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1bogwood : 5 nice peices of bogwood sale or swap ranging from 7/12" would like 15pound the lot or swap for community fish please ring or txt as cant get my emails thank full details17/10/11No
2juwel vision 260 in black full set up reduced £200 need this gone : Like the add says i have a juwel vision 260 4ft bowfront set up all in black good comdition no scratches just needs 1bulb replacing please contact via this email mark_docherty1409@ ... full details16/10/11No
3marble convict male around 5" : Would like a swap for another american cichlid or community fish please ring or txt cant get my emails full details10/10/11No
4Would anyone be interested in swapping a chameleon for some discus : Like the add says the chameleon is about 11 months old and is female comes with exoterrarium heatmat and basking bulb a vine some plants and bark please ring or txt as cant access ... full details02/10/11No
5malawi sale : 5 frontosa an inch to 2 offers young yellow labs, maybe a few dolphin one brichardi 3 inch elongatus mpanga, ahli and a young elongatus neon spot 3 pound each or 4 for 10 pound rin ... full details12/09/11No
6juwel vision 180 : Anyone want to down size there tanks am looking to swap my juwel vision 180 with stand in beech twin lighting unit filter heater and 3d backround and maybe a few malawi cichlids pl ... full details11/09/11No
7breeding pair of tropheous duboisi : Would like a swap for the pair female might still be holding please ring or txt as cant get my emails full details29/08/11No
8malawi cichlids : 4 yellow labs 3 firefish 3 auratis all around 3" open to offers or swap please ring or txt cant get my emails full details16/08/11No
9senegal bichir (polypterus) also a raphael catfish and common plec : Senegal bichir for sale or will swap for malawi dint get my email so pkease txt ir ring with what you have the bichir is 6 inch plus also have a raphael catfish about 3" and a comm ... full details12/08/11No
10malawi cichlids : 3 yellow labs, 4 auratis, 2 firefish, 1 male, 1 male eureka select all for sale will sell seperate or make me an offer on the lot contact for sizes and offers full details07/08/11No
11malawi cichlids for sale : For sale I have 1 5inch female firefish a breeding group of 4 auratis 1 4inch male blue acei open to offers or will swap for other malawi cichlids full details03/08/11No
125" female firefish : For sale or will swap for another nice malawi £10 full details01/08/11No
13cichlids for sale or swap : 2 green terror cichlids one at 4" the other around2" 1 flowerhorn cichlid around4" 1 green spotted puffer fish aroun3" all for 25 pound or swap for malawi full details27/07/11No
14green spotted puffer : Green spotted puffer for sale or swap open to offers fish is around 2 3" full details22/07/11No
15senegal bichir (polypterus) : For sale or swap open to offers fish is around 6" plus full details22/07/11No
16aqua one tank 65ltr 60 pound ono : tank is immaculate condition comes with lights heater gravel filter and air pump the tanks silver will swap for small vivarium and also have some bogwood for the tank and live plan ... full details20/07/11Yes
17flowerhorn cichlid : flowerhorn cichlid for sale open to offers fish is around 3 to 4 inch full details18/07/11No
18blue acie male 3 to 4 " : one blue acie male for swap or sale looking for some female malawi or bristlenose plecs full details11/07/11No
19tilapia buttikofferi : About 3inch gets on well with my malawis open to offers will swap for malawi full details11/07/11No
203 giraffe cichlids 4 to 6 inch £15 : 15pound for all 3 or will Swap, offers full details28/06/11No
212ft arcadia bulbs blue or white brand new unopened : Like the add says brand new boxed arcadia bulbs 2ft 3 in white 2 in blue open to offers or swap full details23/06/11No
222 large tinfoil barbs 1 tiger barb 1 kissing gourami 1 clown loach 2 firemouth : will swap for malawi fry or young or 30pound the lot full details07/06/11No
23fluval u3 internal filter : Open to offers or swap only 3months old will swap for malawi full details07/06/11No
24breeding pair of tiger oscars both 11 inches : Open to offers nothing silly full details07/06/11No
25juwel rio180 STAND 3 months old : like the add says juwel rio 180 stand in beech colour hardly used 3 months old open to offers practicly brand new full details07/06/11No
262 and a half ft aquarium : 2 and a half ft tank for sale with heater and filter also a few fish gravel and hood only wanting 40pound the lot contact for more info full details26/05/11No
278 inch paroon shark for sale 20pound ono : 8 inch paroon shark no problem with other fish i have it in with fish from an inch up and had no problems contact for.more info full details26/05/11No
28tank clearance fish for sale : for sale i have 1 paroon shark 8inch £20 ono 2 tinfoil barbs 6 inch and 5 inch £20 18 convict cichlids £10 1 hoplo catfish 4inch £5 1 cuckoo catfish 6inch £5 3 firemouth ... full details26/05/11Yes
292 parrot cichlids red around 3" to 5" : 2 parrot fish for sale open to offers or swap for south/ centtal american cichlids full details25/05/11No
302 redfin tinfoil barbs : 2 redfin tinfoil barbs 6inch and 5 inch wanting 20pound for the pair contact for more info full details22/05/11No
314 to 5 inch pink jewel & a 2 inch butterfly plec : Both fish for sale or swap open to offers email or txt for more info full details12/05/11No
322 albino longfin bristlenose 3 firemouth cichlids : For sale or swap i have 2 albino longfin bristlenose plecos at about 1.5 inch also 3 firemouth cichlids possible pair at 2.5 inch 4 inch and 5 inch open to offers contact for more ... full details09/05/11Yes
33butterfly pleco : 1 butterfly pleco for sale or swap open to offers approx 2 inch full details05/05/11No
34tiger pleco swap : 1 tiger pleco about 2 inches for a swap make me offers full details05/05/11No
352 albino severum : 2 albino severum for sale or swap 5inch let me know what you got full details02/05/11No
366 firemouth cichlids : 6 firemouths for swap or sale open to offers from 2 to 5 inches possible pairs dont offer africans as im not interested full details29/04/11No
37firemouth cichlids : group of 4 firemouths for sale or swap approx 2to 3 inches each possible pairs pick up only full details27/04/11No
38WANTED cichlids not african or catfish : Looking for south american american cichlids or large catfish let me know details and prices full details26/04/11No
39WANTED redtail catfish or shovel nose : looking for a redtail catfish or a shovel nose reasonable prices full details22/04/11No
40firemouth cichlids sale or swap : 2 firemouth cichlids one is approx 3 to 4 inch the other 4 to 5 inch with longer fins lookin to swap for other cichlids or catfish full details13/04/11No
41firemouth cichlids sale or swap : 2 firemouth cichlids for sale or swap open to offers one is approx 5 to 6 inch with long fins the other is 2 to 3 inch shorter fins colours are startin to come rite out full details10/04/11No


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