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1black moor fancy goldfish : £2.50-£10 each black moor goldfish out crossed fish 1.5"/2.5" in size bred from high quality strains which have been hand selected for smart tails (selected broad tails being £ ... full details08/12/20Yes
2blue Japanese endler guppys : True double sword endlers Males around 1" Females close to 2" £2.50 each choose what you want there metallic colours come out in the dark with a background light, temp kept ... full details08/12/20Yes
3Cichlids/shark £1 : Red tail shark 5” £10 Female Jack Dempsey 6-7” £10 4x Malawi ice blue Greshaki 3 males 5" 1female £20 the 4 Greshaki fry 2cm £1 each text or email and i will get bac ... full details19/09/20Yes
4Hidom Submersible Tropical Fish Tank Heaters : £6.50 each I have 10 for sale brand new in box’s use these all through my fish house great all round heater that turns all the way down to 16c and they keep my fancy goldfish at ... full details16/09/20Yes
5Fancy goldfish Bristol shubunkins : Home bred from prize winning stock only £10 each lots to choose from Very nice fish call on 0121 605 7609 full details06/09/20Yes
6Broad tail black moor/Bristol shubunkin fancy goldfish : £10 each black moor goldfish out crossed fish which have been hand selected for smart tails so will have long fancy finage there telescopic eyes and Finn age length will come with ... full details27/06/20Yes
7Malawi zebra : Malawi zebras, all large tank bred and very hardy adult fish up to five and half inch Last 10 for £35 ice blue red tops only Collection Great Barr Bham full details19/12/19Yes
8FRONTOSA Burundi : young Burundi frontosa at 1"+ body size some 2" with tail £5 each pics of young an dad plz text me full details20/01/19Yes
10Bristol shubunkins : Bristol shubs high quality goldfish bred from high quality prize winning stock, hatched 12.05.18 contact Tony Roberts on 0121 605 7609 preferably after 7pm full details10/09/18Yes
11tropical community tank fish : I have a tank that I want to change aroung so have the following for sale 4x 2.5" bronze corys (breeding group) £12 the group 2x angel fish one striped one gold both single pe ... full details28/12/17Yes
12White labs,zebra oblique,blue lip Williamsi : 1" long white labs £5 ea Zebras an blue lips £2.50each £10 for 5 Plz text only full details01/03/17Yes
13High quality Nacreous VEIL TAIL goldfish : Lovely hardy English goldfish ,highly coloured ,can be sexed if needed for more information call Tony Roberts On 0121 605 7609 full details07/11/16Yes
14Bristol shubunkins : Excellent finnage and couloir all from prize winning stock for more details speak Tony to Roberts on 0121 605 7609 plz don\'t email as I will NOT reply Adults and young available full details07/11/16Yes
15Large MALAWI for sale only £5 each : Malawi Large mixture of mbuna 4-6" all 5 each or 6 for £20 Greshaki Cabolt zebra Kenyi Red zebra Blue zebra Young fish Greshaki 2" Fossochromis 1" Yellow la ... full details29/10/16Yes
16Bristle nose plecs(reds,albino,common) : bristle nose plecs ALL NOW 1" AND OVER reds £5 commons £1 albinos £1.50 each Plz text only only full details29/10/16No
17pre filter water clarifier (3 stage) £50 : Brand new all media included for more Info call pat on 0121 605 7609 Stage 10\" pond filter / declorinator Pond Declorinator removes impurities too 5 micron particle filter ( ... full details03/09/16Yes
18AXOLOTL : Axolotl 4-5" NOSE TO TIP OF TAIL WID TYPE YOUNG MALE full details02/07/16Yes
19Malawi young : Yellow labs 1" Red zebra 1" Fossochromis 1" Greshaki (ice blue red top zebra) 2" All £2 each they need a tank with similar sized Malawi no bigger than 3" the greshaki should ... full details11/04/16Yes
20Malawi cichlid :::.RARE:::. : Young MALAWI CICHLIDS Plz text no emails !! Chilotilapia Rhoadesii 1.5" Tanzania 1.5" Williamsi blue lips 1" Fossochromis 1" All only £5 each very rare Common Ma ... full details05/03/15Yes
21Malawi cichlids adults mbuna/haps/peacock : Adult Malawi Cichlids for sale most of these are proven breeders text me for more info do not email ! All these listed below are £10 each fossorochromis (hap) Fire fish ... full details18/02/15No
22Adult MALAWI cichlids 3-5 inches : MALAWI CICHLIDS SINGLES 3-5" £10 each 2 for £15 Auratus Mpagna Sexed pair of OB zebs Rustys Labs Bumble bees Kenyi Blue zebs Yellow tail acei full details15/07/14Yes


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