 full details26/04/11Yes
23A PAIR of Black Clownfish. 2-3 inch 24.99 : as above a pair of black Clownfish. These fish are a good size and superb markings. They are peaceful in the reef environment and will soon take up residence in your coral or anemo ... full details26/04/11Yes
24Lipstick Tang, 5 -6 inch 24.99 : As above, 5-6 inch Lipstick Tang. Fit and healthy and feeding on frozen brine shrimp and mysis. Available for immediate collection. gary 07500 871070 full details26/04/11Yes
25Mimic yellow Tang 14.99 for marine tank : as above a Mimic Yellow Tang (Acanthurus Coeruleus) These are very hardy, colourful fish and cover all the water column in a shoaling habit. These are 3 inch fish and are feeding ... full details21/04/11Yes
26Sand Shifting Starfish. 7.99 : As above the excellent sand shifter. These guys are non-stop diggers, keeping your sand bed free from detritus and uneaten food. Essential members of you cleanup crew. 07757766650. ... full details20/04/11Yes


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