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1Equipment for sale : Loads of new and used equipment half price to shops well worth coming to see so much to choose from plants ornaments filters pumps fry tanks media bulbs light units gravel treatmen ... full details18/09/13No
2Tropical fish for sale : Large silver dollars stunning 7 pound each parrot fish 10 pound each talking catfish striped or spotted 10 pound each bn plecs 3.50 each 3 angel fish one 5 pound other two 4 pound ... full details18/09/13No
3Marine chemicals cheap : Marine chemicals like iron and vitamins ring for more info 02920 865831 full details18/09/13No
44 foot tank : 4 foot tank for sale on iron stand lid and light bargain 60 pound also bare twofoot on nice black stand 40 pound 02920 865831 full details22/08/13No
5fish forsale : huge silver dollars 8 pound each also3 plecs one foot long 10 pound two 10 inches long 8 pound each also talking catfish 15 pound 02920 865831 full details22/08/13No
6fish for sale : for sale 4 large angels 10 pound each 2 large red rainbows 10pound each 1 large banded rainbow 10pound large bosimani rainbows 10 pound each arulius barb large 10pound sissor tails ... full details29/04/13No
7fish equipment : loads items mostly new plants from pound-frozen foods 2 pound pack including marine-nets from pound-tropical foods turtle foods pleco foods-ornaments-treatments-gold fish bowls-air ... full details12/03/13No
8fish light bulbs for sale : Fish bulbs brand new loads sizes 02920865831 full details12/03/13Yes
9fish equipment for sale new and used : i have now opened my own shop in caerphilly indoor market 5 pentrabane street caerphilly load items for sale new and used frozen foods dried food -filters -pumps- heaters -bulbs si ... full details15/10/12Yes
10fish and equipment for sale : New Shop open in Caerphilly indoor market selling fish equipment 02920865831 full details01/10/12Yes
11albino long finned bns plecs : for sale long finned albino bn plecs inch and over 2 pound each also black ones over inch 2 pound each 02920865831 full details19/08/12No
12brand new fish equipment cheeap cheap cheap : for sale brand new heaters-nets-tropical fish food-gold fish food-terapin food-pumps- filters- plants-ornaments-plastic tanks- treatments like blue meths-airline-airline conectors- ... full details19/08/12No
13fish stuff for sale : equipment 02920865831 full details19/07/12Yes
14marine food : new era fish food 30g 6 pound 15g 3 pound o2920865831 full details19/07/12Yes
15fish equipment : plants foods chemicals heaters pumps filter airline airstones fish feeders nets magnet cleaners breeding cone test kits backing gravel cleaners valves carbon pond treatments filt ... full details19/07/12Yes
16lemon plecs : baby lemon plecs for sale 2 pound each normal ones pound each als gt all ther items nets food ornaents plants pumps media treatmens plus many more 02920865831 phone me only dont lo ... full details12/07/12No
17all fish eqipment for sale new and used : breeding cone heaters pumps nets airstone conectors valves ornaments plants treatments backing gravel cleaners food feeders carbon test kits gravel spounge filters hang on filter ... full details04/07/12Yes
19fish for sale : trio adult kribs 10 pound 7x2inch kribs 10 pound angel fish 4 pound 02920865831 full details19/06/12No
202 foot fish tank : for sale 3 foot fish tank lid and gravel will need new bulb 25 pound also got double airpumps 10 pound heaters from 5 pound crushed ocean gravel lump ocean rock fake plants piece b ... full details07/06/12No
21malawi for sale : for sale 7 x 6 inch red top malawi or hongi not sure pluse 4 other malawi 30 pound 02920865831 full details07/06/12Yes
22fish equipment for sale : loads of brand new and used items for sale fry tank nets conectors valves airlines airstone air pumps plants ornaments tank scrappers books sand black gravel plecs malawi bogwood b ... full details30/05/12No
23tropical fish and equipment for sale : for sale red tail sharks 1.60 each frogs 1.60 each 2 plecs 3-4 inch 4.50 each also got guppy molly platy endler young from week old to 6 weeks 10 for 5 pound guppys come off the g ... full details05/04/12No
24fish for sale : clown loach 3.50-red tail sharks 2.50- guppies 1 pound- platys 1 pound- frogs 2 pound - abino corrys 2 pound -plecs 4-5 inch 6 pound 02920865831 full details28/03/12No
25fish equipment : for sale aqua 1 2 foot light unit with 2 bulbs one white one pink 20 pound -10 inch brand new plants can conect to airline 3 pound each -12 inch can connect to airline 3.50 each-14 ... full details20/03/12No
26fish tanks and equipment for sale : for sale 2 half foot fish tank with hood and lights 25 pound over 3 foot jewel fish tank 45 pound with built in light unit also got the light bulb units diffrent watts 5 pound each ... full details03/03/12No
27fish equipment for sale : for sale used heaters 200 watt 8 pound 100 watt 7 pound 75 watt 6 pound 25 watt 5 pound also for sale brand new 6 inch plants pound each 12 inch silk plants 2 pound each 3m airline ... full details24/02/12Yes
28tropical fish for sale : for sale brittlenose plecs adult female and male guppys -endler guppys -young guppys -angel fish-big plec -mollys-plattys 02920865831 full details05/02/12No
29fish : for sale 2 inch plecs-brand new plants-nets -airstones- airlines-fry nets also few guppys 02920865831 full details29/01/12No
30guppys and equipment for sale : for sale young guppys and swordtails also brand new 6 inch plastic plants 12 inch silk plants fry nets air tubes air stones tank scrappers cheap 02920865831 full details20/01/12No
31wanted guppys plattys mollys cash waiting : wanted mollys guppy and platty cash waiting 02920865831 full details14/01/12No
32plants for sale brand new : for sale 12 inch silk plants 2 pound each 6 inch plants plastic pound each 02920865831 full details06/01/12No
33fish for sale : endler guppy fish young 50p each 02920865831 full details06/01/12No
34fish tank plants brand new : for sale 6 inch plants brand new 1 pound each also small guppies 50p each 02920865831 full details27/12/11No
35mollys guppys platys : mollys guppys plattys from week old up to few months 50p each caerphilly 02920865831 full details17/12/11No
366 foot fish tank for sale : for sale 6 foot fish tank for sale width 20 depth 15 with lid-lighting unit-gravel - and 3D BACKING THAT WAS EXSPENSIVE 02920865831 COULD POSSIBLY DELIVER FOR FUEL full details21/10/11No
37tropical fish for sale : for sale male guppy -platys-swords-silver tips-ruby barbs-frogs-red fin sharks-albino sharks -plecs -blue lobsters-tiger barbs-female guppys-green tiger barbs-3 spot gouramies-opa ... full details06/10/11No
38fish for sale : for sale 400 fish plecs-sharks-cherry barbs - neons -black neons-mollys- platys-swords-guppys-danios and loads more 02920865831 full details01/09/11No
39for sale over 3 foot fluval tank and stand : over 3 foot fluval fish tank and stand black or can be turned to grey 100 pound if picked up today 02920865831 full details01/09/11Yes
40tropical fish for sale : neons 1 pound each guppys 50p each 02920865831 full details26/08/11No
41for sale little red jewels : for sale red jewels 1.50 each 02920865831 full details26/08/11No
423 foot tank and and 50 malawi for sale : for sale 3 foot fluval tank full set up with 50 malawi black or canchange to grey 220 pound 02920865831 full details26/08/11Yes
43red jewels for sale : red jewels for sale 1.50 each caerphilly 02920865831 full details18/08/11No
44light units for sale : light units diffrent watts 5 pound each caerphilly 02920865831 full details18/08/11No
45malawi for sale : loads of malawi for sale 02920865831 caerphilly full details18/08/11No
46neons for sale : neons for sale pound each caerphilly 02920865831 full details18/08/11No
47guppys for sale : guppys for sale 50p each caerphilly 02920865831 full details18/08/11No
48for sale fish items : loads of treatments ornaments fry tanks heaters air pumps 02920865831 full details29/07/11No
49malawi for sale : loads of malawi for sale all diffrent ones from 1.50 to 7 pound 02920865831 full details29/07/11No
50malawi for sale : over 50 malawi for sale from inch up to 9 inch prices from 1.50 up to 8 pound 02920865831 full details18/07/11No
51for sale malawi : for sale adult malawi from 5 pound o2920865831 full details13/07/11No
525 foot tank stand and hanging light : for sale 5 foot tank and stand rounded edges tank was cracked on bottom but fixed is filled and has been over a year 4 foot hanging light needs chains and new balst for one set of ... full details13/07/11No
53fish stuff for sale : loads of fish stuff for sale terracotta pots glass fry tank another glass tank stones and pebbles loads of ornaments from 1 pound goldfish treatments other ornaents like boat water ... full details30/06/11No
54for sale bucket full live sand : bucked live sand few shells fixed in and baby star fish 10 pound 02920865831 full details30/06/11No
55halide lightingfor sale : halight lighting for sale about 1 half foot long new bulb put in 50 pound 02920865831 full details30/06/11No
56malawi for sale : loads of malawi for sale 3 and 4 inch 4 pound each also young 1.50 each dont no names as i had so many 02920865831 full details26/06/11No
57fish for sale : young guppys and plattys 1 pound each o2920865831 full details23/06/11No
58for sale breeding pair angel fish : breeding pair angel fish silver and black 02920865831 full details06/06/11No
59for sale skimmer 400 : for sale 400 skimmer 2 monthe old payed 68 pound sell 45 no offers like new 02920865831 full details23/05/11No
60fish for sale : tropical fish for sale barbs-guppys-mollys-plattys-neons-zebras-silvertips-plecs-sharks and more 02920865831 full details16/05/11No
61for sale over 400 fish : for sale over 400 fish mosty all 1 pound each male guppies-plattys-swords-mollys-white clouds-zebra danios-long fin zebras-red fin sharks-bronze corrys-silver tips-neons-golden suc ... full details11/05/11No
62for sale marine rock sand and wave makers : for sale 20 kg live sand live fiji rock and 2 wave makers 02920865831 full details11/05/11No
63marine fish for sale : for sale marine fish white stripe tang 20 pound humbugs 4 pound large green chromises 5 pound hermit crabs 6 for 10 pound and snails 6 for 10 pound yellow angel fish 15 pound jewel ... full details11/05/11No
64marine fish and live rock for sale : for sale marine fish _puffer fish 30 pound-jewel puffer 35 pound-foxface 25 pound-clown fish 10 pound-stripe cardinal 8 pound-betta jewel 35 pound-damsels 4 pound-small grean croni ... full details05/05/11No
65fish for sale : over 20 marine fish for sale lion fish tangs brown blue yellow clown fish and loads of others 02920865831 full details02/05/11No
66marine fish for sale : marine fish for sale humbugs angel fish yellow eyed tang damsels green chromis also fiji rock 02920865831 full details29/04/11No
67fish for sale : for sale tropical fish neons plattys guppys corys plecs and angel fish 02920865831 full details29/04/11No
68fish wanted : wanted breeding pair of plecs cheap 02920865831 full details28/04/11No
69fish for sale : marine fish for sale angel fish yellow eyed tank humbugs green chromis damsels purple fiji rock 02920865831 full details27/04/11No
70fish for sale : tropical fish for sale guppys plattys neons silver tip fish and angel fish 02920865831 full details27/04/11No
71marine fish for sale : for sale marine fish yellow angel fish _red hawkfish_boxer shrimp _humbugs_blue damsel_black damsel_green chromis_spider crab_clown fish_cardinal_yellow eyed tang_ 02920865831 full details22/04/11No
72mushrooms on fiji rock : mushroom corals on rock for sale leather and brown with purple stripes 02920 865831 full details22/04/11Yes
733 foot bow fronted fish tank : 3 foot jewel bow fronted fish tank on beach stand hanging halide lighting blue and white bulbs and external filter and heater 140 pound 02920 865831 full details22/04/11Yes
74for sale marine items : for sale fiji rock loads of life 5 pound kg plain live rock 3.50 kg live sand with loads of starfish antler rock also fish for sale hawkfish angel fish humbugs damsel chromises 02 ... full details20/04/11No
75marine fish and live rock for sale : marine fish for sale boxer shrimp angel fish damsels humbugs firemouths and live rock 02920865831 full details06/04/11No
76marine : marine rock and fish for sale 02920865713 full details30/03/11No
77marine rock and fish for sale : marine rock 5 pound kg also fish black and white cardinal 10 pound sea urchin 10 pound 2 humbugs 8 pound for the 2 also marine antler rock for sale full details26/03/11No


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