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1Jaguar Catfish x 4, EBJD, : Liosomadoras oncinus 5-6 35 each EBJD 7 40 Spiny flame tail eels 8+20each-SOLD Bleeding heart tetras Large x13 20-SOLD If fish will not be sold soon on this website, t ... full details25/05/20Yes
2Adult Discus fish 120 SOLD : 3 adult discus fish in size about 7 Feed on mussels and dry and kept on tap water. Two males one female, two fish pairing up constantly but changed interest for reptile now. Th ... full details28/02/19Yes
3Heros Notatus wild, Red Head Tapajos f1. : Notatus Alfa male 50, I\'ve paid 70 when was 3 inches smaller, now is 6inches plus and thick like proper steak. Geophagus f1 from Chech breeder, about 4 inches, 1 male and 2 fem ... full details30/08/17Yes
4Heros Notatus - wild red spotted severum Female 10 : Kept on London water, eating everything really, temp 26-27C The female was the first female that was laying eggs with my alpha male (check my other add) so if you would like to ... full details01/07/16Yes
5Heros Notatus - wild red spotted severums - selected breeding pair 50 : Kept on London water, eating everything really, temp 26-27C. On the pictures are my breeding pair currently with fry. 50 for the pair, this pair do not fight. The fish, w ... full details01/07/16Yes
6Heros Notatus - wild red spotted severums, F1-fry 1 : Kept on London water, eating everything really, temp 26-27C. Size over 2-3 inches - 1 each only. Txt Please. full details01/07/16Yes
7Heros Notatus - wild red spotted severum Male 10 : Kept on London water, eating everything really, temp 26-27C. The fish, when I bought were still quite young, this fish has no chance to fertilize eggs cose of alpha male. Txt ... full details18/06/16Yes
8Red Spotted Green Domestic Discus - new fish. : Hi, I have for sale a few of selected RSG. As you can see they have all very good shape, rounded forehead, symmetrically grown fins both; dorsal and anal. Feed on broad varie ... full details13/08/15Yes
9Jaguar Catfish - Liosomadoras Oncinus, SOLD : Extremely rare species Jaguar catfish wild, real Jaguar Catfish Liosomadoras Oncinus not Liosomadoras Morrovi. I have 4 of them at size over 5 inches. I've bought them from Rare ... full details23/05/14Yes
10L134 Plecos, SOLD. : Hi, I'm selling my L134,Peckoltia Compta, Leopard Frog Pleco. I've bought them from Pier Aquatics and Rare Aquatics as a pairs for 80 per pair, and extra one fish for lack ;), ... full details06/04/14Yes
11Polypterus Ornatipinnis. Ornate Bichir SOLD : Ornate is 21cm long (8 inches and a bit), feeding by smelt fish and earth worms. Price 40. full details08/12/13Yes
12Discus fish - proven breeding pair with fry - ALL SOLD : For sell pair with fry 10 days old and is about 80 of them. Price - 150. Fry from last batch were sold. 1-pic. Parents with fry. 2-pic. Female. 3-pic. Male. Some of the ... full details01/09/13Yes
13Discus pair, proven breeding pair. SOLD. : For sale a Pair of discus fish, female 5' has come from red Alenquer wild female, she’s High body or even bulldog and has royal markings. Male 7'is Alenquer/Tefe. Both fish ... full details15/04/13Yes
14Discus fish, breeding tanks (and other fish). SOLD : For sale 3 fish tanks 120liters each. On the picture is one of them, also one picture with juvenile discus. Tanks which I have for sell are brand new and never been used, so sh ... full details23/03/13Yes
15Geophagus Surinamensis. SOLD. : I have 3 of them for sale in adult size, 1 is 7' (17cm, without strings), other 2 over 6' (16cm), 25 each or 70 for all 3. Other 3 are over 4'(10cm) 15 each or 30 for all 3 F ... full details13/02/13Yes
16Wild Discus - Heckel Discus - SOLD : For sale Heckel discus, size around 15cm-16cm, one 14cm. 50 each, or 120 for 3. text me or mail me Please. full details19/01/13Yes
17Pair Discus fish - SOLD : For sale pare of discus fish. Discus fish come from the farm of Dawid Lai, and they had fry once. I bought them for £190; I am selling them for £120. Discuses are ... full details26/11/12Yes


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