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MSN Messenger: jaymusson1@hotmail.co.uk
Telephone: 07986288883

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1Placidochromis sp phenochilus tanzania : SOLD....SOLD....SOLD I have for sale a Very large group of Placidochromis sp phenochilus tanzania consisting of around 16 males 6"+ and 12 females 4"+. The males are stunning and s ... full details17/02/20Yes
2Various good quality tanks for sale : I have a load of good quality tanks for sale. 2 x 162cm x 70cm x 40cm = 125 each 8 x 120cm x 60cm x 37cm = 65 each (4ftx2ftx15" high) 1 x 90cm x 70cm x 45cm = 75 each 2 ... full details17/11/16Yes
3Wild / F1 group of Cyprichromis Kitumba : I have a group of wild and f1 cyp kitumba for sale. Around 27 in the group and roughly 1/1 ratio. Consisting of around 10 wilds and the rest are f1. Originally imported by me fr ... full details17/11/16Yes
43.5 metre (11.5ft) fish tank for sale. 1400 Litre capacity : I have a extremely large fish tank for sale. Only 2 years old and measures 350cm x 70cm x 61cm high (11.5ft x 28" x 24" high) 12cm glass and in good condition. Two holes drilled on ... full details11/10/16Yes
5Tank bred Malawi and Tanganyika Cichlids for sale : Aulonocara usisya F1 4-5cm 6.00 each Aulonocara Eureka super red 8-10cm stunning and breeding. 25.00 pair Aulonocara undu reef blue neon breeding group, 1 wild male, 1 wild f ... full details27/03/16Yes
6Petrochromis Trewavasae breeding group : I have a breeding group 20 Wild and un-realated f1 Petrochromis Trewavasae. The ratio is 1/1 and they are in great condition. I also have spares males to sell separately. Si ... full details24/12/15Yes
7F1 Ophthalmotilapia Boops & Ventralis Orange cap : Ophthalmotilapia boops (Nkondwe) F1 10.00 each Ophthalmotilapia ventralis orange cap kambwimba F1 10.00 full details14/08/14Yes
8F1 Petrochromis Polydon Chinga : I have a group of 20 f1 Petrochromis Polydon Chinga for sale. They range from 3-4\". Excellent condition and ratio of around 5 males and 15 females. 290 for the group. Thanks f ... full details14/05/14Yes
9New Wild and F1 Tanganyikans for sale : I have the following Fish for sale. Some recently purchased from Scandinavia or from Germany.Also there is True F1 Fish bred from Genuine Wild Caught parents. All pictures are t ... full details14/05/14Yes
10Tropheus, Petrochromis, Frontosa, Ophthalmotilapia, : Wild and F1 Tanganyikian Cichlids for sale. All picture's are of my fish and what I keep. Can post through APC overnight Ophthalmotilapia Orange Cap ... full details15/03/14Yes
11Cichlidenland, Germany. 10% OFF Rift Valley Cichlids : Hi everyone, I will be making a order with Cichlidenland in Germany at the end of January. There giving 10% off all fish when spending 100 or over in January. Collection will be ... full details24/01/14Yes
12Cyphotilapia Frontosa : I have young frontosa for sale bred from all wild groups. Cyphotilapia Frontosa Kalolo 5-6cm 15 each Cyphotilapia Frontosa Blue Zaire Moba 3-4cm 22.50 Pictures are of actu ... full details27/12/13Yes
13Petrochromis for sale : I have petrochromis bred from all wild groups for sale. Pictures are of my fish Petrochromis Polydon Chinga 5-11cm 15.00 Petrochromis Macrognathus Nsumbu 4-7cm 17.50 Petroch ... full details27/12/13Yes
14Wild and F1 Tanganyikan Cichlids for sale : Wild and F1 Tanganyikian Cichlids for sale. All picture's are of my fish and what I keep. Ophthalmotilapia Ventralis Orange Cap 1/2 WILD 28.50 each ... full details05/12/13Yes
15Tropheus Duboisi Maswa f1 : I have some true F1 Tropheus Duboisi Maswa for sale. Picture's are of the adults and actual young for sale. 7 each Thanks for looking full details11/06/13Yes
16Wild Aulonocara blue neon undu reef : I have 3 pair left of Wild Caught Aulonocara blue neon undu reef from Cichlidenland Germany 20 each These pictures are mine are of the actual fish for sale full details14/04/13Yes
17Wild Copadichromis verduyni blue face lundo : I have 4 pair of Wild caught Copadichromis verduyni blue face lundo. 20 each These are actual pictures of the fish full details14/04/13Yes
18Wild Protomelas fire blue lupingu : I have 1 Wild male Protomelas fire blue lupingu. 20 each These pic's are mine and are of actual fish for sale. All from Germany full details17/03/13Yes
19Wild Malawis for sale : Aulonocara blue neon undu WILD 8-11cm 40 pair Copadichromis verduyni blue face lundo WILD 8-10cm 40 pair Protomelas fire blue lupingu WILD 9-11cm 20 each (Show males only) ... full details06/03/13Yes
20WIld and F1 Tropheus For sale.... : Wild 18 x Tropheus Ikola Kaiser 340 Sold/pick up 15 x Tropheus Muzi Blue Blaze 330 Sold F1 Tropheus Ulwile 3-4cm 7.50 each sold Tropheus Duboisi Maswa 3-4cm 7. ... full details15/02/13Yes
21F1 Tropheus Ulwile 3-4cm : For sale is many Tropheus Ulwile Bred from rare my wild group. The picture's are off the parents and actual off spring which are for sale. 7.50 each 15 for 100 full details04/02/13Yes
22F1 Tropheus sp Makobola 1 7-9cm Very Rare : I have a group of 17 young adult and very rare Tropheus sp Makobola 1. Never seen any for sale before in the UK. They are very closely related to Tropheus sp Bemba, so show similia ... full details03/01/13Yes
23Wild Petrochromis Yellow Moshi (male).Around18-20cm : For sale I have a large Petrochromis Moshi Male. Lovely canary yellow. Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 60 full details30/10/12Yes
24F1 Petrochromis Trewavasae M1 Sunday Travel : For sale I have some Petrochromis Trewavasae that have come from my wild group. I will be traveling down the M1 to London on Sunday the 7th October so can drop any fish on the way ... full details12/10/12Yes
25Wild Petrochromis Kilewani Blue Mask x15 8-14cm M1 Sunday Travel : I have a Wild Group of Petrochromis Kilewani Blue mask,15 in total. These were purchased from Cicihlidenland (Germany) Absolutely stunning and in great condition. 450. Good o ... full details08/10/12Yes
266 x Wild Trematocranus Placodon 2M4F 4 - 5.5 inch : I have 6 rare Trematocranus placodon which were brought over from Cichlidenland (Germany)2 months ago. They already produced around 60-80 fry from 1 brood. Selling as I am not rea ... full details08/10/12Yes
27F1 Spathodus erythrodon Kavalla (Goby Cichlids) for sale 4-5cm : Currently I have some F1 Spathodus erythrodon Kavalla cichlids for sale which are from my wild caught groups. 5 Thanks for looking full details04/10/12Yes
28Rare Wild trio of Cyrtocara Moorii SOLD SOLD : I have a wild trio Cyrtocara moorii which are very hard to get hold of. Also I have 4 unrelated Tank bred Cyrtocara moorii included.All these come from Cichlidenland Germany 10 ... full details22/09/12Yes
29Wild Group of Tropheus Kiriza Sold : For sale I have a group of wild Tropheus Kiriza which came from Cichlidenland Germany. Ratio 4 males 15 females. All 8-12 cm. Stunning 350 Thanks for looking full details12/09/12No
30F1(from w/c) Tropheus Ikola 3-4cm : For sale i have plenty F1(from wild) Tropheus Ikola.Bred from my genuine WILD group 7.00 each Tel 01422 242685 or 07918734471 (No Text) Thanks for looking full details22/08/12Yes
31F1 from wild Tropheus Duboisi Maswa 4-5cm : For sale I have some Tropheus Duboisi Maswa bred from my WILD group. 7.00 each (No text please) Thanks for looking full details22/08/12Yes
32F1 from wild caught Tropheus Chipimbi 4-5cm : For sale I have soom F1 from wild Tropheus Chipimbi. They range from at 3-4cm and showing good colour already. 5.00 each (NO Text's please) Thanks Jay full details20/08/12Yes
33F1 Petrochromis orthognathus tricolor 4-5 inches + : For sale I have 8 Petrochromis orthognathus tricolor.They are around 12 month old and starting to show good colour. 100 Thanks full details17/08/12Yes
34Wild Group of Tropheus Mpulungu from Cichlidenland, GermanySOLD : For sale is a wild group of Tropheus Mpunlungu 8-10cm 7 Males/27 Females Absolutely stunning group 600 full details04/08/12No
35F1 Tropheus Lufubu (Purple Rainbow) 5cm 9 LEFT ALL SOLD : For sale F1 from wild caught Tropheus Lufubu(Purple Rainbow). 10.00 each 9 for 80 Thanks for looking full details03/07/12Yes
36F1 Tropheus Kasanga (Red Rainbow) 3-4cm : I have some young Tropheus Kasanga for sale which have come from my wild group.Genuine first generation from the wild. Picture is of my male Kasanga 10 each 01422 24268 ... full details25/06/12Yes
37F1 Petrochromis orthognathus tricolor 7-11cm : For sale I have 6 Petrochromis orthognathus tricolor.Young fish at around 12 months.Starting to show good colour. 90 full details25/05/12Yes
38Wild Breeding group of Tropheus Chipimbi 2 Males 10 females : For sale to make room for new stock I have 12 w/c Tropheus Chipimbi.There is 2 males 10 females which came direct from the lake Tanganyika with 2 females currently holding eggs.I a ... full details15/05/12Yes
3915 Telmatochromis temporalis (Shell dwellers) 3-5 cm 3 each or 35 THE LOT : I have loads of Telmatochromis temporalis young for sale.They are a Tanganyika shell dweller which are currently housed in with my Wild Tropheus.3 each. Tel 01422 242685 or 079 ... full details15/05/12Yes
40Fish tanks / Aquariums for sale. 6ft and 4ft : After opening a new fish shed I have my old tanks from my old shed for sale.All water tight and in pretty good condition. L x H x W 6ft by 18" by 15" 45 Sold 4ft by 18" b ... full details07/05/12Yes
41F1 Tropheus Nkonde Yellow(from w/c) 4-5cm : For sale I have some Rare F1 Tropheus Nkonde yellow bred from my rare wild caught group purchased through Mikesrifts.Picture's are of the group. 12.00 each Tel 01422 242 ... full details25/03/12Yes
42F1 Tropheus sp Karago (Malagarasi) 4-6cm(Rare) : For sale i have 8 F1 (from wild) Tropheus sp Karago (Malagarasi).These are a rare type of Troph's with not many about.Picture's are of the fry and dom male. 10 each or 8 for ... full details29/11/11Yes
43Aulonocara Fire fish and Sunset Orange Males : I have 1 Aulonocara Fire Fish male and Aulonocara Sunset Male.These are the only two I have and are housed in with my wild Tropheus. 4-5" nice colour 10 each or 15 for both full details23/11/11Yes
44F1 from wild Tropheus Mpimbwe Red Cheek 4-7cm(not seen often) : For sale I have 8 F1(from wild) Tropheus Mpimbwe Red Cheeks.Pic's are of the fry and Adult group.Absolute super group mixed up from over 5 females. 70 for the group or 12 each ... full details30/10/11Yes
45Telmatochromis temporalis (Tanganyikan shell dweller) Breeding pair : I am selling my breeding pair of Telmatochromis temporalis.They have bred well in excess of 200 fry. 15 no offers Thanks full details25/10/11Yes
46F1 from wild TROPHEUS for sale : Hi.My name is Jay and i am hobbyist breeder of wild caught Tropheus of the more unusual type.I have great success in breeding these so i have plenty of them for sale. Currently th ... full details22/06/11Yes


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